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Meet Info

Mens Races
800 Meters Grade School9:15 AM
1 Miles Middle School9:45 AM

Bellarmine Prep HS

2 Miles Freshman10:25 AM
2 Miles Junior Varsity (10/11)10:50 AM
2 Miles Junior Varsity (11/12)11:40 AM
2 Miles Varsity12:20 PM
Womens Races
800 Meters Grade School9:00 AM
1 Miles Middle School9:30 AM

Bellarmine Prep HS

2 Miles Freshman10:00 AM
2 Miles Junior Varsity11:15 AM
2 Miles Varsity12:00 PM

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MEET INFO  (coaches)

The 19th Annual

 Bellarmine Invite

9 September 2017


All Day

Invite t-shirts for sale $20

Free food and drink at the conclusion of each race.


***Entry fee is $100 per high school.

Checks can be made out to: Bellarmine Prep Cross-Country



75% grass, 10% dirt, 10% track, 5% pavement.


Grade School Girls (Grades K-5) ½ mile - 9:00 am


Grade School Boys (Grades K-5) ½ mile  - 9:15 am


Middle School Girls (Grades 6-8) 1 mile - 9:30 am


Middle School Boys (Grades 6-8) 1 mile- 9:45 am


All High School Races are 2 miles.

Frosh Girls 10:00 am

Race Record: 12:04 by Nicole Cochran, Bellarmine Prep, 2004


Frosh Boys 10:25 am

Race Record: 10:40 by Jeffrey Crabill, Charles Wright, 2006


Soph/Junior JV Boys 10:50 am

Race Record: 10:47 by Anders Tarlton, Sehome, 2003 & Alex Kurtis, Sehome, 2005


JV Girls 11:15 am

Race Record: 12:35.1 by Miranda Ross, Bellarmine Prep, 2013


Junior/Senior JV Boys 11:40 am

Race Record: 10:32 by Colin Flynn, Sehome, 2008


Varsity Girls 12:00 pm

Course  Record: 11:03.13 by Nicole Cochran, Bellarmine Prep, 2006


Varsity Boys 12:20 pm

Course Record: 9:40.54 Andrew Gonzalez, Southridge, 2008

Awards 1:00 pm

Awards will be given to:

All grade school and middle finishers ribbons (medals to top 3 individuals)

Top 10 JV Girls (medals to top 3 individuals0

Top JV Boys (combined) (medals to top 3 individuals)

Top 10 Varsity Boys and Girls (medals to top 3 individuals)

Top 3 Boys’ and Girls’ Teams (trophies)


Results will be posted on at the conclusion of the meet.




I-5 North or South

Exit to Highway 16-Bremerton

Continue on Highway 16 until Union St. Exit

At exit ramp light, take a right

Continue down Union to next light, S. 23rd.

Take a left, and continue uphill into back parking lot.

Drive towards the south end of the parking lot.

You’re there.


2300 S. Washington

Tacoma, WA 98405



Matt Ellis

My Team



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Mens Results

800 Meters Grade School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

18.9-10Iain O'Brien
4:07.20 PRFederal Way Track
19.7-8Joey Martell
4:35.30 PRSt. Patrick School a...
20.6UMarquis Silva
4:36.50 PRNative Stride
2.4Grant Nelson
2:36.50St. Patrick School a...
3.11-12Keefe Russell
2:40.30Federal Way Track
4.3Finnian Miller
2:42.20St. Patrick School a...
5.9-10Nathaniel Ike
2:46.60Native Stride
6.9-10Alejandro Miramontes
2:48.50Federal Way Track
7.9-10Ian Hoag
2:49.70St. Patrick School a...
10.11-12Logan Fisher
2:58.70Federal Way Track
11.11-12Declan Hoag
3:02.70St. Patrick School a...
12.6UColm Miller
3:06.20St. Patrick School a...
13.11-12Tyler Atkinson
3:16.40St. Patrick School a...
14.9-10Evan Leonard
3:21.80Federal Way Track
15.7-8Leonardo Miramontes
3:23.60Federal Way Track
16.-Tagan Mitchell
3:27.70St. Patrick School a...
17.3Jaron Kaipainen
3:36.50All Saints School
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1 Miles Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Central Kitsap25
2.St. Patrick School and Parish36

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Luke Alfonso
5:39.30 PRSt. Patrick School a...
2.13-14Hayden Fisher
5:45.40 PRFederal Way Track
3.8Jacob Alfonso
5:56.50 PRSt. Patrick School a...
4.8Teichert Fischer
5:56.70Central Kitsap
5.13-14Harrison Lyons
6:01.90 PRFederal Way Track
6.-Ryan Hundren
6:18.10 PRConcordia
7.8Dawson Fourier
6:25.30Central Kitsap
8.0Cian Monaghan
9.8Kal-El Drummond
6:41.00Central Kitsap
10.8Joseph Vlach
6:44.70Central Kitsap
11.8William Putaansuu
6:46.20Central Kitsap
12.7Cole Erickson
6:46.30Central Kitsap
13.0Meukamu Engiere
6:47.50Jason Lee
14.-Jacob Hundven
6:50.50 PRConcordia
15.6Blake Reynolds
6:54.70Central Kitsap
16.7Liam Miller
6:59.40 SRSt. Patrick School a...
17.6Will Yearian
7:02.10 SRSt. Charles Borromeo
18.11-12Lane Swenson
7:13.30 SRFederal Way Track
19.-Caydon Doyle
7:17.60 PRConcordia
20.-Eli Hundven
7:18.10 PRConcordia
21.11-12Henry Marlow
7:19.80 PRSt. Patrick School a...
22.11-12Nicholas Wilson
7:36.20 PRNative Stride
23.6Thomas Genaw
7:40.80 PRCentral Kitsap
24.7Haakon Claeys
7:53.40Central Kitsap
25.11-12Kaj Hansen
7:58.00 PRFederal Way Track
26.8Cormac Burke
8:04.10Central Kitsap
27.6Logan Price-Voeltz
8:12.60Central Kitsap
28.11-12Quentin Le
8:12.90 SRSt. Patrick School a...
29.8Benjamin Thompson
8:27.90Central Kitsap
30.7Aidan Gosselin
8:28.60 PRSt. Patrick School a...
31.0Aidan Winger
8:32.30 PRKopachuck
32.6Tyler Friend
8:33.90Central Kitsap
33.7Luke Tower
8:49.30Central Kitsap
34.11-12Henry McDougall
8:50.10 PRSt. Patrick School a...
35.6Jaxin Patrick
8:57.20 PRCentral Kitsap
36.6Wyatt Cockerham
9:12.20Central Kitsap
37.7Charles Ball
9:14.60Central Kitsap
38.6Jonah Hinman
9:17.80Central Kitsap
39.6Jason Johanek
9:21.30Central Kitsap
40.7Ian Bertnik
9:40.30Central Kitsap
41.0Ryan Pitts
9:48.70Seton Home
42.6John Bell
10:08.20Central Kitsap
43.6John Anderson
10:17.30 PRCentral Kitsap
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2 Miles Freshman

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Bellarmine Prep91
4.Central Kitsap123
7.Bishop Blanchet143
8.Lakeside (Seattle)147
9.Auburn Riverside151

