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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Green Hope24
2.Panther Creek32
3.Needham Broughton99
4.William G. Enloe104
1.12Kyle Fawzi
16:35.4Panther Creek
2.9Thomas Vo
16:46.2 SRGreen Hope
3.11Jarred Komyati
17:02.8Panther Creek
4.9Michael Taylor
17:10.5 SRGreen Hope
5.11Peyton Barish
17:13.9Green Hope
6.11Daniel Vo
17:14.2Green Hope
7.12Nick Veilleux
17:21.2Green Hope
8.12Drake Schwehm
17:26.8Panther Creek
9.10Joey Bream
17:27.2Panther Creek
10.9Liam McBride
17:28.9Green Hope
11.10Christian Alvarez
17:30.5Panther Creek
12.12Nate Preibe
17:34.7William G. Enloe
13.11Ryan Moore
17:43.8Panther Creek
14.11Devin Kent
17:47.1 PRFuquay-Varina
15.9Carson Lundin
17:59.1Panther Creek
16.10Jayden Murray
18:02.7 SRPanther Creek
17.10Aden Bonet
18:03.1 PRPanther Creek
18.9Ian Harrison
18:12.1 SRPanther Creek
19.10Justin Polonio
18:14.6 PRGreen Hope
20.9Sam Eyerman
18:14.8Green Hope
21.12Ian Martin
18:16.3Needham Broughton
22.11Sean Petersen
18:17.0Green Hope
23.10Andy Dawson
18:17.3 SRGreen Hope
24.12Kyle Futterman
18:21.3 PRGreen Hope
25.9William Soleo
18:22.1 SRPanther Creek
26.9Mark South
18:22.8Panther Creek
27.11Victor Serrano
18:24.1 SRPanther Creek
28.12Ryan Tsolis
18:24.5Green Hope
29.10Carter Pehr
18:24.9Green Hope
30.11Hunter Johnson
18:26.5Panther Creek
31.11Paul South
18:27.4 PRPanther Creek
32.9Dylan Shankle
18:37.3Needham Broughton
33.10James Hodges
18:41.0Needham Broughton
34.9Alexander McKinley
18:42.8Panther Creek
35.10Carter Jones
18:47.5 PRGreen Hope
36.11Jacob Bream
18:50.9Panther Creek
37.12Jared Goldman
18:51.5William G. Enloe
38.10David Lewis
18:52.1William G. Enloe
39.10Wilson Kuhn
18:57.6Needham Broughton
40.11Jacob Cline
18:59.2 SRPanther Creek
41.12Jack Covington
19:00.4Needham Broughton
42.12Evan Reyer
19:00.7 PRGreen Hope
43.10Joshua Harris
19:02.0 PRGreen Hope
44.11Nicholas Jeffrey
19:02.7 PRGreen Hope
45.10Josh Rousculp
19:04.3Panther Creek
46.11Akul Narang
19:05.5William G. Enloe
47.9Jalen Goode
19:08.1 PRPanther Creek
48.10Harrison Quirk
19:09.7Needham Broughton
49.11Cameron Lyons
19:12.0 PRGreen Hope
50.9Jack Maggio
19:13.2 PRPanther Creek
51.10Dillon Patel
19:14.1 SRGreen Hope
52.11Justin Sprink
19:14.3 SRGreen Hope
53.9Cooper Thompson
19:14.9 SRNeedham Broughton
54.12Sean Snively
19:21.5 PRGreen Hope
55.12David Poling
19:22.8Green Hope
56.9Jacob Serozi
19:26.8Needham Broughton
57.11Aiken Carter
19:27.3Needham Broughton
58.9Avery Schrage
19:31.2 SRNeedham Broughton
59.11Leebah Ali
19:31.7 SRWilliam G. Enloe
