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3,200 Meters 5th grade and under
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3,200 Meters Middle School
3,200 Meters 5th grade and under

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Mens Results

3,200 Meters Middle School

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Hypothetical Scores

1.8Max Faerber
11:11.35 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
2.8Caiden Cudney
11:11.77 PRManistee
3.8James Mlejnek
11:42.74 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
4.8Mason Cross
5.6Jack O'Donnell
12:06.96 PRManistee
6.7Jake O'Neil
12:10.00 PRChippewa Hills
7.6Kenny Lewis
12:11.59 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
8.7Gabriel Trevino
12:19.15White Pine (Saginaw)
9.8Jordan Fink
12:34.45 PRManistee
10.8Logan Schiebner
12:34.80 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
11.7Raine Webley
12:38.55White Pine (Saginaw)
12.7Joel Bendele
13.8Shaun Biller
12:43.84 PRChippewa Hills
14.7Brady Beebe
12:44.88West Int. Mt. Pleasant
15.6Matthew Stilson
16.8Cole Starke
12:46.26 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
17.7Luke Zacharek
12:46.82White Pine (Saginaw)
18.7Theodore Lange
12:47.27White Pine (Saginaw)
19.8Kevin Zimmer
12:47.87West Int. Mt. Pleasant
20.7Nate Baskins
12:51.59 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
21.8Lewis Young
12:52.19 PRChippewa Hills
22.8Nate Mize
12:53.73 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
23.7Jacob Lindeman
12:56.38 PRManistee
24.8Gavin Weaver
12:57.88 PRManistee
25.8Samuel Mosher
12:58.81 PRManistee
26.7Ethan Edmondson
27.6Jack Laurain
13:07.35 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
28.7Jarod Wright
13:08.63 PRManistee
29.6Carson Hales
13:10.36 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
30.8Landon Mars
13:13.24West Int. Mt. Pleasant
31.7Mitchell Walters
32.7Caden Anderson
13:23.42 PRWest Int. Mt. Pleasant
33.8Gage Wonch
13:26.60West Int. Mt. Pleasant
34.6Luke Smith
35.7Connor Bryan
36.6Maxwell Miles
13:34.74 PRManistee
37.7Jonathan Jarrard
13:40.45West Int. Mt. Pleasant
38.7Dylan Madsen
13:45.79 PRManistee
39.8Jakob Bartman
40.8Adam Fennell
13:52.00 PRManistee
41.8Kyle Conradson
42.7Brendan Kusbel
43.8Tyler Kalkman
13:54.79White Pine (Saginaw)
44.7Luke Kennard
45.7Carson Carlington
46.7Kroy Wilson
13:57.31West Int. Mt. Pleasant
47.7Dennis Egan
13:58.06Renaissance PS Academy
48.8Martin Grinnell
13:58.94 PRChippewa Hills
49.8Hayden Erlenbeck
14:01.28 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
50.8Ethan Traviss
14:05.62West Int. Mt. Pleasant
51.8Jeffrey Brownwell
14:06.61 PRChippewa Hills
52.8Nick Malish
14:08.08West Int. Mt. Pleasant
53.7Elliot Hoeflinger
14:09.24 PRManistee
54.6Joshua Wemigwans
14:09.57 PRWest Int. Mt. Pleasant
55.8Seth Thompson
14:10.74 PRManistee
56.8Kyler Thomas
14:11.22 PRManistee
57.7Caden Van Sickle
14:11.78 PRManistee
58.7Joshua Stuber
