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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Brebeuf Jesuit36
2.Indianapolis Cathedral70
3.Guerin Catholic91
4.Indianapolis Bishop Chatard135
5.Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger161
7.South Bend St. Joseph170
8.Indianapolis Scecina Memorial232
9.Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter235
11.Oldenburg Academy245
12.Fort Wayne Bishop Luers258
13.Mishawaka Marian367
14.Lafayette Central Catholic400
1.10Cole Hocker
17:39.3Indianapolis Cathedral
2.11Christian Stevens
17:41.6Brebeuf Jesuit
3.11Alex Pirkle
18:19.5Brebeuf Jesuit
4.10Nicholas Perkins
5.10Ryan Pehlman
18:25.4Indianapolis Cathedral
6.11Morris Kimble
18:28.0Indianapolis Cathedral
7.12Hunter Lang
18:28.3Brebeuf Jesuit
8.12Walker Jinks
18:28.9Brebeuf Jesuit
9.10Quinn Gallagher
18:34.1Guerin Catholic
10.9Nick Hruskoci
18:47.1Indianapolis Cathedral
11.12Reid Masterson
12.11Andrew Hall
19:05.5Guerin Catholic
13.11Saul Garcia
19:13.3South Bend St. Joseph
14.11Nathan Kolbus
19:14.0Indianapolis Bishop ...
15.11Henry Egan
19:15.3Indianapolis Scecina...
16.10Brady Firenze
19:21.3Brebeuf Jesuit
17.11Connor Schepers
19:23.4Indianapolis Cardina...
18.12William Young
19:27.7Guerin Catholic
19.12Neil O'Brien
20.12Payton Stanley
19:31.6Guerin Catholic
21.12Joe Deiser
19:33.6Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
22.10Bill Powers
19:35.5South Bend St. Joseph
23.12Michael Manning
19:38.4Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
24.12Justin Fledderman
19:40.1Oldenburg Academy
25.10Jon Deem-Loureiro
19:43.2Indianapolis Bishop ...
26.10Stephen Busch
19:45.6Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
27.12Andy Powers
19:50.5South Bend St. Joseph
28.10Isaiah Wiseman
19:51.4Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
29.12Jax Crawford
19:52.1Indianapolis Bishop ...
30.12Sean Hurley
19:52.7Indianapolis Bishop ...
31.10Emmett Delaney
19:52.8Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
32.12Mack Bentivoglio
20:01.9Guerin Catholic
33.10Thomas Gaines
34.9Jack Kovach
20:04.0Brebeuf Jesuit
35.11Jimmy Huscroft
20:20.3Guerin Catholic
36.12Patrick Berger
20:20.8Guerin Catholic
37.12Luke Mark
20:22.2Indianapolis Bishop ...
38.12Andrew Clegg
20:23.3Indianapolis Scecina...
39.11Collin Cahill
20:23.9Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
40.10Andy Myers
20:24.7Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
41.11Cam Houston
20:29.1Indianapolis Cardina...
42.12Timmy Miller
43.11Holden Martin
20:32.1Indianapolis Scecina...
44.10Simon Derloshon
20:34.4Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
45.12Tristan Moreno
20:35.4South Bend St. Joseph
46.10Tyler Upton
47.11Chandler Gibson
48.9George Wajda
20:39.4Indianapolis Cathedral
49.11Greyson Turner
20:43.9Indianapolis Cathedral
50.12Aiden Fierst
20:46.7Indianapolis Cardina...
51.11Connor Loesch
20:48.8Mishawaka Marian
52.10Thomas Roth
20:55.0Indianapolis Bishop ...
53.11Ian Dickey
20:56.8Oldenburg Academy
54.12Josh Ford
55.11Jacob Herbert
21:00.6Oldenburg Academy
56.12Dave Kuntz
21:04.2Oldenburg Academy
57.12Gregory Schroeder
21:05.0Oldenburg Academy
58.11Carson Pocock
21:06.2Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
59.9Joshua Myers
21:08.5Oldenburg Academy
60.12Gabe Frey
21:15.6Oldenburg Academy
61.12Jacob Lenne
21:23.6Indianapolis Scecina...
62.9Scott Roggeman
21:25.1Indianapolis Cardina...
63.10Joe Deahl
21:27.5South Bend St. Joseph
64.9Matthew Cleveland
21:30.2Lafayette Central Ca...
65.9Max Foshee
21:33.5Indianapolis Cardina...
