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Mens Races
3,200 Meters MS Varsity4:25 PM
3,200 Meters MS Reserve5:15 PM
2,500 Meters Grade K-66:05 PM
Womens Races
3,200 Meters MS Varsity4:00 PM
3,200 Meters MS Reserve4:45 PM
2,500 Meters Grade K-65:45 PM

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Mens Results

3,200 Meters MS Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Northeast (Midland)37
3.Hartland-Ore Creek90
4.St Patrick (Brighton)105
5.South Lyon133
6.Auburn Bay City Western160
7.Mill Creek (Dexter)168
8.Christ the King (Ann Arbor)246
10.Highlander Way297
11.Charyl Stockwell Academy358
13.Southfield Christian385
14.St John The Evangelist393
1.8Riley Hough
10:47.3 PRHartland-Ore Creek
2.7Brady Matuszewski
11:10.2 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
3.8Quinn Cullen
4.8River Penn
11:44.9Northeast (Midland)
5.8Evan Jackson
11:45.6 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
6.8Griffin Chapple
11:51.6Northeast (Midland)
7.8Cal Stearns
11:53.1Northeast (Midland)
8.8John Roberts
11:54.1 PRScranton
9.8Matt Crowley
11:54.3 PRNortheast (Midland)
10.8Brendan Kelly
11:57.7 PRSouth Lyon
11.8Noah Reuter-Gushow
11:59.3 PRNortheast (Midland)
12.7Brayden Morris
13.8Matthew Hemphill
14.8John Herrmann
12:05.5Christ the King (Ann...
15.8Evan Ross
16.8Avery Morton
12:15.4 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
17.8Dominic Krause
12:17.8 PRNortheast (Midland)
18.7Clayton Hartwick
12:19.4 PRHartland-Ore Creek
19.8Connor Bratt
12:21.6Hartland-Ore Creek
20.8Joey Pelletier
12:21.8Northeast (Midland)
21.8Jeffrey Stecker
12:23.4Auburn Bay City West...
22.8Robert Lamb
12:25.5 PRKensington Woods
23.8Adam Hauser
12:27.0Mill Creek (Dexter)
24.7Dylan Neuer
12:29.9 PRHartland-Ore Creek
25.8Reiner Kandt
12:30.9South Lyon
26.8Nick Wallace
12:32.9 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
27.8Steven Bosworth
12:33.1South Lyon
28.8Risto Crouse
12:36.8 PRScranton
29.8Brenden Dore
12:37.5Auburn Bay City West...
30.6Colin MacGregor
12:38.2 PRNortheast (Midland)
31.7Zach Krause
12:38.7Hartland-Ore Creek
32.6Jacob Jensen
12:38.9 PRNortheast (Midland)
33.7Jack Gregory
12:39.6 PRHartland-Ore Creek
34.8Lucas Anderson
12:46.8Mill Creek (Dexter)
35.6Kole Wilson
12:49.1Auburn Bay City West...
36.8Anden Robertson
12:50.6Auburn Bay City West...
37.8John Waidley
12:51.1Mill Creek (Dexter)
38.8Joe Wolak
12:51.3South Lyon
39.7Dylan White
40.7Conner Binge
12:55.1 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
41.8Dylan Albanice
12:58.4 PRSouth Lyon
42.8Dominic Sorter
12:59.3Mill Creek (Dexter)
43.8Daniel Jobst
13:00.3 PRChrist the King (Ann...
44.8Lucas Ewing
13:05.3 PRHartland-Ore Creek
45.8Gregory Laier
13:05.6 PRHartland-Ore Creek
46.8Nathan Browne
13:06.2 PRScranton
47.8Luke Votaw
13:09.4Mill Creek (Dexter)
48.8Justin Romero
13:09.7 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
49.8Logan Waggoner
50.8Nathan Cipolla
13:13.0Hartland-Ore Creek
51.8Jack Campbell
52.8Reid Brower
13:17.5 PRSouth Lyon
53.8Nicholas Cihonski
13:19.9Hartland-Ore Creek
54.8Will Telesco
13:22.0Mill Creek (Dexter)
55.7Nathan Prosowski
13:24.6Auburn Bay City West...
56.8Brenden Olesuk
13:25.1 PRSouth Lyon
57.8Jacob Gjernes
13:29.4Christ the King (Ann...
58.8David Eskola
13:30.4Highlander Way
59.6Gunner Weber
13:31.0Auburn Bay City West...
60.8Ryan Bolduc
61.7Daniel Ebel
13:38.3Auburn Bay City West...
62.8Andrew Lantis
13:51.1Highlander Way
63.8Javier Caldwell
13:54.8 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
64.8Trevor Sullivan
13:55.7 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
65.11-12Wyatt Hockley
13:57.4 PRAnn Arbor Track
66.8Nick Learman
13:57.8St John The Evangelist
67.7Nathan Gilpin
13:58.1 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
68.7Jack Kelly
14:01.3 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
69.6TJ Donnan
14:03.7 PRSouthfield Christian
70.6Miles Killips
14:05.2Auburn Bay City West...
71.6Dominic Robbins
14:06.0Auburn Bay City West...
72.7Ray Shumaker
14:06.5Charyl Stockwell Aca...
73.8Allen Labadie
14:08.2Mill Creek (Dexter)
74.8Tommy Hamann
14:14.6Christ the King (Ann...
75.8Cooper Casoli
14:30.2 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
76.8Liam Trembath
14:32.3Highlander Way
77.8Luca Hansen
14:32.8 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
78.8Kyle Wiliams
14:33.1 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
79.8Bryant Pejakovich
14:36.6 PRHighlander Way
80.7Brandon Williams
14:43.9 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
81.8Max Pennala
14:54.1 PRHighlander Way
82.8Thomas DesRosiers
15:05.4Mill Creek (Dexter)
83.8Antonio Renfroe
15:06.5 PRSouthfield Christian
84.8Luke Moskowitz
15:07.6 SRSt Patrick (Brighton)
85.8Adam Roberts
86.8Noah Grace
15:12.7Charyl Stockwell Aca...
87.7Nathaniel Passinault
15:13.0 PRParker
88.7Ethan Thomas
15:21.2 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
89.8Gabriel Warner
15:27.4Charyl Stockwell Aca...
