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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Boys Varsity4:15 PM
5,000 Meters Boys Junior Varsity4:15 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Girls Varsity3:30 PM
5,000 Meters Girls Junior Varsity3:30 PM

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CRC Championships  (coaches)

2017 CRC Cross Country Championships

Course Open at 2:00 PM

Race Schedule

 HS Girls 3:30

 HS Boys 4:15

Awards to follow boys race ASAP in the shelter next to the snack shack

Register for all HS races on  by Tuesday Oct 24th at noon

Wildhorse Resort Requests

Please follow the requests by the resort so we may continue to use this facility

1. Clubhouse bathrooms for paying customers only

2. No use of back 9 of golf course for any reason

3. Stay out of sand traps

4. Stay off tees and greens

5. No use of golf carts

6. No Dogs At All!

7. Buses can park at Tamastslikt Cultural Institute (TCI)

8.  Parking along Wildhorse Blvd. (road leading from Hwy 331 to Golf Course)

will not be allowed

          *Spectator parking in the Golf Course parking lot will be limited

          Wildhorse will have shuttles available to take spectators to/from the golf course

          Spectators can park at TCI and in the North Tower Hotel parking lot at Wildhorse

          Shuttle stops at these locations available 2 – 5:30 PM

          Shuttles will rotate through TCI and North Hotel Parking during these times

Guests can call 541-966-1930 for shuttle dispatch if needed.  Shuttles with wheelchair lifts are available.


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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Boys Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Hood River Valley33
2.The Dalles40

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Isaac Sanchez
2.9Josh Haynes
16:25.6 PRHood River Valley
3.10Sam Alvarez
16:40.0 PRThe Dalles
4.12Braxton Wilson
16:43.2Hood River Valley
5.12Emanuel Ibarra
16:49.4 PRHermiston
6.11Rey Aviluz
16:51.0 PRThe Dalles
7.10Omar Quintana
16:52.8 PRHood River Valley
8.12Michael Lantz
17:01.7 PRThe Dalles
9.12Finn Peterson
17:03.1Hood River Valley
10.12Zerin Croover-Thops
17:13.2 PRThe Dalles
11.12Travis Running
17:17.9Hood River Valley
12.10Gregory Anderson
13.12Jonathan Knotts
17:22.6 PRThe Dalles
14.10Friedrich Stelzer
17:28.1 PRThe Dalles
15.10Raine Melby
17:31.8 PRHood River Valley
16.11Angel Benites
17.10Zack Ziegenhagen
17:38.9The Dalles
18.9Oscar Powell
17:43.1Hood River Valley
19.10Freddy Ibarra
20.11Martin Heredia
17:57.9 PRHermiston
21.12Nick Oja
22.11Nicholas Breshears
23.12Richard Scott
18:28.2 PRPendleton
24.11Michael Brooks
25.10Vitor Pedrosa
19:05.2 PRPendleton
26.9Curtis Simons
27.10Wylie Wyant
28.9Leighton Redcrane
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5,000 Meters Boys Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.The Dalles28
2.Hood River Valley28

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Fernando Rodriguez
17:43.7 PRHood River Valley
2.10Evan Despain
17:50.7 PRThe Dalles
3.10Caleb Trumbull
18:01.2 PRHood River Valley
4.12Bill Burns
18:06.2 PRThe Dalles
5.11Gabe Lira
18:17.1The Dalles
6.12Connor Truax
18:18.5Hood River Valley
7.12Gabriel Campos-Davis
18:24.7Hood River Valley
8.10Noah Holloran
18:27.8The Dalles
9.9Nick Caracciolo
18:28.6 PRThe Dalles
10.9Dillon Dorado
18:28.9The Dalles
11.11Marshall Bailey
18:31.8Hood River Valley
12.9Joshua Humann
18:32.0 PRHood River Valley
13.11Ben Kaden
18:34.9Hood River Valley
14.12Muir Emmons
18:35.5Hood River Valley
15.9Jackson Perkins
18:35.9 PRHood River Valley
16.12Thomas Mixon
18:39.0Hood River Valley
17.11David Wring
18:39.9The Dalles
18.9Gavin Cates
18:52.4The Dalles
19.9Spencer Coburn
19:05.8 PRThe Dalles
20.12Justin Easlon
19:08.1 PRPendleton
21.10Maverick Geller
19:12.8Hood River Valley
22.10Elian Sedano
19:15.5Hood River Valley
23.9Silas Fields
19:16.4 PRThe Dalles
24.9Ivan Rodriguez
19:16.8 PRThe Dalles
25.10Dylan Trainer
19:17.3Hood River Valley
26.11Seth Buck
19:24.3 PRHermiston
27.9Adrian Delgado
19:35.2 PRHermiston
28.9Clay McLeod
19:38.3 PRThe Dalles
29.11Dustin Henderson
30.11Blake Kienlen
19:42.9 PRThe Dalles
31.10Jason Daltoso
19:45.2 PRHermiston
32.11Montana Phillips
19:49.9 PRHood River Valley
33.9Diego Minguela
19:52.3 PRThe Dalles
34.9Aaron Pyles
19:53.8The Dalles
35.10Marcus Aaron Luke
19:55.0 PRPendleton
36.9Colin Shubert
20:02.5The Dalles
37.9Jaime Corona
38.12Quinn Strassheim
20:15.4The Dalles
39.12Shane Miltenberger
20:16.9 PRPendleton
40.11Elton Harrison
41.12Rylan Headley
20:21.8 PRPendleton
42.9Sebastian Zuman
20:34.2Hood River Valley
43.9Daniel Blanscett
20:48.4 PRPendleton
44.9Isaac Ibarra
45.10Ethan Russell
20:55.4 PRPendleton
46.12Jacob Gau
47.12Hunter Baum
21:41.7 PRPendleton
48.12Avery Deutz
49.9Tyler Leigh
21:43.8 PRThe Dalles
50.10Tyler Heemsah
21:54.0The Dalles
51.9Tyler Spratling
52.10Skylar Janz
53.11Hayden Cissna
22:11.3 PRHermiston
54.9John Cole
22:11.9 PRThe Dalles
55.11Brady Blanscett
22:52.4 PRPendleton
56.12Peter Cardosi
23:14.9The Dalles
57.10Ayden Orion
23:41.7 PRThe Dalles
58.9Marcus Mangione
59.9Josh McCorkle
60.9William Kern
26:51.1 PRHermiston
61.10John (JJ) Fitzgerald
62.9Christopher Burnett
32:11.6 PRPendleton
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Girls Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Hood River Valley23
3.The Dalles55