60.11Noah Shaner
19:35.4 SRPanther Creek
61.12Brian Wan
19:36.2 PRGreen Hope
62.11Gifted Elting
19:36.9 PRPanther Creek
63.12Ian Dershem
64.11David Zak
65.11Joseph Watts
19:38.7William G. Enloe
66.11Ryan Brown
19:38.9Needham Broughton
67.11Jacob Wells
19:39.1Needham Broughton
68.11Will Hopkins
19:39.5Needham Broughton
69.12Lanier Derbyshire
19:39.8Needham Broughton
70.11Dominant Elting
19:40.1 SRPanther Creek
71.11Leslie Boney
19:40.5Needham Broughton
72.12Stuart Holmes
19:40.8Needham Broughton
73.12Andrew Brooks
19:42.4Needham Broughton
74.10Will Feddern
19:42.9 PRGreen Hope
75.9Jack Hardin
19:44.8Needham Broughton
76.10Alex Rodes
19:48.3 PRGreen Hope
77.12Jack Messenger
19:54.3Needham Broughton
78.9Casper Serrano
19:55.6Panther Creek
79.10Andrew Black
19:56.7 PRNeedham Broughton
80.10Grayson Pigott
19:57.4Panther Creek
81.12Thomas Quinn
20:03.5Green Hope
82.10Abhi Chandra
20:04.7Green Hope
83.12Tyler Brezina
20:05.3 PRGreen Hope
84.12Owen Norton
20:06.6William G. Enloe
85.11Luke Bakley
20:07.4Green Hope
86.10Patrick Dunn
20:08.7Green Hope
87.11Julian Lobo
20:09.3 SRGreen Hope
88.12Ryan Jones
89.10Sameer Rao
20:10.9 PRPanther Creek
90.10Ronith Gonzalvas
20:11.2Green Hope
91.9Ben Oh
20:13.0 SRPanther Creek
92.11Sam Neill
20:16.4 SRGreen Hope
93.9Hans Petterson
94.11Austin Snyder
20:23.4 PRGreen Hope
95.10Garrett Lasher
96.10Karthik Elango
20:24.1 PRPanther Creek
97.9Jack Zhang
20:24.4Green Hope
98.10David Liu
20:25.0 SRGreen Hope
99.12Everitt Dershem
100.11Jason Jin
20:29.7 SRGreen Hope
101.10Arman Jahromi
20:30.2Green Hope
102.12Alexander Chung
20:30.8 PRGreen Hope
103.12Liam Edwards
104.10Henry Bradford
20:33.4 PRNeedham Broughton
105.10William Lam
20:33.9 SRNeedham Broughton
106.11Shubham Mathur
20:35.1 PRWilliam G. Enloe
107.9Collin Daniels
108.10Sam Ferguson
20:37.9 PRGreen Hope
109.10Gage Colwell
20:38.1Panther Creek
110.9Aiden Kovacs
111.9Tej Joshi
20:38.8 SRPanther Creek
112.10Jay Kothari
20:40.7 PRPanther Creek
113.9Philip Beal
20:41.6 SRPanther Creek
114.10Brendan Adkins
20:42.2Green Hope
115.10Stephen Jefferies
20:42.9 SRWilliam G. Enloe
116.11Hooman Ershadi
20:43.3Panther Creek
118.11Jason Easterling
20:43.8 PRGreen Hope
119.10Andrew Marshall
20:44.1 SRGreen Hope
120.11Kevin Kang
20:44.4 PRPanther Creek
121.9Jack Rooney
20:44.7Needham Broughton
122.10Micheal Rooney
20:45.9Needham Broughton
123.9John Malach
20:46.5Needham Broughton
124.11Liam Norris
20:47.1Needham Broughton
125.9David Lu
20:47.7Panther Creek
126.9Kofi Sallie
20:48.8 SRWilliam G. Enloe
127.11Boyuan Li
20:53.1Green Hope