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Mason Watamura
2.9Eric Souza-Ponce
11:15.80 PRBallard
3.9Elian Joseph
11:22.80 PRLakeside (Seattle)
4.9Christopher O'Flah...
11:25.30Bellarmine Prep
5.9Samuel Zielke
6.9Chauncey Cox
11:45.60 PRBallard
7.9Josiah Mellott
11:53.30 PRCurtis
8.9Jordan Holcomb
11:55.30Auburn Riverside
9.9Aiden Patel
11:57.40Bellarmine Prep
10.9Tyler Halter
12:00.00 PRSkyline
11.9Tyler Chen
12:00.40 PRSkyline
12.9Pranav Kammili
12:01.10 PRSkyline
13.9Miles Lubin
12:04.40 PRBishop Blanchet
14.9Jared Daling
12:04.80 PRCentral Kitsap
15.9Matthew O'Keefe
12:06.90 PRSkyline
16.9Nick Brassard
12:07.00 PRCharles Wright Academy
17.9Matthew Brosnon
12:07.40 PRPuyallup
18.9Liam Emerick
12:12.30Bellarmine Prep
19.9Alejandro Perez
12:12.70 PRAloha
20.9Daniel Lizon
12:15.00 PRCentral Kitsap
21.9Jahan Bains
12:19.20 PRCharles Wright Academy
22.9Eric Xia
12:21.10 PRLakeside (Seattle)
23.9Steven Baltz
12:23.10 PRLife Christian Academy
24.9Oscar Hoekman
12:29.40 PRBallard
25.9Samuel Christensen
12:31.10 PRCentral Kitsap
26.9Thomas Ries
12:33.80Bellarmine Prep
27.9Payton Barker
28.9Seth Coons
12:35.20 PREnumclaw
29.9Sullivan Lucey
12:35.50 PRStadium
30.9Tom Bauer
31.9Patrick Konecny
12:39.60 PRStadium
32.9Connor MacDougall
12:40.50Auburn Riverside
33.9Canyon Harmer
12:41.80 PRSkyline
34.9Michael Martin
12:42.30 PRBishop Blanchet
35.9Derek Sanders
12:44.50 PREnumclaw
36.9Evan Walker
12:50.50 PRCentral Kitsap
37.9Jonathan Looney
38.9William McInelly
12:51.40Auburn Riverside
39.9Jonas Stemp
12:58.40 PRWoodrow Wilson
40.9Jack Cousins
12:59.80 PRBallard
41.9Rowan Rathbun
13:00.30 PRBishop Blanchet
42.9Simon Kwon
13:01.00 PRLakeside (Seattle)
43.9Braden Sams
13:01.90 PRBishop Blanchet
44.9John Lucas
13:06.20 PRSkyline
45.9Cameron McClure-Co...
13:06.90 PRSkyline
46.9Cooper Bargfrede
13:07.10 PRBallard
47.9Ethan Daugherty
13:10.90 PRAloha
48.9Victor Xia
13:11.70 PRLakeside (Seattle)
49.9Hayden King
13:13.00 PRBallard
50.9Mario Turco
13:13.90Bellarmine Prep
51.9Gavin LaMotte
13:16.00 PRBishop Blanchet
52.11Adam Wayss
13:23.50 SRWest Seattle
53.9Carter Archuleta
13:23.60 PRCharles Wright Academy
54.9Ben Sacksteder
55.9Jack Cousins
56.9Jan Ciganik
13:26.70 PRBallard
57.9Jack Kirwan
13:30.30 PRBallard
58.9Nathan Essman
13:37.30 PRWoodrow Wilson
59.9Dominic Ambrose
13:40.70 PRCentral Kitsap
60.9Timothy Isenberg
13:41.50Gig Harbor
61.9Quinn Yocum
13:45.40 PRSkyline
62.9John Nash
63.9Fernando Alvarez-F...
13:46.00Auburn Riverside
64.9Chase Edson
13:46.10 PRSkyline
65.9Zach Smith
13:49.30 PRPuyallup
66.9Josh Kissner
13:50.70Auburn Riverside
67.9Anthony Martinez
13:53.80 PREnumclaw
68.9Jack Boon
13:56.70 PRBallard
69.9Matthew Bullock
13:56.70 PRCentral Kitsap
70.9Robin Stump
14:01.10 PRBallard
71.9Finley Linehan
14:03.30 PRSkyline
72.9Nathan Erickson
14:04.70 PREnumclaw
73.10Drew Semick
14:04.70 PRBallard
74.9Brennon Lee
14:07.40 PRSkyline
75.9Jack Eisnaugle
14:09.10Bellarmine Prep
76.9John Nunes
77.9Gabe Rochefort
14:11.70 PRBishop Blanchet
78.9Jacob Harper
14:15.20 PRSkyline
79.9Nathan Peterson
14:16.20 PRBallard
80.9Owen Bennett
14:16.30 PRBishop Blanchet
81.9Sean Alexander
14:19.40 PRSkyline
82.9Peter Bradburn
14:25.50 PRBishop Blanchet
83.9Sam Hughes
14:29.50 PRBallard
84.9Tommy Chandler
14:31.00Auburn Riverside
85.9Levi Pace
86.9Mutib Shahzad
87.9Chance Gee-Lafolle...
14:47.20Auburn Riverside
88.9Jared Lam
14:49.30 PRBallard
89.9Nathan McGraw
15:03.00 PRAuburn Riverside
90.9Anthony Vu
91.9Ricardo Ramirez-Mo...
15:05.40Auburn Riverside
92.9Lukas Holloman
15:09.10Auburn Riverside
93.9Faris Stitou
15:19.90 PRSkyline
94.9Chad Kinlow
95.9Connor Mills
96.9Mason McVey
15:21.70 PRBishop Blanchet
97.9Vibhav Peri
15:22.00 PRSkyline
98.9Kevin Klopfenstin
15:32.80 PRWest Seattle
99.9Kevin Hua
15:36.00 PRCleveland (WA)
100.9Nolan Feeley-Wheeler
15:48.50 PRBallard
101.9Zachary Marentette
16:00.60 PRSkyline
102.9Kendall Owens-Nguyen
16:07.10 PRBishop Blanchet
103.9Nathan Koonce
104.9Hari Koneru
16:12.80 PRLakeside (Seattle)
105.9Max Kliewer
16:23.20Auburn Riverside
106.9Dong Nguyen
16:33.70Auburn Riverside
107.9Bradley Gest
16:44.50 PRSkyline
108.9HaoMing Xu
17:07.00 PRCleveland (WA)
109.9Alex Pham
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2 Miles Junior Varsity (10/11)

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Gonzaga Prep65
3.Bishop Blanchet102
4.Auburn Riverside115
7.Central Kitsap185
8.Lakeside (Seattle)185
9.Gig Harbor211
11.Charles Wright Academy270

