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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity2:45 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:15 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity2:00 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity3:30 PM

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Last Updated 10:42 PM, Mon, Oct 23

Race Day Information  (coaches)

We are excited about hosting the Southwest Conference Championship Oct 25.

Buses - After dropping athletes off, buses will need to park at Oak Grove Elementary School and then return only when all races have concluded. 

Oak Grove Elementary School - 2838 W Main Street, Medford OR 97501

Parking - We will do our best to have as many parking spots as possible. If and when those spots are full, there will be 2 shuttle buses running from Jacksonville Elementary School.  Once the parking lot is full, spectators will need to park at Jacksonville Elementary School and ride the shuttle to the race. It is only a 5-10 minute ride but spectators should give themselves plenty of time to make sure they don't miss a race and become frustrated. It would be helpful if locals are encouraged to car pool.

Jacksonville Elementary School - 655 Hueners Lane, Jacksonville OR 97530

Entries are due by Sunday, October 22nd, 11:59PM. This will allow our race manager Eclectic Edge Events to download all entries for our race.

Course Markings: The course is marked with chalk lines, flags and ribbon. The RED ribbon is on the LEFT and the YELLOW ribbon is on the RIGHT.

Assigned Starting Boxes: 1 - Sheldon, 2 - Grants Pass, 3 - Willamette, 4 - South Medford, 5 - Roseburg, 6 - South Eugene, 7 - North Medford

Team Area: Please use the outfield of the baseball field that is just to the South of the finish line.

Dogs: There are no dogs allowed.

The Ponds: Only athletes, coaches and race officials will be allowed up and around the ponds. The runners should only be near the ponds while learning the course or racing. It is not a place to hang out or cheer on teammates.

Water: The water that comes from the faucets and or hoses is not potable. Please do not drink it. Bottled water will be provided and we also ask teams and athletes to bring their own.

Thank you and have a great race!

Last Updated 3:37 PM, Thu, Oct 12

Course Description & Meet Information  (coaches)

The course is flat and mainly consists of decomposed granite and dirt with minimal elevation change. 100% of the course is natural surface. Spikes are encouraged. There is one small hill heading into the pond area that the racers will go up and down twice.

The course is on two different parcels of property that are respectively owned by the Medford National Little League and the Medford Irrigation District. Both entities have been very gracious and helpful in helping and allowing us to build and use the course. These are not public lands or parks and there are some rules we need everyone to respect. There are no dogs allowed. Only athletes, coaches and race officials will be allowed up and around the ponds. The runners should only be near the ponds while learning the course or racing. It is not a place to hang out or cheer on teammates. Please communicate these two rules to everyone who might be coming.

The water that comes from the faucets and or hoses is not potable. Please do not drink it. Bottled water will be provided and I ask you to please encourage your athletes to bring their own water as well.

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.South Eugene40
2.South Medford73
3.Grants Pass76
4.Sheldon (OR)82
6.North Medford127

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Daniel Beckstead
16:07.7Grants Pass
2.12BJ Sauter
16:17.0South Eugene
3.11Jacob Allmaras
16:20.1 SRNorth Medford
4.11Hunter Agsten
16:21.0 PRRoseburg
5.9Vincent Mestler
16:24.3Sheldon (OR)
6.12Peter Shen
16:24.4South Eugene
7.12Nathan Burton
16:26.8Grants Pass
8.10Nate Tavakolian
16:28.4South Eugene
9.12Luke Ramirez
16:30.9South Medford
10.11Andrew Hall
16:35.9Sheldon (OR)
11.11Ian Twyman
16:37.0South Eugene
12.10Truett Bostwick
16:39.5South Medford
13.12Spencer McNall
16:56.2South Eugene
14.12Ty Boster
16:56.6South Medford
15.11Isaac Burgess
17:00.9Grants Pass
16.11Kelly Shedd
17:01.1Sheldon (OR)
17.10Zachary Traul
18.11Reed Hungerford
17:05.5South Medford
19.11Elijah Hansen
20.11Johan Jordaan
17:11.0South Medford
21.12Grayson Mazziotti
17:17.9Sheldon (OR)
22.12Peyton Schlafke
17:18.7 SRNorth Medford
23.11Dylan Kalnbach
17:22.1South Eugene
24.12Liam Monroe
17:22.9South Eugene
25.11Dimitri Underwood
17:28.9Grants Pass
26.10Andrew Davis
17:31.9South Medford
27.12Harrison Townsend
28.11Levi Dimmick
17:32.7Grants Pass
29.12Josiah Buster
30.10Christopher Rosebr...
17:34.9Sheldon (OR)
31.9Ryan Kanahele
17:36.7 PRNorth Medford
32.10Levi Bruns
17:39.8Sheldon (OR)
33.11Cedar Davis-Frankf...
17:50.6Grants Pass
34.11Jacob Webb
17:52.7Sheldon (OR)
35.12Evan Koenigsman
17:56.1North Medford
36.12Matthew Hageman
17:56.5North Medford
37.10Ethan Foster
18:08.9South Medford
38.12Nathan Wolford
18:20.8Grants Pass
39.12Cody Gilbert
40.11Brodie Dick
18:38.8North Medford
41.10Joshua Scull
19:11.9North Medford
42.10Benjamin Herrold
43.11Jason Rico
44.11Nate Bassinger
45.12Ari Hendrix
46.11Boone Olson
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.South Eugene31
2.Sheldon (OR)40
3.South Medford64
4.Grants Pass97
5.North Medford151

