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Mens Races
3,000 Meters Boys Novice
3,000 Meters Boys Freshman
3,000 Meters Boys Sophomore Names A-O
3,000 Meters Boys Junior Names A-O
3,000 Meters Boys Senior
3,000 Meters Boys Soph/Junior Names P-Z

Wilsonville Night Race

3,000 Meters Open6:30 PM
Womens Races
3,000 Meters Girls Novice
3,000 Meters Girls Freshman
3,000 Meters Girls Sophomore
3,000 Meters Girls Junior
3,000 Meters Girls Senior

Wilsonville Night Race

3,000 Meters Open6:30 PM

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Last Updated 8:02 PM, Wed, Aug 23


2017  Night Meet

We are adding a  Boys Sophomore and Junior Combined Division for all  male runners whose last name starts with P to Z in the alphabet(Not OPTIONAL)  8:50 PM Start time.  The timer will create this division on their end.  Do not change your entries for this, it will be created by the timers and kids will be recorded into this division as they finish their races(Awards and Gnomes for these folks too).  We are basically taking a 1/3 of both 10th and 11th grade races and creating a new less crowded division. Otherwise the Sophomore and Junior race would be 250 + runners, too big for this course.  The Girls Novice race is a little bit big.  If you have girls on the borderline(especially freshman), please have them run in their age races.  You do not have to redo entries online.  Just run them and will sort them correctly.

Entries due by Wed. 8 PM, August 23rd.  Please check you entries carefully.  Do not just enter everybody on your roster...that is a lot of wasted effort and materials for

The meet is now full.  We can put you on the waiting list in case a team drops or you can run in the Open Race. 

HEAT INDEX:  We reserve the right to delay the start time of the race dependent upon the Temperature.  We have had to delay in the past.  If it is a 100 degree day, we will delay.

Shuttle Bus Service:  We will have 2 Yellow School Busses Running Non-Stop from the Korean War Memorial in Wilsonville(Next to Fry's and Goodwill) from 5 PM until 10:30 PM.  The Parking Lot will likely be full by 5:30 PM.  There is parking in the Neighborhoods near the school, but NOT in the Apartments Parking Lot across from and East of the school(They will have you towed at your expense).  We will have signs out on Wilsonville Rd directing folks to parking.  The Wilsonville Police Department will be enforcing parking restrictions.  If it says no parking, it means no parking....

Course Map


Open Race: 6:30 PM, $10 entry fee. Registration is at the main gate and will open at 5 PM.   Race Registration will stop at 6:15 PM.  This race is open to all Non-H.S. runners/joggers/shufflers who want to enter.

















Junior Boys

Last Name 

P to Z



Juniors 8:35 9:05




Races:  7 PM – 11 PM(ish):  All races are 3k to allow runners to race at end of the season paces and to have a friendly start to the year for new runners.  Think music, grandstand viewing for the entire course, and racing under the lights.  Each runner will finish by sprinting the last 100M down the middle of the Football field as they watch their time on the scoreboard.   The time schedule might be delayed if the heat index is above allowable levels.

Bathrooms:  By each of 2 concession stands. 2 sets in each locker room in the school(go through the Metal Doors next to the track), at the softball fields(best one for group warm ups as it is calm and usually uncrowded), and if logistics go right a set of pre-race porta-potties by the start line.  

All buses must be drop off only and park off site.  There is a lot of space in Wilsonville at Fry's, the Movie Theatre, Wood Middle School or Memorial Park.

Divisions:  We do need folks to utilize the Novice Division to keep the meet on schedule.  Please feel free to Use the Open race as well.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Grade Divisions: 9th to 12th.   Do not enter folks you know will run over 15 minutes in the grade divisions.  

Novice Division: New Runners, Friendly Pace Runners, as well as anybody who will be 14 ish minutes and more.  Do not enter folks that you know will run 15 min. or more in the other divisions...

Warm-up Area: Turfed Baseball fields can be used for warm up if you need to use turf to warm up as well as all the sidewalks around the top of the bowl and school.  The Track and Main Field must remain clear in order for us to time the event and ensure safety.

Entry Fee:  $200 per team.($8 per Entered athlete if your team is under 25 athletes) Your entry is NOT secured until your team’s entry fee has been received.  $10.00 for the open race.      

Spectators: $ 5 entry fee for Adults, $ 3 for H.S. students, Athletes must have on their race numbers to avoid being charged entry. 

Awards: Top 10 in each division get a medal.  Winner gets a Gnome.  Please let possible winners know that we would like to present their Gnome about 2 minutes after they finish.

Course:  Starts and finishes on the turfed Cross-Country field(football) and is primarily run on the turf soccer and baseball complex.  There is a 150 M stretch of pavement that is run twice during the race.  You should not wear spikes.  We will have a lead biker for all races.  The course will be well-marked and is spectator friendly. 

Facilities:  We will have use of all athletic facilities.  Bathrooms, Concessions, Locker rooms, and showers will be available. 

Timing and meet entry:  Meet entry will be done on and is due by 10 PM on Wednesday before the meet.  Open race registers at the race site starting at 5 PM.


David Barkley                                                                        

Wilsonville High School                                   

6800 SW Wilsonville Rd.                                

Wilsonville, OR 97070             

Last Updated 1:08 PM, Wed, May 10


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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Boys Novice

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

3.Central Catholic96
5.Oregon Episcopal153
6.David Douglas160
10.West Salem248
16.Cleveland (OR)396

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Juan Gudino
9:50.80 SRMilwaukie
2.11Devin Henderling
10:46.20 PRGlencoe
3.10Asa Brown
11:04.57 PROregon Episcopal
4.12Jake Lukens
11:05.84 PRMadison
5.11Sam Parker
11:06.53 PRMcMinnville
6.11Benjamin Richards
11:16.29 PRGlencoe
7.10Nick Sirianni
11:21.14 PRSantiam Christian
8.9Cooper Kingsbury
11:22.60 PRSunset
9.11AJ Lucas
11:22.62 PRGlencoe
10.11Devin Greeley
11:23.21 PRMilwaukie
11.9Jacob May
11:40.79 PRGlencoe
12.11Sam McCarty
11:41.29 PRWest Linn
13.9Mckay Rasmussen
11:43.15 PRDavid Douglas
14.10Ashok Khare
11:44.28 PROregon Episcopal
15.9Christopher Gray
11:44.82 PRCentral Catholic
16.9Andrew Welsh
11:47.95 PRGlencoe
17.10Arthur Katahdin
11:49.89 SRMilwaukie
18.9Alex King
11:49.96 PRSunset
19.9Zachary Miller
11:50.47 PRWest Salem
20.11Brogan Ayers
11:52.47David Douglas
21.12Nathan Smith
11:55.03 PRSunset
22.9Shiloh Day
11:56.38 PROregon Episcopal
23.12Tony Kollman
12:06.26 SRCentral Catholic
24.11Jared Ray
12:13.19 PRGlencoe
25.12Dylan Lefor
12:18.50 SRCentral Catholic
26.12Aly Ahmad
12:23.03 PRTillamook
27.12Max Chait
12:24.49 PRCentral Catholic
28.10Will Mathews
12:25.50 SRCentral Catholic
29.9Carlos Verdugo Gar...
12:28.55 PRMcNary
30.12Mason Meredith
12:30.53 PRWest Salem
31.11Brady Cross
12:33.10 PRAloha
32.11Noah Steigerwald
12:33.41 PRForest Grove
33.11Mason Colony
34.10Tanner Campbell
12:40.20 PRForest Grove
35.9Charles Armstrong
12:41.00 PRSouthridge
36.11Chris Gonzalez
12:43.60 SRSherwood
37.11Remi Flounders
12:47.66 SRMilwaukie
38.9Sam Lamb
12:47.97 PROregon Episcopal
39.9Gabriel Martinez
12:49.03 PRMcNary
40.9Theodore Nims
12:49.42 PRLincoln
41.10Cameron Truong
12:52.29Central Catholic
42.9Ethan Pierce
43.9Logan Gould
12:56.40North Salem
44.9Henry Cannan
12:58.23 PRLincoln
45.9Jack Nokleby
13:00.29David Douglas
46.10Henry Channell
13:02.56 SRCentral Catholic
47.11Tristan Cavarno
48.10Nolan Bryant
13:05.97 PRMcNary
49.9Noah Heidelberger
50.9Jerett Prince
51.11Jared Shaaban
13:15.17 SRMilwaukie
52.9Porter Evers
13:17.60David Douglas
53.9Conner Shillitto
54.10Jose Razo Padilla
13:20.45 PRAloha
55.10Arthur Feidelson
13:23.15 PRFranklin (OR)
56.9Tanner Hoskins
13:23.83 PRAloha
57.9Skyler Williams
13:24.00 PRStayton
58.10Aiden Kola
13:26.10 SRCentral Catholic
59.10Orion White
13:27.59 PRSilverton
60.9Marcel Blakeley
13:28.25 PRLincoln
61.10Jannick Schneider
13:30.45 PRKennedy
62.9Joshua Chapin
13:34.58Santiam Christian
63.12Thomas Eykamp
13:40.72 SRCleveland (OR)
64.10Matthias Gutzmann
13:41.90 SRForest Grove
65.9Cooper Caldwell
66.9Tanner Fixen
67.9Joey Lee
13:48.59 PRSunset
68.9Briggs Moore
13:48.67 PRWilsonville
69.9Alex Pillsbury
13:49.11Central Catholic
70.9Jackson Brandow
13:49.85 PRTigard
71.9Jonah Gent
72.12Sean Bishop
13:53.56David Douglas
73.10Sam Harding
13:54.95 PRMcKay
74.9Michael Savage
13:56.11 PRKennedy
75.9Nicholas Aleshire
76.9Jason Gehring
77.11Sam Stetzel
14:00.34Horizon Christian
78.11Wellington Ma
14:02.65Franklin (OR)
79.12Cameron Sherwood
14:03.33 PRMcNary
80.10Aidan Gratton
14:07.70Central Catholic
81.9Avery Renoud
14:08.35 PRSilverton
82.9Cade Nelson
14:08.56Horizon Christian
83.9Alec Palm
14:08.75 PRWest Salem
84.11Alan Tores
14:09.26 PRMcNary
85.10Mitch Huberd
86.9Caleb Carlton
14:12.13David Douglas
87.9Riley Beaman
14:14.28 PRStayton
88.9Nick Zitzelberger
14:14.83 PRSilverton
89.9Ty Park
14:15.19 PRWest Linn
90.9Henry Babbie
14:15.64 PRLincoln
91.10Luke Eyerly
14:17.81Horizon Christian
92.10Jose Flores
14:18.40 PRMcMinnville
93.11Daniel Dewees
14:21.19 SRAmity
94.12Jake Stein
14:21.77 PRMilwaukie
95.10Bailey Scheradella
14:24.65 PRCentury
96.9Thomas Anderson
14:27.57Franklin (OR)
97.9Gabriel Fletcher
14:30.35West Salem
98.10Tate Thompson
14:30.52 PRMcNary
99.10Eli Prior
100.12Fernando Perez
14:33.13 SRForest Grove
101.10Kevin O'Mara
14:33.48 PRSunset
102.9Alex Gardner
14:35.48 PRSilverton
103.9Joshua Espalin
14:36.21 PRAmity
104.11Christian Thao
105.12Gavin Williams
106.9Andrew King
14:42.40West Salem
107.10Jeremiah Glines
14:52.71West Salem
108.9Finn Dugan
14:54.32Central Catholic
109.9Michael Hinchliffe
14:55.12Cleveland (OR)
110.12Casey Litchfield
14:57.29 PRMilwaukie
111.12Ben Keturi
15:03.50 SRAloha
112.9Asukulu Songolo
15:10.66Central Catholic
113.12Ethan Hunter
15:12.75 PRSilverton
114.10Hangyul Yun
115.12Richard Tunzat
15:16.43 PRWest Salem
116.9Keegan Bailey-Darl...
15:16.64 PRTigard
117.11Rhys Loewen-Thomas
15:16.73 PRWest Salem
118.9Jacob Frazeur
119.10Cameron Wilson
15:30.92 SRSilverton
120.11Michael Vonica
15:31.90 SRDavid Douglas
121.11Ryan Welter
122.11Riley Forrette
123.11Nathan Rice
15:37.27 PRWest Linn
124.10Ethan Wentworth
15:41.96 SRCleveland (OR)
125.10Calvin Lewis
15:54.32Cleveland (OR)
126.11Theran Peek
127.10Thai Pham
128.10Josh Bransford
16:10.22Cleveland (OR)
129.12Graham O'Connor
16:44.03Oregon Episcopal
130.9Parker Dirkx
131.11Mitchell Duyck
16:48.56Cleveland (OR)
132.11Carson Ortega
16:48.74 SRSilverton
133.11James Wolfe
134.10Frederick Cusimano
135.9Ethan Prosser
17:18.05 PRSouthridge
136.9Yahir Olmos
17:18.47 PRMcNary
137.10Duy Pham
138.9Rya Higgins
17:23.58 PRTillamook
139.11JJ Atalig
140.9Gavin Larimer
141.9Makio Henery-Griff...
17:50.24West Salem
142.11Caleb Andreasen
18:00.70 SRMarist
143.11Caleb Smith
18:03.07 PRSilverton
144.12Torg Nollette
18:03.52 PRLincoln
145.9Drew Booren
18:43.48 PRCentury
146.11Timothy Meier
19:13.58Franklin (OR)
147.9Noah Goodrich
19:29.33 PRWest Salem
148.12Juan Loera
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3,000 Meters Boys Freshman

