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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Abdi Ahmed
15:52.03FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
2.11Andrew Hylen
16:08.73Spring Lake
3.11Ben Hylen
16:23.00Spring Lake
4.10Zach Theeuwes
16:35.64 PRGrandville
5.12Scott Tran
16:39.67FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
6.11Sam Baustert
7.11Matthew Converse
16:53.55Zeeland West
8.11Andrew Ireland
16:55.89Grand Haven
9.12Ian Wiersma
16:57.95 PRZeeland East
10.9Cole Rowden
16:59.95Grand Haven
11.12Cameron Thalhammer
17:00.45Spring Lake
12.11Caleb Hodgkinson
17:03.16GR_Kenowa Hills
13.11Aidan Martin
17:03.59Grand Haven
14.11Matthew Semon
17:04.34East Kentwood
15.11Dominic Weatherwax
17:05.56Grand Haven
16.11Nick Dennison
17:05.94Muskegon Mona Shores
17.12Jacob Doornbos
18.12Kyle Messerschmidt
17:06.55Muskegon Oakridge
19.9Hayden Rhodea
20.12David Jamet
17:12.72FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
21.12Isaac Ringling
17:14.38Zeeland East
22.11Matthew Vanderwall
17:14.75Spring Lake
23.12Morrison Ismond
24.12Michael Zacker
17:16.92FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
25.10Ethan Senti
17:18.86Zeeland West
26.11Schaeffer Ailes
17:22.67Zeeland East
27.12Aaron Weimer
17:27.08Holland West Ottawa
28.12Joshua Williams
17:27.27 SREast Kentwood
29.10Caleb Swart
30.12Jack Guimieny
31.12Cade Poland
17:40.19Muskegon Mona Shores
32.12Jules Muhizi
17:42.61East Kentwood
33.9Addison Bluhm
34.10Jared Franke
17:43.91Grand Haven
35.10Joe Fordney
36.10Isaiah Salguero
37.11Aaron Torr
17:48.60East Kentwood
38.11Mason VanderKlipp
17:49.69FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
39.11Conor Haley
17:52.59Zeeland East
40.12Avrey Smith
17:57.52GR_Kenowa Hills
41.11Kyle Eveland
17:59.17Grand Haven
42.12Will Brown
18:04.55Spring Lake
43.12Josh Mudd
18:05.55Zeeland East
44.10Ben Everse
18:08.94Zeeland East
45.11Kyle Cochran
18:09.25GR_Kenowa Hills
46.12Keegan MacGeorge
18:14.33 PRAllendale
47.9Callen Carrier
18:15.86 PRSpring Lake
48.10Lucas Cossar
49.11Nathan Wolffis
18:17.70Grand Haven
50.10Luke Munsey
18:18.52Zeeland West
51.9Cris Perez
52.11Isaac Steers
18:21.66GR_Kenowa Hills
53.11Bryce Wright
54.10Havi Carroll
55.9Alex Bos
18:25.44Holland West Ottawa
56.10Mateo Arredondo
18:31.91Zeeland West
57.10Zach Swart
18:32.30 PRLowell
58.12Colin Meiste
18:33.58Zeeland East
59.10Derek Smith
18:37.75GR_Kenowa Hills
60.12Isaac Sierra
18:38.03Holland West Ottawa
61.12Ben VanHuis
62.12Nathan Peterson
18:38.81 PRSpring Lake
63.12Tyler Reno
64.12Patrick Hebreard
18:41.12FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
65.11Kullan Morgan
18:43.72East Kentwood
66.10Colin Brown
18:45.05Holland West Ottawa
67.10Luke Freyhof
68.11Calvin Simmet
69.12Ethan Wolters
18:49.19Zeeland West
70.10Dakota Riemersma
71.9Ruben Pung
18:49.97Zeeland West
72.9Nathan Terbeek
73.12Otto Dryfout
18:53.56Holland West Ottawa
74.9Drew Berens
75.9Dan VanHarmelen
76.12Conner Meyers
77.11Matthew Jones
19:00.22Muskegon Oakridge
78.10Sheldon Brott
19:00.97Muskegon Oakridge
79.11Andrew Hammond
19:01.83GR_Kenowa Hills
80.11Nathan Clark
19:02.17Muskegon Mona Shores
81.9Johnny Muoio
19:02.67Holland West Ottawa
82.12Thomas Balaskovitz
83.12Kenny Stump
84.12Haddan Young
85.12Matthew Katz
19:15.78 PRFHN GR_Forest Hills ...