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Oscar Roering
17:26.4South Eugene
2.12Logan Bothman
17:46.1Sheldon (OR)
3.12Connor McVay
18:01.2South Eugene
4.12Jeremy Potter
18:04.2Sheldon (OR)
5.12Coi Holloway
18:05.4South Medford
6.9Liam Kaperick
18:09.7South Eugene
7.9Henry Anderson
18:11.8South Eugene
8.11Trevor Qualman
18:15.5Sheldon (OR)
9.11Brinson Scott
18:20.4South Medford
10.11Caden Munroe
18:29.9South Medford
11.10Taylor Parker
18:38.0Sheldon (OR)
12.10Chris Walker
18:42.2Grants Pass
13.11James Baertschiger
18:44.5Grants Pass
14.12Zac Shakespear
18:46.5South Eugene
15.12Samuel Ramage
18:47.5Sheldon (OR)
16.12Sam Hemsley
18:50.1South Eugene
17.11Thomas Grigsby
18:51.7Sheldon (OR)
18.12Alex Dzubay
18:55.0South Eugene
19.10Sam Marshall
18:55.6South Medford
20.11Marcus Loghry
18:58.2Grants Pass
21.11Josue Centeno
18:58.6South Medford
22.10Carson Bittle
19:05.4 PRSheldon (OR)
23.11Ian Curtis
19:08.6South Eugene
24.12Cameron Fox
19:16.7South Eugene
25.9Thomas Touchette
19:23.8South Eugene
26.12Sean McCulloch
19:24.7South Eugene
27.11Turner Nye
19:26.8North Medford
28.10Galen Moll
19:27.9South Eugene
29.9Ansel Moll
19:32.6 PRSouth Eugene
30.10Bryce Kondziela
19:34.1South Medford
31.12Payton Mustain
19:34.2Grants Pass
32.12Christopher Bock
19:34.6South Medford
33.9Ryan Maier
19:35.2Grants Pass
34.10Steen Olson
35.10Jack Coleman
19:45.4Sheldon (OR)
36.11Collen Swafford St...
19:50.4South Eugene
37.11Hunter Calvert
19:52.1South Eugene
38.9Campbell Skortman
19:58.0Sheldon (OR)
39.10Daniel DeCosta
19:58.4South Eugene
40.9Myles Courtney
19:58.5South Eugene
41.9Luke Mason
19:59.2South Medford
42.10Jaxon Wallace
20:00.9South Medford
43.10Diego Chaves
20:11.2South Eugene
44.10Rhett Roberts
20:11.2South Eugene
45.9Jace Clark
20:14.7North Medford
46.12Dean Jackman
20:15.3South Medford
47.10Wyatt Lowe
48.11Brendan Sheerin
20:20.7South Eugene
49.10Brennan Sampson
20:25.3North Medford
50.11Trask Conrad
20:27.3North Medford
51.11Trenton Hoschouer
52.10Austin Yancey
20:34.8Sheldon (OR)
53.9Derek Potts
20:40.6Grants Pass
54.10Tyler Shakespear
20:40.8South Eugene
55.9Drake Laskey
20:42.1Grants Pass
56.9Aidan Vanderhoof
20:43.0North Medford
57.9Ethan Niemeyer
20:49.6North Medford
58.10Diego Becerra
20:53.2South Medford
59.9Connor Beauchamp
20:56.8 PRWillamette
60.11Carlos Camancho
20:59.7 PRSouth Medford
61.10Isaiah Martins
62.9Truman Narlock
21:15.0South Medford
63.10Daniel Shlesinger
21:19.4South Eugene
64.10Robby Clarke
65.10Eliud Ansaldo
21:22.9North Medford
66.9McKay Hokanson
21:24.2North Medford
67.10Michael Lancaster
21:29.1Sheldon (OR)
68.11Nicholas Bolin
69.9Peyton Brostad
21:29.9North Medford
70.10Alai Manazano
21:30.4South Medford
71.10Jordan Littleton
21:40.2Sheldon (OR)
72.10Colton Hartley
21:43.4 PRWillamette
73.11James Longoria
21:45.6South Eugene
74.10Elliott Hikade
21:47.7South Medford
75.9Aidan Hawes
21:48.7South Medford
76.9Gustav Bock
21:50.0Sheldon (OR)
77.9Adam Giles
21:53.0South Eugene
78.9Graeme Wiltrout
21:53.4 PRNorth Medford
79.12Jacob Ilten
21:55.6South Medford
80.10George Cook
22:08.5Grants Pass
81.9Tyler Wooley
82.10Joseph Larson
83.11Daniel Schlosser
22:27.1South Medford
84.9Alex Buster
85.12Tyler Chase
22:33.7Sheldon (OR)
86.9Bryce Konopaski
87.10Ryan Crick
22:35.4South Medford
88.10Jackson Lewis
22:40.4Sheldon (OR)
89.11Tyler Schoonmaker
90.10Aiden Kelso
22:43.9Sheldon (OR)
91.11Eli Seno
22:49.7Sheldon (OR)
92.11Nate Brown
22:51.1Sheldon (OR)
93.10Caden Diffenderfer
22:55.8Sheldon (OR)
94.10Tycho Legrue
95.9Zane Grace
23:04.8 PRWillamette
96.10Tryton Gaoiran
23:16.0North Medford
97.9Colby Fairbairn
98.10Andrew Fairbanks
23:20.3South Medford
99.9Ian Horn
23:20.7North Medford
100.9Hunter Riordan
23:33.3South Medford
101.11Dylan Schillinger
23:36.7North Medford
102.9Peter Ford
23:39.5Sheldon (OR)
103.10Jackson Ford
23:52.5Sheldon (OR)
104.10Cameron Blodgett
105.9Alex Mainville
23:59.2Sheldon (OR)
106.10Travis Walker
24:10.3North Medford
107.9Aidan Alcock
108.11William Roe
24:22.9Grants Pass
109.9Owen Grigsby
24:22.9Sheldon (OR)
110.11Luis Cervantes
111.9Andrew Cahn
24:50.3North Medford
112.12Carson Bennett
25:04.3South Medford
113.10Noah Bianche
114.11Isaac Allen
115.9Andre Alcantar
116.9Maxwell Skolnick
25:48.9South Eugene
117.9Carson Grossmiller
26:17.4 PRWillamette
118.11Joao Shciara
119.10Austin Bellew
120.10Alex Bly
27:54.6Sheldon (OR)
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Sheldon (OR)36
2.North Medford43
3.South Medford71
4.Grants Pass84
5.South Eugene104