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Franklin (OR)102
3.Central Catholic103
7.South Salem193
11.West Linn249
13.Forest Grove275

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Josh Haynes
9:45.53 PRHood River Valley
2.9Anders Beil
10:00.74 PRCentral Catholic
3.9Luke Horne
10:02.94 PRCentral Catholic
4.9Evan Gonzalez
10:03.34South Salem
5.9Marcus Graham
10:04.83 PRMcMinnville
6.9Isaias Loza
10:05.75 PRTillamook
7.9Alexis Luna
10:13.74 PRNorth Salem
8.9Charlie Robertson
10:16.53 PRFranklin (OR)
9.9Sam Skelton
10:16.71 PRFranklin (OR)
10.9Ronan Chapman
10:18.84 PRLakeridge
11.9Oscar Powell
10:28.83 PRHood River Valley
12.9Quinn Wilcox
10:32.40 PRWilson
13.9Byron Nice
10:36.61 PRMcMinnville
14.9Rex Zhao
10:37.94 PRSouthridge
15.9Jacob Davidson
10:38.03 PRLincoln
16.9Andrew Goemaere
10:40.85 PRWest Salem
17.9Luke Wiley
10:43.71 PRSunset
18.9Seth Bergeron
10:45.16 PRSt. Stephen's Academy
19.9Sullivan Maag
10:45.35 PRWilson
20.9Ismael Alvares
21.9Brandon Williams
10:47.54 PREast Linn Christian
22.9Jonah Chang
10:49.93 PRSunset
23.9Daniel Gomez
24.9Shayn Carmichael K...
10:50.57 PRSouth Salem
25.9Mitchell Ervin
10:51.50 PRTigard
26.9Noah Anderson
10:52.79 PRNorth Salem
27.9Ben Schnorr
10:53.09 PRForest Grove
28.9Abdirahim Mohamoud
10:57.63 PRTigard
29.9Jackson Buffonge
10:58.92 PRFranklin (OR)
30.9Andrew Connell
10:59.49 PRSunset
31.9Ethan Whalen
11:00.53 PRMcNary
32.9Giuliano Scasso
11:00.77 PRWilson
33.9Alejandro Perez
11:00.85 PRAloha
34.9Daniel Fajardo
11:01.50 PRFranklin (OR)
35.9James Day
11:02.52 PRSherwood
36.9Wyatt Murphy
11:06.94 PRWilson
37.9Emanuel Figueroa
11:10.29 PRMcNary
38.9Ethan Phillips
11:11.08 PRLiberty
39.9Jackson Currier
11:11.10 PRCentral Catholic
40.9Reed Patricelli
11:13.02 PRLakeridge
41.9Ethan Mershon
11:14.13 PRWilson
42.9Kyle Humbert
11:14.76 PRLakeridge
43.9Marvin Eusebio
11:14.85 PRMcMinnville
44.9Zach Apperson
11:14.90 PRCentury
45.9Ethan Slayden
11:15.94 PREast Linn Christian
46.9Charles Petrik
11:16.08 PRSilverton
47.9Payton Cook
11:16.62 PRSunset
48.9Trevor Ortega
11:18.05 PRSilverton
49.9Marcus Matsumura
11:20.69 PRCentral Catholic
50.9Kai Wagner
11:21.65 PRSouthridge
51.9Collin Beyer
11:21.74 PRSunset
52.9Jackson Perkins
11:23.50 PRHood River Valley
53.9Brennan Whalen
11:23.71 PRMcNary
54.9Tyler Smith
11:26.09 PRLakeridge
55.9Cole Pressler
11:32.23 PRLincoln
56.9Sebastian Pinger
57.10Kenta Yoshii
11:36.59 PRHorizon Christian
58.9Lucas Braun
11:37.54 PRSouthridge
59.9Elliott Rush
11:38.23 PRLakeridge
60.9Ethan Daugherty
11:39.27 PRAloha
61.9Logan Shurts
11:40.48 PRMcMinnville
62.9Ethan Connelly
11:43.69 PRMcMinnville
63.9Samuel Makuch
11:44.41 PRWilson
64.9Cade Dodge
11:45.39 PRCleveland (OR)
65.9Asher Troxell
11:46.18 PRWest Linn
66.9David Higa
67.9Mick Jordan
11:47.22 PRWest Linn
68.9Luke Shaw
11:47.86 PRTigard
69.9Gabriel Lira Sierra
11:49.43 PRNorth Salem
70.9Bailey Budlong
11:55.82 PRLincoln
71.9Brennen Basl
72.9Ben Sheirbon
73.9Eli Rose White
11:59.72 PRMadison
74.9Henry Maykowskyj-N...
12:01.48 PRCentral Catholic
75.9Walter Bringenberg
12:02.01 PRWilson
76.9Gabriel Gallegos
12:02.11 PRNorth Salem
77.9Andrew Henderson
12:04.75 PRSouthridge
78.9Caleb Wilde
79.9Daniel Davis
12:06.14South Salem
80.9Luke Williams
12:06.53 PRSt. Stephen's Academy
81.9John Bennett
12:10.55 PRWest Linn
82.9Mason Olsen
12:14.55 PRAloha
83.9Zach Crowell
12:15.57 PRCentury
84.9Hayden Stephen
12:16.80 PRForest Grove
85.9Craig Barber
12:17.31Franklin (OR)
86.9Caleb Yaso
87.9Colby Garnett
88.9Robert Young
12:24.73 PRAloha
89.9Matthew Moller
12:24.79 PRTigard
90.9Ian Grant
12:25.31 PRWest Linn
91.9Cole Ratter
92.9Tate Durst
12:26.73 PRNorth Marion
93.9Caden Keyston
94.9Laurence Bristol
12:27.24 PRLincoln
95.9Ryle Hurley
96.9Elias Hunter
12:28.48South Salem
97.9Jack Thornton
12:30.44 PRMarist
98.9Hayden Fish
12:31.29 PRWest Linn
99.9Shayne Lowry
12:33.94 PRForest Grove
100.9Cameron Koenig
101.9Jackson Rapp
102.9Jiro Gonzales
12:41.99 PRNewport
103.9Titus Roth
12:47.12 PRSilverton
104.9Remy Olson
12:48.73 PRMcNary
105.9Evan Kendig
12:49.38 PRWest Linn
106.9Jared Matthys
12:52.21 PRNewport
107.9Nathan Schmidt
12:53.17 PRSouth Salem
108.9Trask Kimball
12:55.70 PRMcMinnville
109.9Basil Stein
13:00.67 PRCleveland (OR)
110.9Evan Schindler
13:01.88 PRSilverton
111.9Ronnie Murphy
13:02.91 PRWilson
112.9Cameron Lippert
113.9Thijmen Nelissen
13:08.28 PRLincoln
114.9RJ Wardell
13:12.28 PRForest Grove
115.9Jake Barrett
13:20.79 PRLakeridge
116.9Micah Clements
13:21.85 PRHorizon Christian
117.9Marcus Lehrer
13:24.21 PRNewport
118.9Lucas Lommen
13:25.81 PRWilson
119.9Owen Hoelter
13:26.56South Salem
120.9Jordan Vollen
13:27.09 PRWilson
121.9Gabe Sinclair
13:28.49 PRForest Grove
122.9Maxwell Sivers Boyce
13:32.44 PRWilson
123.9Clifford Zavala
13:34.20 PRForest Grove
124.9Joshua Humann
13:39.61 PRHood River Valley
125.9Cameron Johnston
13:42.45 PRLakeridge
126.9Cody Taylor
13:42.58 PRLakeridge
127.9Ethan Volk
13:43.27 PRWilson
128.9Jamison Hicks
13:44.44 PRNewport
129.9Francisco Rojas
13:55.07 PRSeaside
130.9Wyatt Coats
14:09.34 PRTigard
131.9Nicholas Eubank
14:10.02 PRSilverton
132.9Jonathan Tence
14:10.22 PRWest Linn
133.9Jackson Woodbury
14:11.67 PRWilson
134.9John Herbert
14:15.58 PRWest Linn
135.9Grant Towers
14:16.85 PRWilson
136.9Jaxon Sollers
14:17.86 PRWilson
137.9Jakob Person
14:18.06 PRWilson
138.9Augustin Seigneur
14:18.47 PRWest Linn
139.9Conor Walsh
14:24.65 PRWilson
140.9Jace Karnes
14:27.56 PRLincoln
141.9Declan Lynch
14:30.56 PRForest Grove
142.9Spencer Hart
14:32.16Cleveland (OR)
143.9Dino Leback
14:33.98 PRWilson
144.9Eric Hopkins
14:57.72 PRWilson
145.9Andrew Morton
146.10Wrangler Beck
15:12.01 PRNewport
147.9Dominic Canedy
15:17.05 PRCleveland (OR)
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3,000 Meters Boys Sophomore Names A-O

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Central Catholic101
5.West Linn144
11.Cleveland (OR)275