86.10Thomas Dummer
19:22.45Holland West Ottawa
87.10Noah Wheeler
19:22.69 PRGrandville
88.12Hunter Bower
19:32.16 SRWhitehall
89.9Lucas Schneider
19:37.16East Kentwood
90.11Nathan Masser
19:50.33Muskegon Oakridge
91.12Austin Peters
92.12Austin Edsall
93.10Jadyn Courtney
20:03.62 PRGR_Kenowa Hills
94.10Will Urban
20:05.95Muskegon Mona Shores
95.10Hayden Helmer
20:09.06Muskegon Mona Shores
96.9Isaac Powell
20:20.28Muskegon Mona Shores
97.10Tyler Shafer
98.11Nolan Duff
20:28.92Muskegon Mona Shores
99.12Nathan Evans
100.12Alexis Jimenez
101.12Jacob Peters
26:11.00 SRWyoming
102.10Carlos Falcon Mart...
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.11Jake Fischer
18:01.10 PRGrand Haven
2.11Cole Lloyd
18:13.09Zeeland East
3.11Max Sepeshy
18:33.08Grand Haven
4.11Victor Chemjor
5.11Cameron Hall
18:41.34 PRSpring Lake
6.12Aaron Hughes
18:43.14Grand Haven
7.11Caleb Borns
18:43.77Grand Haven
8.11Jack Reus
18:44.67Grand Haven
9.11Evan Schock
18:45.02Spring Lake
10.12Gavin Tucker
11.10Evan Dubridge
19:00.80Grand Haven
12.9Bernardo Saldivar
19:01.09 PRGrandville
13.11Jack Leech
19:01.42Spring Lake
14.10Ashton Brennan
19:03.00Zeeland East
15.12Ivan Vanderkolk
19:09.62FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
16.11Brendan Gross
19:14.08Grand Haven
17.10Max Jakubowski
19:14.56Zeeland East
18.10Ian Heckel
19:15.17Zeeland West
19.11Max VanDoorne
19:16.58FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
20.11Hunter Vetula
19:17.53Spring Lake
21.10Mitch Helmus
19:18.78Zeeland East
22.10Sam Morin
19:19.80Holland West Ottawa
23.10Brody Houle
19:20.67Grand Haven
24.9Alex Boersma
19:20.94Holland West Ottawa
25.12Will Brown
19:23.00Spring Lake
26.10Aaron Baumann
19:24.19 SRZeeland East
27.10Willis Cheng
19:28.59FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
28.11Matthew Weimer
19:29.58Holland West Ottawa
29.9Joshua Ennen
19:29.95Zeeland West
31.9Rowan Henderson
19:32.00Grand Haven
32.9Zach Boersen
19:32.59Grand Haven
33.9William Mackey
19:35.31Holland West Ottawa
34.11Jaden Gorsh
35.10Greg Flynn
19:40.42FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
36.9Jack Parker
19:40.64 PRSpring Lake
37.11Henry Austin
38.11Ben Walters
19:42.03Spring Lake
39.11Brady Mester
19:43.67 SREast Kentwood
40.9Logan Rosser
41.9Blake Nelson
42.12Brendan Kelly
19:48.52Grand Haven
43.9John Lothian
44.11Noah Kinnucan
19:55.22Muskegon Mona Shores
45.9Myles Buursma
19:55.75 PRGrandville
46.10Josiah Swenor
19:56.62Spring Lake
47.12Alex Brandt
48.9Kegan Lyonnais
20:01.97FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
49.12Joe Lawrence
20:02.19Holland West Ottawa
50.12Chad Hansen
20:04.06FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
51.9Hopper Miller
20:05.42Spring Lake
52.11Jacob Yingling
20:05.83East Kentwood
53.11Zach Shidler
