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2017 Mount Shasta Cross Country Invitational

Thursday, September 14

Shastice Park, Mount Shasta

Schedule:         2:00     Middle School Girls (all J.H. grades) 1.5 Miles

                          2:25     Middle School Boys (all J.H. grades) 1.5 Miles

2:50     JV Girls 2.35 Miles

3:15      JV Boys 2.35 Miles

3:30   Middle School Awards

3:40     Varsity Girls    2.35 miles

4:05     Varsity Boys    2.35 miles

4:30   High School Awards

Course:        Same course as last year!  The course runs on grass and dirt with gradual hills in Shastice Park and the Mount Shasta High School campus. Directions included.

                                        Middle School Awards:

Medals for teams placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd (up to 7 per team).

Medals for first 4 runners not on teams receiving medals.

Team trophy for the 1st place team in each race.

High School Awards:     

Medals for Varsity teams placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd (up to 7 per team).

Medals for J.V. teams placing 1st and 2nd (up to 7 per team).

                                        Medals for first 4 Varsity individual runners not on teams receiving medals.

                                        Medals for first 6 J.V. individual runners not on teams receiving medals.

                                       Team trophy for the 1st place team in each race.

Entry fee:    $6.00 per runner.  ($250.00 maximum per school)

Checks payable to:          Mount Shasta High School

                                                                        710 Everett Memorial Highway

                                                                       Mount Shasta, CA  96067

                                                                        Attn:  Dusty Miller

Refreshments:  Cold bottled water & homemade treats provided for runners.

Restrooms:  Restrooms are in the park.  No locker rooms are available.

Questions:  Please contact Dusty Miller, Mount Shasta Coach

Phone:  (530) 926-3094        e-mail

All entries are made online at ending September 12.  You may need to set-up a free account before you register.  Log-on to and follow the easy instructions. 

Entries close at midnight, Tuesday, September 12 on!.   .

Please pass meet information on to other Middle Schools or High Schools

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Mens Results

1.5 Miles Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Scott Valley41
4.Butteville Elementary82
5.Scott Valley Christian Academy135

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Drew Hering
9:07 PRSisson
2.8Kobee Houston
10:18 PRScott Valley
3.8Ryan Mitchell
10:23Butteville Elementary
4.7Braedon Craddock
10:31 PRGrenada
5.8Bobby Brownell
10:49 PRScott Valley
6.7Nathaniel Bekaert
7.7Colton Downey
11:07 PRScott Valley
8.8Logan Setzer
11:15 PRGrenada
9.6Austin McWilliams
11:18 PRSisson
10.6Camden Phillips
11:22 PRSisson
11.7Jacob Booker
11:23 PRFall River
12.8Aedin Reeser
11:24Butteville Elementary
13.7Steele Criner
11:26 PRGrenada
14.5Jonas Keller
11:35 PRScott Valley
15.7Gage Murray
11:36 PRScott Valley
16.5Noah Hubbard
11:40 PRScott Valley Christi...
17.5Zane Krueger
11:42Scott Valley
18.8Trenton Mack
11:44Dunsmuir Elementary
19.7Gavin Crane
11:44.10 PRFall River
20.7Garrett Pindell
11:45 PRScott Valley
21.7Ryder Layton
11:46 PRGrenada
22.7Seth Charter
11:54 PRButteville Elementary
23.8Jordan Miller
11:55 PRWeed
24.8Michael Perry
11:59 PRWeed
25.6Skylar Tacbas
26.6Jordan Cairns
12:21 SRGrenada
27.5Nate Downey
12:37Scott Valley
28.7William Halterman
12:40 PRSisson
29.5Ezekiel Walker
12:47 PRProvidence Christian
30.6Stuart Craddock
31.6Jack Falconer
12:53Butteville Elementary
32.5Andrew Hill
12:53.10 SRButteville Elementary
33.7Zacharia Faulkner
12:54Scott Valley
34.6Bryan Burch
12:54.10 SRSisson
35.2Paul Bevis
12:56 PRScott Valley Christi...
36.6Jacob Chapman
13:01 PRSisson
37.7Andrew Hoskins
13:04 PRSisson
38.4Jake Layton
39.8Oliver Carroll
13:20 PRScott Valley
40.4Nigel McCulley
13:23 PRGrenada
41.8Kyle Tafoya
13:27Butteville Elementary
42.5John Bevis
13:37 PRScott Valley Christi...
43.5Lucas Murieen
44.5Trenton Leckness
13:45 SRGrenada
45.4Lucas Leonard
13:48 PRFall River
46.5Cody Hopper
13:55 SRGrenada
47.5Dean Baker
14:06 PRSisson
48.4Robert (Bryan) Berry
49.4Eric Bevis
14:32 PRScott Valley Christi...
50.4Criner-Mejia Gabe
14:38 PRGrenada
51.5Forest Pearman
14:47 PRSisson
52.8Jackson Jones
53.4Logan Kern
15:04 PRFall River
54.5Mason McFadden
15:35 PRGrenada
55.5Hunter Harryman
56.4Grayson Pollock
15:58 PRBig Springs Elementary
57.4Ian Helweg
16:02Big Springs Elementary
58.6David Dodson
16:06 SRButteville Elementary
59.7Tanner Schoffstall
16:15 PRDunsmuir Elementary
60.5Xander Fugitt
61.3Jacob Holland
16:48 PRScott Valley Christi...
62.5Uvaramii Croy
16:59 PRScott Valley
63.4Bruno Nowdesha
64.4Abel Navarro
17:45Big Springs Elementary
65.5Ayden Shelton
18:45 PRScott Valley
66.5Maison Scalara
18:46 SRGrenada
67.6Noah Tunnicliff
19:19 SRWeed
68.8Vladimir Tveritin
19:28 SRSisson
69.3Ethan McNally
19:34Scott Valley Christi...
70.6Kegan Montgomery
19:43 PRWeed
71.4Nolan Hosler
20:51Big Springs Elementary
72.5Duncan Hanon
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2.4 Miles Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

