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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Berlin Junior-Senior62
2.Greenwich Central68
3.Stillwater Central74
5.Hoosic Valley Central95
6.Saratoga Central Catholic105
1.12Colin Beasor
16:11.52 SRGreenwich Central
2.11Nick Styer
16:41.45 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
3.10Clayton Orzel
16:59.38 PRWaldorf
4.12Ryan Gosse
17:29.95 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
5.8Dylan Oliva
17:37.01 PRMechanicville
6.11Ben Corey
17:38.51 SRHoosic Valley Central
7.11Kevin Cronin
17:38.84 SRSaratoga Central Cat...
8.11Sam Grimmke
17:48.97 PRGreenwich Central
9.10Christopher Ciccar...
17:52.49 PRMechanicville
10.12Alex Flowers
17:52.88Berlin Junior-Senior
11.11Nick Roy
17:53.55 SRStillwater Central
12.11Matt Rose
17:54.03 SRHoosic Valley Central
13.9John Gannon
17:55.09 PRStillwater Central
14.10Joe Yusaitis
18:02.05 SRStillwater Central
15.8Bruce Gregg
18:13.21 PRGreenwich Central
16.12Andrew Danaher
18:13.60 PRTamarac
17.10Erik Sicko
18:20.95 SRStillwater Central
18.11Alexander Ciulla
18:24.36 PRMechanicville
19.9David Millard
18:25.38 SRMechanicville
20.9Collin Douglas
18:26.43 SRBerlin Junior-Senior
21.10Derek Cipolla
18:29.22 PRHoosic Valley Central
22.9Henry Gartner
18:34.66 PRGreenwich Central
23.10Griffin Day
18:38.85 SRSaratoga Central Cat...
24.12Zack Travis
18:46.07 PRStillwater Central
25.10Caden Awad
18:49.83 SRSaratoga Central Cat...
26.10Peyton Howard
18:52.92 PRGreenwich Central
27.11Michael Halligan
18:57.22 SRSaratoga Central Cat...
28.11John Tagliafierro
19:14.95 SRSaratoga Central Cat...
29.12Bobby Brenenstuhl
19:18.34 PRHoosic Valley Central
30.11Nicholai Witt
19:36.10 PRWaldorf
31.11Nolan Jones
19:45.89 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
32.9Jackson Flowers
19:47.83 SRBerlin Junior-Senior
33.11John Acker
19:49.75 PRHoosic Valley Central
34.11Cole Diffenbach
19:55.18 SRMechanicville
35.9Josh Germain
20:01.92 SRMechanicville
36.12Simon Kirkwood
20:04.44 PRStillwater Central
37.8Troy Bisaillon
20:11.29 PRMechanicville
38.12Jamison Jarosz
20:29.80 PRHoosic Valley Central
39.9Yando Shane
20:47.72 SRHoosic Valley Central
40.10Mich Tagliafierro
20:48.47 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
41.9Michael Gendron
21:07.13 PRTamarac
42.9Malachi Ritter
21:07.47 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
43.10Nathanie LaPlante
21:10.95 SRTamarac
44.10Max Lockett
21:13.32 SRBerlin Junior-Senior
45.9Blake Dunteman
21:19.42 PRTamarac
46.10Braden Jarosz
21:19.79 PRHoosic Valley Central
47.12Brock Meaker
21:46.79 SRStillwater Central
48.9Sebastian Rossi
21:47.53 PRMechanicville
49.11Hunte Fitzpatrick
21:47.89 SRTamarac
50.10Zach Zanella
21:55.57 SRSaratoga Central Cat...