128.10Aryan Anerao
20:54.7 PRGreen Hope
129.12Nishant Starr
20:55.5 PRGreen Hope
130.12Evan Delvecchio
20:55.8Green Hope
131.12Matthew Guin
20:57.5 PRFuquay-Varina
132.11Elijah Cernoch
20:59.9 PRPanther Creek
133.10Nathan Hartzell
21:03.5 PRWilliam G. Enloe
134.10Kevin Xie
21:05.9Green Hope
135.12Sam Petersen
21:06.8Green Hope
136.9Kyle Peterson
21:08.6 SRGreen Hope
138.10Matthew Einsmann
21:09.4 SRGreen Hope
139.10Hayden Williford
21:10.3 PRGreen Hope
140.12Doug Scott
21:12.4 PRNeedham Broughton
141.10Sam Moody
21:13.4 SRNeedham Broughton
142.10Spencer White
21:14.0Green Hope
143.12Mustafa Sayeed
21:14.2 PRGreen Hope
144.10Griffin Bean
21:14.6Green Hope
145.11Rithik Sudhini
21:15.1 PRGreen Hope
146.10Brett Reynolds
21:15.9 SRPanther Creek
147.9Forrest Liu
21:16.6Green Hope
148.11Cameron Carleton
21:20.5 PRFuquay-Varina
149.11Noah De Command
21:22.8 PRWilliam G. Enloe
150.10Lucas Thayer
21:25.1 PRPanther Creek
151.9William Levine
21:26.7Needham Broughton
152.10Avish Ambardar
21:28.1Panther Creek
153.9Isaias Delgado
21:28.5 SRGreen Hope
154.9Abdulaziz Norbekov
21:30.3Green Hope
155.12Alvin Lee
21:34.2 PRGreen Hope
156.10Joseph Fisher
21:38.7Green Hope
157.9Izmir Rahman
21:41.3 PRPanther Creek
158.9Peter Shaner
21:42.5 SRPanther Creek
159.12Daniel Lieberman
21:43.2 PRGreen Hope
160.11Cooper Lohr
21:51.0 SRGreen Hope
161.11Vivek Nair
21:51.7 SRPanther Creek
162.11Liam Pongram
21:52.3William G. Enloe
163.10Kyle Barbour
21:52.9 PRWilliam G. Enloe
164.11Liam Tarpy
21:55.0 PRGreen Hope
165.10Andrew Gulya
21:55.3 PRFuquay-Varina
166.9Tyson King
22:01.5 SRFuquay-Varina
167.11Akhil Talasila
22:04.2 SRPanther Creek
168.10Walker Thornson
22:05.5 PRNeedham Broughton
169.10John Wright
22:05.8 PRPanther Creek
170.10Jack McLaughlin
22:06.4 SRGreen Hope
171.-Mate Raddix
22:08.3 PRNeedham Broughton
172.10James Pillar
22:08.6Panther Creek
173.9Allen Guo
22:11.1 PRPanther Creek
174.10Evan Parsons
22:21.5 PRNeedham Broughton
175.-Kehan Zhang
22:22.9 PRWilliam G. Enloe
176.9Michael Angeli
22:23.6Green Hope
177.10Alexander Hartman
22:25.8 PRPanther Creek
178.12Zach Guan
22:28.4 SRGreen Hope
179.11Sidak Bachher
22:30.6 SRGreen Hope
180.9Kyle Brummett
22:31.7 PRFuquay-Varina
181.11Matthew Kehn
22:34.0Green Hope
182.11Aneesh Gautam
22:35.0 PRWilliam G. Enloe
183.12Keegan O'connell
22:35.3 PRNeedham Broughton
184.11Alex Weiss
22:35.6 SRGreen Hope
185.12Cole Hagstrom
22:36.1Green Hope
186.11Finn McBride
22:36.5Green Hope
187.10Reed Blackman
22:37.1Green Hope
188.10Alex Huml
22:37.8Green Hope
189.10Spencer Cowley