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Nicky DiMartino
11:12.90 PRBishop Blanchet
2.10Easton Lane
11:14.20Auburn Riverside
3.10Andrew Xiao
11:22.20 PRSkyline
4.10Shiferaw Alemseged
11:25.80 PRAloha
5.10Matt Martin
11:27.30 PRBishop Blanchet
6.11Nikolas Jurista
11:28.50 PRSkyline
7.10Jacob Dickson
11:32.80 PREnumclaw
8.9Garrick Watkins
11:44.50 PRGonzaga Prep
9.10Sean Marshall
11:47.30 PRAloha
10.10Adam Moe-Lange
11:49.50 SRSkyline
11.10Elijah Anderson
12.10Liam Hurley
11:54.70 PRGonzaga Prep
13.11Joey Nelson
12:00.50Auburn Riverside
14.10Sven Nilsson
12:00.50 PRBallard
15.9Zachary Denker
12:06.00 PRGonzaga Prep
16.10Jamal Chandler
12:06.20 PRCentral Kitsap
17.10Dane Helmberger
12:08.60 SRCurtis
18.10Gabriel Salzetti
12:10.50 PRWoodrow Wilson
19.10Nicholas McIlwain
12:11.40 PRSkyline
20.11Spencer Readel
12:12.10 PRGonzaga Prep
21.10Aniket Tripathy
12:16.70 SRSkyline
22.10Caleb Watson
12:17.00 PRBallard
23.10Samuel Salzetti
12:18.60 PRWoodrow Wilson
24.11Antony Traino
12:19.20 SRSkyline
25.11James Liu
12:19.90 PRLakeside (Seattle)
26.10Xerkses Flores
27.10Ethan Anderson
12:23.50 PRBishop Blanchet
28.10Donovan Blackham
12:27.80 PRBallard
29.10Charlie Hipps
12:30.60 PRLakeside (Seattle)
30.10Nile Camai
12:33.70 SRSkyline
31.10Andersen Le
12:34.20Bellarmine Prep
32.10Bailey Collins
12:34.90 SRGonzaga Prep
33.10Eli Park-Davis
12:36.50 PRLakeside (Seattle)
34.10Benny Gonzalez
12:37.10 PRAloha
35.10Chilson Colligan
12:37.40 PRBallard
36.10Nick Fowler
12:38.70 PRBishop Blanchet
37.10Matteo Schulz
12:40.30 PRSkyline
38.10Justin McMurria
12:40.50 PRAloha
39.10Patrick Yancey
12:41.80 PRSkyline
40.11Luke Bolt
12:46.00Bellarmine Prep
41.10Mason Olson
42.11Neil Hazra
12:50.90 PRSkyline
43.10Eric Holmquist
12:51.50 PRPuyallup
44.11Hunter Hatzenbeler
12:53.60 PREnumclaw
45.11Daniel Stevens
12:53.90Gig Harbor
46.11Parker Loudon
12:54.80Gig Harbor
47.11Tyler Gall
12:55.10 SRSkyline
48.10JT Ignaco
49.10Josh Bair
12:58.40Auburn Riverside
50.10Dallin Lizon
12:58.70 PRCentral Kitsap
51.10Emil Caplow
13:02.80 SRBush
52.11Jack Daugherty
13:03.00Auburn Riverside
53.11Nathan Campbell
13:04.40Auburn Riverside
54.10Ian Gaul
55.11Chris Penrod
13:13.40Auburn Riverside
56.10Ethan Call
57.10Jeffrey Wright
13:21.60Gig Harbor
58.10Carter Largey
13:21.60 PRCentral Kitsap
59.10Joel Espino
13:22.90Auburn Riverside
60.10Ukweli Dennis
13:24.40 PRCharles Wright Academy
61.10Demetri Lord
13:26.80 PRCharles Wright Academy
62.10Jackson Atkins
13:28.00 PRCentral Kitsap
63.10Jake Wang
13:30.20 PRCharles Wright Academy
64.10Aaron Core
65.10Ryan Kirkegaard
66.10Joseph Dolejsi
13:32.80 SRBishop Blanchet
67.10Joey Boyle
13:33.10Gig Harbor
68.10Ben Dundas
13:35.20 PRBishop Blanchet
69.10Connor Burk
13:35.80Bellarmine Prep
70.11Quentin Fielding
13:36.20 PRCurtis
71.10Cory Yoshimura
13:37.00 SRSkyline
72.11Drew Bolstad
73.10Ezra Saenger
13:38.90 PRStadium
74.10Jack Corley
13:41.40 SRCentral Kitsap
75.11Garett Roderick
76.11Jake Tish
13:45.20 SRLakeside (Seattle)
77.10Shane Alvis
13:47.50Auburn Riverside
78.10Benjamin McNett
79.10James McIntyre
13:51.70 SRBishop Blanchet
80.10Liam Cogar
13:59.20 PRCentral Kitsap
81.10Nic Adonis
82.10Trevor O'Brien
83.11Ryan Pletan
14:02.10 SRAuburn Riverside
84.11Callan Kimbrell
14:16.60 PRCentral Kitsap
85.10Sam Mohit
14:17.60Gig Harbor
86.10Matt Robi
14:23.30 PRStadium
87.10Kohle Andrews
14:23.30 PRWoodrow Wilson
88.10Noah Sergis
14:36.30Auburn Riverside
89.11Aidan Kyle
14:38.50 PRLakeside (Seattle)
90.10Jack Grennan
14:43.40 PRBishop Blanchet
91.10Ryan McLendon
14:48.20 SRSkyline
92.10Carson Linzbach
14:51.20 PRSkyline
93.10Ian Deaton
14:53.70Gig Harbor
94.11Alex Green
14:54.80Gig Harbor
95.11Ian Kelley
14:57.30 PRSkyline
96.9Kiran Mokadam
15:00.90 PRBush
97.10Andrew Thompson
98.10Blake Abrahamsen
15:02.50 PRSkyline
99.10Joel Usner
15:02.60 PRBallard
100.11Connor Petroskie
101.10Ayrton Muniz
15:10.00 PREnumclaw
102.10Anthony Monteleone
15:13.50 PRBishop Blanchet
103.10Billy Staley
15:22.80 PREnumclaw
104.10Shamus Riggs
15:28.00 SRCentral Kitsap
105.10Mason Melendez
15:28.50 SRSkyline
106.10Kiefer Paulson
15:30.00 SRCurtis
107.10Jason Kung
15:53.10 SRSkyline
108.10Kieran Davis
15:55.30 SRWest Seattle
109.11Unk Unk
15:59.20 PRWoodrow Wilson
110.10Sebstian Zufelt
16:01.30 PRBallard
111.9Gabriel Bloom-O'Su...
16:10.50 PRBush
112.10Henry Tsai
16:15.00 PRCharles Wright Academy
113.10Cameron Green
16:15.70 SRAuburn Riverside
114.11Henry Comfort
16:30.80 PRCharles Wright Academy
115.10James Tveter
16:38.60 PRBishop Blanchet
116.10Rory Peterson
17:20.40 SRBellarmine Prep
117.10Benjamin Youngquist
118.10Thomas Liu
18:06.50 SRCentral Kitsap
119.10Dominic Orsi
18:27.40 SRBishop Blanchet
120.10Jackson Galloway
18:31.20 SRBishop Blanchet
121.11Albert Yang
122.11Connor McGurk
20:23.80 PRBallard
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2 Miles Junior Varsity (11/12)

