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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity8:30 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity10:15 AM
2 Miles 2 mile10:45 AM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity9:00 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity9:45 AM
2 Miles 2 mile10:45 AM

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Meet info 2017  (coaches)

12th Annual

Michigan Catholic Cross Country Invitational

Saturday, August 26, 2017



Grounds open at 7:00 a.m.

8:15 Coach’s Meeting (Stage)

8:30 Boys JV Race – unlimited entries

9:00 Girls JV Race – unlimited entries

9:45 Girls Varsity Race – 7 per team

10:15 Boys Varsity Race – 7 per team

10:45 Boys/Girls 2-mile –unlimited entries

11:15 Complimentary Coach’s Luncheon (Sandwich and Salad bar)

12:00 Mass for Runners and Awards


Entry procedures and deadline

Entries must be submitted by August 22, 2015 via

Enter all runners that will run no need to specify which race.

Questions about entries or using the process

Should be directed to Coach Tim Simpson at /phone 517-896-8474



Invitational Champion boys and girls Varsity teams will take home our perpetual trophy, “The

Bishop’s Cup,” an 18” etched crystal cup. In addition to awards for the overall winners, teams

will be recognized as Divisional Champions based on school enrollment. Winner of the large

school division receives the Knights of Columbus Award, while the winner of the small school

division receives the St. Francis Award. Team trophies will also be awarded to the top 2 JV

teams. Members of all ten winning teams get a Michigan Catholic running bag. The top 20

varsity boys and girls medal, while the top 10 Varsity boys and girls also receive a “Champion”

t-shirt. The top 10 boys and girls in both the JV and 2-mile events will medal.


Check-In and Team Tents

Coaches can pick up team packets in the Race Office, adjacent to the Vendor Tent. A fully

staffed first aid station also will be located on site. Team tents can be placed on the perimeter

of the field in front of the stage.


Parking and Admission

Admission is collected at the front gate. $5.00 per person maximum of $10.00 per car.


Michigan Catholic T-shirts

Race T-shirts will be available on-site

Coaches receive complimentary long-sleeve “Coach” shirts.



The vendor tent offers a variety of foods, lunches, snacks, and beverages.

Complete lunches will be available for under $5.


Enjoy the property

St. Francis Retreat Center is a beautiful 95 acre campus.

Find more about the facility at

St. Francis Retreat Center offers an extremely cost-effective package to house your team

overnight on August 28, including a pasta dinner for athletes and opportunities for bonfires,

teambuilding and fun. Visit their web site for more information.

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Detroit Catholic Central15
2.Lansing Catholic55
3.Dearborn Divine Child116
4.Warren DeLaSalle121
5.Detroit U-D Jesuit123
6.GR_Catholic Central175
7.Pontiac Notre Dame Prep177
8.Orchard Lake St. Mary's200