66.9Max Simcox
21:35.2Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
67.10Niels Caspersen
21:39.8Brebeuf Jesuit
68.9Alexander Perkinson
69.11Dave Schrader
70.10Dillon Blank
22:12.5South Bend St. Joseph
71.10Jacob Normington
22:24.3Lafayette Central Ca...
72.11Nathan Klockow
22:35.7Mishawaka Marian
73.12Daniel Burger
22:37.4Indianapolis Bishop ...
74.12Justin Bontempo
22:44.2Indianapolis Cardina...
75.12Dominic Petrone
22:53.4Indianapolis Scecina...
76.9Chris Figueroa
77.9Michael Mark
23:03.8Indianapolis Cardina...
78.12Robbie Sink
23:14.4Mishawaka Marian
79.12Sam Vielee
23:19.5Indianapolis Cathedral
80.11Nathan Gerwels
23:33.3Mishawaka Marian
81.11Stephen Schoering
82.12Nate Smith
23:48.0Indianapolis Scecina...
83.9Omar Nieto
24:11.4Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
84.9Javier Bayouth
24:18.9Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
85.10David Ortman
24:19.9Lafayette Central Ca...
86.11Alex Berta
24:35.1Mishawaka Marian
87.10Bradon Dykes
88.11Nate Kerr
24:50.2Lafayette Central Ca...
89.11Erick Diaz
24:53.5Mishawaka Marian
90.9Jaden Swidereck
25:11.4Seton Catholic
91.9Gavin Ealey
25:14.8Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
92.11Clay Ealey
25:23.8Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
93.11Drake Semyen
25:37.1Lafayette Central Ca...
94.11Dennis Mammolenti
25:37.4Mishawaka Marian
95.10Jaren Freeman
26:43.5Providence Cristo Rey
96.11Vejay Burris
27:17.9Washington Catholic
97.9Brenden Wagner
27:28.4Lafayette Central Ca...
98.9Josh Brown
27:39.1Seton Catholic
99.9Isaiah Wilson
27:57.9Indianapolis Scecina...
100.11Dev Patel
28:21.7Washington Catholic
101.9Zander Philbeck
28:41.6Seton Catholic
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Guerin Catholic18
2.Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger63
3.Brebeuf Jesuit93
5.Indianapolis Bishop Chatard126
6.Indianapolis Cathedral159
7.South Bend St. Joseph191
8.Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter241
9.Providence Cristo Rey282
1.11Bobby Spech
19:38.0Guerin Catholic
2.12Keegan Kirkwood
19:39.0Guerin Catholic
3.10Patrick Etzler
20:28.6Brebeuf Jesuit
4.12Jacob Washlock
20:38.9Guerin Catholic
5.12Grant Defalque
20:43.0Guerin Catholic
6.12Ryker Mcphail
20:52.9Guerin Catholic
7.10Joe Barrett
21:01.2Guerin Catholic
8.11Jason Croddy
9.9Ethan Clapacs
21:18.1Indianapolis Bishop ...
10.10Keaton Broerman
21:24.9Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
11.10Drew Reiling
21:30.3Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
12.12Connor Pappa
21:31.4Guerin Catholic
13.9Weston Gingerich
21:35.5Guerin Catholic
14.9Jason Kochanski
21:37.7Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
15.10Tommy Koehl
21:40.5Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
16.10Chris Raines
21:52.7Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
17.10Calder Robinson
18.11Alex Campbell
21:55.7Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
19.11Kelby Atha
21:57.7Indianapolis Bishop ...
20.11Kyle Brun
21:59.2Brebeuf Jesuit
21.10Rodney O'Neal
21:59.6Indianapolis Cathedral
22.9John Willey
22:00.6Indianapolis Cathedral
23.10Michael Gerritzen
22:02.9Brebeuf Jesuit
24.10Hank Lazzara
22:05.3Guerin Catholic
25.10Joseph Straley
22:10.6Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
26.10Joshua Ruppert
22:11.2 SRBrebeuf Jesuit
27.11Uzair Khan
22:17.7Brebeuf Jesuit
28.12Peter Lenyo
22:18.3South Bend St. Joseph
29.12Josh Schuman
22:18.7Brebeuf Jesuit
30.9Dylan Fledderman
22:21.9Oldenburg Academy
31.12Mike Everett
22:23.5South Bend St. Joseph
32.11Kyle Curtis
22:24.3Guerin Catholic
33.9Ryan Flick
34.12John Hurley
22:27.3Indianapolis Bishop ...
35.9Charlie Jacoba
22:28.0Indianapolis Bishop ...