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Emma Schmerbach
18:38.1South Medford
2.12Melissa Berry
18:48.2Sheldon (OR)
3.12Caramia Mestler
19:13.4Sheldon (OR)
4.11Kaylin Sheley
19:22.8Sheldon (OR)
5.10Faith Schultz
19:39.4Grants Pass
6.12MJ Hamilton
19:47.8 PRNorth Medford
7.9Emily Nash
19:49.9North Medford
8.12Victoria Messer
19:49.9North Medford
9.12Claire Ebert
19:50.0North Medford
10.12Jazmin Duncan
20:01.5South Medford
11.11Jennifer Shelton
20:14.5Sheldon (OR)
12.9Kate Bouse
20:41.0South Eugene
13.11Sarah Krick
20:45.5North Medford
14.11Deanndria Shields
20:51.5South Medford
15.12Melody McGrath
21:00.0Grants Pass
16.11Madelyn Hubbs
21:03.3Sheldon (OR)
17.10Abby Durrant
21:03.3Grants Pass
18.11Isabell Webber
19.10Samantha Dara
21:14.4Grants Pass
20.11Emily McAllister
21:15.7South Medford
21.9Gretchen Schwartz
21:19.4South Eugene
22.12Jordyn Holland
21:24.6South Eugene
23.9Mikaela Mosher
21:38.4Sheldon (OR)
24.12Delaney Bloomer
21:39.1South Eugene
25.10Samara Park
21:45.7South Eugene
26.11Abby Burton
21:47.3South Medford
27.11Anna McAllister
21:49.6South Medford
28.10Sarah Sturley
21:56.5Grants Pass
29.12Calista VanDelden
21:58.2Grants Pass
30.12Jasmine Acree
22:05.2Sheldon (OR)
31.10Emily Cowan
22:09.2North Medford
32.11Sierra Curtis
33.12Maria Robelo
34.9Hannah Beers
22:27.0South Medford
35.11Eden Childers
36.10Jade Kampen
22:35.3South Eugene
37.11Emily Bath
22:43.1Grants Pass
38.10Ashlyn Eisenhauer
22:52.3North Medford
39.11Carson McVay
23:07.2South Eugene
40.12Adrienne Powell
41.9Miriam Childers
42.10Sophia Tate
43.12Jaysie Fox
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Sheldon (OR)23
2.Grants Pass56
3.South Eugene56
5.North Medford133