90.7Andrew Eden
15:27.6 PRParker
91.8Brian Roberts
92.7Carter Freeman
15:33.1 PRAuburn Bay City West...
93.8Jadon Deland
15:38.5Highlander Way
94.6Mehki Johnson
15:39.3 PRSouthfield Christian
95.7Ford Rogers
15:41.8Charyl Stockwell Aca...
96.7Ryan Southworth
15:43.7Highlander Way
97.7Matt Ficaro
15:52.8 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
98.8Cody Wohlfeil
15:57.1 SRKensington Woods
99.7Braylon Park
16:05.2Highlander Way
100.7Mikey Nassoiy
16:14.5Charyl Stockwell Aca...
101.7Isaiah Hill
16:30.5Charyl Stockwell Aca...
102.7Sawyer Maples
16:41.3 PRParker
103.6Jacob Reinhart
16:48.6 PRPlymouth Christian A...
104.7Gabe Mclaren
16:53.0 PRPlymouth Christian A...
105.7Kyle Quick
16:53.3 PRPlymouth Christian A...
106.6Charlie Baur
16:53.7 PRSt John The Evangelist
107.7Arnold Guikema
16:57.3Christ the King (Ann...
108.7Nathan Keeley
17:00.4St John The Evangelist
109.6Damion Ketchmark
17:21.3 PRSt John The Evangelist
110.7Billy Ostrander
17:23.1 SRSt John The Evangelist
111.8Graydon Kirkland
17:35.7Highlander Way
113.6Grant Haase
17:41.6 PRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
114.6David Knickelbein
17:53.0 PRChrist the King (Ann...
115.5Carter Lafontaine
18:47.3 PRSt John The Evangelist
116.7Ethan Van Dyke
19:47.9 SRSouthfield Christian
117.7Harrison Putkela
20:13.7 PRParker
118.7Carter Smith
22:45.0 PRSouthfield Christian
119.7Corey Lewis
23:17.5 PRSouthfield Christian
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3,200 Meters MS Reserve

Official Team Scores

2.Hartland-Ore Creek37
3.Northeast (Midland)77
4.South Lyon130
5.Mill Creek (Dexter)136
6.St Mary's (Pinckney)199
8.Auburn Bay City Western225
9.Highlander Way251
1.8Kevin Bauersfield
13:00.8Mill Creek (Dexter)
2.8Travis Goodwin
13:09.4 PRHartland-Ore Creek
3.7Owen White
4.8Christopher Sharp
5.8Anders Lang
6.7Brett Bastionell
13:13.0 PRHartland-Ore Creek
7.7Luke Micunek
13:15.2 PRScranton
8.7Jerome Hunter
13:16.8 PRHartland-Ore Creek
9.7Cole Schelb
13:18.3Northeast (Midland)
10.7Zachery Sandin
13:19.9Hartland-Ore Creek
11.7Benjamin Smith
13:21.0Hartland-Ore Creek
12.7Nathan Kahl
13:23.5 PRHartland-Ore Creek
13.7Matthew MacFarlane
14.8Amar Dhingra
13:29.1Northeast (Midland)
15.8Tyler Sanchez
13:32.5 PRNortheast (Midland)
16.7John McHugh
17.7Evan Joseph
18.8Johnny Fackler
13:37.9 PRSt Mary's (Pinckney)
19.8Brenden Granzo
13:39.3Northeast (Midland)
20.7Caleb Brown
13:40.0 PRNortheast (Midland)
21.7Eli Hancock
13:42.3 PRSt Mary's (Pinckney)
22.8Antonio Sobczak
13:47.8South Lyon
23.7Thomas Wuench
24.8Carter Albright
13:50.9 PRNortheast (Midland)
25.7Bryce Mayday
26.7Jacob Miller
13:54.4Hartland-Ore Creek
27.7Kevin Jones
13:55.4 PRSouth Lyon
28.7Miles Buckley
13:56.3 PRScranton
29.8Michael Tippy
13:57.2South Lyon
30.8Aidan Wagner
31.8Zacharia Shealy
14:00.3Northeast (Midland)
32.8Joshua Sweet
14:01.0 PRHartland-Ore Creek
33.7Ben Scott
14:04.4Northeast (Midland)
34.8Thomas Metcalf
14:05.5Northeast (Midland)
35.7Ryan Smith
36.7Nicholas Stotler
37.7Danny Safadi
14:09.4Northeast (Midland)
38.8Alex Stockford
14:12.1 PRSouth Lyon
39.8Vincent Mcdonald
14:14.0 PRSouth Lyon
40.7Landon Geiling
14:14.6Northeast (Midland)
41.8Ethan Showek
14:16.8South Lyon
42.7Logan Szewczyk
14:17.3 PRSouth Lyon
43.7Lowell Kangas
44.8Owen Kummer
14:19.9South Lyon
45.8Cameron Lewis
14:21.2South Lyon
46.7Andrew Gariepy
14:21.4Mill Creek (Dexter)
47.8Braden Eisele
14:22.1Mill Creek (Dexter)
48.8Ethan Martz
14:23.5 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
49.7Roy Johnson
14:24.2Hartland-Ore Creek
50.8Julian Whittaker
14:25.5Northeast (Midland)
51.8Cole Fisher
14:27.0Hartland-Ore Creek
52.7Lewis Austin
14:27.9Hartland-Ore Creek
53.7Zach Newstead
14:28.8Highlander Way
54.7Josiah Hayter
14:29.3Mill Creek (Dexter)
55.8Luke Petrinko
14:30.7Mill Creek (Dexter)
56.8Dominick Kafkakis
14:32.1Hartland-Ore Creek
57.8Zachary Sawin
14:32.5Mill Creek (Dexter)
58.8Ayden Walaskay
14:32.8 PRHartland-Ore Creek
59.7Ian Johnson
14:34.6 PRHartland-Ore Creek
60.7Bryson Larson
14:36.1Hartland-Ore Creek
61.8Griffin Bentley
14:36.5Mill Creek (Dexter)
62.7Mason Stidwill
14:37.1South Lyon
63.8Brandon Marinkovich
14:38.6 PRSouth Lyon
64.8Alex McBride
14:42.3 PRHartland-Ore Creek
65.8Eliezer Maldonado
14:45.1Northeast (Midland)
66.6Brayden White
67.8Ethan Meehle
14:48.4Northeast (Midland)
68.7Andrew Matzo
69.8Carson Krueger
14:50.1 PRHartland-Ore Creek
70.7Gabriel Flint
14:53.3 PRSouth Lyon
71.7Kyle Sutton
14:53.9 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
72.8Jacob Toth
14:54.3 SRSouth Lyon
73.7Quinn Johnson
74.8Cameron Hain
14:58.3South Lyon
75.8Reese Anderson
14:58.7Hartland-Ore Creek
76.7Ayden Colon
14:59.0 PRHartland-Ore Creek
77.8Brian Mathews
14:59.7Mill Creek (Dexter)
78.6Jeremy Horn
15:01.7Christ the King (Ann...