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Brendan Roberts
17:38.52Detroit Catholic Cen...
2.11Aaron Maloney
17:38.89Detroit Catholic Cen...
3.12Eamonn McClory
17:49.19 SRDetroit Catholic Cen...
4.10Mitchel Horn
17:49.60Detroit Catholic Cen...
5.11Jack Borchanian
17:52.23Detroit Catholic Cen...
6.10Daniel Cernak
18:00.43Detroit Catholic Cen...
7.10Jacob Lampi
18:06.88 SRDetroit Catholic Cen...
8.12Patrick Murray
18:07.21Detroit Catholic Cen...
9.10Abraham Worth
18:11.28 PRDetroit Catholic Cen...
10.11Alex Bowling
18:16.36Detroit Catholic Cen...
11.11Colin Cooper
18:25.84Lansing Catholic
12.12Nick Starr
18:32.76Lansing Catholic
13.9James Byrne
18:41.14Detroit U-D Jesuit
14.9Kevin Biergans
18:46.77Lansing Catholic
15.12Nicholas Noteman
18:56.92Detroit Catholic Cen...
16.10Noah Lemieux
19:01.89Detroit Catholic Cen...
17.12Zachary Balogh
19:15.51Detroit Catholic Cen...
18.12Ben Herter
19:20.06Detroit Catholic Cen...
19.9Jack Saxton
19:23.98Lansing Catholic
20.10Samuel Dudek
19:28.20Dearborn Divine Child
21.11Clayton Molinari
19:31.38Detroit Catholic Cen...
22.12Patrick Rhadigan
19:38.10Detroit Catholic Cen...
23.9Benjamin Bridge
19:38.43GR_Catholic Central
24.10Jack Russell
19:43.48Lansing Catholic
25.12Alex Gordon
19:44.15 SRDetroit Catholic Cen...
26.9Joey Mooney
19:44.92Lansing Catholic
27.10Nicholas Gale
19:50.88Pontiac Notre Dame P...
28.9Thomas Gianiodis
19:55.59Lansing Catholic
29.9James Lindenberg
19:58.61Detroit Catholic Cen...
30.12Max Ruffing
19:59.31Warren DeLaSalle
31.10Declan Haun
20:02.80Warren DeLaSalle
32.9Adam Polakowski
20:05.94Dearborn Divine Child
33.11Ben Urquhart
20:07.39 SRLansing Catholic
34.12Daniel Rehfedt
20:07.95 SRDetroit Catholic Cen...
35.10Vincent Hill
20:09.33Detroit Catholic Cen...
36.10Max Rowley
20:09.85Detroit U-D Jesuit
37.10Joshua Arredondo
20:23.66Warren DeLaSalle
38.9Thomas Lanzi
20:24.63Warren DeLaSalle
39.10Andrew Wight
20:25.08Dearborn Divine Child
40.12Tom Boogren
20:26.09Detroit U-D Jesuit
41.9Kobe Howcroft
20:26.92Orchard Lake St. Mar...
42.10Luke Elden
20:28.76Lansing Catholic
43.12Robert Kinney
20:29.15Detroit Catholic Cen...
44.12Anthony Raona
20:29.52Dearborn Divine Child
45.10Daniel Gass
20:30.84Dearborn Divine Child
46.12Ethan Lazzara
20:31.24Pontiac Notre Dame P...
47.9Henry Bock
20:31.77GR_Catholic Central
48.11Jonas Padilla
20:34.31 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
49.12Noah Zeilinski
20:35.04Detroit U-D Jesuit
50.11Brandon Briggs
20:35.51Orchard Lake St. Mar...
51.12Justin Malcolm
20:37.46Detroit Catholic Cen...
52.11Christian Dean
20:40.25Warren DeLaSalle
53.10Andrew Krause
20:41.01Detroit Catholic Cen...
54.9Christav Illikman
20:41.78 PRDetroit Catholic Cen...
55.9Andrew Renaud
20:44.60Warren DeLaSalle
56.10Michael Policelli
20:47.28Orchard Lake St. Mar...
57.9Daniel Carstens
20:50.28Detroit Catholic Cen...
58.12Luke Ciarelli
20:52.40Dearborn Divine Child
59.11Andrew Demers
20:56.32Warren DeLaSalle
60.9Simon Crites
20:56.95GR_Catholic Central
61.12Nicholas Salt
21:00.58Detroit Catholic Cen...
62.10Isaak Hancock
21:03.86 PRDetroit Catholic Cen...
63.12Luke Juriga
21:06.57 SRPontiac Notre Dame P...
64.11Dominic Balice
21:09.51Warren DeLaSalle
65.11Charley Conroy
21:13.71Detroit U-D Jesuit
66.10Dylan Cole
21:16.23GR_Catholic Central
67.10Mark Holowicki
21:17.06Detroit Catholic Cen...
68.9Sebastian Rangel
21:17.46 PRPontiac Notre Dame P...
69.9Aidan Dimitrious
21:18.04 PRDetroit Catholic Cen...
70.11Reginald Ryder
21:18.78Warren DeLaSalle
71.9Alex DeBrincat
21:20.65Detroit Catholic Cen...
72.9Adam Martin
21:23.80Pontiac Notre Dame P...
73.11Alec Barrone
21:25.44Lansing Catholic
74.11Robert Grasinski
21:26.76Dearborn Divine Child
75.11Martin Daman
21:30.23Warren DeLaSalle
76.10Lucas Reul
21:30.66GR_Catholic Central
77.11Ryan Rutkowski
21:35.01Warren DeLaSalle
78.9Alex Sekulski
21:39.06Warren DeLaSalle
79.12Andrew Yeiser
21:48.03Warren DeLaSalle
80.10Nicholas Troszak
21:52.11Warren DeLaSalle
81.11Ryan Ostrowski
21:55.87Warren DeLaSalle
82.10Henry Rich
22:03.55Dearborn Divine Child
83.9Jeffrey Mrowka
22:04.05Dearborn Divine Child
84.10James O"Leary
22:04.62 PRDetroit U-D Jesuit
85.10Frank Viviano
22:04.95Warren DeLaSalle
86.10Dominic Salt
22:05.35Detroit Catholic Cen...