36.10Josh Schipper
22:29.7Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
37.9Sam George
38.12Joe Burns
39.10Matthias Post
22:39.3Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
40.11Dylan Hall
22:40.5Brebeuf Jesuit
41.10Charlie Vielee
22:42.7Indianapolis Cathedral
42.12Brian Farrell
22:43.6Guerin Catholic
43.10Michael Runholt
44.11John Landrigan
22:44.5Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
45.10Patrick Podlaski
22:54.0Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
46.9Peter Sperry
23:14.2Indianapolis Cardina...
47.10Mario Villegas-Gon...
23:14.3Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
48.9Nic Napier
23:14.3Indianapolis Bishop ...
49.10Alex Trahin
23:20.8Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
50.11Pat McMasters
23:22.1Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
51.9Aaron Weber
23:25.6Oldenburg Academy
52.12Banayote Anthony
23:27.7 SRIndianapolis Bishop ...
53.11Adam Wolf
54.9Robbie Sheffield
23:30.0Brebeuf Jesuit
55.12Joseph Bem
23:38.9Indianapolis Cathedral
56.10Ethan Moster
23:44.3Guerin Catholic
57.10Ben Miles
23:51.9Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
58.11Matthew Finley
23:52.1Guerin Catholic
59.9Noah McNeany
23:53.1Guerin Catholic
60.12Gabe Lindner
24:00.3Indianapolis Cathedral
61.10Peter Amat
24:05.4South Bend St. Joseph
62.10Ron Record
24:05.5Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
63.12Jackson Janowicz
24:07.6Indianapolis Bishop ...
64.9Aaron Banks
24:11.2Guerin Catholic
65.10Gabe Buening
66.10Jack Swift
24:17.4Guerin Catholic
67.11Jacob Bowman
68.9Henry Meinerding
69.10Zach O'Connor
24:28.7Brebeuf Jesuit
70.11Elliott DeSanto
24:29.3Indianapolis Cathedral
71.11Chase Lomont
24:32.0Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
72.11Sam Hubert
24:32.6Oldenburg Academy
73.12Quentin Lafollette
74.10Ethan Kaufmann
24:34.3Brebeuf Jesuit
75.12Kevin LaMaster
24:35.3Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
76.12Morgan Lippincort
24:41.1 SRSouth Bend St. Joseph
77.9Max Peeples
78.10Oskar Eisgruber
24:48.3Indianapolis Bishop ...
79.11Seth Bolden
24:51.7Indianapolis Cathedral
80.11Benton Stegemiller
81.10Jacob Kobza
24:56.0Indianapolis Cathedral
82.9Colin Chambers
25:15.3Brebeuf Jesuit
83.9Ryan Wieneke
25:19.0South Bend St. Joseph
84.11Joshua Wolfe
25:24.2Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
85.9Henry Williams
25:30.3Brebeuf Jesuit
86.11Solomon Aaron
25:36.1Indianapolis Cardina...
87.10Mitchell Jacob
25:44.7Indianapolis Cardina...
88.12Ben Hallett
25:46.4Guerin Catholic
89.10Ralph Penafiel
25:49.7Brebeuf Jesuit
90.9Nathan Hart
91.9Isaac Letcher
25:59.5Mishawaka Marian
92.11Garren Kirkwood
25:59.8Guerin Catholic
93.9Liam Irwin
94.10Luke Elsasser
26:08.7Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
95.10Thomas McLaughlin
26:10.9 SRBrebeuf Jesuit
96.9Grant Potter
26:15.4Lafayette Central Ca...
97.11Spencer Wells
26:15.9Brebeuf Jesuit
98.10Dylan Record
26:22.4Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
99.11Marks Nathan
26:24.4Indianapolis Cardina...
100.10Joey Costello
26:25.9Brebeuf Jesuit
101.10Ryan Brandenburg
102.9Walt Lewis
26:27.4Indianapolis Cathedral
103.10Aidan Sedleck
26:29.6Indianapolis Bishop ...
104.9Andrew George
26:47.9Indianapolis Cathedral
105.10Isaac Schwieterman
26:48.9Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
106.9Phillip Matthews
26:57.0Providence Cristo Rey
107.10Elkin Ramirez
26:58.1Providence Cristo Rey
108.9Steven Henry
26:59.3Lafayette Central Ca...
109.9Johnathan Tune
27:01.7Indianapolis Cardina...
110.10Zeke Gremore
111.10Wesley Kochell
27:04.2Indianapolis Cardina...
112.12Sam Brown
113.11Jared Rosen
27:12.8Brebeuf Jesuit
114.10Joey Klinger
27:18.5Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
115.11Edgar Dole
27:19.4Oldenburg Academy
116.11Brendan McCurdy
27:24.8Indianapolis Bishop ...
