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5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.North Carolina School of Sci...37
3.Durham School of Arts69
7.South Granville210
11.Roanoke Rapids304
1.12Lawton Ives
16:28.71 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
2.12Skanda Sastry
16:30.89 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
3.11Charles Jordan
16:48.31 PRClinton
4.12Cole Honeycutt
17:05.61 PRCarrboro
5.11Ben Kearsley
17:12.96Durham School of Arts
6.11Kade Sutton
17:17.02 SRClinton
7.12Joey Kreiling
17:20.29Durham School of Arts
8.11Amado Ruiz-Perez
17:32.23 SRCarrboro
9.11Karna Morey
17:38.66 SRNorth Carolina Schoo...
10.11Ryan Greenblatt
17:42.81 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
11.11Jack Clemens
17:47.87 SRCarrboro
12.12Austin Hunt
17:52.10 PRFairmont
13.11Baretta Exley
14.9Christopher Knotek
17:55.30 SRCarrboro
15.12Daniel Pezzi
17:56.78 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
16.11Greg Monk
18:20.36 SRClinton
17.11Josh Abrams
18:23.00 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
18.10Kai Hart
18:28.11Durham School of Arts
19.9Benson Mangum
18:35.75 SRDurham School of Arts
20.10Jesse Tymas
18:38.78 SRDurham School of Arts
21.10Joseph Callus
18:39.02 SRSouth Granville
22.9Ethan Lozuke
18:44.55 SRDurham School of Arts
23.10Jake Rodgers
18:46.00 PRFranklinton
24.12Jalen Kelly
18:48.16 PRBunn
25.11Alexander Carruth
18:54.99North Carolina Schoo...
26.11Corey Addison
19:02.66 PRFairmont
27.12Sam Thorn
19:03.94 PRReidsville
28.11Owen Welch
29.11Jordan Jacobs
19:13.31 PRFairmont
30.11Hayes Tharrington
19:14.08 SRFranklinton
31.11Kevin Gonzalez
32.11Emil Usinger
33.12Kendrick Quick
19:54.91 PRFairmont
34.12Daniel Caruso
19:59.54 PRCarrboro
35.12Philip Sneed
20:04.79 PRClinton
36.10Hayden Simpson
20:11.61 SRBunn
37.11Caleb Argueta
20:15.49 PRFairmont
38.10Angel Rivera
20:19.93 SRClinton
39.12Chase Preddy
20:21.02South Granville
40.11Alfredo Valdez
20:23.80 PRJordan-Matthews
41.12Caleb Peterson
42.11Aidan Halpin
20:40.36Durham School of Arts
43.10Tye Mullins
20:44.48 PRMidway
44.10Alex Jones
20:52.12 SRSouth Granville
45.12Noah Baker
20:52.59 PRMidway
46.12Ryan Fritz
20:59.68 SRFranklinton
47.9Matthew Oldham
48.10Eddy Giron
21:06.31 SRJordan-Matthews
49.10Octavio Acuna
21:06.46 SRBunn
50.9Austin Hargrove
21:06.93 SRMidway
51.12Scott Adcock
21:08.36 PRSouthern Vance
52.9Ian Daniels
21:15.65 SRMidway
53.10Eric Baird
21:25.24 SRRoanoke Rapids
54.12Michael Weiss
21:37.26 SRSouth Granville
55.12Tyler Patrick
21:41.23 PRSouthern Vance
56.12Justin Hundley
21:43.69Bartlett Yancey
57.12Jackson Royal
21:44.73 PRMidway
58.11Michael Vasquez
21:47.38 SRJordan-Matthews
59.11Dokota Matthews
21:53.20 PRJordan-Matthews
60.11Grayson Parrish
22:09.34South Granville
61.10Cody McKeel
22:15.78 PRRoanoke Rapids
62.10Ty Randleman
63.10Charles Smith
22:23.66 PRBunn
64.8Robert Smith
22:26.29 SRClinton
65.12Mohsen Alwahishi
22:26.63 PRJordan-Matthews
66.10Kenny Odom
22:32.75 PRRoanoke Rapids
67.9Vance Burres
68.11Hunter Hargrave
22:56.55 SRRoanoke Rapids
69.10Kevin Saefong
23:01.02 PRJordan-Matthews
70.12Adam Butler
23:12.13 SRMidway
71.10Caleb Hinkle
23:23.22 SRBunn
72.10Dakota May
23:42.10South Granville
73.12Brendon Sellars
24:18.48 PRBunn
74.9Matthew Price
24:19.68 SRRoanoke Rapids
75.12Matthew Hoffman
24:24.67 PRFranklinton
76.11Josh Sweet
24:29.13 SRRoanoke Rapids
77.10Colton Gibbs
24:31.37 PRBunn
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Durham School of Arts34
2.North Carolina School of Sci...38
8.South Granville208
1.12Destiny Stevons
20:17.19 PRDurham School of Arts
2.10Elizabeth Coleman
3.11Gabrielle Marushack
20:50.67 SRNorth Carolina Schoo...
