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3 Miles Varsity
Womens Races
3 Miles Varsity

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Mens Results

3 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Naperville (Central)58
3.St. Charles (East)64
4.Naperville (North)67
5.St. Charles (North)150
8.West Chicago220
1.10Thomas Shilgalis
15:01.00 SRNaperville (Central)
2.12Tyler Dau
3.10Josh Rodgers
4.12Tommy Chavez
15:16.06Naperville (Central)
5.12Jake Beno
15:17.29St. Charles (East)
6.11Cole Adesso
15:17.77St. Charles (East)
7.12Dan McComb
15:23.27 PRWest Chicago
8.12Matt Boelke
15:28.20Naperville (North)
9.12Emerson King
15:28.34 PRNaperville (North)
10.10Ryan Kredell
15:28.69 SRGeneva
11.12Brian Kuehl
12.10Angelo Peters
15:44.79 SRBartlett
13.12Will Cornish
15:45.53 PRNaperville (Central)
14.9Jake Allen
15:45.90Naperville (North)
15.12Michael Schnell
15:47.70 PRNaperville (North)
16.12Dan Werner
15:48.49St. Charles (East)
17.12Kenton Nash
15:49.73 PRNaperville (Central)
18.9Aidan King
15:50.06St. Charles (East)
19.11Campbell Koch
15:51.16 SRSt. Charles (East)
20.12JB Sandlund
15:53.38St. Charles (East)
21.12Aidan Blecke
15:53.47Naperville (North)
22.10Nicholas Trattner
15:58.50 SRNaperville (North)
23.11Adam Balutowski
15:59.23Naperville (Central)
24.10Bennett Melone
16:00.55 SRSt. Charles (East)
25.11Kieran Murphy
16:04.56 PRSt. Charles (North)
26.10Tyler Evans
16:05.04 SRNaperville (Central)
27.12Joey Marcet
16:07.36 PRNaperville (Central)
28.11Bojan Ruttens
16:08.92 SRSt. Charles (North)
29.12Scott Creger
30.12Luke Sutherland
16:12.64 PRSt. Charles (North)
31.11Cole Montgomery
32.11John Eifler
16:20.51Naperville (North)
33.9Ryan Arnold
16:27.95 SRSt. Charles (North)
34.12Brett Lee
16:30.15 SRSt. Charles (North)
35.12Jakob Woerner
16:34.14 PRElgin
36.10Jack Dorrance
16:37.18 SRSt. Charles (North)
37.12Dan Hayes
38.11Cameron Carranza
16:42.48 PRElgin
39.12Timothy Leal
16:42.58 PRSt. Charles (North)
40.11Nathan Smith
16:44.05 PRBartlett
41.12David Creger
42.10Juan Villagomez
43.9Luke Jennes
16:52.75 SRBartlett
44.12Ricardo Villarreal
16:53.82 PRStreamwood
45.12Anthony Nicolini
46.11Zenen Cardenas
16:54.23 PRWest Chicago
47.10Carlos Ramirez
16:57.18 SRStreamwood
48.12Max Troyke
49.12Israel Cruz
17:07.99 PRWest Chicago
50.11Brandon Kim
51.11Fernando Viveros
17:13.52 SRStreamwood
52.12Dylan Munoz
17:17.96 SRStreamwood
53.9Sam Jennes
54.12Carlos Orduno
17:24.72 PRElgin
55.10Marcos Villarreal
17:25.11 PRStreamwood
56.10Enrique Delgado
17:29.91 PRElgin
57.10Riley Keating
17:29.94 PRElgin
58.12Louis Culloton
17:54.38 PRWest Chicago
59.12Caleb Inorio
17:59.23 PRStreamwood
60.10Kellen Klapatch
17:59.50 SRWest Chicago
61.10Kamal Patel
18:10.54 SRWest Chicago
62.12Andres Rosiles
18:16.22 PRStreamwood
63.10Angel Flores
18:58.12West Chicago
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Womens Results