54.9Darvin Jimenez
20:07.34Holland West Ottawa
55.12Brendan Kelly
20:07.81Grand Haven
56.11Brett Schuitema
57.9Jack Aalderink
20:08.66Zeeland West
58.9Christian Colvin
20:08.86Grand Haven
59.9Harrison Tucker
20:09.33FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
60.10Aren Homrich
20:09.58FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
61.9Addison Bluhm
62.9Callen Carrier
20:10.27Spring Lake
63.11Dylan Muntter
20:10.66Zeeland West
64.9Eli Sierra
20:11.05Holland West Ottawa
65.12Conner Wurtz
66.10James Lilly
20:13.95East Kentwood
67.10Connor Hilliker
20:14.98 PRMuskegon Mona Shores
68.10Brayden Babcock
20:15.80East Kentwood
69.9Grant VanderKlipp
20:16.38FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
70.11Ryan Losey
20:17.08Zeeland East
71.11Chris Hudson
20:17.75Grand Haven
72.10Damien Zielinski
73.11Cory Ives
20:18.69Holland West Ottawa
74.10BJ Bennink
20:19.91Spring Lake
75.11Camaran Stout
20:22.36Muskegon Mona Shores
76.12Trenton Zuber
20:22.80Zeeland East
77.9Owen Kreple
20:23.58Holland West Ottawa
78.10Paul Bryson
20:24.09Holland West Ottawa
79.9Andrew Bunker
20:26.33FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
80.12Nick Morin
81.10Tyler Bush
20:28.03Holland West Ottawa
82.11Seth Warren
83.9Brandon Stephenson
20:29.94Muskegon Mona Shores
84.11Logan Smith
85.9Joe Elkins
20:34.72Holland West Ottawa
86.9Austin Visser
87.12Christopher Anderson
20:39.02Grand Haven
88.9Josh Sevener
20:39.59Spring Lake
89.9Adam MacLeod
20:41.77Spring Lake
90.10Caleb Sherwin
20:43.14GR_Kenowa Hills
91.9Zachary Hanson
20:44.38GR_Kenowa Hills
92.12Nathan TenBrink
20:47.45Zeeland East
93.9Jacob Bush
94.10Ben Knoth
20:48.69Grand Haven
95.11Lucas Sherman
96.9Zachary Stanhope
20:49.88 PRGrand Haven
97.9Colton Branch
20:50.59Muskegon Mona Shores
98.10James Berg
20:51.88GR_Kenowa Hills
99.10Zach Baum
20:52.23Zeeland West
100.9Garrett McGovern
101.12Jayden VanMaurick
20:53.12Holland West Ottawa
102.9Aden DeGraaf
20:53.58Zeeland West
103.9Morgan Kulakowski
20:55.41Zeeland West
104.9Tristan MacLaren
20:57.22 PRGrand Haven
105.10David LaDuke
20:57.66Holland West Ottawa
106.11Nathan Durham
20:57.95Zeeland East
107.9Isaac Carlson
20:58.59Zeeland West
108.9Luke Hosely
20:59.11Grand Haven
109.9TJ Meyer
110.9Alex Best
20:59.94Muskegon Mona Shores
111.10Franko Cervantes
21:00.52Holland West Ottawa
112.11Christopher Chalmers
21:02.47Zeeland East
113.9Riley Scholten
21:03.06Zeeland West
114.11Jayden Burgen
21:03.67East Kentwood
115.9Sam Streng
21:04.67FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
116.12Jared Hart
21:05.92Zeeland West
117.12Luciano Cistaro
21:06.58Holland West Ottawa
118.10Ethan Weliver
21:07.11Holland West Ottawa
119.11Seth Taylor
21:09.62Grand Haven
120.9Parker Dragovich
121.10Luke LaMere
21:11.91Grand Haven
