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Mens Races

Soccer Complex

5,000 Meters 9-10 Grade4:25 PM
5,000 Meters 11-12 Grade5:15 PM
Womens Races

Soccer Complex

5,000 Meters 9-10 Grade4:00 PM
5,000 Meters 11-12 Grade4:50 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters 9-10 Grade

Official Team Scores

1.East Lansing44
2.GR_Catholic Central47
4.Lansing Waverly75
1.10Tyler Buchanan
2.10Andrew Lane
17:07.5East Lansing
3.10Max Klein
17:44.0GR_Catholic Central
4.9Nathan Faust
17:45.3East Lansing
5.10Caleb Allen
18:05.0Lansing Waverly
6.9Benjamin Bridge
18:24.8GR_Catholic Central
7.10Aaron Nevins
18:27.0East Lansing
8.10Liam Sack
9.10Blake Church
18:37.5 PRDavison
10.9Henry Bock
18:44.4GR_Catholic Central
11.9Jordan Carter
18:50.3 Lansing Waverly
12.10Ciardan Hibbs
18:58.0Lansing Waverly
13.9Simon Crites
19:00.5GR_Catholic Central
14.10Hamid Ali-Alshaiban
19:03.7Lansing Sexton
15.10Insaan Ermisch
19:15.8East Lansing
16.10Aidan Burke
19:20.3GR_Catholic Central
17.10Andrew McDonald
18.9Eric Kolar
19:31.3East Lansing
19.9Marty Johnson
19:32.9East Lansing
20.10Ian Williams
19:36.6 PREast Lansing
21.10Tyler Kern
22.9Lincoln Shirah
19:55.3 PRDavison
23.9Casey Cohen
24.9Dale Barton
20:00.2Lansing Waverly
25.10Ezekiel Ewulomi
20:08.1 PRLansing Waverly
26.10Lucas Reul
20:16.2GR_Catholic Central
27.9Kalib Perry
20:21.7GR_Catholic Central
28.9Nick Martinez
29.9Jack Langford
20:32.7 PREast Lansing
30.10Abby Crespo
20:35.6Lansing Waverly
31.10Colin Willard
32.10Garrett Sumner
20:40.2 PRDavison
33.10Dylan Cole
21:12.7GR_Catholic Central
34.10Noad Ghebredngl
21:15.6 PREast Lansing
35.10Jamie Berrios
21:38.5GR_Catholic Central
36.10Christopher Giang
21:44.2GR_Catholic Central
37.10Joe Buck
22:00.6Lansing Waverly
38.9Baron Pham
22:10.3Lansing Waverly
39.9Jose Avila
22:14.4Lansing Waverly
40.9Joey Scheistel
22:17.6 PRDavison
41.9Donovan Estes
22:19.6 PRDavison
42.9Will White
22:22.0East Lansing
43.10Myles Beale
22:35.1GR_Catholic Central
44.10Ashton Fowler
45.10Zachary Hovey
24:40.9Lansing Sexton
46.9Eric Plumbley
25:40.2Lansing Waverly
47.10Omar Rodriguez
26:40.3GR_Catholic Central
48.9Jacob Monaghan
49.10Elijah Medina
28:22.6Lansing Waverly
50.9Kevin Pham
28:29.9GR_Catholic Central
51.10Alex Reimbold
29:52.2Lansing Waverly
52.10Collin Ostrander
32:34.5Lansing Waverly
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5,000 Meters 11-12 Grade

Official Team Scores

2.East Lansing46
3.GR_Catholic Central76
4.Lansing Waverly100
1.12Evan Meyer
16:02.4East Lansing
2.12Tanner Blaney
3.12Nick McDonald
4.12Jon Hollister
16:48.3East Lansing
5.12Skyler Zieske
6.12Ryan Crutchfield
7.12John Paul Roboski
17:27.1East Lansing
8.12William Bale
17:34.4 PRLinden
9.11Nicholas Shrable
10.11Eric James
17:49.4Lansing Waverly
11.12Sebastian Lubahn
12.12Bryce Bates
18:31.2 PRDavison
13.11Zack Metzger
18:34.4 PRDavison
14.12James Klein
18:40.1GR_Catholic Central
15.11Drew Krueger
16.11Mike Cary
18:42.0Lansing Eastern
17.11Max Gatza
18.11Hayden Mahakian
19.12Eric Lastfogel
18:58.2GR_Catholic Central
20.11Brian Reeves
18:58.6East Lansing
21.11Spencer Lee
19:03.0 SRLansing Waverly
22.12Logan Jaglowski
19:20.7GR_Catholic Central
23.11Chase Stanke
24.11Nick Stapleton
19:39.2GR_Catholic Central
25.12Sean Pauley
19:50.9GR_Catholic Central
26.11Tim Brom
19:56.4 PRGR_Catholic Central
27.12Anthony Page
19:56.7Lansing Sexton
28.12Jack Crandall
29.11Lerone Hall
20:02.8Lansing Eastern
30.11Noah Kerridge
31.12Evan Dempsey
20:31.5East Lansing
32.11Brendan Lounds
20:48.5East Lansing
33.11Andrew Webster
20:56.3East Lansing
34.12Skyler Wilson
21:11.5Lansing Eastern
35.11Ashton Holland
21:11.7GR_Catholic Central
36.11Cole Wiknich
37.12Mason Polk
38.11Gabe Mayes
21:53.6East Lansing
39.11Isaac Males
40.12Gabriel Maldonado
22:18.5Lansing Waverly
41.11Max Wittmer
22:34.7East Lansing
42.11Jacob Einfeldt
22:50.4 PRLinden
43.12Owen Kilpatrick
22:53.7Lansing Eastern
44.11Sebastian Washington
23:22.0Lansing Waverly
45.11Adam Stevens
23:28.9 SRLansing Waverly
46.11Tyler Bodine
47.11Javon Embry
25:05.6Lansing Waverly
48.12Steven Pham
26:34.3GR_Catholic Central
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters 9-10 Grade