87.12Joseph Csicsila
22:06.45Detroit Catholic Cen...
88.11Sam Devought
22:08.11 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
89.11Micah Eby
22:09.64Monroe St. Mary CC
90.11Max Gouin
22:10.09Detroit U-D Jesuit
91.9Owen Wright
22:11.19Dearborn Divine Child
92.9Matthias Rangel
22:12.13Pontiac Notre Dame P...
93.10Tommy Skellett
22:14.16Orchard Lake St. Mar...
94.11Conor Condon
22:21.33Warren DeLaSalle
95.10Jonathan Karr
22:25.94Pontiac Notre Dame P...
96.9Sean Moore
22:27.88Detroit U-D Jesuit
97.12Shane Moir
22:28.84 SRDetroit Catholic Cen...
98.9Lawrence Gillam
22:30.76Detroit U-D Jesuit
99.12joe Roarty
22:35.49 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
100.10Aidan Tomcish
22:37.99Detroit U-D Jesuit
101.12Robert Jarackas
22:40.01Warren DeLaSalle
102.12Andre Senerpida
22:40.96Dearborn Divine Child
103.11Aidan Finelli
22:43.53Detroit U-D Jesuit
104.10Caleb Eisenbacker
22:50.48Detroit U-D Jesuit
105.12Jack Healy
22:55.47 PRPontiac Notre Dame P...
106.9Brendan Nordstrom
22:59.98Detroit Catholic Cen...
107.10Charlie Keegan
23:00.56Orchard Lake St. Mar...
108.11Nicholas Latos
23:03.47Warren DeLaSalle
109.10Tristan Lago
23:03.96Warren DeLaSalle
110.9Michael Rhadigan
23:06.98Detroit Catholic Cen...
111.9Robert Stevens
23:18.89Detroit U-D Jesuit
112.10Isaac Torner
23:28.37 SRDetroit Catholic Cen...
113.10Evan Hampel
23:31.19Pontiac Notre Dame P...
114.12Kyle Conroy
23:35.83Pontiac Notre Dame P...
115.9Kalib Perry
23:41.97GR_Catholic Central
116.12James Archey
23:42.35 SRPontiac Notre Dame P...
117.10Justin Fischer
23:44.82Detroit U-D Jesuit
118.11Dylan Arroyo
23:49.19Detroit Catholic Cen...
119.9John Frank
23:54.92Orchard Lake St. Mar...
120.9Thomas O'Donnell
23:55.82Detroit U-D Jesuit
121.9Miles Smith
23:56.44Detroit U-D Jesuit
122.10Justin Marble
24:02.76GR West Catholic
123.11Dan Chekal
24:04.47Detroit U-D Jesuit
124.10Roman Dalfonsi
24:07.37Dearborn Divine Child
125.11Robert Riethmiller
24:14.00Detroit Catholic Cen...
126.11Benjamin Bugenski
24:17.34Pontiac Notre Dame P...
127.10Tom Charnley
24:17.84 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
128.10Ryan Suchyta
24:18.30Detroit U-D Jesuit
129.12Aaron Baldwin
24:18.84Detroit U-D Jesuit
130.9Aaron Goodwin
24:19.23Dearborn Divine Child
131.10Jamie Berrios
24:19.82GR_Catholic Central
132.12Jack Philipp
24:36.99Detroit U-D Jesuit
133.9Nikhil Simon
24:38.84Pontiac Notre Dame P...
134.12John Oconnell
24:39.27Detroit U-D Jesuit
135.12Ed Burns
24:44.90Detroit U-D Jesuit
136.10Andrew Saunders
24:46.89Warren DeLaSalle
137.10Joe Rosinski
24:49.06Detroit U-D Jesuit
138.10Ted Moore
24:49.46Detroit U-D Jesuit
139.9Joe Nolan
24:55.99Detroit U-D Jesuit
140.10Joseph Hartsock
24:59.44Warren DeLaSalle
141.11Terrance Devoe
25:04.57 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
142.9Cooper Arends
25:04.95Detroit U-D Jesuit
143.11Jacob Galloway
25:07.41Pontiac Notre Dame P...
144.9Frank Ruokolainen
25:07.78Detroit U-D Jesuit
145.9James McCarthy
25:12.79Warren DeLaSalle
146.10Christopher Giang
25:13.19GR_Catholic Central
147.10Tom Burns
25:25.42Detroit U-D Jesuit
148.9Nolan Scheuring
25:28.37Orchard Lake St. Mar...
149.11Joey Meighan
25:38.59 SRGR_Catholic Central
150.12Cameron Godin
25:39.38Dearborn Divine Child
151.9Jacob Marchywka
25:45.57Dearborn Divine Child
152.11David Nolan
26:04.53Detroit U-D Jesuit
153.9Brendon Miller
26:28.03Jackson Lumen Christi
154.12Steven Pham
27:07.18GR_Catholic Central
155.10Mike Moore
27:36.60Detroit U-D Jesuit
156.10Luc Offer
27:52.07Detroit Catholic Cen...
157.9Ian Maher
28:25.67Dearborn Divine Child
158.9Jimmy Skellett
29:46.90Orchard Lake St. Mar...
159.9Kevin Pham
29:52.87GR_Catholic Central
160.10Sean Stark
29:57.08Monroe St. Mary CC
161.12Brendan Kelly
30:10.90Pontiac Notre Dame P...
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5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Lansing Catholic44
2.Pontiac Notre Dame Prep74
3.Detroit Catholic Central86
4.Warren DeLaSalle104
5.Dearborn Divine Child105
6.Orchard Lake St. Mary's198
7.St Philip Catholic Central217
8.Detroit U-D Jesuit226
9.GR West Catholic237
10.Monroe St. Mary CC279
11.GR_Catholic Central287
12.Jackson Lumen Christi329
13.Marine City Cardinal Mooney348
14.Portland St. Patrick388

