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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Charles E Jordan Senior15
2.Cardinal Gibbons58
3.East Chapel Hill59
1.12Quinton Meyer
16:53Charles E Jordan Sen...
2.10Daniel McAdams
17:05Charles E Jordan Sen...
3.12Casey Thompson
17:16Charles E Jordan Sen...
4.12Thomas Armacost
17:55Charles E Jordan Sen...
5.10Tyler Dunston
18:17Charles E Jordan Sen...
6.11Emilio Foley
18:25 PREast Chapel Hill
7.11Kyle Thomas
18:39East Chapel Hill
8.11Will Durland
18:42 SRCardinal Gibbons
9.12Jared Eytcheson
18:43Cardinal Gibbons
10.11Sam Thornton
18:44Cardinal Gibbons
11.10Ibrahim Mubarak
18:46Charles E Jordan Sen...
12.10Joshua Egan
18:47Charles E Jordan Sen...
13.11Samuel Terry-Edmunds
18:49Charles E Jordan Sen...
14.11Nathan Barrier
18:52Charles E Jordan Sen...
15.12Tucker Owens
19:00East Chapel Hill
16.10Jonathan Piccillo
19:03Charles E Jordan Sen...
17.9Abutu Alioche
19:06Charles E Jordan Sen...
18.12John Johnson
19:15East Chapel Hill
19.12Anthony Board
19:19Charles E Jordan Sen...
20.10Mitchell Kisaberth
19:23Cardinal Gibbons
21.12Connor Stephens
19:24Cardinal Gibbons
22.10Lowell Hensgen
19:25Cardinal Gibbons
23.10Andrew Verdi
19:27Cardinal Gibbons
24.12David Wicklin
19:28Cardinal Gibbons
25.12Sam Grelck
19:28.50Cardinal Gibbons
26.12Michael Hils
19:29Cardinal Gibbons
27.10Xavier Gomez
19:30Charles E Jordan Sen...
28.12Devin Adas
19:30.50Cardinal Gibbons
29.10Andrew Clegg
19:36Charles E Jordan Sen...
30.12Kaleb Howarth
19:37Cardinal Gibbons
31.9Andrew Kissell
19:37.50Cardinal Gibbons
32.9Kevin Coffman
19:38Cardinal Gibbons
33.10Gresham Parrish
19:39East Chapel Hill
34.10Brandon Buckley
19:39.50Cardinal Gibbons
35.9Liam Peeples
19:40Cardinal Gibbons
36.12Conrad Mccoy
19:43East Chapel Hill
37.12Matt Buddendeck
19:45 SRCardinal Gibbons
38.10John Brandenburg
19:52Charles E Jordan Sen...
39.11Quentin Cain
19:55Cardinal Gibbons
40.11Connor Miles
19:56Cardinal Gibbons
41.10Isaiah Benzoni
19:57East Chapel Hill
42.10Adrian Sandoval
19:58 PREast Chapel Hill
43.11Charlie Mascia
19:58.50East Chapel Hill
44.10Ely Yancey
19:59Cardinal Gibbons
45.11Ednan Ochieng
20:23Charles E Jordan Sen...
46.9Kaden Pfister
20:27Cardinal Gibbons
47.10Jayson Medrano
20:32Charles E Jordan Sen...
48.11Connor Reilly
20:38Cardinal Gibbons
49.11Austin Renke
20:39Cardinal Gibbons
50.9Mercer Stanfield
20:45Charles E Jordan Sen...
51.12Isaac Rosso
20:54 PREast Chapel Hill
52.10Ameer Qaqish
20:56East Chapel Hill
53.9Connor Cain
20:59Charles E Jordan Sen...
54.12Kyle Corcoran
21:32Cardinal Gibbons
55.11Nick Staab
21:55Cardinal Gibbons
56.10Luke Vermeer
22:03East Chapel Hill
57.10Alex Liu
22:07East Chapel Hill
58.9Tyler Paryz
22:11Cardinal Gibbons
59.9Truman Meyer
22:20Charles E Jordan Sen...
60.10Ty Ehuan
22:24 SREast Chapel Hill
61.10Aaron Chheng
22:27Charles E Jordan Sen...
62.10Cole Watkins
22:44Cardinal Gibbons
63.9Aidan O'Driscoll
22:51 SRCardinal Gibbons
64.9Alan Huff
23:02East Chapel Hill
65.9Jonas Hattman
23:11East Chapel Hill
66.10Elijah Mason
23:14East Chapel Hill
67.10Alexandro Martinez
23:22East Chapel Hill
68.11Keegan Reeve
23:23 SRCardinal Gibbons
69.9Gibson Weber
23:34Cardinal Gibbons
70.10Ravi Pitelka
23:38East Chapel Hill
71.9Owen Bruce
23:42East Chapel Hill
72.9Aidan Suchniak
23:44 PRCardinal Gibbons
73.9Jackson Reed
24:05Cardinal Gibbons
74.9Jack Aylin
24:07Charles E Jordan Sen...