79.8Holden Hughes
15:04.6Mill Creek (Dexter)
80.8Kentaro Kawata
15:05.5South Lyon
81.8Cole Arnedt
15:09.2Mill Creek (Dexter)
82.7Bryan Ugo
15:10.5South Lyon
83.8Isaac Servin
15:11.2South Lyon
84.7John Kelly
15:12.4Auburn Bay City West...
85.8Joshua Edwards
15:15.9South Lyon
86.8Brayden Freidhoff
15:17.0 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
87.7Kaden Jensen
15:18.5Mill Creek (Dexter)
88.8Josh Lamb
15:18.8Mill Creek (Dexter)
89.8Joshua Kirkland
15:20.7South Lyon
90.7Zachary Heslip
15:21.3Hartland-Ore Creek
91.7Ian Becker
15:22.3Auburn Bay City West...
92.7Mason Grann
15:27.0Mill Creek (Dexter)
93.8Quinn McMath
15:28.8Northeast (Midland)
94.7Zakk Osmun
15:29.0Northeast (Midland)
95.8Ryan Flaherty
15:30.2Mill Creek (Dexter)
96.7Ryan Hershner
15:35.0Mill Creek (Dexter)
97.8Matthew Smith
15:35.4Auburn Bay City West...
98.7Aiden Porritt
15:35.8Northeast (Midland)
99.7Alex Ratliff
15:36.3South Lyon
100.7Evan Thomas
101.7Drew Gochanour
15:39.1Mill Creek (Dexter)
102.7Dylan Bulinda
15:43.8South Lyon
103.8Nick LaVasseur
15:45.9 PRSt Mary's (Pinckney)
104.7Aiden Barnes
105.8Zach Robins
15:50.1South Lyon
106.7Connor Cheetam
15:53.4Hartland-Ore Creek
107.7Allen Billups
108.7Jacob Leff
15:54.0Northeast (Midland)
109.8Jacob Dunham
15:55.1 PRSouth Lyon
110.7Jake Fudala
15:55.4South Lyon
111.8Austin Kepsel
15:55.7Northeast (Midland)
112.8Graydon Mcintosh
15:56.0 PRSouth Lyon
113.7Chase Robertson
15:56.6Auburn Bay City West...
114.7Will O'Haver
15:57.1 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
115.7William Widby
116.8Will Tefft
15:58.5Northeast (Midland)
117.8Bryyce Reynolds
118.8Doug LeMasters
119.8Cole Osgood
120.7Joey Abate
16:09.4South Lyon
121.7Daniel Colpean
16:11.4Mill Creek (Dexter)
122.8Jacob Sieczkowski
16:11.7 PRHartland-Ore Creek
123.7Daniel Money
16:12.1Hartland-Ore Creek
124.7Owen Ackerman
16:12.4Mill Creek (Dexter)
125.7Sam Wright
16:13.2Northeast (Midland)
126.7Jason Sax
16:14.0 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
127.7Dylan Garcia
16:14.5 PRHartland-Ore Creek
128.8Sarab Dhingra
16:16.2Northeast (Midland)
129.7Garrett Crosson
16:17.1 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
130.8Collin Vanover
16:19.7 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
131.8Ezekiel Strong
16:21.7 PRSouth Lyon
132.7Logan Edwards
16:25.2 PRSouth Lyon
133.7Jack Hernandez
16:26.0Hartland-Ore Creek
134.7Quinn Campbell
16:29.6Hartland-Ore Creek
135.8Mitchell McMath
16:34.2Northeast (Midland)
136.7Noah Wittbrodt
16:34.7 PRNortheast (Midland)
137.8Nick Wagner
138.8Andrew McCarthy
16:42.4 PRSouth Lyon
139.6Nick Byers
16:48.6 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
140.8Connor Wallis
16:49.3 SRSouth Lyon
141.7Cedric Hobbs
16:50.0Hartland-Ore Creek
142.7Liam Paras
16:51.0Highlander Way
143.8Ben Darnell
16:51.8Mill Creek (Dexter)
144.7Jack Harvey
16:52.1 SRSouth Lyon
145.7Jonah Myers
16:54.8Highlander Way
146.8Joe Sharon
16:57.0 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
147.8Joseph Hanna
148.8Jay Partaka
17:04.9Auburn Bay City West...
149.8Joel Jaskolski
17:05.2 PRSouth Lyon
150.7Logan Davis
17:06.7Auburn Bay City West...
151.8Anton Ford
152.7Zachary deBeauclair
17:12.0St Mary's (Pinckney)
153.8Jonathan Adamczyk
17:17.7Mill Creek (Dexter)
154.7Cole Archer
17:20.2 PRSouth Lyon
155.8Kyle Schang
17:24.3South Lyon
156.7Rylan Teddy
17:27.2Mill Creek (Dexter)
157.7Shosuke Arai
158.7Luke Greatorex
17:29.9Mill Creek (Dexter)
159.8Elijah Belanger
17:31.0Highlander Way
160.7Ethan Smith
17:31.5Hartland-Ore Creek
161.8Brennan Trask
17:32.6Highlander Way
162.8Logan Devins
17:33.9 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
163.8Andrew Petik
17:37.3Mill Creek (Dexter)
164.6Cameron Harned
17:48.0Auburn Bay City West...
165.6Connor Herzberg
17:52.5Auburn Bay City West...