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Nicholas Fraser
16:23.28 SRPontiac Notre Dame P...
2.10Michael Hancock
16:30.50Dearborn Divine Child
3.10Anthony Hancock
16:36.04Dearborn Divine Child
4.11Will Peters
16:40.70Lansing Catholic
5.12John Pieper
16:48.39Pontiac Notre Dame P...
6.10James Ohlsson
16:49.21Pontiac Notre Dame P...
7.12James Fedewa
16:51.70Lansing Catholic
8.12Nathan Jarski
16:53.44Warren DeLaSalle
9.11Eric Warriner
16:54.75Lansing Catholic
10.10Luke Perelli
17:00.50Detroit Catholic Cen...
11.12Ryan Schroeder
17:02.92Lansing Catholic
12.10Alexander Dugas
17:06.64Detroit Catholic Cen...
13.10Eli Meder
17:21.83Lansing Catholic
14.11John Kelly
17:38.38Detroit Catholic Cen...
15.11Oscar Hernandez
17:42.86Dearborn Divine Child
16.12Sammy Migaldi
17:44.48Lansing Catholic
17.11Joe Davey
17:45.56Warren DeLaSalle
18.12Brendan Moriarty
17:47.94Orchard Lake St. Mar...
19.11Sam Streberger
17:49.91Warren DeLaSalle
20.12Ezekiel Bowker
17:50.66Detroit U-D Jesuit
21.12Kenny Wojcik
17:51.48St Philip Catholic C...
22.11Jack Fedewa
17:54.88Lansing Catholic
23.10Cooper Buckley
18:01.04Detroit Catholic Cen...
24.11Ryan Moore
18:02.39Detroit U-D Jesuit
25.12Ben Perry
18:07.18Marine City Cardinal...
26.11Malachi Mills
18:08.43GR West Catholic
27.10Alex Connell
18:12.09Detroit Catholic Cen...
28.9Eli Seitzinger
18:18.52Pontiac Notre Dame P...
29.11Simon Viviano
18:19.31Warren DeLaSalle
30.12Sean Butler
18:22.95Detroit U-D Jesuit
31.10Zachary Jarski
18:30.32Warren DeLaSalle
32.12Davis Spencer
18:42.53St Philip Catholic C...
33.11Josiah Lau
18:48.24Orchard Lake St. Mar...
34.12Josh Fischer
18:50.92Pontiac Notre Dame P...
35.11Aaron Crane
18:52.64Pontiac Notre Dame P...
36.10Max Klein
18:53.62GR_Catholic Central
37.12Zachary Schmitt
18:55.74Warren DeLaSalle
38.11Theo Krolak
18:57.26Monroe St. Mary CC
39.12Benjamin Brotherton
18:59.53Dearborn Divine Child
40.11Jack Lindquist
19:00.18Monroe St. Mary CC
41.10Nicholas Schmidt
19:03.51Warren DeLaSalle
42.12Matt Jager
19:05.44GR West Catholic
43.9Andrew Wickenheiser
19:13.44Monroe St. Mary CC
44.10Ben Rutherford
19:15.35St Philip Catholic C...
45.10Kyle Murphy
19:15.69Orchard Lake St. Mar...
46.11Ethan Laszlo
19:16.82Dearborn Divine Child
47.9Shaun McGrath
19:19.24Dearborn Divine Child
48.11Mitchell Guest
19:20.24Pontiac Notre Dame P...
49.10Isaac Lussier
19:22.92St Philip Catholic C...
50.10Ryan Smith
19:26.96Orchard Lake St. Mar...
51.10Colin Fremeau
19:33.40Jackson Lumen Christi
52.11Frank Tarrance
19:34.77Orchard Lake St. Mar...
53.11Christian Gage
19:36.48Detroit Catholic Cen...
54.10Vinny Ladner
19:43.88GR West Catholic
55.9Kolbe Mills
19:54.54GR West Catholic
56.12Sean O'Connor
20:02.90Dearborn Divine Child
57.12Conner Hein
20:03.70Detroit Catholic Cen...
58.12Logan Jaglowski
20:07.80GR_Catholic Central
59.10Tyler Coyne
20:22.08Portland St. Patrick
60.11Chase Boshoven
20:27.85GR West Catholic
61.10Vinnie Tarrance
20:29.00Orchard Lake St. Mar...
62.12Sean Pauley
20:36.56GR_Catholic Central
63.10Zachary Whitton
20:40.40Jackson Lumen Christi
64.9Mason Mylenek
20:43.79Orchard Lake St. Mar...
65.11Ashton Holland
20:46.28 PRGR_Catholic Central
66.11Tim Brom
20:47.06GR_Catholic Central
67.11Chauncey Smith
20:50.22Jackson Lumen Christi
68.11London Hardwick
20:53.78Jackson Lumen Christi
69.11Nick Stapleton
20:54.21GR_Catholic Central
70.12Sean Smith
20:59.48GR West Catholic
71.10Hunter Finnila
21:08.40St Philip Catholic C...
72.12Eric Lastfogel
21:18.91GR_Catholic Central
73.10Steven DeDalis
21:30.76Marine City Cardinal...
74.11Aidan Roberts
21:39.04Detroit U-D Jesuit
75.10Isaiah Hendrick
21:46.07Monroe St. Mary CC
76.11Jake Pung
21:48.74Portland St. Patrick
77.10Edward Frey
21:54.98GR West Catholic
78.10David Benedetto
21:56.50Detroit U-D Jesuit
79.11Graham Wohlscheid
22:18.34Portland St. Patrick
80.12Ben Munie
22:27.83Jackson Lumen Christi
81.12Luke Schulte
22:39.78Marine City Cardinal...
82.12Andrew Tummonds
23:38.30Marine City Cardinal...
83.10Nick Moore
23:58.58Monroe St. Mary CC
84.10Noah Humphries
24:09.87Detroit U-D Jesuit
85.12Eamon Moriarty
24:21.10Detroit U-D Jesuit
86.11Joe Timmer
24:45.89Portland St. Patrick
87.10Anthony Kerry
25:17.50Marine City Cardinal...
88.10Seth Hoppes
25:57.46Portland St. Patrick
89.11Mason Jebbia
26:03.63Monroe St. Mary CC
90.11Wilson Lombard
26:23.42Marine City Cardinal...
91.11Andrew Fogle
26:49.74Monroe St. Mary CC
92.11Joey Janofski
27:03.52St Philip Catholic C...
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2 Miles 2 mile