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Dana Hamilton
21:47.6Sheldon (OR)
2.12Natashia Mathus-Vi...
22:05.2Grants Pass
3.9Abigail Donde
22:14.9Sheldon (OR)
4.11Katie Wardan
22:21.5Sheldon (OR)
5.10Lily McPherson
22:32.4 PRSouth Medford
6.11Callia Varnon-Welch
22:43.1South Eugene
7.11Halle Gebhardt
22:46.5South Medford
8.9Ayva Reed
22:47.2South Eugene
9.9Sydney Dedrick
22:58.5Sheldon (OR)
10.9Alsea Diffenderfer
23:10.4Sheldon (OR)
11.12Adria Rosebrook
23:19.8 SRSheldon (OR)
12.10Maren Simchuk
23:35.0Grants Pass
13.10Hadley Jellesed
23:39.3Sheldon (OR)
14.10Myrranda Mora
23:44.1South Eugene
15.10Anna Lute
23:53.0Grants Pass
16.11Willa Schatz
23:59.2South Eugene
17.9Sage Hartsfield
23:59.5Grants Pass
18.10Tatum Stuart
24:01.3Grants Pass
19.11Paris Coleman
20.12Arreanna Polk
24:14.2Grants Pass
21.9Paige Hazen
24:15.4South Eugene
22.12Madison Severson
23.10Lucy Lytle
24:19.3North Medford
24.9Jaelyn Pocholec
25.12Michelle Mai
26.12Halyn Gwaltney
24:24.4South Medford
27.11Giosanna Prochot
24:27.1Sheldon (OR)
28.11Grace Backen
24:35.5 PRRoseburg
29.11Makayla King
24:37.6Sheldon (OR)
30.9Cammeo Ramirez
24:46.6North Medford
31.9Sierra Hall
24:46.6North Medford
32.10Kaelyn Knapp
24:57.6Sheldon (OR)
33.9Cate Codding
25:06.5South Eugene
34.10Ada Ebert
25:25.9North Medford
35.9Iyanna Lee
36.9Edie Mayers
25:40.5Sheldon (OR)
37.11Sara Brambilla
25:56.5 PRSouth Eugene
38.11Nina Willhoft
39.11Kate Gorham
25:57.4 PRSheldon (OR)
40.11Giulia Cornetta
26:02.5South Eugene
41.11Marie Utgaard
26:24.7Grants Pass
42.9Carly Wheeler
26:28.6Sheldon (OR)
43.10Madara Cromwell
26:33.9North Medford
44.9Sydney Beers
26:42.2South Medford
45.10Wren Hamilton
26:48.3South Eugene
46.10Emmie Titus
26:56.1Grants Pass
47.11Jazmin Hernandez
48.10Myah Garcia
27:02.4Sheldon (OR)
49.12Ashlee Vandevisse
27:12.3Sheldon (OR)
50.11Karlee Devlin
51.9Solana Kennedy
27:36.1South Eugene
52.11Allie Fetsch
53.12Grace Harker
54.11Cynthia Lopez
55.9Abigail Veale
56.10Abigail Smith
57.10Soraya Trujilo
28:31.6North Medford
58.9Piper Messer
29:21.1North Medford
59.11Leona Balscheit
29:23.9 PRSheldon (OR)
60.11Catie Welch
29:32.6 SRWillamette
61.12Selena Jackson
62.10Ellie Crawford
29:53.2Grants Pass
63.10Mariah Gates
64.12Sayaka Numa
65.10Stephanie Early
66.9Hailey Koontz
67.10Lily Kilgore
68.9Stephanie Way
69.10Anna Fleming
31:18.6South Eugene
70.10Piper Spier
71.12Allison Forsloff
72.11Rachel Way
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