3.Hamilton City77
4.Mt Shasta94

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Avery Grady
13:35 PREnterprise
2.10Anthony Vallelunga
14:28 PRShasta
3.10Luke Bland
14:31 PRShasta
4.11Reno Davis
14:33 PREtna
5.10Nick Torres
14:34 PREnterprise
6.12Jordan Zane
14:40 PRShasta
7.11Jacob Garret
14:49 PREnterprise
8.9Xavier Rodriguez
14:53 PRHamilton City
9.9Thomas MacLean
14:57 PRShasta
10.11Dixon Moore
15:07 PREnterprise
11.10Jason Kelsey
15:08 PRShasta
12.11Gabe Rubanowitz
15:09 PRShasta
13.12Geoffrey Chavez
15:13 PRHamilton City
14.12James Reese
15:14 PRProvidence Christian
15.11Griffin Hamann
15:29 PRMt Shasta
16.10Tyson Huang
15:32 PRShasta
17.10Porter Flake
15:47 PRShasta
18.12Joshua Hohberg
15:55 PRProvidence Christian
19.12Tate Gruenwald
16:01 PRHamilton City
20.11Ryan Young
16:12 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
21.11Adam Shoff
16:13 PREnterprise
22.12Caden Pauling
16:13.10 PRProvidence Christian
23.11Cory Murasko
16:25 PRDurham
24.12Sam Chase
16:54 PRMt Shasta
25.10Ryan Ulloa
17:26 PREnterprise
26.10Chris Rees
17:27 PRMt Shasta
27.11Brian Hernandez
17:40 PRHamilton City
28.11Dallon Rankin
18:00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
29.11Clark Otrin
18:26 PRMt Shasta
30.12Christain Napoles
18:50 PREnterprise
31.10Giovanni Martinez
18:57 PRHamilton City
32.12Robert Moore
19:50 PREnterprise
33.11Noah Wylie
22:13 PREtna
34.11Mason O'Sullivan
22:28 PRMt Shasta
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2.4 Miles Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Foothill (Palo Cedro)29
2.Yuba City43