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Detroit Catholic Central33
2.Lansing Catholic38
3.Warren DeLaSalle71
4.Pontiac Notre Dame Prep91

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Nick Dewhirst
12:36.77 PRDetroit Catholic Cen...
2.12Eric Manczyk
12:49.63 PRWarren DeLaSalle
3.9Nicholas Cotton
12:54.05 PRDetroit Catholic Cen...
4.9Gabe Starr
13:13.65 PRLansing Catholic
5.10David Perez
13:20.36 SRLansing Catholic
6.9Benjamin Pocius
13:27.78 PRPontiac Notre Dame P...
7.10Joey Greenburg
13:30.13 PRLansing Catholic
8.11Lukas DeLibero
14:41.17 PRDetroit Catholic Cen...
9.10Charlie Barrone
14:57.98Lansing Catholic
10.10Ryan Sheesley
15:10.68 PRDetroit Catholic Cen...
11.10Jacson Stanton
15:17.86 PRDetroit Catholic Cen...
12.9Aidan Morphew
15:41.55 PRWarren DeLaSalle
13.9Tarone Johnson
15:45.89 PRDetroit U-D Jesuit
14.9Andrew Susieko
16:15.68 PRDetroit Catholic Cen...
15.11Cameron Nakfor
16:41.29 PRLansing Catholic
16.12Roy Jefferson
16:52.78 PRWarren DeLaSalle
17.9Cameron Eskenas
16:54.85 PRWarren DeLaSalle
18.12Xavier Wienbraub
16:55.17 PRDetroit U-D Jesuit
19.12Mark Baldes
17:06.81 PRWarren DeLaSalle
20.12Lester Castillo
17:38.34 PRWarren DeLaSalle
21.9Benjamin Housey
18:08.57 PRPontiac Notre Dame P...
22.9Wyatt Parraghi
18:41.61 PRMarine City Cardinal...
23.9Jaheim Pickett
20:50.23 PRWarren DeLaSalle
24.11Alex Scotta
21:40.09 PRWarren DeLaSalle
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Lansing Catholic32
2.Dearborn Divine Child46
3.Pontiac Notre Dame Prep86
4.Jackson Lumen Christi109
5.GR West Catholic123
6.Wixom St. Catherine145
7.GR_Catholic Central183