22:38.5Green Hope
190.11Ian Delgado
22:44.3Green Hope
191.11Ryan Kemper
22:48.3Green Hope
192.11Spencer Mark
22:52.5 SRGreen Hope
193.9James Kurdi
194.10Michael Anderson
195.-Felix Zhou
22:54.0 PRWilliam G. Enloe
196.9Carston Bethers
22:55.1Panther Creek
197.9Tyler Simpson
23:04.1 PRPanther Creek
198.10Kushagra Bansal
23:06.8 PRGreen Hope
199.10Davis McDonald
23:07.0 PRNeedham Broughton
200.11Arya Kode
23:09.8 PRPanther Creek
201.9Gauthan Reddy
23:13.0 SRGreen Hope
202.11Mark Robinson
23:29.6Green Hope
203.12Josh Williams
23:31.4 PRGreen Hope
204.11Hayes Almond
23:36.9 SRGreen Hope
205.12Wesley Tran
23:38.4Green Hope
206.12Winston Massey
23:43.5 PRNeedham Broughton
207.10Atticus Rex
23:44.1 PRNeedham Broughton
208.9Caden Eliason
23:45.2 PRPanther Creek
209.10Paul Thottappilly
23:47.2 PRPanther Creek
210.11Chris Parris
23:49.3 PRPanther Creek
211.11Kunal Kapoor
23:53.5Green Hope
212.10Myles Morgan
23:54.9Green Hope
213.10Dylan Marshall
23:56.7 PRFuquay-Varina
214.10Max Sun
24:00.9 PRPanther Creek
215.10Thomas Blowers
24:02.6 PRGreen Hope
216.12Drew Gagliano
24:03.3 SRFuquay-Varina
217.9Ethan Pongracz
24:05.3William G. Enloe
218.10Neel Devineni
24:06.7Green Hope
219.11Jenish Venancius
24:12.5 SRGreen Hope
220.9Christian Barringer
24:20.5Panther Creek
221.10Alan Chen
24:21.5 PRGreen Hope
222.9Will Hager
24:23.6Green Hope
223.12Tj Weiss
24:24.2 SRGreen Hope
224.10Alec Nava
24:24.8Green Hope
225.11Karthik Edupuganti
24:26.1 PRGreen Hope
226.9Alexander Zheng
24:28.6 PRPanther Creek
227.9Aneesh Namballa
24:35.9Green Hope
228.10Jeff Yi
24:36.2Green Hope
229.9Law Waddill
24:38.9 PRNeedham Broughton
230.11Steven Jackyra
24:49.1 SRGreen Hope
231.9Addison Morse
24:52.7 PRGreen Hope
232.10George Lever
24:57.8Green Hope
233.9Declan Crowe
24:59.4Green Hope
234.9Sid Reddy
25:09.5Green Hope
235.11Cristobal Cisneros
25:10.3Green Hope
236.10David Liu
25:13.1Green Hope
237.9Garrett Grimes
25:14.4 PRGreen Hope
238.9John Michael Curtis
25:14.7 PRNeedham Broughton
239.9Owen Prather
25:15.1 PRNeedham Broughton
240.11Gautam Kotwal
25:22.4Green Hope
241.10Sam Everhart
25:23.1 PRGreen Hope
242.11Joel Cherian
25:24.4 PRPanther Creek
243.12Akash Krishna
25:27.3 PRGreen Hope
244.11Kishan Joshi
25:28.8 PRGreen Hope
245.10Brandon Morton
25:31.9 SRGreen Hope
246.12Aaron Ye
25:40.4Green Hope
247.11Kirk Spotts
25:41.4 PRGreen Hope
248.11Jack Townsend
25:45.0 PRGreen Hope
249.10Herjot Cheema
25:59.6 PRGreen Hope
250.10Alex Weirs
26:29.2 PRFuquay-Varina
251.11Vincent Margalotti
26:34.9 PRFuquay-Varina
252.11Samuel Jin
