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3,000 Meters Middle School 7/8
3,000 Meters Middle School 6
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3,000 Meters Middle School 7/8
3,000 Meters Middle School 6

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School 7/8

Official Team Scores

2.Grass Lake71
4.Hanover Horton103
5.Michigan Center136
9.Vandercook Lake221
1.7Rogan Melling
11:40.59 PRHanover Horton
2.8Colton Kleinfeld
12:12.78 PRHanover Horton
3.7Matt Smith
12:21.14 PRNapoleon
4.8Aidan Lafever
12:23.85 PRGrass Lake
5.8Payne Boulter
12:24.47 PRNorthwest
6.7Cameron Pierce
12:25.82 PRLeslie
7.8Gabe Nelson
12:27.83 PRClinton
8.8Connor DuBose
12:47.54 PRLeslie
9.8Dylan Griffor
12:50.15Grass Lake
10.8Ian Albert
12:52.50 PRNapoleon
11.8Ben Chapman
12:54.65 PRStockbridge
12.7Cameron Kzsprcyski
12:57.54 PRMichigan Center
13.8Tyler Hile
12:58.90 PRLeslie
14.7Erik Dexter
13:03.28 PRLeslie
15.8Andrew Staudinger
13:05.15 PRNorthwest
16.7Brenden Yob
13:06.84 PRNapoleon
17.7Ryan Owen
13:11.43 PRStockbridge
18.8Wesley Good
13:12.97 PRGrass Lake
19.7Matthew Gould
13:13.73Grass Lake
20.7Ethan Lubahn
13:18.52 PRLeslie
21.8Gus Vitale
13:20.24 PRGrass Lake
22.8Micah Ortell
13:22.93 PRJackson Preparatory
23.8Ben Harris
13:25.39 PRGrass Lake
24.7XAnder Manzer
13:27.26 PRMichigan Center
25.8Riley Withers
13:28.08 PRMichigan Center
26.8Nick Marienfeld
13:30.70 PRNapoleon
27.8Jack Easterday
13:32.07 PRGrass Lake
28.8Ben Childs
13:34.80 PRHanover Horton
29.8Cody Daoust
13:43.86 PRNapoleon
30.8Trevor Weaver
13:52.12 PRNapoleon
31.8Keyontae Hartman
14:01.24 PRNapoleon
32.7Micah Bolton
14:05.47 PRStockbridge
33.8Lucas Maier
14:06.10 PRMichigan Center
34.7Owen Khon
14:08.84 PRNorthwest
35.8Elijah Dillay
14:23.45 PRVandercook Lake
36.8Samuel Hoffman
14:29.81 PRClinton
37.8Joshua Hoggard
14:31.64 PRHanover Horton
38.7Javin Mericle
14:35.76 PREast Jackson
39.7Andy Carpenter
14:43.10 PRHanover Horton
40.8Eric Neff
14:43.43 PRClinton
41.7Jacob Beer
14:44.58 PRNapoleon
42.7Jacob Colesa
14:45.17Grass Lake
43.8Brandon Howlett
14:46.15 PRStockbridge
44.8Matthew Rankin
14:49.89Grass Lake
45.8Brendan Wright
14:55.13 PRStockbridge
46.7Jason Breslin
14:57.82 PRVandercook Lake
47.8Zach Williams
15:03.47 PRNorthwest
48.8Isaac Anuskiewicz
15:06.79 PRNorthwest
49.8Carson Williams
15:17.96 PRVandercook Lake
50.7Cole Keneau
15:18.81 PRGrass Lake
51.8Adam Swartz
15:19.81 PRNapoleon
52.7Stephen Hertzfeld
15:26.80 PREast Jackson
53.7Nicholas Johnson
15:28.10 PRMichigan Center
54.8Dylan Bowles
15:29.95 PRClinton
55.7Ethan Washburn
15:31.25 PRClinton
56.7Ty Gaddy
15:35.92 PRMichigan Center
57.8Seth Kane
15:39.17 PRNapoleon
58.7Dominic Wagar
15:39.59 PRLeslie
59.7Liam Ellis
15:47.28Grass Lake
60.8Shawn Simpson
16:17.73 PRVandercook Lake
61.7Evan Girard
16:24.19 PRNorthwest
62.7Gavin Klintworth
16:24.62 PRVandercook Lake
63.8Bryce Blackledge
16:30.18 PRHanover Horton
64.7Zach Babcock
16:30.77 PRColumbia Central
65.8Sam Flint
16:39.62 PRHanover Horton
66.7Trey Chmielewski
16:41.31 PRStockbridge
67.8Troy Allison
16:41.65 PRHanover Horton
68.7Aiden Thorne
16:52.61 PRNapoleon
69.7Finnigan Booth
17:06.04 PRLeslie
70.8Nolan O'Brien
17:07.82 PRNorthwest
71.7Aiden Comstock
17:18.04 PRLeslie
72.7Ryder Smieska
17:42.78 PRLeslie
73.8Hasan Ahmad
17:46.51 PRJackson Preparatory
74.7Tanner Fournier
17:54.09Grass Lake
75.7Keith Jewell
18:37.00 PREast Jackson
76.7Mason Keene
19:09.42 PRStockbridge
77.8Ethan Redmond
19:43.50 PRVandercook Lake
78.8Garret Walker
20:05.08 PRLeslie
79.7Ethan White
23:43.08 PRClinton
80.8Jarrod Walden
23:44.54 PRClinton
81.7Kip Grimes
29:44.14 PRVandercook Lake
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3,000 Meters Middle School 6