117.10Max Montgomery
27:32.5Indianapolis Bishop ...
118.9Jack Paris
27:35.4Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
119.9Eli Bush
27:36.8Indianapolis Cardina...
120.9Sam Horine
27:39.1Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
121.11Ashley Metangmo
27:44.9Indianapolis Cardina...
122.10Michael Barton
27:45.8Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
123.9Owen Begley
27:47.7Indianapolis Scecina...
124.10Nathan Cleveland
125.10Ross Reyes
126.10Simon Didat
28:14.0Indianapolis Bishop ...
127.12Max Bridgewater
128.10Nathan Horlander
28:16.0Indianapolis Bishop ...
129.11Andrew Lewis
28:19.8Brebeuf Jesuit
130.9Thomas Gledd
28:29.3Indianapolis Bishop ...
131.11Abraham Morton
28:30.5Brebeuf Jesuit
132.9Ethan Gosser
133.9Michael Feltz
134.10Thomas Catalano
28:45.9Indianapolis Bishop ...
135.9Sam Dever
136.10William Shumaker
28:48.9Indianapolis Bishop ...
137.9Jacob Parsons
28:49.1Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
138.9Jack McGillicuddy
28:49.8Indianapolis Bishop ...
139.12Nick Williams
28:50.7Mishawaka Marian
140.11Ben Otto
28:56.1Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
141.11Jack Hopper
28:58.9Brebeuf Jesuit
142.10Steven Good
29:00.3Indianapolis Bishop ...
143.11Matthew Frabutt
29:07.0South Bend St. Joseph
144.9Todd Hunt
145.10Timmy Maginn
29:08.6Indianapolis Cathedral
146.11Jaeden Osmun
29:08.6Indianapolis Cathedral
147.11Michael Schwemmer
29:13.0Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
148.9Aaron Murray
29:22.7 PRProvidence Cristo Rey
149.12Keith Bremmer
150.9Luke Potts
29:31.1Mishawaka Marian
151.11Alasdair Reese
29:36.1Indianapolis Bishop ...
152.10Ben Jordan
29:36.6Indianapolis Cardina...
153.11Arinze Osili
29:42.9Brebeuf Jesuit
154.11James Kelaghan
29:50.7Brebeuf Jesuit
155.11Matt Shanahan
156.10Dominic Dattilo
30:08.8Indianapolis Bishop ...
157.9James Payne
30:09.8Indianapolis Scecina...
158.11George Kite
30:13.0Brebeuf Jesuit
159.9Stephen Hoke
30:21.9Brebeuf Jesuit
160.10Joseph Schubach
161.10Matthew Troy
31:00.9Indianapolis Cathedral
162.9Logan McCurdy
31:01.5Indianapolis Bishop ...
163.9Chance Sweat
31:32.2Providence Cristo Rey
164.9Alejandro Rafeal
31:46.3Providence Cristo Rey
165.11Matthew Taylor
31:51.5South Bend St. Joseph
166.10Alex Koers
32:26.0Indianapolis Cathedral
167.10Julious Johnican
32:29.1Indianapolis Cardina...
168.11Chase Williamson
32:39.7Indianapolis Bishop ...
169.9Justus Owen
170.11Edward Gramling
33:35.4Indianapolis Bishop ...
171.9Harrison Sisk
172.12Miles Sweeney
33:39.7Brebeuf Jesuit
173.9Joey Fremion
34:05.9Guerin Catholic
174.9Jonas Skiba
35:17.1Brebeuf Jesuit
175.9Nate Phillips
35:37.9Brebeuf Jesuit
176.9Alec Moore
36:01.0Indianapolis Bishop ...
177.9Quincy Williamson
38:49.6Indianapolis Bishop ...
178.9Carter Wong
41:41.4Indianapolis Bishop ...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Guerin Catholic28
2.Indianapolis Cathedral79
3.Brebeuf Jesuit84
4.Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger96
5.Indianapolis Bishop Chatard134
6.Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter150
7.Fort Wayne Bishop Luers176
8.Mishawaka Marian200
9.Oldenburg Academy245
11.South Bend St. Joseph317
1.12Megan Slamkowski
21:14.9Guerin Catholic
2.11Jenna Barker
21:31.8Seton Catholic
3.10Paige Schemanske
21:35.6Guerin Catholic
4.10Ellie Schroeder
21:41.7Guerin Catholic
5.9Mary Anna Wehrle
21:45.0Indianapolis Cardina...
