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Mens Races

Eagle Island XC Course

5,000 Meters Rising Stars Sec #1 - 10:55am10:55 AM
5,000 Meters Rising Stars Section 2 - 11:30am11:30 AM
5,000 Meters Open Inv. Section 1 - 1:201:20 PM
5,000 Meters Open Inv. Section 2 - 1:50pm1:50 PM
5,000 Meters Championship3:05 PM
Womens Races

Eagle Island XC Course

5,000 Meters Rising Stars - Section 110:15 AM
5,000 Meters Open Inv. Section 1 - 12:1012:10 PM
5,000 Meters Open Inv. Section 2 - 12:45pm12:45 PM
5,000 Meters Championship2:30 PM

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Meet Info  (coaches)

NXR Northwest 2017

Complete Meet Info = HERE

Please view the registration tutorial below to answer your "How do I...?" questions regarding registation

RACE Definitions:
Championship = Qualifier for NXN.  No more than 7 athletes per club team.  You must request entry to the Championship race to be considered.  22 teams and 45-50 individuals will be  accepted.  If your team is not accepted, you will be moved to one of the sections of Open Invitational.  If your team is moved, you may request for an individual(s) to remain in the Championship.  No 8th grade athletes allowed

Open Invitational = Varsity Level athletes.  You are allowed to register multiple scoring groups of 5-7, as well as additional individuals.  Scoring will be based on how you assign your scoring groups and multiple teams will be designated as A, B, C, etc.  No 8th grade athletes allowed

Rising Stars = JV Level athletes.  You are allowed to register multiple scoring groups of 5-7, as well as additional individuals.  Scoring will be based on how you assign your scoring groups and multiple teams will be designated as A, B, C, etc.  No 8th grade athletes allowed

Grade School/Middle  = 3k.  Open to 3rd grade through 8th grade.  Boys and Girls, and all grades race at same time.  Awards given to top 10 in 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, 7th/8th for each gender.
Registration link =

Adult Community Race = 5k.  Open to any non-high school athletes.  Men and Women race at same time.  Awards to to 3 finishers in each gender.
Registration link =

Last Updated 3:44 PM, Mon, Sep 25

  (coaches) Registration Instructions for Coaches
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Rising Stars Sec #1 - 10:55am

Official Team Scores

2.Crater Distance Project63
3.Carbon County Coyotes66
4.Red Rockets XC122
5.Bobcat XC Club140
6.Fuller Road Flyers143
7.Premier Running169
8.Cannoli bois184
10.Lakewood XC Club254
11.Evanston Wy. Runners254
12.Arlington XC Club306
13.Lions XC356
1.11Calvin Whybrew
17:04.59Loyal Sons of Ireland
2.9Sam Jeppsen
17:34.26 PRUna-Jeppsen-Sam
3.10JC Herring
17:36.20Crater Distance Proj...
4.10Matthew Schenk
17:41.64Crater Distance Proj...
5.12Shelby Harding
17:45.97 PRUna-Harding-Shelby
6.11Hayden Nolting
17:49.89 PRUna-Nolting-Hayden
7.9Owen Rogers
17:51.59 PRUna-Rogers-Owen
8.9Will Dixon
17:55.88 PRBobcat XC Club
9.12Nick Mills
10.11Derik Holloway
17:59.57 PRUna-Holloway-Derik
11.11Damon Sheneman
18:01.02 PRUna-Sheneman-Damon
12.11Boone Schmaltz
18:09.53 PRCarbon County Coyotes
13.9Morgan Crawford
18:09.93 PRBobcat XC Club
14.12Ammon Tolman
18:13.74 PRUna-Tolman-Ammon
15.11Ryan Devries
18:14.52 PRCarbon County Coyotes
16.12Andy Van Ornum
18:14.79 PRCarbon County Coyotes
17.9Kourtlan Rasmussen
18:15.77Red Rockets XC
18.10Wyatt Crowther
18:16.08 PRUna-Crowther-Wyatt
19.11Blake Olsen
18:16.63 PRUna-Olsen-Blake
20.11Miles Miller
21.10Jonah Matteo
18:21.76 PRPremier Running
22.9Alexander Willard-...
18:23.33Fuller Road Flyers
23.12Cole Tolleson Knee
24.10Nathan Valenzuela
18:25.86Yakima Harriers
25.10Emiliano Ferguson
18:28.03 PRHkxc
26.12Daniel Puckett
27.10Ammon Bracken
18:33.76 PRPremier Running
28.12Logan Thurman
18:37.97Crater Distance Proj...
29.11Jakob May
18:43.05 PRCarbon County Coyotes
30.9Peter Nielsen
18:43.34Red Rockets XC
31.11Jacob Charbonneau
32.9Austin Scharf
18:56.55Crater Distance Proj...
33.10Matthew Medina
18:57.36Crater Distance Proj...
34.10Roger Moore
18:58.11Run Brave
35.10Ethan Chournos
18:59.86Red Rockets XC
36.10William Prentice
19:00.71Fuller Road Flyers
37.10Jared Charbonneau
38.10Paul Becker
19:04.28Run Brave
39.11Austin DeFord
19:11.17 PRUna-DeFord-Austin
40.10Seth Babbel
19:13.68Falcons Ctc
41.10Dovovan Bragel
19:16.52 PRCannoli bois
42.10Samuel Meyer
19:17.56Fuller Road Flyers
43.11Camron Avent
19:18.04Carbon County Coyotes
44.9Carter McLaughlin
19:18.37 PRUna-McLaughlin-Carter
45.10Timothy Smith
46.11Zach Butler
19:22.75Cannoli bois
47.9Carson McQueen
48.10Bengt Rickbeil
19:26.84 PRUna-Rickbeil
49.9Keyjun Hales
19:27.01Red Rockets XC
50.11Fei Hu
19:27.78Lakewood XC Club
51.10Hans Skovlin
52.9Jon Hansen
19:30.49Cannoli bois
53.12Vetle Haadem
19:32.78Grant Park Harriers
54.9Bradley Kiltow
19:32.81Fuller Road Flyers
55.11Caleb Haacke
19:33.26Bobcat XC Club
56.10Kimball Demars
19:33.95 PRUna-Demars-Kimball
57.9Ignatius Fitzgerald
19:38.76 PRHkxc
58.11Challen Rosander
59.11Kolby Goff
19:44.43Cannoli bois
60.11Hazen Walmsley
19:52.17Douglas Bearcats Club
61.9Landon Dey
19:53.08 PRUna-Dey-Landon
62.10Joe Trujillo
19:56.96Evanston Wy. Runners
63.11Sam Russell
19:58.24Grant Park Harriers
64.9Adam Compton
19:59.03Red Rockets XC
65.9Isaiah Lowery
20:03.23Arlington XC Club
66.9Logan Driver
20:05.14Evanston Wy. Runners
67.9Rylan Worley
20:06.40Evanston Wy. Runners
68.9Brycen Kempton
20:07.05Premier Running
69.9Nathan Henry
20:08.21Fuller Road Flyers
70.10Hamilton Hardy
20:15.76Bobcat XC Club
71.10Brenner Henry
20:21.48Fuller Road Flyers
72.11Eli Baker
20:29.80Team Latipac
73.10Dominic Meier
20:32.77Premier Running
74.10Alex Tietjen
20:33.56Bobcat XC Club
75.10Braydon Bond
20:40.55Warrior XC
76.10Jackson Headley
20:41.59Premier Running
77.11Truman Cowan
20:44.64Grant Park Harriers
78.11Wade Hammons
20:44.76 PRUna-Hammons-Wade
79.12Taylor Stich
20:47.70Lakewood XC Club
80.9Sidney Poly
20:50.17Run Brave
81.11Jeff Jennewein
20:50.86Lakewood XC Club
82.10Braxton Ziker
20:51.64Premier Running
83.11Shane Vomund
20:53.50Carbon County Coyotes
84.11Connor Born
20:56.79 PRUna-Born-Connor
85.9Renn Stearns
86.11Johnathan Schliebe
21:00.14 PRUna-Schliebe-Johnathan
87.9Cal Eastman
21:04.44Lakewood XC Club
88.9Max Fuller
21:05.45Knights Chafing the ...
89.12Wyatt Guty
21:05.85Wheatland xc club
90.9Keegan Meyer
21:07.23 PRUna-Meyer-Keegan
91.11Caleb Marll
21:07.35Cannoli bois
92.9Kadin Garrett
21:09.42Cooler than Corn
93.10Nikolai Morgan
21:10.42Lions XC
94.10Tim Turner
95.9Rylan Polkinghorn
21:13.28Arlington XC Club
96.11Andrew Altman
21:13.85Mvxc Elite
97.10Garet Sharp
21:16.13 PREvanston Wy. Runners
98.11Diven Naidu
99.9Nathan Shibley
21:23.98Fast Falcons
100.11Sergio Rameriz
101.9James Wright
21:29.91Arlington XC Club
102.12Tyler Woodland
21:31.08Mvxc Elite
103.12Juan Torres
21:39.24Lakewood XC Club
104.9Zach Overman
105.12Braden Lehner
21:49.43Douglas Bearcats Club
106.10Robert Turner
107.11Holden Berg
21:55.57Lakewood XC Club
108.9Vlad Munteanu
21:56.77Fast Falcons
109.10Ethan Stapleton
21:57.10Lakewood XC Club
110.9Kaedon Galloway
111.9Brennen Basl
22:04.59Stayton Running Club
112.9Giovanni Acero
22:07.63Arlington XC Club
113.10Lex Anderson
114.9Ryan Marty
22:08.76Lions XC
115.10Ryan Netten
22:08.95Charger XC
116.9Benjamin Ralston
22:09.01Charger XC
117.9Ethan Marklund
22:16.03 PRUna-Marklund-Ethan
118.11Brandon Sepos
22:18.76Evanston Wy. Runners
119.10Lance Palmer
22:37.56 PREvanston Wy. Runners
120.9Jarod Stahl
22:41.09 PREvanston Wy. Runners
121.9Bronson King
22:45.73Lions XC
122.10Ronan Stewart
23:00.85Charger XC
123.12Braden Beal
23:02.36Mvxc Elite
124.10Jacob Maupin
23:03.32Mvxc Elite
125.11Pedro Nascimento
23:04.85 PRLakewood XC Club
126.12Jacob Stafford
23:15.36 PRUna-Stafford-Jacob
127.12John Sarad
23:15.38 PRUna-Sarad-John
128.12Haiden Moody
23:16.05 PRUna-Moody
129.12Christian Moody
23:16.34 PRUna-Moody
130.11Coy Wickens
23:21.87Carbon County Coyotes
131.9Tristan Pearson
23:24.07 PRArlington XC Club
132.9Jacob Frazeur
23:28.09Stayton Running Club
133.9Liam Queneau
23:49.30 PRHkxc
134.9Lucas Langer
24:25.31Stayton Running Club
135.11Alex Hurley
24:44.99Arlington XC Club
136.12Aiken Zent
24:58.18Charger XC
137.11Kyle Le Yeoh
138.12Cole Nelson
25:36.54Arlington XC Club
139.12Zachary Hartman
25:36.71Arlington XC Club
140.10Jorge Burgos
27:33.65 PRUna-Burgos-Jorge
141.12Michael Woods
30:03.43Lions XC
141.12Connor Gilliland
30:03.43Lions XC
143.12Connor Pierce
30:03.45Lions XC
144.11Thongratanasombat ...
32:24.10Lakewood XC Club
145.11Pablo Pernas
36:38.33Lakewood XC Club
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5,000 Meters Rising Stars Section 2 - 11:30am

