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1.5 Miles Middle School
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1.5 Miles Middle School

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Wm R. Satz
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Mens Results

1.5 Miles Middle School

Official Team Scores

2.Wm R. Satz34
1.-Nicholas Dolan
10:12.5 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
2.8Albert Zou
10:13.5Wm R. Satz
3.-Chris Snyder
10:22.8 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
4.-Ryan Segalla
10:22.8 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
5.-Jack Gardell
10:25.4 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
6.8Ethan Hood
10:54.5Wm R. Satz
7.8Abhay Rao
11:06.7Wm R. Satz
8.7James Hanley
11:08.5Wm R. Satz
9.-Luke Sassa
11:08.6 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
10.-Chris Neilson
11:20.1 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
11.7Alec Mihalenko
11:25.0Wm R. Satz
12.-James Mclaughlin
11:32.8 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
13.-Luke Elliot
11:40.8 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
14.-John Benko
11:47.1 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
15.-Joseph Natoli
11:47.2 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
16.7Dante Valer
11:47.3Wm R. Satz
17.-Victor Lee
12:10.4 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
18.7Jonathan Kim
12:15.7Wm R. Satz
19.-Eli Gries-Smith
12:15.8 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
20.-David Rubin
12:20.5 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
21.8Ben Lin
12:21.2Wm R. Satz
22.-Ryan Mullarkey
12:32.1 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
23.7Ayan Lateef
12:34.2Wm R. Satz
24.-Nick Cammarano
12:35.6 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
25.-Liam Gardell
12:39.4 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
26.8Kyle Polivka
12:56.3Wm R. Satz
27.8Andrew Bracco
12:59.5Wm R. Satz
28.7Nathan Williams
13:06.7Wm R. Satz
29.8Andrew Chen
13:13.5Wm R. Satz
30.-Pas Dodangoda
13:19.0 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
31.7Steven Ciervo
13:22.4Wm R. Satz
32.7Josh Burke
13:29.6Wm R. Satz
33.-Jason Veres
13:33.6 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
34.-Harrison Brown
13:42.2 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
35.7Colin Truett
13:50.3Wm R. Satz
36.7Maximus Rafla
13:54.1Wm R. Satz
37.8Matt Perez
13:58.4Wm R. Satz
38.-Robert Wietecha
14:00.7 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
39.-Damiono Rotolo
14:06.8 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
40.8Steven Siebel
14:30.0Wm R. Satz
41.-Aurther Fumarola
14:32.5 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
42.-Edward Lei
14:33.3 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
43.-Charles Kriska
14:39.4 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
44.8Colin McAulay
15:30.1Wm R. Satz
45.-Matt Gizzi
15:32.3 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
46.-Arnov Khode
15:38.9 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
47.-Joseph Cabrera
16:01.5 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
48.8Dylan Keating
16:05.5Wm R. Satz
49.-Jake Perlowin
16:06.3 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
50.7Sunny Chung
16:08.8Wm R. Satz
51.7Haroon Shaikh
16:38.3Wm R. Satz
52.7Kevin Song
17:21.9Wm R. Satz
53.7Connor Dasaro
19:55.2Wm R. Satz
54.-Derek Chan
20:34.8Wm R. Satz
55.7Ryan Conlan
22:17.9Wm R. Satz
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Womens Results

1.5 Miles Middle School

Official Team Scores

2.Wm R. Satz31
1.7Abbey Ferguson
11:52.9Wm R. Satz
2.-Julia Jankojc
11:58.7 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
3.-Elise Monsanto
12:11.6 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
4.-Sophia Politis
12:28.6 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
5.8Victoria Kuenzel
12:50.4Wm R. Satz
6.7Maya Lapinski
12:57.7Wm R. Satz
7.-Ashlyn Gorman
13:19.6 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
8.-Olivia Colavito
13:22.8 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
9.8Sydney Goldson
13:23.3Wm R. Satz
10.7Ella Davis
13:32.3Wm R. Satz
11.-Emily Woo
13:37.8 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
12.-Katherine Whalen
13:44.7 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
13.-Nicole Vaccaro
13:50.6 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
14.7Samantha Sportelli
13:54.3Wm R. Satz
15.7Ashley Barbarino
13:55.5Wm R. Satz
16.-Amanda Teubner
13:56.2 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
17.-Sophia Weiss-Goldner
13:56.4 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
18.-Rachel Oska
14:18.1 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
19.7Megan Lu
14:47.6Wm R. Satz
20.-Issabelle Hunt
14:47.9 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
21.-Rachel Dzurina
14:48.6 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
22.7Olivia Calhoun
14:53.7Wm R. Satz
23.7Maggie Lu
14:54.5Wm R. Satz
24.8Gianna Sottile
14:59.6Wm R. Satz
25.7Manar Elkader
15:02.7Wm R. Satz
26.7Chase Portmann
15:02.7Wm R. Satz
27.-Elizabeth Rager
15:09.2 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
28.-Emma Marolda
15:09.6 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
29.7Annika Sharp
15:26.2Wm R. Satz
30.-Vivian Capogrosso
16:07.7 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
31.-Manishi Dodangoda
16:09.6 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
32.-Dorothy Brussell
16:11.4 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
33.-Sara Montanti
16:22.5 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
34.-Hannon Carroll
16:28.4 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
35.-Cassie Miano
16:29.7 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
36.-Carla Vreeland
16:30.6 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
37.-Abigail Neilsen
16:47.5 PRMatawan-Aberdeen
38.-Amelia Dischler
17:00.4 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
39.8Cynthia Zhang
17:05.3Wm R. Satz
40.-Lauren Keenan
17:08.5 SRMatawan-Aberdeen
41.7Stephanie Dailey
17:12.4Wm R. Satz
42.7Shaili Shah
17:15.6Wm R. Satz
43.7Nicole Gong
17:25.3Wm R. Satz
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