166.7Dylan Barduca
17:56.2South Lyon
167.7Jacob Bloom
17:58.9 SRHartland-Ore Creek
168.8Thomas Bauer
18:06.0 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
169.6Harsen Bowlby
18:44.5Auburn Bay City West...
170.8Cullen Godfrey
18:46.9 PRHighlander Way
171.8Dario Baidel
19:07.9 PRHighlander Way
172.7Wilson Ikens
19:08.6 PRScranton
173.8Benjamin Collonswo...
19:09.8South Lyon
174.7Barrett Keller
19:16.7 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
175.8Matthew Read
19:17.3Mill Creek (Dexter)
176.7Ethan Mauch
19:18.5 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
177.8Jack Herman
178.8Ashton Palm
20:11.8Mill Creek (Dexter)
179.7Nathan Robke
20:18.9Mill Creek (Dexter)
180.7Harrison Ruf
181.7Gabe Alanis
20:28.3Mill Creek (Dexter)
182.8Conner Simms
20:37.9 PRHartland-Ore Creek
183.7Connor Koch
20:49.5Mill Creek (Dexter)
184.7Lucas Wilson
20:58.1South Lyon
185.8Wade Walter
21:02.4Mill Creek (Dexter)
186.7Joe Burke
21:42.1St Mary's (Pinckney)
187.7Nick Tsitinis
22:31.7South Lyon
188.7Gavin Elliot
22:48.4 PRSouth Lyon
189.7Aiden Szimanski
24:12.0Highlander Way
190.7Jack Chambers
25:25.0Northeast (Midland)
191.7Noah Mckenzie
27:33.4 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
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2,500 Meters Grade K-6

Official Team Scores

1.Hartland-Ore Creek49
3.South Lyon68
4.St Patrick (Brighton)84
5.Northeast (Midland)126
6.Highlander Way139
1.6Nolan Karfonta
9:33.6South Lyon
2.6Jacob Rudisel
9:36.7 PRNortheast (Midland)
3.6Wyatt Colliton
9:48.1 PRHartland-Ore Creek
4.5Thomas Endres
9:51.0 PRSaline
5.5Ray Chanavier
9:55.3 PRHartland-Ore Creek
6.4Matteo Schwander
10:07.0 PRSaline
7.6Luke Heisel
10:13.2South Lyon
8.6Cade Rigonan
10:15.3 PRHartland-Ore Creek
9.6Jonas Deal
10:17.2 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
10.4Luke Peters
10:18.1 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
11.5Ryan Friedholm
10:19.1 PRSaline
12.6Solomon Strong
10:20.1South Lyon
13.4Oscar Whitehouse
10:21.4 PRSaline
14.6Landyn Kirchberg
10:22.7 PRHighlander Way
15.6Noah DeLand
10:24.3 PRHighlander Way
16.6Ryan Kantola
10:25.8 PRHartland-Ore Creek
17.5Nolan Callan
10:31.1 PRHartland-Ore Creek
18.6Nick Rumler
10:33.5 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
19.3Antoni Spiewak
10:40.8 PRHartland-Ore Creek
20.11-12Vibhav Alokam
10:41.1 PRAnn Arbor Track
21.6Matthew Bootman
10:41.7 PRNortheast (Midland)
22.5Nick Clemente
10:42.0Hartland-Ore Creek
23.6William Tutro
10:42.5South Lyon
24.5Matthew Wittbrodt
10:43.8 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
25.6Riley Morton
10:44.8 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
26.4Erik DeKeyser
10:46.1 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
27.6Nico Sobczak
10:46.6South Lyon
28.6Robert Davies
10:46.9 PRSouth Lyon
29.6Dominic Duey
10:47.8 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
30.4James Herrmann
10:49.9Christ the King (Ann...
31.4Brennan LaRusso
32.4William Lutz
10:53.0 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
33.5Luke Goodman
10:53.5 PRHartland-Ore Creek
34.6Trevor Bratt
10:53.8Hartland-Ore Creek
35.6Nick Kendall
10:55.2 PRNortheast (Midland)
36.4Mitchell Cory
11:00.0 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
37.5Brendan Austin
11:01.3 PRHartland-Ore Creek
38.6Manaki Watanabe
11:03.2 PRSouth Lyon
39.5Noah Shand
11:06.2 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
40.6Joshua Partee
11:07.2 PRHighlander Way
41.2Todd Tobin
11:08.6 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
42.6Jack Courval
11:09.0 PRSouth Lyon
43.5Graham Naylor
11:09.3 PRHartland-Ore Creek
44.5Kiren Sankaran
45.5Jack Costa
11:10.1Hartland-Ore Creek
46.6Kevin Vereecke
11:10.4 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
47.6Sean Mitchell
11:10.8 PRParker
48.4Harper Hummel
49.5William Rosales
11:14.8 PRSaline
50.6Joshua Williams
11:15.2South Lyon
51.2Shane Cory
11:15.6 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
52.6Jacob Seybert
11:17.7 PRNortheast (Midland)
53.5Charlie VanHaaften
11:18.9 PRSaline
54.6Andrew May
11:20.3Hartland-Ore Creek
55.5Collin Eckermann
56.6Austin Anderson
11:23.8 PRNortheast (Midland)
57.6Jared Niemi
11:24.2 PRHighlander Way
58.6Connor Cleary
11:24.9 PRParker
59.4Benjamin Miller
11:27.8 PRSaline
60.5Tyler Sheffer
11:32.8 PRHartland-Ore Creek
61.6Weston Urtel
11:33.0South Lyon
62.5Connor Burke
11:35.7 PRSt Mary's (Pinckney)
63.3Dane DeKeyser
11:37.9 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
64.6Gavin Borbolla
11:38.3 PRSouth Lyon
65.5Peyton Cundiff
11:41.1 PRSaline
66.6Mason Pennala
11:44.0 PRHighlander Way
67.5Tanner Smith
11:48.2Hartland-Ore Creek
68.6Kyle Tomasik
11:48.7 PRHartland-Ore Creek
69.4AJ Wilhelm
11:49.4 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