Official Team Scores

1.Storm Over Bend43
2.Stark Street AC64
3.Axemen Running Club89
4.Grit XC92
5.Arlington XC Club143
6.Apollos XC156
7.Sammamish Wolfpack176
8.Spokane Distance Project186
9.Wolves XC194
10.Hawk Flock303
1.11Jalen Harris
17:08.11 SRStark Street AC
2.9Joseph Sortor
17:13.91Storm Over Bend
3.10Ryan Barene
17:18.99Arlington XC Club
4.10Elias Everist
17:20.73Grit XC
5.9Sam Hatfield
17:20.74Storm Over Bend
6.9Luke Horne
17:22.98Stark Street AC
7.10Chance Pearston
17:34.46Arlington XC Club
8.9Jacob McIntyre
17:39.37Spokane Distance Pro...
9.9Oscar Roering
17:40.22Axemen Running Club
10.11Sebastian Gudino
17:50.03Stark Street AC
11.10Robert J Gorman
17:52.11 PRStorm Over Bend
12.9Riley Schott
17:53.00 PRUna-Schott-Riley
13.9Josh Peckham
17:55.23Outlaws XC Club
14.9Jack Strang
17:57.68Storm Over Bend
15.10Bryce Capuano
17:58.00Storm Over Bend
16.10Kody Dalling
17:58.46Club Sugar
17.9Collin Beyer
17:58.84Apollos XC
18.10Kaysen Klingler
18:02.37 PRClub Sugar
19.9Liam Kaperick
18:08.49Axemen Running Club
20.9Henry Anderson
18:08.99Axemen Running Club
21.12Joshua Harris
18:19.76Grit XC
22.12Zac Shakespear
18:23.02 SRAxemen Running Club
23.10Chris Cardella
18:24.85Wolves XC
24.9Domenic Ghiorso
18:25.92Grit XC
25.10Cole O'Donnell
18:27.67Stark Street AC
26.10Jack Pendleton
18:29.98Sammamish Wolfpack
27.10Chase Pond
18:30.10Grit XC
28.10Dhruva Sogal
18:31.50Apollos XC
29.10Liam Hurley
18:32.88Spokane Distance Pro...
30.11Sahir Sandhu
18:33.59Stark Street AC
31.9Garrick Watkins
18:35.92Spokane Distance Pro...
32.9Michael Porizek
18:37.02Grit XC
33.9Carson Wright
18:39.83Wolves XC
34.10Nathan Zeng
18:40.99 PRSammamish Wolfpack
35.12Connor McVay
18:41.21Axemen Running Club
36.10Jonathan Wind
18:41.24Grit XC
37.10Michael Graham
18:42.54Apollos XC
38.10Sam Perkins
18:44.72Stark Street AC
39.9Jaden McCabe
18:45.81Storm Over Bend
40.11Trent Henry
18:47.23Arlington XC Club
41.12Justin Qiu
18:51.13Sammamish Wolfpack
42.9Rex Zhao
18:52.29Hawks XC
43.11Dylan Palmer
18:53.01Grit XC
44.11Ian Curtis
18:54.64Axemen Running Club
45.9Kai Wagner
18:55.23Hawks XC
46.12Adam Frelly
18:57.51Wolves XC
47.11Cameron Stuart
18:59.53Sammamish Wolfpack
48.12David Chen
19:00.30Apollos XC
49.9Luke Wiley
19:02.50Apollos XC
50.10Logan Fisher
19:04.84Stark Street AC
51.10Josh Dittrich
19:05.74Wolves XC
52.11Zach Ellis
19:06.92Sammamish Wolfpack
53.9Myles Courtney
19:09.09Axemen Running Club
54.12Cameron Fox
19:15.90Axemen Running Club
55.12Ryan Donnelly
19:16.08Arlington XC Club
56.11Brendan Sheerin
19:17.69Axemen Running Club
57.12Jackson Darling
19:18.42Arlington XC Club
58.12Noah Logan
19:21.26Hawk Flock
59.12Alex Dzubay
19:21.70Axemen Running Club
60.12Sean McCulloch
19:23.23Axemen Running Club
61.12Simon Bennett
19:28.09Apollos XC
62.12Rusdan Crook
19:28.11Sammamish Wolfpack
63.11Gota Koyama
19:28.74Apollos XC
64.10Alexander Woodall
19:30.24Sammamish Wolfpack
65.9Noah Draney
19:30.42 PRSvxc
66.9Taran Holtzclaw
19:31.12Arlington XC Club
67.9Zachary Round
19:31.37Spokane Distance Pro...
68.10Galen Moll
19:36.75Axemen Running Club
69.9Ansel Moll
19:36.87Axemen Running Club
70.10Ammon Ibarra
19:43.43Grit XC
71.11Zach Schreiber
19:45.53Hawk Flock
72.9Logan Davies
19:47.78Arlington XC Club
73.12Brennan Wilson
19:49.30Arlington XC Club
74.9Tony Olsen
19:56.93Grit XC
75.10Kenta Yoshii
19:59.58Hawk Flock
76.10Colton Farnsworth
20:00.70Wolves XC
77.10Tyler Shakespear
20:01.20Axemen Running Club
78.11Josh Cook
20:01.64Arlington XC Club
79.11Caleb Stamper
20:01.97Wolves XC
80.10Kolton Zeng
20:02.18Sammamish Wolfpack
81.10Daniel DeCosta
20:03.41Axemen Running Club
82.9Nicholas Carste
20:03.44Sammamish Wolfpack
83.9Connor Wride
84.9Jameson Murray
20:13.23Arlington XC Club
85.9Tyler Thompson
20:14.19Grit XC
86.12Sam Hemsley
20:14.27Axemen Running Club
87.12Grayson McDowell
20:15.13Sammamish Wolfpack
88.10Jason Daltoso
20:15.84Hermiston XC Club
89.9Pete Cook
20:20.20 PRSvxc
90.10Diego Chaves
20:21.24Axemen Running Club
91.12Joe Aydelotte
20:22.15Grit XC
92.9Jaime Corona
20:22.45Hermiston XC Club
93.11Peter Wrobel
20:31.14Frenchtown Bronc Har...
94.10Benjamin Courter
20:31.50Sammamish Wolfpack
95.11Tucker Olson
20:32.71Hawk Flock
96.10Rhett Roberts
20:35.43Axemen Running Club
97.10Joel LaVergne
20:38.35 PRUna-LaVergne-Joel
98.12Max Faust
20:38.62Apollos XC
99.11James Longoria
20:50.04Axemen Running Club
100.9Ty Grigg
20:50.19 PRUna-Ty-Grigg
101.12Trevor Carlton
102.11Seth Buck
21:03.91Hermiston XC Club
103.10Garrett Mullings
104.11Fisher Bachman-Rho...
105.10Mathew Hwang
21:28.17Wolves XC
106.10Daniel Shlesinger
21:29.48Axemen Running Club
107.9Adam Feryn
21:29.60Spokane Distance Pro...
108.11Kyle Ralston
21:36.57 PRUnat-Ralston-Kyle
109.12Austin Smith
110.9Isaac Ibarra
21:40.74Hermiston XC Club
111.11CJ Panaitescu
21:51.31Hawk Flock
112.11Colby Harris
21:52.63Wolves XC
113.9Josh Strgar
21:59.94 PRSvxc
114.10Ethan Woodland
22:11.26Meridian Warpath
115.9Jacob Hofheins
116.9Parker Thompson
22:21.68 PRSvxc
117.9Tyler Hedges
22:22.54Meridian Warpath
118.10Ben Lombardi
119.9Micah Clements
23:00.35Hawk Flock
120.9Josh Hegstad
121.11Sam Stetzel
23:06.57Hawk Flock
122.12Soren Lindseth
24:16.67Hawk Flock
123.10Grayson Lagore
24:58.99Hawk Flock
124.9Corbin Baker
28:58.98Viper RC
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5,000 Meters Open Inv. Section 1 - 1:20