122.9Andrew Gerin
21:16.98 PRHolland West Ottawa
123.10Shane Vaara
21:17.53Holland West Ottawa
124.9Asher Liu
21:18.14Spring Lake
125.11Ethan Toth
21:18.45Holland West Ottawa
126.10Steven Prelesnik
21:20.00Grand Haven
127.10Zach Hansen
128.10Adrian Walker
129.12Trevor Stephenson
21:23.23East Kentwood
130.9Jack Shrauger
21:23.80Zeeland East
131.9Camden Schwallier
21:24.67East Kentwood
132.12Gabe Bennett
21:28.56GR_Kenowa Hills
133.9Dean Henstchel
134.9Collin Schock
21:33.95 PRSpring Lake
135.12Erik Heindlmeyer
21:34.53 SRHolland West Ottawa
136.10Troy Sievertsen
21:36.25Spring Lake
137.10Andrew Wade
21:40.56FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
138.9Elijah Friebel
21:46.36 PRAllendale
139.9Liam VanZelst
21:48.17FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
140.10Kyler Bomhof
21:49.34Holland West Ottawa
141.9Kaden Morgan
21:50.98East Kentwood
142.10Dominik Peplinski
143.11Caleb Jelsma-Cale
144.11Anthony Gaiser
21:56.27Muskegon Mona Shores
145.11Emile Collett
21:58.20 PRGrandville
146.10Brandon Baker
147.9Thomas VanHoesen
21:59.25Grand Haven
148.9Gavin Lloyd
22:03.55Zeeland East
149.10Connor Fritz
22:03.92Muskegon Mona Shores
150.10Levi Morrill
22:09.02FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
151.10Santiago Saldivar
22:09.36 Grandville
152.12Gerardo Torres
22:14.67Holland West Ottawa
153.9Erek Pilarski
22:15.02Holland West Ottawa
154.12Isaiah Savoie
22:17.84East Kentwood
155.9Bryce Masterman
22:20.62 PRMuskegon Oakridge
156.12Thad Swart
157.9Jacob Pham
22:21.30East Kentwood
158.10D.J. Spencer
22:23.22Grand Haven
159.12Ray Nuth
22:24.06Zeeland East
160.10Nick Dorn
22:24.28Holland West Ottawa
161.11Ethan Grabill
162.11Eion Reagh
22:33.03East Kentwood
163.12Kedric Gager
22:33.34 SRWhitehall
164.11Chance Fry
22:40.69Spring Lake
165.11Clark Vreeman
22:42.31Zeeland West
166.9Anthony Schrotenboer
22:42.69Zeeland West
167.10Benjamin Kendall
22:47.02Muskegon Mona Shores
168.12Christian Davis
169.11Thomas Newman
22:54.28Muskegon Mona Shores
170.9Keegan Aerts
22:57.84Grand Haven
171.11Humza Nadeem
22:59.95FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
172.10Alex Verheek
23:02.92FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
174.10Noah Kolczynski
23:09.78 SRFHN GR_Forest Hills ...
175.11Rajiv Nag
23:11.03FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
176.10Caleb Berko
23:12.58Grand Haven
177.12Josef Arner
23:15.20Holland West Ottawa
178.9Ian Roy
23:16.73FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
179.11Ali Mohamed
23:19.91 PREast Kentwood
180.10Evan Pohl
23:23.16Holland West Ottawa
181.11Kevin Roy
23:23.39FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
182.10Spencer Reynolds
23:26.05FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
183.10Santiago Chavarria...