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Aaliyah Oliver-Long
22:20.40Jackson Lumen Christi
2.11Elaina Phelps
22:40.39Lansing Catholic
3.12Madeline Scherle
22:46.19Pontiac Notre Dame P...
4.12Maya Hecksel
22:52.59Lansing Catholic
5.11Sophie Weitzel
23:00.28Lansing Catholic
6.9Ashley Avant
23:00.71Dearborn Divine Child
7.11Claudia Spence
23:04.48Lansing Catholic
8.11Michelle Buison
23:09.51Dearborn Divine Child
9.12Samantha Schuck
23:15.96Dearborn Divine Child
10.12Meredith Tiller
23:21.41Pontiac Notre Dame P...
11.10Avery Budz
23:24.68Dearborn Divine Child
12.10Lena Zielke
23:39.00Dearborn Divine Child
13.11Emma Wallace
23:44.01Pontiac Notre Dame P...
14.10Adeline Hauck
23:52.30Lansing Catholic
15.12Lauren McCarthy
23:58.73Wixom St. Catherine
16.11Amber Traub
24:00.75Dearborn Divine Child
17.11Annie Heeder
24:03.59Lansing Catholic
18.12Emily Rose
24:35.57Dearborn Divine Child
19.10Grace Griffin
24:36.01Lansing Catholic
20.11Abigail Kazmierski
24:36.81Lansing Catholic
21.9Shannon Stevens
24:41.25Lansing Catholic
22.12Natalie Delaney
24:50.60Dearborn Divine Child
23.11Lilly Wolff
25:12.43Monroe St. Mary CC
24.11Madison Hall
25:17.12Dearborn Divine Child
25.12Clare Anderson
25:17.79GR West Catholic
26.11Sophie Baldino
25:19.50Lansing Catholic
27.10Grace McCartney
25:21.80GR West Catholic
28.11Cara Heberlein
25:23.23Lansing Catholic
29.10Unknown Unknown
25:26.99Dearborn Divine Child
30.10Makayla Rybak
25:28.57 SRDearborn Divine Child
31.10Lydia Lawson
25:29.54Dearborn Divine Child
32.10Lauren Gutierrez
25:42.20GR West Catholic
33.10Madelynn Shannon
25:43.64Dearborn Divine Child
34.10Marisa Haraburda
25:45.88Lansing Catholic
35.10Caroline Stevens
26:01.39Jackson Lumen Christi
36.12Grace Fox
26:18.63Lansing Catholic
37.10Shireen Bolis
26:32.45Wixom St. Catherine
38.11Isabella Lopez
26:33.73Dearborn Divine Child
39.10Elisa Melville
26:36.81Jackson Lumen Christi
40.9Courtney Chanda
27:05.08Jackson Lumen Christi
41.9Ciara Byrne
27:19.81GR_Catholic Central
42.11Mary Bonema
27:21.41Pontiac Notre Dame P...
43.12Clare St. Andre
27:31.14GR West Catholic
44.12Abby Malinowski
27:31.63Wixom St. Catherine
45.11Maggie Schichtel
27:34.59GR West Catholic
46.11Erin Patterson
27:39.23Pontiac Notre Dame P...
47.10Kaitlyn Read
27:41.67Dearborn Divine Child
48.11Megan Rooney
28:00.19Livonia Ladywood
49.9Mary Andraos
28:06.70Dearborn Divine Child
50.10Emily Worden
28:07.03Dearborn Divine Child
51.9Cecilia Wesche
28:21.04GR_Catholic Central
52.9Audrey Mazurek
28:32.14Dearborn Divine Child
53.11Elizabeth Machowicz
28:35.03Dearborn Divine Child
54.10Lauren Busuito
28:46.79Dearborn Divine Child
55.10Rebecca Berkemeier
28:53.08Jackson Lumen Christi
56.10Lauryn Hewer
28:57.43Wixom St. Catherine
57.9Kelly Samulski
29:17.08Dearborn Divine Child
58.12Lauren Pavlak
29:24.30Dearborn Divine Child
59.12Lauren Spahn
29:24.75 SRDearborn Divine Child
60.9Alyson Tiller
29:30.88Pontiac Notre Dame P...
61.10Megan Parzych
30:27.07GR West Catholic
62.10Zoie Stitt
30:40.56GR_Catholic Central
63.12Sidney Caudell
31:05.38Dearborn Divine Child
64.11Adeline Meyers
31:09.41Dearborn Divine Child
65.12Jennifer Jager
31:11.56GR West Catholic
66.9Riley Kallabat
31:24.93Pontiac Notre Dame P...
67.12Rachel Johnston
32:34.68Wixom St. Catherine
68.9Devon Loverich
32:49.72Dearborn Divine Child
69.9Clare Reinhardt
33:11.47Dearborn Divine Child
70.11Maddie Tripp
33:14.31Dearborn Divine Child
71.11Emelia Baldwin
33:40.27GR_Catholic Central
72.9Megan Schetz
34:38.75GR_Catholic Central
73.12Odelia Mitchell
36:11.54GR West Catholic
74.9Margaret Smith
37:12.27Clarkston Everest Co...
75.12Brianne Robach
37:27.36GR_Catholic Central
76.10Rachel Scott
37:36.68Clarkston Everest Co...
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5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Lansing Catholic33
2.Dearborn Divine Child55
3.Pontiac Notre Dame Prep64
4.Jackson Lumen Christi91
5.Wixom St. Catherine135
6.GR_Catholic Central175
7.GR West Catholic215
8.Livonia Ladywood230
9.Monroe St. Mary CC236
10.Warren Regina298
11.Portland St. Patrick327
12.Clarkston Everest Collegiate347

