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Mens Races
1.65 Mile Boys Fr/So Div 18:20 AM
2.15 Mile Boys Jr/Sr Div 19:00 AM

Lindo Lakes

1.65 Miles Boys Fr/So Div 29:40 AM
2.15 Miles Boys Jr/Sr Div 210:20 AM
1.65 Miles Boys Fr/So Div 311:00 AM
2.15 Miles Boys Jr/Sr Div 311:40 AM
Womens Races
1.65 Mile Girls Fr/So Div 18:00 AM
1.65 Mile Girls Jr/Sr Div 18:40 AM
1.65 Miles Girls Fr/So Div 29:20 AM
1.65 Miles Girls Jr/Sr Div 210:00 AM
1.65 Miles Girls Fr/So Div 310:40 AM
1.65 Miles Girls Jr/Sr Div 311:20 AM

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Mens Results

1.65 Mile Boys Fr/So Div 1

Official Team Scores

2.San Marcos81
3.Patrick Henry83
4.Cathedral Catholic94
5.Steele Canyon124
7.University City188
8.Chula Vista210
9.Rancho Buena Vista226
10.San Pasqual241
1.10Alejandro Barranco
7:58 PRPoway
2.10Max Wilson
8:14 PRCathedral Catholic
3.10Juan Hernandez
8:17 PRCanyon Springs
4.10Gregory Martinez
8:20 PREastlake
5.10Zak Beckwith
8:23 PRPoway
6.10Josh Ligas
8:35 PRPoway
7.10Mark Alfred
8:38 PRUniversity City
8.10David Harimana
8:39 PRPatrick Henry
9.10Richard Cleaves
8:43 PRSteele Canyon
10.10Jordan Haney
8:49 PRSan Marcos
11.10Nathaniel Cruz
8:52 PRPatrick Henry
12.10Paul Ranney
8:53 PRRancho Buena Vista
13.10David Hoiles
8:54 PRCathedral Catholic
14.9Dhruv Gupta
8:55 PRCathedral Catholic
16.10Callum Chappell
8:56 PRSan Marcos
17.10Aiden Factor
8:57 PRWestview
18.10Garreth Konig
8:57 PRPatrick Henry
19.10Ryan O'Hara
8:59 PRSan Marcos
20.10Jose Arrendondo
8:59 PRSteele Canyon
21.10Blaze Harris
8:59 PRSteele Canyon
22.9Nick Larson
9:00 PRSan Marcos
23.9Thomas Dolby
9:01 PRSan Marcos
24.10Jack Urie
9:03 PRPatrick Henry
25.9Jake Beckwith
9:04 PRPoway
26.9Nick Brown
9:06 PRWestview
27.9Omar Perez
9:07 PRWestview
28.9Andres Ruvalcaba
9:07 PRPoway
29.10Kevin Rohy
9:08 PRSan Pasqual
30.9Charlie Dunnigan
9:08 PRPatrick Henry
31.10Cesar Plasencia
9:11 PRCanyon Springs
32.10Edward Moreno
9:11 PRChula Vista
33.10Jovanny Riojas
9:13 PRRancho Buena Vista
34.10Alec Ege
9:14 PRPatrick Henry
35.9Andrew Rodriguez
9:14 PRSteele Canyon
36.10Jack Bacinett
9:17 PRCathedral Catholic
37.10Juan Cardenas
9:17 PRCathedral Catholic
38.10Jake Mumford
9:17 PRPatrick Henry
39.10Justin Catalano
9:19 PRPatrick Henry
40.9Sean Mansfield
9:19 PRPoway
41.10Michael Lamberson
9:19 PRSan Marcos
42.10Ben Rodenbeck
9:21 PRCathedral Catholic
43.10Sam Black
9:23 PRSan Marcos
44.10Marcell Alfonso
9:24 PRChula Vista
45.10David Landeros
9:26 PRChula Vista
46.10David Melendez-Per...
9:26 PRUniversity City
47.9Wesley Clarkson
9:26 PRUniversity City
48.10Lucio Gutierrez
9:29 PRChula Vista
49.9Sabino Nunez
9:30 PRSan Pasqual
50.9Ryan Molleman
9:31 PRPoway
51.9Angel Arrendondo
9:31 PRSteele Canyon
52.10Kyle Quesenberry
9:31 PRUniversity City
53.10Max Lopez
9:32 PRUniversity City
54.9Toshi Shiotani
9:32 PRPoway
55.10Gavyn St. Onge
9:34 PRSan Pasqual
56.10Alex Aceves
9:36 PRSan Marcos
57.10Butch Gonzales
9:37 PRSan Marcos
58.10Kai Nambu
9:38 PRUniversity City
59.9Juian Vargo
9:38 PRSan Marcos
60.9Ryan Humphrey
9:40 PRSan Marcos
61.9Lateef Wakil
9:42 PRWestview
62.10Derek Esparza
9:42 PREastlake
63.10Max Ortuno
9:43 PRSteele Canyon
64.10Sean Billings
9:45 PRSan Pasqual
65.10Cezar Carvajal
9:45 PRChula Vista
66.9Jack Vande Berg
9:46 PRPoway
67.10Ethan Boen
9:48 PRSan Marcos
68.10Michael Heemeier
9:49 PRRancho Buena Vista
69.10Princeton Lou
9:49 PRPoway
70.9Aiden Davis
9:50 PRPatrick Henry
71.10Nicholas Lord
9:51 PRPatrick Henry
72.10Bryant Reyes
9:52 PREastlake
73.10Trever Cook
9:52 PRSan Marcos
74.9Drew Cottingham
9:55 PRWestview
75.9Nathaniel Lara
9:55 PRWestview
76.9Ryan Sweeney
9:57 PRCathedral Catholic
77.9JT Gould
9:57 PRPoway
78.10Efren Roman
9:58 PRRancho Buena Vista
79.9Miles Mashouf
9:59 PRPoway
80.9Jack Moore
10:00 PRUniversity City
81.9Devon Kessler
10:00 PRSan Pasqual
82.9Noah Bea
10:02 PRPoway
83.10Fabian Vallejo
10:03 PRSteele Canyon
84.9Hieu Pham
10:04 PRSan Marcos
87.9Ryan Spaulding
10:05 PRPatrick Henry
89.9Matthew Martinez
10:05 PRCathedral Catholic
90.9Shane Hopkins
10:05 PRRancho Buena Vista
91.9Michael Patron
10:06 PREastlake
92.9Jake Derr
10:06 PRWestview
93.10Kai Cinco
10:06 SRPatrick Henry
94.10Nathan Robak
10:06 SRSteele Canyon
95.9Aidan Jones
10:07 PRPoway
96.9Teo Bernales
10:07 PRSan Marcos
97.10Alexander Hirsh
10:08 PRPoway
98.9Derek Holt
10:08 PRSteele Canyon
99.10Sean Luch
10:08 PRPatrick Henry
100.9Logan Vossler
10:09 PRSan Marcos
101.9Dillon Nelson
10:09 PRUniversity City
102.10Caden Rivera
10:10 PRPatrick Henry
103.10Mitchell Surrey
10:12 PREastlake
104.10Devin Buetow
10:15 PRPoway
105.9Oscar Pena
10:17 PREastlake
106.9Matthew Grey
10:18:00 PRUniversity City
107.10Donald Ahles
10:20 PRPatrick Henry
108.9Hughy Cruz
10:20 PRSan Pasqual
109.9Reece Owen
10:22 PREastlake
110.9Andrew Aldecoa
10:23 PRCathedral Catholic
111.10Jackson Rayner
10:23 PRPatrick Henry
112.10Joshua Elwood
10:24 SREastlake
113.10Sergio Ramirez
10:25 PRRancho Buena Vista
114.9Benjamin LaBelle
10:25 PRChula Vista
115.9Colin McDonald
10:27 PRPatrick Henry
116.9Jonathan Wilson
10:28 PRPoway
117.10Colin McHugh
10:31 PRCathedral Catholic
118.9Aidan Krapf
10:32 PRUniversity City
119.10Tyler Tomlinson
10:32 PREastlake
120.10Arie Korporaal
10:32 SRWestview
121.10Adam Weber
10:32 SRSteele Canyon
122.10Ryan Oakes
10:33 PRWestview
123.9Danny Mendoza
10:36 PRUniversity City
124.9Konor Chinn
10:40 PRPoway
125.9Timothy Chu
10:41 PRWestview
126.9Victor Guerrero
10:43 PRSteele Canyon
127.9Jacob Martin
10:43 PREastlake
128.9Christian Enkerlin
10:44 PRPoway
129.9Leonardo Estudillo
10:45 PRRancho Buena Vista
130.10Santino Pizzo
10:46 PRSteele Canyon
131.9Thomas Boldt
10:47 PREastlake
132.10Peter Cresci
10:47 SRCathedral Catholic
133.10Torin Faes
10:48 PREastlake
134.10Travis Martinez
10:48 PRPatrick Henry
135.9Pedro Elenes
10:50 PRSan Pasqual
136.9Declan Bohley
10:51 PRSan Pasqual
137.9JeanCarlo Leyva
10:52 PREastlake
138.9Ryan Gleason
10:54 PRUniversity City
139.10Luke Meyers
10:54 PRCathedral Catholic
140.9Roger Reinhardt
10:55 PRPatrick Henry
141.10Joshua Malcangio-A...
10:57 PRPatrick Henry
142.9Connor Fitzgerald
10:57 PRPoway
143.10Ivan Miramontes
10:58 PRSteele Canyon
144.10Zach Matthews
11:00 PRPatrick Henry
145.10Bryan Alonzo
11:01 PRChula Vista
146.9Nathan Goldberg
11:01 PRSteele Canyon
147.10Nathan Holden
11:01 PRWestview
148.10Jake Radovan
11:05 PREastlake
149.9Ethan Fox
11:06 PRUniversity City
150.10Conor Archdeacon
11:09 SRCathedral Catholic
151.9Roland Curry
11:10 PRUniversity City
152.9Jose Cruz
11:12 PRSteele Canyon
153.9Jose Ambriz
11:14 PRSan Pasqual
154.10Sebastian Magana
11:15 PREastlake
155.9Garrett Blandford
11:20 PRCathedral Catholic
156.9Nicholas Webb
11:21 PRRancho Buena Vista
157.10Qusay Lateef
11:26 PRUniversity City
158.9Erick Rueda Toriz
11:26 PREastlake
159.9Austin Garrett
11:27 PRCathedral Catholic
160.9Spencer Anthes
11:28 PRUniversity City
161.9Chris Laney
11:30 PRCathedral Catholic
162.9Jaden Anderson
11:32 PRSan Marcos
163.9Zach Goldberg
11:33 PRSteele Canyon
164.9Evan Clarke
11:33 PRCathedral Catholic
165.10Kyle Heuschele
11:34 PRPoway
166.9Elijah Mayo
11:35 PREastlake
167.10Eric Chen
11:37 PRRancho Buena Vista
168.10Bradley Bjelland
11:38 PRUniversity City
169.10Robert Gillespie
11:40 PRSteele Canyon
170.9Elijah Diana
11:42 PRChula Vista
171.10Angel Franco
11:42 PREastlake
172.9Marcus Salmeron
11:43 PRChula Vista
173.10Adrian Hinahon
11:45 SREastlake
174.9Aiden Caffrey
11:46 PRWestview
175.9Matthew Rubio
11:48 PREastlake
176.9Adrian Paredes
11:49 PREastlake
177.9Zachary McClure
11:51 PRPoway
178.9Marley Gaines
11:54 PRSan Pasqual
179.9Sean Hank
11:55 PRSteele Canyon
180.9Kevin Thelen
11:57 PREastlake
181.9Wiley Long
12:02 PRPoway
182.10Christian Vierra
12:03 SRPoway
183.9Trevor Johnson
12:05 PRRancho Buena Vista
184.10Daniel Stevenson
12:06 PRSteele Canyon
185.9Luke Beaton
12:08 PRUniversity City
186.9Jacob Shelledy
12:14 PREastlake
187.10Brady Fontenot
12:23 PRCathedral Catholic
188.9Ryan Singer
12:26 PRSteele Canyon
189.9Jack Brown
12:27 PRWestview
190.9Brady Furlano
12:40 PRPoway
191.9Mitchell Van Dyk
12:41 PRCathedral Catholic
192.9Christian Camarena
12:42 PRWestview
193.9Cohen Duesbery
12:54 PRPatrick Henry
194.10Christopher Rivera
12:55 PRChula Vista
195.9Jeremy Galvez
12:56 PRSan Pasqual
196.10Johnny Luu
12:59 PRPatrick Henry
197.9Robert Mendivil
13:03 PREastlake
198.9Joseph Rizzo
13:14 PRCathedral Catholic
199.9Sam Potter
13:21 PRSan Marcos
200.9Jordan Kohl
13:24 PRSteele Canyon
201.9Kyle Guffey
14:00 PRSteele Canyon
202.10Keyshawn Johnson
14:08 PRChula Vista
203.9Caiden Stewart
14:09 PRUniversity City
204.9Leonardo Murillo
14:32 PRChula Vista
205.9Cormac Evans
17:29 PRPatrick Henry
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2.15 Mile Boys Jr/Sr Div 1