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

3.Auburn Riverside72
4.Bishop Blanchet73
5.Gig Harbor154

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Jackson Derby
11:21.90Bellarmine Prep
2.11Kyle Revell
11:24.00 PREnumclaw
3.12Andrew Brauen
4.12Jacob Sutherland
5.12James Halford
11:32.80 SRAuburn Riverside
6.12Jared Doris
11:33.70 SRGig Harbor
7.12Conor Leahy
11:33.70 PRSkyline
8.11Ryan Chin
11:33.80 PRAloha
9.12Eugene Cabamalan
11:37.50 SRSkyline
10.11Jack Lacambra
11:45.90 PRBishop Blanchet
11.12Ginsu Eddy
11:49.00 SRSkyline
12.11George Elliott
13.11Paris Flores
14.11Jordan Perez-Casti...
11:55.90 PRSkyline
15.12Parker Short
11:58.00 SRAloha
16.12Kyle Bates
12:03.80 SRAuburn Riverside
17.11Sam Frank
12:09.80 SRBishop Blanchet
18.11Kurtis Delen
12:11.50 PRBishop Blanchet
19.11Cameron Kaku
12:11.60Auburn Riverside
20.12Will Fleming
12:12.90 PRBishop Blanchet
21.11Arturo Martinez-Re...
12:15.00Auburn Riverside
22.12Matt Broom
12:15.50 PRBishop Blanchet
23.12Spencer Pudists
24.11Ramon Ramirez-Moreno
12:17.00Auburn Riverside
25.11JoJo Wass
12:17.30 PRBishop Blanchet
26.12Benjamin Easley
12:17.80Bellarmine Prep
27.11Quentin Lowe
12:22.60 PRCleveland (WA)
28.12Carter Seehafer
12:27.60 PRAuburn Riverside
29.12Andrew Stachofsky
30.11Winter Roberts
31.12Casey Webber
32.11Finn Sabol
12:36.30 PRBallard
33.11Kincaid Feldman
12:37.50 SRBallard
34.12Giovanni Chiodo
12:39.50 SRBishop Blanchet
35.11Devin Biddulph
12:42.30 SRAuburn Riverside
36.11Fritz Humm
12:42.70 SRCentral Kitsap
37.11Tyler Freitas
12:43.40 SRAuburn Riverside
38.12Austn Attaway
39.12Blake Bogh
12:49.90 PREnumclaw
40.11Liam Tracey
12:53.20 PRBishop Blanchet
41.12Caden Merrill
12:53.40Gig Harbor
42.12Matthew Hagen
12:54.00Gig Harbor
43.11Tyler Watts
12:54.70 PREnumclaw
44.12Marty Duque
12:58.20 PRCentral Kitsap
45.11Jerrod Ranta
13:00.40 PRBishop Blanchet
46.11Luke Gaskill
13:03.00 PRBishop Blanchet
47.12Jasper Land
13:03.80 PRBallard
48.12Josh Rudnick
13:04.20 SRAloha
49.11Phillip Toyco
50.12Joseph McLendon
13:09.20 SRSkyline
51.12Dario Titus
13:14.40Bellarmine Prep
52.12Giorgio Garofalo
13:14.60 PRGig Harbor
53.12Angel Lopez
13:15.80Bellarmine Prep
54.12Arthur Troncoso
13:18.00 SRAuburn Riverside
55.11Diego Felix
56.11McCoy Hennes
13:20.30 PRBishop Blanchet
57.12Brenden McGraw
13:21.50Auburn Riverside
58.11James Hudson
13:26.70 PRBallard
59.11Noah Simacek
13:26.70 PREnumclaw
60.11Matthew Wall
13:29.10 PRBishop Blanchet
61.11Marcus Conde
13:32.40 SRCentral Kitsap
62.11Collin Sams
13:37.10 PRBishop Blanchet
63.12Kenneth Symmes
13:41.50 SRSkyline
64.12Jabriel Phan
13:42.10 PRWoodrow Wilson
65.12Christopher Fink
13:44.30 SRSkyline
66.12Adam Finch
13:44.60Gig Harbor
67.12Luke Bader
13:46.40 PRBishop Blanchet
68.11Alex Igra
13:51.00 PRBallard
69.12Eli Sherwood
13:53.10 PRBishop Blanchet
70.12Michael McAlexander
13:54.50 PRLife Christian Academy
71.12Zachary Stueck
14:00.70 PRAuburn
72.11Juan Beltran
73.11Tyler Homer
14:05.00 PREnumclaw
74.11Daelin Cavanaugh
14:08.50 PRStadium
75.11Zev Carlyle
14:11.50 PRBallard
76.12Nick Orozco
77.12Matt Walker
14:47.90 PRGraham-Kapowsin
78.12Cameron Seto
14:50.90 PRBishop Blanchet
79.12Aaron Baker
15:27.10Auburn Riverside
80.11Ryan Weeks
15:27.40 PREnumclaw
81.11Michael Kopcho
15:29.50Auburn Riverside
82.11Jared Co
15:30.40Auburn Riverside
83.11Sean Fallarme
17:33.30 PRBishop Blanchet
84.12Kaden Latta
85.12Jonathan Aphayuanh
18:58.40 PRCleveland (WA)
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2 Miles Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Gonzaga Prep122
3.Bellarmine Prep127
5.Bishop Blanchet170
9.Central Kitsap208
10.Auburn Riverside213
11.Woodrow Wilson247
13.Gig Harbor280
15.Charles Wright Academy296