14:12.38 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
59.6Logan Northrup
14:19.79West Int. Mt. Pleasant
60.7Jackson Gutzman
14:20.42West Int. Mt. Pleasant
61.6Drew Mendians
14:21.38 PRManistee
62.6Ahsiniis Smith
14:28.41Renaissance PS Academy
63.7Micheal Gottleber
64.8Nick Hertzler
14:39.46West Int. Mt. Pleasant
65.7Lucas Meyjes
66.6Matthew Brownwell
14:43.26 PRChippewa Hills
67.7Joshua Marshall
14:43.62West Int. Mt. Pleasant
68.8Aiden Mindel
15:09.94 PRWest Int. Mt. Pleasant
69.6Kanon Petzak
15:14.59 PRManistee
70.7Michael Vranish
15:14.95 PRCadillac
71.7Jerik Kremsreiter
15:21.65West Int. Mt. Pleasant
72.8Donavan Hart
15:30.62 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
73.7Matthew Erickson
74.7Will Sunderman
15:38.20White Pine (Saginaw)
75.8Aaron Smith
76.8Nicholas Papenfus
15:49.22Renaissance PS Academy
77.7Evan Hixson
15:53.57West Int. Mt. Pleasant
78.6Brady Koenig
79.7Preston Hutchinson
16:01.11West Int. Mt. Pleasant
80.7Christian Quigno
16:01.95West Int. Mt. Pleasant
81.6Jaden Terry
16:06.90West Int. Mt. Pleasant
82.7Ben Schlaff
83.8Keegan Larkins
84.8Brandon Recca
85.6Nicholas Rzeszutek
16:15.25White Pine (Saginaw)
86.6Carter Myers
87.8Jacob Kalkman
16:18.51White Pine (Saginaw)
88.7Jackson Fox
16:22.47West Int. Mt. Pleasant
89.7Alex Macioszek
16:22.83 PRCadillac
90.8Darren Guzikowski
91.7Kohen Holly
92.6Matthew Baker
16:49.72West Int. Mt. Pleasant
93.7Cameron Johnson
16:50.11 PRWest Int. Mt. Pleasant
94.8Elliott Fortier
16:50.56White Pine (Saginaw)
95.7Tug Thuemmel
16:55.27 PRManistee
96.7Liam Seward
97.7Liam Chilcote
98.8Garrett Smith
17:05.34 PRCadillac
99.7Jackson Connors
17:07.64West Int. Mt. Pleasant
100.6Tyler Hammis
17:13.62White Pine (Saginaw)
101.6Aiden Percha
17:18.47West Int. Mt. Pleasant
102.6Landon Governo
17:20.98 PRChippewa Hills
103.6Jack Henderson
17:28.29West Int. Mt. Pleasant
104.6Ethan Shurr
17:28.86West Int. Mt. Pleasant
105.7Dylan Montross
17:29.30 PRWest Int. Mt. Pleasant
106.8Zach Redlawski
17:38.89 PRChippewa Hills
107.6Nathan Deibel
17:56.56White Pine (Saginaw)
108.8Caleb Hart
18:00.87Renaissance PS Academy
109.7Tyler Deibel
18:09.69 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
110.8Clayton Spears
18:19.69West Int. Mt. Pleasant
111.7Ian Miller
18:28.04West Int. Mt. Pleasant
112.7Branden Belt
113.6Owen Baillie
18:43.51 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
114.7Ryen Grigg
18:43.86White Pine (Saginaw)
115.6Luke Varble
19:04.41White Pine (Saginaw)
116.6Jackson Peless
19:17.99West Int. Mt. Pleasant
117.7Bryce Willman
20:05.60 PRChippewa Hills
118.8Wyatt Guest
20:22.24 PRCadillac
119.6Chase Gahsman
20:36.40West Int. Mt. Pleasant
120.8Nick Baker
21:30.67West Int. Mt. Pleasant
121.7Diego Duran
21:58.04White Pine (Saginaw)
122.7Jonathan Freeze
123.7Kenley Foster
22:23.04West Int. Mt. Pleasant
124.8Seth Boss
23:26.39White Pine (Saginaw)
125.8John Stevens
29:01.00West Int. Mt. Pleasant
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3,200 Meters 5th grade and under