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Olivia Theis
17:58.94Lansing Catholic
2.10Jaden Theis
18:15.55Lansing Catholic
3.11Lauren Cleary
18:39.72Lansing Catholic
4.10Jennifer Ohlsson
19:38.50Pontiac Notre Dame P...
5.11Alexandra Case
19:38.95Pontiac Notre Dame P...
6.11Allison Rand
20:02.12Jackson Lumen Christi
7.10Haley Aho
20:02.84Dearborn Divine Child
8.12Lauren Neiheisel
20:08.76Pontiac Notre Dame P...
9.11Audrey Renaud
20:12.34Dearborn Divine Child
10.10Rachel Reid
20:27.34Lansing Catholic
11.9Erin Hegarty
20:31.28Dearborn Divine Child
12.12Marilyn Schonhard
20:37.23Jackson Lumen Christi
13.10Brooke Aho
20:42.71Dearborn Divine Child
14.12Sydney Maddox
20:52.85GR_Catholic Central
15.11Kaitlin Murray
20:53.22Dearborn Divine Child
16.9Renae Kutcha
20:59.12Jackson Lumen Christi
17.11Madi Elliott
21:18.30St Philip Catholic C...
18.12Grace Frost
21:22.99Lansing Catholic
19.12Clare Brinkman
21:24.13Wixom St. Catherine
20.12Ann Borek
21:36.17Wixom St. Catherine
21.11Lily Iaquaniello
21:42.06Dearborn Divine Child
22.11Allison Hoop
21:51.27Jackson Lumen Christi
23.9Alexandria Fraser
21:55.67Pontiac Notre Dame P...
24.9Addison Puck
21:57.57Lansing Catholic
25.11Madison Vore
22:01.14Monroe St. Mary CC
26.11Katherine Kennedy
22:21.51Pontiac Notre Dame P...
27.11Shannon Lambrecht
22:23.03Pontiac Notre Dame P...
28.12Eleanor Dolowy
22:26.69Wixom St. Catherine
29.9Mia Brown
22:28.68Lansing Catholic
30.12Abigail Rankin
22:36.40Pontiac Notre Dame P...
31.12Elise Marshall
22:40.88GR_Catholic Central
32.11Shannon Ryan
22:45.45Wixom St. Catherine
33.11Ambria Druelle
22:46.19GR West Catholic
34.9Nora Fleming
22:53.48GR_Catholic Central
35.11Peyton Starner
22:56.18Monroe St. Mary CC
36.11Kristen Kukla
23:21.40Dearborn Divine Child
37.12Audrey Warriner
23:30.60Jackson Lumen Christi
38.12Samantha Horn
23:34.06Livonia Ladywood
39.12Erin Golden
23:36.16Warren Regina
40.12Colleen McDonnell
23:37.28Jackson Lumen Christi
41.10Anne Herrmann
23:58.74Wixom St. Catherine
42.11Alyssa May
24:03.31GR West Catholic
43.12Abbey Reppen
24:17.80Livonia Ladywood
44.10Carly Duba
24:21.55GR West Catholic
45.12Molly Riordan
24:27.68Livonia Ladywood
46.11Cordelia FoxElster
24:29.04Portland St. Patrick
47.10Hope Thome
24:34.06GR West Catholic
48.12Molly Lombard
24:34.94Marine City Cardinal...
49.10Katie Schonhard
24:36.76Jackson Lumen Christi
50.11Avery Gill
24:41.53GR_Catholic Central
51.11Willow Biggs
24:44.16Monroe St. Mary CC
52.12Sophie Fischer
24:48.42GR_Catholic Central
53.9Erin Liszewski
24:50.03GR_Catholic Central
54.10Brigid Harrington
24:55.64Livonia Ladywood
55.11Colleen Ryan
24:57.46GR West Catholic
56.12Kylie Beaudoin
25:00.81GR West Catholic
57.11Lauren Luzynski
25:06.08Marine City Cardinal...
58.12Meghan Sullivan
25:06.47Livonia Ladywood
59.11Hannah Bastin
25:14.94Livonia Ladywood
60.11Erin Mangan
25:21.97GR West Catholic
61.12Kayla Shaw
25:27.35Portland St. Patrick
62.10Josephine Van Berkum
25:37.68Warren Regina
63.11Kirsty Liu
25:52.48Clarkston Everest Co...
64.11Jessica Wyeth
25:53.46Wixom St. Catherine
65.12Sara Vruggink
26:03.07GR_Catholic Central
66.10Rachel Moore
26:14.86Monroe St. Mary CC
67.12Lucy Van Berkum
26:18.68Warren Regina
68.12Matyson Vlademar
26:25.84Livonia Ladywood
69.12Hannah Masserant
26:49.73Monroe St. Mary CC
70.10Molly Milosch
27:02.51Clarkston Everest Co...
71.12Grace Kanka
27:11.79Warren Regina
72.11Maureen Diehl
28:26.63Warren Regina
73.11Christina Berels
28:47.52Marine City Cardinal...
74.11Irene Hibbard
28:47.84St Philip Catholic C...
75.10Abz Judd
28:54.62Monroe St. Mary CC
76.9Sophia White
29:00.09Portland St. Patrick
77.12Monica Williams
29:04.91Clarkston Everest Co...
78.12Elise Allard
29:10.44Clarkston Everest Co...
79.12Hannah Stevens
29:11.35St Philip Catholic C...
80.9Dani Craanen
30:14.52 PRMonroe St. Mary CC
81.10Katherine Engle
30:32.96Clarkston Everest Co...
82.12Lilly Schulz
30:57.52St Philip Catholic C...
83.9Amy Shaw
31:29.85Portland St. Patrick
84.10Veronica White
31:30.15Portland St. Patrick
85.11Jenna Pung
31:30.42Portland St. Patrick
86.9Anna Allard
34:46.63Clarkston Everest Co...
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2 Miles 2 mile