Hypothetical Scores

1.12James Mwaura
2.11Bradley Peloquin
9:54.20 PRGig Harbor
3.12Spencer Fischer
9:59.00 SRBellarmine Prep
4.12Jesse Kaas
5.11Ben Sherman
10:12.00 PRBellarmine Prep
6.12Dennis Keith
10:14.60 SRCurtis
7.12Turlan Morlan
10:18.00 SRGonzaga Prep
8.12Griffin Ganz
10:18.40 SRSkyline
9.11Mohamed Sheikh
10:19.60 PRAloha
10.12Alec Ritter
10:23.80 PREnumclaw
11.10Jonas Bears
10:27.40 PRGonzaga Prep
12.12Colin Monaghan
13.11Alexander Alamangos
10:31.40 PRSkyline
14.12Casey Bennett
10:32.10 PRWoodrow Wilson
15.12Parker Stachler
10:33.40 PRWoodrow Wilson
16.12Adam Berg
10:37.00 PRCharles Wright Academy
17.12Ethan Widlansky
10:37.90 PRBush
18.12Andrew Oslin
19.12Parker Rathbun
10:39.70 PRBishop Blanchet
20.11Kai Vickers
10:40.00 PRBallard
21.11Sam Lingwall
10:41.40 PREnumclaw
22.11Sanjay Raman
10:42.10 PRLakeside (Seattle)
23.12Andrew Simon
10:42.50Central Kitsap
24.10Kai Gundlach
10:43.50 PRBishop Blanchet
25.10Sam Anderson
10:44.30 PRGonzaga Prep
26.12Dustin Williams
10:44.70 SRAuburn Riverside
27.10Michael Lewis
10:45.50 PRBishop Blanchet
28.11Marcus Sutrick
10:46.80 SRAuburn Riverside
29.12Amrit Krishnan
10:47.10 SRSkyline
30.12Joshua Geiser
10:48.20Central Kitsap
31.11Will James
10:48.70 SRBellarmine Prep
32.12Connor Edson
10:49.20 SRSkyline
33.12Ian Bake
10:49.50 SRAloha
34.12Brody Sodon
10:51.20 PRCurtis
35.10Adam Briejer
10:52.30 PRCharles Wright Academy
36.12Matt Uzzle
10:53.50 SRAloha
37.12Kevin Alexander
10:53.60 PRSkyline
38.11Sebastian Alfonso
10:54.40 PRLakeside (Seattle)
39.12Hayden Evans
10:56.20 PRBallard
40.10Aaron VanValkenburg
10:58.20 SRCurtis
41.11Hiruy Alemseged
10:59.20 PRAloha
42.11Korey Anthony
11:00.10 PRGonzaga Prep
43.12Teagan Eldridge
11:00.60 PREnumclaw
44.11Ewan Steers
45.11Kade Duncanson
46.12Chad Cohen
11:01.60 PRBallard
47.11Louis Gannon
11:02.30 PRCentral Kitsap
48.12Finlay Adamson
11:02.80 SRGig Harbor
49.11Ludvig Emerick
11:03.70 PRBellarmine Prep
50.12Sean Silvers
11:05.40 PRGonzaga Prep
51.12Drew Schornak
11:05.80 PRBishop Blanchet
52.12Lindon Coulter-Pet...
11:07.30 SRBellarmine Prep
53.11Noah Elwell
11:07.40 SRAuburn Riverside
54.11Zach Green
11:08.30 PRCentral Kitsap
55.10Alec Bledsoe
56.12Mason Hoskins
11:08.80 PRAloha
57.12Mason Tiffany
11:12.30 PRGonzaga Prep
58.11True Baker
11:14.90 SRSkyline
59.11Dominic Deady
11:15.60 PREnumclaw
60.11Brady Gibbons
11:16.50 PRAloha
61.12Ryan Hess
11:18.30 SRAuburn Riverside
62.11Will O'Halloran
63.12Andres Madrigal
11:21.20Auburn Riverside
64.11Nate Segers
65.10Lucas Seeley
11:24.20 PRBishop Blanchet
66.12Maartin Cornyn
11:24.90 PRChief Leschi
67.12Cameron Levine
11:26.40 PRWoodrow Wilson
68.11James Parrott
11:26.50 PRCharles Wright Academy
69.9Jacob McIntyre
11:26.70 PRGonzaga Prep
70.10Adam Flood
11:26.90 PRBishop Blanchet
71.11Noah Shirk
72.11Andrew Beni
73.9Lucas Bertnik
11:31.60 PRCentral Kitsap
74.12Drake Pearisaeff
11:31.90 SRAuburn Riverside
75.11Jonah Maier
11:32.00 PRBallard
76.12Erick Arcos
77.10Matthew Henson
78.12Samuel Linton
11:32.90Central Kitsap
79.12Oscar Christoph
11:34.50 PRWoodrow Wilson
80.10Edward Gabriel
11:35.70 PRGig Harbor
81.12Sam Range
11:38.60 SRSkyline
82.12Karl Hansson
11:38.70 PRGig Harbor
83.11Xander Uyttendaele
11:39.20 PRLakeside (Seattle)
84.11Andrew Irby
85.9David Averill
86.-Joseph Roberson
11:41.50 PREnumclaw
87.12Zach Noble
88.11AJ Taghavi
11:43.10 PRCharles Wright Academy
89.12Keir Adamson
11:43.90 SRGig Harbor
90.10Andrew Bennett
11:45.60 PRWoodrow Wilson
91.11Jovan Koledin
11:46.00 PRBallard
92.10Hunter McAmis
11:46.40 PRWoodrow Wilson
93.12Arthur Keast
11:46.80 SRGig Harbor
94.11Pieran Robert
11:47.30 PRBishop Blanchet
95.10Ori Livneh
11:47.70 PRBallard
96.12Aidan Oehler
11:50.60 SRAuburn
97.11Clarence McDonald
11:53.40 PRBallard
98.12Cooper Heimer
11:53.90 PRStadium
99.12Evan Lien
100.12Brady Tesch
101.10Seth Tower
11:56.80Central Kitsap
102.11Suleiman Noor
11:57.20 PRAloha
103.11Nathaniel Dobosz
104.12Tanner Johnson
11:59.10Auburn Riverside
105.9Gabriel Rochette
11:59.70 PRGig Harbor
106.11Sam Lafferty
107.12Luke Engle
12:08.10 PRCurtis
108.11Dylan Winter
12:15.80 SRAuburn
109.10Tim Rambo
110.11Carson Schauer
12:17.30 SRCharles Wright Academy
111.11Esrom Fessehaye
12:28.00 PRBush
112.12Jonathan Zacarias
12:36.70 SRCharles Wright Academy
113.11Travers Sorenson
12:39.70 SRWest Seattle
114.12Jack Maloy
115.10Gabe Mykland
116.10Ben Smolinski
12:45.00 SRStadium
117.12Miguel Gil-Davila
118.10Angelo Arcena
12:49.90 PRStadium
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Womens Results

800 Meters Grade School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

14.0Isabella Pitts
4:00.80Seton Home
15.6UKorra Caprara
4:04.20 PRFederal Way Track
16.6UKahlil Johns
4:07.40 PRNative Stride
17.6UCharlotte Johnson
4:07.90 PRSt. Patrick School a...
18.6UTaylor Mitchell
4:08.70 PRSt. Patrick School a...
1.-Mariel Robles
2:46.30Birney Elementary
2.7-8Makenzie Foree
2:51.60Federal Way Track
3.4Marie Wiegman
2:52.90St. Charles Borromeo
4.4Marisa Clark
3:02.30St. Patrick School a...
6.5Adelle Patton
3:04.30All Saints School
7.9-10Piper Russell
3:04.50Federal Way Track
8.9-10Erin Swenson
3:23.20Federal Way Track
9.-Hana James
10.9-10Lucia McDougall
3:29.80St. Patrick School a...
11.7-8Gemma Caprara
3:32.10Federal Way Track
12.-Isabelle Heimuli
13.3Sophia Pletcher
3:50.00St. Patrick School a...
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1 Miles Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Central Kitsap25

Hypothetical Scores

1.13-14Ella Borsheim
05:55.90 PRFederal Way Track
2.8Taylor Nichols
06:18.40Central Kitsap
3.7Jessalyn Robles
6:22.50 PRBaker
4.11-12Ava Borsheim
6:39.60 PRFederal Way Track
5.7Catherine Vlach
6:42.80Central Kitsap
6.13-14Lauren Lewis
6:52.90 PRFederal Way Track
7.7Tala Mitchell
6:56.10 PRSt. Patrick School a...
8.13-14Kayla Lucas
6:57.10 PRSouth Hill Running
9.0Kira Bringemeier
10.0Chloe Bargfrede
7:03.30Robert Eagle Staff
11.-Isabel DeBoer
7:07.50 PRKalles
12.7Olivia DeBoer
7:07.90 PRKalles
13.0Anya Souza-Ponce
14.8Hailey Hall
7:20.20Central Kitsap
15.-Nicole Yanasak
7:34.50 PRKalles
16.8Chloe Guzman
7:39.10Central Kitsap
17.7Eleanor Jepson
7:45.00 PRKalles
18.-Haley Boileau
7:53.30 PRKalles
19.6Savannah Fourier
7:54.80Central Kitsap
20.-Anna Nelson
7:56.00 PRKalles
21.11-12Finnley O'Brien
8:08.10 PRFederal Way Track
22.6Brooklyn Krakosky
8:10.50 SRSt. Patrick School a...
23.-Mia Filand
8:10.90 PRHarbor Ridge
24.11-12Taiah Mitchell
8:12.10 SRSt. Patrick School a...
25.7Dannah Novick
8:14.60Central Kitsap
26.-Aurora Philip
8:14.70 PRKalles
27.-Darya Baker
8:17.50 PRKalles
28.7Marcella Fischer
8:17.50Central Kitsap
29.8Ainsley Anderson
8:23.40Central Kitsap
30.8Roslyn Johnson
8:30.20 PRCentral Kitsap
31.6Rosalie Johnson
8:39.20Central Kitsap
32.8Keely Riggs
8:41.10Central Kitsap
33.-Ellie Badejo
8:41.80 PRKalles
34.-Shelby Fouquette
8:44.60 PRConcordia
35.7Meika Eder
8:53.60Central Kitsap
36.6Eva Huff
8:54.40Central Kitsap
37.7Katharine Schmitt
9:07.90Central Kitsap
38.6Madison Anton
9:16.80Central Kitsap
39.6Carolynn Lente
9:20.20Central Kitsap
40.6Calamar McCollum
9:42.00Central Kitsap
41.7Sophia Schmitt
9:50.40Central Kitsap
42.-Erin Cammack
9:55.80 PRKalles
43.-Abby Densmore
9:57.50 PRKalles
44.7Ivy Exum
10:07.20Central Kitsap
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2 Miles Freshman

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Holy Names Academy42
3.Bishop Blanchet69
7.Central Kitsap193
8.Gig Harbor196

