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King's Roller Coaster Trail Run

3 Miles Varsity
3 Miles Junior Varsity

King's Roller Coaster Trail Run

1.6 Miles Middle School - boys
Womens Races

King's Roller Coaster Trail Run

3 Miles Varsity

King's Roller Coaster Trail Run

1.6 Miles Middle School - girls

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2017 Schedule

12:00 - Junior High Race (depending on entries this could be co-ed or two separate races.)

12:20 - Junior High Awards

12:30 - Boys Silver Race (unlimited entries of boys with projected 5K times of 20 minutes or slower)

1:00 - Girls Race (depending on entries this could break into two races)

1:30 - Boys Red Race (unlimited entries of boys with projected 5K times of less than 20 minutes)

2:00 - Awards - Traveling Trophy to winning teams, Medals and T shirts to individual podium placers.

I'll be watching entries leading up to the race and if we need to change the schedule, number of races or the suggested times of the Silver and Red races then I'll send out messages to all.

Any questions - Rod Wilcox - 

Course - 3 hilly miles of trails and some track (no concrete).  

Course Map -!i=2665749771&k=F9Frdqj

Junior High course = 1 loop, High school course = 2 loops

Cost - please bring or send $50 per School or $5 per athlete to cover awards. 

King’s High School Cross Country

Attn. Rod Wilcox

19303 Fremont Ave. No.

Shoreline, WA  98133

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Mens Results

3 Miles Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

11Austen Apperson
15:53.6 PRAdna
12Jared Donnel
16:00.1 PRBellevue Christian
10Noah Phillips
16:11.7 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
10Garrett McSheffrey
16:30.7NW Christian (Lacey)
12Cameron Chew
12Tyler Shea
16:41.6NW Christian (Colbert)
10Russell DeVries
16:50.6 PRMt Vernon Christian
12Kendall VanZanten
17:23.2 PRMt Vernon Christian
10Colby Crispeno
10Chris Knight
17:36.7 PRChelan
10Cameron Neilsen
17:40.5 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
11Hamilton Summers
17:51.8 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
11Anthony Hart
12Ian Levasseur
18:09.5 PRBear Creek
10Jonathan Brown
18:10.9 PRMt Vernon Christian
11Tony Dominguez
18:13.8NW Christian (Lacey)
11Tanner Lauzon
18:27.4 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
9Steven Baltz
18:30.8 PRLife Christian Academy
12Javier Torres
18:37.6 SRChelan
12Logan Manier
18:39.3 SRChelan
9Zac Johnson
18:45.0NW Christian (Colbert)
11Vaughn Cook
18:46.3 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
12Kevin Beck
18:46.5NW Christian (Colbert)
12Nicholas Beers
18:49.1NW Christian (Lacey)
11Trever Stone
18:49.4 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
9Jude Phillips
18:57.1 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
12Josiah Gould
19:04.6 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
11Pierce Papke
10Nathan Molvik
11Luke Pietsch
19:16.4 SROrcas Island
12Tommy Luce
19:18.2NW Christian (Colbert)
12Joseph Jung
19:21.6NW Christian (Lacey)
11Jasper Heise
19:21.9 PRBellevue Christian
12Dalton Droog
19:31.7 PRMt Vernon Christian
11Ezequal Compos
19:33.1 PRChelan
11Luke Hauser
19:36.8 PRNova
12Lucas Wellander
19:38.2 PRAdna
12Adam Mower
19:44.2 PRAdna
10Ian Flury
19:44.5 PRMt Vernon Christian
11Matthew Scheuber
19:47.9 PRAdna
11Adam Graves
19:50.2 SRBellevue Christian
11Jason Labusky
12Aaron Slape
20:39.5 PRAdna
12Tetsuo Park
20:42.2NW Christian (Colbert)
12Blake Davis
20:53.4 PRAdna
12Braxton Dowell
21:08.5 PRAdna
12Javier Pastor
21:26.4 SRChelan
11Ezeka Baldovinos
21:49.6 SRChelan
10Noah Christanson
21:50.5 PRChelan
10Ewan Lister
21:53.1 SROrcas Island
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3 Miles Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