26:38.8 SRGreen Hope
253.12Matthew Wang
26:43.8Green Hope
254.9Victor Sun
26:45.0 PRGreen Hope
255.10Philip Cicmanec
26:49.6 PRGreen Hope
256.10Tammay Kinjale
26:55.8 PRPanther Creek
257.10Keegan Clarke
26:59.0 PRGreen Hope
258.12Tyler Reynolds
27:16.4 PRPanther Creek
259.9Hunter Edmonds
27:17.8Green Hope
260.11Tyrone Wu
27:24.7 SRPanther Creek
261.11Brent Youngman
27:31.9 PRFuquay-Varina
262.9Ryan Neill
28:57.8 PRGreen Hope
263.9David Rowe
29:21.3 PRGreen Hope
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Green Hope15
2.Panther Creek50
3.Needham Broughton100
5.William G. Enloe139
1.12Samantha Kolor
18:52.0Green Hope
2.12Sarah Taylor
18:57.1Green Hope
3.10Alessandra Rodriguez
19:15.4Green Hope
4.9Kelsey Vogel
19:51.8Green Hope
5.10Morgan Peele
19:54.1 PRGreen Hope
6.12Amy Greengrass
20:23.4 PRPanther Creek
7.10Emma Benson
20:43.2 SRGreen Hope
8.11Lydia Connor
20:47.9Panther Creek
9.10Bailey Fowler
20:54.6 SRGreen Hope
10.10Jillian Scharf
11.-Evelyn Foster
21:02.1 PRPanther Creek
12.9Sophia Veilleux
21:05.6 SRGreen Hope
13.10Shannon Sefton
21:13.3Panther Creek
14.12Rachel Hill
21:13.7 SRPanther Creek
15.9Isabela Yengling
21:28.9 PRPanther Creek
16.10Leah Spendley
21:31.9 PRGreen Hope
17.11Chloe Flack
21:34.8Panther Creek
18.9Charlotte Greengrass
21:39.5Panther Creek
19.11Margot Jones
21:45.9 SRPanther Creek
20.11Jordyn Parks
21:46.8 PRGreen Hope
21.9Rachel Williams
22:02.5 SRFuquay-Varina
22.11Nanny Ogilvie
23.11Aubrey Ebron
22:09.9Needham Broughton
24.12Savannah Jones
22:12.2Needham Broughton
25.9Pragati Fisher
22:14.2Green Hope
26.11Lindsey Eastwood
22:17.1Green Hope
27.12Madeline Lips
22:18.0Green Hope
28.9Abbey Connor
22:23.8 PRPanther Creek
29.9Lilly Barrow
22:28.2 PRNeedham Broughton
30.9Anne-Hunter Roane
22:29.2 SRNeedham Broughton
31.11Sarah Grimes
22:29.8Needham Broughton
32.10Anna Simmons
22:33.3Needham Broughton
33.11Emmy Trowell
22:39.2Needham Broughton
34.10EJ Fuller
22:41.3Needham Broughton
35.10Brooke Barrett
22:42.5William G. Enloe
37.10Claire Brown
22:46.9 PRPanther Creek
38.11Lillie Moore
22:47.4 SRNeedham Broughton
39.12Sarah Goodwin Brooks
22:47.8 PRNeedham Broughton
40.12Hope Hatfield
22:48.2Needham Broughton
41.11Emily Nill
22:49.3 PRPanther Creek
42.12Anna Dillon
22:51.7Needham Broughton
43.10Annabelle Atkinson
23:00.2Needham Broughton
44.9Akhila Krothapalli
23:00.8Green Hope
45.9Natasha Abramowicz
23:01.9Green Hope
46.11Elizabeth Surratt
23:04.2Green Hope
47.10Meg Penaganti
23:04.6Green Hope
48.9Dafne Delgado
23:10.1Green Hope
49.12Kayla Jahromi
23:11.0Green Hope