23:32.98Muskegon Mona Shores
184.11Tyler Seiferlein
23:39.30Muskegon Mona Shores
185.9Caeden Kaufman
186.9Micah Hammond
23:40.02Grand Haven
187.12Jas Aryal
23:41.36East Kentwood
188.12Evan Johnson
189.9Collin Dykstra
23:43.39Zeeland West
190.11Ian McConkey
23:43.69 SRHolland West Ottawa
191.12Nate Barndt
23:44.44Zeeland West
192.11Josh Vanderlaan
23:46.42FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
193.11Chase Devries
23:50.97 SRSpring Lake
194.9Devin Brundidge
23:57.66GR_Kenowa Hills
195.10Brennan Haas
23:59.64Muskegon Mona Shores
196.10Evan Calderon
23:59.75FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
197.9Neya Monroe
24:01.55Muskegon Mona Shores
198.9Spencer Williamson
24:03.48 PRGrand Haven
199.11Mason Winters
200.9Caleb Baxter
24:15.89 PRSpring Lake
201.9Cam Seiferlein
24:20.83Muskegon Mona Shores
202.11Cooper Bouman
24:23.28FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
203.12Ashton Maurer-Wagner
24:31.02Spring Lake
204.10Hayden Helmer
24:35.62Muskegon Mona Shores
205.11Nate Falling
24:45.80FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
206.10Luc St. Antoine
24:48.83FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
207.11Patrick Bouman
24:51.56 SRWhitehall
208.10Mitchell Chau
24:56.53Holland West Ottawa
209.9Cole Ruid
25:18.34Muskegon Mona Shores
210.10Sakib Rahman
25:33.39FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
211.11Linus Gugino
25:40.05Holland West Ottawa
212.11Michael Heindlmeyer
25:40.64Holland West Ottawa
213.11Korbin Williford
214.9Lucas Wiersema
25:55.84Zeeland East
215.12Kevin Quintero
26:00.28 PRZeeland East
216.9Baylor Boyd
26:39.59GR_Kenowa Hills
217.11Kevin Nguyen
28:17.47East Kentwood
218.9Jose Trejo
29:05.05Holland West Ottawa
219.10Elliot Carlson
29:10.61 SRSpring Lake
220.11Jayson VanDam
29:12.05 PRWhitehall
221.Unknown Unknown
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Gabby Hentemann
18:58.17Grand Haven
2.11Samantha Tran
19:09.45FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
3.10Abby Olson
19:20.55Holland West Ottawa
4.10Emily Fredette
19:43.61FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
5.11Taylor Schott
20:10.31Holland West Ottawa
6.11Iris Swarthout
20:17.59Holland West Ottawa
7.12Emily Mattson
20:21.64Grand Haven
8.12Emma DeNave
20:23.28Holland West Ottawa
9.12Emma Pinchak
20:27.86East Kentwood
10.12Adele Cory
20:30.48Muskegon Mona Shores
11.11Mady VanWieren
20:31.00Holland West Ottawa
12.10Maggie Cooper
20:31.17Spring Lake
13.11Abby Buitenhuis
20:32.12Grand Haven
14.11Elizabeth Penrice
20:34.89Spring Lake
15.9Emily Laird
20:35.44Holland West Ottawa
16.11Solana Witham
17.12Nora Mitteer
18.10Avery Schenk
20:36.83Zeeland West
19.10Meadow White
20:38.69 SRGrand Haven
20.11Kelsie McManus
20:39.20Grand Haven
21.11Gabbi Taylor
20:43.02FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
22.11Haley Nieuwkoop
23.12Audrey Freyhof
24.9Kayley Porter
20:52.47FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
25.11Giovana Marecek
20:54.27Grand Haven
26.10Julia Bajt
20:57.52Spring Lake
27.10Eva Tilton
21:03.36Spring Lake
28.11Kelsie Bovee
21:04.31Grand Haven
29.11Lauren Aud
30.9Kaleigh VanDeWege
