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Mens Races

McLain Field

5,000 Meters Varsity10:45 AM
Womens Races

McLain Field

5,000 Meters Varsity10:00 AM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Lutheran HS Westland49
2.Ann Arbor Greenhills62
3.Detroit Country Day97
4.Rochester Hills Lutheran NW99
5.Hazel Park142
6.Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook K...153
7.Farmington Hills Harrison157
8.Birmingham Roeper163
1.10Ethan Rice
17:50.2Rochester Hills Luth...
2.11Caleb Maher
18:13.9Rochester Hills Luth...
3.10Alex Allman
18:14.9Ann Arbor Greenhills
4.11Stephen Johnson
18:39.8Hazel Park
5.11Michael Brannan
18:48.6Lutheran HS Westland
6.12Lucas Moody
18:50.7Lutheran HS Westland
7.11Jacob Adams
19:04.3Lutheran HS Westland
8.10Ian Gruenhagen
19:05.7Lutheran HS Westland
9.12Tony Zhao
19:06.9Detroit Country Day
10.11Andrew Angold-Step...
19:09.2Ann Arbor Greenhills
11.10Johnny Ellsworth
19:17.8 PRAnn Arbor Greenhills
12.9William Hoover
19:24.5Birmingham Roeper
13.12Phillip Popp
19:29.7Birmingham Roeper
14.11Gracey Bennett-Car...
19:43.5Bloomfield Hills Cra...
15.10John Redfield
19:53.9Detroit Country Day
16.11Blake Terry
20:00.2 SRHazel Park
17.11Nicholas Koh
20:00.7Ann Arbor Greenhills
18.10Samuel Rienhardt
20:09.9Farmington Hills Har...
19.11Hanting Wong
20:10.2Farmington Hills Har...
20.11Hassan Siddiqui
20:14.5Detroit Country Day
21.10Alan Atkinsmith
20:18.9Ann Arbor Greenhills
22.10Shiv Seshan
20:28.9Farmington Hills Har...
23.9Peyton Anderson
20:37.3Lutheran HS Westland
24.10Emilio Moya
20:37.9Ann Arbor Greenhills
25.10Patrick Dunfee
20:46.8Ann Arbor Greenhills
26.9Dylan Shefman
20:49.8Detroit Country Day
27.12Aroon Prabhu
20:53.9Detroit Country Day
28.12Tristan Sirls
21:01.1Bloomfield Hills Cra...
29.10Michael Pizzo
30.9Charlie Bossert
21:10.7Detroit Country Day
31.9Brendan Pehlke
21:43.1Rochester Hills Luth...
32.10Nate Reddeman
21:45.4Lutheran HS Westland
33.9Max Drummelsmith
21:46.7Rochester Hills Luth...
34.9Daniel Xu
21:47.2Bloomfield Hills Cra...
35.9Austin West
21:52.8Rochester Hills Luth...
36.11Jadyn Morris
22:01.2Bloomfield Hills Cra...
37.10Will Ellsworth
22:05.5Ann Arbor Greenhills
38.9Finn Vendola
22:16.1Ann Arbor Greenhills
39.12Kevin Shi
22:18.2Detroit Country Day
40.9Nathan Koh
22:21.3Ann Arbor Greenhills
41.9Anthony Migliaccio
22:21.8Detroit Country Day
42.9Mike Ennis
22:23.3Rochester Hills Luth...
43.9Owen Myers
22:26.0Rochester Hills Luth...
44.11Kyle Bender
22:33.0Hazel Park
45.11Carter Kovacs
22:35.4Lutheran HS Westland
46.11Andrew Adkins
22:51.9Hazel Park
47.11Sam Goehmann
22:53.5Lutheran HS Westland
48.9Henry Gaertner
22:56.6Lutheran HS Westland
49.9Conner Zbozien
23:02.9Hazel Park
50.9Williams Stephens
23:05.2Ann Arbor Greenhills
51.12Harry Jones
23:29.1Bloomfield Hills Cra...
52.9Parker Dayton
23:33.5Rochester Hills Luth...
53.11Noah Buerkel
23:37.3Rochester Hills Luth...
54.9Justin Brown
23:56.3Bloomfield Hills Cra...
55.10Kyle Knoche
24:04.2Rochester Hills Luth...
56.9Maguire Smith
24:08.4Birmingham Roeper
57.12Nicholas Ryan
24:20.0 PRDetroit Country Day
58.10Dylan Stevens
24:24.1Rochester Hills Luth...
59.10Evan Fisher
24:32.3Rochester Hills Luth...
60.9Matthew Karpenko
24:42.3Ann Arbor Greenhills
61.9Logan Betke
25:28.3Lutheran HS Westland
62.9Noah Leopold
25:40.9Birmingham Roeper
63.9Adam Sun
25:41.2Detroit Country Day
64.10Jon Dickey
65.11Bruce Pollatz
25:55.3Rochester Hills Luth...
66.9Jonah Mougoue
26:08.8Birmingham Roeper
67.12Alex Wu
26:10.8Ann Arbor Greenhills
68.10Melvin Thomas
27:26.2Farmington Hills Har...
69.11Trent Buday
27:26.9 SRRochester Hills Luth...
70.9Yusuf Mian
27:53.4Ann Arbor Greenhills
71.10Bly Hammons
33:51.1Hazel Park
72.12Aniket Paharia