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Quincy Norman
9:16.46 PRForest Grove
2.10Ryland McCullough
9:35.65 PRCrater
3.10Paul Corso
9:36.49 PRLakeridge
4.10Jaron Homer
5.10Joe Halsey
9:41.65 PRCentral Catholic
6.10Mason Gerwig
9:43.58 PRSunset
7.10Thomas Osborne
9:49.20 PRSherwood
8.10Ben Kirby
9:50.57 PRStayton
9.10Ernie Chacon
9:51.66 PRTillamook
10.10John Migchelbrink
9:52.00 PRSunset
11.10Carson Cummins
9:52.04 PRSunset
12.10Spencer Hardy
9:54.12 PRCentral Catholic
13.10Josue Corona-Solis
9:56.16 PRCentral Catholic
14.10Lars Deboutte
9:56.40 PRSunset
15.10Dash Lipsey
9:56.65 PRWest Linn
16.10Sam Bennett
9:58.46 PRWest Linn
17.10Ethan Harper
9:58.85 PRLincoln
18.10Khaled Mahmoud
9:59.33 PRSunset
19.10Andrew Bascom
10:04.67 PRMarist
20.10JC Herring
10:07.32 PRCrater
21.10David Cummings
10:10.50 PRSunset
22.10Charlie Moore
10:11.51 PRMarist
23.10Shiferaw Alemseged
10:21.16 PRAloha
24.10Osker Almeda
10:23.31 PRForest Grove
25.10Ned Harlan
10:25.98South Salem
26.10Michael Graham
10:26.04 PRSunset
27.10Devin Herbers
10:27.96 PRSouthridge
28.10Roddy Rodrigo Arri...
10:28.49 PRMcMinnville
29.10Luke Hall
10:31.22 PRKennedy
30.10Dexter Patching
10:33.57 PRTillamook
31.10Kylar Johnson
10:36.09 PRMcMinnville
32.10Chris Heer
10:38.79 PRMarist
33.10Trent Lundy
10:40.08 PRWest Salem
34.10Nolan Lampson
10:40.70 PRWest Linn
35.10Aiden Blackburn
10:42.47 PRMcMinnville
36.10Zachary Foster-Tay...
10:46.57 PRDavid Douglas
37.10Josh Lull
38.10Quintin Metcalfe
10:51.34 SRTillamook
39.10Riley Cloyd
10:52.44 PRTillamook
40.10Drew McMullen
10:52.69 PRAmity
41.10Eric Frazer
10:53.12 PRWest Salem
42.10Xander Hansen
10:55.82 SRWilson
43.10Ethan Fuller
10:56.23 PRSherwood
44.10PJ Aragon
10:56.24 PRCrater
45.10Isaac Nieto
10:59.66 PRStayton
46.10Ramiro Gonzalez
47.10Justin Guptill
11:01.86 PRSunset
48.10Tristan Allen
11:03.50 SRSilverton
49.10Brendan Burkhart
11:04.88 SRCleveland (OR)
50.10Lucas Hindman
11:05.43 PRTaft
51.10Jonathan Hansen
11:05.92 PRSilverton
52.10Sean Marshall
11:06.98 PRAloha
53.10Spencer Baggaley
11:07.70 PRSherwood
54.10Ismael Hernandez
11:08.43 PRMcKay
55.10Graham Oelke
11:09.81 PRTigard
56.10Bryce Nelson
11:10.09 PRWilson
57.10Thomas Finegan
11:11.14 PRGlencoe
58.10Jack Crowell
11:14.15 PRMarist
59.10Roberto Garces Men...
11:15.73South Salem
60.10Niko Krutzikowsky
11:16.56 PRNewport
61.10Cory Marleau
11:17.30 PRCentral Catholic
62.10Miles Lomas
11:17.52 PRCleveland (OR)
63.10Owen Criswell
11:17.90 PRCentral Catholic
64.10Evan Doster
11:19.58 PRMcKay
65.10Zach Holloway
11:20.64 SRStayton
66.10Devin McDaniel
11:20.72 PRTillamook
67.10Benny Gonzalez
11:21.05 PRAloha
68.10Gabriel Connor
11:23.86 PRLiberty
69.10Austin Kroenke
11:24.09 PRLiberty
70.10Cole O'Donnell
11:24.20 SRCentral Catholic
71.10Jonathan Lopez
11:24.47 PRMcKay
72.10Elijah Cirioli
11:24.71 PRWest Linn
73.10Tobias Moos
11:24.72 PRWest Linn
74.10Matt Chao
11:26.39 PRWest Linn
75.10Austin Bradford
11:27.47 PRSantiam Christian
76.10Justin McMurria
11:29.73 PRAloha
77.10Keltin Oppenlander
11:30.16 PRForest Grove
78.10Gunnar McCaw
11:31.40 PRHood River Valley
79.10Noah Goodwin-Rice
11:31.47 PRNewport
80.10Francisco Hernandez
11:33.46 PRMcNary
81.10Konnor Cunningham
11:34.26 PRMarist
82.10Logan Fisher
11:35.22 SRCentral Catholic
83.10Evan Gassman
11:35.83 PRGladstone
84.10Larson Johnson
85.10Joseph Andersen
11:36.92 PRLincoln
86.10Levi Margolis
11:37.06 PRLincoln
87.10Joe Gerber
11:39.17 PRMcMinnville
88.10Silas Moll
11:39.74 PRTigard
89.10Maverick Geller
11:39.89 PRHood River Valley
90.10Gavin Harvey
11:40.78 PRWest Linn
91.10Noah Jeffery
11:41.95 PRCleveland (OR)
92.10Ryan Olds
11:42.51 PRWest Linn
93.10Parker Guralnick
11:42.74 PRMadison
94.10Erik Maack
11:46.69 PRWilson
95.10Marquell Carter Ra...
96.10James Nicholson
11:48.18 PRWest Linn
97.10Gannet Markozen
11:51.22 PRTigard
98.10Jackson McArthur
11:55.95 PRGlencoe
99.10Fouad Omrane
11:57.22 PRSouthridge
100.10Casey Culbertson
11:57.24 PRWest Linn
101.10Riley Craig
102.10Elijah Clark
12:00.33 PRWest Linn
103.10Brendan McKeegan
12:00.36 PRMcMinnville
104.10Tyler Dougall
12:01.47 PRMcNary
105.10Calvin Hopkins
12:02.90 PRWest Linn
106.10Hunter Lundstedt
12:03.51 PRTaft
107.10Vrishank Angadi
108.10Elliot Williams Hu...
12:04.00 PRCleveland (OR)
109.10William Basham
12:05.10 PRAloha
110.10Billy Christiansen
12:08.35 PRMarist
111.10Jorge Aguilera Lopez
112.10Ian Mittelbach
113.10Clayton Menta
12:10.77 PRWest Linn
114.10Ethan Agard
12:11.83 PRAloha
115.10Tate DeCarlo
12:14.05 SRWilson
116.10Tobias Mache
12:15.13 PRWilson
117.10Trenton Fisher
12:17.62 PRTaft
118.10Eric Hanson
12:17.80 PRGladstone
119.10Eli Frugia
120.10Harper Chebuk
12:18.97 PRWest Linn
121.10Carson Brighton
12:22.27 SRSilverton
122.10Aiden Neudeck
12:23.41 PRWest Linn
123.10Andrew Fronza
12:23.76 PRSilverton
124.10Abdullah Al-Bustami
12:25.18 PRMcKay
125.10Lucas Brimhall
12:27.00 SRWilson
126.10Bucky Kuehn
12:28.66 PRCleveland (OR)
127.10Julian Benitez Mages
12:29.60 PRWilson
128.10Mateo Campos-Davis
12:34.40 PRHood River Valley
129.10Jordan Groat
12:34.99 PRWest Salem
130.10Anton Loebich
12:38.05 PRLincoln
131.10Lane Mikkelborg
12:41.08 PRMcMinnville
132.10Preetjot Dhami
12:41.34 PRMcNary
133.10Zachary Miller
12:42.51 PRWest Linn
134.10Max Finke
12:45.86 PRWilson
135.10Brock Jacobson
12:47.61 PRSouthridge
136.10Lucas Brandt
12:49.82 PRMadison
137.10Mitchell Rose
12:49.89 PRCleveland (OR)
138.10Spencer Eyre
12:52.93 PRWest Salem
139.10Benjamin Hayes
13:03.17 PRAmity
140.10Aidan Henrikson
13:10.12 PRLincoln
141.10Conrad Bradford
13:14.21 PRWest Linn
142.10Jack Kay
13:19.10 SRCleveland (OR)
143.10Grant Balsbough
13:21.07 PRWest Linn
144.10Troy Skiles
145.10Joseph Mitcheltree
13:29.62 PRTigard
146.10Jordan Hall
13:33.34 PRTaft
147.10Jacob Dirkx
13:38.21 PRLincoln
148.10Austin Haney
13:39.18 SRLiberty
149.10Matthew Snyder
13:48.42 SRSilverton
150.10Ethan Kueny
14:01.66North Salem
151.10Spencer Gunnin
14:20.32 PRLakeridge
152.10Alex Karnstein
14:20.64 PRLincoln
153.10Ian Ballew
14:33.31 PRWest Linn
154.10Kenneth Eversole
14:34.06 SRSilverton
155.10Ethan McClelland
14:36.88 PRTigard
156.10Marcell Csikos
15:10.36 PRWilson
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3,000 Meters Boys Junior Names A-O

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.West Linn63
7.North Salem160

