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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Raleigh Charter46
2.Voyager Academy80
3.Franklin Academy83
5.Woods Charter133
7.Research Triangle207
9.Roxboro Community241
10.East Wake Academy279
12.Falls Lake Academy370
13.Heide Trask389
14.North Duplin396
16.Kestrel Heights452
17.River Mill Academy509
1.12Luke Bennett
16:07.55Voyager Academy
2.12Timmy O'Neill
16:39.94Raleigh Charter
3.12Ian Ovenden
17:05.49 PRVoyager Academy
4.12Austin Sullivan
5.11Thomas Moore
17:15.90Raleigh Charter
6.10Zachary Bunner
17:24.87 SRFranklin Academy
7.11Calvin Koonce
17:31.78 PRRaleigh Charter
8.10Karson McKenzie
17:34.89 PRRoxboro Community
9.12James Christensen
17:35.77 PRVoyager Academy
10.11Noah Benjamin
17:36.84Raleigh Charter
11.10Jeddy Waldon
17:42.99Franklin Academy
12.12David Williams
17:49.89 PRWoods Charter
13.11Jonathan Wertz
17:56.32 SRFranklin Academy
14.12Brent Hurst
18:01.60 PRPrinceton
15.10Nick Teta
18:11.39Woods Charter
16.11Bradley Parton
18:18.77 PRPender
17.10Xavier McLamb
18.11David Torres-Molina
18:25.09 SRHobbton
19.10Uriel Cruz
18:25.91 PRHobbton
20.10Michael Keriher
18:27.99Voyager Academy
21.12Kevin Johnston
18:31.71Woods Charter
22.12Yates McConnell
18:35.99Raleigh Charter
23.10Abel Maasho
18:38.57Research Triangle
24.12Victor Aguirre
18:39.99 PRHobbton
25.12Sean Silcott
18:40.54 PRHobbton
26.10Stephen Elliott
18:41.76 PRFranklin Academy
27.12Aidan Robinson
18:42.67Franklin Academy
28.11Sammy Flores
18:46.36 SRHobbton
29.11Cameron Chase
18:47.17 SRRoxboro Community
30.10Wyatt Barnes
19:03.01Raleigh Charter
31.12Grayson Hassell
19:08.11Research Triangle
32.11Barry Parton
19:12.84 SRPender
33.10Enrico Degan
19:14.31 PRResearch Triangle
34.10Matthew Schweikert
19:15.77 PRFranklin Academy
35.10Colson Teal
19:18.05Falls Lake Academy
36.12Levi Miller
19:20.27 PRSpring Creek
37.12Chase King
19:23.14 PRNorth Duplin
38.11Ty Meyer
39.9Michael O'neill
19:26.12 PRRaleigh Charter
40.11Cody Hunt
19:26.48 PREast Wake Academy
41.11Fleet Morgan
19:29.40Woods Charter
42.12Shayan Dolikhani
19:30.82Franklin Academy
43.12Evan Mills
19:37.28Kestrel Heights
44.11Cameron Smith
45.12Jose Cruz
19:43.12 PRPender
46.10Mitchell O'Connor
19:45.43 PRWoods Charter
47.11Noah Gurganus
19:46.86 PRPender
48.10Sam Williamson
19:49.56Voyager Academy
49.12Mathew Soderberg
19:52.14Voyager Academy
50.12Zach Belch
19:53.58 PREast Wake Academy
51.10Earl Cottle
19:57.31 SRPender
52.11Owen Blevins
20:10.94 SRRosewood
53.12Ronald Whitt
20:16.22Voyager Academy
54.10Max Moses
20:18.54 PRWoods Charter
55.9Simi Singh
20:21.35 SRResearch Triangle
56.9Ryan Lanford
20:22.68 SRWoods Charter
57.11Luke Brush
20:25.90 SRPrinceton
58.9James Mills
20:26.53 SRHeide Trask
59.12Del Kimrey
20:27.55 PRRoxboro Community
60.12Andrew Bryant
20:30.00 PREast Wake Academy
61.9Jackson Pate
20:30.92 PREast Wake Academy
62.10Tyler Sawyer
20:36.35 PRPender
63.9Anthony Register
20:36.80 SRPender
64.11Zachary Hatch
20:41.89 SRWhiteville
65.11Kyle Balageo
20:53.36 PRPrinceton
66.9Kyle Graham
20:57.49 PRFalls Lake Academy
67.9Caleb Mcdonald
21:02.59 PRResearch Triangle
68.12Diwani Robinson
21:04.25 SRResearch Triangle
69.12Cameron Yarbrough
21:07.26 PRSpring Creek
70.10Christopher Hill
21:22.08 PRRosewood
71.11Fernando Ferreyra
21:31.21 PRPrinceton
72.11Kaleb Lawson
21:33.08Roxboro Community
73.10Jonathan Spencer R...