6.9Zoe Simmons
21:57.5Brebeuf Jesuit
7.11Emily McManus
22:14.1Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
8.12Bayley Wade
9.10Isabelle Museck
22:19.5Guerin Catholic
10.10Kate Ricks
22:20.3Brebeuf Jesuit
11.12Kendall Blake
22:23.8Indianapolis Cardina...
12.9Gracie Carr
22:24.2Indianapolis Cathedral
13.9Miriam Walker
22:37.8Lafayette Central Ca...
14.10Katie Dietrick
22:48.1Indianapolis Bishop ...
15.9Erin Strzelecki
22:55.0Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
16.9Megan Kaster
22:57.4Indianapolis Cathedral
17.12Marissa Vander Mis...
22:58.7Indianapolis Cathedral
18.11Lucia Perez
23:03.7Guerin Catholic
19.11Annie Gallagher
23:22.1Indianapolis Cathedral
20.9Mariah Wehrle
23:23.8Indianapolis Cardina...
21.9Anna Morris
23:24.0Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
22.12Abigail Brelage
23:24.6Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
23.12Delaney Jacquay
23:32.5Indianapolis Bishop ...
24.9Maggie Smith
23:35.2Brebeuf Jesuit
25.9Rachel Moore
23:45.8Brebeuf Jesuit
26.11Samantha Weldon
23:48.9Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
27.9Kathryn Nix
23:51.8Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
28.9Melinda Eckstein
23:53.1Oldenburg Academy
29.11Sofia Alatorre
24:00.9Indianapolis Cathedral
30.9Susie Beeber
24:16.0Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
31.9Kelly Gardner
24:24.8Brebeuf Jesuit
32.10Alexandria Ebetino
24:30.4Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
33.9Kristina Baum
24:32.6Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
34.11Katie Nickerson
24:42.5Indianapolis Bishop ...
35.12Sydney Sterrett
24:50.9Lafayette Central Ca...
36.11Olivia Origer
37.10Annmarie Bankston
24:56.1Brebeuf Jesuit
38.11Abby Teed
24:57.5Indianapolis Bishop ...
39.11Hanna Stamm
24:57.7Seton Catholic
40.10Karen Hunckler
25:03.4Mishawaka Marian
41.11Hannah Stein
25:09.6Mishawaka Marian
42.11Hannah Majewski
25:13.9Mishawaka Marian
43.10Jaeden Crawford
25:17.6Indianapolis Bishop ...
44.9Maggie McGuire
25:48.3Guerin Catholic
45.12Marisa Wigent
25:53.2Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
46.10Carsen Thompson
25:53.7Oldenburg Academy
47.11Emma Kearns
25:54.0Mishawaka Marian
48.9Mary Borchers
25:55.7Indianapolis Bishop ...
49.11Megan Mattei
26:00.3Indianapolis Cathedral
50.12Kate Anderson
26:09.0Guerin Catholic
51.9Mary Roesener
52.10Maria Christoff
26:22.1Indianapolis Bishop ...
53.9Tatum Mulholland
26:23.1Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
54.12Caroline O'Callaghan
26:40.8South Bend St. Joseph
55.12Madeleine McTigue
26:46.4Mishawaka Marian
56.11Melissa Meneses
26:49.8Oldenburg Academy
57.10Krista Moore
26:53.4Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
58.12Claire Fewell
26:53.7Mishawaka Marian
59.10Leah Hall
27:00.4Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
60.11Charlotte Voor
27:06.5Mishawaka Marian
61.11Elie Heile
27:07.3 SROldenburg Academy
62.9Annie Waters
27:17.1Indianapolis Cardina...
63.11Miranda Seguin
27:25.2Indianapolis Cathedral
64.11Emileigh Wilham
65.11Danielle Henke
66.12Caitlyn Freville
67.9Trinity Gleitz
68.12Julia Kurz
69.11Grace Smith
28:36.8Indianapolis Cardina...
70.12Katrina Sakimoto
28:57.8South Bend St. Joseph
71.10Logan Moss
29:17.9Indianapolis Scecina...
72.10Nikita Robbins
29:35.0Lafayette Central Ca...
73.9Claire Burton
29:52.8Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
74.10Audrey Delano
30:07.2South Bend St. Joseph
75.11Lauren Rmysza
30:11.5South Bend St. Joseph
76.11Maria Jackson
30:20.6Seton Catholic
77.12Kristen Hiskes
30:21.1Indianapolis Cardina...
78.9Lauryn Harcus
30:27.2Indianapolis Cardina...
79.11Isabelle Leffler
30:46.9Indianapolis Scecina...
80.11Scout Leffler
81.10Alex Marshall
31:27.4Indianapolis Scecina...
