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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

Official Team Scores

2.Simon Fraser60
3.Western Washington86
4.Western Oregon105
5.Montana State-Billings157
6.Northwest Nazarene177
7.Central Washington184
8.Alaska Fairbanks211
10.St Martin's286
11.Seattle Pacific300
1.JrEdwin Kangogo
2.SrMichel Ramirez
3.JrIsaac Derline
25:07.8 SRWestern Washington
4.JrHenry Cheseto
5.JrDavid Ribich
25:23.4Western Oregon
6.SrBraeden Charlton
25:31.0Simon Fraser
7.JrIsaac Mitchell
25:33.5Northwest Nazarene
8.SrMatt Lutz
25:36.2 SRWestern Washington
9.SoSean Miller
25:36.6Simon Fraser
10.SoDustin Nading
25:40.7Western Oregon
11.SrVictor Samoei
12.JrMarc-Antoine Rouleau
25:47.6Simon Fraser
13.SrMichael Mendenhall
14.SoRowan Doherty
25:52.8Simon Fraser
15.JrNathan Kipchumba
16.SrGarrett Love
25:55.4 PRMontana State-Billings
17.JrJustin Carrancho
18.JrJorey Egeland
25:59.0 SRMontana State-Billings
19.JrMateo de Dalmases
26:05.4Simon Fraser
20.FrGodfrey Kemboi
26:06.7Northwest Nazarene
21.SoAmos Kipchumba
22.SrCody McCranie
26:11.8 SRWestern Washington
23.SrEphraim Tadesse
26:14.6Simon Fraser
24.FrPeter Butler
26:17.8 PRWestern Washington
25.FrJustin Crosswhite
26:18.0Western Oregon
26.SrKaleb Javier
26:19.2Central Washington
27.JrJudd Lewis
28.FrLukash Platil
26:20.8Alaska Fairbanks
29.SrJesse Miller
30.SoNick Hamilton
26:24.8 SRNorthwest Nazarene
31.SrEthan Livermore
32.SrJared Seckel
33.SoDylan Hayes
26:27.0 SRWestern Washington
34.SoTyler Jones
26:28.1Western Oregon
35.JrAndrew Wise
26:29.9Western Washington
36.JrJosh Dempsey
26:31.0Western Oregon
37.SoJosh Boston
26:33.0Central Washington
38.SoJustin Irvine
26:35.5 SRWestern Washington
39.SoJonathan Lafferty
26:36.1Central Washington
40.SrJosh Panasuk
26:36.2 SRMontana State-Billings
41.SoTyus Mendoza
26:43.3 SRMontana State-Billings
42.FrKaleb Korta
43.SoSamuel Serviss
26:45.7 PRSimon Fraser
44.JrDaniel Serventi
26:47.1Alaska Fairbanks
45.SoTimothy Mustard
26:48.3Simon Fraser
46.SoTyler Humphries
26:49.1Central Washington
47.SrJasper Heckman
26:50.5St Martin's
48.JrSeiji Takagi
26:50.7Alaska Fairbanks
49.JrRon Leaf
26:51.0Central Washington
50.JrMark Hovland
26:51.7 PRMontana State-Billings
51.SoHanson Lee
26:52.0Central Washington
52.JrAlex Eckert
26:52.1Alaska Fairbanks
53.FrRonald Venema
26:55.0 PRMontana State-Billings
54.JrLogan Giese
26:57.2Western Washington
55.FrMatthew Schrenk
27:00.5Central Washington
56.FrJacob Walsh
27:01.6 SRAlaska Fairbanks
57.JrBen Halladay
27:06.6Seattle Pacific
58.FrDanny Provo
27:07.8Seattle Pacific
59.SrJosiah Shelman
27:15.0St Martin's
60.FrHunter Mosman
27:15.7Western Oregon
61.JrAlan Ekanger
27:18.7Western Oregon
61.FrSawyer Heckard
27:18.7Western Oregon
63.JrCarl Wahlin
27:25.6Alaska Fairbanks
64.FrRylan Manzer