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Sarah Mirkin
12:26.20 PRHoly Names Academy
2.9Claudia Harnett
12:42.30 PRLakeside (Seattle)
3.9Christina Crow
12:43.00 PRHoly Names Academy
4.9Keira Coye
13:02.30 PRAloha
5.9Lauren Holford
13:12.60 PRSkyline
6.9Isabella Mastras
13:18.30 PRCharles Wright Academy
7.9Jessica Li
13:46.90 PRSkyline
8.9Makenzie Dilworth
9.9Beatrice Wingfield
14:04.20 PRHoly Names Academy
10.9Katrina Wangen
11.9Ashlyn Sloane
14:13.00 PRSkyline
12.9Reilly Cartwright
14:24.10 PRBishop Blanchet
13.9Kara Lee
14:30.60 PRAuburn
14.9Dori Buttleman
14:30.80 PRBallard
15.9Chloe Vlases
14:36.40 PRLakeside (Seattle)
16.9Kira Moerkeseth
17.9Olivia Chen
14:39.00 PRHoly Names Academy
18.9Keira Heagle
14:40.60 PRSkyline
19.9Margarita Hillon
14:40.80 PRBishop Blanchet
20.9Isabelle Jarosek
21.9Cassandra Shaw
22.9Frances Magnuson
14:47.00 PRBallard
23.9Eliza Wells
14:47.90 PRBishop Blanchet
24.9Adri McAuliffe
14:49.80 PRBishop Blanchet
25.9Claire Casperson
26.9Izzy Bledsoe
27.9Ellen Lewis
14:54.70 PRBishop Blanchet
28.9Kathryn Manning
14:59.80 PRSkyline
29.9Isabelle Boben
30.9Rebecca Hatcher
31.9Jordan Hart
15:25.60 PRAloha
32.9Ava Pierson
15:34.10Bellarmine Prep
33.9Eavan Burke
15:35.10 PRBallard
34.9Ava Jaksha
15:39.20 PRHoly Names Academy
35.9Mollie McKee
15:40.70 PRCentral Kitsap
36.9Sophia Provost
37.9Audrey Ullman
15:56.70 PRBishop Blanchet
38.9Adeline Taylor
16:02.20Gig Harbor
39.9Isabelle Pirak
16:06.90Bellarmine Prep
40.9Maddie Christenson
16:10.30 PRBishop Blanchet
41.9Devoney Webber
16:10.50Bellarmine Prep
42.9Jo Haley
16:11.60 PRBallard
43.9Lily Sires
16:15.90 PRBishop Blanchet
44.9Mary Farewell
16:25.90 PRHoly Names Academy
45.9Suzanna Gill
16:28.30 PRCentral Kitsap
46.9Phoebe Sacksteder
47.9Claire Junkins
16:28.70 PRBallard
48.9Sophia Brown
16:31.20 PRCleveland (WA)
49.9Kaiya Cooper
50.9Julia Larsen
16:37.90 PRStadium
51.9Megan Wilkerson
16:40.30 PRStadium
52.9Jewell Lower
16:41.60Bellarmine Prep
53.9Melia Brenden
16:41.80 PRBishop Blanchet
54.9Tatum Romero
16:47.40 PRStadium
55.9Neala Ike
56.9Pelagia Strauch
16:51.10 PRBallard
57.9Kyla Yamamoto
17:01.00Gig Harbor
58.9Josephine Dolan-Ed...
17:03.20 PRBallard
59.9Ellie Allen
17:15.60 PRBishop Blanchet
60.9Marissa Stewart
17:18.80 PRPuyallup
61.9Lara Marco-Marquez
17:31.50 PRLakeside (Seattle)
62.9Annabelle Falconer
17:34.50 PRBallard
63.9Ann Marie Kamau
17:39.20 PRAuburn Riverside
64.9Adria Cooper
17:42.20 PRBallard
65.9Maria Ordal
17:45.20 PRBallard
66.9Tessa Surface
17:47.60 PRWest Seattle
67.9Brooke Nold
17:54.20Gig Harbor
68.9Hope Pellumbi
18:13.50 PRGig Harbor
69.9Allison Samuelson
18:20.90 PRCentral Kitsap
70.9Lauren McClarnon
18:23.60Gig Harbor
71.9Abigail Samuelson
18:37.50 PRCentral Kitsap
72.9Violet Carter
19:31.10 PRCurtis
73.9Sakura Phan
19:32.80 PRCleveland (WA)
74.9Lillian Mack
19:52.20 PRCurtis
75.9Willa Herren
76.9Emily Espiritu
20:17.00 PRHoly Names Academy
77.9Hannah Hamilton
78.9Rosaleigh Wheeler
20:41.40 PRCentral Kitsap
79.9Ella Hudson
22:03.80 PRBallard
80.9Nevah Valbuena
23:06.30 PRSkyline
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2 Miles Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Gonzaga Prep41
5.Holy Names Academy138
6.Bellarmine Prep177
7.West Seattle236
8.Lakeside (Seattle)238
9.Auburn Riverside254
12.Gig Harbor286
13.Bishop Blanchet369
15.Central Kitsap392
16.Charles Wright Academy433