82.11Emma Flispart
83.12Lily Walsh
32:00.1South Bend St. Joseph
84.9Ashley Vasquez
32:52.9Providence Cristo Rey
85.10Claire Burford
33:13.4Oldenburg Academy
86.9Justine Stenger
33:45.7Oldenburg Academy
87.9Anne Griffin
34:14.7South Bend St. Joseph
88.11Leann Brenneke
34:32.9Seton Catholic
89.11Brianna Hall
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Guerin Catholic31
2.Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger60
3.Indianapolis Cathedral94
5.Indianapolis Bishop Chatard104
6.Brebeuf Jesuit123
1.9Reagan Behringer
25:10.1Indianapolis Bishop ...
2.11Amanda Schafer
25:36.7Guerin Catholic
3.9Audrey Darland
25:45.5Guerin Catholic
4.11Maren Fitschen
25:50.3Guerin Catholic
5.12Madeline Youngman
26:00.8Guerin Catholic
6.11Nikki Gloudemans
26:16.5Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
7.12Julie Eigenbrod
26:20.7Brebeuf Jesuit
8.11Kathleen Morse
9.10Hannah Ewing
26:41.7Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
10.10Kennedy Miller
26:43.4Indianapolis Cathedral
11.11Marissa Seguin
26:50.5Indianapolis Cathedral
12.10Desirae Fuller
26:50.5Indianapolis Bishop ...
13.9Mia Wagner
27:09.1Brebeuf Jesuit
14.9Julia Eckrich
27:14.1Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
15.11Lauryn Federspiel
27:18.0Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
16.11Maggie Schroeder
27:21.8Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
17.9Nicole Powers
27:50.7Guerin Catholic
18.9Marian Grskovich
28:06.4Guerin Catholic
19.10Rachel Gerdt
20.10Sarah Majewski
28:25.2Mishawaka Marian
21.10Caroline Miller
28:26.2Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
22.9Olivia Eisaman
28:28.5Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
23.9Kendrick Mernitz
28:31.3Indianapolis Cathedral
24.9Anne Getz
28:33.9Indianapolis Cathedral
25.11Laut Isabelle
26.12Alex Swingendorf
27.11Grace Murphy
28.10Grace McGinley
29:17.1Indianapolis Bishop ...
29.10Megan Palmer
29:27.3Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
30.9Annie Leppert
29:27.8Indianapolis Cathedral
31.9Libby Kolbus
29:31.4Indianapolis Bishop ...
32.12Laurell Baker
33.10Elaine Esposito
29:34.3Brebeuf Jesuit
34.11Lauren Walker
29:35.3Indianapolis Cathedral
35.9Maria Cavacini
29:44.5Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
36.9Eileen Witt
29:48.6Guerin Catholic
37.10Sophia Ley
29:51.5Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
38.9Mary Theresea Ford
29:52.0Guerin Catholic
39.10Isabel Knight
29:54.9Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
40.11Lizzy Roy
29:59.1Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
41.11Anna Getty
30:07.1Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
42.11Leslie Gamero
30:12.0Brebeuf Jesuit
43.9Lauren Duffy
30:13.3Indianapolis Bishop ...
44.10Caitlin O'Connor
30:20.3Indianapolis Cathedral
45.10Margaret Howe
30:25.3Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
46.10Maeci Dristas
47.9Sophia Shelburn
48.11Olivia Frick
30:30.7Mishawaka Marian
49.11Izzy Jahnke
50.11Olivia Balcer
30:51.9Guerin Catholic
51.12Evie Petterson
30:58.2 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
52.10Mary Rice
30:58.8Mishawaka Marian
53.11Anna Flood
31:00.2Indianapolis Cathedral
54.11Moira Gula
31:01.4Brebeuf Jesuit
55.9Sarah Niednagel
31:03.1Brebeuf Jesuit
56.12Grace Maher
31:05.2South Bend St. Joseph
57.10Kaleigh Falimirski
31:05.8Guerin Catholic
58.9Katie Baker
59.11Ireland Stevens
31:15.7Brebeuf Jesuit
60.9Riley Pratt
31:17.2Indianapolis Cathedral
61.10Ellen Schrader
62.9Lily Atha
31:22.5Indianapolis Bishop ...
63.10Caroline Browne
31:35.3Indianapolis Cathedral
64.9Katie Barnes
31:40.6Indianapolis Bishop ...
65.10Sophie Talarico
31:44.6Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
66.12Elizabeth Siler
31:44.9Indianapolis Bishop ...
67.9Clara O'Brien
31:46.9Indianapolis Bishop ...