Official Team Scores

1.San Marcos62
2.Steele Canyon84
3.University City93
4.Cathedral Catholic120
6.Patrick Henry139
8.San Pasqual166
9.Chula Vista168
1.12Joaquin Martinez d...
10:14 SRCathedral Catholic
2.12Finn Waters
10:14 PRCathedral Catholic
3.11Noah Tellez-Velazq...
10:35 PRSan Pasqual
4.11Aidan Katson
10:35 PRSan Marcos
5.12Yutah Shiba-Joyce
10:54 PREastlake
6.12Riley O'neil
10:57 PRSan Marcos
7.12Fernando Duenas
11:05 PRCanyon Springs
8.12Michael Olivier
11:06 PRWestview
9.11Giovanni Alvarez
11:07 PRRancho Buena Vista
10.12Christian O'Neill
11:10 PRSteele Canyon
11.12Alex Bustos
11:13 PRUniversity City
12.12Tyler Sweeney
11:13 PRCathedral Catholic
13.11Ruben Pina
11:16 PRSteele Canyon
14.12Mitchell McCubbin
11:19 PRSteele Canyon
15.11Quinton Schluederb...
11:21 PRSan Marcos
16.12Beau Murray
11:23 PRPatrick Henry
17.11Patric Berard
11:23 PRUniversity City
18.11Josh Hutchinson
11:29 PRSan Marcos
19.12Fernando Lopez
11:36 PRCanyon Springs
20.12Tyler Ramirez
11:37 PREastlake
21.11Kenneth Perez
11:37 PRChula Vista
22.12Jose Jaques Payan
11:37 PRChula Vista
23.11Cooper Talbott
11:37 PRUniversity City
24.12Eduardo Flores
11:38 PRChula Vista
25.12Ben Rosas
11:41 PRUniversity City
26.12Victor Cova
11:43 PRSan Marcos
27.12Roman Diaz
11:45 PRSteele Canyon
28.11Garett Davis
11:54 PRPatrick Henry
29.12Blake Siniscalchi
11:57 SRWestview
30.11Nick Van Daelen
12:01 PRUniversity City
31.11John Porterfield
12:02 PRSan Pasqual
32.11Conner Johnston
12:02 PRSteele Canyon
33.12Lee Nguyen
12:04 PRSan Pasqual
34.12Mitchell Hoover
12:05 PRWestview
35.11Cameron Jaynes
12:07 PRPatrick Henry
36.12Sean Romero
12:09 SRPatrick Henry
37.11Edgar Ramos
12:10 PREastlake
38.11Andrew Shafter
12:13 PRPatrick Henry
39.11Nathan Kipp
12:13 PREastlake
40.12Kyle Jackson
12:14 PRSteele Canyon
41.12Cole Miller
12:15 PRWestview
42.11Sammy Duke
12:17 PRSan Marcos
43.12Juwan Stanford
12:19 PRUniversity City
44.11Leo Capuno
12:22 PREastlake
45.12Seth Siegel
12:27 SRWestview
46.11Sam Armstrong
12:30 PRPoway
47.11Gerardo Villa
12:32 PREastlake
48.12Andy Garcia
12:42 PREastlake
49.11Benjamin Bullock
12:44 PRSteele Canyon
50.11Nicolas Meringolo
12:45 PRCathedral Catholic
51.12Luke Bramwell
12:46 PRPoway
52.11Michael Relly
12:47 PRUniversity City
53.11Jaden Arce
12:48 PREastlake
54.12Carter Ristine
12:51 SRSan Pasqual
55.11Adam Turken
12:52 PRUniversity City
56.11Pierce Nance
12:54 PRSan Marcos
57.12Davyn Willis
12:55 SREastlake
58.12Benjamin Dullum
12:56 SRPatrick Henry
59.12Jared Woolsey
12:56 SRRancho Buena Vista
60.11Antonio Santos
12:57 PREastlake
61.12Anthony Arcos
13:00 SRCanyon Springs
62.11Andy Hua
13:00 PRPatrick Henry
63.11Liam Arenas-Field
13:04 PRSan Marcos
64.12Chris Mansfield
13:06 PRUniversity City
65.11Marcus Casillas
13:07 PREastlake
66.12Nestor Navarrete
13:10 PRChula Vista
67.12Noah Moore
13:12 SRUniversity City
68.11Andres Munoz
13:16 PRSan Pasqual
69.11Ezequiel Armando N...
13:17 PRChula Vista
70.11Timothy Lieu
13:27 PRUniversity City
71.11Mark DeLancey
13:29 PRPoway
72.11Quentin Guajardo
13:29 PRPoway
73.11Kyle Little
13:30 PRSan Pasqual
74.12Zach Horan
13:36 SRCathedral Catholic
75.11Euan Cousar
13:38 PRWestview
76.11Zack Seltzer
13:39San Pasqual
77.11Ismael Ortega
13:41 PRChula Vista
78.11Barry Lomibao
13:43 PREastlake
79.12Manuel Gamboa
13:47 PREastlake
80.11Cade Beal
13:52Steele Canyon
81.11Fernando Medina
13:59 PRChula Vista
82.11Aaron Hayne
14:02 PRPoway
83.12Fernando Jauregui
14:04 PRChula Vista
84.12Quinn Nichols
14:07 PRSan Pasqual
85.11Miles Criger
14:07 PRCathedral Catholic
86.11Jose Lopez
14:08 PREastlake
87.11Ryan Taysom
14:10 PREastlake
88.12Devin Baldwin
14:11 SRSteele Canyon
89.11Sergio Sapien
14:20 PREastlake
90.11Mason Helbig
14:22 PREastlake
91.11Sebastian Lanswick
14:33 PREastlake
92.11Aaron Montano
14:37 PREastlake
93.11Baltazar Marquez
14:54 SRSteele Canyon
94.12Stephen Weber
14:55 SRRancho Buena Vista
95.11Danny Truong
15:05 PRPatrick Henry
96.11Anthony Do
15:05 PRPatrick Henry
97.11Alex Jones
15:11 PRCathedral Catholic
98.11Abel Vargas
15:12 PRChula Vista
99.11Anthony Guzman
15:15 PRRancho Buena Vista
100.12Sebastian Gutierrez
15:21 PRChula Vista
101.11Brandon Soliven
15:25 PREastlake
102.11Ulises Lara
15:25:00 PRChula Vista
103.11Kwame Kelly
15:53 PREastlake
104.12Joseph St. John
15:54 SRPatrick Henry
105.11Ricardo Otanez
16:00 PREastlake
106.12Gage Lindsey
16:07 PRCathedral Catholic
107.11Nolan Kruger
16:11 PRCathedral Catholic
108.11Wyatt Cavan
16:47 PRSteele Canyon
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1.65 Miles Boys Fr/So Div 2