3 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Naperville (North)28
3.Naperville (Central)83
4.St. Charles (East)101
5.St. Charles (North)127
9.West Chicago227
1.11Sarah Schmitt
17:13.03Naperville (North)
2.11Audrey Ernst
17:28.07St. Charles (North)
3.10Sophia McDonnell
17:28.17 PRGeneva
4.9Andrine Larsen
17:39.45 PRGeneva
5.10Alex Morris
17:46.15Naperville (North)
6.11Hannah Ricci
17:49.84Naperville (North)
7.11Gabby Champion
18:01.30Naperville (North)
8.12Anna Arrick
18:02.33 PRSt. Charles (East)
9.12Claire Hamilton
18:06.26Naperville (North)
10.12Carolyn Carpenter
18:07.47 PRNaperville (Central)
11.11Maddi Exline
18:10.06 PRStreamwood
12.10Kasey Moreno
18:14.91 PRElgin
13.11Meghan Donovan
18:18.34Naperville (Central)
14.10Claire Hill
18:19.74Naperville (North)
15.12Madison Kaufmann
18:20.61 SRSt. Charles (North)
16.9Emily R. Scott
18:20.94Naperville (Central)
17.12Coral McFarland
18:22.80 PRBartlett
18.12Emma Battin
18:23.35 PRSt. Charles (East)
19.11Taryn Christy
20.12Alana Austin
18:28.44Naperville (Central)
21.10Klaudia Wyszynski
18:29.48 PRSt. Charles (East)
22.11Ebony Trout
18:30.53 PRGeneva
23.12Hannah Ewald
18:33.82 SRSt. Charles (East)
24.11Natalie Sarris
18:37.50 SRNaperville (Central)
25.11Victoria Mineo
18:40.22 SRNaperville (Central)
26.11Samantha Prazma
18:44.77Naperville (North)
27.9Noelle Veome
18:46.08Naperville (Central)
28.10Emily Belanger
18:52.73 SRGeneva
29.12Mary Grace Neville
30.11Grace Brolly
18:56.29 PRGeneva
31.10Ashley Stepien
19:03.10St. Charles (East)
32.11Hannah Willging
19:06.56 SRSt. Charles (East)
33.10Rylie Kaufmann
19:15.51 PRSt. Charles (North)
34.11Maddie Brotnow
19:16.13 SRWest Chicago
35.12Claire Muckian
19:22.15 PRSt. Charles (East)
36.12Kristen Leever
19:25.29 PRBartlett
37.12Nicolette Zolecki
19:30.18 PRBartlett
38.10Maddie Wiltrout
19:53.68St. Charles (North)
39.12Courtney Steele
19:54.39 SRSt. Charles (North)
40.12Alyssa Bonelli
19:57.15 PRSt. Charles (North)
41.11Leah Kern
20:02.16 SRBartlett
42.9Claire Norman
20:19.60 SRSt. Charles (North)
43.10Jennifer Luna
20:27.58 PRBartlett
44.11Abby Brinkman
20:36.52 PRBartlett
45.10Angela Bautista
20:56.66 PRWest Chicago
46.12Ari Coss
21:04.08 PRWest Chicago
47.11Leslie Duran
21:16.70 SRElgin
48.12Claudia Karaluch
21:20.95 PRStreamwood
49.11Leslie Huerta
21:23.45 SRWest Chicago
50.11Monica Brown
21:24.40 PRStreamwood
51.9Alexandra Meza
21:33.35 PRStreamwood
52.11Laysha Hernandez
21:44.13 PRElgin
53.9Katie Sutherland
21:47.39 SRWest Chicago
54.12Nayeli Cisneros
55.11Jackie Huerta
21:56.48 PRWest Chicago
56.11Justina Sanavongxay
21:57.02 PRElgin
57.10Aasma Haider
58.10Kiara Segura
22:00.95 PRStreamwood
59.10Caroline Benda
22:06.36 PRWest Chicago
60.12Natalye Hernandez
22:10.96 SRStreamwood
61.11Karla Carillo
22:14.90 PRElgin
62.11Michelle Andrade
22:20.01 PRStreamwood
63.12Alicia Heydt
22:35.74 SRElgin
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