51.9Aaron Mcclements
22:12.88 SRStillwater Central
52.11Dylan Clarkson
22:33.03 PRHoosic Valley Central
53.12Jameson Pitcheralle
22:36.66 SRMechanicville
54.12Seth Marshall
22:48.33 SRStillwater Central
55.9Joe Canam
23:12.45 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
56.12Donald Wilson
24:11.34 PRGreenwich Central
57.9Hyrum Balog
24:59.51 PRWaldorf
58.9Chris Thompson
27:49.53 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
59.9Jack Kirkwood
28:37.11 SRStillwater Central
60.10Yannai Arazi
33:16.04 PRWaldorf
61.12Tom Coffinger
41:10.53 SRStillwater Central
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Greenwich Central16
2.Emma Willard51
3.Hoosic Valley Central75
5.Berlin Junior-Senior142
6.Saratoga Central Catholic143
1.9Brynne Wright
18:36.47 PRGreenwich Central
2.9Quinn Collins
19:07.08 PRGreenwich Central
3.9Emma Cronin
19:11.62Greenwich Central
4.10Annabel Gregg
19:24.19 SRGreenwich Central
5.10Carolyn Burnell
19:31.19 SRHoosic Valley Central
6.9Brooke Wright
19:48.93 SRGreenwich Central
7.12Macy Keegan
19:59.61 PREmma Willard
8.12Lara Cunningham
20:01.53 PREmma Willard
9.9Skylar Dailey
20:07.91 SREmma Willard
10.11Rebecca Viall
20:49.25 PRHoosic Valley Central
11.10Shannon Walsh
20:50.78 SRTamarac
12.8Danielle Rubino
20:54.37 PRMechanicville
13.11Chloe Littell
21:01.32 SRGreenwich Central
14.9Jenna Urbanski
21:26.35 SRStillwater Central
15.11Olivia Pintair
21:47.91 SREmma Willard
16.11Calynn Cerniglia
21:49.45 SREmma Willard
17.9Eleni Northrop
21:51.74 SRMechanicville
18.10Haley Chaykowski
21:57.56 SRBerlin Junior-Senior
19.11Kat Rice
22:11.03 SRHoosic Valley Central
20.9Jenna Munger
22:11.73 PRMechanicville
21.10Samantha Simmons
22:12.19 PRMechanicville
22.12Rosie Hren
22:13.78 PRHoosic Valley Central
23.10Cayla Hungerford
22:17.62Berlin Junior-Senior
24.10Shuko Senda
22:19.80 PREmma Willard
25.12Abigal Charlebois
22:25.62 PRHoosic Valley Central
26.11Katie West
22:26.59 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
27.10Maria Rice
22:29.84 PRHoosic Valley Central
28.11Bryanna Booth
22:37.84 SRGreenwich Central
29.9Madelyn Rohne
22:40.32 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
30.12Miranda Gaetani
22:41.21 SRMechanicville
31.12Laura Kenny
22:43.35 SRSaratoga Central Cat...
32.11Theresa Hajos
22:51.33 PRSaratoga Central Cat...
33.9Roxanne Schnyder
22:58.42 PREmma Willard
34.10Amber Hsu
22:59.43 PREmma Willard
35.12Dayna Joyce
23:07.25 PRMechanicville
36.12Sabrina Johnson
23:14.01 SRSaratoga Central Cat...
37.11Emma Bisaillon
23:23.85 SRStillwater Central
38.10Suzanne Straton
23:25.57 PRWaldorf
39.11Nina Xie
23:32.76 PREmma Willard
40.10Ann Nie
23:33.90 PREmma Willard
41.10Melanie deLaurentis
24:07.67 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
42.11Gigi French
24:08.03 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
43.10Isabelle Schroeder
24:09.25 PRTamarac
44.11Caroline Yin
24:20.93 PREmma Willard
45.12Sarah French
24:35.46 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
46.9Karly DiVirgilio
24:51.97 PRMechanicville
47.9Cate Nguyen
24:55.01 SREmma Willard
48.12Charlotte Chen
25:00.97 PREmma Willard
49.9Li Felicity
25:03.80 SREmma Willard
50.11Corttney Feldman
25:10.75 PREmma Willard
51.12Zano Nkosi
25:35.51 PREmma Willard
52.12Emily Ma
25:39.15 PREmma Willard
53.12jade Yando
25:43.89Hoosic Valley Central
54.11Dimnika Popov
25:44.59 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
55.11Isabella Guarnieri
25:56.26 PRWaldorf
56.11Tierney Bisaillion
26:14.46 PRMechanicville
57.11Helena Yu
26:33.83 PREmma Willard
58.10Maxie Kreuer
26:49.05 PREmma Willard
59.9Erin Yip
26:52.07 PREmma Willard
60.10Stephani (Ji-Hong)...
26:52.50 PREmma Willard
61.9Emily Chan
27:09.61 PRMechanicville
62.9Rileigh Ham
27:23.86 PRHoosic Valley Central
63.10Emma Fenton
27:27.56 PRWaldorf
64.12Rebecca Baker
27:47.56 SRStillwater Central
65.12Sam Hebert
28:36.72 SRBerlin Junior-Senior
66.9Meya Salas
29:19.32 SREmma Willard
67.9Jordan Shupe
31:57.49 PRBerlin Junior-Senior
68.12Jasmine Minick-Sel...
32:02.63 SRStillwater Central
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