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.5Ryan Selfidge
13:27.18 PRWest Int. Mt. Pleasant
3.5Jacob Simon
13:59.65 PRChippewa Hills
5.5Grayson Hoeflinger
14:52.41 PRManistee
7.-Paul Webster
15:47.18 PRChippewa Hills
9.5David Higgs
16:20.32 PRChippewa Hills
10.5Aaden Vogel
16:25.22 PRChippewa Hills
12.5Zachary Kennedy
17:00.83 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
15.4Henry Fortier
20:27.48 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
17.2Bentley Boss
26:37.66 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
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Womens Results

3,200 Meters Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Kendell Schopieray
2.7Ariel Warner
3.8Sarah Storey
12:57.52 PRChippewa Hills
4.8Hanna Hamilton
5.6McKinley Berry
13:04.25White Pine (Saginaw)
6.8Shelby Fall
13:06.12 PRChippewa Hills
7.7Ellie Sickles
8.6Emily Stevens
13:29.51West Int. Mt. Pleasant
9.8Lilly Bailey
10.8Paige Walters
11.7Carley Lynch
12.7Natalie Zochowski
13:37.92 PRChippewa Hills
13.8Lindsey Tonello
14.6Ari Todd
13:39.97 PRChippewa Hills
15.6Kendell Wilcox
13:40.29 PRShepherd
16.7Avery Ellison
17.7Jolie Fisher
18.6Brooklynn Webster
13:45.04 PRChippewa Hills
19.6Samantha Smith
13:46.84White Pine (Saginaw)
20.8Shelby Brant
13:53.68 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
21.6Summer Terpstra
13:54.30West Int. Mt. Pleasant
22.8Madison Meek-McCar...
13:58.46 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
23.8Selena Juarez
14:05.53 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
24.6Haley Miller
25.8Kylee Brush
14:07.57 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
26.7Abby Buchalski
14:09.59 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
27.7Katie Graham
28.8Solana Postma
14:22.23 PRManistee
29.8Emmy Zaroff
14:23.07 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
30.7Muriel McColl
31.6Reece Clark
14:24.60 PRChippewa Hills
32.8Kora Peacock
33.7MacKenna Johnson
14:26.82 PRCadillac
34.7Mikehlah Gimmey
35.6Autumn McIntyre
14:36.00 PRWest Int. Mt. Pleasant
36.7Lindsey Gibson
14:37.76 PRChippewa Hills
37.6Katherine Kroeze
14:38.06 PRLakeview
38.8Katelyn Webster
14:40.74 PRChippewa Hills
39.8Hannah Schwandt
14:43.53 PRLakeview
40.7Audrey Huffman
14:49.90 PRChippewa Hills
41.7Madison Biller
14:50.47 PRChippewa Hills
42.6Sophia Laurain
14:56.85 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
43.6Reese Raynard
14:58.57 PRLakeview
44.6Gabriella Mezei
14:59.39West Int. Mt. Pleasant
45.7Allison Faerber
15:01.34White Pine (Saginaw)
46.6Madison Wallace
15:06.90West Int. Mt. Pleasant
47.6Ava Hollandsworth
15:08.96 PRChippewa Hills
48.6Marisa Mazza
49.7Elle Himebaugh
50.6Madison Gimmey
15:13.96 PRShepherd
51.8Kayden Thomas
15:16.54West Int. Mt. Pleasant
52.6Abi Bailey
15:17.49West Int. Mt. Pleasant
53.8Janelle Yarnell
54.7Sophia Reilly
15:19.39West Int. Mt. Pleasant
55.8Jocelyn Roberts
15:22.45 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
56.8Jenna Fortier
57.7Jenna Woodworth
58.8Hope Munsell
15:35.78 PRLakeview
59.7Mackenzie Burger
15:36.31West Int. Mt. Pleasant
60.7Lilly Backus
15:37.00 PRChippewa Hills
61.7Kayla Wonch
15:39.56West Int. Mt. Pleasant
62.6Katy Zimmer
15:43.75West Int. Mt. Pleasant
63.6Gen Lasater
15:47.82West Int. Mt. Pleasant
64.6Brooke Kalahar
15:49.66 PRChippewa Hills
65.6Claire Peak
15:54.49 PRShepherd
66.6Ceci Postma
15:55.14 PRManistee
67.6Hannah Johnson
68.8Dori Earle
16:01.12 PRLakeview
69.7Halie Shack
16:02.27 SRManistee
70.6Alea Casipit
16:02.54Renaissance PS Academy
71.6Hadley Hilt
72.6Gabriella Almaraz
16:09.86 PRRenaissance PS Academy
73.7Ryleigh Sands
16:17.55 PRManistee
74.8Madison Barnes
16:17.87 PRChippewa Hills
75.7Claire Scott
16:18.53 PRManistee
76.7Emmalie Wood
77.6Nicole Green
78.8Ashanti Wilson
16:20.02 SRWest Int. Mt. Pleasant
79.8Jennifer Tycner
16:25.83West Int. Mt. Pleasant
80.8Danni Miles
16:26.95 PRManistee