9Landon Koukal
19:25.0 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
10Jace Wood
19:42.9 PRMt Vernon Christian
11Jeffrey Weber
11Solomon Moore
10Johnny He
20:09.7 PRBear Creek
9Ethan Kong
9Christopher Chrisope
20:38.5 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
10Tanner Noller
20:38.9 PRNW Christian (Colbert)
10Matias Babcock
20:47.5NW Christian (Lacey)
10Titus Shorack
11Kristian Poulson
9Mac Young
21:02.3NW Christian (Colbert)
10Daniel Hull
21:08.2Riverside Christian
12Michael McAlexander
21:15.7 PRLife Christian Academy
11Joseph Wiwakan
21:17.3 PRNova
10Cayden White
21:18.9 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
10Julian Hietter
21:24.0 PRNova
11Brian Maughan
21:29.9 PRAdna
8Isaac Immel
21:34.7Riverside Christian
10Keith Steedman
21:37.9 PRBellevue Christian
10Connor Anderson
21:46.9 PRBellevue Christian
10Aisan Ryan
21:48.6 PRAdna
11Hendrik Timmermans
21:50.8 PRMt Vernon Christian
11Aidan Pruitt
21:51.0 PRNova
11Otto Harcrow
9Dalton Schwab
10Keaton Yen
22:04.0 PRBellevue Christian
10Sam Pettersson
22:04.4 PRBellevue Christian
9Jeremy Victor
22:06.8 PRMt Vernon Christian
11Daniel Irwin
22:10.6 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
9Isaac Boblet
22:13.0NW Christian (Colbert)
9Daniel Dominguez
22:14.8 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
10Ben Gardner
10Andy Xu
22:36.8 PRBellevue Christian
11Taylor Li
10Tommy Zhou
10Jake Eko
22:49.5 PRAdna
9Owen Lindsey
22:56.4NW Christian (Colbert)
9AJ Clark
23:01.2Riverside Christian
9Ian Wright
23:02.2NW Christian (Colbert)
8Kenan Rottman
23:11.9Riverside Christian
9Joshua Gerrish
23:19.1 PRMt Vernon Christian
12John Phifer
23:27.7 PRMt Vernon Christian
9Thaikhan Tripp
23:39.6 PRAdna
11Collin Thomas
23:42.4 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
12Brandon Lang
24:13.5 SRMarysville-Pilchuck
11Francisco Sevella
24:48.6 PRChelan
12Jonah Engle
24:57.2 SRAdna
11Kyle Caligan
25:07.1Riverside Christian
10Leo Zhong
25:40.5NW Christian (Colbert)
10Brodie Myka
25:48.1 PRNova
9Grant Lindstrom
25:52.9 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
10David Johnston
26:27.2 SRBellevue Christian
10Leo Li
26:39.8 PRBellevue Christian
12Daniel Earls
27:22.0 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
9Tyson Caligan
27:35.9Riverside Christian
11Jimmy McGee
28:25.8 SRLife Christian Academy
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1.6 Miles Middle School - boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

8Nick LeBar
10:10.2 PRNorthshore Christian...
8Hiroto Nasu
10:13.6 PRKing's
8Lucas Needham
10:19.2 PRKing's
8Peter Billing
10:27.4 PRKing's
8Rehnberg Luis
10:37.8 PRCommunity Christian ...
8Seth Babcock
10:54.7 PRCommunity Christian ...
7Asher Ingram
11:00.8 PRCommunity Christian ...
7Kai Sullivan
8Will Wetter
11:22.2 PRBellevue Christian
8Will Culberson
11:25.4Northshore Christian...
6Zeek McEwen
11:32.6 PRCommunity Christian ...
8Jakob Diepenbrock
11:39.2Northshore Christian...
8Cody Maas
11:42.0Northshore Christian...
7Austin Short
6Evan Schaberg
11:55.8 PRBear Creek
8Eli Holt
8Ronin DeoCampo
8Chandler Hollis
12:17.1 PRBear Creek
7Bennett Nield
8Henry Ossinger
7Colson Chew
8Mason Towne
12:34.0 PRBrier Terrace
7Mark Tiersma
12:37.6 PRBrier Terrace
7Jaden Karuletwa
7Nolan Collier
7Pranav Teegavarapu
12:44.7 PRBear Creek
6Harrison Davis
12:47.9 PRBear Creek
6Tristan Hollis
12:50.5 PRBear Creek
8Nathan Cornwell
12:55.6 PRBellevue Christian
8Carter Landahl
12:56.4 PRBellevue Christian
7Caden Connors
13:40.8 PRBrier Terrace
7Cody Cramer
13:51.7Northshore Christian...
8Nikolas Faulkner
13:56.0 PRBrier Terrace
7Maxwell Gifford
14:19.6 PRBrier Terrace
6Colin Hoffert
15:01.0 PRCommunity Christian ...
7Baker Jacob
18:03.9 PRCommunity Christian ...
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Womens Results