4.12Anna Clyburn
20:52.31 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
5.11Olivia Gregory
21:03.40Durham School of Arts
6.12Hannah Styers
21:06.77 PRFranklinton
7.11Fere Tallmadge
21:10.94 SRDurham School of Arts
8.12Frances Massey
21:13.46 SRNorth Carolina Schoo...
9.11Katherine Clayton
21:28.59 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
10.10Bella Cude
21:32.71 SRDurham School of Arts
11.10Audrey Tannous Tay...
21:34.70 PRDurham School of Arts
12.12Grace Rogers
21:36.25Durham School of Arts
13.9Cora Van raay
14.11Julia Wang
21:44.41 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
15.9Lia Miller
21:46.71 SRCarrboro
16.10Maegan Lamb
21:55.30 SRClinton
17.11Spencer Dalton
21:57.78 PRDurham School of Arts
18.11Katie Danis
22:03.74North Carolina Schoo...
19.10Chelsea Ramsey
22:13.28 SRCarrboro
20.11Karmen Brown
22:15.33 SRJordan-Matthews
21.11Olivia Gregson
22:20.28 PRJordan-Matthews
22.11Aimee Dalsimer
22:21.48North Carolina Schoo...
23.10Sydney Buck
22:31.33 PRCarrboro
24.9Louise Lounes
25.10Elise Deshusses
26.12Elizabeth Tanner
27.9Jessica Parker
28.10Ella Faison
29.10Madison Butler
24:33.55 SRMidway
30.9Caitlin Bobbitt
24:43.92 SRRoanoke Rapids
31.10Lauren Esserborn
24:45.68 PRFranklinton
32.10Rachel Black
24:51.96 SRFranklinton
33.11Robyn Hamilton
34.12Reagan Barefoot
25:06.33 SRClinton
35.11Jessica Marcell
25:10.74 PRMidway
36.9Tanya Martinez
25:18.87 PRMidway
37.11Tommie Bates
25:32.05 PRMidway
38.11Jessica Schnieder
25:32.91 PRSouth Granville
39.11Kate Pleasant
25:48.56 SRRoanoke Rapids
40.10Zoe Hall-Wray
26:06.40 SRFranklinton
41.9Sarah Baker
26:11.43 PRBunn
42.12Lia Harris
26:25.49 PRFranklinton
43.10Alexis Karns
26:51.75 SRRoanoke Rapids
44.12Miranda Simmons
26:59.25 PRSouth Granville
45.12Hayla Hurt
27:05.30 PRSouth Granville
46.12Brittany Daniel
27:14.82 SRSouth Granville
47.11Kenady Hargrove
27:41.53 SRMidway
48.9Quinn Schmidlin
27:42.08 PRMidway
49.10Corrine Collisan
27:49.28 PRJordan-Matthews
50.12Katie Currin
27:50.08Southern Vance
51.10Hadasa Rivera
28:35.25 PRJordan-Matthews
52.10Sidney Suits
28:58.54 PRJordan-Matthews
53.11Rebekah Williams
28:59.24 SRReidsville
54.12Hannah Tartamella
29:08.88 PRSouth Granville
55.10Jennifer Henderson
56.12Amanda Chau
30:58.77 PRRoanoke Rapids
57.12Ashley Bumpers
31:08.94 PRFranklinton
58.11Zayra Salazar
31:50.36 PRJordan-Matthews
59.11Jennifer Norland
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