50.9Gracie Parrish
23:12.4 PRNeedham Broughton
51.10Julie Tonon
23:13.9Green Hope
52.11Abbi Pagano
23:14.5 SRPanther Creek
53.11Jacquelyn Krause
23:15.0 SRPanther Creek
54.11Carmen Walker
23:17.0William G. Enloe
55.11Alex Almasy
23:17.5 SRWilliam G. Enloe
56.9Danielle Bakley
23:18.0 PRGreen Hope
57.9Claire Miller
23:19.0Green Hope
58.9Larissa Zhang
23:19.7 PRGreen Hope
59.9Addison Baker
23:21.8 PRPanther Creek
60.11Grace Knapp
61.10Katelin Gagliano
62.11Maryssa Almasy
23:24.8 PRWilliam G. Enloe
63.9Laura Cooper
23:25.9William G. Enloe
64.9Taylor Stone
23:28.6 SRPanther Creek
65.10Mika Willis
23:36.0Panther Creek
66.10Kiley Supina
23:37.2Panther Creek
67.9Maya Ticku
23:37.6 SRNeedham Broughton
68.12Laura Horton
23:41.9 PRWilliam G. Enloe
69.11Catherine Holbrook
23:42.2Green Hope
70.10Chantelle Irankunda
23:42.4 SRNeedham Broughton
71.12Nicole Colberg
23:42.8Green Hope
72.11Tania Maisonet
23:43.3 PRNeedham Broughton
73.10Roshni Arun
23:44.5 PRWilliam G. Enloe
74.12Ellie Kremer
23:47.9 SRGreen Hope
75.9Ella Troiano
23:48.3 PRGreen Hope
76.12Alex Johnson
23:48.7William G. Enloe
77.10Caroline Jablow
23:51.0 PRPanther Creek
78.9Anjali Karkera
23:54.5 PRGreen Hope
79.11Allie Haddon
23:56.3 SRGreen Hope
80.9Alyssa Wilson
81.10Darden White
24:01.4 PRNeedham Broughton
82.12Olivia Parsons
24:03.5Needham Broughton
83.12Sindhura Maale
24:06.3William G. Enloe
84.9Caroline Lessard
24:14.3Green Hope
85.11Wade Wood
24:16.2 PRWilliam G. Enloe
86.10Natalie Laux
87.11Myhra Roberts
24:21.4 PRPanther Creek
88.9Melanie Stevens
24:22.0 PRWilliam G. Enloe
89.11Kendall Johnson
90.9Natalia Barnack
24:23.1Panther Creek
91.10Isabelle Hamm
24:24.1Panther Creek
92.11Karie Muchane
24:25.0Green Hope
93.9Ann Goulian
24:29.0 PRWilliam G. Enloe
94.10Megan Nickel
24:32.1 PRGreen Hope
95.10Kat Rose
24:33.5 PRGreen Hope
96.9Alyssa Bustos
24:39.6 SRGreen Hope
97.9Erin Beiver
24:43.6 PRPanther Creek
98.10keisha Solanki
24:44.3 PRGreen Hope
99.11Annika Peterson
24:49.4 SRGreen Hope
100.9Mimi Watts
24:49.7 PRWilliam G. Enloe
101.10Ideliya Khismatova
24:54.0 PRGreen Hope
102.10Claire Johnson
24:55.5Panther Creek
103.10Eliza Bourne
24:59.3 PRWilliam G. Enloe
104.10Jocelyn Royall
25:00.2 SRGreen Hope
105.10Coral Aman
25:00.8 SRGreen Hope
106.9Rohini Madhu
25:01.3 SRGreen Hope
107.11Mary Bishop Wade
25:04.9 SRWilliam G. Enloe
108.12Ann Bantukul
25:05.7William G. Enloe
109.10Shea Kofkin-Hansen
25:09.6 PRGreen Hope
110.9Taylor Maiorano
25:11.5 PRGreen Hope
111.12Myra Lewontin
25:14.4 PRNeedham Broughton
112.10Abby Smith
25:21.4 PRWilliam G. Enloe