Official Team Scores

1.Del Norte80
2.Granite Hills81
3.El Capitan96
5.Mar Vista163
6.Bonita Vista163
9.Southwest (SD)191
1.10Nathan Hernandez
8:27 PRValhalla
2.10Robert Webb
8:28 PRGranite Hills
3.10Raymond Ramos
8:32 PREscondido
4.10Andrew Sager
8:36 PREl Capitan
5.10Devin Provence
8:47 PRGrossmont
6.10Matthew Henry
8:47 PRGranite Hills
7.9Manuel Garcia
8:54 PRGranite Hills
8.10Adam Friszell
8:56 PREl Capitan
9.10Brian Saldana
8:59 PREscondido
10.10Abraham Zepeda
9:00 PRBonita Vista
11.10Frankie Lemus
9:02 PRSouthwest (SD)
12.10Rohan Dahlke
9:03 PRDel Norte
13.9Nolan D'Esopo
9:07 PRDel Norte
14.10Connor Crovella
9:11 PRDel Norte
15.10Jose Olguin
9:11 PREl Capitan
16.10Sebastian Pimentel
9:11 PRMar Vista
17.10Marco Dominguez
9:12 PRGrossmont
18.10Marc Murtaugh
9:14 PRMar Vista
19.10Adriel Taylor
9:19 PROrange Glen
20.9Grant Hawthorne
9:19 PRCoronado
21.10Tyden Rucker
9:20 PRBonita Vista
22.10Joshua Turman
9:20 PRDel Norte
23.10Zongsen Li
9:20 PRDel Norte
24.9Nachmyr Vizcarra
9:22 PRBonita Vista
25.10Bryan Tran
9:25 PRSerra
26.10Jack Rouza
9:26 PRSerra
27.10Arturo Arriola
9:26 PRHilltop
28.10Gavin Riley
9:27 PRSerra
29.9Parker Dixon
9:31 PREl Capitan
30.9Nicholas Quirino
9:31 PRHilltop
31.10Joel Escovedo
9:35 PRSouthwest (SD)
32.9Chad Cushing
9:37 PRDel Norte
33.9Fadi Elia
9:37 PRGranite Hills
34.10Adam Nance
9:38 PRValhalla
35.10Joseph Schafstall
9:43 PRSerra
36.10Antonio Quintana
9:43 PRHilltop
37.9Ethan Jordan
9:44 PRGranite Hills
38.10Jose Martinez
9:45 PREscondido
39.10Harrison Hess
9:45 PRSerra
40.10Logan Wilson
9:47 PRMar Vista
41.10Alex Horn
9:48 PRValhalla
42.9Trevor Carr
9:49 PRGranite Hills
43.10Armando Soto
9:50 PRSouthwest (SD)
44.9Dominic Romero
9:50 PREl Capitan
45.9Carter Vanderhoofven
9:50 PRValhalla
46.9Jared Jose
9:51 PRDel Norte
47.10Andy Dunker
9:51 PRRamona
48.9Zane Tamayo
9:52 PRMar Vista
49.9Chase Cooper
9:56 PRDel Norte
50.9Anthony Gass
9:57 PRMar Vista
51.10Luiz Sanchez
9:58 PROrange Glen
52.10Andrew Raleigh
9:59 PREl Capitan
53.10Trey Brown
10:01 PREl Capitan
54.9Patrick Krenz
10:03 PRDel Norte
55.9Caleb O'Niel
10:04 PRMar Vista
56.10Garrett Moore
10:04 PRSerra
57.9Nathan Knepple
10:05 PRSerra
58.10Jose Valenzuela JR.
10:06 PRSouthwest (SD)
59.10Pete Flores
10:07 PRMar Vista
60.9Tommy Miguel
10:11 PREscondido
61.11Ethan Crabbe
10:12 PRDel Norte
62.10Raffi Faul
10:12 PRDel Norte
63.10Benjamin Ayala
10:15 PRBonita Vista
64.10Luis Arce
10:15 PRGrossmont
65.10Daniel Dodero
10:16 PRSerra
66.10Ethan Gamboa
10:16 PRBonita Vista
67.9Andrew Holden
10:16 PRDel Norte
68.10Joshua Gelle
10:16 PRDel Norte
69.10Thomas Joel
10:18 PRDel Norte
70.10Cameron Britt
10:20 PRSerra
71.10Luke Sperrazzo
10:22 PRSerra
72.10Bryan Garcia
10:23 PRSouthwest (SD)
73.9Ruben Ramos
10:24 PRBonita Vista
74.9Paul Perfecto
10:26 PRValhalla
75.9Calvin Angleton
10:26 PRValhalla
76.10Justin Naamo
10:27 PRValhalla
77.9Dartainian Nelson
10:27 PRMar Vista
78.10Nathan Young
10:28 PRGranite Hills
79.10Ross Baccanari
10:29 PRDel Norte
80.10Carnell Jelks
10:32 PRMar Vista
81.9Sean Rollins
10:36 PRDel Norte
82.9Nathan Pendarvis
10:38 PRSerra
83.10Axel Ramirez
10:38 PRMar Vista
84.10Uriel Mejia
10:39 PRMar Vista
85.10Jakob Linares
10:40 PRRamona
86.9Jacob Fortune
10:42 PRSerra
87.9Malachi Elliott
10:44 PRGrossmont
88.9Oscar Cornejo
10:44 PRHilltop
89.10Christian Mondragon
10:45 PRHilltop
90.9Alexis Pulido
10:47 PRBonita Vista
91.10Sergio Bustamonte
10:48 PRMar Vista
92.10Gabriel Sanchez
10:48 PRMar Vista
93.9Noah Whelan
10:53 PRValhalla
94.9Eddie Montez
10:53 PREscondido
95.9Luis Lacarra
10:53 PRSouthwest (SD)
96.9Daniel Sauter
10:55 PRDel Norte
97.9Aidan Fishwick
10:57 PRValhalla
98.9Vincent Cono
10:57:00 PRValhalla
99.10Axel Guerrero
10:58 PRSouthwest (SD)
100.9John Funderburg
11:00 PRDel Norte
101.10Eddie Vasquez
11:00 PREscondido
102.10Logan Pineda
11:01 PRGranite Hills
103.10Elijah Eugenio
11:03 PRMar Vista
104.10Luke Limberis
11:11 PRDel Norte
105.9Zabdiel Lara
11:13 PROrange Glen
106.9Jackson Schneidau
11:13 PRBonita Vista
107.9Kellan Quinley
11:17 PRHilltop
108.10Michael Gonzalez
11:18 PRHilltop
109.9Isaac Espino
11:18 PRBonita Vista
110.10Jonathan Garcia
11:22 PRMar Vista
111.9Thomas Wulf
11:23 PRMar Vista
112.9Jason Gordon
11:30 PREscondido
113.10Juan Bravo
11:39 PRSouthwest (SD)
114.9Marco DeLeon
11:47 PRSerra
115.9Trevor Callow
11:50 PRDel Norte
116.9Zach Gryn
11:52 PREscondido
117.9Daniel Donalson
11:56 PRGrossmont
118.9Joshua Tighe
11:56 PRBonita Vista
119.9Slade Bromann
12:00 PRValhalla
120.10Jorge Vergara
12:11 PRHilltop
121.9Rishi Carlton
12:17 PRDel Norte
122.9Finn Pitman
12:18 PRValhalla
123.9Scott Wiggins
12:21 PRRamona
124.9Orlando Javien
12:23 PRDel Norte
125.9Nathaniel Polite
12:32 PRValhalla
126.10Allan Denick-Ziels...
12:35 SRSerra
127.9Jeremiah Crotsley
12:41 PRMar Vista
128.9Jose Hernandez
12:48 PRGrossmont
129.9Aaron Bautista
12:49 PROrange Glen
130.9Thomas Madigan
13:40 PRGrossmont
131.9Joaquin Maldonado
13:48 PRMar Vista
132.9Steven Hsu
13:48 PRValhalla
133.9Parker Hayley
15:12 PREl Capitan
134.9Jacob Jasso
19:38 PRMar Vista
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2.15 Miles Boys Jr/Sr Div 2