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Zane Fodge
9:01.16 PRMcMinnville
2.11Gabe Garboden
9:11.10 PRMarist
3.11Henry Giles
9:16.72 PRSherwood
4.11Gus Harquail
9:18.25 PRMadison
5.11Solomon Duke
9:18.55 PRFranklin (OR)
6.11Avery Cook
9:21.78 PRWest Linn
7.11Ben Brown
9:25.42 PRCentral Catholic
8.11Jalen Javurek
9:32.85 PRLincoln
9.11Matthew Frazeur
9:35.21 PRStayton
10.11Connor Campbell
9:36.30 PRLincoln
11.11Elliot Drew
9:40.34 PRSouthridge
12.11Dylan Dickson
9:40.80 PRTillamook
13.11Cole Grieb
9:42.29 PRTigard
14.11Oscar Nieves Lira
9:42.95 PRTigard
15.11Nicholas LaPlante
9:44.04 PRSouthridge
16.11Konnor Hathaway
9:44.70 PRGladstone
17.11Jay Grant
9:44.81 PRSouth Salem
18.11Torsten Huseby
9:46.19 PRWilson
19.11Rhett Osborne
9:51.15 PREast Linn Christian
20.11Hiruy Alemseged
10:01.01 PRAloha
21.11James Andersen
10:01.68 PRLakeridge
22.11Isaac Lopez-Haas
10:04.25 PRForest Grove
23.11Tate Kadel
10:07.48 PRWest Linn
24.11Sebastian Gudino
10:08.31 PRCentral Catholic
25.11Jackson Hartigan
10:08.38 PRFranklin (OR)
26.11Suleiman Noor
10:09.26 PRAloha
27.11Eric Lungu
10:10.39 PRSouth Salem
28.11Ryan Chin
10:11.52 PRAloha
29.11David Gendron-Hern...
10:14.03 PRSunset
30.11Aaron Grimshaw
10:14.47 PRWilson
31.11Brady Gibbons
10:14.81 PRAloha
32.11Nicholas Clark
10:16.54 PRMarist
33.11Dylan Cudd
10:16.81 PRStayton
34.11Luke Larson
10:17.00 PRMcMinnville
35.11David Chupp
10:17.77 PRMcMinnville
36.11Josh Richards
10:18.43 PRTillamook
37.11Fabian Niemi
10:19.11 PRTillamook
38.11Nate Davidson
10:22.33 PRWest Linn
39.11Isaac Boger
10:23.55 PRWilsonville
40.11Dylan Leebrick
10:23.69 PRWest Linn
41.11Eoin O'Malley
10:29.82 PRWilson
42.11Miguel Escalera
10:33.54 PRGlencoe
43.11Will Kaigh
10:33.60 PRLincoln
44.11Alex Hancock
10:33.88 PRSouthridge
45.11Nate Bishop
10:34.90 PRDavid Douglas
46.11Wyatt Morris
10:35.74 PRLakeridge
47.11Sullivan Bailey-Da...
10:35.91 PRTigard
48.11Jack Burns
10:35.95 PRWilsonville
49.11Jack Brown
10:37.05 PRGladstone
50.11Naatoli Mohammed
10:38.49 PRDavid Douglas
51.11Luke Ferschweiler
10:41.71 PRWest Salem
52.11Carter Kunert
10:46.36 SRTillamook
53.11Ian Grant
10:50.01 PRLincoln
54.11Fischer Kirk
10:50.66 PRWilson
55.11Josue Loarca
10:52.97 PRNorth Salem
56.11Trent Odman
10:53.10 PRDavid Douglas
57.11Marshall Bailey
10:54.76 PRHood River Valley
58.11Ben Kaden
10:58.22 PRHood River Valley
59.11Matthew Meyer
10:58.69North Salem
60.11Zachary Daly
11:00.78 PRMadison
61.11Eli Hiton
11:01.93Franklin (OR)
62.11Danny Cappalonga
11:02.64 SRCentral Catholic
63.11Spencer Kobliha
11:05.32 PRWest Linn
64.11Jacob Cluff
11:05.76 SRSherwood
65.11Jake Morrow
11:08.13 PRMadison
66.11Cooper Curtin
11:09.16 PRWilson
67.11Vikram Kashyap
11:10.83 PRSunset
68.11Jose Morales
11:13.98North Salem
69.11Oliver Colony
11:14.45 PRWilsonville
70.11Mason Lommen
11:15.38 PRWilson
71.11Micah McLeish
11:15.88 PRTaft
72.11Reid Chen
11:16.63 PRLincoln
73.11Isaac Evans
11:16.92 PRSherwood
74.11Kegahn Hargis
11:23.34 PRCrater
75.11Clayton Helfrich
11:23.43 PRTaft
76.11Zach Glowinski
11:24.78 PRAloha
77.11Nalen Stephens
11:25.81 PRMcMinnville
78.11Justin Carpenter
79.11Ethan Moody
11:31.40 PRLiberty
80.11Dane Collins
81.11Trevor Johnson
82.11Coltin Hill
83.11Kai Daniels
11:32.56 PRNewport
84.11Owen Grossman
11:34.14 PRMadison
85.11Briley Heller
11:34.97 PRLiberty
86.11Ian Flynn
87.11Matt Brock
11:37.37 PRWest Salem
88.11Matteo Garcia
11:41.45 PRGlencoe
89.11Alex Ellington
11:41.98 PRNorth Marion
90.11John Jozic
11:44.85 SRWest Linn
91.11Ethan Dinan
11:45.65 PRMcMinnville
92.11Carson Bradford
11:48.87 PRWest Linn
93.11Nehemiah Barkley
11:50.48 SRWilsonville
94.11Tyler Olsen
11:52.39 PRMcMinnville
95.11Thomas Gray
11:54.09 PRCentral Catholic
96.11Sam Henderson
11:55.72 PRSeaside
97.11Cooper Hammond
11:57.82 PRSilverton
98.11Dylan Blue
99.11Max Kemling
12:00.34 PRWilson
100.11Jarrett Adair
12:01.45 PRNorth Marion
101.11Lake Fultz
12:02.54 PRNewport
102.11Linus Kaminsky
12:04.03 PRCleveland (OR)
103.11Ethan Fields
12:04.45 PRLakeridge
104.11Jesse Agnew
12:05.77 PRNorth Marion
105.11Seamus Brady
12:17.36 PRWest Linn
106.11Josh Annand
12:19.05 PRLiberty
107.11Mason Luetjen
108.11Cole McArthur
12:25.80 PRNorth Marion
109.11Jordan Buchanan
110.11Brent Lizarraga-Ay...
12:31.75North Salem
111.11Austin Norgaard
112.11Sylvan Domst
12:35.66 PRSilverton
113.11William Howe
12:36.43 PRLakeridge
114.12Miguel Hernandez
12:42.89South Salem
115.11Andy Hohensee
12:49.69 SRWest Linn
116.11Roman Kirkeby
12:53.44 PRFranklin (OR)
117.11Luke Kellogg
118.11Blake Johnston
13:02.27 SRScappoose
119.11Steven Bates
13:15.84 PRSilverton
120.11Ashton Dodge
13:17.61 PRWilson
121.11Asher Grell
122.11Milan Donhowe
13:20.60 PRCleveland (OR)
123.11Adam Hathaway
13:42.63 PRCleveland (OR)
124.11Taylor Forrest
13:46.82North Salem
125.11Tony Comard
13:47.69 PRWest Linn
126.11Jesse Oliver
127.11Chase Jensen
14:03.26South Salem
128.11Lucas Lally
14:05.08 SRWest Linn
129.11Ezekiel Newey
15:04.32 SRWilson
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3,000 Meters Boys Senior

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

10.Santiam Christian231
12.West Linn286

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Jerik Embleton
8:57.04 PRMarist
2.12Alex Slenning
8:57.21 PRWilson
3.12John Kavulich
9:10.27 PRScappoose
4.12Josh Quaglio
9:18.26 PRSherwood
5.12Richard Puro
9:21.05 PRFranklin (OR)
6.12Simon Walsh
9:21.13 PRFranklin (OR)
7.12Nicholas Whitaker
9:21.73 PRWilsonville
8.12Jonathan Palmer
9:22.83 PRWilsonville
9.12Gabe Southmayd
9:23.53 PRCrater
10.12Casey Pugh
9:25.79 PRStayton
11.12Cameron Thompson
9:26.27 PRCentral Catholic
12.12Max Norman
9:27.54 PRForest Grove
13.12Eric Brecht
9:28.80 PRCentral Catholic
14.12Rafi Sibony
9:30.78 PRSeaside
15.12Jack Chapman
9:32.71 PRLakeridge
16.12Parker MacMillan
9:37.07 PRSunset
17.12Will Sisley
9:37.62 PRSilverton
18.12Erik Olsen
9:40.06 PRCrater
19.12Gabe Lachenmeier
9:42.17 SRTillamook
20.12Chase Pettibone
9:42.56 PRTigard
21.12Brennen LeBel
9:43.20 PRWest Salem
22.12Ian Bake
9:44.32 PRAloha
23.12Matt Uzzle
9:48.80 PRAloha
24.12Kian Mitchell
9:50.07 SRWilson
25.12Logan Thurman
9:50.77 PRCrater
26.12Miles Drake
9:53.73 PRFranklin (OR)
27.12Logan Howell
9:54.43 PRGlencoe
28.12Elliot Yake
9:54.60 PRTigard
29.12Henry Potter
9:55.73 PRLakeridge
30.12Connor Truax
9:57.39 PRHood River Valley
31.12Finn Peterson
9:57.55 PRHood River Valley
32.12Adam Nayak
9:58.43 PRCleveland (OR)
33.12Jack Casalino
10:00.11 PROregon Episcopal
34.12Craig Weeks
10:03.54 PRWilson
35.12David Fuller
10:04.49 PRLincoln
36.12Ronan Krutzikowsky
10:04.94 PRNewport
37.12Nathan Poff
10:07.76 PRCentury
38.12Mason Hoskins
10:08.05 PRAloha
39.12Shon Martin
10:08.39 PRLakeridge
40.12Preston Nightingale
10:08.68 PRTaft
41.12Caeden Newby
10:09.30 PRWilson
42.12Marcus Curlin
10:09.44 PRSunset
43.12Austin Kreiter
10:09.63 PRSouthridge
44.12Kekona Ream
10:10.36 PRLincoln
45.12Philip Lanthrum
10:11.77 PRGlencoe
46.12Brody Johnson
10:13.08 PRStayton
47.12Artyom Karyukin
10:15.89 PRLakeridge
48.12Brandon Hughes
10:17.74 PRSherwood
49.12Adalberto Lopez
10:18.96 PRNorth Salem
50.12Aaron Sorenson
10:20.00 PRSouthridge
51.12Paul Lim
10:23.30 PRSantiam Christian
52.12Christian Strawn
10:23.83 PREast Linn Christian
53.12Joshua Allan
10:23.85 PRNewport
54.12Fabian Elizondo Jr
10:24.75 SRWest Salem
55.12Tanis Leach
10:25.22 SRSherwood
56.12Max Hodge
10:27.03 PRDavid Douglas
57.12Matthew Kontra
10:27.72 PRSantiam Christian
58.12Holden Fox
10:29.66 PRFranklin (OR)
59.12Tim Soethe
10:30.25 PRGlencoe
60.12Max Rotar
10:32.54 PRDavid Douglas
61.12Parker Short
10:32.73 SRAloha
62.12Cody Brown
10:34.18 PRMcMinnville
63.12Juan Perez
10:36.71 PRTaft
64.12Jonathan Hill
10:37.09 PRSouthridge
65.12Andrew Mabry
10:38.63 PRSherwood
66.12Fletcher Mount
10:38.64 PRLakeridge
67.12Jack McMillan
10:39.75 PRSunset
68.12Hyrum Worth
10:40.56 SRWilsonville
69.12Josh Meidl
10:41.16 PRSouthridge
70.12William Tsai
10:41.88 PRCleveland (OR)
71.12Matthew Stravens
10:44.39 SRSilverton
72.12Josh Rudnick
10:45.66 PRAloha
73.12William Wright
10:45.96 SRSilverton
74.12Josiah Oliver
75.12Caleb Peckover
76.12Job Nollette
10:52.85 SRLincoln
77.12Sam Mont
10:56.07 PRGlencoe
78.12Axel Gonzalez
10:57.16 PRSouthridge
79.12Jacob "Max" Schain
10:58.95 PRWilsonville
80.12Erik Brambila
11:00.42 SRMcKay
81.12Cristofer Flores
11:03.67 PRMcKay
82.12Jonas Honeyman
11:04.12 PRMcNary
83.12Ben Painter
11:06.04 PRAloha
84.12Peyton Kuffel
11:10.58 SRTigard
85.12Gabriel Campos-Davis
11:10.98 PRHood River Valley
86.12Eamon Minges
11:12.04 PRWest Linn
87.12Simon Bennett
11:12.41 SRSunset
88.12Noah Farley
11:13.03 PRGlencoe
89.12Jacob Makuch
11:16.00 SRWilson
90.12Rey Negrete
11:17.63 PRNewport
91.12Thomas Mixon
11:18.67 PRHood River Valley
92.12Eli Huckabee
11:18.98 PRCleveland (OR)
93.12Steven Calleja
11:19.81 PRNewport
94.12Alex Roe
11:22.39 SRSherwood
95.12Samuel Hernandez
11:23.14 PRMcNary
96.12Noah Egli
11:27.83 PRMcNary
97.12River Veek
11:28.72 SRTillamook
98.12Gabriel Knepper
11:28.97 SRCleveland (OR)
99.12Brock Wyer
11:31.11 PRMcNary
100.12Spencer Nelson
11:32.67 PRLiberty
101.12Kaden Flick
11:33.75 SRWilson
102.12Dylan Lester
11:35.26 PRAloha
103.12Matthew Moravik
11:36.11 PRLiberty
104.12Max Faust
11:36.56 PRSunset
105.12Tai To
11:38.04 PRCentury
106.12Richard Vasquez Mo...
11:38.23 PRCentury
107.12Abram Flores
11:39.69 PRAloha
108.12Enrique Noyes
11:40.57 PRTigard
109.12Jim Wynne
11:42.78 PRWest Linn
110.12Henry Bennett-Hanes
11:43.81 SRLincoln
111.12Sam Barton
11:48.13Santiam Christian
112.12Christopher McCrac...
11:50.13 PRAloha
113.12Andrew Cowan
11:50.36 SRSantiam Christian
114.12Clay Martinson
11:56.03 PRSilverton
115.12Henry Jellesed
11:58.78 PRGlencoe
116.12Joseph Pineda
11:59.62 PRMcNary
117.12Nathan Freuler
118.12Jack O'Connor
12:11.34 PRMcNary
119.12Noah Logan
12:14.30 SRHorizon Christian
120.12Zach Pryor
12:14.91 SRWest Linn
121.12Sheridan Hardy
12:20.38 PRWest Linn
122.12Daniel Lobatos
12:26.07 PRMcMinnville
123.12Nolan Mayfield
12:26.95 SRLakeridge
124.12Ben Aguilar
125.12Jackson Hartzog
12:38.68 SRWilson
126.12Reid Amato
12:42.98 SRWilson
127.12Johnny Platt
128.12Ethan Wahl
12:45.36 PRSouthridge
129.12Alec Sautter
12:47.85 SRWilson
130.12Dylan Tiffany
12:57.61 PRWest Linn
131.12Griffin Anderton
13:00.98 SRLincoln
132.12Carson Lesko
13:26.68Santiam Christian
133.12Bryce Duncan
13:39.29 PRLiberty
134.12Caden Friesen
13:42.87 PRMarist
135.12Anthony Duran
13:42.89North Salem
136.12Caleb Rust
13:46.92 PRLiberty
137.12Derek Howard
13:48.12 SRMcNary
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3,000 Meters Boys Soph/Junior Names P-Z