27:30.1 SRNorthwest Nazarene
65.SrKeegan Rankin
27:31.5 SRAlaska Fairbanks
66.SrJoseph Walker
27:31.9Seattle Pacific
67.SoLevi Schilter
27:32.0St Martin's
68.SoTaryk Boyd
27:34.5Central Washington
69.SoIvan Colmenero
27:38.6 SRMontana State-Billings
70.SoJoe Edgecomb
27:39.6St Martin's
71.FrPeyton Brothers
27:40.5 SRNorthwest Nazarene
71.JrJosh Hunt
27:40.5St Martin's
73.FrMatt Conrardy
27:41.7Central Washington
74.SoNick Mounier
27:49.9 SRWestern Washington
75.JrCameron Freshwaters
27:50.0Western Washington
76.FrThomas Gallagher
27:50.9Simon Fraser
77.FrColton Buster
27:51.7St Martin's
78.FrJesse Phan
27:59.1Seattle Pacific
79.JrMichael Chin
28:02.9Western Oregon
80.JrDavid McLeod
28:04.8Seattle Pacific
81.SrNick Spencer
28:10.9Central Washington
82.SrRoman Kirkov
83.FrStephen Fey
28:37.8Western Oregon
84.JrClark Sterling
28:38.5 SRSeattle Pacific
85.JrAustin Miller
28:38.7St Martin's
86.FrNoah Murry
28:44.7 SRConcordia-Portland
87.SrDemetrius Rhodes
88.FrTravis Crumpler
28:59.3St Martin's
89.SrParis Speidel
29:19.2 SRConcordia-Portland
90.FrKameron Jones
29:31.8 PRConcordia-Portland
91.SoBrysten James
29:52.3Seattle Pacific
92.JrGabe Fisher
30:13.9 SRNorthwest Nazarene
93.SrLorenzo Smith
DNSSimon Fraser
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Women

Official Team Scores

2.Simon Fraser56
3.Seattle Pacific92
4.Western Washington114
5.St Martin's139
6.Central Washington188
7.Northwest Nazarene189
8.Alaska Fairbanks194
9.Western Oregon197
11.Montana State-Billings324
1.JrCaroline Kurgat
2.JrShannon Porter
21:23.7St Martin's
3.SrRebecca Bassett
21:37.4Simon Fraser
4.JrMary Charleson
21:40.6Seattle Pacific
5.SrJoyce Chelimo
6.SrSarah Macdonald
22:00.2Seattle Pacific
7.JrJulia Howley
22:09.0Simon Fraser
8.JrYadira Lopez
22:11.1St Martin's
9.JrAnysja Manzer
22:20.9Northwest Nazarene
10.JrTamara Perez
22:23.2 SRAlaska-Anchorage
11.JrMiryam Bassett
22:26.8Simon Fraser
12.SrLillianna Stelling
22:29.3Western Washington
13.SoAddy Townsend
22:32.3Simon Fraser
14.SoZennah Jepchumba
15.SoKaitlyn Maker
16.JrMariah Burroughs
17.JrKennedy Ruferner
22:41.3Western Oregon
18.SoSierra Manzer
22:50.2Northwest Nazarene
19.SoDaniell McCormick
20.JrGrace Knapp
22:54.4Western Oregon
21.FrJordyn Block
22:55.0 PRAlaska-Anchorage
22.SoKimberly Coscia
23.SrBrittany Grant
22:59.1Western Washington
24.SrReta Dobie
22:59.5Simon Fraser
25.SrHannah Calvert
23:02.0Seattle Pacific
26.SrDorothy O'Donnell
23:03.0Alaska Fairbanks
27.SrSara Taferre
23:06.5Western Washington
28.SrStephanie Rexus
23:07.9Central Washington
29.JrMaddie Hutchison
23:09.5Western Washington
30.JrSophie Carroll
23:15.4Seattle Pacific
31.FrPeyton Shinnick
23:17.4Western Washington
32.SrKali Striker
23:19.1Alaska Fairbanks
33.JrChynna Phan
23:19.7Seattle Pacific
34.FrSophia Galvez
23:21.7Western Washington