Official Team Scores

2.Del Norte78
4.Granite Hills122
6.Bonita Vista146
9.Southwest (SD)226
10.Orange Glen230
1.12Anthony Benitez
10:18 PRSerra
2.12Brady DeHaven
10:23 PRGranite Hills
3.12Jaron Farnham
10:26 PRDel Norte
4.11Matthew Machnov
10:41 PREl Capitan
5.11Rashad Prince
10:44 PROrange Glen
6.12Trenton Sikute
10:52 PRValhalla
7.11Spencer Busby
10:57 PRCoronado
8.11David Barajas
10:59 PRDel Norte
9.11Jack Clough
11:00 PRRamona
10.11Christian Mason
11:03 PRBonita Vista
11.11Carson Sanchez
11:04 PRGrossmont
12.12Lawrence Robak III
11:07 PRGrossmont
13.11Jake Waymire
11:07 PRValhalla
14.11Christian Salt
11:10 PRBonita Vista
15.11Jonathan Rodriguez...
11:10 PRGrossmont
16.11Elijah Jordan
11:11 PRGranite Hills
17.11Kenneth May
11:15 PRCoronado
18.12Jason Smith
11:17 PRGrossmont
19.12Sam Sneed
11:18 PRGrossmont
20.12Jake Kim
11:19 SRDel Norte
21.11Ramon Owens
11:21 PRValhalla
22.11Christian Ramos
11:24 PREscondido
23.11Jack Montesano
11:27 PRHigh Tech High
24.11Mitchell Sutter
11:27 PRRamona
25.11Esteban Magana
11:28 PRSouthwest (SD)
26.11Nick Romney
11:32 PRDel Norte
27.12Dillan Baehr
11:33 PREscondido
28.11Ivan Arias
11:35 PRHilltop
29.11Gavin Roche
11:44 PRRamona
30.12Hayden White
11:46 PRGrossmont
31.11Joeseph Hart
11:49 PREl Capitan
32.11Kyle Kellerup
11:49 PREscondido
33.11Kevin Llerenas
11:51 PRBonita Vista
34.11Adolfo Cisneros
11:58 PRHilltop
35.11Zane Golpariani
12:02 PRDel Norte
36.11Mathew Musa
12:02 PRValhalla
37.12Shawn McClure
12:06 PRRamona
40.12Dustin Duncan
12:08 PRGranite Hills
42.12David Vera
12:09 PROrange Glen
43.12Ozzy Araujo
12:10 SREscondido
44.11Ryan Veuger
12:11 PRGranite Hills
45.11Michael Alonso Amb...
12:11 PRGranite Hills
46.12Alexander Montejo
12:12 SREscondido
47.12Cole Nichols
12:16 SRCoronado
48.11Micah Kneeshaw
49.11Zach Polite
12:20 PRValhalla
50.11Alex Wahab
12:21 PRDel Norte
51.11David Bonds
12:23 PREscondido
52.11Derry Solano
12:25 PREscondido
53.11Ben Parrish
12:28 PRHigh Tech High
54.11Kevin Guzman
12:29 PRSouthwest (SD)
55.11Mitchell Wahlster
12:30 PRSerra
56.11Isaac Negrete
12:30 PRBonita Vista
57.11Connor Jaynes
12:31 PRCoronado
58.11Zac Grissom
12:32 PRDel Norte
59.12Alexis Ramierez
12:35 PREscondido
60.11Diego Corrales
12:37 PRSouthwest (SD)
61.11Ryan Arnold
62.12Jose Marroquin
12:39 PREscondido
63.11Adrian Bueno
12:48 PRMar Vista
64.11Luis Fernando Perez
12:49 PRSerra
65.11Alexander Rodriguez
12:51 PREscondido
66.11Valiant Smith
12:52 PRGrossmont
67.12Robert Aviles
12:53 PRBonita Vista
68.12Kevin Herrera
12:55 SRSerra
69.12Alexander Wright
12:56 PRGranite Hills
70.12Alex Lieu
12:56 PRValhalla
71.11Cameron Jones
12:56 PRGranite Hills
72.11Santiago Agreda
12:57 PRSouthwest (SD)
73.11Christopher Clarke
12:57 PREscondido
74.11Steven Adjalle
13:07 PRSouthwest (SD)
75.11Gabriel Robledo
13:13 SREl Capitan
76.11Jake Kanetis
13:14 PREscondido
77.12Zach Burland
13:15 PRValhalla
78.11Rene Galindo
13:17 PRBonita Vista
79.12Armando Saldana
13:17 PREscondido
80.12Cristian Martinez
13:20 SROrange Glen
81.10Max Rojas
13:20 PRSerra
82.11Ronin Flores de la...
13:24 PRBonita Vista
83.11Gabriel Cesena
84.11Oscar Campos
85.12Michael Nishikawa
86.12Jordan Remington
13:28 PRValhalla
87.12Rohun Carlton
13:30 SRDel Norte
88.11Jacob Papenfuss
13:38 PRGrossmont
89.12Luke Michelson
13:39 PRGrossmont
90.11Shane Tasker
13:41 PRDel Norte
91.12Alejandro Gonzalez
13:44 SROrange Glen
92.11Wyatt Havin
13:44Granite Hills
93.11Ryan Taquino
13:45 PRGrossmont
94.12Jared Alvarez
13:50:00 PRGranite Hills
95.11Jose-Thor Zavala
13:51 PRHilltop
96.11Kyle Beals
13:52 PRRamona
97.11Julius Demara
13:54 PRHilltop
98.11Leonardo Cazares
13:56 PRBonita Vista
99.11Elijah Amenhauser
14:01 PRValhalla
100.11Alan Gomez
14:10 PRHilltop
101.11Mitchell Price
14:12 PRGranite Hills
102.11Matthew Goodwin
14:14 PRGrossmont
103.11Anthony Espinosa
14:15 PRHilltop
104.12Zach Turman
14:17 PRDel Norte
105.11Leonardo Pena
14:18 PRSerra
106.11Oscar Arroyo
14:19 PREscondido
107.11Luke Sampadian
14:19 PRSerra
108.11Isiah Algere
14:21 PRBonita Vista
109.11Daniel Silva
14:22 PRMar Vista
110.11Gabriel Ledezma
14:24 PRBonita Vista
111.11Cosme Chavez
14:27 PRGrossmont
112.11Luke Tasker
14:29 PRDel Norte
113.11Nathan Moore
14:31 PRGranite Hills
114.11Trey King
14:35 PRHilltop
115.11Dylan Mills
14:38 PRGrossmont
116.11Colby Beltz
117.11Ryan Snyder
14:44 PRDel Norte
118.11Kolton Nevins
14:56 PRGrossmont
119.12Alexander Aird
120.11Connor Becotte
15:03 PRBonita Vista
121.11Jett Tan
15:25 PROrange Glen
122.11Jacob Dominick
15:25 PRGrossmont
123.12Shawn Young
15:58 SRSerra
124.12Jack Starks
16:01 PRGranite Hills
125.11Omar Garcia
16:06 PRHilltop
126.12Trevor Quinlan
16:11 PRMar Vista
127.11Mathew Frith
16:11 PRMar Vista
128.11Anthony Nguyen
16:14 PRGrossmont
129.12Blake Laframboise
130.11Daniel Badilla
16:34Granite Hills
131.11Timothy Olea
17:03 PROrange Glen
132.12Ethan Beaumont
17:09 SRSerra
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1.65 Miles Boys Fr/So Div 3

Official Team Scores

1.San Ysidro70
2.High Tech (CV)86
4.Mission Hills116
5.La Jolla125
6.Mission Vista126
8.Southwest (EC)169
9.Central Union219
10.Mission Bay233
11.Liberty Charter300
1.10Drake Prince
8:36 PRHigh Tech (CV)
2.10Luis Sandoval
8:39 PRCentral Union
3.10Joshua Talamantes
8:51 PRSan Ysidro
4.9Edgar Hernandez
9:04 PRSouthwest (EC)
5.10Aiden Ramirez
9:06 PRHigh Tech (CV)
6.9James Bishop
9:07 PRMission Vista
7.10Daniel Rodriguez
9:08 PRSan Ysidro
8.10Jackson Hadley
9:08 PRMission Hills
9.10Raymon Villalobos
9:12 PRBrawley
10.10Robert Baranic
9:16 PRLa Jolla
11.10Albert Rodriguez
9:17 PRBrawley
12.9Brody Odmark
9:17 PRLa Jolla
13.10Fabian Rendon
9:19 PRHoltville
14.10Santiago Salgado
9:22 PRHigh Tech (CV)
15.10Andy Rios
9:25 PRHoltville
16.10Cristopher Carrillo
9:25 PRBrawley
17.10Shane Turner
9:26 PRChristian
18.10William Gates
9:28 PRSantana
19.10Rogelio Ruvalcaba
9:28 PRSan Ysidro
20.10Jake Johnson
9:29 PRMission Vista
21.9Blaise Colburn
9:41 PRLa Jolla
22.10Trevor Reichenberg
9:42 PRMission Bay
23.9Austin Butrovich
9:44 PRSantana
24.9Zabdiel Davalos
9:45 PRSan Ysidro
25.9Daniel Krough
9:47 PRMission Hills
26.10Aldo Torres
9:49 PRSan Ysidro
27.9Devan Sim
9:50 PRMission Hills
28.9Andres Lopez
9:51 PRSouthwest (EC)
29.10Unk Unk
9:53 PRHoltville
30.10David Arce
9:54 PRBrawley
31.10Jonathan Navarro
9:54 PRSouthwest (EC)
32.9Austin Wood
9:57 PRMission Vista
33.9Connor Lahm
9:57 PRMission Hills
34.10Alberto Rosas
9:57 PRHigh Tech (CV)
35.9Jack McMackin
9:58 PRSantana
36.10Julian Garcia
9:58 PRSan Ysidro
37.10Jacob Lamadrid
10:00 PRMission Hills
38.10Owen Gaut
10:05 PRLiberty Charter
39.10Carlos Lopez
10:05 PRSan Ysidro
40.10Eric Hillen
10:07 PRChristian
41.10Kody Hendricks
10:10 SRMission Vista
42.10Víctor Damian Jr
10:12 PRCastle Park
43.10Diego Rodriguez
10:12 PRSan Ysidro
44.9Carlos Perez
10:14 PRHigh Tech (CV)
45.10Diego Blanco
10:14 PRMission Hills
46.10Matthew Granados
10:14 PRMission Vista
47.9Fernando Ugarte
10:17 PRMission Bay
48.9Tyler Simpson
10:18 PRLa Jolla
49.10Ryan Pelot
10:20 PRMission Bay
50.10Jesus Nuno
10:24 PRBrawley
51.9Alexander West
10:28 PRLa Jolla
52.10Nicholas Oxarart
10:28 PRMission Vista
53.10Charlie Gracia
10:32 PRCentral Union
54.10Rylan Purificacion
10:36 PRHigh Tech (CV)
55.9Christian Vergara
10:37 PRGompers Preparatory ...
56.10Daniel De La Cruz
10:37 PRMission Vista
57.10John Michael Fins
10:38 SRSantana
58.10David Contreras
10:39 PRMission Vista
59.10Lance Cochran
10:39 PRSouthwest (EC)
60.10Justin Lee
10:42 SRSantana
61.9Adrian Sandoval
10:42 PRHigh Tech (CV)
62.10Kenneth Villafana
10:43 PRHigh Tech (CV)
63.9Alex Balli
10:45 PRMission Hills
64.9Nicholas Capezzone
10:46 PRMission Hills
65.9Chase Maisel
10:48 PRLa Jolla
66.9Kevin Korevaar
10:48 PRLa Jolla
67.9David Aguilar
10:51 PRCentral Union
68.10Joel Jaffe
10:52 SRLa Jolla
69.9Jack Brown
10:53 PRMission Hills
70.9Daniel Hoefer
10:54 PRMaranatha Christian
71.9Nicholas Layon
10:55 PRMission Vista
72.9Israel Bajonero
10:56 PRHigh Tech (CV)
73.9Pedro Carrion
11:00 PRCentral Union
74.10Alonso Andrade
11:00 PRLa Jolla
75.9Theo Couris
11:00 PRLa Jolla
76.9Michael Zuniga
11:01 PRCentral Union
77.10Jordan Widdoss
11:01 PRMission Vista
78.10Sam DeBaets
11:02 SRMission Vista
79.10Nicholas Mayton
11:05 SRMission Vista
80.10Kain Garibaldi
11:05 PRCentral Union
81.9Isaac Marquardt
11:05 PRMission Vista
82.9Arturo Becerra
11:06 PRHigh Tech (CV)
83.9Nicolas Duarte
11:06 PRSantana
84.9Nicholas Ingrande
11:09 PRLiberty Charter
85.9Luke Cafro
11:10 PRMission Vista
86.10Andrew Moser
11:11 PRMission Hills
87.10Joaquin Alonso
11:14 PRMission Vista
88.10Christian Esperanza
11:15 PRCentral Union
89.9Ivan Rangel
11:16 PRMission Vista
90.9Austin Stacy
11:16:00 PRMission Vista
91.9Mathieu Thompson
11:17 PRMission Hills
92.10Harrison Shirley
11:18 PRMission Vista
93.9Justin Robertson
11:19 PRMission Vista
94.9Lane Kearney
11:19 PRLa Jolla
95.10Tyler Nelson
11:20 PRMission Vista
96.9Austin Kingston
11:22 PRLa Jolla
97.9Nathan Relph
11:23 PRMission Vista
98.9Vito Anastasi
11:23 PRLa Jolla
99.9Willie Dorry
11:25 PRMission Vista
100.10Guillermo Castaneda
11:27 PRBayfront Charter
101.9Nicholas Lappellere
11:33 PRMission Hills
102.9Tahseen Hussain
11:38 PRLa Jolla
103.10Cesar Rivas
11:38 PRHigh Tech (CV)
104.9Noah Hewett
11:40 PRChristian
105.9David Dominguez
11:44 PRMission Hills
106.9Shane Fay
11:45 PRLa Jolla
107.10Alvin Lizarraga
11:45 PRCentral Union
108.9Mateo Reyes
11:49 PRMaranatha Christian
109.10Ethan Yu
11:49 PRMaranatha Christian
110.9Emiliano Fuchen
11:49 PRSouthwest (EC)
111.9Hector Chavez
11:50 PRCastle Park
112.9Leonardo Amezcua
11:51 PRHigh Tech (CV)
113.9Jasper Morgal
11:53 PRMission Bay
114.9Liam Sullivan
12:01 PRChristian
115.10Connor Brown
12:05 SRSantana
116.10Eduardo Lopez
12:07 SRGompers Preparatory ...
117.10Matthew Mendoza
12:07 PRSantana
118.9Alec Cibrian
12:08 PRCentral Union
119.10Jorge Garcia
12:12 PRGompers Preparatory ...
120.9Rodrigo Losonczi
12:12 PRLa Jolla
121.9Evan Hernandez
12:31 PRHigh Tech (CV)
122.9Aaron Goldberg
12:32 PRLa Jolla
123.9Ethan Benavides
12:36 PRCentral Union
124.9Paul Padilla
12:37 PRHoltville
125.10Patrick Shannon
12:46 PRLa Jolla
126.10Benjamin Paniagua
12:51 PRHigh Tech (CV)
127.10Darius Acevedo
13:00 PRSantana
128.9Jake Rudolph
13:02 PRSantana
129.9Dominic Cuellar
13:12 PRLiberty Charter
130.9Joseph Benito
13:16 PRSouthwest (EC)
131.10Bradley Tomlinson
13:29 PRMission Bay
132.10Iker Garcia
13:57 PRHigh Tech (CV)
133.10Oscar Gomez
14:05 SRCastle Park
134.9Aaron Silva
14:06 PRLiberty Charter
135.10Chier Eric
14:23 PRVictory Christian Ac...
136.9Gabriel Gerken
14:33 PRVictory Christian Ac...
137.10Kenny Vogan
15:33 PRLiberty Charter
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2.15 Miles Boys Jr/Sr Div 3