Official Team Scores

1.East Lansing25
2.GR_Catholic Central45
3.Lansing Waverly53
1.9Abbie Draheim
19:36.1East Lansing
2.9Lucy Wallace
22:03.2East Lansing
3.9Nora Fleming
22:05.0GR_Catholic Central
4.9Erin Liszewski
22:16.8GR_Catholic Central
5.10Ella Stout
22:43.1East Lansing
6.9Maizy Day
23:05.8Lansing Waverly
7.9Mie'ura Trainor
23:43.6Lansing Waverly
8.9Olivia Delgado
23:44.2East Lansing
9.10Eva Tyszkiewicz
24:38.0East Lansing
10.9Ciara Byrne
25:07.8GR_Catholic Central
11.10Gracy Watts
25:58.4Lansing Waverly
12.10Jasmine Parker
26:00.4Lansing Waverly
13.9Cecilia Wesche
26:12.6GR_Catholic Central
14.10Aisa Uhler
26:38.7East Lansing
15.10Zoie Stitt
27:26.2GR_Catholic Central
16.9Megan Schetz
27:27.4GR_Catholic Central
17.9Nina Duffy
29:09.9Lansing Waverly
18.9Jada Wilkes
29:10.2Lansing Waverly
19.10Juliana Pohl
30:53.7Lansing Eastern
20.10Andrea Turrubiates
30:53.7 SRLansing Eastern
21.10Emma Sjoeberg
30:54.0 PREast Lansing
22.10Anastasia Nemath
31:13.9 PRLansing Sexton
23.10Meeca Walker
31:23.3Lansing Eastern
24.10MacKenzie Becker
31:52.3Lansing Waverly
25.10Shamsa Lugendo
32:53.4 PRLansing Sexton
26.9Alyssa Rivera
34:38.9Lansing Waverly
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5,000 Meters 11-12 Grade

Official Team Scores

1.East Lansing22
3.GR_Catholic Central58
4.Lansing Waverly120
1.12Anya Brett
18:43.6 PREast Lansing
2.12Sydney Maddox
19:57.4GR_Catholic Central
3.11Anna Hornbach
20:16.7East Lansing
4.11Julia Chenault
20:50.7East Lansing
5.12Madison Green
21:02.4East Lansing
6.10Libby Olson
7.12Elise Marshall
21:05.3GR_Catholic Central
8.10Makenzie Brownrigg
9.12Veronica Marr
21:07.0 PREast Lansing
10.11Maggie Wallace
21:10.4East Lansing
11.12Brynne Wisner
21:11.1 SREast Lansing
12.12Mary Claire Mikolay
21:50.6GR_Catholic Central
13.12Grace Olson
14.11Ellie Timmons
15.12Ellie Crandall
16.10Abigail Arnes
22:54.2 SRDavison
17.12Lindsay Dorman
18.12Colleen Jamnik
23:18.2East Lansing
19.12Kathleen Dewan
23:19.2 SREast Lansing
20.11Avery Gill
23:20.5GR_Catholic Central
21.12Sophie Fischer
23:29.6GR_Catholic Central
22.12Alexis Lauria
23:30.1GR_Catholic Central
23.12Sara Vruggink
24:17.6GR_Catholic Central
24.11Madelyn Jacobson
25.12Tara Webster
24:51.8East Lansing
26.11Lilly Kakela
24:53.2 PREast Lansing
27.12Katy Calleja
28.12Clare Pike
25:26.3East Lansing
29.11Elaine Gregory
27:17.4Lansing Waverly
30.10Sabra Weeks
27:52.9Lansing Waverly
31.12Totteanna Robinson
28:06.7Lansing Waverly
32.12Saja Hamdan
28:14.8East Lansing
33.12Mari Tapia
28:52.7 PRLansing Waverly
34.11Emelia Baldwin
29:02.0GR_Catholic Central
35.12Ashley Bowers
29:27.2 PRLansing Waverly
36.12Marthea Vann-Scott
30:17.9Lansing Sexton
37.12Brianne Robach
32:17.0GR_Catholic Central
38.11Cloe Mauldin
35:26.4Lansing Sexton
39.11Mara Glynn
39:21.9Lansing Sexton
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