35:24.3Detroit Country Day
73.11CJ Johnstone
37:59.9Rochester Hills Luth...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Bloomfield Hills Marian52
2.Ann Arbor Greenhills68
3.Farmington Hills Harrison78
4.Detroit Country Day96
5.Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook K...142
6.Hazel Park153
7.Lutheran HS Westland155
8.Rochester Hills Lutheran NW167
1.11Anya Turner
20:47.2Farmington Hills Har...
2.9Ainslie Vanneste
21:51.6Bloomfield Hills Mar...
3.10Yurui Zhang
23:03.3Detroit Country Day
4.12Candice Kwok
23:17.3Farmington Hills Har...
5.11Robin Kendziorski
23:26.2Hazel Park
6.12Selena Fack
23:35.8Lutheran HS Westland
7.12Nina Farahanchi
23:48.2Ann Arbor Greenhills
8.11Alina Bardwell
23:56.9Ann Arbor Greenhills
9.12Delaney Langdon
24:00.9Bloomfield Hills Cra...
10.10Natalie Cleary
24:03.2Bloomfield Hills Mar...
11.9Regan O'brien
24:05.5Bloomfield Hills Mar...
12.12Haley Chene
24:14.5Farmington Hills Har...
13.11Katie Suarez
24:33.6Ann Arbor Greenhills
14.10Tess Mervenne
24:38.7Bloomfield Hills Mar...
15.10Katelyn Sliwinski
24:46.7Bloomfield Hills Mar...
16.11Jessica Norris
24:49.5 SRAnn Arbor Greenhills
17.11Rebecca Li
24:51.8Detroit Country Day
18.9Jacy Hammons
24:55.8Hazel Park
19.9Paula Farmer
25:04.8Lutheran HS Westland
20.10Grace Vollmert
25:14.2Rochester Hills Luth...
21.11Amanda Sherrill
25:24.6Detroit Country Day
22.10Zoe Bryant
25:33.3Bloomfield Hills Mar...
23.9Abby He
25:35.0Detroit Country Day
24.11Moira Cummings
25:40.4Ann Arbor Greenhills
25.10Emma Miesner
25:52.8Farmington Hills Har...
26.9Emma Inloes
25:53.8Bloomfield Hills Cra...
27.11Rachel Stolzenfeld
26:08.4Rochester Hills Luth...
28.10Alexa Kittendorf
26:21.3Ann Arbor Greenhills
29.10Shannon Higgins
26:24.3Bloomfield Hills Mar...
30.10Ana Ferrara
26:28.7Bloomfield Hills Mar...
31.9Sydney Moore
26:31.6 PRBloomfield Hills Cra...
32.9Sally Eisho
26:32.0Hazel Park
33.10Charlotte Venn
26:37.4 PRDetroit Country Day
34.11Julia Shen
26:39.9Detroit Country Day
35.12Cheyenne Dell
36.12Emilee Otten
26:59.8Rochester Hills Luth...
37.10Maheen Haq
27:22.5Detroit Country Day
38.11Elizabeth Kagan
27:24.4Farmington Hills Har...
39.11Sophie Karmanos
27:35.6 SRBirmingham Roeper
40.12Michelle Zorine
27:51.0Ann Arbor Greenhills
41.10Kayla Odesh
27:57.2Bloomfield Hills Mar...
42.12Veronika (Ronnie) ...
28:08.1Bloomfield Hills Cra...
43.10Mia Inakage
28:10.5Bloomfield Hills Cra...
44.12Breanna Moody
28:21.0Lutheran HS Westland
45.10Annabelle Tyrrell
28:24.2Rochester Hills Luth...
46.10Madeleine Kmieciak
28:25.9Farmington Hills Har...
47.9Sarah Spielbusch
48.10Samantha Brown
49.12Nikki Farahanchi
29:01.6Ann Arbor Greenhills
50.9Julia Wang
29:07.2Detroit Country Day
51.11Margaux Merz
29:10.3Ann Arbor Greenhills
52.11Fatimah Zeni
29:11.1Detroit Country Day
53.11Hannah Wedepohl
29:27.0 PRBirmingham Roeper
54.11Ruthie Seltz
29:51.6Lutheran HS Westland
55.10Madeline Smith
30:01.4Bloomfield Hills Mar...
56.11Aasiyah Khan
30:08.7Farmington Hills Har...
57.11Ashley Rihn
31:38.8Bloomfield Hills Mar...
58.11Isabella Mastantuono
31:43.1Farmington Hills Har...
59.11Gabriella Rinaldo
31:56.3Bloomfield Hills Mar...
60.9Rosine Oloni
32:23.7 PRFarmington Hills Har...
61.12Kyra Hohnstadt
32:31.4Rochester Hills Luth...
62.12Samantha Berger
32:33.6Bloomfield Hills Cra...
63.11Lauren Kevnick
32:39.5Bloomfield Hills Mar...
64.10Susan Goehmann
33:58.9Lutheran HS Westland
65.10Natalie Nalezyty
34:57.0Rochester Hills Luth...
66.9Emily Blowne
35:53.9 PRHazel Park
67.10Brooke Davis
35:56.6 PRBloomfield Hills Mar...
68.10Zion Helms
36:02.6 PRFarmington Hills Har...
69.11Kacee Perotti
36:04.8 SRHazel Park
70.11Jamia Elam
36:33.6 PRDetroit Country Day
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