68.11Molly Beatty
31:52.4Indianapolis Cathedral
69.12Bernie Hughbanks
31:54.5Indianapolis Bishop ...
70.11Antonia Walker
31:55.8Indianapolis Cathedral
71.11Caroline Mages
31:56.7Indianapolis Cathedral
72.11Abby Woida
31:57.2Indianapolis Cathedral
73.11Stephanie Corbett
74.10Avalon Husain
32:01.5Brebeuf Jesuit
75.9Julienna Gough
32:06.1Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
76.9Ellie Murphy
77.11Sophia Reed
32:12.5Indianapolis Bishop ...
78.11Annie Klein
32:14.9 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
79.11Lauren Smith
32:15.2Indianapolis Cathedral
80.11Rachael Kehlor
32:21.1Guerin Catholic
81.9Lareesa Gough
32:23.0Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
82.12Samantha Haimbaugh
32:27.1Indianapolis Bishop ...
83.10Megan Moriarty
32:29.8Indianapolis Cathedral
84.10Lainey Scroggins
32:30.8Indianapolis Bishop ...
85.10Lily Shafer
32:30.9Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
86.12Lindsey Woods
32:33.5Indianapolis Bishop ...
87.9Fiona Hostettler
32:43.8Indianapolis Bishop ...
88.10Lucy Park
32:46.6Indianapolis Bishop ...
89.9Emily Sonderman
90.11Daphne Kimes
32:55.8Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
91.9Sofia Filas
92.9Kenzi Gaynor
32:57.5Indianapolis Bishop ...
93.11Claire Alfery
94.12Lily Fillenwarth
33:04.0Indianapolis Bishop ...
95.12Hayley Guerrettaz
96.11Victoria Nicholas
33:16.7Indianapolis Bishop ...
97.12Chloe Owen
98.11Gabrielle Viduya
99.11Margaret Cicchiello
33:21.7Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
100.10Regina Rancourt
33:22.1Guerin Catholic
101.9Miranda Stickel
33:24.7Indianapolis Bishop ...
102.9Lily Wagoner
33:29.9Indianapolis Cathedral
103.9Alyssa Rondinella
33:32.2Indianapolis Bishop ...
104.11Kathleen Soller
105.9Jessica Bontempo
33:33.7Indianapolis Cardina...
106.11Juliet Wassall
33:34.5Indianapolis Bishop ...
107.9McKayla Messer
33:36.0Indianapolis Bishop ...
108.9Megan Berenyi
33:39.1Brebeuf Jesuit
109.11Jenna Phelps
33:42.7Indianapolis Bishop ...
110.10Izzy Corns
33:47.1Indianapolis Bishop ...
111.9Margaret Doyle
33:49.0Indianapolis Bishop ...
112.9Caroline Caito
33:50.1Brebeuf Jesuit
113.11Meredith Kutan
33:54.4Indianapolis Cathedral
114.10Mikayleigh Clark
33:54.6Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
115.11Kiera Till
33:54.8Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
116.11Grace Sorrells
33:56.7 SRBrebeuf Jesuit
117.11Shelby Zins
118.9Elaine Dorsey
34:03.1Indianapolis Cathedral
119.11Chloe Mann
120.10Elizabeth Murphy
34:06.8Indianapolis Cathedral
121.10Amanda Boggs
34:06.9Indianapolis Bishop ...
122.11Rachel Smith
34:08.1Indianapolis Bishop ...
123.9Heidi Copple
34:11.0Indianapolis Bishop ...
124.9Rachel Konesco
34:18.2Indianapolis Cathedral
125.11Katie Quinn
34:24.2Indianapolis Cathedral
126.11Sarah Green
34:26.0Brebeuf Jesuit
127.9Faith Didier
34:37.4Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
128.10Ellie Morse
34:41.7Indianapolis Cathedral
129.11Jenna Williams
34:45.9Indianapolis Cathedral
130.11Libby Larch
34:46.3Indianapolis Cathedral
131.11Tyler White
35:13.8Indianapolis Bishop ...
132.11Caitlyn Ryan
35:14.4Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
133.10Catherine Saunders
35:14.4Brebeuf Jesuit
134.10Sarah Wiley
135.9Savanna Henry
35:20.0Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
136.11Meredith Sell
35:21.8Guerin Catholic
137.10Lauren Helmen
35:24.5 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
138.9Olivia Houston
35:26.3Indianapolis Cardina...