21:34.73 SRRosewood
74.9Austin Hocutt
21:41.47East Wake Academy
75.10Hunter Cooper
21:42.43Heide Trask
76.9Aaron Rose
21:50.87 PRNorth Duplin
77.9Bryce Faircloth
21:55.96 SRWhiteville
78.12Josh Adcock
22:06.26 PRRoxboro Community
79.9Scottie Bell
22:07.99 SRRoxboro Community
80.11Jeremy Caesar
22:13.20 PRResearch Triangle
81.10Calib Powell
22:15.16 PRRoxboro Community
82.9Jacob Hughes
22:15.90 PRFalls Lake Academy
83.10Wyatt Searles
22:24.11 SRRosewood
84.9Brandon Sapp
22:33.54 PRPrinceton
85.9Bradley Brown
22:33.88 PRHeide Trask
86.11Juan Bautista
87.12Younlee Bautista
22:39.16 PRHeide Trask
88.10Milton Griffon
22:49.14Kestrel Heights
89.9Ross Driver
23:02.55East Wake Academy
90.12Julian Harvey
23:11.79 PRWhiteville
91.11Tony Grimes
23:16.57 SRWhiteville
92.11Rafael Lainez
23:17.64 PRNorth Duplin
93.9Michael Benton
23:18.29 SRHeide Trask
94.10Hunter Hudson
23:24.43 SRNorth Duplin
95.11Caleb Hudson
23:32.13East Wake Academy
96.10Zach Fitzgerald
24:03.28Falls Lake Academy
97.12Matthew Dupuy
24:25.96Spring Creek
98.9Jacob Johnson
24:30.43Heide Trask
99.9Gabe Bender
24:57.08 SRFalls Lake Academy
100.9Taylor Stewart
25:02.02 SRRiver Mill Academy
101.10Jacob Procter
25:08.73 PRFalls Lake Academy
102.9Will Hatchel
25:28.77 PRRiver Mill Academy
103.12Harrison Rodgers
26:27.30 SRRiver Mill Academy
104.9Brian Dominguez Pe...
26:30.99 PRHeide Trask
105.9Tyler Marcoullier
106.10Brandon Hudson
27:56.57Kestrel Heights
107.9Daniel Cruise
27:59.23 PRNorth Duplin
108.12James Power
28:35.21North Duplin
109.12Ryan Morzas
28:58.60 SRRiver Mill Academy
110.10Avery Greeson
28:59.04River Mill Academy
111.11Kyle Holloman
29:08.69 PRNorth Duplin
112.11Joseph DuBose
30:40.69 PRRosewood
113.9Jacob Geiger
30:58.53 PRKestrel Heights
114.9Joel Sosa
31:26.05 PRKestrel Heights
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Franklin Academy36
2.Raleigh Charter78
3.Roxboro Community103
4.Research Triangle105
5.Voyager Academy145
6.North Duplin149
7.Heide Trask181
8.Woods Charter182
10.East Wake Academy215
1.10Caitlyn Burkett
19:47.98Franklin Academy
2.9Audree Catlin
20:37.34 PRVoyager Academy
3.10Gillian Scott
20:37.56Raleigh Charter
4.12Ashley Hinterleiter
5.12Haley Thurston
21:18.91North Duplin
6.9Caroline Foley
21:26.66Research Triangle
7.9Merytt Haney
21:51.07Franklin Academy
8.9Leah Given
21:55.45 SRFranklin Academy
9.11Hannah Franklin
21:56.98Franklin Academy
10.10Brie Lotz
22:01.81Raleigh Charter
11.12Kianna Cook
22:08.90 PRFranklin Academy
12.10Nicole Avila
22:36.39Woods Charter
13.10Sydney Fryman
22:41.64Roxboro Community
14.10Haley Turner
22:47.80 SREast Wake Academy
15.11Vanessa Velasco Sa...
