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Mens Races
2,000 Meters Futureclasher Race9:30 AM
5,000 Meters Boys Borderclash Race10:45 AM
Womens Races
2,000 Meters Futureclasher Race9:30 AM
5,000 Meters Girls Borderclash Race10:00 AM

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Men's Team Scoring

1. 19 WASHINGTON (15:34 77:50 0:18)
1 1 142 James Mwaura 15:25
2 2 149 Tibebu Proctor 15:28
3 3 136 Yacine Guermali 15:31
4 6 138 Joe Waskom 15:43
5 7 137 Matthew Watkins 15:43
6 ( 10) 147 Silas Griffith 16:03
7 ( 11) 139 Amir Ado 16:03

2. 38 OREGON (15:48 79:00 0:34)
1 4 100 Andy Monroe 15:32
2 5 112 Josh Schumacher 15:36
3 8 111 Ahmed Muhumed 15:52
4 9 116 Adam Klein 15:54
5 12 96 Derek Tripp 16:06
6 ( 13) 115 Caleb Seely 16:11
7 ( 14) 114 Zane Fodge 16:15
Women's Team Scoring

1. 19 WASHINGTON (18:06 90:29 0:26)
1 1 66 Jordan Oakes 17:53
2 2 59 Erinn Mullins 17:54
3 4 46 Taylor Roe 18:11
4 5 48 Kearan Nelson 18:12
5 7 49 Hannah Waskom 18:19
6 ( 10) 52 Sophie Cantine 18:32
7 ( 12) 56 Malia Pivec 18:32

2. 37 OREGON (18:21 91:41 0:29)
1 3 36 Ember Stratton 18:03
2 6 6 Olivia Brooks 18:16
3 8 21 Olivia Johnson 18:24
4 9 41 Lara Rix 18:26
5 11 4 Alexis Kebbe 18:32
6 ( 13) 38 Lucy Huelskamp 18:36
7 ( 14) 37 Kelly Makin 18:48


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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Boys Borderclash Race