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Ellen Green
15:46.86 PRGR West Catholic
2.11Dana Caslavka
16:05.05 PRLansing Catholic
3.9Emily Zielke
16:11.69 PRDearborn Divine Child
4.9Francis Alvarado
16:16.87Lansing Catholic
5.11Anna Dehnke
16:17.65 PRLansing Catholic
6.10Ellie Rentz
16:19.29 PRLansing Catholic
7.10Abby Stewart
16:46.89Lansing Catholic
8.9Madison Monaghan
16:49.72 PRPontiac Notre Dame P...
9.9Hannah Pollice
17:24.49 PRLansing Catholic
10.9Lyndsey Lasota
17:32.28 PRPontiac Notre Dame P...
11.9Abby Needham
17:39.05 PRGR West Catholic
12.10Olivia Guitar
17:56.50 PRWarren Regina
13.9Sabrina Kroll
17:58.61 PRWarren Regina
14.11Sarah McCausland
18:02.82 PRDearborn Divine Child
15.9Sylvia Dusseau
18:28.05GR West Catholic
16.12Kristen Pruder
18:43.94Lansing Catholic
17.10Mary Heberlein
19:00.24Lansing Catholic
18.10Ava Pritchard
19:15.66 PRWarren Regina
19.9Emma McClory
19:27.61 PRLansing Catholic
20.9Rhianon Wodarek
20:12.14GR West Catholic
21.10Abigail Woodrich
20:44.08 PRPontiac Notre Dame P...
22.9Emma Frary
20:54.39 PRLansing Catholic
23.9Claire Dudek
21:05.91 PRWarren Regina
24.10Ananida Bugayong
27:43.77 PRLansing Catholic
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