22:59.13Heide Trask
16.11Elaina Amy
23:06.14 SRRosewood
17.12Brittany Smith
23:09.69Roxboro Community
18.9Jamie Marold
23:15.91Research Triangle
19.10Rachel Scrudato
23:26.66Raleigh Charter
20.12Katie Pleasant
23:29.37Roxboro Community
21.9Abigayle Crumpto
23:31.11Roxboro Community
22.9Amy Rosie Scott-Be...
23:40.26Voyager Academy
23.11Yaritza Villalobos...
23:45.05 SRHeide Trask
24.11Hannah Duncan
23:47.76 SRWhiteville
25.11Aislinn Whalen
23:56.15Raleigh Charter
26.11Kate Schauss
23:58.24Raleigh Charter
27.10Kendy Rangel
24:04.45North Duplin
28.11Alyssa Donaldson
24:08.13Research Triangle
29.11Natalie Bowers
24:10.08Research Triangle
30.9Ashley Rogers
24:13.41Voyager Academy
31.11Brooke Elliott
24:15.62Research Triangle
32.11Esmeralda Perez
24:17.74 PRNorth Duplin
33.9Julia Benjamin
24:28.04Raleigh Charter
34.12Edith Lechuga Mend...
24:40.06 PRHeide Trask
35.12Lilly Whalen
24:44.71Raleigh Charter
36.9Laurel Lapish
24:50.04Franklin Academy
37.9Grace Stultz
24:58.70 SRRoxboro Community
38.10Cheynie Wray
25:03.61 SRWoods Charter
39.10Emily Powell
25:11.93 PREast Wake Academy
40.9Kailtyn Wilson
25:14.18Roxboro Community
41.9Sadie Parrish
42.10Elly Cummins
25:19.83 PRWoods Charter
43.10Elise Moses
25:20.03Woods Charter
44.9Tehya Bullard
25:22.82 PRSouth Robeson
45.12Lani Foglesong
25:24.48Voyager Academy
46.10Joanna Flores
25:25.97North Duplin
47.10Nicole Rafferty
25:28.10Franklin Academy
48.9Bailey Credle
25:31.46Kestrel Heights
49.12Imani Graham
25:31.92 SRWhiteville
50.9Hattie Halloway
25:32.51Research Triangle
51.12Sarah Brown
25:42.03 SREast Wake Academy
52.11Krystal Martinez
53.10Brenda Lopez-Herna...
25:47.47 PRNorth Duplin
54.10Crystal Rubio
55.10Denisse Sada Romero
56.11Yocelyn Rivera
57.11Sienna Owens
26:04.19Heide Trask
58.9Pritika Bugga
26:04.35Research Triangle
59.12Bryn Merritt
26:09.17 PRVoyager Academy
60.10Gabrielle Williams
61.10Sally Newcomb
26:18.22 PRRiver Mill Academy
62.9Hannah Swinson
26:50.18 SRPender
63.10Erin Tyler
26:55.30 SRWoods Charter
64.12Victoria Baker
26:58.33 PRWoods Charter
65.10Harley Mangum
27:03.95 PRVoyager Academy
66.9Alicia Lassa
27:21.73 PRVoyager Academy
67.11Angela Puzzo
27:39.42 PRRosewood
68.11Iliana Hertzig
27:50.06 SREast Wake Academy
69.9Sarah Singer
28:05.89 SRRiver Mill Academy
70.10Allison Keys
28:06.68 SREast Wake Academy
71.9Shanekera Faulk
28:23.81 SRWhiteville
72.11Ellen McLam
28:38.10 SRWhiteville
73.12Catherine Moore
28:45.25 SRRosewood
74.12Jessica Conger
29:08.81 SRRosewood
75.10Ashton Yarborough
30:40.91Heide Trask
76.11Paola Carrillo
30:58.68East Wake Academy
77.10Casey Florack
31:09.21 PRKestrel Heights
78.12Norma Vallejo
79.10Mackenzie Bell
32:28.56Roxboro Community
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