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

3.West Linn90
6.Central Catholic128
8.Hood River Valley167

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Ethan Reese
9:04.49 PRSunset
2.11Jedaiah Wasson
9:06.33 PREast Linn Christian
3.11Mohamed Sheikh
9:18.86 PRAloha
4.10Mathew Ragsdale
9:25.97 PRLakeridge
5.11Haile Stutzman
9:28.55 PRSilverton
6.10Aidan Palmer
9:28.61 PRFranklin (OR)
7.11John Wetzsteon
9:30.51 PRWest Linn
8.11Joey Peterson
9:32.59 PRMarist
9.11Graham Yotsuya
9:35.01 PRWest Linn
10.10Aidan Strealy
9:36.11 PRLakeridge
11.10Gage Reed
9:44.45 PRCrater
12.10Evan Villano
9:44.54 PRMarist
13.11Mihira Sogal
9:47.16 PRSunset
14.10Wiley Watts
9:50.37 PRMarist
15.10Omar Quintana
9:50.76 PRHood River Valley
16.11David Rojas
9:52.18 PRNorth Salem
17.11Josh Scheetz
9:55.24 PRDavid Douglas
18.11Caden Samkutty
9:58.26 PRWilson
19.11Evan Wheeler
9:58.84 PRLakeridge
20.11Gavin Vance
9:59.33 PRForest Grove
21.11Gavin Ross
9:59.71 PRSunset
22.10Jameson Westhead
10:00.72 PRCentral Catholic
23.10Kolby Spink
10:00.88 PRNewport
24.10Sam Perkins
10:12.17 PRCentral Catholic
25.10Reid Quiggins
10:15.00 PRSouthridge
26.11Brian True
10:15.42 SRGlencoe
27.11Juan Heredia
10:27.00 PRMcKay
28.11Israel Perez
10:27.06South Salem
29.10Marcus Ramirez
10:28.71 PRWest Salem
30.10Nick Riedman
10:30.11 PRKennedy
31.11Nathan Tidball
10:30.42 PRWilsonville
32.11Joshua Vielmette
10:30.44 PRAloha
33.10Ty Rooper
10:30.87 PRMadison
34.11Jack Roche
10:32.18 PRWilsonville
35.11David Allen
10:33.02 PRMcNary
36.11Joseph Wilde
10:33.15 SRWilsonville
37.11Zach Schreiber
10:33.23 PRHorizon Christian
38.11Sahir Sandhu
10:34.78 PRCentral Catholic
39.10Jonathan Wallace
10:37.66 PRForest Grove
40.11Tjaden Prince
10:39.67 SRWilsonville
41.11John Pender
10:44.19 PRCleveland (OR)
42.11Andre Seeley
10:47.71 PRDavid Douglas
43.10Caden Shanks
10:48.51 PRNewport
44.11Max Stearns
10:49.55 PRLincoln
45.10Aiden Smith
10:49.59 PRSt. Stephen's Academy
46.11Noah Radcliffe
10:50.19 PRWest Linn
47.11Carlos Saravia
10:51.91 PRKennedy
48.11Zachary Smith
10:52.38 PRWilsonville
49.11Francisco Orta
10:53.04 PRMcNary
50.10Dhruva Sogal
10:54.35 PRSunset
51.11Philip Provost
10:54.64 SRLakeridge
52.11Carson Yurovchak
10:55.43 PRGlencoe
53.10Brian Wicklund
10:57.76 PRWest Linn
54.10Kadyn Shelton
10:59.44 PRDavid Douglas
55.11Tyler Stormo
10:59.99 PRMarist
56.11Cole Pearson
11:04.00 PRSunset
57.11Chase Wydler
11:05.39 PRSouthridge
58.10Skyler Tomseth
11:06.44 PRSunset
59.10Sam Stevens
11:08.00 PRLincoln
60.11Fernando Rodriguez
11:08.96 PRHood River Valley
61.11Ajay Patel
11:09.16 PRSouthridge
62.11Evan Tsuei
11:09.92 PRSt. Stephen's Academy
63.10Michael Rochon
11:11.01 PRMarist
64.10Ethan Sovde
11:11.65 PRWest Linn
65.10Colton Six
11:12.28 PRSt. Stephen's Academy
66.10Tristan Scarborough
11:13.07 PRNewport
67.11David Reeves III
11:13.13 PRSilverton
68.11Austin Sease
11:15.29 PRCrater
69.11Nick Spickelmier
11:15.58 PRKennedy
70.11Rene Romero
11:17.23North Salem
71.10Harvey Smith
11:20.15 PRWilson
72.10Alexander Voutsas
11:21.43 PRLincoln
73.11Andy Tran
11:21.61 PRMadison
74.11Drew Bartlett
11:22.73 PRMcNary
75.11Louden Sharpe
11:25.41 PRTigard
76.11Uriel Perez
11:25.99 PRForest Grove
77.11Isaiah Rodriguez
11:26.53 PRWest Linn
78.11Jacob Walker
11:28.24 PRAmity
79.11Julien Plomion
11:32.01 SRCentral Catholic
80.10Devin Struckman
11:36.76 PRCentury
81.11Jacob Winslea
11:37.63 PRFranklin (OR)
82.11Linus Ruckman
11:39.92 PRMadison
83.11Isaac Matthews
11:43.45 SRMcNary
84.11Alden Woodrum
11:43.96 PRWest Linn
85.11CJ Panaitescu
11:44.31 PRHorizon Christian
86.11Quinn Willett
11:44.40 PRWest Linn
87.10Michael Talbert
11:44.56 PRWest Linn
88.10Gustavo Villalvazo
89.10Dylan Trainer
11:47.46 PRHood River Valley
90.11Carson Post
11:48.10 SRSantiam Christian
91.10Ryan Prather
11:48.56South Salem
92.11Mason Reidman
11:49.71 SRStayton
93.10Elian Sedano
11:50.10 PRHood River Valley
94.10Seamus Robison
11:52.53 PRForest Grove
95.10Holden Spencer
11:55.36 PRCentral Catholic
96.10Bryant Sharp
11:57.35 PRScappoose
97.11Thomas Reynolds
11:57.73 PRWilson
98.11Joshua Williams
12:00.02 PRSt. Stephen's Academy
99.11Andrew Wright
12:00.30 PRWest Linn
100.10Ilan Vega
12:01.31 PRWilson
101.11Montana Phillips
12:01.67 PRHood River Valley
102.10Tyler Reed
12:02.18 SRSherwood
103.10Aidan Roos
104.10Myles Scholz
12:02.82 SRSherwood
105.11Saul Tarula
12:05.15 PRNorth Marion
106.11Josh Alba
12:08.73 PRCentury
107.11Everett Strom
12:10.04 PRWilson
108.10Garrett Van Winkle
12:18.12 PRLiberty
109.10Xavier Robles
12:19.85 PRFranklin (OR)
110.11Dylan Taylor
12:20.41 PRLakeridge
111.10Tom Polzin
12:21.57 PRWilson
112.10Sebastian Shoemaker
12:22.00 PRMcNary
113.11Matthew Zheng
12:23.02 SRSouthridge
114.10Andrew Walker
12:23.63 PRWest Linn
115.11Adam Graneto
12:24.38 PRMcNary
116.10Ryan Samson
12:25.19 PRLiberty
117.10Matthew Reed
118.11Octavio Leon
12:34.59 PRCentury
119.11Josh Top
12:37.55 PRFranklin (OR)
120.10Jacob Shoemaker
12:40.62 PRMcNary
121.11William Wood
12:46.24 PRWilson
122.10Zeb Smith
12:48.50 PRCentury
123.11Konrad Seifer
12:48.56 PRSilverton
124.10Tanner Ringo
12:55.67 PRWilson
125.10Ethan Price
13:10.67 PRTaft
126.10Sean Riley
13:26.28Santiam Christian
127.10Grayson Wright
13:34.62 PRWilson
128.11Nikos Zumberis
13:37.68 SRWilson
129.10Dillon Reinhart
13:43.05 PRNewport
130.11Bryan Vasquez Torres
131.10Ayden Woodard
14:07.09 PRTaft
132.11Jaden Wardwell
14:25.74 PRScappoose
133.11Tony Li
14:36.86Santiam Christian
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3,000 Meters Open

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.Thor Esbeuza
2.SRMatthew Battaglia
3.Matt McCauslanel
4.Jacob Bromaham
5.Beni Balazas
6.Tony Petraglin
7.SRMatthew Kirkland
8.Andrew Carpenter
9.SRBrian Kirkland
10.Drake Collins
11.Quinn Fetrenhour
12.Levi Jackson
13.Justin Loftus
14.Mark Hale-Brown
15.David Graham
16.Tony Andrade
17.Tim Lottis
18.Alex Accetta
19.Enrique Lopez
20.Kyle Spencer
21.Abel Sandoval
22.Carlton Steele
23.Brandon Brozstek
24.Ben Davis
25.Michael Herrman
26.Neil Yotsuya
27.Kellen Reed
29.Kaleb Pace
30.Rob Jamieson
31.Grant Collins
32.John Lally
33.Juan Campos
34.Jakob Michaels
35.SRAndrew Schmitz
37.Nathan Wilde
38.Erin Holm
40.Parker Brown
41.Brent Lang
43.Cameron Quenzer
44.Gabe Vega
45.Duane Knapp
46.Calvin Bartlett
47.Mark Wren
48.Oliver Voit
50.Don Arambula
51.Luke Cutting
57.Jeff Roth
60.John Bulloch
61.Sean Colyer
63.Cody Steele
64.Jack Lavier
65.Mac Lavier
68.Brent Boger
69.Amos Moll
70.Connor Smith
71.Jack Pluister
72.Kaden Holm
74.Kaden Loftus
77.Ryan Prusse
78.Aiden Larimer
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Girls Novice

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

3.Hood River Valley113
5.Central Catholic125
7.Cleveland (OR)226
12.West Salem358
18.Santiam Christian379