81.8Courtney Haag
82.7Ila Swier
16:35.62 PRChippewa Hills
83.7Linsey Ward
16:36.30 PRChippewa Hills
84.8Lyra Brown
16:36.87 PRWest Int. Mt. Pleasant
85.8Malarie Pinwar
16:39.40West Int. Mt. Pleasant
86.6Libby Olson
16:40.50West Int. Mt. Pleasant
87.7Lindsey Peterson
88.7Aubree Garcia
16:41.55West Int. Mt. Pleasant
89.8Addy Witkowski
16:49.29 PRManistee
90.7Brooke Kroulik
16:51.45 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
91.6Jayna Edmondson
92.6Kasey Merriam
16:58.30 PRChippewa Hills
93.7Paige Huh
17:06.51 PRChippewa Hills
94.8Chloe Higgs
17:08.74 PRChippewa Hills
95.6Cailyn Nasko
17:11.33 PRLakeview
96.6Eva Canales
17:17.77White Pine (Saginaw)
97.6Shae Earle
17:21.63 PRLakeview
98.8Emily Ross
99.6Kiera Schiebner
17:25.38 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
100.6Emily Shick
17:29.81 PRChippewa Hills
101.8Felicity Chapman
17:31.26 PRChippewa Hills
102.6Kaite Kennedy
17:33.32 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
103.7Hannah Mosher
17:37.43 PRCadillac
104.8Katherine Brandsma
17:41.84 PRCadillac
105.8Morgan Gulick
17:42.60 SRChippewa Hills
106.8Madison Wrisley
17:43.75 SRChippewa Hills
107.8Nola Boyle
17:55.70West Int. Mt. Pleasant
108.8Zoe Hippler
17:58.42 SRWest Int. Mt. Pleasant
109.7Karley Densmore
18:13.88 PRChippewa Hills
110.6Aryan Ballard
18:18.35 PRChippewa Hills
111.7Jozlyn Inosencio
112.7Grace Flahery
18:27.38West Int. Mt. Pleasant
113.7Alyiah Gorton
114.6Emma Koskinski
18:36.40 PRLakeview
115.7Lily Shuster
18:45.57 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
116.6Jerzie Brakenery
18:53.43West Int. Mt. Pleasant
117.8Lindsay Uzarski
18:53.88West Int. Mt. Pleasant
118.8Kylee Stachlewicz
18:56.91 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
119.6Kennedy Miles
120.6Makayla Hyde
121.6Mara Florian
19:06.81 PRShepherd
122.6Madison Wolters
19:07.19West Int. Mt. Pleasant
123.6Haylee Livermore
19:10.30 PRChippewa Hills
124.6Carissa Musta
125.6Madison Kanyo
19:33.46 PRChippewa Hills
126.6Samara Espinoza
19:34.17Renaissance PS Academy
127.7Carlee Krueger
19:40.03West Int. Mt. Pleasant
128.6Carleigh Thompson
19:44.44 PRChippewa Hills
129.8Asia Ritzler
19:56.28West Int. Mt. Pleasant
130.7Jaydin Ruhle
20:01.87West Int. Mt. Pleasant
131.7Sara Araway
20:08.55West Int. Mt. Pleasant
132.6Madison Riggs
20:16.74 PRChippewa Hills
133.6Brooke Jankweitz
134.6Jazmyne Lake
20:26.56 PRChippewa Hills
135.6Rachel Benedict
20:27.67 PRChippewa Hills
136.8Alison Roberts
137.6Kateri Ceplina
20:39.02 PRManistee
138.6Lilly Sponseller
20:54.51West Int. Mt. Pleasant
139.7Stephanie Moore
21:02.99 PRChippewa Hills
140.6Ava White
21:12.82West Int. Mt. Pleasant
141.8Kalina Spicer
142.7Kenna Booher
143.8Lydia Smith
144.6Carlie Smith
21:36.04 PRChippewa Hills
145.7Victoria Smith
21:44.78 PRWest Int. Mt. Pleasant
146.7Kaylor McIntosh
22:18.69West Int. Mt. Pleasant
147.7Haleigh Stiles
22:23.15West Int. Mt. Pleasant
148.8Lauren Naugle
149.6Madison Krulicki
22:50.40West Int. Mt. Pleasant
150.7Kyliana Bissell
23:25.64 PRChippewa Hills
151.7Katelon Armentrout
23:28.65 PRChippewa Hills
152.7Alison Kain
23:29.00 PRChippewa Hills
153.6Hannah Hamlin
23:33.70West Int. Mt. Pleasant
154.6Esther O'Dell
23:40.44West Int. Mt. Pleasant
155.7Mina Wager
25:16.65West Int. Mt. Pleasant
156.8Kelly Ryan
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3,200 Meters 5th grade and under

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Chippewa Hills15

Hypothetical Scores

2.5Natalie Gibson
13:32.42 PRChippewa Hills
4.5Hannah Abbott
14:39.50 PRChippewa Hills
6.5Erin Judge
15:03.07 PRChippewa Hills
8.5Augusta Bowman
15:51.22 PRChippewa Hills
11.4Megan Gimmey
16:26.61 PRShepherd
13.5Mary Meek-McCartney
19:38.18 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
14.5Grace Lowery
20:02.78 PRChippewa Hills
16.3Aimee Fortier
25:07.72 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
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