113.9Caroline Norland
25:23.6 PRGreen Hope
114.11Hiral Patel
25:30.5 SRGreen Hope
115.9Isabelle Raad
25:34.0 PRGreen Hope
116.11Grace Boney
25:44.9 SRNeedham Broughton
117.9Margaret Crone
25:45.4Needham Broughton
118.10Jordan Barish
25:46.0Green Hope
119.10Taylor Wolford
25:47.2 PRGreen Hope
120.11Cammy Riemann
25:52.2 PRWilliam G. Enloe
121.9Jett Taylor
25:54.9 PRNeedham Broughton
122.9MaryMac Lyons
26:07.1 PRNeedham Broughton
123.11Hannah Bonet
26:11.3Panther Creek
124.9Lori-Mae Jones
26:12.0 PRNeedham Broughton
126.9Joyce Liu
26:25.6 PRGreen Hope
128.11Isabelle Lambert
26:29.4 SRGreen Hope
129.10Nienke De Haseth
26:31.1 PRGreen Hope
130.9Anna Dunn
26:33.6 PRGreen Hope
131.9Isabel Nowak
26:34.1 PRWilliam G. Enloe
132.11Sara Dreyer
26:39.4 PRPanther Creek
133.11Selma Okyere-Badoo
26:43.8 PRPanther Creek
134.9Lilah Pjetraj
26:44.9 PRNeedham Broughton
135.-Karen Kartawira
26:49.4 PRWilliam G. Enloe
136.9Jenna Murray
26:49.9 PRPanther Creek
137.9Kavita Starr
26:51.0 SRGreen Hope
138.10Hajar Hassib
26:56.9 PRFuquay-Varina
139.10Chelsey O'Shea
27:03.8 PRGreen Hope
140.9Cameron Agner
27:18.6William G. Enloe
141.9Annaliese Poulin
27:19.9 PRWilliam G. Enloe
142.11Kasey Condon
27:26.2 SRGreen Hope
143.11Hannah Stafford
27:50.4Green Hope
144.9Karisma Kak
27:52.2 PRPanther Creek
145.10Caroline Jin
28:00.7 PRGreen Hope
146.10Alexis Kopucius
28:04.4 SRPanther Creek
147.12Meghana Bhat
28:08.2Green Hope
148.10Reeva Patel
28:12.7Green Hope
149.-Althena Zhou
28:21.0 PRWilliam G. Enloe
150.9Briley Stafford
28:22.5Green Hope
151.9Sarah Elam
28:24.1Green Hope
152.10Geshna Aggarawal
28:25.5 PRGreen Hope
153.12Mia Abouhamad
28:29.3Green Hope
154.9MaryMargaret Bromhal
28:31.0 PRNeedham Broughton
155.10Kirsten Brasington
28:31.9Green Hope
156.9Sophia Hall
28:32.4 PRGreen Hope
157.9Kaia Beeson
28:32.8 PRNeedham Broughton
158.10Kate Spivey
28:35.2Green Hope
159.11Abby Malach
28:42.8 SRNeedham Broughton
160.10Erin Stone
28:43.1 SRFuquay-Varina
161.10Jessica Bauman
28:58.9 PRGreen Hope
162.10Noelani Brady
29:12.7Green Hope
163.10Reshma Goud
29:30.7 PRGreen Hope
164.9Audrey Compiano
29:40.8 PRGreen Hope
165.10Annie Wang
29:50.6Green Hope
166.12Isabella Morse
29:57.3Green Hope
167.9Brooke West
30:02.6Green Hope
168.9Zaina Safi
30:16.3Green Hope
169.11Taylor Douthit
30:16.9 PRWilliam G. Enloe
170.12Zoe Montjoy
30:19.6Green Hope
171.11Madison Barker
30:21.6 PRFuquay-Varina
172.10Claire Melton
30:46.9 PRGreen Hope
173.10Taylor Fountain
31:59.2 PRNeedham Broughton
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