70.6Alex Jowett
11:50.4 PRSouth Lyon
71.5Ethan Phelps
72.5Giovanni Hodgins
11:53.3 PRHartland-Ore Creek
73.6Austin Douglas
11:54.9 PRParker
74.6Alessandro Felici
11:56.0 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
75.4Nathan Woodruff
76.6Nathan Schang
11:58.3South Lyon
77.6Shane Jowett
12:00.0South Lyon
78.5Patrick Burke
12:05.9St Mary's (Pinckney)
79.5Wyatt Allan
12:07.5 PRHartland-Ore Creek
80.6Benjamin Squires
12:09.5 PRHighlander Way
81.4Finn Spolans
82.6Matt Cox
12:11.0 PRSouth Lyon
83.5Connor Campbell
12:12.7 PRHartland-Ore Creek
84.6Nolan Harrigan
12:14.1 PRSouth Lyon
85.4William Gerbe
12:15.4 PRSaline
87.4Lucas Bae
88.6Ben Scheidler
12:29.9 PRParker
89.6Sebastian Maldonado
12:36.3Northeast (Midland)
90.6Kaden Bunn
12:36.7 PRHartland-Ore Creek
91.5Thomas McCann
12:37.1 PRSaline
92.5Rhys Bellanti
12:40.1 PRHartland-Ore Creek
93.6Keith Petersen
12:40.4Northeast (Midland)
94.4Brady Weiss
95.6Miles Robinson
12:43.2 PRSouth Lyon
96.5Luke Elgas
12:45.0 PRSt Mary's (Pinckney)
97.4James Darmofal
12:48.3 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
98.5Alex Petrucci
12:50.6Hartland-Ore Creek
99.2Luciano Rozum
12:51.7 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
100.5Jacob Barta
12:54.9 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
101.6Drake Cook
12:58.8Hartland-Ore Creek
102.4Tate Woodman
12:59.1 PRSaline
103.5Devor Stacey
12:59.5 SRSaline
104.6Trevor Hallberg
13:02.2Northeast (Midland)
105.6Colin Brannigan
13:02.5 PRHartland-Ore Creek
106.5Logan Kipley
13:03.1 PRSaline
107.4Jackson Gates
108.4Jacob Ragatz
109.2Charlie Bowers
13:10.6 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
110.6Aidan Powell
13:13.0Northeast (Midland)
111.4Sorin Bleed
112.6Xane Walker
13:18.4 PRSouth Lyon
113.6Mitchell VanDam
13:22.0 PRSouth Lyon
114.6Aiden Ayers-Ackley
13:23.0Northeast (Midland)
115.6John Burch
13:23.3 PRSouth Lyon
116.6David Higby
13:26.5 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
117.5Andrew Irgang
13:27.3 PRSaline
118.6Eli Elza
13:30.0Northeast (Midland)
119.5Cameron Cook
13:34.6 PRHartland-Ore Creek
120.5Nathan Kociba
13:38.3 PRHartland-Ore Creek
121.4Benjamin Hopson
13:38.9 PRSaline
122.5Dominik Storm
13:40.4 PRHartland-Ore Creek
123.6Carson Lloyd
13:55.8South Lyon
124.6Alex McDonald
13:57.6South Lyon
125.2Caden Rozum
14:09.5 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
126.6Aiden Devers
14:10.8 PRSt Mary's (Pinckney)
127.4Henry Lizotte
14:21.5 PRSaline
128.5Seasson Rosenfeld
14:31.5 PRSaline
129.4Lucas Olson
130.5Ethan Hornberger
131.5Noah Sessink
14:40.3Hartland-Ore Creek
132.4Alexander Gehringer
14:47.9 PRSaline
133.6Carter Ponsock
15:14.4 PRSouth Lyon
134.4Elijah Zaksek
15:22.4 PRSaline
135.6Ahmed Ali
15:24.3 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
136.4Peter Brewer
137.5Henry Schneider
16:01.7 PRSaline
138.6Michael Mackey
16:20.5 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
139.6Sawyer Nalley
16:22.7 PRHighlander Way
140.6Lance Kirkland
16:27.5South Lyon
141.6Nicholas Ritchie
16:35.7 PRSouth Lyon
142.6Jackson Roush
16:37.1South Lyon
143.6Isaac Reinhardt
16:40.2Northeast (Midland)
144.5Logan Tillen
17:43.6 PRHartland-Ore Creek
145.6Jayden Wilkerson
17:56.3 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
146.6Conner Lassen
18:01.5 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
147.6Nicholas Ciochin
18:07.0South Lyon
148.4Michael Miller
19:02.0 PRSaline
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Womens Results

3,200 Meters MS Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Hartland-Ore Creek36
4.Auburn Bay City Western144
5.Northeast (Midland)145
7.Mill Creek (Dexter)206
8.St Patrick (Brighton)213
9.Highlander Way232
10.St John The Evangelist304
11.Southfield Christian337
1.8Sarah Forsyth
2.8Jordyn Libler
11:45.6 PRScranton
3.8Emerson Sargeant
12:13.4 PRHartland-Ore Creek
4.8Klaire Schott
12:20.4 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
5.7Liliane Aittama
12:23.9 PRSouth Lyon
6.7Alexis Brown
12:25.8 PRHartland-Ore Creek
7.8Brooke Berridge
12:51.6 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
8.8Madeleine Wisniewski
13:05.6 PRHartland-Ore Creek
9.8Briana Vojinov
10.8Morgan Waggoner
13:19.8 PRScranton
11.8Katie Carothers
12.6Payton Scheffler
13:21.9 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
13.7Mya Sandberg
13:22.7 PRHartland-Ore Creek
14.8Drue Thielking
15.7Alexandra Cabaj
13:29.5 PRHartland-Ore Creek
16.8Amber Clark
13:30.5 PRHartland-Ore Creek
17.8Lauren McGuirk
13:32.4Northeast (Midland)
18.7Katie Dietrich
13:34.1 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
19.7Riley Phillips
13:35.3 PRHartland-Ore Creek
20.8Ella Boose
21.7Amelia Kashian
22.8Mallory Matthews
13:46.8Northeast (Midland)
23.8Hannah Carney
24.8Gianna Hoving
13:49.1Christ the King (Ann...