Official Team Scores

1.Bozeman xc109
2.Apollos XC128
3.Crusader Harriers168
5.Brave Souls200
6.Saxon XC265
7.Lions XC272
8.North Spokane281
9.Stayton Running Club300
10.Lone Wolf350
11.Pat Pack355
12.Evanston Wy. Runners366
13.Red Rockets XC367
14.Cannoli bois401
15.McMinnville Harriers423
16.Run Brave432
17.Millwood XC434
19.On The Hill XC Team507
20.Knights Chafing the Dream538
21.Ursa Minor Running Club554
22.Fergus XC568
24.Cristeros XC Club624
25.Lakewood XC Club630
26.Pantalones Rapidos642
27.Cool Runnings685
28.Grizz XC703
29.Capitol City Distance Project713
30.Grant Park Harriers729
31.Idaho Iguanas767
32.Cooler than Corn778
33.Hillsdale Harriers867
1.12Siyad Matan
16:28.60Lions XC
2.11Tanner Sayers
16:32.45 PRUna-Sayers-Tanner
3.12Blaine Stuart
16:34.33The Ambrose School
4.11Jedaiah Wasson
16:34.36Eagles For The Lord
5.12Traveller Cache
16:37.95 PRUna-Cache-Traveller
6.10Ian Curtis
7.11Giovanni Raskell
16:40.57 PRMillwood XC
8.12Max Norman
16:40.80 PRUna-Norman
9.11Zach Marien
16:41.51 PRUna-Marien-Zach
10.9Jack Bennett
16:41.82Crusader Harriers
11.10Mason Gerwig
16:44.24Apollos XC
12.10Griffin May
16:48.13Bozeman xc
13.11Jay Grant
16:49.98Saxon XC
14.12Casey Pugh
16:51.20Stayton Running Club
15.12Brayden Kovick
16:51.57Lone Wolf
16.11Matthew Frazeur
16:52.59Stayton Running Club
17.12Troy Engen
16:52.82Cannoli bois
18.10Carter Gordon
16:56.89Cooler than Corn
19.9Evan Gonzalez
16:57.35Saxon XC
20.10Jax Weide
17:00.70Brave Souls
21.10Jonas Bears
17:01.08Spokane Distance Pro...
22.11Casey Bloomer
17:03.27Bozeman xc
23.10Ben Nichols
17:05.18Apollos XC
24.9Shane Gard
25.11Cameron Gutierrez
17:05.66Brave Souls
26.11Ewan Steers
17:06.21 PRUna-Steer-Ewan
27.12Jenner Sapienza
17:06.38Issaquah XC Club
28.10Kolby Spink
17:06.80Ursa Minor Running C...
29.12Ben Janus
17:08.07 PRUna-Janus-Ben
30.12Max Standley
17:08.77 PRUna-Standley
31.11Christian Kuplack
17:11.46Cristeros XC Club
32.11Jamie Christner
17:13.72North Spokane
33.9Stirling Marshall-...
17:14.12Bozeman xc
34.11Gus Harquail
17:14.56Cool Runnings
35.12Nathan Pace
17:15.10Red Rockets XC
36.12Reuben Kosche
17:18.75Run Brave
37.12Kendall VanZanten
17:19.90 PRSkagit Cross
38.11Maxwell Scott
17:20.44Crusader Harriers
39.10Lukas Horejsi
40.10Khaled Mahmoud
17:21.28Apollos XC
41.9Gavin Summers
17:22.05Crusader Harriers
42.10Zach Garey
17:22.95Lions XC
43.10Ethan Klein
17:22.97Timberwolf Track Club
44.11Andrew Holleman
17:23.58Bozeman xc
45.11Brennen Donahue
17:26.37Charger XC
46.12Noah Majerus
17:27.06Fergus XC
47.11Weston Wiley
17:27.51Evanston Wy. Runners
48.10Dawson Crofts
17:27.58Evanston Wy. Runners
49.11Eric Lungu
17:28.51Saxon XC
50.10Sam Anderson
17:29.12Spokane Distance Pro...
51.9Marcus Graham
17:29.84McMinnville Harriers
52.11Graeme Earl
17:30.33Run Brave
53.12Jack Swann
17:30.66Bozeman xc
54.10Lars Deboutte
17:31.03Apollos XC
55.10Jack Mitchell-Robohm
56.11Tyrell Halladay
17:33.28Evanston Wy. Runners
57.10Andrew Larson
17:33.31Brave Souls
58.11Mihira Sogal
17:33.49Apollos XC
59.11Nathan Baecht
17:34.93 PRUna-Baecht-Nathan
60.10Dalton Feist
17:36.28North Spokane
61.12Bruce Erickson
17:36.76 PRUna-Erickson-Bruce
62.12Christian Gayton
17:37.57Lone Wolf
63.10Isak Larson
64.12Sawyer Moon
17:39.24Brave Souls
65.10Sam Fulbright
17:39.43Fergus XC
66.11Brett Flerchinger
17:39.45Knights Chafing the ...
67.10Kale Cassidy
68.11Tucker Burnham
17:40.60 PRUna-Burnham-Tucker
69.9Ryan Schumacher
17:41.05Crusader Harriers
70.11Tucker Houlihan
17:41.31On The Hill XC Team
71.10Ben Kirby
17:42.58Stayton Running Club
72.10William Hodgson
17:43.28 PRBozeman xc
73.9Xander Danenhauer
17:43.67 PRBozeman xc
74.11Noah Weaver
17:43.94 PRCannoli bois
75.11Marcos Valerio
17:44.42Lone Wolf
76.9Stathi Davis
17:44.75Apollos XC
77.10Dax Summers
78.11Matthew McMurray
17:45.11 PRPat Pack
79.10Kolby Green
17:46.60Millwood XC
80.11Korey Anthony
17:47.34Spokane Distance Pro...
81.10Ariel Gomez
17:48.87Crusader Harriers
82.12Colby Hamson
17:50.43Red Rockets XC
83.11Dallin Larson
17:51.73North Spokane
84.10Aidan Van Eerden
85.12Jacob Kearsley
17:52.75Pat Pack
86.11Austin Keetch
17:52.83Pat Pack
87.11Gavin Fairlee
17:53.67On The Hill XC Team
88.11Kenyion Townsend
17:53.78 PRUna-Townsend-Kenyion
89.10Henry Kakalecik
17:54.58 PRUna-Kakalecik-Henry
90.12Jacob Smylie
17:54.71 PRUna-Smylie-Jacob
91.11Yasin Osman
17:55.16Pat Pack
92.9Cody Hundhausen
17:55.64Bozeman xc
93.11Seth Farmer
17:57.25North Spokane
94.10David Cummings
17:58.64Apollos XC
95.11Lance Stites
17:58.87lady suns
96.11Ian Lambert
17:59.42Lions XC
97.12Cade Arellano
18:00.02Soda XC Club
98.11David Rojas
18:00.38Capitol City Distanc...
99.11David Chupp
18:00.64McMinnville Harriers
100.10Steven Rowland
18:00.94Crusader Harriers
101.12Nathan Silenzi
18:01.23Crusader Harriers
102.12Jared Meredith
18:01.87Pantalones Rapidos
103.10Reese Braman
104.10Drew Gibson
18:02.71Lone Wolf
105.11Ashe Sperry
18:02.97On The Hill XC Team
106.10Dominic Debettenco...
18:03.47Crusader Harriers
107.11Julian Marsh
18:03.62Timberwolf Track Club
108.12Kolby Banister
18:03.64Lions XC
109.10Charles Cram
18:04.31Skagit Cross
110.11Noah Shirk
18:05.23 PRUna-Shirk-Noah
111.11John Nielsen
18:05.65Red Rockets XC
112.10Jonathan Lagonegro
18:06.66 SRBrave Souls
113.10Jasper Fuhs
18:08.09Issaquah XC Club
114.9Braden Dance
18:08.22Pantalones Rapidos
115.10Graham Orren
18:08.25 PRBrave Souls
116.10Lucas Stearns
117.12Ryan Leaming
18:08.62North Spokane
118.12Henry Stewart
18:08.91 PRBozeman xc
119.11Logan Scamfer
18:09.21 PRSkagit Cross
120.10Charlie Moore
18:09.31Eugene Central Runni...
121.10Carson Lee
18:09.58 PRSkagit Cross
122.12Nigel Yeates
18:09.60 PRSkagit Cross
123.11David Sigler
18:09.63Bozeman xc
124.11Maximus Sanders
18:10.45Bozeman xc
125.10Ned Harlan
18:11.51Saxon XC
126.11Preston Jones
18:12.27Columbia High School
127.9Leif Swanson
18:12.32North Spokane
128.10Patrick Adkisson
129.12Hunter Johnson
18:13.40Premier Running
130.9Niko Mizani
18:13.58 PRGrant Park Harriers
131.9Miles Hoene-Langdon
18:14.42Lions XC
132.11Isaiah Navarro
18:14.45Knights Chafing the ...
133.10Caden Shanks
18:15.31Ursa Minor Running C...
134.11John Dorr
18:15.32North Spokane
135.9Lars McDermott
18:15.99North Spokane
136.10Kyle Leaming
18:16.31North Spokane
137.10Nikolas Moran
18:16.60Cannoli bois
138.10Nicholas Patch
18:17.46Bozeman xc
139.12Adam Cross
18:19.97Lakewood XC Club
140.12Pratheek Makineni
18:20.04Apollos XC
141.11Dakin Rust
18:20.81Pat Pack
142.12Nick Rodgers
18:21.03Issaquah XC Club
143.10Colt Summers
18:21.31Red Rockets XC
144.11Chase Crandall
18:21.33Pat Pack
145.12Hunter Falash
18:21.74 PRUna-Falash
146.10Lachlan Boyd
18:22.40 PRSkagit Cross
147.9David Koster
18:22.45Bozeman xc
148.10Lucas Martin
18:22.53Crusader Harriers
149.9Kamron Murphy
18:23.36North Spokane
150.9Byron Nice
18:23.44McMinnville Harriers
151.10Alex Jensen
18:24.72Lakewood XC Club
152.10Aiden Blackburn
18:25.10McMinnville Harriers
153.12Alec Curtis
18:25.76Red Rockets XC
154.11Steve Darakjy
18:25.93Cristeros XC Club
155.12Alex Colvin
18:25.96North Spokane
156.10Zane Harbison
18:26.51Run Brave
157.10Matt Roth
18:26.80Brave Souls
158.12Caedmon Seekins