139.9Mary Braun
35:26.5Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
140.10Kate MCnulty
141.11Brooke Stanton
35:37.6Brebeuf Jesuit
142.9Caroline Sorrells
35:38.4Brebeuf Jesuit
143.9Abigail Spohn
35:38.4Brebeuf Jesuit
144.9Ella Gebke
35:38.4Brebeuf Jesuit
145.9Katherine Melbert
35:38.7Brebeuf Jesuit
146.9Abby Smith
35:38.7Brebeuf Jesuit
147.11Taylor Hehmann
148.12Amy Kurutz
35:48.3Indianapolis Cardina...
149.9Saaya Kumar
35:48.4Brebeuf Jesuit
150.11Gillian Defalque
35:51.3Guerin Catholic
151.11Catherine Soto-Loz...
35:55.5Brebeuf Jesuit
152.11Katelyn Hess
153.9Elli Aleski
154.9Sara Wheeler
36:08.1Indianapolis Bishop ...
155.11Angela Gonzalez
156.10Patty Mostata
36:25.4Indianapolis Cathedral
157.10Madison Fulton
36:27.9Oldenburg Academy
158.11Annie O'Neil
36:28.5Indianapolis Cathedral
159.9Emma Sommers
160.9Ember Burford
36:39.1Oldenburg Academy
161.11Sarah Kennedy
36:41.5Indianapolis Cathedral
162.10Lakia Harris
36:42.3Providence Cristo Rey
163.10Olivia Rorick
36:43.4Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
164.11Sammi Blanford
37:04.2Indianapolis Bishop ...
165.9Maritza Rafael
37:14.5Providence Cristo Rey
166.9Lucy Kellison
37:17.3Indianapolis Bishop ...
167.9Catherine Nicholas
37:20.6Indianapolis Bishop ...
168.9Aidan Kramer
37:24.0Indianapolis Bishop ...
169.9Lindsey Hehmann
170.10Anabel Konesco
37:29.2Indianapolis Cathedral
171.11Mary Grace Wolfla
37:35.1 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
172.9Katherine Board
37:54.0Indianapolis Bishop ...
173.9Anna Kraege
37:54.9Indianapolis Cathedral
174.11Jackie Sapienza
37:57.3Guerin Catholic
175.11Chloe Fellwock
38:20.1Indianapolis Bishop ...
176.10Liona Russell
38:27.9Indianapolis Cathedral
177.11Sophie Saba
38:55.2 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
178.9Alexis Foreman
179.10Mary Kate Temple
38:59.4Indianapolis Cathedral
180.11Angel Bills
39:22.3Indianapolis Bishop ...
181.9Meredith Duffey
39:24.3Indianapolis Cathedral
182.12Laura Carroll
39:32.2Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
183.10Kaylee TenBarge
184.9Caroline Steiger
40:17.0Indianapolis Cathedral
185.12Catherine Scheaffer
186.10Rachel Glaze
40:47.9 SRIndianapolis Bishop ...
187.10Ashley Freiburger
40:48.1Indianapolis Bishop ...
188.11Sarah Walker
40:48.9Indianapolis Bishop ...
189.9Emily Wong
40:55.8Indianapolis Bishop ...
190.10Maggie Vavul
41:00.1Indianapolis Cathedral
191.10Victoria Gallant
41:11.2Indianapolis Cathedral
192.10Maggie Garcia
41:34.8Indianapolis Cathedral
193.11Ellie Browning
41:57.6Indianapolis Cathedral
194.10Sarah Kent
41:59.2Indianapolis Cathedral
195.11Tierney McDonald
43:43.6Indianapolis Bishop ...
196.11Bridget Kunz
43:43.9Indianapolis Cathedral
197.11Anna Epple
43:44.4Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
198.9Gwyneth Hanson
44:48.5Indianapolis Cathedral
199.11Grace Molenda
44:50.0Indianapolis Bishop ...
200.10Heidi Bartz
46:50.6Indianapolis Bishop ...
201.9Anne Elise Aguilera
48:04.0Indianapolis Bishop ...
202.9Kellie Keating
48:04.2Indianapolis Bishop ...
203.12Hannah Hutchison
48:10.4 PRIndianapolis Cathedral
204.9Katie Guymon
48:21.3Indianapolis Bishop ...
205.9Alex Couch
49:03.1Brebeuf Jesuit
206.9Nikita Rao
49:26.4Brebeuf Jesuit
207.10Elise Klinestiver
49:37.9Brebeuf Jesuit
208.9Maddie Cler
51:33.0Indianapolis Cathedral
209.10Emma Faulkner
52:14.4Indianapolis Cathedral
210.11Nikole Fauser
53:48.9Indianapolis Bishop ...
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