Official Team Scores

2.La Jolla43
3.San Ysidro81
4.Mission Vista92
5.Central Union128
6.Liberty Charter155
7.Bayfront Charter180
1.11Jonathan Velasco
10:56 PRMission Hills
2.12Nathan Garcia
11:01 PRSouthwest (EC)
3.11Sean Caster
11:09 PRMission Hills
4.12Jalen Gregory
11:10 PRMission Hills
5.12Vincent Velletta
11:12 PRSantana
6.12Casper Abbasi
11:34 PRLa Jolla
7.11Christopher Williams
11:38 PRMission Vista
8.12Max Ippolito
11:41 PRLa Jolla
9.12Andre Berry
11:44 PRCastle Park
10.12Christian Queriapa
11:48 PRHoltville
11.12Raul Jackson
11:52 SRLa Jolla
12.11Alex Gomez
11:59 PRSan Ysidro
13.11Devin Winslow
12:11 PRSantana
14.12Jack Sullivan
12:11 PRChristian
15.12Peter Marrone
12:11 PRSantana
16.12Abisai Magana
12:18 PRBayfront Charter
17.11Edgar Jimenez
12:20 PRSan Ysidro
18.12Mitchell Morrison
12:20 SRLa Jolla
19.11David Miller
12:21 PRLiberty Charter
20.12Cameron Poche'
12:23 SRSantana
21.11Abel Favela
12:24 PRBrawley
22.12Zane Moore
12:25 SRSantana
23.12Adolfo Limon
12:28 PRCentral Union
24.11Jose Munoz
12:29 PRCentral Union
25.11Matthew Hernandez
12:29 PRMission Vista
26.12Victor Adamos
12:30 SRSantana
27.11Alan Rebollah
12:31 PRSan Ysidro
28.11Alexis Cervantes
12:34 PRSan Ysidro
29.11Miguel Vargas
12:35 PRSouthwest (EC)
30.11Ian Phipps
12:35 PRLa Jolla
31.11Michael Savala
12:41 PRHigh Tech (CV)
32.11Cody Butrovich
12:44 SRSantana
33.11Bernardo Apolinar
12:46 PRSouthwest (EC)
34.11Jackson Teel
12:48 PRMission Vista
35.11Carter Taffe
12:49 PRMission Bay
36.11Osiris Taylor
12:56 PRSantana
37.12Andrez Plascencia
12:56 SRMission Vista
38.11Liam Rubidoux
12:57 PRChristian
39.12Grant Shirley
12:59 PRMission Vista
40.12Steven Felix
13:02 PRSan Ysidro
41.11Kristian Rosas
13:06 PRHigh Tech (CV)
42.11Gavin Tarzian
13:09 PRMission Vista
43.11Cole Evans
13:09 SRSantana
44.12Ramon Ochoa
13:14 PRBrawley
45.11Nick Archer
13:15 PRMission Bay
46.12Mynor Rammez
13:17 PRCentral Union
47.12Leonardo Gutierrez
13:18 PRBrawley
48.11Merik Wilson
13:21 SRSantana
49.11Jacob Lopez
13:21 PRLiberty Charter
50.11Ben Rolfe
13:24 PRHoltville
51.12Jason Watts
13:25 SRMission Bay
52.11Jacob Garcia
13:27 SRSantana
53.12Carlos Munoz
13:28 SRSan Ysidro
54.11Axel Gonzalez
13:29 PRSan Ysidro
55.12Riley Grimshaw
13:31 SRMission Vista
56.11Jonathan Osuna
13:34 PRHoltville
57.12Tim Vail
13:35 PRChristian
58.11Alan Lozoya
13:36 PRSan Ysidro
59.12Carter Bond
13:44 SRLiberty Charter
60.11Luis Prado
13:49 PRCentral Union
61.12Jon Luc Junker
13:51 PRChristian
62.11Fernando Fernandez
13:51 PRCentral Union
63.12Cole Wolf
14:00 PRLa Jolla
64.11Bronson Stearns
65.12Alex Gonzalez
14:03 PRBayfront Charter
66.11Soren Larsen
14:04 PRLa Jolla
67.12Peerless Johnson
14:04 SRLiberty Charter
68.11Justin Stout
14:05 PRMaranatha Christian
69.12Daniel Quilon
14:07 PRCentral Union
70.11Sean Pavone
14:12 PRMission Bay
71.11Fidencio Vazquez
14:24 PRChula Vista Learning...
72.11Nicolas De La Rosa
14:26 PRBayfront Charter
73.11Caleb Greenfield
14:27 PRLiberty Charter
74.12Carlos Corona
14:28 PRCentral Union
75.12Seth Wheeler
14:28 SRMission Vista
76.12Symeon Elkins
14:29 PRLiberty Charter
77.11Luke Anderson
14:31 PRMission Vista
78.12Baruc Aguilar
14:38 PRSan Ysidro
79.12Devante Spencer
14:47 SRLiberty Charter
80.11Joseph Torres
14:50 PRLiberty Charter
81.11Elijah Ordone
82.11Alberto Flores
14:56 PRCastle Park
83.12Jonathan Cornejo
14:58 PRSan Ysidro
84.11Fernando Tejeda
15:18 PRCentral Union
85.11Max Lozoya
15:27 PRSan Ysidro
86.11Edwin Alvarado
15:36:00 PRSan Ysidro
87.11Christian Castro
15:37 PRSan Ysidro
88.12Eric Ingrande
15:37 SRLiberty Charter
89.12Ryan Murphy
15:52 SRMission Vista
90.12Nathan Self
16:10 PRMaranatha Christian
91.12Adrian Rivera
16:20 PRCalvary Christian (CV)
92.11Alex Antinarelli
16:23 PRMission Vista
93.11Gary Adamos
94.11Devin Russell
16:27 PRSantana
95.12Giancarlo Amezcua
16:28 PRHigh Tech (CV)
96.11Zachary Kohnen
16:31 PRVictory Christian Ac...
97.12Daniel Alvarez
16:39 SRMission Vista
98.11Hernan Hidalgo
16:47 PRGompers Preparatory ...
99.11Brandon Nava
16:52 PRGompers Preparatory ...
100.11Angel Alvarez
16:54 PRCentral Union
101.11Nico Muniz
17:07 PRBayfront Charter
102.12Daniel Johnson
17:48 PRLiberty Charter
103.11Ben Gomez
17:53 PRLa Jolla
104.12Aaron Garcia
17:59 PRBayfront Charter
105.11Aron Galaviz
18:15 PRCalvary Christian (CV)
106.11Kean Okemura
19:18 PRMission Hills
107.12Matthew Defante
19:31 SRHigh Tech (CV)
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Womens Results