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Lolo Dederer
13:31.70 PRBush
2.11Sa'Naya McAfee
3.10Hannah Weaver
13:52.50 PRBallard
4.11Amber Chaffee
5.10Danielle Wachter
13:57.90 PRAloha
6.11Camryn Standiford
14:03.30 SRGonzaga Prep
7.9Kaitlyn Olson
14:04.10 PRGonzaga Prep
8.10Olivia Mohn
14:08.00 PRHoly Names Academy
9.10Megan Tiffany
14:10.50 PRGonzaga Prep
10.10Katherine Fors
11.10Halle Kuhar-Pitters
14:13.00 PRGonzaga Prep
12.12Sarah Davis
14:13.00 PRAuburn Riverside
13.11Rose Kranwinkle
14:13.00 PRBallard
14.10Ashley Cohen
14:13.50 PRSkyline
15.11Jessica Figgat
14:14.70Gig Harbor
16.10Lauren Barkley
14:15.60 PRHoly Names Academy
17.11Larissa Eubanks
18.11Madison Jacobs
14:16.90 PRBallard
19.11Mariana Salazar
14:17.70 PRSkyline
20.10Molly McKain
14:25.40 SRBellarmine Prep
21.11Tea Freedman-Sussk...
14:26.10 PRLakeside (Seattle)
22.12Stephanie Pao
14:28.40 SRSkyline
23.12Maddy Olson
14:30.50 SRGonzaga Prep
24.11Lily Jacobson-Klein
14:35.40Bellarmine Prep
25.10Corrine Haack
14:36.30 SRSkyline
26.10Ella Kirwan
14:38.10 PRBallard
27.12Sonya Chin
14:42.50 PRWest Seattle
28.10Emily Cardwell
29.12Emma Debow
14:46.30 PRAloha
30.10Naomi Prohl
14:50.70 PRBallard
31.12Paige Lucas
14:52.40 SRSkyline
32.11Karla Borella-Leon
14:53.20 PRWest Seattle
33.10Maria Rivera
14:54.70 SRSkyline
34.12Emma Konop
14:54.80Bellarmine Prep
35.10Rachel Hultman
14:55.70 PRBallard
36.11Anika Quon
14:57.20 PRBush
37.10Isabel Waggoner
14:58.30 SRBallard
38.11Meghan Sheldrake
14:58.70 PRBallard
39.11Marlowe Barrington
14:59.10 SRBallard
40.11Molly Niedermeyer
14:59.50 SRGonzaga Prep
41.12Kathryn Dynes
14:59.70 SRBallard
42.12Megan Cady
15:00.80 PRCurtis
43.10Alyssa Luther
15:01.20 PRStadium
44.10Lauren Call
15:01.50 SRLakeside (Seattle)
45.10Andrea Craven
15:02.60 PRAloha
46.11Olivia English
15:03.40Bellarmine Prep
47.11Amelia Stonkus
15:04.90 SRHoly Names Academy
48.10Stephanie Smolinski
15:07.50 PRStadium
49.11Helen Chamberlin
15:08.70 SRHoly Names Academy
50.10Alyssa Bothwell
15:09.30 PRSkyline
51.11Karinna Thomas
15:10.20 PRBallard
52.11Radha Kamineni
15:13.10 SRHoly Names Academy
53.12Anna Friederich
15:14.20 PRWest Seattle
54.11Megan Hatton
15:14.30 PRBishop Blanchet
55.11Emma Favier
15:19.00 PRSkyline
56.10Julia Jacobson
15:19.10 PRSkyline
57.11Jade Franklin
58.10Chayse Cason
15:24.10 PRAuburn Riverside
59.10Jaida Hammond
60.11Alison Nguyen
15:27.30 PRHoly Names Academy
61.11Sydni Frank
15:30.70Gig Harbor
62.10Anna Kelly
15:31.20 PRLakeside (Seattle)
63.11Gabby Lazo
15:31.50 PRCentral Kitsap
64.12Aryanna Taylor
65.12Chloe Rogers
15:34.30 PRBallard
66.11Adele Peck
15:34.70 SRBishop Blanchet
67.12Giorgiana Girolami
68.11Katherine Johnson
69.12Ally Cox
15:39.00 SRAloha
70.11Xue Ying Xu
15:39.10 PRCleveland (WA)
71.11Kira Kopcho
15:41.80Auburn Riverside
72.12Sophia Konugres
15:43.60 PRBallard
73.12Jaylynn Lyons
15:44.90 PRSkyline
74.12Kyla Tabasan
15:45.20 PRCleveland (WA)
75.10Hadylie Jeffers
76.12Elsa Anderson
15:47.40 PRBallard
77.10Piper Sloan
15:48.10 PRBallard
78.11Hailey Bell
15:50.10 PRWest Seattle
79.10Annette Ronchetti
15:52.70 PRHoly Names Academy
80.11Grace Haven
15:52.90 PRLakeside (Seattle)
81.12Hannah Buckhalter
82.10Sophie Clipson
15:55.40 PRHoly Names Academy
83.12Emma Harper
84.11Hailey Ashton
15:57.70 PRCentral Kitsap
85.10Annika Sacksteder
86.11Allison Nguyen
15:59.20 PRHoly Names Academy
87.12Ana Leite
88.12Tashana Williams
15:59.80Auburn Riverside
89.12Rachael Worstman
16:00.40 PRHoly Names Academy
90.10Annie Boyle
16:00.60 PRGig Harbor
91.12Lillian Niswonger
92.11Joana Mateo
16:04.40 PRGig Harbor
93.12Marisa Rodriguez-M...
94.12Eden Flynn
95.11Patrice Luong
96.11Clara Perry
97.12Isabela Vercillo
16:10.90Bellarmine Prep
98.11Madison Allen
16:13.30 SRCharles Wright Academy
99.11Kelly Senanayake
16:14.50 SRSkyline
100.11Madelyn Luke
101.10Megan Mathieu
16:16.90 PRLakeside (Seattle)
102.10Lilianna Giesbrecht
16:17.20 PRCentral Kitsap
103.11Savannah Waltier
16:17.50 PRBishop Blanchet
104.12Lene Jensen
16:18.20 SRCurtis
105.10Jasmine Young
16:21.20 PRBush
106.10Ava Correa
16:21.50 SRBallard
107.10Chloe Knox
16:24.40Auburn Riverside
108.11Hannah Scharrer
16:24.70 PRCharles Wright Academy
109.10Macallister Ballaine
16:25.40 SRHoly Names Academy
110.10Sally Huston
16:27.10 SRLakeside (Seattle)
111.12Emily Ehly
16:27.60 PRWoodrow Wilson
112.10Malena Kamel
113.10Maya Martin
16:36.30Auburn Riverside
114.12Clara Sodon
16:36.60 PRCurtis
115.12Neha Allathur
16:37.50 SRSkyline
116.11Caitlin Bell
16:40.90 PRWest Seattle
117.11Kira Boyce
16:42.30 PRCharles Wright Academy
118.12Emily Cosette
16:44.30 PRWest Seattle
119.12Kaitlyn Paulsen
16:44.90 PRLakeside (Seattle)
120.10Angeles Isidor Men...
16:46.40Bellarmine Prep
121.11Kayna Kliewer
16:57.80Auburn Riverside
122.12Keelin Burk
16:59.40Bellarmine Prep
123.10Amrita Vivekanandan
17:03.70 PRSkyline
124.10Gabby Wider
17:07.40 PRGig Harbor
125.10Kinsey Anderson
126.11Jordin Koonce
127.12McKenzie Severson
17:12.10 PRStadium
128.10Riley Nachtrieb
17:13.40 PRWest Seattle
129.10Reed Griffith
17:14.60 PRBishop Blanchet
130.10Morgan Collings
131.11Ashton Hamilton
17:20.90 PRBallard
132.11Abby Gimmestad
133.10Hannah LaTour
134.10Heera Rajavel
17:26.80 SRSkyline
135.11Catherine Zhong
17:26.80 PRLakeside (Seattle)
136.10Caroline Park
17:37.00 PRGig Harbor
137.10Jasleen Kaur Sidhu
17:42.60 PRSkyline
138.10Avery Li
17:44.00 PRCharles Wright Academy
139.11Charen Cruz
17:44.30 PRCharles Wright Academy
140.10Kira Rosenlind
17:55.20Gig Harbor
141.10Jacqueline Pickel
17:55.20 PRHoly Names Academy
142.12Allyson Wood
143.10Izzy Boyle
18:00.40Gig Harbor
144.12Maia Heffernan
18:00.80 PRBishop Blanchet
145.11Vanessa Sanders
18:01.20 PREnumclaw
146.10Vanesa Bulnes
18:02.70 PRCentral Kitsap
147.12Honor McKenney
18:03.70 PRChief Leschi
148.11Megan Chen
18:04.40 PRCleveland (WA)
149.12Elizabeth Bowden
18:05.00 PRWoodrow Wilson
150.10Caroline Hubach
151.10Clara Plonsky
18:12.90 PRBellarmine Prep
152.11Sophie Muza
18:18.50 PRBallard
153.10Alyssa Ellis
154.12Alexandra Schmidt
18:39.40 PRHoly Names Academy
155.11MoeNeyah Holland
18:45.70 SRCurtis
156.12Ashleigh Wilson
18:48.50 SRAuburn Riverside
18:56.60 PRCleveland (WA)
158.11Tor'zhae Cummings
18:58.40 SRHoly Names Academy
159.10Rebecca Pyfrom
18:58.50Bellarmine Prep
160.10Eden-Willow D'souza
19:04.80 PRBallard
161.10Carlin McCann
19:08.30Bellarmine Prep
162.11Rebecca Thorpe
19:09.50 PRCurtis
163.11Rachel Nunes
19:13.10 PRCurtis
164.12Jessica Thompson
165.12Madeline Gordon
19:18.90 SRCentral Kitsap
166.10Alondra Pena
167.12Sophia Jennings
19:27.50 SRPuyallup
168.11Kayla Brock
19:31.50 PREnumclaw
169.10Abigail Councilman
19:49.10 PRAuburn Riverside
170.11Grace Liu
19:58.20Bellarmine Prep
171.10Aneesa Roidad
20:01.30 PRBallard
172.10Ketzia Aguirre
20:07.90Central Kitsap
173.10Mariah Talmadge
174.10Ramya Rajasekhar
20:26.10 PRSkyline
175.12Madeline Neigel
176.10Mariah Sattler
177.11Sophia Bell
21:42.20 SRWest Seattle
178.11Lillian Thompson
179.12Emma Metteer
23:34.80 SRBallard
180.12Jaspreet Bhamipuri
26:05.00 SRBallard
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2 Miles Varsity