21:07.78Zeeland East
31.10Taylor Rebone
21:08.16Spring Lake
32.11Clarissa Macomber
21:08.59Zeeland East
33.11Katie Frauenheim
21:09.89Holland West Ottawa
34.12Katie Westfall
21:12.73GR_Kenowa Hills
35.12Olivia Weenum
21:14.69Zeeland West
36.10Audrey Conrad
37.9Emily Macina
21:21.39Zeeland East
38.11Emily Bajema
21:21.86GR_Kenowa Hills
39.9Jaynie Seylhower
21:22.33 PRSpring Lake
40.9Sydney Tran
21:24.14FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
41.11Madeline Eckerman
21:27.88Muskegon Mona Shores
42.10Emma Hector
43.11Tia Postema
21:31.67GR_Kenowa Hills
44.10Jada Millhisler
45.12Katrina Droski
46.9Alydia Jura
47.10Isabelle Uganski
48.12Ellie Stevens
49.11Ada Shaw
21:44.17FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
50.9Bella Charron
51.10Maya Klanderman
52.12Karissa Walters
21:53.31Zeeland East
53.11Mieke Hart
21:53.62 SRMuskegon Mona Shores
54.10Yanely Lopez
21:54.30GR_Kenowa Hills
55.11Ana Dekruyter
21:59.69Zeeland West
56.10Alexis Haines
57.9Emma Dykens
22:05.00Zeeland West
58.10Maggie Holmes
22:05.23Spring Lake
59.11Erica Green
22:08.14GR_Kenowa Hills
60.12Dawn Kondor
61.11Chloe Kikstra
22:14.44Zeeland East
62.12Autumn Hancock
63.10Nadia Stauffer
22:18.00FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
64.12Erin Dolson
22:31.05Zeeland East
65.10Ellen Young
66.10Morgan VanderLeest
67.10Shelly Pham
22:47.66East Kentwood
68.11Maria Donihue
22:49.77GR_Kenowa Hills
69.11Marisa VanderMolen
22:50.41Muskegon Mona Shores
70.12Paige Heckel
22:53.56Zeeland West
71.12Chrissa Zuber
22:58.89Zeeland East
72.12Aubrey Doucette
23:00.59GR_Kenowa Hills
73.12Kim Sikkema
74.10Trinity Bracey
23:40.53East Kentwood
75.12Laura Witt
23:43.16East Kentwood
76.12Victoria Lane
77.11Emma Taylor
23:59.30Muskegon Mona Shores
78.10Elizabeth Knoll
24:18.81Muskegon Mona Shores
79.10Kaylin Meyers
24:30.61Muskegon Mona Shores
80.11Sidney Peters
81.10Rachel Smith
25:11.52Zeeland West
82.12Adeline Cichon
25:23.09East Kentwood
83.12Kelly Giles
26:28.50East Kentwood
84.9Alicia Bonk
85.10Celine Smith
28:00.00Muskegon Oakridge
86.10Shannon Jirous
87.9Delfina Hernandez-...
88.12Zylkia Falcon Mart...
34:15.00 PRWyoming
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.12Zoe Reep
21:12.35FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
2.9Chloe Lohman
21:16.47 PRSpring Lake
3.11Brianna Jhamb
21:22.88Grand Haven
4.10Eden Traub
21:41.86Grand Haven
5.12Julia Drabczyk
21:44.65Grand Haven
6.11Marlie Fraser
21:47.21Grand Haven
7.11Kate Gilchrist
21:54.85Spring Lake
8.10Sophia Tilton
21:55.99Spring Lake
9.11Gabriella Amores
22:03.63Grand Haven
10.9Annie Knee
22:04.43FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
11.10Andrea Kennedy
22:16.18Holland West Ottawa
12.10Rose Henke
22:16.58Spring Lake
13.10Jenna Ray
22:19.10Grand Haven
14.12Jenna Hoffius
22:19.69Spring Lake
15.12Renee Borchers
22:24.29Grand Haven
16.9Theresa Judd
17.10Erin Burke
22:29.79Spring Lake
18.10Anna Fedewa
22:30.16Spring Lake
19.11Alyssa Spencer
22:34.43 SRGrand Haven
20.11Shelby Johnson
22:36.58FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
21.11Janna Ercole
22:39.08Spring Lake
22.12Sidney Czinder
22:40.93Spring Lake
23.10Maricarmen Roa Ceb...