1.65 Mile Girls Fr/So Div 1

Official Team Scores

3.Steele Canyon85
4.San Marcos113
5.Chula Vista165
6.Patrick Henry171
7.San Pasqual178
8.Cathedral Catholic198
9.University City210
11.Rancho Buena Vista281
1.10Patricia Miessner
8:57 PREastlake
2.10Caitlin Cornell
9:06 PRSan Marcos
3.9Trang Woolridge
9:54 PRWestview
4.10Pia Davila
9:55 PREastlake
5.10Eva Rethmeier
9:59 PRPoway
6.10Kiana Josephson
10:04 PRPatrick Henry
7.9Mandy Taylor
10:11 PRPoway
8.10Sarah Chittle
10:11 PRPoway
9.10Makenzie Wray
10:15 SRSteele Canyon
10.9Jennifer McCubbin
10:16 PRSteele Canyon
11.10Maxine Arambulo
10:20 PRCathedral Catholic
12.10Arielle Johnson
10:24 PRPoway
13.10Lyndsey Umsted
10:25 PRPoway
14.9Kelly Garcia
10:32 PRChula Vista
15.10Meg Bailey
10:34 PREastlake
16.9Bianca Berron
10:34 PRSan Marcos
17.10Kaya Ghiani
10:39 PRCanyon Springs
18.10Kailyn Jordan
10:41 PREastlake
19.10Mysti McComack
10:45 PRSteele Canyon
20.10Sophie Belair
10:45 PRSan Pasqual
21.9Ashley Legler
10:50 PRUniversity City
22.9Inela Diaz
10:51 PRSteele Canyon
23.10Nathalie Garcia
10:51 PREastlake
24.10Timber Carey
10:58 PRPatrick Henry
25.9Isabella Alcocer
11:00 PREastlake
26.9Angela Gonzalez
11:02 PRChula Vista
27.10Hanna Gonzalez
11:03 SREastlake
28.9Jahzara Lundgren
11:03 PRSteele Canyon
29.9Mikayla Parker
11:04 PRSan Pasqual
30.10Taylor Kaczmarek
11:05 PRSan Marcos
31.9Alexandra Morgan
11:08 PREastlake
32.9Kamdyn Purvis
11:10 PREastlake
33.9Ashley Hansen
11:11 PRSan Marcos
34.9Anahi Alonso
11:14 PRChula Vista
35.10Alaniz Macias De L...
11:15 PRRancho Buena Vista
36.9Elvia Lara
11:16 PRChula Vista
37.10Jenny Byrnes
11:20 SRPoway
38.10Megan Speer
11:21 PRSan Pasqual
39.9Rosa Shakouri
11:21 PRSan Marcos
40.10Alexia Santos
11:22 SREastlake
41.10Riley Goodwin
11:23 PRSteele Canyon
42.10Caroline Leung
11:26 PRSan Marcos
43.10Bianca Hernandez
44.10Hailey Veeder
11:28 PRPatrick Henry
45.9Frida Alvarez-Paez
11:32Steele Canyon
46.10Rebecca Rogers
11:35 PRUniversity City
47.9Natasha Preece
11:35 PRCathedral Catholic
48.9Ariella Pacheco
11:37 PRCathedral Catholic
49.9Hannah Lincoln
11:37Steele Canyon
50.10Erika Corral
11:37 SRPoway
51.10Ariyana Hearn
11:39 PRSteele Canyon
52.10Tessa Thorn
11:44 SRSan Pasqual
53.10Vanessa Rogers
11:47 PRUniversity City
54.10Amber Szulc
11:47 PRSan Marcos
55.9Kaiya Smith
11:51 PRPatrick Henry
56.9Karina Roddey
11:53 PRUniversity City
57.9Julia Hoffman
11:53 PRCathedral Catholic
58.9Faith Webster
11:53 PRSan Pasqual
59.10Adrienne Rasmussen
11:54 PRCathedral Catholic
60.10Sarah Boes
11:56 PRRancho Buena Vista
61.9Hannah Griswold
12:00 PRUniversity City
62.10Mackenzie Surrey
63.9Sofia Alcocer
12:03 PREastlake
64.9Abigail Hayes
12:04 PRPatrick Henry
65.10Emma Matsumoto
12:05 PRPatrick Henry
66.10Maddie Smith
12:07 PRPoway
67.10Emma Weede
12:07 PRPoway
68.9Malia Daft
12:08 PRPatrick Henry
69.9Ellen Gemmingen
12:08 PRCathedral Catholic
70.9Clara Broderick
12:08 PRWestview
71.9Kayden Simko
12:08 PRPatrick Henry
72.10Alexia Orozco Sevi...
12:09Steele Canyon
73.9Vanessa Hansen
12:09Steele Canyon
74.9Stephanie Comer
12:09 PRWestview
75.10Andrea Esparza
12:11 PRSteele Canyon
76.9Natalie Cruz
12:15 PRRancho Buena Vista
77.9Anais Alvarez
12:15 PRChula Vista
78.10Amber Carreno
12:19Steele Canyon
79.9Kaylie Robertson
12:21San Marcos
80.9Ana Mascari
12:22 PRCathedral Catholic
81.9Kaia Bjornsson
12:22 PRPoway
82.10Ashley Borra
12:23 PRPoway
83.10Megan Janikowski
12:23 PRCathedral Catholic
84.9Camilla Plascencia...
85.10Kylie Craig
12:26 SRSteele Canyon
86.9Willow Humphrey
12:26Steele Canyon
87.9Janette Larsen
12:28 PRRancho Buena Vista
88.10Harley Bradley
12:32 PREastlake
89.9Ellery Wakeman
12:32 PRCathedral Catholic
90.9Maya Hustead
12:33 PRSan Pasqual
91.10Grace Whitty
12:34 PRCathedral Catholic
92.9Carly Krnjaich
12:35 PRCathedral Catholic
93.9Angie Arambulo
12:35 PRCathedral Catholic
94.10Jasey Mason
12:36 PRSan Marcos
95.9Addy Roth
12:38Steele Canyon
96.10Natalie Burke
12:39 PRSteele Canyon
97.9Olivia Smith
12:42 PRWestview
98.10Heidy Ramon
12:43 PRSan Pasqual
99.9Katelyn Nguyen
12:45 PRSteele Canyon
100.9Savana Lynam
12:46 PRWestview
101.9Maddie Filner
12:47 PRPatrick Henry
102.9Annika Herrera Lueth
12:48 PRCathedral Catholic
103.10Summer Camporesi
12:48 PRUniversity City
104.9Kailee Fitzgerald
12:49 PRPoway
105.10Dezerae Lopez
12:51 PRPatrick Henry
106.9Milka Hernandez
12:54Steele Canyon
107.9Ella Brooks-Kamper
12:55 PRPatrick Henry
108.9Adriana Perez
12:56 PRUniversity City
109.9Sarah Guzman
12:57 PRRancho Buena Vista
110.9Melissa Rodriguez
13:02 PRChula Vista
111.9Hannah Fegenbush
13:04San Marcos
112.9Kalena Garcia
113.10Natalie Salinas Az...
13:07 PREastlake
114.9Sophie Nuckowski
13:08 PRRancho Buena Vista
115.9Kaitlyn Chan
13:08 PRPoway
116.9Ashley Massa
13:21 PRCathedral Catholic
117.10Alexia Herrera
13:26 PRSteele Canyon
118.9Brianna Schultz
13:29Steele Canyon
119.9Sophia Olmedo
13:31 PREastlake
120.10Jersey Garcia
13:38 PRWestview
121.10Suejin Lim
122.9Mi-Cha O'Brien
13:44Steele Canyon
123.9Emily Roa
13:45 PRSteele Canyon
124.10Madison Wilke
13:47 SRPoway
125.10Kate Brunell
13:49 PRCathedral Catholic
126.9Alessandra Alonso
127.10Madelaine Harding
13:58 PRSan Pasqual
128.10Isabel Huerta
14:02 SREastlake
129.9Morgan Laney
14:06 PRCathedral Catholic
130.9Tabi Buder
14:07 PRChula Vista
131.9Rowan Enneking
14:13 PRPoway
132.9Simone McJilton
14:14 PRPatrick Henry
133.9Alison Rubio
14:18 PRCathedral Catholic
134.10Dina Shehadeh
14:20 PREastlake
135.9Dianna Aparicio
14:22Chula Vista
136.9Anna Whitty
14:22 PRCathedral Catholic
137.10Jacqueline Rodriguez
14:28 PRSteele Canyon
138.9Bree Fitzpatrick
14:35 PRWestview
139.10Mariah Lingnau
14:35 PRSan Pasqual
140.9Minami Takagi
14:43 PREastlake
141.10Whitney Haluza
14:54 PRSan Pasqual
142.10Faith Miller
15:07 PRCathedral Catholic
143.10Fatima Rodriguez
15:12 PRChula Vista
144.10Deborah Rosas
15:25 PRUniversity City
145.10Dacia Van Wormer
15:31 PREastlake
146.10Jordan Martinez
15:36 PRChula Vista
147.11Cielo Ortega
15:40Chula Vista
148.10Matti Downing
15:48 PRCathedral Catholic
149.10Michaela Marquand
15:51 PRCathedral Catholic
150.9Julia Davis
16:30 PRRancho Buena Vista
151.9Kyla Dawson
16:30 PRRancho Buena Vista
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1.65 Mile Girls Jr/Sr Div 1