Official Team Scores

1.6Kyler Pequet
12:21.42 PRNapoleon
2.6DJ Chapman
13:14.35 PRStockbridge
3.6Carson Godfrey
13:25.45 PRNapoleon
4.6Haden McLain
13:25.63 PRNapoleon
5.6Evan Shepherd
14:22.31 PRHanover Horton
6.6Brady Frohm
14:23.21 PRVandercook Lake
7.6Zech Puckett
14:27.56 PRStockbridge
8.6Bryce Baumgardner
14:28.93 PRColumbia Central
9.6Frank Bednarski
14:53.41 PRGrass Lake
10.6David Baird
14:54.20 PRStockbridge
11.6Ethan Wright
15:06.97 PRStockbridge
12.6Matthew Hayes
15:10.96 PRColumbia Central
13.6Christian Nykamp
15:22.93 PRNapoleon
14.6Brice Sandoval
15:32.16 PRGrass Lake
15.6Bridger Freeman
15:35.73 PRClinton
16.6Gavin Zuver
15:43.42 PRColumbia Central
17.6William Marshall
15:49.95 PRStockbridge
18.6David Fielder
15:54.18 PRHanover Horton
19.6Zach Chizmar
16:02.62 PRNorthwest
20.6Ruben Spencer
16:21.86 PRGrass Lake
21.6Brady Cole
17:25.89 PRStockbridge
22.6Max Goebel
17:28.88Grass Lake
23.6Finn Coffman
18:10.49 PRStockbridge
24.6Remington Samke
18:26.58 PRStockbridge
25.6Reece McCoil
18:39.95 PRStockbridge
26.6Xavier Curtis
19:09.28 PRStockbridge
27.6Gaven Numinen
19:34.56 PRStockbridge
28.6Justin Celmer
20:22.92 PRClinton
29.6Jacob Welch
20:28.60 PRClinton
30.6Ethan Applegate
20:41.92 PRVandercook Lake
31.6Zavien Torrey
21:00.50 PRStockbridge
32.6Luke Fletcher
23:36.54 PRStockbridge
33.6Tanner Vanoostendorp
24:35.02 PRStockbridge
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School 7/8