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Josephine Dickinson
19:18.7 PRHood River Valley
2.10Frances Dickinson
19:20.9Hood River Valley
3.10Lottie Bromham
19:27.2Hood River Valley
4.12Melany Solorio
19:34.1 PRHermiston
5.9Amanda Nygard
19:42.7 PRHermiston
6.11Emma Mullins
19:49.4 PRThe Dalles
7.9Hanna Ziegenhagen
19:57.0The Dalles
8.11Evelyn Nunez
20:01.8Hood River Valley
9.9Chloe Bullock
20:03.2Hood River Valley
10.9Julianna Joyce
20:03.8 PRHermiston
11.10Sheila Solorio
20:17.4 PRHermiston
12.9Vada Joplin Clay
20:36.8 PRHood River Valley
13.10Jenna Miller
20:38.1 PRThe Dalles
14.11Savannah Strassheim
20:56.6The Dalles
15.12Paulina Finn
21:01.3The Dalles
16.12Sidney Tovey
17.11Rylee Harris
18.9Jordyn Murphy
19.10Eva Jones
21:39.5Hood River Valley
20.11Aspen Cook
21:45.2The Dalles
21.9Emily Johnson
21:53.5The Dalles
22.11Faith Bartch
23.11Katie Beach
22:05.4 PRPendleton
24.10Ashlee Zaugg
22:07.0 PRPendleton
25.12Morgan Hancock
26.9Kendall Bonzani
22:39.5 PRPendleton
27.9Sidney Schreier
22:47.2 PRPendleton
28.11Starr Redcrane
22:57.4 SRPendleton
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5,000 Meters Girls Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Hood River Valley25
2.The Dalles30

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Zoe Orion
21:17.6 PRThe Dalles
2.9Teddy Parkinson
21:40.0Hood River Valley
3.9Lucy Hennessy
21:40.3 PRHood River Valley
4.10Tressa Wood
21:58.8The Dalles
5.12Chloe Clark
22:31.8Hood River Valley
6.10Elizabeth Tapia
22:44.6The Dalles
7.10Celia Acosta
23:05.0Hood River Valley
8.11Josie Petersen
23:16.3Hood River Valley
9.12Marissa Heemsah
23:20.7 SRThe Dalles
10.10Brianna Webber
23:22.3 PRThe Dalles
11.11Katie Perkins
23:23.0 SRHood River Valley
12.11Andrea Quintana
23:23.1 PRHood River Valley
13.11Fatima Marquez
23:23.6 PRHood River Valley
14.9Addison Bonzani
23:33.8 PRPendleton
15.10Lyric Emmons
23:36.1 PRHood River Valley
16.11Marin Alvarez
23:38.8 PRThe Dalles
17.9Aurelia Hill
23:45.5 PRThe Dalles
18.9Josephine Stenn
23:47.5Hood River Valley
19.12Dani Moore
23:49.8 SRPendleton
20.9Kyndra Nelson
21.12Natalie Lapierre
24:16.2 SRHood River Valley
22.11Yajaira Madrigal
24:31.4 PRThe Dalles
23.9Fatima Izaguirre-F...
24.12Darlene House
24:48.2The Dalles
25.10Alyssa Picard
26.12Lluvia Lopez
24:53.5 SRHermiston
27.12Morgan Webster
24:57.4Hood River Valley
28.9Grace Phillips
25:15.2 PRPendleton
29.11Sierra Bonzani
25:19.2 PRPendleton
30.9Lydia Shult
25:26.5 PRHermiston
31.9Skyler Daniels
25:28.3 PRPendleton
32.9Aranza Aviluz
25:35.3The Dalles
33.11Mya Mondragon
25:36.8Hood River Valley
34.11Taylor Baum
35.9Baylee Marshall
25:45.1 PRPendleton
36.10Abigail Marshall
37.10Logan Sinor
38.10Kathy Kaimakatchiev
26:00.2 SRHood River Valley
39.12Laney Erikson
26:19.3 PRHood River Valley
40.12Nadja Essing
26:26.9Hood River Valley
41.11Brooke Zander
26:35.1 PRPendleton
42.12Sophie Caldwell
26:50.2Hood River Valley
43.11Kaiya Spencer
44.11Madison Feller
28:08.7 PRPendleton
45.12Flor Pena
46.9Sarah Winters
29:38.0 PRThe Dalles
47.10Bailey Fetters
48.11Yahaira Alvarez
31:58.6 PRThe Dalles
49.10Samantha Izquierdo
50.9Keisha Oregon
42:13.5The Dalles
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