Official Team Scores

1.University City53
2.Cathedral Catholic63
3.Steele Canyon83
5.San Marcos113
7.San Pasqual208
8.Canyon Springs217
10.Chula Vista258
11.Patrick Henry285
1.12Renee Laurenzana
9:15 PRSan Pasqual
2.12Elise Boisvert
9:25 SRUniversity City
3.12Ellie Misuraca
9:26 PRWestview
4.12Cami Doheny
9:28 PRCathedral Catholic
5.12Bailey McCraner
9:36 PRCathedral Catholic
6.11Isabelle Shepherd
9:38 PRUniversity City
7.12Gabrielle Waters
9:46 SRCathedral Catholic
8.12Renee Torre
9:53 PRUniversity City
9.11Janelle Shallal
9:55 PRSteele Canyon
10.12Morgan Challan
9:56 PRSan Marcos
11.12Zoie Valencia
10:04 PRSan Marcos
12.11Ella Ruff
10:10 SRUniversity City
13.12Taryn Derr
10:12 PRWestview
14.11Anne Lynch
10:13 PRSteele Canyon
15.11Briana Rodriguez
10:14 PRCanyon Springs
16.11Jessica Manzuk
10:16 SRSteele Canyon
17.11Mya Thomas
10:20 PRChula Vista
18.11Maggie Lusk
10:24 PRPoway
19.11Paloma Gutierrez
10:24 PRPoway
20.12Molly O'Neill
10:26 PRCathedral Catholic
21.11Molly Rehl
10:27 PRSteele Canyon
22.11Olivia Mahan
10:28 SRWestview
23.11Beyonce Wright
10:30 PRSteele Canyon
24.11Grace Calegari
10:30 SRPoway
25.11Tori Michaelian
10:31 PRUniversity City
26.11Madison Boland
10:32 PRUniversity City
27.12Hazel Groff
10:32 SRCathedral Catholic
28.11Ava Nebel
10:32 PRWestview
29.12Hannah Sandles
10:33 PRSan Marcos
30.12Cassidy Von Musser
10:33 PRSan Marcos
31.11Maxine Garcia
10:35 PRUniversity City
32.11Vivian Dang
10:36 PRWestview
33.11Courtney Kascoutas
10:39 PRSan Marcos
34.12Anna Bourke
10:40 SRCathedral Catholic
35.11Anna Debelynska
10:41 PRUniversity City
36.11Christina De Leone
10:42San Marcos
37.11Catherine Guzman
10:44 SRCanyon Springs
38.12Carley Smith
10:50 SRWestview
39.12Caitlin Quirk
10:55 SRPatrick Henry
40.11Lauren Munro
10:59 SRCathedral Catholic
41.11Ana Manriquez Graf
11:01 SREastlake
42.12Kendall Ryan
11:06 SRWestview
43.11Megan Singer
11:08Steele Canyon
44.11Ella Van Hamersveld
11:08 PRSan Marcos
45.11Luz Mercado
11:11 PREastlake
46.11Meghann Reider
11:13 SRSan Pasqual
47.11Isabelle DeMarco
11:15 PRUniversity City
48.11Kylie Nguyen
11:19 SRUniversity City
49.12Alyssa Acosta
11:21 PRSan Pasqual
50.11Heidi Mendoza
11:23 PRUniversity City
51.12Hannah Lambert
11:27 SRWestview
52.11Mary Epperson
11:30 PRCathedral Catholic
53.11Roya Ghaseminejad
11:33 SRPoway
54.11Athena Philipopoulos
11:34San Marcos
55.12Ariel Salgado
11:36 PRCanyon Springs
56.11Adamari Cardenas
11:37 PREastlake
57.12Alexis Van Proyen
11:38 PRSteele Canyon
58.11Isabella Hernandez
11:39 PRSteele Canyon
59.11Breonna May
11:40 SRPoway
60.12Marin Haluza
11:41 SRPoway
61.12Maggie Tomcho
11:43 SRCathedral Catholic
62.12Dominique Gamble
11:45 SRSan Pasqual
63.12Emely Gracia
11:51 SRChula Vista
64.11Tara Smith
11:52 PRUniversity City
65.11Sierra Jorgensen
11:52 SRPoway
66.11Ashley Casden
11:53 PRUniversity City
67.11Ana Mercado
68.11Emma Vande Berg
11:57 PRPoway
69.12Jessica Gracia
12:08 SRChula Vista
70.11Gelyca Arce
12:09 SRCanyon Springs
71.11Summer Merrill
12:09 PRPatrick Henry
72.12Liliana Arteaga
12:09 PRCanyon Springs
73.12Natalie York
12:13 PRRancho Buena Vista
74.11Heather Hochwender
12:14 SRSteele Canyon
75.12Darby Gaffney
12:16San Marcos
76.11Natali Ghandy
12:17 PRWestview
77.11Maya Rozenshteyn
12:18 PRPatrick Henry
78.11Roxanne Foltz
12:23 PRPatrick Henry
79.11Caylee Van Houten
12:24 SRSteele Canyon
80.12Briana Gonzalez
12:30 PRSteele Canyon
81.11Savannah Lawrence
12:38 SRSan Pasqual
82.11Viviana Lopez
12:41 PRChula Vista
83.11Noorhan Ibraheem
12:48 SRWestview
84.12Kendall Defelippi
12:51 SRCathedral Catholic
85.12Fiona Boyle
13:07 SRPoway
86.11Sabrina Le
13:14 PRPatrick Henry
87.12Hannah Hodge
13:14 SRSteele Canyon
88.11Daniela Ferrer
13:23 SRChula Vista
89.11Alexia Dominguez
13:28Steele Canyon
90.12Alysse Vossbrink
13:35Steele Canyon
91.11Aila Huxford
13:38 SRUniversity City
92.11Leilani Nickel
13:44 SRPoway
93.11Hasina Behnawa
13:46 PRSteele Canyon
94.12McKenzie Heryford
95.11Mary Telliard
13:49 SRSteele Canyon
96.11Morgan Tantalo
13:53 PRCathedral Catholic
97.12Angelica Probst
13:58 PRSan Pasqual
98.11Carolina Samatha M...
13:59Chula Vista
99.11Michelle Thibault
100.12Abigail Sawtell
14:04 SREastlake
101.11Keely Blucher
14:15 PRPoway
102.12Ashley Greeven
14:15 SRCathedral Catholic
103.11Valeria Acevedo
14:15 PREastlake
104.11Ashley Felix
14:19:00Chula Vista
105.11Trinh Woolridge
15:49 PRWestview
106.11Phuong Cao
17:51 PRPatrick Henry
107.11Arely Sanchez
18:34 PRPatrick Henry
108.11Bara'ah Oriqat
18:50Steele Canyon
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1.65 Miles Girls Fr/So Div 2