Official Team Scores

3.Grass Lake82
4.Michigan Center98
5.East Jackson100
1.8Rylee Tolson
12:14.38 PRStockbridge
2.7Ann Joseph
13:38.81 PRNapoleon
3.8Katelyn Smilowski
13:49.91 PRNapoleon
4.8Eileen Warfield
13:51.91 PRJackson Preparatory
5.8Brynn Mericle
14:25.05 PREast Jackson
6.7Allison Clark
14:25.31 PRStockbridge
7.8Kate O'Neil
14:25.50 PRColumbia Central
8.8Jocee Snyder
14:26.05 PRNorthwest
9.8Jersey Franks
14:42.80 PRMichigan Center
10.8Sam Smith
14:44.04 PRNapoleon
11.7Olivia Ortell
14:49.11 PRJackson Preparatory
12.8Alexa Brzyski
14:59.39 PRNapoleon
13.8Isabel Spencer
15:02.24Grass Lake
14.8Savannah Stewart
15:06.55 PRMichigan Center
15.8Kelly Fielder
15:07.50 PRHanover Horton
16.8Ava Smilowski
15:14.10 PRNapoleon
17.8Olivia Darnell
15:18.01 PRNapoleon
18.7Sasha McClurg
15:18.28 PRNorthwest
19.8Alyson Baize
15:21.65 PRStockbridge
20.8Aspen Tapley
15:29.18 PRNorthwest
21.7Alexandra Garcia
15:29.30 PRNapoleon
22.7Adrianna Adkins
15:31.68 PRStockbridge
23.7Makenna Horodeczny
15:32.24 PRGrass Lake
24.8Kaitelyn Walker
15:35.10 PRStockbridge
25.7Cheyenne Mosher
15:40.79Grass Lake
26.7Keirstin Clark
15:42.42 PRGrass Lake
27.8Faythe Miller
16:03.48 PRNapoleon
28.7Kaelyn Cushard
16:13.09Grass Lake
29.7Marissa Benn
16:16.09 PRNapoleon
30.7Maleena Wright
16:20.23 PRLeslie
31.7Sage Wymer
16:20.76 PRLeslie
32.8Patience Tedder
16:38.97 PREast Jackson
33.8Isabel Worthing
16:56.55 PREast Jackson
34.7Audrey Allard
17:00.32 PRLeslie
35.7Haylie Mead
17:21.88 PRNapoleon
36.7Katlyn Pedersen
17:27.40 PRColumbia Central
37.7Julianne Hernandez
17:37.39 PRClinton
38.7Emerson Crysler
17:41.47 PRClinton
39.8Madison Campbell
17:43.38 PRVandercook Lake
40.8Chloe Mietelka
17:45.61 PRGrass Lake
41.8Tamara Lovas
17:47.79 PRStockbridge
42.7Lisa Purdy
18:07.03 PRNapoleon
43.7Lauren Greenman
18:07.57 PRMichigan Center
44.8Morghan Allen
18:29.15 PREast Jackson
45.7Mallory Griffith
18:30.65 PREast Jackson
46.8Stephanie Masters
18:50.57 PRMichigan Center
47.8Morgan Mcumber
19:10.20 PRMichigan Center
48.7Maggie Jenks
19:17.05Grass Lake
49.8Kayla Miller
19:35.63 PRHanover Horton
50.8Sidney Gipe
19:50.77 PRStockbridge
51.8Mya Douglas
20:22.52 PRVandercook Lake
52.7Madilynn Milbourne
20:27.66 PRColumbia Central
53.8Stephanie Cavender
20:33.27 PRMichigan Center
54.7Katie Deault
20:41.15 PREast Jackson
55.7Savanna Curey
20:41.42 PREast Jackson
56.7Anya Worden-Ewer
22:39.58 PRVandercook Lake
57.8Olivia Fletcher
24:19.41 PRStockbridge
58.7Calli Borreson
24:30.75 PRVandercook Lake
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3,000 Meters Middle School 6

Official Team Scores

2.Hanover Horton56
1.6Madelyn Norman
13:32.03 PRNapoleon
2.6Sydney Fazekas
13:47.54 PRHanover Horton
3.6Allison Bowles
14:23.84 PRClinton
4.6Alexandra Ream
14:40.00 PRLeslie
5.6Kayla Creisher
14:40.67 PRLeslie
6.6Lily Mason
14:42.85 PRJackson Preparatory
7.6Ava Viegelahn
14:46.42Grass Lake
8.6Paige Shankland
14:58.93 PRClinton
9.6Emma Shankland
15:04.08 PRClinton
10.6Alexa Burgess
15:04.16 PRNapoleon
11.6Ava Vaccaro
15:41.25 PRStockbridge
12.6Samantha Coots
15:56.07 PRClinton
13.6Maliah Piatt
16:03.13 PRClinton
14.6Abbie Yob
16:07.12 PRNapoleon
15.6Nora Liebau
16:28.30 PRColumbia Central
16.6Mackenzie Guenther
16:42.55 PRHanover Horton
17.6Izzy VanWagnen
16:49.33 PRColumbia Central
18.6Catherine Reynolds
16:50.14 PRHanover Horton
19.6Mya Dake
16:55.32 PRHanover Horton
20.6Jessica Swihart
17:03.80 PRHanover Horton
21.6Emily Willard
17:06.20 PRLeslie
22.6Amanda Griffor
17:17.20Grass Lake
23.6Grace Stephens
17:23.36 PRVandercook Lake
24.6Madison Breining
17:48.31 PRNapoleon
25.6Jalynn Schmelter
17:54.75 PRLeslie
26.6Maggie Beer
17:54.85 PRNapoleon
27.6Mara Mitchell
18:09.10 PRNorthwest
28.6Alexis Brickner
18:10.28 PRGrass Lake
29.6Kaylie Hayner
18:14.27 PRLeslie
30.6Alexis Flint
18:20.67 PRHanover Horton
31.6Anna Random
18:24.54 PRStockbridge
32.6Mayson Scally
18:32.34 PRHanover Horton
33.6Leah Denney
18:32.58 PRHanover Horton
34.6Grace Comstock
18:33.03 PRHanover Horton
35.6Bridget Kelly
19:26.76 PRColumbia Central
36.6Shelby Miller
20:13.04 PRHanover Horton
37.6Emma DesJardins
20:24.15 PRClinton
38.6Aybree Gorton
20:25.84 PRVandercook Lake
39.6Elizabeth Miller
20:37.99 PRNorthwest
40.6Jordyn Messner
20:42.58 PRLeslie
41.6Lily Crawford
23:11.59 PRLeslie
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