3 Miles Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

11Andrea Markezich
18:35.0 PRBear Creek
10Naomi Smith
12Ellie Summers
19:16.7 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
11Olivia Markezich
20:08.5 PRBear Creek
12Megan McSheffrey
20:31.1 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
12Allison Perrow
11Ava Shackell
20:53.2 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
11Greta Gunning
10Jenae McInnes
10Jacalyn Tague
22:07.1 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
10Tosin Faleke
22:17.8NW Christian (Lacey)
10Nina Fraser
22:22.0 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
11Caitlynn Bell
22:29.9Riverside Christian
11Lauryn Apperson
22:35.1 PRAdna
12Olivia Nygreen
22:39.9 SRChelan
11Alexandra Christop...
10Autumn Janke
23:05.4NW Christian (Colbert)
12Maddie Evans
23:16.9NW Christian (Colbert)
11Tiffany Cowman
23:51.6 PRBear Creek
12Maggie Simmons
23:56.0Riverside Christian
12Victoria Cole
24:02.6Riverside Christian
10Grace Hutcheson
10Allie Fattizzi
11Sara Zirkle
25:16.6Riverside Christian
11Samee Jo Moon
25:24.2 PRAdna
9Tomi Luther
11Bella Fang
25:44.4NW Christian (Lacey)
10Grace Jackson
11Camille Koney
25:52.9 PRNova
11Lucy Caile
25:58.2 PRBear Creek
9Jenny Buckley
26:07.7 PRBear Creek
-Emily Williams
10Callista Waterbly
26:50.1 PRNW Christian (Colbert)
12Mackenzie Teigen
27:26.0NW Christian (Lacey)
12Hannah Limb
10Karina Lervick
28:31.0 PRMt Vernon Christian
10Kitty Jiang
29:21.3NW Christian (Lacey)
8Grace Dale
29:37.0Riverside Christian
11Emma Thoron
29:56.0 PROrcas Island
9Julia Davis
30:03.7 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
10Melissa Klonowski
31:16.8 PRAdna
10Ruby Chen
34:11.1NW Christian (Lacey)
9Audry Gelleland
34:17.8 PRChelan
10Judy Ding
37:17.8NW Christian (Lacey)
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1.6 Miles Middle School - girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

8Emma Arceo
10:42.1 PRKing's
5Maddie Ingram
11:45.4 PRCommunity Christian ...
7Kate Gerspacher
11:55.7Northshore Christian...
7Josie Ryder
12:03.3 PRCommunity Christian ...
7Mahrin McGregor
7Hadley Duke
7Ava Armbruster
7Regan Parnell
8Janelle Anderson
13:12.3 PRCommunity Christian ...
7Rachel Carlson
13:14.4 PRCommunity Christian ...
7Mia Gilster
13:25.0 PRBrier Terrace
7Ellie McAfee
13:31.4 PRKing's
7Jazmyn Wolfe
13:41.5 PRBrier Terrace
8Carly Preston
13:53.6 PRBear Creek
8Alia McFerran
14:00.0Northshore Christian...
7Nina Dodgin
14:00.3 PRBrier Terrace
8Lauren Carr
14:09.0Northshore Christian...
7Tori Mills
14:10.3 PRBrier Terrace
7Allison Sevier
14:21.7 PRBrier Terrace
7Avery Jordan
6Amelia Melton
14:56.7 PRBear Creek
6Sarah Hysom
14:58.2 PRBear Creek
8Rena Anderson
15:00.4 SRKing's
7Natalie Birt
8Gretta Denton
15:06.7 PRKing's
7Izzy Drewer
15:18.6 PRBear Creek
7Andrea Cruz Munoz
15:30.9 PRBrier Terrace
7Liliana Lopez-Sant...
15:37.1 PRBrier Terrace
7Faith Chung
15:38.8 PRBrier Terrace
8Sarah McArthur
16:20.0 PRBear Creek
7Ashlyn Jackson
17:01.2 PRBrier Terrace
7Allison Richards
17:10.7 PRBrier Terrace
7Gracie Storkson
17:31.4 PRKing's
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