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Genevieve Bailly
12:16.99 PROregon Episcopal
2.10Preslie Petrick
12:39.80 PRGlencoe
3.12Asha Gehring
12:47.97 PRSunset
4.12Rory O'Hollaren
12:57.67 PROregon Episcopal
5.12Ella Crosby
13:03.17 PROregon Episcopal
6.9Kari Eddington
7.11Alison Thomas
13:39.48 SROregon Episcopal
8.12Nicole Garcia Vale...
13:48.61 PRDavid Douglas
9.10Audrey Eucker
13:52.53 PRLakeridge
10.9Ana Keller
13:53.28 PRCrater
11.9Campbell Ray
13:53.64 PRCentral Catholic
12.10Brianna Marquez
14:01.60North Salem
13.9Carli Hopkins
14:12.99 PRMcMinnville
14.11Lily Bartel
14:13.97 PRLakeridge
15.12Molly Jaeger
14:16.53 PRKennedy
16.11Tina Keady
14:17.63 PRForest Grove
17.11Ally Johnson
14:17.82 PRSherwood
18.9Anna Eby
14:21.19Santiam Christian
19.9Alexis Richman
14:22.31 PRFranklin (OR)
20.11Alice Hall
14:25.18 PRSherwood
21.12Natalie Lapierre
14:29.02 SRHood River Valley
22.10Bianca Webb
14:29.20 PRSunset
23.10Gillian Blaufus
14:31.60 PRCentral Catholic
24.10Sylvia Goldrich-Mi...
14:33.92 PRFranklin (OR)
25.11Emily Latwesen
26.11Mya Mondragon
14:41.72 PRHood River Valley
27.12Bailey Givens
14:44.73 PRCleveland (OR)
28.10Duyen Barr
14:47.18 PRMcNary
29.12Morgan Webster
14:51.50 PRHood River Valley
30.10Clara Borry
14:53.48 SRSunset
31.12Claire Breckenridge
14:56.22 SRSt. Stephen's Academy
32.11Rachel Cramer
33.11Sophia Anderson
14:58.14 PRSunset
34.10Elise Bennett
14:58.77 PRSunset
35.10Isabella Albin
15:01.65 SRLakeridge
36.12Elizabeth Oeverman
15:03.22 PR St. Stephen's Academy
37.12Karen Flores
15:06.10 PRAloha
38.10Autumn Ellis
15:08.03 PRTaft
39.11Claire May
15:09.13 SRCleveland (OR)
40.11Anna Ferroggiaro
15:09.55 SRCentral Catholic
41.11Fatima Marquez
15:10.28 PRHood River Valley
42.10Vanessa Read
15:10.92 PRMilwaukie
43.9Ann Livingston
15:12.34Santiam Christian
44.9Katie Fendick
15:15.34Franklin (OR)
45.11Breauna Van Dyke
15:16.91 PRGlencoe
46.10Kaci Cadiz
15:18.18 PRGlencoe
47.9Lilly Sandmeier
15:19.05 PRSunset
48.11Ines Pitari
15:21.51 PRLakeridge
49.11Anna Murphy
15:24.31 SRCentral Catholic
50.9Ella Olsen
51.11Yasmine Riverra
15:24.42 PRHood River Valley
52.11Emma Simpson
15:24.85 PRSherwood
53.10Kylie Wickham
15:25.89 PRSherwood
54.9Corrina Doucette
55.11Lauren LaFreniere
56.12Sophie Caldwell
15:27.39 SRHood River Valley
57.11Ariana Gaslin
15:27.95 PRCentral Catholic
58.9Ingrid Price
15:29.30 PRLincoln
59.10Samira Sweilem
15:30.42 PRFranklin (OR)
60.11Makayla Bruce
15:31.63 SRWilsonville
61.12Hailey Schones
15:31.69 PRNewport
62.11Baylee Huggins
63.9Cassie Traeger
15:34.33 PRKennedy
64.9Catherine Nguyen
15:34.36 PRSunset
65.11Denise Hernandez
15:35.09 SRMcKay
66.10Marriah Bingham
15:35.27 PRWest Salem
67.10Whitney Lopez
15:36.00 PRKennedy
68.12Ariana Schieber
15:36.21 SRMcMinnville
69.10Anna-Marie Guenther
15:36.52 SRLakeridge
70.11Janet Albares
71.9Natalie Taylor
72.9Courtney Cooper
15:40.15 PRStayton
73.9Maggie Breckenridge
15:40.80St. Stephen's Academy
74.10Morgan Page
15:43.58 PRSunset
75.11Erin Freer
15:44.28 PRLakeridge
76.11Julia Lising
15:45.94 PRSherwood
77.12Emily Swinth
15:48.25 PRCleveland (OR)
78.12Lily Marshall
15:50.17 SRSunset
79.9Isabel Burke
15:56.48 PRWest Salem
80.10Anna Easton
15:56.55 PRCleveland (OR)
81.9Cambria Hagfeldt
15:56.99 PRSherwood
82.10Miranda Irwin
83.12Rowan Nelson
15:58.18 PRLakeridge
84.9Olivia Cade
85.10Stella Holcomb
15:59.19 PRSunset
86.10Arianna Khan
15:59.52 PRSunset
87.9Madeline Kerrigan
88.9Maison Dean
16:00.90 PRLincoln
89.11Sophie Schrock
16:05.10 SRSilverton
90.9Veronica Jin
16:05.74 PRTaft
91.12Darlyn Fiallos-Mon...
16:06.05David Douglas
92.10Christina Seid
16:06.44 SRCleveland (OR)
93.9Hana Christensen
16:06.98 PRSherwood
94.12Julia Ramos
16:07.03 SRMilwaukie
95.10Anna Kuenzi
16:07.79 PRSilverton
96.11Katherine Kuenzi
16:08.84 SRSilverton
97.9Lacey Cade
16:08.95 PRStayton
98.11Marina King
16:09.05 SRAloha
99.10Katrina Idiart
16:11.20 PRCrater
100.10Clara Seare
16:12.04 PRWest Salem
101.11Madison McGlasson
102.11Aracely Plata-Gonz...
16:15.87 PRMcNary
103.11Kristi Hirte
16:16.13 PRWest Salem
104.10Grace Johnson
16:17.16 PRGlencoe
105.10Abigail Schline
16:17.38Central Catholic
106.12Eliza Tesch
16:19.07 SRSunset
107.11Alanna Croysdale
108.10Emma Coulter
16:19.50 PRTaft
109.10Emilee Ryan
16:19.65Central Catholic
110.10Mackenzie Henderling
111.10Melina Morales
16:20.14 PRMcKay
112.9Lydia Barnett
113.10Willow Peterson
114.10Olivia Reed
16:21.38 PRLakeridge
115.10Lucy Nelson
116.9Ari Matzka
16:23.90 PRSilverton
117.9Abby Kuenzi
16:25.33 PRSilverton
118.9Katlyn Kenney
119.11Rebeca Vargas
16:29.07 PRForest Grove
120.12Cindy Flores
121.9Bella Rubin
122.10Simona Skiles
16:36.03Cleveland (OR)
123.9Paige Buckwalter
124.9Jazmin Orta
16:37.91 PRMcNary
125.9Claira Tolan
16:39.89 PRTaft
126.10Alli Beachy
16:42.07East Linn Christian
127.9Taylor Sherman
16:42.26 PRLincoln
128.9Lilly Curdy
16:44.42 PRWest Linn
129.10Mikayla Schaecher
130.12Milena Vitagliano
16:54.86 SRDavid Douglas
131.11Rosa Christen
16:55.25 SRCleveland (OR)
132.9Ariel Bernhardt
16:55.59 PRForest Grove
133.9Kaila Pearson
16:56.41 PRCleveland (OR)
134.10Madeline Smith
17:01.96 PRMcMinnville
135.11Adriana Galvez
17:02.87 SRHood River Valley
136.9Kiana Walter
17:08.11 PRSilverton
137.11Brooke Leger
17:09.41South Salem
138.11Lucy Adams
17:10.54 PRLakeridge
139.10Sidon Bashioum
17:16.41North Salem
140.10Talia Cordova
17:17.89Cleveland (OR)
141.12Kristy Doster
142.12Giselle Alonso
143.11Olivia Quijano
17:21.01North Salem
144.12Victoria Alonso
17:21.52 PRMcKay
145.9Alyssa Cudd
146.9Claire Todd
147.9Madison Sully
17:29.92 PRSilverton
148.10Isabel Preligera
17:34.27 PRWest Linn
149.10Nate Meyers
17:39.30 PRWilson
150.9Emma Frazeur
17:39.32 PRStayton
151.10Cristal Scott
17:41.09 PRWest Linn
152.11Madelyne Elliott
17:46.27East Linn Christian
153.10Natalie Miner
17:46.62East Linn Christian
154.12Cammie Gardner
17:50.22 PRSherwood
155.11Claire Seiler
17:51.18 SRKennedy
156.9Maya Lambert
17:52.07Cleveland (OR)
157.9Sarah Rosier
158.10Anna Dummer
159.10Allison Joseph
160.10Jennifer Lopez
18:02.20 PRMcMinnville
161.9Alex Irvine
18:03.58 PRSunset
162.9Lauren Mueller
18:05.78West Salem
163.12Daisy Orozco
164.9Makenna Adams
165.10Anahy Camacho
18:25.89 SRMcMinnville
166.10Nooha Mohammed
167.9Shirley Lam
168.9Trisha Gopinath
169.12Hannah Bowman
170.10Alani Cabal
18:42.16 SRTaft
171.12Jillian Burum
18:43.80 PRScappoose
172.9Ruby Wick
173.10Jordan Lowe
18:46.13 PRSherwood
174.11Carmen Sanchez
175.9Maddy Murphy
176.9Briana Figg
18:51.79 PRSherwood
177.9Helen Sloop
178.12Laney Erikson
19:13.40 PRHood River Valley
179.10Emily Lindseth
180.10Destiny Kramer
19:16.78 SRMcMinnville
181.12Maddy Sisler
19:34.93Santiam Christian
182.10Michelle Rudnick
183.10T'yana Moore
19:43.77 PRMcNary
184.11Kayla Bolnick
19:46.58 SRWilsonville
185.9Emma Sisler
19:46.60Santiam Christian
186.12Minnie Chau
19:50.73 PRCentury
187.12Hannah Maupin
19:53.53Santiam Christian
188.12Yareli Carrera
20:22.04 PRLiberty
189.12Willow Moss
190.10Isabelle Goerling
20:37.81 PRLiberty
191.9Sabrina Al-Barkouli
192.12Nurul Lastriana
21:02.41 PRTillamook
193.9Ryeleigh Phillips
21:09.03 PRMcNary
194.12Alisa Howell
21:12.25 SRMcMinnville
195.12Camila Mejia
21:23.49Cleveland (OR)
196.9Joy Marron
21:52.35 PRCentury
197.12Stephanie Hubbard
23:33.05North Salem
198.12Christiana Smith
25:18.96 SRSilverton
199.9Isabelle Roe
200.11Wa Wa Onsupha Nawa...
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3,000 Meters Girls Freshman

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Hood River Valley35
4.South Salem94
7.West Linn141