75.11Jackson Herring
24:19 SRCardinal Gibbons
76.9Zachary Jett
25:48Cardinal Gibbons
77.9Ethan Yu
26:07East Chapel Hill
78.11Grant Smith
26:48 PRCardinal Gibbons
79.9Alex Sailant
28:13Cardinal Gibbons
80.9Mario Tilley
28:24 PRCardinal Gibbons
81.9Lucas Park
29:04East Chapel Hill
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Cardinal Gibbons23
2.Charles E Jordan Senior46
3.East Chapel Hill63
1.10Angelica Rock
21:30Cardinal Gibbons
2.11Sarah Staehle
22:19Charles E Jordan Sen...
3.9Amanda Ready
22:29East Chapel Hill
4.10Elizabeth Riddick
22:35Cardinal Gibbons
5.11Hayden Callahan
22:38Cardinal Gibbons
6.11Grace Nelson
22:39Cardinal Gibbons
7.12Annie Pierce
22:39.60Cardinal Gibbons
8.10Isabella DeCamillis
22:56Charles E Jordan Sen...
9.9Andrea Benz
23:00Charles E Jordan Sen...
10.9Katie Wozencroft
23:00.90Cardinal Gibbons
11.10Sloan Walter
23:07Cardinal Gibbons
12.11Whitney Miles
23:08 SRCardinal Gibbons
13.11Marissa Bishop
23:09Cardinal Gibbons
14.12Serena Palmer
23:17Charles E Jordan Sen...
15.9Audrey Smith
23:20Cardinal Gibbons
16.10Katharine Priu
23:21Cardinal Gibbons
17.11Frances O'Grady
23:22 PREast Chapel Hill
18.9Maddie Pietrek
23:34Cardinal Gibbons
19.9Magdalen Lavelle
23:35Cardinal Gibbons
20.11Forbes Collier
23:55 PRCardinal Gibbons
21.9Gabriella Ercolino
23:57Cardinal Gibbons
22.11Alina Rovnak
23:57.70Cardinal Gibbons
23.11Katherine Dudash
23:58Cardinal Gibbons
24.10Maggie McNamara
24:03 SREast Chapel Hill
25.12Irene Zhang
24:07Charles E Jordan Sen...
26.9Nicole Deis
24:14Cardinal Gibbons
27.9Katie Milberg
24:15 PRCardinal Gibbons
28.12Kayla Bassett
24:16Cardinal Gibbons
29.12Emme McManus
24:21East Chapel Hill
30.9Eleanor Kasrowi
24:36East Chapel Hill
31.9Megan Higgins
24:43East Chapel Hill
32.9Eva Thorland
24:45East Chapel Hill
33.9Kelly Gannon
24:48East Chapel Hill
34.9Alaina Hancock
25:17Cardinal Gibbons
35.10Rebecca Wicklin
25:18Cardinal Gibbons
36.10Anna Guarino
25:20Cardinal Gibbons
37.9Lindsay Woodard
25:22 PRCardinal Gibbons
38.10Nicole Davis
25:43East Chapel Hill
39.9Sarah Parrott
25:50Charles E Jordan Sen...
40.11Amanda Lee
25:57Charles E Jordan Sen...
41.9Grace O'brien
26:32Cardinal Gibbons
42.11Laura Meshnick
26:49East Chapel Hill
43.11Caroline Kunkel
26:49.90Cardinal Gibbons
44.9Leila Halperin
26:50East Chapel Hill
45.9Alina Shcherbakova
26:59 PREast Chapel Hill
46.-Lillian Griffin
27:07 PRCardinal Gibbons
47.12Jordan Bridges
27:20Cardinal Gibbons
48.10Bella Dalessio-Skare
27:35Cardinal Gibbons
49.12Maya Clinton
27:50Charles E Jordan Sen...
50.11Allison Doyle
27:53Cardinal Gibbons
51.12Rachel Bricker
28:03Cardinal Gibbons
52.12Catherine Thelen
28:14Cardinal Gibbons
53.9Lilian Roux
28:24Charles E Jordan Sen...
54.10Sidonia Gibilisco
28:34East Chapel Hill
55.10Sara Zangi
29:06 PREast Chapel Hill
56.9Elizabeth Prytherch
29:09East Chapel Hill
57.9Sofia Mendoza
29:32East Chapel Hill
58.12Sarah Waugh
29:39East Chapel Hill
59.9Catherine Siegling
30:47East Chapel Hill
60.9Margaret Parrott
32:30Charles E Jordan Sen...
61.9Jenna Donaldson
35:18East Chapel Hill
62.9Cameron(Emma) Pear...
35:47East Chapel Hill
63.9Lauren Bush
36:18East Chapel Hill
64.-Emerson Rhodes
38:35 PRCardinal Gibbons
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