18:27.04 PRBrave Souls
159.12Brody Johnson
18:27.06Stayton Running Club
160.11Luca Paolino
18:27.16Cannoli bois
161.12Antonio Zavala
18:27.72Idaho Iguanas
162.12Cade Warnock
18:28.01Lions XC
163.10Conner Bawden
18:28.55Knights Chafing the ...
164.10Hunter Young
18:28.64Grizz XC
165.10Mason Taylor
18:29.05Skagit Cross
166.12Cody Brown
18:29.59McMinnville Harriers
167.11Alex Pegis
18:29.76Timberwolf Track Club
168.10John Migchelbrink
18:30.10Apollos XC
169.12Spencer Solvberg
18:30.89Lakewood XC Club
170.12Levi Goris
18:31.44North Spokane
171.11Josh Morisaki
18:32.72Raiders XC
172.11Bradshaw Haack
18:32.89Evanston Wy. Runners
173.11Damien Anderson
174.12Jack McMillan
18:34.36Apollos XC
175.12Michael Quindlen
18:36.14Millwood XC
176.12Cody Skay
18:37.12Millwood XC
177.11Rainnier Bozung
18:37.78Skagit Cross
178.10Tristan Scarborough
18:37.89Ursa Minor Running C...
179.10Kylar Johnson
18:38.03McMinnville Harriers
180.10Dawson Gilbert
18:39.89Pantalones Rapidos
181.11Cole Simcox
18:40.89Bozeman xc
182.10Aidan Duffield
183.10Isaac Nieto
18:42.37Stayton Running Club
184.11Israel Perez
18:43.27Saxon XC
185.9Luis Garcia
18:45.34Run Brave
186.10Jessie Foster
18:45.60Jaguar XC
187.11Gideon Devendra
18:45.67Raiders XC
188.11Gavin Ross
18:46.29Apollos XC
189.12Marcus Curlin
18:47.29Apollos XC
190.12Conner Cline
191.9Wilson Waterman
18:48.42Lions XC
192.10Kelson DeYoung
18:48.97Grizz XC
193.11Trever Chick
18:50.02 PRUna-Chick-Trever
194.12Joshua Allan
18:50.36Ursa Minor Running C...
195.10Zach Holloway
18:50.52Stayton Running Club
196.12Cameron Storm
18:51.67Pat Pack
197.11James Magill
18:52.50Premier Running
198.12Dayton Hammond
18:53.52Cannoli bois
199.10Jack Crowell
18:53.63Eugene Central Runni...
200.10Logan Wisenbaugh
18:55.01Fergus XC
201.9Alexis Luna
18:55.97Capitol City Distanc...
202.12Braden Dayton
18:57.45Team Latipac
203.12Christian Strawn
18:57.94Eagles For The Lord
204.9Kyle Jones
18:59.04Grant Park Harriers
205.12Jeremiah Garza
18:59.13Millwood XC
206.12Adan Eledesma
19:00.75Idaho Iguanas
207.12Andres Mora Losantos
19:00.78Bozeman xc
208.9Luke Woodland
19:01.88Hillsdale Harriers
209.12Jack Pachner
19:01.92Knights Chafing the ...
210.10Jake Lewis
19:01.99Cannoli bois
211.11Jack Springer
19:02.71On The Hill XC Team
212.11Colin Poly
19:03.01Run Brave
213.11Carsten Simcox
19:03.58 PRBozeman xc
214.9Shayn Carmichael-K...
19:03.86Saxon XC
215.12Ali Talasow
19:05.36Cool Runnings
216.10Shad Clark
19:06.51Bozeman xc
217.11Alex Gross
218.10Latham Chandler
19:07.83Evanston Wy. Runners
219.11Jake Morrow
19:08.74Cool Runnings
220.11Jarom Rojas
19:08.95 PRUna-Rojas-Jarom
221.11Greydon Hart
19:09.90 PRUna-Hart-Greydon
222.12Hayden Phillips
19:12.70Knights Chafing the ...
223.10Logan Hunt
19:13.71Evanston Wy. Runners
224.9Zane Putzier
19:14.17Bozeman xc
225.9Evan Jensen
19:14.37Grizz XC
226.12Henry Morton
19:14.75Grant Park Harriers
227.10Ryan Wike
19:16.31Fil's Phlock
228.11Aidan Latham
19:16.99Cristeros XC Club
229.12Robert Parker
19:18.30Premier Running
230.12Aiden Davis
19:21.18Water Tower Warriors
231.10Dominic Rector
232.11Dylan Cudd
19:22.62Stayton Running Club
233.10Oscar Duffield
234.Dakota Turner
19:23.71 PRUnattached
235.11Adam Christensen
19:24.84Grizz XC
236.12Matthew Stutzman
19:24.97Grizz XC
237.9Gabe Hatch
19:25.30Lakewood XC Club
238.11Juan Vargas
19:25.85Saxon XC
239.9Davey Kuplack
19:33.87Cristeros XC Club
240.12Ryan Hudson
19:34.51Lakewood XC Club
241.10Jake Beyersdorf
19:34.53Pantalones Rapidos
242.12Kyle Cacho
19:35.29 PRLone Wolf
243.12Craig Weeks
19:36.05Hillsdale Harriers
244.12Adalberto Lopez
19:36.51Capitol City Distanc...
245.10Travis Clark
19:37.04Cooler than Corn
246.12Thomas Clark
19:38.60Grizz XC
247.12Parker MacMillan
19:38.78Apollos XC
248.9Jordan Sanguino
19:39.68Brave Souls
249.10Andrew Freeman
19:40.27Bozeman xc
250.12Bryce Neumann
19:40.91Bozeman xc
251.12Josiah Oliver
19:41.26Scappoose XC Club
252.12Chase Falash
19:42.19 PRUna-Falash
253.11Griffin Tripp
19:42.49Brave Souls
254.11Rene Romero
19:42.79Capitol City Distanc...
255.12Max Fields
19:42.80 PRBozeman xc
256.9Alden Buck Elk
19:45.15On The Hill XC Team
257.10Thomas Taylor
19:45.36Grant Park Harriers
258.11Tolin Eddy
19:47.34Viking XC Club
259.11Aaron Grimshaw
19:47.49Hillsdale Harriers
260.10Tyler Cox
19:48.25Idaho Iguanas
261.12Soran Hernandez
19:52.44Idaho Iguanas
262.11Jose Morales
19:52.77Capitol City Distanc...
263.9Noah Baker
19:53.46Bozeman xc
264.9Konner Frandsen
19:54.69North Spokane
265.12Riveria Parlange
19:55.08North Spokane
266.10Louis Stevens
19:56.51Bozeman xc
267.11Walker Miller
19:56.58 PRFergus XC
268.9Ethan Schmerer
19:58.58Idaho Iguanas
269.10Jordan Karpowitz
19:59.15Idaho Iguanas
270.12Kaden McLinn
19:59.95Idaho Iguanas
271.11Linus Ruckman
20:00.00Cool Runnings
272.11Josue Loarca
20:02.22Capitol City Distanc...
273.10Mario Barletta
20:03.72Lakewood XC Club
274.10Troy Parsons
20:04.45Fergus XC
275.12Robert Lonergan
20:04.71Bozeman xc
276.9Lucas Kuhnau
20:07.56Grant Park Harriers
277.9Collin Jackson
20:09.72Brave Souls
278.11Matthew Meyer
20:10.12Capitol City Distanc...
279.9Connery Ritter
20:10.53 PRBozeman xc
280.12Tyler Dahinden
20:10.65On The Hill XC Team
281.12Jacob Sandobal
20:13.88Water Tower Warriors
282.12Jonny Moore
20:14.84Lakewood XC Club
283.12Clay Keller
284.9Koby Frandsen
20:19.61North Spokane
285.9Zac Boxwell
20:20.53 PRBozeman xc
286.10Beckham Carver
20:20.64Evanston Wy. Runners
287.11Michael Barb
20:24.26Cristeros XC Club
288.12Jesse Becker
20:24.95Cannoli bois
289.12Lydeth Gullam
20:26.82Grant Park Harriers
290.11Cooper Curtin
20:27.19Hillsdale Harriers
291.9Eli Rose White
20:27.93Cool Runnings
292.10Logan Rollison
20:28.72 PRBozeman xc
293.9Luke Cronin
20:29.31North Spokane
294.10Mason Kirk
20:32.99Run Brave
295.9Joseph Boucher
20:33.97North Spokane
296.10Noah Goodwin-Rice
20:36.12Ursa Minor Running C...
297.12Marcos Gonzalez
20:49.94 SRSkagit Cross
298.10Max Kennedy
20:54.77Cooler than Corn
299.11Andy Tran
20:57.58Cool Runnings
300.11Esteban de Artola
20:58.29Cristeros XC Club
301.11Ethan Surber
21:02.69Idaho Iguanas
302.10Trent Brundin
21:11.31 PRBozeman xc
303.10Parker Guralnick
21:16.12Cool Runnings
304.10Isaiah Gallegos
21:18.50 PRPantalones Rapidos
305.9Isaac Edwards
21:20.35Brave Souls
306.10Anthony Kulp
21:29.97Idaho Iguanas
307.11Hyrum Catanzaro
21:33.43 PRCooler than Corn
308.11Fischer Kirk
21:33.93Hillsdale Harriers
309.9Tomas Cary
21:41.92Idaho Iguanas
310.10Nicholas Horton
21:46.16Bozeman xc
311.10Sean Smith
22:09.14Water Tower Warriors
312.10Joshua Demata
22:32.14Cooler than Corn
313.11Joaquin Leija
22:38.91Water Tower Warriors
314.9Bronson Dauenhauer
22:53.24Brave Souls
315.11Ben Hermes
22:53.69Knights Chafing the ...
316.12Trevor Badesheim
23:07.90Idaho Iguanas
317.11Carter Donnelly
23:33.39Pantalones Rapidos
318.9Lucas Lewis
23:50.49North Spokane
319.11Hyrum Cooper
23:59.89Evanston Wy. Runners
320.11Kolby Lewis
24:07.89Pantalones Rapidos
321.9Soren Johnson
24:33.62 PRBozeman xc
322.12Jd Treat
24:44.71 PRUna-Treat-JD
323.9Andrew Kelley
24:48.35Idaho Iguanas
324.9Rowland Hartnett
26:00.94Bozeman xc
Provided by