22:43.97 PRHolland West Ottawa
24.9Jane Hartman
22:44.25FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
25.9Annika Betz
22:48.75FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
26.12Lily Dobbin
22:53.66Zeeland East
27.12Dana Tippett
23:00.47Holland West Ottawa
28.9Lauren Kinsman
23:02.88FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
29.10Marley Fogel
23:04.85Spring Lake
30.9Allison Kelly
23:05.55Grand Haven
31.11Marlie Fowler
32.11Emma Ball
23:06.82Grand Haven
33.10Camryn Ross
23:11.11Grand Haven
34.9Grace Wojciechowski
23:13.57FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
35.11Sarah Olney
23:14.58Holland West Ottawa
36.10Christina Malvey
23:16.07Grand Haven
37.9Bailey Pierson
38.11Erin Powers
23:29.02 PRMuskegon Mona Shores
39.10Ashley Boehr
40.9Ava Deschaine
23:31.82GR_Kenowa Hills
41.10Jennifer Cooper
42.9Peyton Brill
23:36.10Grand Haven
43.11Madison Holub
23:42.86Grand Haven
44.12McKenna Coyne
23:44.30Grand Haven
45.10Emma Curcuru
23:44.68FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
46.9Mila Martineau
23:45.36GR_Kenowa Hills
47.12Aubrey Conkright
48.10Natalie Sawyer
23:47.58Spring Lake
49.10Juliette Beals
23:51.96Grand Haven
50.9Liliana Bartels
23:53.79Holland West Ottawa
51.12Bry Fillman
23:56.55 SRSpring Lake
52.11Grace Platz
23:56.74Grand Haven
53.9Marissa McManus
23:57.04Grand Haven
54.12Brianne Elliott
23:58.27GR_Kenowa Hills
55.11Olivia Salas
23:59.77Holland West Ottawa
56.9Lia Turner
24:00.44GR_Kenowa Hills
57.12Sarah Curcuru
24:01.49FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
58.9Ren Prinsen
24:02.58FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
59.9Kathryn Robert
24:03.47 PRFHN GR_Forest Hills ...
60.12Katie Webster
24:03.86Grand Haven
61.11Sierra Reid
62.9Elleah VanDenBerg
24:08.46Grand Haven
63.9Ashley Christopher
24:14.40FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
64.12Mackenzie Stewart
24:17.44GR_Kenowa Hills
65.12Madison Bond
66.10Kaitlyn Smith
24:20.04 SRZeeland East
67.12Stephanie Ganzi
24:20.60Holland West Ottawa
68.11Shyla Tomsa
69.10Allison Teav
24:33.13Holland West Ottawa
70.9Avery Richardson
24:35.13Grand Haven
71.10Anastasia Kaletch...
24:35.75FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
72.9Emma Daniels
24:38.24 PRZeeland West
73.11Chelsea Sportell
24:38.60Grand Haven
74.11Grace Miller
24:45.36Zeeland East
75.11Joie Garwood
24:45.72FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
76.11Morgan Dreese
24:46.13Grand Haven
77.12Allie Elliott
78.10Raylynn Knapp
79.9Jennifer Sikkema
80.9Paytan Deiters
81.12Madeline Taylor
82.11Mireya Torrero
24:58.11 SRHolland West Ottawa
83.10Denko Lees
25:12.40FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
84.12Jessica Ringling
25:13.02Zeeland East
85.12Brittany Dreyer
25:18.66Zeeland East
86.11Sydney Morrow
25:19.69 SRGR_Kenowa Hills
87.12Isadora Mitchell
25:19.99Grand Haven
88.9Annika Hauser-Brydon
25:20.91Grand Haven
89.10Elyse Wolters
25:29.24 PRZeeland West
90.9Holly Waite
25:30.77Grand Haven
91.11Maddy Eppard
25:31.65Holland West Ottawa
92.9Tori van Tamelen
93.10Sarinity Bracey
25:32.85East Kentwood
94.9Olivia Stevens
25:34.65Grand Haven
95.12Miranda Piekarski
25:35.25Spring Lake
96.12Jennifer Luong
25:36.60East Kentwood
97.10Presley Whitaker
25:37.99Holland West Ottawa
98.12Peyton Erndteman
25:38.90Muskegon Mona Shores
99.9Emmah Bloemers
25:42.16Holland West Ottawa
100.10Marisa Kiliszewski
25:46.52 SRGR_Kenowa Hills
101.9Megan Fasbender
102.10Avery Anderson
25:55.97Muskegon Mona Shores
103.9Averie Fitzjohn
25:57.57 PRFHN GR_Forest Hills ...
104.12Tate VanEck
25:58.69Zeeland East
105.12Morgan VandenBrink
25:59.80 PRHamilton
106.12Natalie Lugten
26:01.05Zeeland East
107.11Haylee Boersen
26:02.72Zeeland East
108.12Laura Schouman
26:02.96Zeeland East
109.10Hannah Hertstein
26:09.83FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
110.11Hailey Elders
111.9Hannah Broersma
26:11.68Holland West Ottawa
112.12Nellie DeWaard
26:14.04 SRFHN GR_Forest Hills ...