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Branden Taylor
14:45 PRFall River
2.10Aaron Arnold
14:52 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
3.9Elijah Zane
15:18 PRShasta
4.9Austin Holtz
15:21 PRYuba City
5.10Josiah Palumbo
15:22 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
6.9Osmar Basaldua
15:31 PRYuba City
7.10Brennan Johnson
15:34 PRYuba City
8.9Kaden Lindskog
16:18 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
9.10Henry Humphrey
16:27 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
10.9Conner Dooley
16:34 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
11.9Darren Ray
16:36 PRShasta
12.10Kayden Metz
16:40 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
13.9Justin Negrete
16:45 PRYuba City
14.9Blake Cox
16:48 PRDurham
15.9Aaron Bailey
16:55 PRShasta
16.9Adam Domanski
16:57 PRMt Shasta
17.9Michael Bunte
17:04 PRShasta
18.9Zach Hoskins
17:08 PRMt Shasta
19.10Nolan Britten
17:15 PRDurham
20.10Jared Smith
17:16 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
21.10Kellen Dutton
17:17 PRShasta
22.10Andrew Hohberg
17:49 PRProvidence Christian
23.10West Lee
18:19 PREnterprise
24.9Isaias Adame
18:20 PRYuba City
25.9Josh Bonivert
18:25 PRMt Shasta
26.9Noah Herman
18:38 PRShasta
27.10Spencer Tralle
18:43 PRTrinity
28.10Paul Mills
18:44 PRDurham
29.11Jacob Clark
19:15 PRYuba City
30.10Luke Zikan
19:16 PRRedding Christian
31.9Dominic Bone
19:27 PRShasta
32.9Mateo Rodriguez
19:44 PRFall River
33.9Alfredo Cruz
19:51 PREtna
34.11Sheridan Milestone
19:54 PRShasta
35.9Owen Dutton
20:03 PRShasta
36.9Joseph Nakamura
20:20 PRYuba City
37.10Jake Willis
20:31 PRRedding Christian
38.11Carson Birondo
21:35 PRShasta
39.9Matthew Supanich
22:38 PRProvidence Christian
40.10Arjun Takhar
22:40 PRYuba City
41.9Cristian Martinez
22:46 PRHamilton City
42.10Bryce Robinson
23:42 PRShasta
43.10Omar Saligan
24:44 PRHamilton City
44.9Landon Mitchell
25:10 PRBig Valley
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Womens Results

1.5 Miles Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Scott Valley45
3.Big Springs Elementary72
5.Fall River109
6.Scott Valley Christian Academy110

Hypothetical Scores

1.7Jenna Justice
10:32 PRScott Valley
2.8Mikaela Murasko
10:51Durham Intermediate
3.8Rhian Viturino
11:11 PRWeed
4.5Tyler Jones
11:25 PRSisson
5.8Shelby Criner
11:34 PRModoc
6.6Mattie Whipple
11:37Big Springs Elementary
7.8Bethan Spence
11:45 PRProvidence Christian
8.8Allie Ibarra
12:00 PRFall River
9.6Isabella Beilke
12:01Big Springs Elementary
10.6Cassie Cash
12:04 PRGrenada
11.7Danne' Fogle
12.7Elizabeth Yokel
12:11Scott Valley
13.7Ryleigh Charter
12:19 PRButteville Elementary
14.5Helen Case
12:20 PRScott Valley
15.6Kaya Schwenke
16.8Gissell Murillo
12:29 PRWeed
17.5Meridel Spence
12:40 PRProvidence Christian
18.8Natalia Cervantes
12:44 SRWeed
19.7Avery Cash
20.7Callahan Zediker
12:46.10Scott Valley
21.3Sami Miller
12:50 PRScott Valley Christi...
22.5Trinity Brooks
12:51 PRModoc
23.6Isabella Smith
12:52 PRSisson
24.7Geneva Boudro
12:53Scott Valley
25.4Dessa Whipple
12:54Big Springs Elementary
26.5Kylene Mitchell
12:55 PRButteville Elementary
27.7Sylva Carpenter
28.4Cayla Wolfe
13:19 PRModoc
29.4Aliya Fussell
13:23Big Springs Elementary
30.7Marissa Derra
13:38 PRGrenada
31.7Nicole Collins
32.5Dani Miller
13:44.10 PRScott Valley Christi...
33.8Risa Reynier
13:45 SRFall River
34.3Kamryn Hyatt
13:46 PRScott Valley Christi...
35.7Anya Christofferson
14:01 SRFall River
36.7Abigail Walker
14:08 PRProvidence Christian
37.8Anna Holland
14:14 PRScott Valley Christi...
38.7Maiya Beck
14:22 SRFall River
39.4Ella Falconer
14:26Butteville Elementary
40.7Ella Rawitch
14:44 SRSisson
41.4Jersey Holland
15:22 PRDunsmuir Elementary
42.8Lylian Rafeedy
15:27 PRScott Valley Christi...
43.4Maylee Rafeedy
15:30 PRScott Valley Christi...
44.4Alivia Ishchuck
15:34Big Springs Elementary
45.4Karyme Amador
15:39Big Springs Elementary
46.6Claire Otrin
15:39.10 PRButteville Elementary
47.5Cali Pritchard
16:21 PRSisson
48.6Addisen Darrah
16:22 SRSisson
49.5Elizabeth Taylor
16:59 SRFall River
50.5Neila Schwenke
17:07 PRSisson
51.5Kory Harris
17:08 PRScott Valley
52.6Vyolliete Valverde
17:10 PRScott Valley Christi...
53.6Jazmyn Foster
54.4Riley Holland
17:23Dunsmuir Elementary
55.4Autumn Gooch
17:28 PRDunsmuir Elementary
56.4Adriana Flores
18:08 PRDunsmuir Elementary
57.5Hannah Hall
18:21 PRGrenada
58.5Taya Sharrah
18:41 PRSisson
59.5Annalisa Ashbury
60.6Weldon-Paul Cheyenne
20:36 PRGrenada
61.4Hannah Harrison
20:37 PRBig Springs Elementary
62.5Mary Grey
21:09Scott Valley
63.5Genevieve Justice
21:12 PRScott Valley
64.6Vespa Pacheco
65.4Lily LaFever
21:15Big Springs Elementary
66.5Holly Johnson
21:35 SRGrenada
67.4SJ Carson
23:57Big Springs Elementary
68.4Karissa Tichy
23:58Big Springs Elementary
69.6Emilee Holland
24:07 PRScott Valley Christi...
70.5Jessa Walker
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2.4 Miles Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Foothill (Palo Cedro)23
4.Mt Shasta90