5,000 Meters Open Inv. Section 2 - 1:50pm

Official Team Scores

1.Jackson Hole Running Club63
2.Pitted XC184
3.Arlington XC Club199
4.Viking Track Club232
5.Wolves XC257
6.Grant Park Harriers270
7.Storm Over Bend283
8.Oof Running Co.304
9.Bomb Squad309
11.SK XC329
12.Flamingo XC375
13.Russet Running Club392
14.Hood River Track Club402
15.Hillsdale Harriers406
16.Kelly Walsh Trojans415
17.Bobcat XC Club415
18.Viking XC428
19.Fil's Phlock434
20.Club 185449
21.Sammamish Wolfpack467
22.Hermiston XC Club490
23.Pacific Pod557
24.Frenchtown Bronc Harriers569
25.Hawks XC602
26.Fast Falcons638
27.Yakima Harriers682
28.West Salem Harriers745
29.Eastern Racers763
30.Mvxc Elite766
31.Stag XC785
32.Valley XC789
33.Run Brave879
35.Meridian Warpath913
36.Anaconda Copperheads938
38.Knights Chafing the Dream1143
1.11Wyatt Sullivan
16:07.10Jackson Hole Running...
2.11Luke Houser
16:10.47 SRFlamingo XC
3.12Matt Williams
16:11.71Jackson Hole Running...
4.12Chad Ford
16:15.64 PRStorm Over Bend
5.11Henry Giles
16:20.67Team Jackson Brill
6.12Jordan Pollard
16:23.15Outlaws XC Club
7.12Anthony Stone
16:25.14Bomb Squad
8.12Jesse Todd
16:28.05Bomb Squad
9.11John Wetzsteon
16:29.64Pitted XC
10.12Benjamin Cikutovich
16:30.32Oof Running Co.
11.10Bas Holland
16:30.68 Pacific Pod
12.11Spencer Stutz
16:31.70Bobcat XC Club
13.12Elijah Boyd
16:35.29 PRUna-Boyd-Elijah
14.11Zach Grams
16:37.23SK XC
15.12Blake Braaten
16:39.03Viking XC
16.11Cole Thomas
16:40.31 PRUna-Thomas-Cole
17.12Jack Cornish
16:43.91 PRJackson Hole Running...
18.10Cooper Laird
16:44.85Viking Track Club
19.10Tyler Schmautz
16:46.22Frenchtown Bronc Har...
20.12Chris Denis
16:47.26 PRJackson Hole Running...
21.12Tyler Pena
22.12Robie Swanson
16:47.55Wolves XC
23.10Josh Harrison
16:49.11 PRUna-Harrison-Josh
24.12Isaac Sanchez
16:49.74Hermiston XC Club
25.11Zachry Weber
16:50.15Storm Over Bend
26.12Liam Elias
16:50.42Viking Track Club
27.12Nathan Willins
16:51.21Club 185
28.11Jackson Busch
16:54.33Wolves XC
29.11Noah Loftis
16:55.05Arlington XC Club
30.12Josh Pierantoni
16:55.37Kelly Walsh Trojans
31.11Kenney McElroy
16:55.99Pitted XC
32.12Jackson Malace
16:57.04Storm Over Bend
33.11Adam Sjolund
16:57.49Fil's Phlock
34.10Simon Hill
16:59.02 PRUnat-Glac
35.12Ries Ruehrwein
16:59.15Wolves XC
36.12Gabe Smith-Nilsen
16:59.37Team High Altitude
37.12Christopher Galbra...
16:59.66 PRJackson Hole Running...
38.10Logan Forester
17:00.19Warhawk XC
40.11Mac Stayrk
17:00.90Jackson Hole Running...
41.11Joshua Martin
17:01.40 SRKelly Walsh Trojans
42.12Brennen LeBel
17:02.58West Salem Harriers
43.10Jacob DeTemple
17:03.06 PRUna-DeTemple-Jacob
44.11Nicholas Sarysz
17:03.21Lumberjack XC Club
45.11Shea Van Butler
17:03.24Grant Park Harriers
46.11Keagan Andersen
17:04.61Russet Running Club
47.11Caden Samkutty
17:04.72Hillsdale Harriers
48.9Josh Haynes
17:05.14Hood River Track Club
49.11Erik Luu
50.11Kayto Krueger
17:07.64Viking XC
51.11Blake Landry
17:09.99Arlington XC Club
52.12Dash Penney
17:10.51Fil's Phlock
53.10Keaton Fischer
17:11.35 PRFlathead
54.9Quincy Fankhauser
17:12.61Arlington XC Club
55.11Favian Villanueva
17:12.86Arlington XC Club
56.12Matt Uzzle
17:13.81Aloha XC Club
57.12Fred Kerr
17:15.82Grant Park Harriers
58.11Jacob Simon
17:16.14SK XC
59.12Joseph Vanden Bos
17:16.71 PRUna-VandenBos-Joseph
60.10Dash Lipsey
17:17.56Pitted XC
61.12Tanner Henry
62.10Caleb Lloyd
17:19.12Oof Running Co.
63.12Evan Peterson
64.12Dawson Andrews
17:20.46Arlington XC Club
65.11Cooper Osborn
17:21.51Oof Running Co.
66.10Sam Bennett
17:21.57Pitted XC
67.12Josh Quaglio
17:22.66Team Jackson Brill
68.11Avery Cook
17:23.77Pitted XC
69.11Troy Prince-Butter...
17:24.43Rushing Waters XC
70.11Torsten Huseby
17:24.49Hillsdale Harriers
71.12Braxton Wilson
17:24.71Hood River Track Club
72.12Anthony DeLeon
17:25.49Falcons Ctc
73.11Ethan Mesecher
17:25.77Kelly Walsh Trojans
74.12Keizo Morgan
17:26.24Club 185
75.11Luke Lutz
17:26.50Frenchtown Bronc Har...
76.11Spencer Thurman
77.10Chance Sleight
17:28.36Bobcat XC Club
78.9Josh Braun
17:28.92Oof Running Co.
79.12Griffin Fischer
80.10Kade Hatten
17:30.65Jackson Hole Running...
81.11Brigham Murdoch
17:31.32Russet Running Club
82.12Brayden Schultz
17:32.66Viking Track Club
83.12Rafael Villa
17:32.92Viper RC
84.12Chris Nilsen
17:33.97Bomb Squad
85.12Andrew Vernon
17:34.16Viking Track Club
86.11Nathaniel Alexander
17:34.23Arlington XC Club
87.10Austin Blacketer
17:34.26Fast Falcons
88.9Quinn Wilcox
17:34.61Hillsdale Harriers
89.12Ray Vernon
17:36.11Viking Track Club
90.11Will McGonigal
17:37.64Team High Altitude
91.11Kevin McDermott
17:37.70SK XC
92.11Marcus DeVries
17:38.14 PRUna-DeVries-Marcus
93.10Ben Kerr
17:39.88Grant Park Harriers
94.12Emanuel Ibarra
17:40.33Hermiston XC Club
95.10Greg Tobias
17:41.49Flamingo XC
96.9Owen Bloom
17:42.19Sammamish Wolfpack
97.9Ben Williams
17:42.74 PRJackson Hole Running...
98.10David Lynn
17:42.91Sammamish Wolfpack
99.12Finn Peterson
17:43.05Hood River Track Club
100.9Samuel Smith
17:43.68Eastern Racers
101.10Geoffrey Johnson
17:43.97 PRBobcat XC Club
102.10Matthew Holme
17:44.88Fil's Phlock
103.12Nathan Berglund
17:44.94Stag XC
104.9Kobi Starling
17:44.98Arlington XC Club
105.12Mason Williams
106.10Rio Vitale
17:45.50Viking XC
107.12Cole Rene
17:45.86Storm Over Bend
108.11Graham Yotsuya
17:46.15Pitted XC
109.11Nicholas LaPlante
17:47.78Hawks XC
110.12Antonio Heredia
17:48.68Yakima Harriers
111.12Aaron Sorenson
17:48.82Hawks XC
112.12Ryan O'Connor
17:50.10Grant Park Harriers
113.12Jackson Snell
17:50.80Jackson Hole Running...
114.12Michael Fletcher
17:52.90Flamingo XC
115.12Andy Tolman
116.12Jonathan Minera
17:53.35Wolves XC
117.9Jacob Rowden
17:53.96SK XC
118.11Jackson Subcleff
17:55.18Flamingo XC
119.11Juan Avila
17:55.73Falcons Ctc
120.9Parker Wade
17:56.45Warhawk XC
121.12Tate Thompson
17:56.68 PRUna-Thompson-Tate
122.10Jonathan Frew
17:56.99Russet Running Club
123.10Matthew Powell
17:57.23 PRUna-Powell-Matthew
124.9Derek Johnson
17:57.68 PRFast Falcons
125.11Theo Knoll
17:58.30Wolves XC
126.10Reid Quiggins
17:58.53Hawks XC
127.12Edison Carlisle
17:59.26Russet Running Club
128.12Nate Keller
17:59.47Sammamish Wolfpack
129.10Gregory Anderson
17:59.67Hermiston XC Club
130.12Ryan Kinnucan
18:00.05Grant Park Harriers
131.12John Andersen
18:00.57Russet Running Club
132.11Brennan LeBlanc
18:00.71Valley XC
133.12Declan Scallen
18:01.17Sammamish Wolfpack
134.10Omar Quintana
18:04.57Hood River Track Club
135.11Eoin O'Malley
18:04.81Hillsdale Harriers
136.10Max Lin
18:05.76Club 185
137.12Andy Krueger
18:06.33Fuller Road Flyers
138.12Diego Vargas
18:07.10Yakima Harriers
139.11Ryson Sweeney
18:07.89Stag XC
140.10Sean Standley
18:08.77 PRUna-Standley
141.11Ian Ashby
18:09.38Mvxc Elite
142.11Shawn Clough
18:09.54SK XC
143.12Tim Nilsen
18:09.98Bomb Squad
144.11Chase Brown