25.7Sydney Thompson
13:52.7Northeast (Midland)
26.7Samantha Witte
13:55.8 PRScranton
27.8Samantha Shaw
28.8Emily House
29.7Nicole Majors
14:00.4 PRHartland-Ore Creek
30.7Ambria Nagel
14:01.7Auburn Bay City West...
31.7Emma Rajewski
14:02.8Auburn Bay City West...
32.7Ava Justice
14:04.9 PRHartland-Ore Creek
33.7Elizabeth Ward
14:05.7Auburn Bay City West...
34.7Sophia Olechnowicz
35.8Mackenzie Buckley
14:06.9 PRSouth Lyon
36.8Marin Stevens
14:08.1Auburn Bay City West...
37.7Mackenzie Wright
14:11.0Highlander Way
38.8Paige VanderHaagen
14:15.8Mill Creek (Dexter)
39.8Magdalena MacGregor
14:20.3 PRSouth Lyon
40.8Caitlin Stackable
14:23.8 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
41.7Sarah Halliday
42.8Ania Bodyl
43.7Hailey Dollaway
14:33.4Hartland-Ore Creek
44.6Paige Berridge
14:34.3 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
45.8Madison Wittbrodt
14:41.4 SRSt Patrick (Brighton)
46.8Mackenzie Wittbrodt
14:41.7 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
47.7Breanna Haines
48.8Brea Lincoln
14:46.2Northeast (Midland)
49.8Jessica Hoehn
14:47.3Mill Creek (Dexter)
50.7Chloe Perry
14:47.8 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
51.7Lauren Gadola
14:53.7St John The Evangelist
52.6Halena Horneber
14:57.0Auburn Bay City West...
53.8Celeste Roberts
14:57.6 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
54.8Caitlyn Tasson
14:59.0Highlander Way
55.6Shelby Rajewski
14:59.9Auburn Bay City West...
56.8Alexis Terbush
15:00.5Mill Creek (Dexter)
57.7Natalie Savage
15:01.4 PRHighlander Way
58.8Maria Ficaro
15:03.1 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
59.8Maeve St. John
15:03.4 PRHighlander Way
60.7Madelyn Fournier
15:03.9Auburn Bay City West...
61.7Ella Koons
15:04.4 PRParker
62.8Eva Kickland
15:09.4 PRNortheast (Midland)
63.8Andrea Mannor
15:10.1 PRParker
64.8Desiree Killey
15:10.5Auburn Bay City West...
65.7Elise Lacour
66.7Caitlin D'Sa
67.8Sophia Mettes
15:13.7Mill Creek (Dexter)
68.7Alyssa Seiter
15:19.0 PRSouth Lyon
69.8Kelli Groen
15:21.2 PRPlymouth Christian A...
70.13-14Paige Hockley
15:21.8 PRAnn Arbor Track
71.8Sophia Canzano
15:22.5 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
72.8Delany Agosta
15:27.6 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
73.8Emily Pfaff
15:28.4 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
74.8Savanna Willis
15:28.8 SRNortheast (Midland)
75.6Hailey Ridgway
15:35.2 PRAuburn Bay City West...
76.7Megan O'Day
15:36.0Mill Creek (Dexter)
77.6Hailey Wojciechowski
15:38.9Auburn Bay City West...
78.6Grace Ligon
15:46.0 PRSouthfield Christian
79.7Quinn Hilla
16:02.0Mill Creek (Dexter)
80.5Morgyn Lafontaine
16:05.4St John The Evangelist
81.7Natalie Kitchen
82.7Caitlyn Rayl
16:07.2 PRParker
83.8Mya Hacker
16:11.7Northeast (Midland)
84.8Toni Butka
16:21.1 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
85.7Lucy Cousino
16:21.4Christ the King (Ann...
86.8Hannah McComas
16:23.0Mill Creek (Dexter)
87.8Alexis Donnan
16:54.5 PRSouthfield Christian
88.5Sarah Learman
17:12.7St John The Evangelist
89.7Brynn Green
17:22.1Highlander Way
90.6Lizzy Nassoiy
17:36.3 PRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
91.7Brea Mahoney
17:36.6 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
92.8Alaina Stoyak
17:43.5 PRHighlander Way
93.5Addison Mills
19:21.7St John The Evangelist
94.5Kayleigh Boike
19:24.7 PRSt John The Evangelist
95.7Paige Hammers
19:30.9 PRSouthfield Christian
96.8Lilly Hallgren
19:43.9 PRSouthfield Christian
97.6Alicia Johnson
21:41.0 PRChrist the King (Ann...
98.6Chloe Johnson
22:40.0 PRChrist the King (Ann...
99.7Jenny Cesar
23:43.3 SRKensington Woods
100.6Jordan Myers
24:47.1 PRSouthfield Christian
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3,200 Meters MS Reserve

Official Team Scores

2.Hartland-Ore Creek44
3.South Lyon83
4.Northeast (Midland)94
5.Auburn Bay City Western115
8.Highlander Way234
9.Mill Creek (Dexter)263
1.7Abby Smith
14:15.1 PRScranton
2.7Andrea Repyak
3.8Amanda Niemi
14:34.9 PRHartland-Ore Creek
4.8Hannah Tsiang
5.7Leah Kaska
14:37.6South Lyon
6.7Shannon O'Brien
14:41.1 PRHartland-Ore Creek
7.7Olivia Burke
8.8Charlotte Toor
14:56.1Hartland-Ore Creek
9.8Caleigh Hurley
10.7Brookelyn Roten
15:06.0Northeast (Midland)
11.8Erin Quinn
15:06.7Northeast (Midland)
12.7Lauren Hall
15:07.0Auburn Bay City West...
13.7Isabelle Bowie
15:10.2Hartland-Ore Creek
14.7Cassandra McGaugh
15:12.5 PRHartland-Ore Creek
15.7Ivy Pietila
15:13.4Hartland-Ore Creek
16.8Delaney Abbott
15:15.7 PRNortheast (Midland)
17.7Riley Bracken
15:22.4 PRSouth Lyon
18.6Ella Lovasco
15:22.7Auburn Bay City West...