113.12Lesley Vargas
26:15.72Holland West Ottawa
114.10Emily Masternak
26:17.15FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
115.11Rachel Oostindie
26:17.71Spring Lake
116.12Melissa Urieta
26:20.13 SRHolland West Ottawa
117.12Brianna Pascavis
118.12Madalyn VandenBrink
26:21.88 PRHamilton
119.10Rebecca Koratich
26:23.11Spring Lake
120.11Anna Smith
26:23.86Zeeland West
121.11Courtney Jack
26:24.61 PRSpring Lake
122.12Julia Elzinga
26:25.71Grand Haven
123.12Coralynn Hellenthal
26:29.24Zeeland East
124.9Olivia Doty
26:31.52Grand Haven
125.11Cecilia VanLoo
26:32.32Holland West Ottawa
126.11Sydney Arendsen
26:39.47Zeeland East
127.10Leslie Perez
26:41.19Holland West Ottawa
128.9Elli Crandall
129.10Mya Gregory
26:42.10FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
130.9Brynn Demint
26:47.08Zeeland West
131.10Claudia VanValkenb...
26:48.88FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
132.12Stephanie Mosteller
26:51.66Holland West Ottawa
133.12Marianna Cistaro
26:52.72Holland West Ottawa
134.12Emma Rotman
26:54.69Zeeland West
135.9Alex Mahan
136.10Natalie Reid
137.12Skylar Szankin
27:00.27GR_Kenowa Hills
138.10Kate Conkright
139.10Kiya Hammond
27:21.80Grand Haven
140.11Ellie Havern
27:29.75FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
141.10Mariah Hykin
27:30.04FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
142.10Olivia Lesher
27:30.35Holland West Ottawa
143.12Emily Kula
27:34.07East Kentwood
144.12Lauren Geiger
145.11Jadeyn Pavona
27:37.44 PREast Kentwood
146.11Jordyn Barding
27:42.30Spring Lake
147.9Hannah Long
27:44.25Grand Haven
148.9Cece Benyam
27:46.57 PRFHN GR_Forest Hills ...
149.12Shanna Han
27:52.97Zeeland West
150.11Gabrielle Dietz
27:54.99Muskegon Mona Shores
151.11Grace Veldhuizen
27:56.50Grand Haven
152.12Kristen Lounsbury
27:57.99Spring Lake
153.11Talia Rosenberg
27:58.40Grand Haven
154.11Jada VandenBosch
27:59.41Zeeland West
155.10Elizabeth Arner
28:02.50Holland West Ottawa
156.11Kaylee Holman
28:02.86Muskegon Mona Shores
157.10Elisabeth Salazar
28:11.08 SRHolland West Ottawa
158.9Trisha Pal
28:13.10Holland West Ottawa
159.9Ireland Gill
28:25.22Muskegon Mona Shores
160.10Kristal Maung
28:25.72Holland West Ottawa
161.9Anna Funckes
28:27.35Zeeland West
162.9Sydnee Powe
28:31.16 PRZeeland East
163.12Shelby Clingan
28:48.80GR_Kenowa Hills
164.9Emily Young
165.9Raeghen Behnke
166.11Amela Cefo
28:56.47 PREast Kentwood
167.9Bella Myers
29:42.58Spring Lake
168.9Claire Miller
29:43.46Holland West Ottawa
169.9Catie Doyle
29:55.49 PRZeeland East
170.12Jordyn Gregory
29:56.55FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
171.11Molly Mullett
31:03.54 SRFHN GR_Forest Hills ...
172.10Skylar Coon
31:03.74 PRSpring Lake
173.12Rafaela Oliveira
31:25.22East Kentwood
174.12Leslie Chankongsinh
33:25.00Holland West Ottawa
175.9Ainsley Patterson
34:32.50FHN GR_Forest Hills ...
176.10Elizabeth Geno
34:58.00Spring Lake
177.11Trinh Nguyen
35:28.00East Kentwood
178.11Madelynn Holwerda
35:31.00Muskegon Mona Shores
12Kiara Beyer
SCRZeeland East
11Kayla Powe
SCRZeeland East
10Morgan Anderson
SCRMuskegon Mona Shores
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