18:10.28Eastern Racers
145.11Jacob Geiger
18:10.67SK XC
146.11Trajan Holtzen
18:11.06 SRUna-Holtzen
147.12Kiran Matthias
18:11.70Sammamish Wolfpack
148.11Tucker Cunningham
18:12.81 Pacific Pod
149.10Jordan Kauffman
18:13.17Flamingo XC
150.12Brock Rugg
18:14.20Frenchtown Bronc Har...
151.9Owen Flinn
18:14.46Viking XC
152.9Quintin Collins
153.11Tyler Thomas
18:15.62Sammamish Wolfpack
154.12Ryle Hollick
18:16.02Bomb Squad
155.11Zane Biason
18:17.71Mvxc Elite
156.12Jacob Pitman
18:17.82Wolves XC
157.12Charlie Elliott
18:18.13Grant Park Harriers
158.9Beckett Schoenleber
18:18.25 Pacific Pod
159.10Carson Taylor
18:19.14Fil's Phlock
160.12Tanner Lees
18:19.47Rushing Waters XC
161.9Oscar Powell
18:19.50Hood River Track Club
162.12David Gasper
18:20.11Club 185
163.11Tate Kadel
18:20.84Pitted XC
164.11Sam Brendel
18:21.15Fast Falcons
165.10Matt Butler
18:21.44Bobcat XC Club
166.11Noah Radcliffe
18:21.48Pitted XC
167.12Ivan Buller
18:22.92Eastern Racers
168.11Payton Kubalsky
18:24.77Club 185
169.9Kenneth Taylor
18:25.25Fast Falcons
170.10Michael Brugger
18:25.60Bobcat XC Club
171.12Zeth Peterka
172.11Daniel Jarvis
18:26.33Oof Running Co.
173.11Koy Chaston
18:26.43Rushing Waters XC
174.11Martin Heredia
18:27.56Hermiston XC Club
175.10Tanner Jensen
18:28.31Warhawk XC
176.12Daniel Oppenlander
18:28.42Club 185
177.12Daniel Murphy
18:29.40 SRValley XC
178.11Mason Lommen
18:31.57Hillsdale Harriers
179.12Matthew Cikutovich
18:31.78Oof Running Co.
180.10Dillon Foley
18:32.27 PRSvxc
181.12Christian Mehiel
18:32.88 PRUna-Mehiel-Christian
182.10Brayden Hahn
18:33.63 PRSvxc
183.12Cameron Wendling
18:35.56Kelly Walsh Trojans
184.11Isaiah Lopez
18:37.32Yakima Harriers
185.10Christopher Zuck
18:38.89 PRUna-Zuck-Christopher
186.11Kaleb Peterson
18:39.73Run Brave
187.12Jonathan Richardson
18:40.04 SRStorm Over Bend
188.11Braeden Snapp
18:40.27Pitted XC
189.12Austin Kreiter
18:40.91Hawks XC
190.12Landon King
18:41.22Flamingo XC
191.11Ethan Kolasky
18:41.81 PRJackson Hole Running...
191.10Raine Melby
18:41.81Hood River Track Club
193.12Patrick Purviance
18:42.94 Pacific Pod
194.12Patrick McCabe
18:43.67Valley XC
195.11Julian Torres
18:43.68 Pacific Pod
196.9Matthew Montrose
18:44.41Meridian Warpath
197.12Jarod Brownlow
18:44.64Kelly Walsh Trojans
198.9ryker Holtzen
18:45.16 PRUna-Holtzen
199.10Jordan Mckinney
18:45.37 SRDrew's Crew
200.12Jesus Gonzalez
18:46.77Yakima Harriers
201.11Devin Burk
18:47.23 PRUna-Burk-Devin
202.10Seth Livingstone
18:47.59Mvxc Elite
203.9Cristian Davison
18:48.18Fil's Phlock
204.12Ryan Lowick
18:49.10 PRKelly Walsh Trojans
205.11Nicholas Breshears
18:49.55Hermiston XC Club
206.11Nicholas Henry
207.11Abram Brown
18:50.24 SRRun Brave
208.12Travis Running
18:50.56Hood River Track Club
209.12Torin Crabtree
18:51.50Frenchtown Bronc Har...
210.11Ted Yewer
18:51.58 PRRun Brave
211.11Nate Davidson
18:51.68Pitted XC
212.11Zachary Lewis
213.11Brandon Christensen
18:52.96Club 185
214.11Jake Dipple
18:53.59 PRJackson Hole Running...
215.11Uriel Perez
18:54.26Forest Grove Running...
216.11Luke Ferschweiler
18:54.75West Salem Harriers
217.11Ethan Roach
18:55.75Fil's Phlock
218.10Leroy Wilson
18:55.76Anaconda Copperheads
219.9Ryder Hofland
18:56.04 PRAnaconda Copperheads
220.10Freddy Ibarra
18:56.14Hermiston XC Club
221.10Jonathan Wallace
18:58.00Forest Grove Running...
222.10Trent Lundy
18:59.79West Salem Harriers
223.11Michael Conner
18:59.92Viking XC
224.10Ethan Smith
19:02.09Bobcat XC Club
225.9Andrew Goemaere
19:02.88West Salem Harriers
226.12Caden Boswell
19:03.56Stag XC
227.10Tanner Wilkinson
19:05.11Meridian Warpath
228.12Lorenzo Curtis
19:05.37Club 185
229.9Landon Erickson
19:05.94Viking XC
230.12Justin Young
19:07.07Valley XC
231.11Andrew McElhaney
19:08.00Rushing Waters XC
232.10Devin Herbers
19:09.66Hawks XC
233.10Caleb Hart
19:10.60Meridian Warpath
234.12John Campos
19:10.94Yakima Harriers
235.11Angel Benites
19:11.35Hermiston XC Club
236.10Levi Roskelley
19:12.70Mvxc Elite
237.12Sam Steele
19:13.33 Pacific Pod
238.11Oscar Mendoza
19:15.88Yakima Harriers
239.9Noah Thomas
19:16.32Mvxc Elite
240.10Caleb Thompson
19:17.25 PRAnaconda Copperheads
241.12Fabian Elizondo Jr
19:21.92West Salem Harriers
242.9Parker Lund
19:22.10Fil's Phlock
243.9Evan Henkel
19:23.79West Salem Harriers
244.10Fouad Omrane
19:23.90Hawks XC
245.11Erik Solhaug
19:26.55Run Brave
246.9Wyatt Theard
19:27.35Anaconda Copperheads
247.10Nelson Snow
19:30.14Meridian Warpath
248.11Ajay Patel
19:31.45Hawks XC
249.10Sam Packer
19:32.61Meridian Warpath
250.12Stephen Roth
19:33.13Team High Altitude
251.11Dillon Newbry
19:38.91 Pacific Pod
252.11Justin Ha
19:39.02Club 185
253.9Ethan Earley
19:43.00 PRStag XC
254.10Fernando Cornejo
19:52.51Yakima Harriers
255.12Matthew Helgesen
256.11Mark VanDoornik
19:54.31SK XC
257.10Max Thompson
19:57.43 PRSvxc
258.10Spencer Howes
259.12Trevor Ross
20:01.39Club 185
260.9Ryan Griffin
20:02.31West Salem Harriers
261.11Kade Aldrich
20:10.62 PRRun Brave
262.11Tyler Farmer
20:11.81Anaconda Copperheads
263.11Marshall Ham
20:13.44Fast Falcons
264.12Matthew Wells
20:14.08Fuller Road Flyers
265.11Ben Simpson
20:16.17Mvxc Elite
266.12Jackson Frank
20:18.91Valley XC
267.9Ben Schnorr
20:25.57Forest Grove Running...
268.12Alexander White
20:25.71Fuller Road Flyers
269.11Dustin Hensen
20:31.57Frenchtown Bronc Har...
270.10Chris Satterthwaite
20:33.77Russet Running Club
271.12Matteo Liserre
272.10Connor Richardson
20:37.95Meridian Warpath
273.10Jarod Peach
20:39.10Stag XC
274.11Casey Cayer
20:40.37Eastern Racers
275.12Cody McMurray
276.10Alec Layden
20:47.06Storm Over Bend
277.11Nathan Southern
20:47.90 SRKnights Chafing the ...
278.10Ryan Royer
20:48.52Viper RC
279.9Micah Buller
20:48.56Eastern Racers
280.12John Hawkins
20:55.46Storm Over Bend
281.10Devon Smith
20:59.50Run Brave
282.12Brian LaRoche
21:01.91Hawks XC
283.11Paul Wrobel
21:08.81Frenchtown Bronc Har...
284.10Nicholas Brees
21:13.68Storm Over Bend
285.10Evan Daniels
21:34.77Viper RC
286.12Josh Meidl
21:45.01Hawks XC
287.10Lucas Gabrieli
21:52.47Knights Chafing the ...
288.12Ethan Wahl
22:20.56Hawks XC
289.11Kyler Cowan
22:21.13Viper RC
290.12Jacob Justis
291.11Joshua Horn
22:36.77Stag XC
292.10Ethan Baron
22:40.23Russet Running Club
293.10Peter Hunter
22:49.65Knights Chafing the ...
294.12Skyler Hodges
22:54.34Mvxc Elite
295.11Carter Kolpitcke
23:04.45Knights Chafing the ...
296.11Johnny Witt
297.10Grant Smith
23:06.96Knights Chafing the ...
298.12Adam Marsh
299.11Lucas Davey
300.12Amadeo Leal - Rodr...
301.12Mitchell Johnson
302.12Cody Smelser
303.11Konnor Owens
26:14.19cgxcnot my time, teammate!
304.12Cooper Anderson
26:51.49Mvxc Elite
305.11Carter Sperry
26:51.54Mvxc Elite
306.12Gabriel Porter
26:59.80Knights Chafing the ...
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5,000 Meters Championship