19.7Anya Housman
15:30.3South Lyon
20.8Bella Robinson
15:32.5South Lyon
21.7Grace Shephard
15:38.4Northeast (Midland)
22.7Mia Melcher
15:38.8South Lyon
23.8Corrina Worthing
24.8Jessica Link
15:39.6South Lyon
25.8Drew Flory
15:41.8 PRHighlander Way
26.6Macy Besaw
15:42.7Auburn Bay City West...
27.8Christine Silak
15:44.1 PRSouth Lyon
28.7Josie Fischer
15:49.9 PRScranton
29.7Elyse Kendziorski
15:52.6Auburn Bay City West...
30.7Kennedi Bainbridge
15:53.7Auburn Bay City West...
31.6Shayna Danyo
32.7Emily Stadler
33.7Hannah Beardsley
15:57.8Auburn Bay City West...
34.8Kathryn Kostaroff
16:01.8 PRScranton
35.8Kendyl Foley
16:02.7 PRParker
36.6Mallory Harned
16:03.4Auburn Bay City West...
37.8Rachel Klassa
16:03.4Hartland-Ore Creek
38.8Erin Flaherty
16:04.5St Mary's (Pinckney)
39.8Rachel Musser
16:07.9Auburn Bay City West...
40.6Mackenzie Richards
16:09.7Auburn Bay City West...
41.8Chloe Connelly
16:10.7St Mary's (Pinckney)
42.7Rylee Fisher
43.7Rachel Mecca
16:13.5Northeast (Midland)
44.6Kathryn Kietzman
16:15.1Auburn Bay City West...
45.7Kaitlyn Ward
16:18.1 PRHighlander Way
46.7Jenna Merolla
16:18.6 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
16:20.2South Lyon
48.8Elizabeth Faruzzi
49.8Olivia LaCommare
50.7Naxy Brotherton
16:23.6Auburn Bay City West...
51.6Emylia Ferrio
16:24.9 PRAuburn Bay City West...
52.8Mandy Rivera
16:26.4 PRSouth Lyon
53.7Amyla Eberhart
16:26.7South Lyon
54.8Autumn Simms
16:27.7 SRWoodhaven-Brownstown
55.7Heather Woodward
56.6Elizabeth Henegar
57.6Maddie Ames
16:33.3 PRAuburn Bay City West...
58.8Madelyn Burris
16:34.5 PRHartland-Ore Creek
59.7Jillian Smith
16:44.2 SRParker
60.7Mariah Bornsen
16:47.6Northeast (Midland)
61.7Lauren Ashley
16:49.6 PRParker
62.6Paige McNamee
16:52.4 PRSouth Lyon
64.8Catherine Smith
16:52.8 PRScranton
65.6Jennifer Henegar
16:57.7 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
66.7Abbey Perttula
16:58.0South Lyon
67.7Faith Kern
17:00.5 PRSouth Lyon
68.8Quinn Murphy
17:00.5South Lyon
69.7Elizabeth Arnold
17:02.2Hartland-Ore Creek
70.8Cloe de Fays
17:05.3 SRScranton
71.6Delany Arthur
17:07.4 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
72.7Yuki Togashi
17:14.2 SRNortheast (Midland)
73.8Audrey Groves
17:19.6South Lyon
74.7Phoebe McGough
17:20.0Northeast (Midland)
75.7Julia Luebbe
76.7Catherine McNamara
17:27.6Northeast (Midland)
77.7Katherine Droese
17:28.7 PRScranton
78.7Jaya Meeks
17:30.0 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
79.8Xandra Bilakos
17:30.8 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
80.7Avery Brown
81.6Giovanna Vallejo
82.8Alyssa Coventry
17:46.5Northeast (Midland)
83.8Faith Persyn
17:51.0Northeast (Midland)
84.7Madalynn Hernden
18:10.0Northeast (Midland)
85.7Lucy Mejia
86.8Edra Timmerman
87.7Kate Bosworth
18:25.7South Lyon
88.7Breeanna Personett
18:27.2Mill Creek (Dexter)
89.8Abigail Wright
90.8Lacey Wood
91.7Antonia Bruckman
18:41.3Mill Creek (Dexter)
92.7Hayden Edmonds
18:52.3Northeast (Midland)
93.7Paige Harry
18:53.6Northeast (Midland)
94.7Hanna Hamm
18:56.7 PRHighlander Way
95.8Amaya Lince
18:58.6 PRScranton
96.7Abigail Jones
19:03.3Mill Creek (Dexter)
97.8Faith McDevitt
98.7Lindsey Pfile
19:33.9 PRSouth Lyon
99.7Sydney Stonecipher
100.7Chloe Sprague
19:45.6Mill Creek (Dexter)
101.7Breanna Zaborowski
19:48.5 SRHartland-Ore Creek
102.7Catherine Esper
103.8Rory Rynearson
19:53.0 PRNortheast (Midland)
104.7Merina Buell
19:58.2Hartland-Ore Creek
105.7Megan Keast
20:12.2 PRSouth Lyon
106.8Hailey Douglas
107.7Ella Kedzierski
108.7Lillian Strickland
20:23.5 PRParker
109.7Emma Boyer
20:26.4 PRHighlander Way
110.8Maya Bedford
111.7Malia Yalisove
20:42.4Mill Creek (Dexter)
112.7Isabella Valerio
20:48.5Mill Creek (Dexter)
113.7Vanessa Szydlowski
20:50.5 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
114.7Katelyn Fletcher
20:55.7 PRSouth Lyon
115.8Lauren Kozlowski
116.7Aryn Weiss
21:15.4Mill Creek (Dexter)
117.7Emily Eby
21:31.9 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
118.7Emily Renner
21:44.2 PRParker
119.8Madelyn Moore
21:59.4Highlander Way
120.8Lena Tomakich
22:05.2 PRHighlander Way
121.7Jaidyn Thomas
122.8Skyler Lammers
123.8Ana Laskowski
22:41.5Highlander Way
124.7Caitlyn Heffernan
125.6Skye Richer
126.7Kaitlyn Anderson
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2,500 Meters Grade K-6

Official Team Scores

1.Hartland-Ore Creek32
3.Northeast (Midland)87
4.St Patrick (Brighton)110
5.South Lyon129
1.6Rachel Forsyth
2.6Karolina Spiewak
10:39.4 PRHartland-Ore Creek
3.6Sydney Lambert
11:05.1 PRNortheast (Midland)
4.9-10Sofia Jimenez
11:09.8 PRAnn Arbor Track
5.5Josephine Wisniewski
11:14.9 PRHartland-Ore Creek
6.5Jillian Dosch
11:19.8 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
7.5Ryann Kangas
8.5Claire Brown
11:32.4Hartland-Ore Creek
9.9-10Clara Peikert
11:34.9 PRAnn Arbor Track
10.5Grace Roth
11:36.2 PRSaline
11.6Ellie Laier
11:38.0Hartland-Ore Creek
12.5Abigail Roth
11:42.7 PRSaline
13.6Selah Luethy
11:46.0 PRParker
14.5Corynn Gady
11:49.0 PRSaline
15.5Anna Jobst
11:50.6 PRChrist the King (Ann...