35.JrPaige Nock
23:24.9Simon Fraser
36.JrSuzanne Van De Grift
23:27.0Western Oregon
37.FrDelaney Clem
23:30.2Central Washington
38.FrAlyssa Foote
23:33.2Seattle Pacific
39.SoChelsea Riberio
23:37.8Simon Fraser
40.FrKate Lilly
23:38.0Seattle Pacific
41.FrKatherine Walter
23:39.0Seattle Pacific
42.SoLarissa Kolasinski
23:44.4St Martin's
43.SoBrenna Liebel
23:45.9 PRCentral Washington
44.SrNichole Bathe
23:48.1 SRAlaska Fairbanks
45.FrBrenna Carlson
23:48.4 SRCentral Washington
46.JrShawna Troupe
23:49.4 SRWestern Washington
47.SrMegan Teigen
23:51.8St Martin's
48.FrWaverly Shreffleer
23:53.4Western Washington
49.JrHailey Kettel
23:57.0Seattle Pacific
50.SoAshley Mason
24:01.1Central Washington
51.SrClaire McCloskey
24:11.4St Martin's
52.SrMegan Fristoe
24:13.1 SRConcordia-Portland
53.FrAlicia Girdler
24:15.2 PRCentral Washington
54.SrAnne-Tine Markset
24:20.9 PRAlaska Fairbanks
55.JrKimberly Fitzgerald
24:29.7Alaska Fairbanks
56.JrDana Townsend
24:31.4Simon Fraser
57.SoEmily Hammons
24:32.5Northwest Nazarene
58.SoMikhaela Woodward
24:34.8Western Washington
59.FrGabby Hobson
24:37.9 SRConcordia-Portland
60.FrSedona McNerney
24:39.9Seattle Pacific
61.SoNicole Pederson
24:44.6 SRConcordia-Portland
62.SoMcKenna Conley
24:52.5Northwest Nazarene
63.JrGrace Weller
24:55.7Alaska Fairbanks
64.FrNikki Aiken
24:56.5Montana State-Billings
65.FrTalia Dreicer
24:57.2Western Washington
66.FrBethany Danner
25:01.8Northwest Nazarene
67.FrMiranda Nelson
25:02.8Central Washington
68.SoLindsey Dorney
25:03.7St Martin's
69.SrRio Frame
25:07.2Montana State-Billings
70.JrDalen Richardson
25:08.8 SRConcordia-Portland
71.JrTera Beyerlein
25:13.2Central Washington
72.FrGinny Link
25:16.8Western Oregon
73.SoSara Harrington
25:17.3 SRConcordia-Portland
74.SrAmanda Ditzhazy
25:17.8Western Oregon
75.FrOlivia Woods
25:23.6Western Oregon
76.JrBailey Bomar
25:28.7Montana State-Billings
77.FrYeshi Vaughan
25:30.6St Martin's
78.SrSara Fristoe
25:31.2 SRConcordia-Portland
79.FrLydia Foster
25:32.9 PRMontana State-Billings
80.SrHalie Wilsey
25:33.9Northwest Nazarene
81.FrAntoinette Gowen
25:40.4Western Oregon
82.JrMegan Rose
25:45.8Western Oregon
83.SrKaitlyn McKinney
25:46.8Central Washington
84.FrBailey Fjelstul
26:05.4 SRConcordia-Portland
85.FrKaitlyn Bailly
86.FrGrayson Burke
26:21.2Western Oregon
87.FrCatrina Schuchard
26:30.3Montana State-Billings
88.SrSarah Lilly
26:36.0Alaska Fairbanks
89.JrKelsea Campbell
90.SoSarah Beatty
27:36.8Montana State-Billings
91.FrElla McKenzie
27:39.9 PRMontana State-Billings
92.FrTiffany Pott
28:23.3St Martin's
93.FrOlivia Abbott
29:47.0St Martin's
94.SrEmily Merioles
DNFNorthwest Nazarene
95.JrMadison Schell
96.SrNicole Maurmann
DNFWestern Oregon
97.SoElena Gomez
DNSCentral Washington
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