Official Team Scores

1.Loyal Sons of Ireland113
2.Brave Souls121
3.Crater Distance Project147
4.Bozeman xc193
5.South Central Spokane Running201
6.Crusader Harriers215
8.North Spokane254
9.Laramie Tracc Club257
11.The Peak286
12.Grit XC291
13.Yakima Harriers312
14.Eugene Central Running Club346
15.Mvxc Elite358
16.Axemen Running Club362
17.Gig XC391
18.Stark Street AC396
19.Club Sugar401
20.Issaquah XC Club425
21.Idaho Falls Tigers XC Club521
22.Raiders XC659
1.12James Mwaura
15:06.75Drew's Crew
2.12Duncan Hamilton Jr
15:16.87 PRBozeman xc
3.10Stetson Moss
15:17.28 PRBees XC
4.12Nate Pendleton
15:19.13Sammamish Wolfpack
5.11Nicholas Russell
15:19.30 PRKnights Chafing the ...
6.12Kenneth Rooks
15:24.34College Place
7.11Ben Perrin
15:27.40 PRFlathead
8.12Albert Steiner
15:27.65 PRLaramie Tracc Club
9.11Zane Fodge
15:31.79McMinnville Harriers
10.10Jonas Price
15:32.37Yakima Harriers
11.12Jonah Franco
15:33.95Brave Souls
12.12Cooper West
15:34.62 PRUna-West-Cooper
13.11Ryan Kline
15:35.38Loyal Sons of Ireland
14.11Caleb Olson
15:35.76Fast Falcons
15.11Sebastian Belkin
15:37.49 PRUna-Belkin-Sebastion
16.12Jerik Embleton
15:38.97Eugene Central Runni...
17.11Asefa Wetzel
15:39.96 PRSvxc
18.11Bradley Peloquin
15:41.32Gig XC
19.12Jett Ballantyne
15:41.89Storm Over Bend
20.11Ryan Child
15:43.47Brave Souls
21.11Jantz Tostenson
15:44.28Crater Distance Proj...
22.10Wil Smith
15:44.39South Central Spokan...
23.12Isaac Schmidt
24.12Philip Henry
15:45.06 PRLaramie Tracc Club
25.11Riley Moore
15:47.22Bomb Squad
26.12Gabe Romney
15:47.31Loyal Sons of Ireland
27.12Alex Slenning
15:47.80Hillsdale Harriers
28.11Kooper Williams
15:48.58 PRClub Sugar
29.11Zach Erikson
15:51.50Idaho Falls Tigers X...
30.11Evan Peters
15:51.56Loyal Sons of Ireland
31.11Porter Grigg
15:53.49Brave Souls
32.12Cannon Leavitt
15:57.43 PRUna-Leavitt-Cannon
33.11Riley McDowell
15:57.56The Peak
34.12Jackson Pratt
15:57.66Bear Lake
35.12Carter Ledwith
15:58.20South Central Spokan...
36.10Quincy Norman
15:59.18 PRUna-Norman
37.12Markus Taylor
15:59.60North Spokane
38.12Dylan Humberger
15:59.96Bozeman xc
39.12Andy Monroe
16:00.92Crater Distance Proj...
40.11Will Sheaffer
16:01.43Crusader Harriers
41.12Mohamed Ahmed
16:04.77North Spokane
42.11Daniel Maton
43.12Turlan Morlan
16:06.59Spokane Distance Pro...
44.12Brandon Walker
16:06.78Mvxc Elite
45.12Erik Olsen
16:08.25Crater Distance Proj...
46.12Teagan Olson
16:08.86 PRUna-Olson-Teagan
47.11Sheamus Mahoney
16:10.60Loyal Sons of Ireland
48.12Nicholas Mullineux...
16:11.74The Peak
49.11Gavin Pollock
16:13.03Grit XC
50.12Luke George
16:13.40Issaquah XC Club
51.12Grant Van Valkenburg
16:13.46Valley XC
52.12Mark Castaneda
16:13.85Falcons Ctc
53.11Mohamed Sheikh
16:14.06Aloha XC Club
54.12Cameron Thompson
16:14.20Stark Street AC
55.10Patrick North
16:14.96South Central Spokan...
56.12Derek Tripp
16:15.16Crater Distance Proj...
57.10Stanford Smith
16:15.42Brave Souls
58.12Peter Smith
16:15.87Gig XC
59.12Grant Summers
16:16.83Crusader Harriers
60.12Sam Dickmann
16:17.23Water Tower Warriors
61.12Wesley Kallgren
62.11Ethan Reese
16:17.80Apollos XC
63.12David Connell
64.12Dennis Keith
16:19.99 PRUna-Keith-Dennis
65.11Gabe Garboden
16:20.36Eugene Central Runni...
66.11Alfonso Cuevas
16:20.68Yakima Harriers
67.12Brennan Anderson
16:22.08Club Sugar
68.12Leonard McComas
16:22.44Bozeman xc
69.10Shaw Powell
16:23.39Crusader Harriers
70.11Braden Heath
16:23.91Grit XC
71.12Rogelio Mares
16:24.34Yakima Harriers
72.12BJ Sauter
16:24.43Axemen Running Club
73.12Max Himmelright
16:24.53Crusader Harriers
74.12Adam Klein
16:24.87Timberwolf Track Club
75.11Ben Brown
16:26.03Stark Street AC
76.9Peter Visser
77.12John Kavulich
16:27.82Scappoose XC Club
78.11Gabriel Dinnel
16:28.49Rushing Waters XC
79.12Fielding Demars
16:29.94Loyal Sons of Ireland
80.11Joey Tolman
16:30.18Grit XC
81.11Derk Lyford
16:30.77 SRLaramie Tracc Club
82.12Gabe Southmayd
16:31.26Crater Distance Proj...
83.12Dustin Lind
16:31.80Flamingo XC
84.10Tyler Hunter
16:31.96Loyal Sons of Ireland
85.10Andrew Holladay
16:33.05Brave Souls
86.12Nolan Carroll
16:33.21Gig XC
87.12Alex Graffunder
88.10Spencer Twyman
89.11Brooks Peters
16:35.71 PRBozeman xc
90.12Griffin Ganz
16:35.71 PRUna-Ganz-Griffin
91.10Gage Reed
16:36.40Crater Distance Proj...
92.11Jackson Lyne
93.12Spencer Swaim
16:37.11South Central Spokan...
94.10Declan O'Scannlain
16:37.70Crusader Harriers
95.10Nathan Carter
16:37.99North Spokane
96.11Levi Taylor
16:38.98 PRUna-Taylor-Levi
97.12Matt Stark
16:39.13Mvxc Elite
98.11Sam Griffith
16:40.16Issaquah XC Club
99.10Daniel Dixon
100.11Ryley Vandergriend
16:40.84North Spokane
101.11LJ Floyd
102.12Seth Vinger
16:41.15Bozeman xc
103.10Cooper Carlson
16:43.98Mvxc Elite
104.11Ian Twyman
16:44.06Axemen Running Club
105.12Peter Shen
16:44.16Axemen Running Club
106.11Joey Peterson
16:44.46Eugene Central Runni...
107.12Trevor Clark
16:44.63 PRSvxc
108.11Seth Kohler
16:45.00Grit XC
109.11Patrick Korus
16:45.26South Central Spokan...
110.10Santiago Prosser
111.10Elijah Lopez
16:46.81The Peak
112.11Peyton Hill
16:48.01Brave Souls
113.11Alec Kness
16:48.27North Spokane
114.11Chad Humphreys
16:48.61Pantalones Rapidos
115.11Tyler Tanta
16:48.78The Peak
116.12Colin Monaghan
16:48.99Puget Sound
117.10Nate Tavakolian
16:50.20Axemen Running Club