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Ella Repp
11:34.96 PRMcNary
2.9Taryn Dance
11:52.66 PRCrater
3.9Ava Stenstrom
11:56.01 PRWilsonville
4.9Brooke Smith
12:03.36 PRSherwood
5.9Keira Coye
12:04.21 PRAloha
6.9Chloe Bullock
12:10.29 PRHood River Valley
7.9Emilie Chau
12:12.40 PRSouth Salem
8.9Nina Zweifel
12:13.31 PRTillamook
9.9Lydia Emory
12:20.40 PRSt. Stephen's Academy
10.9Sarah Pullen
12:21.44 PRTillamook
11.9Holly Lane
12:23.25 PRLakeridge
12.9Livia Knapp
12:27.03 PRLiberty
13.9Teddy Parkinson
12:39.22 PRHood River Valley
14.9Hailey Notman
12:40.04 PRStayton
15.9Marissa Velazquez
12:40.42 PRTillamook
16.9Vada Joplin Clay
12:40.97 PRHood River Valley
17.9Lauren Johnson
12:49.04 PRTigard
18.9Krista Marsh
12:49.23 PRCentury
19.9Paige Ross
12:50.66 PRTillamook
20.9Brynn Lukens
12:51.01 PRMadison
21.9Reyna Terrazas
12:53.41 PRMcNary
22.9Tess Barnett
23.9Skyla Anderson
13:02.72 PRStayton
24.9Mikeyla Bell-Cares
13:02.85 PRCentury
25.9Anna Cummings
13:05.46 PRSunset
26.9Jalynn Gill
13:09.68 PRCentury
27.9Elia Sanchez
13:11.94 PRNorth Salem
28.9Emma Leland
13:13.81 PRWilson
29.9Juliet Cabraja
13:14.05 PRLincoln
30.9Abigail Weber
13:14.46 PRCrater
31.9Lucy Hennessy
13:16.17 PRHood River Valley
32.9Nyana DeBerry
13:20.09 PRWest Salem
33.9Kate Patterson
13:20.38 PRFranklin (OR)
34.9Perla Quevedo Lemus
13:22.64South Salem
35.9Josephine Stenn
13:22.65 PRHood River Valley
36.9Makenna Kellogg
13:24.03 PRWest Linn
37.9Aurora Barkley
38.9Kaitriana McElfresh
13:30.47 PRSilverton
39.9Claire Koerner
13:31.33 PRLincoln
40.9Sophie Smith
13:31.89 PRLincoln
41.9Susanna Arambula
13:37.62 PRLincoln
42.9Jillian Thompson
13:38.20 PRNewport
43.9Lydia Downs
13:40.59 PRCleveland (OR)
44.9Ximena Nava
45.9Jordan Hart
13:42.20 PRAloha
46.9Sadie Fashana
13:42.54 PRLakeridge
47.9Izabella Hunt
13:44.16 PRWilson
48.9Breanna Hofmann
13:44.38 PRMcNary
49.9Christie Jackson
13:46.53 PRWilson
50.9Claire Asplund
13:46.67 PRWilson
51.9Rebecca O'Donnell
13:47.44South Salem
52.9Isabel Koerner
13:53.08 PRLincoln
53.9Avery Morris
13:54.66 PRLakeridge
54.9Samantha Van Horn
14:01.54 PRWest Linn
55.9Isabelle Ford
14:08.00 PRTigard
56.9Carly Shanklin
57.9Anne Hurley
14:10.27 PRSilverton
58.9Parrish Noce
14:15.29 PRWest Linn
59.9Bailey Kohler
14:16.40South Salem
60.9Amanda Eatherton
14:17.55 PRCentury
61.9Makenna Adams
14:19.23 PRCentury
62.9Anya Akimoff
14:33.27South Salem
63.9Alex Blake
64.9Mila Bush
14:35.44 PRLincoln
65.9Natalie Nyquest
14:36.38South Salem
66.9Madeline Ertischek
14:45.20 PRWilson
67.9Annala Swafford
14:51.96 PRSunset
68.9Rianna Patrick
14:52.34 PRSouthridge
69.9Paige Yerton
14:56.91 PRLincoln
70.9Jazmine Calderon
14:57.88 PRTigard
71.9Madison Koellermeier
72.9katrina Brisbois
73.9Natalie Niedermeyer
15:13.53 PRSunset
74.9Jasmine Carlin
15:17.12 PRSilverton
75.9Rebekah Colburn
15:17.49South Salem
76.9Amy Gregg
15:34.77 PRWest Linn
77.9Ella Cowley
15:54.38 PRTigard
78.9Ander Woodrum
16:46.22 PRWest Linn
79.9Winnie Wilber
17:32.10 PRWest Linn
80.9Payton Henry
17:33.20 PRWest Linn
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3,000 Meters Girls Sophomore

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

7.West Linn145
9.South Salem155
10.Cleveland (OR)181

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Lucy Huelskamp
10:25.70 PRSunset
2.10Solace Bergeron
11:03.61 SRTillamook
3.10Amara Christensen
11:08.68 PRCentral Catholic
4.10Maddie Dolich
11:09.51 PRLincoln
5.10Isabella Zachem
11:14.89 PRMarist
6.10Josephine Dickinson
11:15.92 PRHood River Valley
7.10Emily Foote
11:16.58 PRAloha
8.10Frances Dickinson
11:17.57 PRHood River Valley
9.10Lottie Bromham
11:18.75 PRHood River Valley
10.10Samantha Prusse
11:20.20 PRWilsonville
11.10Abi Swain
11:20.29North Salem
12.10Moya Moses
11:21.50 PRWest Linn
13.10Kayah Ryerson
11:29.04 PRSunset
14.10Jitse Deboutte
11:40.62 PRSunset
15.10Avery Poulsen
11:44.30 PRWilson
16.10Emma Jones
11:46.47 PRScappoose
17.10Whitney Averill
11:55.24 PRTillamook
18.10Tess Conway
11:59.75 PRScappoose
19.10Alyssa Rowe
11:59.93 PRWest Linn
20.10Hailey Lewetag
12:00.35South Salem
21.10Elizabeth Brands
12:01.74 PRTigard
22.10Autumn Darrah
12:03.33 PRWilson
23.10Breanna Decker
12:05.03 PRFranklin (OR)
24.10Alexa Smith
12:05.27 PRLiberty
25.10Parker Rollins
12:05.75 PRMcMinnville
26.10Emma Parish
12:06.77 PRLiberty
27.10Sophie Gardner
12:07.60 PRSunset
28.10Helena Guerrero-Su...
12:15.44 PRFranklin (OR)
29.10Sally Moore
12:23.00 PRMarist
30.10Presley Robison
12:24.66 PRCrater
31.10Indigo D'Avalon
12:25.09 PRWilson
32.10Cynthia Torres
12:25.25 PRForest Grove
33.10Jade Hopkins
12:26.36 PRCrater
34.10Annalise Fagliano
12:27.03 PRAloha
35.10Danielle Wachter
12:28.33 PRAloha
36.10Grace Bliven
12:29.19 PRMcMinnville
37.10Elena Farr
12:31.95 PRFranklin (OR)
38.10Mia Hemming
12:33.31 PRCentral Catholic
39.10Sophie Brands
12:36.85 SRTigard
40.10Molly Kerns
12:37.30 PRTigard
41.10Jacquelyn Jacobson
12:39.28 PRSunset
42.10Allison Vermilya
12:41.03 PRCentral Catholic
43.10Celia Acosta
12:44.49 SRHood River Valley
44.10Alexandria Tejeda
12:49.18 PRWest Salem
45.10Breanna Rebich
12:55.17 PRLiberty
46.10Morgan Stewart
12:56.46 PRDavid Douglas
47.10Kaylani Kam
12:57.20 PRMcMinnville
48.10Maeson Graff
12:59.16 PRWilson
49.10Erika Price
12:59.45 PRWest Salem
50.10Maeve O'Brien
12:59.58 SRCleveland (OR)
51.9Tessa Davidson
13:00.64 PRScappoose
52.10Cassidy Hendren
13:03.04 PRCentury
53.10Gillian Prothe
13:08.54 PRWilson
54.10Annaliese Oeverman
13:09.87 PRSt. Stephen's Academy
55.10Sydney Dougherty
13:10.72 PRSouth Salem
56.10Emma Allan
13:13.76 PRNewport
57.10Kaitlin Nims-Fourn...
13:14.58 PRCleveland (OR)
58.10Vanessa VanWinkle
13:15.09 PRSherwood
59.10Paige Collins
13:17.99 PRDavid Douglas
60.10Eleanor Foster
13:18.58 PRLincoln
61.10Ella Williamson
13:18.62 PRLincoln
62.10Mackenzie Caprino
13:20.54 PRSouth Salem
63.10Ainsley Beam
13:24.88 SRSantiam Christian
64.10Elena Vidmantas
13:28.92 PRLiberty
65.10Andrea Craven
13:29.45 PRAloha
66.10Kimberly Muraviov
13:32.90 PRCrater
67.10Ellery Temple
13:40.77 PRCleveland (OR)
68.10Kira Swinth
13:42.37 PRCleveland (OR)
69.10Ailey Johnson
13:43.91 PRLincoln
70.10Bridget Spencer
13:47.21 SRStayton
71.10Taylor Alderman
13:48.11 SRTigard
72.10Veronica Cooke
13:50.16 PRWest Salem
73.10Orly Meyer
13:53.91 PRLincoln
74.10Sarah Reynolds
13:54.56 PRCentury
75.10Julia Buss
13:57.68 PRSouth Salem
76.10Ella Schmitz
13:59.50 PRWest Linn
77.10Aubrey Cade
14:00.51 PREast Linn Christian
78.10Audrey Lipsey
14:01.72 PRWest Linn
79.10Anika Phuvasate
14:04.38 PRSunset
80.10Annika Pietzke
81.10Julie Chen
14:05.34South Salem
82.10Emma Beggs
14:05.56 PRAloha
83.10Evelyn Hawkes
14:07.04 PRLiberty
84.10Korayma Llumiquing...
14:10.21 PRNewport
85.10Jasmin Fitch
14:11.26 PRSunset
86.10Isabelle Neal
14:12.99 PRSunset
87.10Varsha Karthikeyan
14:13.66 PRWest Linn
88.10Haley Haskins
14:13.68 PRSunset
89.10Gabriella McVicker
14:14.18 PRWest Linn
90.10Wendy Sanchez
14:17.45 PRScappoose
91.10Jessica Mitchell
14:17.60 PRStayton
92.10Haylee Renne
14:18.63 PRWilson
93.10Rachel Lauridsen
94.10Justice McBride
14:29.24 SRSilverton
95.10Sheridan Spelbring
14:32.87 PRSunset
96.10Sydney Kadin
14:36.43 PRStayton
97.10Emily Paulson
14:37.28 PRTigard
98.10Emma Deering
14:38.76 PRWest Linn
99.10Ellie Hefley
14:39.21 PRTigard
100.10Zoe Swanson
14:39.67 PRCleveland (OR)
101.10Caroline Robinson
14:40.96 PRMarist
102.10Elisha Snook
14:41.84 PRSilverton
103.10Genevieve Wages
14:42.25 SRWilson
104.10Carly ODonnell
14:43.56 PRCentral Catholic
105.10Haley Hughes
14:44.46 PRMcNary
106.10Cherise White
14:45.25 SRSilverton
107.10Allyson Pope
14:46.47 PRGladstone
108.10Bakha Rudzinski
14:47.91 SRLincoln
109.10Gabrielle Garcia
14:58.22 PRWest Linn
110.10Lily Tewfik
15:09.07 PRCleveland (OR)
111.10Cailyn Riordan
15:18.31 PRStayton
112.10Sydney Sovde
15:32.55 PRWest Linn
113.10Audrey Murray
15:54.22 SREast Linn Christian
114.10Abigail Sanseri
15:54.58 PRLiberty
115.10Megan Fale
15:54.86 PRWilson
116.10Montana Walsh
16:23.79 PRWest Linn
117.10Lauren Davis
16:32.30 SRWilson
118.10Jace Smith
16:49.14 PRWilson
119.10Sophia Hottmann
19:01.48 PRSantiam Christian
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3,000 Meters Girls Junior