Official Team Scores

1.Central Point47
2.North Spokane XC67
3.Tacoma XC69
4.Yakima XC116
5.Cedar Mill XC137
6.Central Oregon XC147
7.Spokane Valley XC157
8.Stark Street169
9.Fairhaven XC196
10.Deer Park XC201
11.Bandon XC258
12.Beaverton XC266
1.James Mwaura
15:25 SRUnattached7
2.Tibebu Proctor
15:28 PRUnattached14
3.Yacine Guermali
15:31 PRUnattached1
4.Andy Monroe
15:32Central Point
5.Josh Schumacher
15:36 PRUnattached2
6.Joe Waskom
15:43 PRUnattached3
7.Matthew Watkins
15:43 PRUnattached2
8.Ahmed Muhumed
15:52 PRUnattached1
9.Adam Klein
15:54 PRUnattached6
10.Silas Griffith
16:03 PRUnattached12
11.Amir Ado
12.Derek Tripp
16:06Central Point
13.Cameron Wyman
16:07Tacoma XC
14.Luke Schilter
16:07 PRUnattached15
15.Hayden Dressel
16:09 PRUnattached8
16.Caleb Seely
16:11 PRUnattached5
17.Luke Ostrander
16:12Tacoma XC
18.Bradley Peloquin
16:13 SRUnattached11
19.Zane Fodge
16:15 PRUnattached4
20.Jerik Embleton
16:15 SRUnattached8
21.Nate Pendleton
16:15 SRUnattached6
22.Dawson Besst
16:17 SRUnattached5
23.Matthew Park
16:18 PRUnattached10
24.Andy Muha
16:18Cedar Mill XC
25.Alfonso Cuevas
16:22Yakima XC
26.Spencer Fischer
16:23Tacoma XC
27.Michael McCausland
16:24Stark Street
28.Evan Holland
16:24 SRUnattached9
29.Griffin Hokanson
16:26Central Point
30.Albert Hesse
16:27 PRUnattached10
31.Ronan Price
16:27Yakima XC
32.Jacob Christner
16:27North Spokane XC
33.Ash Ruff
16:28North Spokane XC
34.Markus Taylor
16:31North Spokane XC
35.Mohamed Ahmed
16:32North Spokane XC
36.Jantz Tostenson
16:34Central Point
37.Alex Slenning
38.Niklas Sjogren
16:37Central Oregon XC
39.Hank Knight
16:39North Spokane XC
40.Michael Callaway
16:40 PRUnattached11
41.Jonah Franco
16:40 SRUnattached9
42.Jakob Tew
16:40Cedar Mill XC
43.Robby Vos
16:41 PRUnattached14
44.Tom Schoderbek
16:44Central Oregon XC
45.Erik Olsen
16:45Central Point
46.Jonas Price
16:45Yakima XC
47.Ryan Kline
16:46Spokane Valley XC
48.Cody Bollum
16:50Deer Park XC
49.John Kavulich
16:51 SRUnattached13
50.Ben Sherman
16:51Tacoma XC
51.Bryce Johnson
16:52Fairhaven XC
52.Spencer Tsai
16:53 PRUnattached7
53.Joey Nicholls
16:53Spokane Valley XC
54.Michael Brown
16:54 PRUnattached12
55.Reed Smith
16:55Fairhaven XC
56.Cameron Thompson
16:57Stark Street
57.Shad Galloway
17:01Cedar Mill XC
58.Timothy Stevens
17:05 SRUnattached15
59.Sheamus Mahoney
60.Deven Patel
17:07Tacoma XC
61.Logan Franey
17:09Fairhaven XC
62.Jett Ballantyne
17:14Central Oregon XC
63.Cody Westerman
17:14Deer Park XC
64.Josh Rauvola
17:14 SRUnattached13
65.Ulyses Ayala
17:17Yakima XC
66.Ethan Reese
17:21Cedar Mill XC
67.Camden Hammer
17:27Central Oregon XC
68.Evan Peters
17:28Spokane Valley XC
69.Josh Snyder
17:29Bandon XC
70.Matthew McCausland
17:29Stark Street
71.Will Grassel
72.Sam Schoderbek
17:32Central Oregon XC
73.Zane Olive
17:33Bandon XC
74.Angel Cuevas
17:33Yakima XC
75.Grant Avila
17:34Deer Park XC
76.Gavin Macpherson
17:38Stark Street
77.Eric Brecht
17:41Stark Street
78.Nathan Berglund
17:43Deer Park XC
79.Austin Migchelbrink
17:53Cedar Mill XC
80.Sean Carlos Gonzalez
17:58Beaverton XC
81.Jordan Zeik
17:59Deer Park XC
82.Jamie Kawaguchi
17:59Beaverton XC
83.Zane Norvillle
18:07Beaverton XC
84.Drake Kirby
18:14Fairhaven XC
85.Nate Schmidlin
18:14Beaverton XC
86.Nate Hicken
18:19Beaverton XC
87.Hunter Hutton
18:22Bandon XC
88.Tadeusz Pforte
18:39Fairhaven XC
89.Skyler Hammons
18:50Bandon XC
90.Aero Franklin
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Girls Borderclash Race