118.10Nathan Tastad
16:50.28The Peak
119.11Brett Bergler
16:50.87South Central Spokan...
120.12McKay Harms
16:51.19Grizz XC
121.10Travis Harmon
16:51.41 PRUna-Harmon-Travi
122.12Taylor Hill
16:52.06Club Sugar
123.11Trevor Thomsen
16:52.31Mvxc Elite
124.12Jude Augustine
16:52.73Crusader Harriers
125.11Renn Meuwissen
16:53.71Bozeman xc
126.11Aren Alexander-Bat...
16:54.20 PRUna-AlexanderBattee
127.10Isaac Morris
16:54.39North Spokane
128.11Porter Harman
16:55.64Warrior XC
129.12Drew Hiatt
16:56.09Grit XC
130.12Simon Rosenzweig
16:56.22Bozeman xc
131.12Spencer McNall
16:58.78Axemen Running Club
132.10Mason Swingholm
16:59.03Laramie Tracc Club
133.10Jesse Loveland
134.10Evan Villano
17:02.47Eugene Central Runni...
135.11Silas Chapman
17:04.77North Spokane
136.12Angel Cuevas
17:05.77Yakima Harriers
137.12Preston Glade
17:06.90Brave Souls
138.11Jordan Tangeman
17:07.69 PRLaramie Tracc Club
139.10Jesse Dimich-Louvet
140.12Tim Mandzyuk
17:10.05The Peak
141.10Josue Corona-Solis
17:10.18Stark Street AC
142.10Ryland McCullough
17:10.39Crater Distance Proj...
143.12Deklan Humble
17:12.48Crusader Harriers
144.11Barry Diedericks
17:13.20Issaquah XC Club
145.10Spencer Hardy
17:13.44Stark Street AC
146.12Jason Wang
17:14.99Raiders XC
147.9Samuel Geiger
148.12Jared Putney
17:16.53Issaquah XC Club
149.10Zach Koivisto
17:16.79 PRUna-Koivisto-Zach
150.10Jameson Westhead
17:17.04Stark Street AC
151.10Finn Bentler
152.11Anders Nielson
17:18.24South Central Spokan...
153.11Ben Maupin
17:19.41Mvxc Elite
154.12Jorgen Lowry
17:20.04Mvxc Elite
155.11Dylan Kalnbach
17:20.38Axemen Running Club
156.10Luc Utheza
157.12Dil Thiagarajan
17:21.64Issaquah XC Club
158.12Jordan Crist
17:22.61Issaquah XC Club
159.11Allen Aby
17:22.82Issaquah XC Club
160.10Isaac Corgatelli
17:25.58Idaho Falls Tigers X...
161.9Mitchell Athay
17:25.65Idaho Falls Tigers X...
162.10Hunter Scoresby
17:27.06Grit XC
163.12Liam Monroe
17:27.26Axemen Running Club
164.10Joe Halsey
17:27.41Stark Street AC
165.10Russell Richardson
17:28.49 PRUna-Richardson-Russel
166.9Anders Beil
17:29.69Stark Street AC
167.10Parker Galbraith
17:30.90Club Sugar
168.12Moise Cook
17:31.46Yakima Harriers
169.12Dustin Brown
12Nick Arima
17:33.72Raiders XC
170.11Wolfgang Sakamaki
17:34.63Raiders XC
171.11Kyler Ogden
17:35.42Mvxc Elite
172.12Ashton Siwek
17:41.98Grit XC
173.9Joseph Ereaux
17:47.79Idaho Falls Tigers X...
174.10Andrew Bascom
17:48.40Eugene Central Runni...
175.11Joey Nicholls
17:50.42Loyal Sons of Ireland
176.12Matthew Gyles
17:52.63Idaho Falls Tigers X...
177.12Merrill Ward
17:52.79Club Sugar
178.12Lucas Doney
17:53.89The Peak
179.9Zac Bright
17:55.93Idaho Falls Tigers X...
180.10Wiley Watts
17:56.41Eugene Central Runni...
181.12Spencer Angell
182.12Jaren Merrill
17:57.38Club Sugar
183.12Averey Atwater
17:57.57 SRGig XC
184.12Jonathan Valenzuela
18:00.94Yakima Harriers
185.11Tyler Stormo
18:08.99Eugene Central Runni...
186.12Joseph Ross
187.12Jared Williams
18:20.02 PRClub Sugar
188.12Koen Bailey
18:26.51Raiders XC
189.12Karl Hansson
18:39.30Gig XC
190.9Michael Shiinoki
18:47.53Raiders XC
191.9Josh Lerner
18:56.28Raiders XC
192.9Gabriel Rochette
19:02.11Gig XC
193.11Scott Okagawa
19:07.08Raiders XC
194.10Owen Smith
195.11Anthony Florez
196.9Kent Henry
19:53.44Laramie Tracc Club
197.10Andrew Wehausen
20:39.44Idaho Falls Tigers X...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Rising Stars - Section 1

Official Team Scores

2.Yakima Harriers92
3.Stark Street AC121
4.Wolves XC137
6.Lions XC158
7.Grit XC177
8.Charger XC206
9.Brave Souls213
10.Axemen Running Club225
11.Sammamish Wolfpack245
12.Arlington XC Club330
13.Stayton Running Club339
14.Lakewood XC Club356
15.Mvxc Elite374
1.9Jasper Fievet
20:11.00 PRStorm Over Bend
2.11Dantzel Petersen
20:26.20Yakima Harriers
3.11Sophia Abb
20:29.18Yakima Harriers
4.11Julia Roemer
5.10Mckenzie Carrier
6.9Abby Kendrick
20:36.88 PRHkxc
7.9Sage Brooks
20:49.86 PRHkxc
8.9Chloe Draney
20:51.26Grit XC
9.9Molly Fuller
20:51.26 PRKnights Chafing the ...
10.9Ellie Skjersaa
20:51.35 PRStorm Over Bend
11.9Quetzalli Penaloza
20:55.69 PREvanston Wy. Runners
12.10Brooke Gustafuson
21:01.28Wolves XC
13.12Jessica Simpson
21:09.98Lions XC
14.9Campbell Ray
21:10.85 PRStark Street AC
15.10Delaney Salisbury
21:20.94Grit XC
16.11Jaylynn Boe
21:23.82 SRDouglas Bearcats Club
17.10Isabelle Michaels
21:25.87Wolves XC
18.11Hailey Thomas
21:27.37Lions XC
19.12Maddi Sudac
21:35.80Wolves XC
20.11Madi Provo
21.10Olivia Klein
21:46.57Charger XC
22.11Kylie Warner
21:47.23Charger XC
23.9Brooklyn Meehan
21:50.50 PRBrave Souls
24.10Nayeli Barron
21:52.34Yakima Harriers
25.10Zoey DeLuca
26.11Samantha Kasitz
27.9Mylee Tanner
22:10.37 PRUna-Tanner-Mylee
28.11Aileen Beaton
22:10.59 PRHkxc
29.10Julissa Castaneda
22:17.38 PRUna-Castaneda-Julissa
30.10Allison Vermilya
22:18.89 PRStark Street AC
31.11Carissa Catterall
22:19.74Stark Street AC
32.12Kiara Lee
33.9Sofia Carlson
22:22.44Run Brave
34.11Anna Murphy
22:24.62 PRStark Street AC
35.9Chloe Humble
22:29.71Brave Souls
36.9Sarah Fisher
22:31.15 PRSammamish Wolfpack
37.11Carson McVay
22:33.50Axemen Running Club
38.9Khayla Otero
22:34.64 PRUna-Otero-Khayla
39.10Lauren Wigod
22:35.46Grit XC
40.11Hallie Grubbs
22:35.65Mvxc Elite
41.10Sophia Wallace
22:41.96 PRHkxc
42.10Minelly Sereno