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

4.Central Catholic125
8.West Linn184
9.North Salem187
10.West Salem229

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Ember Stratton
10:22.62 SRSunset
2.11Kyla Becker
10:27.49 PRLincoln
3.11Francesca Ierulli
11:06.64 PRWilson
4.11Jaden Mandal
11:12.31 PRWest Salem
5.11Kendall Accetta
11:13.96 PRLincoln
6.11Annika Sundstrom
11:17.53 PRWilson
7.11Jori Paradis
11:22.61 PRSilverton
8.11Alejandra Lopez
11:26.95 PRKennedy
9.11Na'ama Nevo
11:33.39 PRSunset
10.11Josie Petersen
11:41.78 PRHood River Valley
11.11Evelyn Nunez
11:42.24 PRHood River Valley
12.11Delaney Griffin
11:42.56 PRFranklin (OR)
13.11Bridget Price
11:47.95 PRLincoln
14.11Nyah Songster
11:57.42 SRAloha
15.11Danielle Mendoza
11:57.59 PRSunset
16.11Mallory Mead
11:57.79 PRMcMinnville
17.11Kate Stewart
12:00.62 PRWilsonville
18.11Abby Grebisz
12:01.77 PRCentral Catholic
19.11Emma Haburn
12:05.94 PRNorth Salem
20.11Hayley Harrison
12:07.50 PRCentral Catholic
21.11Isabella Espinoza
12:09.21 SRSouthridge
22.11Angel Bohn
12:11.47 PRWilsonville
23.11Alyssa Penaredonda
12:13.75 PRAloha
24.11Jane Andersen
12:18.24 PRLincoln
25.11Emily Cinnamon
12:18.92 PRMcMinnville
26.11Chantel Florendo
12:20.54 PRWest Linn
27.11Hanna Caldwell
28.11Sara Weyant
12:23.31 PRMarist
29.11Jacqueline Angelel
12:26.88 PRSherwood
30.11Sadie Cutler
12:29.82 PRSouthridge
31.11Rael McGurll
12:31.06 PRAloha
32.11Clara Miller
12:33.20 PRFranklin (OR)
33.11Wren Helzer-Florer
12:33.99 PRFranklin (OR)
34.11Emily Pannell
12:38.14 PRSherwood
35.11Allison Wilkes
12:40.86 SRTillamook
36.11Kelley Traller
12:42.26 PRSunset
37.11Colby Goodrich
12:44.60 PRSunset
38.11Angela Tiszkus
12:53.02 PRMcMinnville
39.11Carissa Catterall
12:53.05 SRCentral Catholic
40.11Dana Romero
12:56.05North Salem
41.11Grace Blanchard
12:56.09 PRTillamook
42.11Mia Kassab
43.11Eleasha Zitzelberger
12:59.18 PRSilverton
44.11Riley Hansen
12:59.58 PRSunset
45.11Addie Schmitz
13:00.06 PRSilverton
46.11Deyva Chaney
13:00.74 PRCentury
47.11Aspen Stoyer
13:00.78 PRSunset
48.11Karina Meza
13:02.16 PRAmity
49.11Grace Yang
13:02.76 PRSunset
50.11Amanda McDougal
13:03.80 PRWilsonville
51.11Parker Denton
13:06.07 SRLincoln
52.11Sarah Campbell
13:06.87 PRLincoln
53.11Logan Olafson
13:08.21 PRCentury
54.11Sabella Alfaro
13:13.47 PRMcNary
55.11Emily Boynton
13:13.52 PRSherwood
56.11Madeline Mapes
13:14.49 PRWilson
57.11Dayna Dixon
13:14.87 PRSherwood
58.11Payton Bush
13:15.94 PRCentral Catholic
59.11Lyla Balthazaar
13:18.96 PRWilson
60.11Grace Haga
13:18.99 PRMarist
61.11Sarah Duckering
13:22.66 SRSherwood
62.11Gabby Taylor
13:23.76 PRWest Linn
63.11Olivia Worley
13:24.07 PRWilson
64.11Grace Bowman
13:24.22 SRCentral Catholic
65.11Jane Barker
13:24.93 PRMarist
66.11Lydia Carle
13:26.07 PRCentury
67.11Sarah Whitbey
13:27.58 PRWest Linn
68.12Amy Kraemer
13:28.73 PRAmity
69.11Eleonor Alba
13:29.04 PRAmity
70.11Allison Pierce
13:29.60 PRSherwood
71.11Katie Schoenborn
13:37.81 PRWest Linn
72.11Emily Peters
13:37.90 PRWest Linn
73.11Rosemaline Watley
13:39.00North Salem
74.11Madison Fassiotto
13:39.26 PRLincoln
75.11Zsoee Eisel
13:39.46 PRSunset
76.11Annie DeForge
13:39.47 PRLiberty
77.11Makayla Long
13:39.88 PRMcNary
78.11Bailee Moreno
13:42.55 PRSouthridge
79.11Sabrina Sam
13:50.51 PRFranklin (OR)
80.11Kellie Yoshida
81.11Brenna Irwin
13:51.81 PRAloha
82.11Clarissa Traeger
13:51.90 SRKennedy
83.11Abby Nelson
13:53.00North Salem
84.11Jordan Wheeler
13:55.55 PRSunset
85.11Elisabeth Goodrich
13:57.45 PRWest Salem
86.11Michelle Highsmith
14:01.23 PRSouth Salem
87.11Jenny Ho
88.11Emma Rickett
14:01.48 PRWest Linn
89.11Zell Burke
14:02.29 PRWest Salem
90.11Itzel Vazquez
14:02.67 SRTillamook
91.11Macy Carlson
14:03.71 SRWilsonville
92.11Haley Park
14:03.94 PRWest Linn
93.11Ana Rojas
14:04.49 PRSeaside
94.11Zara Replinger
14:09.95 PRCleveland (OR)
95.11Alexis Kim
14:10.22 PRSunset
96.11Aaliyah Fitzke
14:11.28North Salem
97.11Nicole O'Dierno
14:15.27 PRAloha
98.11Andrea Quintana
14:21.34 PRHood River Valley
99.11Idaly Barajas
100.11Lyric Cobb
14:31.10 PRLiberty
101.11Carson Flores
14:32.88 PRMadison
102.11Grace Yaso
103.11Kate DeVries
104.11Holly Martin
14:42.92 SRNorth Salem
105.11Alaina Bekebrede
14:47.54 SRWilsonville
106.11Halle Hargett
14:49.60 PRNewport
107.11Nicole Lang
14:50.18 PRWest Linn
108.11Maya Hosaka
14:54.87 PRSouthridge
109.11Alejandra Gonzales
14:54.95North Salem
110.11Alexa Montgomery
15:01.73 SRWest Salem
111.11Jillian Johnson
15:03.51 PRWest Salem
112.11Jaizielle Samson
15:06.25 PRMcNary
113.11Mia Cain
15:08.09 PRWest Salem
114.11Olivia Roane
15:12.98 PRWest Linn
115.11Maritza Rodriquez
15:13.70 PRLiberty
116.11Morgan Pruitt
15:37.13 PRGladstone
117.11Kristin Schoenborn
15:47.51 SRWest Linn
118.11Audrey Demeaux
119.11Kylee Plank
120.11Sophia Heiden
16:22.97 PRWest Linn
121.11Belle Erhardt
16:27.62 SRScappoose
122.11Emily Smith
16:30.50South Salem
123.11Abby Ulveland
16:33.10South Salem
124.11Becky Killion
16:34.52 PRTigard
125.10Jayleen Calderon
16:40.59 PRTigard
126.11Carissa Pixley
127.11Shania Nunez
16:48.90North Salem
128.11Sabrina VanBeenen
16:49.71 PRWest Linn
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3,000 Meters Girls Senior

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.West Linn48
3.Central Catholic90

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Kelly Makin
10:12.87 PRSunset
2.12Taylor Chiotti
10:27.31 PRSouthridge
3.12Kaylin Cantu
10:54.35 PRKennedy
4.12Linnaea Kavulich
11:00.65 SRScappoose
5.12Cali Corkran
11:01.37 PRSunset
6.12Raina Hines
11:02.10 PRWest Linn
7.12Elizabeth Paschal
11:05.32 PRWest Linn
8.12Kailey Doutt
11:06.34 PRMcNary
9.12Hannah Berdahl
11:10.00 PRForest Grove
10.12Phoebe Brown
11:16.11 PRTillamook
11.12Maddie Rollins
11:18.01 PRMcMinnville
12.12Madison Willhoft
11:25.95North Salem
13.12Mina Buchanan
11:35.87 PRMarist
14.12Adahra Poasa
11:37.53 PRWilson
15.12Krista Herlin
11:43.75 PRWilsonville
16.12Grace Greaves
11:45.60 PRAloha
17.12Amanda Bays
11:47.46 PRGladstone
18.12Payton Goebel
11:51.06 PRWest Linn
19.12Sydney Fisher
11:51.49 PRCentral Catholic
20.12Shahar Tsameret
12:02.74 PRSunset
21.12Monica Salazar
12:03.62 PRCentury
22.12Kelly Nickel
12:06.63 PRAloha
23.12Megan Mullin
12:09.71 PRWest Linn
24.12Keyri Santiago
12:11.96 PRWilson
25.12Emma Pitzer
12:13.42 PRCentral Catholic
26.12Grace Braun
12:22.92 SRSunset
27.12Georgia Benner
28.12Hannah Lavier
12:29.74 SRCentral Catholic
29.12Anna Mare
12:29.98 SRFranklin (OR)
30.12Kylie Caldwell
12:33.66 PRCrater
31.12Alexandra Saccente
32.12Amber Miller
12:38.57 SRLakeridge
33.12Mia Yerton
12:38.94 SRLincoln
34.12Sophia Harnew-Spra...
12:39.59 SRSherwood
35.12Monique Gibson
12:46.89 PRMarist
36.12Morgan Henry
12:47.44 PRDavid Douglas
37.12Ashley Belden
12:48.94 SRTigard
38.12Megan Black
12:53.35 PRHorizon Christian
39.12Emma Debow
12:55.10 PRAloha
40.12Ally Cox
12:55.16 SRAloha
41.12Stephanie Soderlund
12:56.49 PRWilsonville
42.12Julia Patridge
12:57.66 PRLincoln
43.12Alison Repp
13:01.05 PRMcNary
44.12Gabrielle Horne
13:06.76 PRCentral Catholic
45.12Kaitlin Lampson
13:10.22 SRWest Linn
46.12Ellie Young
13:11.22 PRWest Linn
47.12Sara Presley
13:11.24 PRTigard
48.12Jesse Garcia
13:12.25 PRMcKay
49.12Clancy Gerwig
13:13.32 SRSunset
50.12Anabelle Huffman
13:14.56 PRCleveland (OR)
51.12Molly Long
13:16.96 PRCleveland (OR)
52.12Sadie Brown
13:22.28 PRFranklin (OR)
53.12Abigail Hasler
54.12Nancy Bignell
13:25.34 SRLakeridge
55.12Gracie Hollin
13:25.68 PRSherwood
56.12Dana House
13:25.77 PRGlencoe
57.12Camille Rule
13:32.26 SRWilsonville
58.12Fernanda Gaete
13:34.03 PRSunset
59.12Chantel Berger
13:40.95 PRSunset
60.12Cassie Gutterman-J...
13:41.47 SRSouth Salem
61.12Veronica Adams
13:46.13 PRWilson
62.12Viola Watts
13:48.59 PRMarist
63.12Shay Hicks
13:49.87 PRWest Linn
64.12Sage Bailey
13:51.90 SRTillamook
65.12Megan Talbert
13:53.30 PRWest Linn
66.12Alyson Worthington
13:53.76 SRScappoose
67.12Madison McDonald
13:54.43 SRCentral Catholic
68.12Nelle Eveleth
13:56.17 SRLakeridge
69.12Maddy Jacobsen
70.12Hana Alvarez
14:14.61 PRDavid Douglas
71.12Libbie Catandella
14:14.80 SRCentury
72.12Natalie (Yexica) M...
14:20.35 PRCentury
73.12Grace Strid
14:23.29 PRCentury
74.12Sydney Evans
14:24.35 SRMarist
75.12Isabelle Brooks
76.12Nicole Yusem
14:36.55 PRTigard
77.12Linnet Edwards
14:41.04 PRCentral Catholic
78.12Malone Hiebert
14:42.52 SRCentral Catholic
79.12Kris Walsh
80.12Paige Adrian
14:54.17 SRWilson
81.12Emily Craddock
15:14.88 PRWest Linn
82.12Priya Kadel
15:17.56 SRWest Linn
83.12Sophia Lochner
84.12Lilly Burnett
15:21.26 SRWest Linn
85.12Emily McAllister
15:22.93 SRMarist
86.12Ashley Bartizal
15:31.15 SRTigard
87.12Ashley Bangerter
15:55.17 SRCentury
88.12Kate Kelly
16:00.39 PRWilson
89.12Hailey Davis
16:04.40 SRWest Linn
90.12Eleanor Williams
16:04.86 SRWest Linn
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3,000 Meters Open

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

28.SREllie Kobak
36.Emerson Grell
39.Nikki Stokes
42.Lizzy Brown
49.Gabby Prusse
52.Jamiee Olson
53.Kate Cutting
54.SRKatarina Abrams
55.Lori Swain
56.Isa Swain
58.Linda Candello
59.Yara Coblentz
62.Brittany Horner
66.Kristin Colyer
67.Leah Boger
73.Kara Lotfus
75.Sharon Kirkesox
76.Abby Frey
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