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Rize Oliveira
16:18 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
2.11Marissa Bonivert
16:34 PRMt Shasta
3.12Aislinn Matagulay
16:38 PRShasta
4.10Grace Dudley
16:52 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
5.10Claire Durbin
16:55 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
6.11Payton Osborne
16:57 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
7.11Alicia Murillo
17:04 PRHamilton City
8.11Lauren Harper
17:12 PRTrinity
9.10Emma Flynn
17:14 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
10.12Mae Huang
17:16 PRShasta
11.10Isabelle Tate-Arev...
17:17 PRShasta
12.10Tayah Sager
17:17.10 PRShasta
13.11Mason Baseley
17:18 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
14.11Morgan Baseley
17:20 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
15.11Caroline Forseth
17:21 PREnterprise
16.11Emma Robles
17:26 PRShasta
17.10Lindie Larson
17:40 PRShasta
18.10Nereida Alcarez Lo...
17:42 PRHamilton City
19.9Mia Torres
17:42.10 PREnterprise
20.9Natalie Bader
18:02 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
21.11Nancy Hiner
18:44 PRShasta
22.10Remy Hickle
18:48 PREnterprise
23.11Cassidy Gilmore
19:12 PREtna
24.12Katelyn Sohnrey
19:24 PRDurham
25.10Flor Hernandez
19:32 PREnterprise
26.12Kelsey Jenkins
19:37 PRTrinity
27.11Ialee Hering
19:43 PRMt Shasta
28.12Mei Lin Domanski
19:45 PRMt Shasta
29.10Cassie Kingsley
19:47 PRShasta
30.10Belinda Brookins
19:48 PRTrinity
31.9Arianna Frescas
19:53 PREnterprise
32.11Hailey Hopkins
20:05 PRModoc
33.10Darian Debortoli
20:10 PRMt Shasta
34.11Brooke Young
20:14 PRDurham
35.11Rachel Bader
20:56 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
36.11Adrienne Boone
20:58 PRHamilton City
37.12Bianca Rodriguez
21:08 PRHamilton City
38.10Kimberly Rubio
21:29 PRMt Shasta
39.11Dulce Hernandez
22:46 PREnterprise
40.11Darcy Coulter
23:01 PRFall River
41.11Sierra Saylor
23:07 PREnterprise
42.11Maya Fielding
23:33 PRTrinity
43.12Selena Rodriguez
29:25 PRBig Valley
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2.4 Miles Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores


Hypothetical Scores

1.9Terrina Carrier
18:37 PRShasta
2.9Mary Mills
18:43 PRDurham
3.9Ava James
18:57 PRDurham
4.10Aurora Boudro
19:01 PREtna
5.9Neena Jones
19:17 PRDurham
6.10Shyolynn Pfadt
19:57 PRFall River
7.10Alexis Easley
20:00 PRFall River
8.9Lauren Farber
20:05 PRBig Valley
9.9Katie Hudson
20:19 PRShasta
10.12Meah Bush
21:11 PRShasta
11.10Daisy Baker
21:23 PRYuba City
12.10Mackenzie Binning
21:29 PRModoc
13.10Taylor Murasko
21:36 PRDurham
14.9Maybelle Benda
21:39 PRMt Shasta
15.10Ashlyn Moyer
21:53 PRMt Shasta
16.10Karlee Pedrola
22:03 PRModoc
17.10Clara Kyllo
22:16 PRModoc
18.10Arlene Garcia
22:23 PRShasta
19.9Kylee Singleton
24:45 PRModoc
20.9Haylee Menne
26:10 PREtna
21.11Elli Miller
26:22 PRMt Shasta
22.12Hailee Birondo
26:37 PRShasta
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