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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Grace Christian (Raleigh)
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Grace Christian (Raleigh)28
2.Trinity School of Durham56
4.Trinity Academy of Raleigh77
1.11Daniel Morken
17:45Trinity School of Du...
2.11Will Sossaman
17:51Grace Christian (Ral...
3.12James German
18:13 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
4.10Trek Thorne
18:46Grace Christian (Ral...
5.12Jack Casey
6.11Philip Lindia
19:22Trinity School of Du...
7.11Peter Passaro
19:23Trinity School of Du...
8.11Matthew Young
19:25Trinity Academy of R...
9.12Santoro Giuggio
19:26Grace Christian (Ral...
10.9Taylor Scheibner
19:41Grace Christian (Ral...
11.12Jack Hendricks
12.10Bryce Samples
13.9Thomas Hevener
20:07Trinity Academy of R...
14.9Shaun Garza
15.9Alex Hibbs
20:49Trinity Academy of R...
16.9Miles Huffstutler
21:08Trinity Academy of R...
17.11Matthew Ciancarelli
21:14Grace Christian (Ral...
18.12John Grimm
19.9Brendan Douglas
21:45 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
20.10Heyab Zeresania
21:53Trinity School of Du...
21.9Eric Hillen
22.9Jeff Lindsey
22:01Trinity School of Du...
23.11Andrew Parker
22:27 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
24.12Benjamin Gould
22:34 SRTrinity School of Du...
25.9Jose Barbeito
22:36 SRTrinity School of Du...
26.9Zach Vig
22:49Trinity Academy of R...
27.10Stefan Woolley
28.12Jesse Ingham
29.12Will Huntley
23:51 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
30.12Ben Grinstead
24:34 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
31.11Matthew Celeste
25:07 SRTrinity School of Du...
32.7Hudson Hayes
33.12Nigel Mavhura
25:59 PRTrinity School of Du...
34.12Charlie Piehl
26:15 PRTrinity School of Du...
35.11Ryan Kelley
26:55 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
36.10Jefferson Bishop
27:00 PRTrinity School of Du...
37.9Hampton Cooper
27:07Trinity Academy of R...
38.10Tyler L'Italien
27:32Trinity Academy of R...
39.11Matthew Sanderson
28:59 PRTrinity School of Du...
40.-Sully Derring
29:58Trinity Academy of R...
41.10Jacob Gray
35:10Trinity Academy of R...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Saint Mary's20
2.Grace Christian (Raleigh)60
4.Trinity School of Durham80
5.Trinity Academy of Raleigh114
1.11Mary Hunter Russell
21:57Saint Mary's
2.12Ella Bristow
22:23Saint Mary's
3.9Kate Meeson
23:03Grace Christian (Ral...
4.9Izzy Kempson
23:36Saint Mary's
5.12Lindsey Schneider
23:43Saint Mary's
6.10Annabel Smith
23:56Trinity School of Du...
7.9Keylie Hendges
24:22 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
8.11Ruby Orton
24:32Saint Mary's
9.12Paige Thomas
10.10Anna Gessner
24:48Trinity Academy of R...
11.10Alex Dymond
12.12Eliza Irwin
25:17Trinity School of Du...
13.10Molly Church
25:44 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
14.11Anna Low
25:50Trinity School of Du...
15.7Caelan McHarney
16.9Anna Young
26:15Trinity Academy of R...
17.10Talia Ferrerio
18.9Samantha Saenz
26:48 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
19.11Regan Bradford
26:49 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
20.11Olivia Payne
27:00 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
21.12Bailey Griffin
27:02Saint Mary's
22.11Margaret Fountain
27:09Saint Mary's
23.11Caroline Barnett
27:38Trinity School of Du...
24.11Jenna Van der Poll
27:48Grace Christian (Ral...
25.11Olivia Ng
27:51Saint Mary's
26.9Henley Younts
28:11Trinity School of Du...
27.10Ceci Bockoven
28.8Emma Reid
28:59Trinity Academy of R...
29.11Caroline Balderson
29:32Saint Mary's
30.12Lucy McLeod
29:58 PRTrinity School of Du...
31.11Catherine Byrd
29:59 PRTrinity School of Du...
32.10Georgia Smith
30:35Saint Mary's
33.11Nicole Van Buren
30:52 SRTrinity School of Du...
34.11Sophie Burkhardt
30:55Saint Mary's
35.12Kyser Lineberry
31:03Saint Mary's
36.9Mary Woodfin
31:46Trinity Academy of R...
37.11Aziza Azimova
33:02Trinity Academy of R...
39.10Tolu Doherty
35:56Grace Christian (Ral...
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