Official Team Scores

1.Southwest Portland XC54
2.Cedar Mill XC77
3.Central Oregon XC104
4.Edmonds XC111
5.Issaquah XC112
6.Camas XC121
7.North Seattle XC134
8.East Seattle XC149
9.Selah XC205
10.Tillamook XC208
1.Jordan Oakes
17:53North Seattle XC
2.Erinn Mullins
17:54 PRUnattached14
3.Ember Stratton
18:03Cedar Mill XC
4.Taylor Roe
5.Kearan Nelson
6.Olivia Brooks
18:16Central Oregon XC
7.Hannah Waskom
18:19 PRUnattached4
8.Olivia Johnson
9.Lara Rix
18:26SW Portland XC
10.Sophie Cantine
11.Alexis Kebbe
18:32Southwest Portland XC
12.Malia Pivec
18:32 PRUnattached11
13.Lucy Huelskamp
18:36Cedar Mill XC
14.Katie Thronson
15.Yukino Parle
18:48Edmonds XC
16.Kelly Makin
18:48Cedar Mill XC
17.Makenna Schumacher
18:48Southwest Portland XC
18.Emma Jenkins
18:51Camas XC
19.Camila David-Smith
18:51 PRUnattached8
20.Olivia Meader Yetter
18:51Edmonds XC
21.Kate Intile
18:56 PRUnattached2
22.Novie McCabe
18:57 PRUnattached15
23.Elizabeth Rinck
18:58Southwest Portland XC
24.Madison Elmore
19:00 PRUnattached4
25.Macenna Hansen
19:04East Seattle XC
26.Keely McCormick
19:07Southwest Portland XC
27.Stephanie Finley
19:10 PRUnattached15
28.Grace Perkins
29.Kelsey Swenson
19:11 SRUnattached10
30.Erin Ripple
19:14North Seattle XC
31.Isa Meyers
19:14East Seattle XC
32.Kenna Clawson
19:15Issaquah XC
33.Melissa Berry
19:15 PRUnattached3
34.Rachel Kastama
19:16 PRUnattached6
35.Ellie Postma
19:16Camas XC
36.Maya Rayle
19:19West Sylvan XC
37.Savanna Craig
38.Greta Anderson
19:28Southwest Portland XC
39.Kyla Becker
19:32 SRUnattached5
40.Caramia Mestler
19:33 PRUnattached7
41.Celie Mans
42.Sami Corman
19:37Issaquah XC
43.Emma Stevenson
19:37Central Oregon XC
44.Sydney Boland
19:39Edmonds XC
45.Elyria Kabasenche
19:40 PRUnattached12
46.Katie Riley
19:40Issaquah XC
47.Andie Kolasinski
19:46Issaquah XC
48.Abby Jonshon
19:47 PRUnattached13
49.Hannah Tobiason
19:50Central Oregon XC
50.Stephanie Wroblewski
19:50Edmonds XC
51.Halle Jenkins
19:53Camas XC
52.Sarah Lyell
19:55SW Portland XC
53.Hannah Hernadez
19:56 PRUnattached14
54.Kaylee Mitchell
19:59 SRUnattached6
55.Jolien Deboutte
20:01Cedar Mill XC
56.Breanna Glover
20:01 SRUnattached5
57.Hannah Mason
20:02 PRUnattached11
58.Kelsey Washenberger
20:04Central Oregon XC
59.McKenna Henke
20:05 PRUnattached9
60.Taylor Vandenborn
20:05Central Oregon XC
61.Madison Child
20:06Camas XC
62.Solace Bergeron
20:06Tillamook XC
63.Linnaea Kavulich
20:14 SRUnattached13
64.Lauren Haas
20:23Issaquah XC
65.Molly Mattson
20:36Selah XC
66.Lila Fenner
20:43West Sylvan XC
67.Kara Putman
20:43Tillamook XC
68.Gabi Frank
20:44North Seattle XC
69.Na'ama Nevo
20:45Cedar Mill XC
70.Zaidie Long
20:46West Sylvan XC
71.Rowan Halsey
20:55SW Portland XC
72.Adele Matter
20:58East Seattle XC
73.Ketra Pope
21:08Selah XC
74.Ava Jablonski
21:08SW Portland XC
75.Kaylee Merritt
21:10Camas XC
76.Lucy Klebeck
21:13North Seattle XC
77.Kaylea Hartman
21:19Selah XC
79.Samantha Slusher
21:22West Sylvan XC
80.Scout Santos
21:24East Seattle XC
81.Greta Herrington
21:29East Seattle XC
82.Emma Velling
21:42North Seattle XC
83.Kayler Clark
84.Whitney Averill
22:00Tillamook XC
85.Phoebe Brown
22:06Tillamook XC
86.Caden Clark
22:10Selah XC
87.Cecilia Wroblewski
22:28Edmonds XC
88.Allison Wilkes
22:39Tillamook XC
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