16.4Ruth Bonfiglio
17.6Samantha Link
11:54.8South Lyon
18.5Isabella DePestel
11:55.1 PRHartland-Ore Creek
19.6Heidi Rutherford
12:05.5 SRHartland-Ore Creek
20.4Ayla Stager
12:06.5 PRSaline
21.5Mara McClellan
12:07.5 PRSaline
22.6Katie Watkins
12:09.9Northeast (Midland)
23.6Riley Lashbrook
12:11.1Hartland-Ore Creek
24.4Harper Grambau
12:12.0 PRSaline
25.6Grace Riddle
12:16.2Northeast (Midland)
26.7Mia Rogan
27.6Olivia Dechy
12:26.4 PRParker
28.6Maura Lichiello
12:27.0 PRHighlander Way
29.4Layla Taylor
30.6Madi Arthur
12:32.9 PRNortheast (Midland)
31.6Gabrielle Miller
12:33.7Hartland-Ore Creek
32.4Elizabeth White
33.5Jacquelyn LaVasseur
12:42.1St Mary's (Pinckney)
34.6Casey Robins
12:43.4South Lyon
35.6Makayla Wittbrodt
12:50.8 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
36.6Blaise Mayer
12:51.6 PRNortheast (Midland)
37.3Cecilia Shand
12:52.9 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
38.5Brianna Schulte
12:53.2 PRHartland-Ore Creek
39.5Jordan LaVasseur
12:55.3St Mary's (Pinckney)
40.5Sarah Hamann
12:56.2 PRChrist the King (Ann...
41.2Kendall DeKeyser
12:59.3 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
42.6Nala Jones
12:59.5 PRNortheast (Midland)
43.2Eva West
13:00.6 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
44.6Chloe Wallis
13:03.9South Lyon
45.6Hannah Cook
13:10.6 PRSouth Lyon
46.6Madeleine Epler
13:11.3South Lyon
47.6Emily Hill
13:11.8 PRParker
48.5Ava Mckaig
13:12.1 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
49.6Mariah Chavez
13:14.0 PRSouth Lyon
50.4Zosia Mazur
51.5Jane Cousino
13:21.4Christ the King (Ann...
52.6Micayla Wick
13:23.3 PRParker
53.5Eliza Farr
13:24.9 PRSaline
54.6Helena Brown
13:25.6South Lyon
55.6Liv Rohr
13:28.6Northeast (Midland)
56.6Zoe Brower
13:28.9 PRSouth Lyon
57.6Marieke Theuerkauf
13:33.6Northeast (Midland)
58.6Ellie Kleckner
13:37.1 PRParker
59.5Megan Patrick
13:38.5Hartland-Ore Creek
60.6Ashlyn Houtman
13:39.2South Lyon
61.4Hannah Phillips
13:39.4 PRSaline
62.5Jayden Garcia
13:45.6Hartland-Ore Creek
63.6Olivia Leshok
13:46.3South Lyon
64.5Sara Thompson
65.5Zoe Frederick
66.6Lauren Jones
13:52.6South Lyon
67.6Madison Hokins
13:54.1 PRSouth Lyon
68.6Morgan Engberg
13:55.6South Lyon
69.6Keely Abbott
13:56.0South Lyon
70.6Natalie Grooters
14:02.5 PRSouth Lyon
71.6Jayce Franklin
14:05.8 PRParker
72.4Alexis Lillie
73.6Violet VanDam
14:30.0South Lyon
74.6Annie Yang
14:35.6 PRParker
75.5Alayna Gardner
14:38.3Hartland-Ore Creek
76.6Emily Studebaker
14:42.4 PRParker
77.5Abbey Alexander
14:53.6 PRSaline
78.6Emma Ward
15:03.5 PRHighlander Way
79.4Olivia Hallman
15:15.3 PRSaline
80.6Olivia Wilson
15:17.2 PRSouth Lyon
81.4Hayley Hummel
82.6Keira Christensen
15:25.4 PRSouth Lyon
83.6Natalie Dooley
15:27.7 PRParker
84.6Mariana Herrera Pe...
15:29.3South Lyon
85.4Clara Meyers
86.2Ainsley Lutz
15:43.5 PRSt Patrick (Brighton)
87.-Maggie Neal
15:50.2 PRAnn Arbor Track
88.6Isabella Larkowski
15:50.5Northeast (Midland)
89.6Shaylin LeBlanc
15:54.3South Lyon
90.4Shyla Smith
15:54.7 PRSaline
91.6Lilly West
15:59.7 PRHighlander Way
92.5Marissa Cody
16:03.4Hartland-Ore Creek
93.6Cara Sharpe
16:05.7South Lyon
94.6Madison Maurus
16:32.1 PRSouth Lyon
95.4Tealeah Eisemann
16:33.3 PRSaline
96.6Clara Jkoesler
16:33.7South Lyon
97.5Annie Lauren
16:34.3 PRHartland-Ore Creek
98.6Victoria Barraco
16:52.9 PRHartland-Ore Creek
99.4Madylin Marshall
17:01.5 PRSaline
100.4Peyton McNeal
101.6Amber Jackson
17:56.3 PRWoodhaven-Brownstown
102.6Teagan Henson
18:36.3 PRSouth Lyon
103.5Shelby Fordeck
104.6Brooke Davis
18:50.0 PRParker
105.6Jasmine Furlong
19:40.5 PRParker
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