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Official Team Scores

2.Holy Names Academy130
5.Bellarmine Prep150
6.Central Kitsap155
7.Woodrow Wilson181
9.Bishop Blanchet193
11.Gonzaga Prep218
14.Auburn Riverside381
15.Gig Harbor393

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Geneva Schlepp
11:58.20 PRSkyline
2.12Molly Fischer
12:10.10 PRCentral Kitsap
3.9Maya Nichols
12:11.20Central Kitsap
4.10Amiyah Johnson
5.12Rachel McAmis
12:18.80 PRWoodrow Wilson
6.11Maggie Bauer
12:29.30 PRCurtis
7.11Rees Jacot
12:37.50 PRCurtis
8.12Emily Barrett
12:38.60 SRCurtis
9.10Veronica Caldwell
12:41.50 PRPuyallup
10.11Anastasia Konugres
12:43.20 PRBallard
11.12Mackenzie Richards
12:44.70 PRWoodrow Wilson
12.12Emma Flood
12:45.90 PRBishop Blanchet
13.12Hope Olbricht
12:46.50 PRHoly Names Academy
14.11Samantha Smith
12:48.10 SRBallard
15.10Emily Foote
12:48.90 PRAloha
16.10Mia Crocker
12:51.10 PRSkyline
17.12Amber McGraw
12:51.70 PRSkyline
18.11Lucy Klebeck
12:55.20 SRHoly Names Academy
19.12Gabrielle Rackner
12:57.10 PRWest Seattle
20.12Yazmin Estrada
13:02.40 PRLincoln
21.10Tea Kazitova
13:04.00 PRSkyline
22.10Jasmine Davis
13:04.10 PRWoodrow Wilson
23.12Karli Maenhout
13:05.10 SRBellarmine Prep
24.10Emma Velling
13:05.30 SRHoly Names Academy
25.10Bridget Boly
13:06.60 PRBellarmine Prep
26.11Nyah Songster
13:07.40 PRAloha
27.12Danielle Bauder
13:11.70 PRBallard
28.9Olivia Freeman
13:13.50 PRBishop Blanchet
29.12Natalie Schwartzen...
13:14.40 SRGonzaga Prep
30.11Bea Pugeda
13:16.50 SRBellarmine Prep
31.12Sydney Reilly-Treat
13:18.40 SRCurtis
32.11Sophia Kohler
13:18.80 PRCentral Kitsap
33.11Maisy Webb
13:19.20 SRSkyline
34.12Brooke Harmer
13:19.90 SRSkyline
35.10Emily Spiering
13:21.60 PRGonzaga Prep
36.10Avery McCammon
13:24.70 PRHoly Names Academy
37.11Jessi Dubinsky
13:25.60 SRBellarmine Prep
38.11Brenna Sclair
13:26.60 PRCharles Wright Academy
39.12Grace Moloney
13:30.60 SRGonzaga Prep
40.11Nell Baker
13:31.70 PRBallard
41.11Emily Cary
13:32.30 SRLakeside (Seattle)
42.10Erica Julian
13:32.60 PRCharles Wright Academy
43.12Mckenzie Diaz
13:33.00Bellarmine Prep
44.11Payton Roberson
13:33.50 PREnumclaw
45.11Maeve Hoffman
13:34.20 PRHoly Names Academy
46.12Kelly Nickel
13:34.40 PRAloha
47.10Leah Carney
13:35.80 SRGonzaga Prep
48.12Elena Secaira
13:36.20 SRBellarmine Prep
49.11Abby Hecko
13:36.80 SRBishop Blanchet
50.10Natasha Puzon
13:38.50 PREnumclaw
51.11Patience Mwaura
52.11Alyssa Penaredonda
13:39.00 PRAloha
53.11Jendayi Jones
54.9Kara Shepard
13:40.70 PRCentral Kitsap
55.11Louise Nelson
13:41.60 PRHoly Names Academy
56.12Grace Greaves
13:43.60 SRAloha
57.10Tait Rowley
13:44.60 PRBishop Blanchet
58.11Payton Schneider
13:47.00 PRBellarmine Prep
59.12Haley Keizur
60.11Kate Manley
13:48.20 PRBishop Blanchet
61.10Kaitlin Olsen
13:48.60 SRSkyline
62.10Emily Jones
13:50.90 PRWoodrow Wilson
63.12Ann Thompson
13:52.50 PRCharles Wright Academy
64.10Annalise Fagliano
13:52.60 PRAloha
65.11Lucy Martinez
13:53.40 SRHoly Names Academy
66.12Veronica Redpath
13:53.80 SRBallard
67.11Esther Reichek
13:55.20 PRLakeside (Seattle)
68.12Emily Van Bergeyk
69.12Anna Bursch
13:56.00 PREnumclaw
70.12Leah Kerbs
13:57.20 SRAuburn Riverside
71.9Danielle Jaculewicz
13:58.10 PRBishop Blanchet
72.9Emma Lane
14:00.10 PRAuburn Riverside
73.10Ruby Siehl
14:00.30 SRBallard
74.11Rael McGurll
14:07.30 PRAloha
75.10Madeline Shetler
14:10.10 PRCentral Kitsap
76.11Sarah Hatcher
77.11Aalia Gomez
14:14.90 PRCharles Wright Academy
78.12Destany Abellera
14:15.60 PRAuburn Riverside
79.12Madison McFarland
14:16.30Gig Harbor
80.10Cecelia Zavack
14:21.00Central Kitsap
81.12Jordan Culpepper
82.11Grace Burchett
83.10Jodie Cooney
14:25.20 PRGonzaga Prep
84.11Katherine Eckhardt
14:25.90 SRGonzaga Prep
85.12Ashley Haywood
14:29.90Gig Harbor
86.9Claire Eckhardt
14:34.00 PRGonzaga Prep
87.11Grace O'Dell
14:35.10 PRGig Harbor
88.11Julia Vandette
14:36.20Gig Harbor
89.12Chloe Hoover
14:36.30Gig Harbor
90.12Alex Puzon
14:42.50 PREnumclaw
91.11Margaret Tookey
14:45.20 SRBallard
92.9Audrey Ayers
93.10Anna Krabill
14:53.30 PRWoodrow Wilson
94.12Caitlin Colino
14:53.80 SRLakeside (Seattle)
95.11Piper Laymen
14:55.60 PREnumclaw
96.12Claire Tollan
14:56.50 PRWoodrow Wilson
97.10Aly Judge
15:07.40Auburn Riverside
98.10Marcella Fuller
99.9Emma Halford
15:10.30Auburn Riverside
100.10Elle Lovrak
15:13.90Gig Harbor
101.12Seley Nemish
15:16.70 PREnumclaw
102.11Abigail Johansen
15:26.60 PRGig Harbor
103.12Maria Lukes
15:29.90 SRAuburn Riverside
104.11Hannah Nelson
105.10Audrey Chang
15:59.60Auburn Riverside
106.11Megan Pace
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