Official Team Scores

2.Del Norte75
4.El Capitan107
5.Bonita Vista131
6.Granite Hills140
9.Mar Vista245
1.10Carolinh Calvert
9:29 PREl Capitan
2.10Amy Brown
9:42 PRRamona
3.10Alyssa Ruiz
9:44 PRSerra
4.10Dayana Lopez
9:58 PREl Capitan
5.10Cloe Moreno
10:10 PRHigh Tech High
6.10Anna Fraende
10:11 PRValhalla
7.10Jenna Kim
10:11 PRDel Norte
8.9Abigail Hundley
10:17 PRCoronado
9.9Jessica Ehret
10:18 PRCoronado
10.9Dayani Diaz
10:18 PRGranite Hills
11.10Evelyn Anderson
10:20 PREl Capitan
12.10Alison Short
10:33 PRDel Norte
13.10Alicia Hernandez
10:34 PRBonita Vista
14.10Madison Moran
10:35 PRValhalla
15.9Kate Baranski
10:36 PRValhalla
16.10Gigi Mitchell
10:39 PRHigh Tech High
17.10Tallyn Burton
10:43 PRValhalla
18.10Melina Farace
10:49 PRDel Norte
19.9Ava Guerra
10:51 PRGranite Hills
20.10Michaela Meskell
10:54 PRRamona
21.10Bethany Sikute
11:05 PRValhalla
22.9Vyannei Garcia
11:06 PRValhalla
23.9Jennifer Hull
11:07 PRRamona
24.10Gracie Knowd
11:07 PRRamona
25.9Abigail Iuliano
11:10 PRValhalla
26.10Sofia Gomez
11:13 SRHilltop
27.9Alivia Wood
11:17 PRValhalla
28.9Madeline Minutelli
11:18 PRGrossmont
29.9Hailey Bunsold
11:18 PRDel Norte
30.10Amber Barker
11:19 PROrange Glen
31.9Emily McBride
11:19 PRValhalla
32.10Annabella Hibbs
11:20 PRValhalla
33.9Melissa Martinez
11:21 PREscondido
34.9Sophia Epley
11:23 PRBonita Vista
35.9Hannah Kneeshaw
11:27 PRValhalla
36.10Mallory Smith
11:28 PRGrossmont
37.10Karla Ochoa
11:33 PRBonita Vista
38.10Isabella Genovese
11:33 PRDel Norte
39.9Simone Goldberg
11:34 PRValhalla
40.9Miranda Arellano
11:39 PREscondido
41.9Melanie Balgos
11:40 PRGranite Hills
42.9Sabrina Millican
11:43 PRDel Norte
43.9Rivers Dixon
11:45 PRDel Norte
44.10Sierra Nelipovich
11:46 SRValhalla
45.10Alyssa Davis
11:47 SRRamona
46.9Ariel Olivera
11:49 PRRamona
47.10Sydney Arnold
11:50 PRValhalla
48.10Karen Valenzuela
11:52 SRSouthwest (SD)
49.9Smith Sabrina
11:52 PRRamona
50.9Alexis Dauz
11:55Bonita Vista
51.10Brielle Roesch
11:56 PRValhalla
52.9Mia Smith
12:00 PRDel Norte
53.10Gabby Valdez
12:01 PREscondido
54.9Sophia Estrada
12:02 PRBonita Vista
55.9Victoria Estrada
12:08Bonita Vista
56.9Nadia Gurrola
12:10 PRMar Vista
57.10Kensey Sapper
12:10 PRRamona
58.10Corinne Ward
12:11 PRRamona
59.10Luisa Padilla
12:14 SRSouthwest (SD)
60.9Isabelle Bernal
12:15Bonita Vista
61.9Emilee Olander
12:15 PRValhalla
62.10Joana Ramirez
12:16 PREscondido
63.10Valeria Flores
12:17 SRValhalla
64.10Mikayla Shannon
12:19 PRValhalla
65.9Jessie Rincon
66.10Minami Smalheiser
12:23 PRHigh Tech High
67.10Angelica Arroy-Pac...
12:25 PRGranite Hills
68.9Valeria Fierro
12:26Southwest (SD)
69.9Emily Waldrop
12:26 PRDel Norte
70.10Orian Martinez
12:32 PRSouthwest (SD)
71.10Elenee Partida
12:33 PRHilltop
72.9Sara Escobedo
12:34 PRBonita Vista
73.10Savanah Everett
12:43 PRGrossmont
74.10Taylor Cloutier
12:45 SRDel Norte
75.9Emma Francis
12:52 PRDel Norte
76.9Abigail Santos
12:55 PREscondido
77.10Mayra Dominguez
12:57 PREscondido
78.10Annora Trujillo
12:58 SREl Capitan
79.9Olivia Wangler
12:59 PRGrossmont
80.10Yram Padilla
13:03 SRMar Vista
81.10Kyla Bull
13:04 SRGranite Hills
82.10Kelsea Torres
13:08 SREl Capitan
83.9Gabriela Caballero
13:09 PRDel Norte
84.10Paulina Pompa
13:12 PRMar Vista
85.9Alyssa Perinoni
86.10Emily Simmons
13:32 PREl Capitan
87.10Kathleen Deguzman
13:39Mar Vista
88.9Ariadna Martin
13:44 PRBonita Vista
89.9Eileen Silva
13:47 PRMar Vista
90.9Sierra Bergeleen
14:03 PRGrossmont
91.10Munich Villanueva
14:06 PRBonita Vista
92.9Celia Chamu
14:12 PROrange Glen
93.10Melody Navarro
14:13 PRMar Vista
94.9Ruqiya Prince
14:15 PROrange Glen
95.10Victoria Rucobo
14:15 PRHilltop
96.9Maddie Perkins
97.9Raquel Yoshinaga
14:39 PREl Capitan
98.9Sofia Mc Farlin
14:41 PRMar Vista
99.9Samantha Bascon
14:52 PRMar Vista
100.9Adhiti Chandramohan
14:54:00 PRDel Norte
101.9Olivia Asch
15:03 PRDel Norte
102.12Eridu Morales
15:08 PRMar Vista
103.9Katherine Lawrence
15:11 PRDel Norte
104.9Katherine Schares
15:11 PREl Capitan
105.10Yatziri Vargas
15:14Mar Vista
106.10Maddy Church
15:26 PREscondido
107.9Isabela Avila
15:43 PRHigh Tech High
108.10Aleyda Martinez
16:10 PREscondido
109.10Heidi Lundgren
110.9Tiffani Yanez
19:59 PREscondido
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1.65 Miles Girls Jr/Sr Div 2

Official Team Scores

2.Bonita Vista66
3.Del Norte70
4.El Capitan119
7.Orange Glen190
9.Southwest (SD)212
1.11Teresa Perez
9:25 PRCoronado
2.12Rose of Sharon Wil...
9:51 PRHigh Tech High
3.11Madden Hundley
9:56 SRCoronado
4.12Naya Tamariz
9:59 PRCoronado
5.12Kathryn Peterson
10:06 PRSerra
6.11Claire Morris
10:19 PRCoronado
7.12Madeline Utter
10:26 PRDel Norte
8.11Karlie Hayes
10:28 PRDel Norte
9.11Arianna Ravelo
10:31 SRGranite Hills
10.11Alexa Waples
10:36 PRRamona
11.12Alina Vizcaya
10:39 PRBonita Vista
12.12Monique Beck
10:40 PRBonita Vista
13.12Karissa Torres
10:40 PREl Capitan
14.11Ariana Martinez
10:43 PRValhalla
15.11Katalin McNair
10:49 SRDel Norte
16.11Gianna Gregorio
10:57 SRBonita Vista
17.11Virginia Martin-Cr...
11:01 PREl Capitan
18.11Broandy Rosas
11:02 PRGrossmont
19.12Natalya Gomez
11:08 SRCoronado
20.12Michelle Mendias
11:08 SRSouthwest (SD)
21.12Neiva Perdomo
11:09 PRGranite Hills
22.12Madison Huckey
11:10 SRRamona
23.12Jasmine Beck
11:12 PRBonita Vista
24.12Lessli Maldanado
11:12 PREscondido
25.12Kelsey White
11:17 SRDel Norte
26.11Kakaii Wango'olo
11:25 PRBonita Vista
27.11Allison Gay
11:28 PREl Capitan
28.12Maia Chaffin
11:29 SREscondido
29.11Kimberly Lindquist
11:29 PRBonita Vista
30.11Marlen Bautista
11:30 PROrange Glen
31.11Yulisa Maya
11:31 PROrange Glen
32.12Sable Fest
11:34 PRGrossmont
33.12Veronica Campbell
11:38 SRDel Norte
34.11Deyri Chacon
11:40 PREscondido
35.11Arielle White
11:41 PRValhalla
36.12Carla Mondragon
11:48 SROrange Glen
37.11Kjara-Louise Hellm...
11:55 PRBonita Vista
38.11Carmen Ocampo
11:55 SRRamona
39.12Mirna Jabbo
11:56 PRGranite Hills
40.12Joselinne Mendez
11:59 SRGrossmont
41.11Grecia Contreras
12:01 PRBonita Vista
42.11Natalie Alfaro
12:02 PRHilltop
43.11Autumn Maas
12:02 SRGrossmont
44.11Niah Ibarra
12:03 PRGrossmont
45.11Natalie Smith
12:03 PRGrossmont
46.11Elisa Ritter
12:08 SRDel Norte
47.12Erin Williams
12:08 SREl Capitan
48.11Serena Thornton
12:16 PREl Capitan
49.11Isabella Pozos
12:17 PRBonita Vista
50.11Taylor Vassar
12:17 PRGrossmont
51.12Torrey Brownell
12:20 PRSerra
52.12Maria Verdugo
12:23 PRSouthwest (SD)
53.11Olivia McNulty
12:25 SRDel Norte
54.12Jacqueline Fonseca
55.11Cassidy Moreno
12:30 PREscondido
56.12Donika Johnson
12:35 PRMar Vista
57.12Abby Vargas
12:35 PREscondido
58.11Melissa Ibarra
12:48 SRHilltop
59.11Amber Chun
12:53 PREl Capitan
60.11Emma Church
12:57 SREscondido
61.12Natalie Carbot
13:03Southwest (SD)
62.12Lindsay Short
13:04 PRDel Norte
63.11Alyssa Nava
13:07 PRHilltop
64.11Midorie Daguia
13:10 SRHilltop
65.11Yesenia Huerta
13:15Southwest (SD)
66.12Jackelyne Hernandez
13:18 SRGrossmont
67.12Juanita Cruz
13:21 SRSerra
68.12Natalie English
13:23 PRSerra
69.11Kaila Pacheco
13:31 PRBonita Vista
71.11Rebecca Romero
13:36 SRMar Vista
72.11Jessica Celaya
13:37 PREscondido
73.11Venecia Murillo
13:44 PRGrossmont
74.12Rowena Mendieta
13:47 SRMar Vista
75.11Ritu Gaikwad
13:48 PRDel Norte
76.11Karen Ruiz
13:48 PROrange Glen
77.12Natalia Reyes
13:55Southwest (SD)
78.11Kristina Cruz
13:58 PROrange Glen
79.11Kimberly Cruz
13:59 PROrange Glen
80.12Alondra Camacho-He...
14:05 PROrange Glen
81.11Maribel Rubio
14:21 PREl Capitan
82.11Cynthia Arroyo
14:24 PRMar Vista
83.11Katriya Vander Sch...
14:32 SRSerra
84.12Monica Ontiveras
14:34 SREscondido
85.11Savanah Sparley
14:44 SREl Capitan
86.12Andrea Grube
14:46 SRValhalla
87.11Camila Cornejo
14:47 SRHilltop
88.11Yvonne Isalias
14:50 SRGrossmont
89.12Katelyn Vogel
14:54 PRGrossmont
90.11Yuma Santos
16:05 PRGranite Hills
91.12Nancy Rios
16:26 PROrange Glen
92.12Kiara Turner
93.12Lizzetty Lara
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1.65 Miles Girls Fr/So Div 3

Official Team Scores

1.La Jolla39
2.Mission Vista63
4.High Tech (CV)109
5.Southwest (EC)110
6.Mission Hills121
7.San Ysidro164
1.9Jaasiel Contreras
9:55 PRBrawley
2.9Gina Queck
10:03 PRMission Bay
3.9Bella Longo
10:04 PRMission Vista
4.9Alaina Zamorano
5.10Alissa Moreno
10:20 PRBrawley
6.9Linda Giffing
10:37 PRMission Bay
7.9Leah Kunde
8.10Jessica Newell
10:52 PRLa Jolla
9.9Monica O'Brien Saez
10:55 PRLa Jolla
10.10Annika Knott
11:02 PRLa Jolla
11.10Clarissa Gonzalez
11:10 PRSan Ysidro
12.9Eugenia Kritsuk
11:11 PRLa Jolla
13.10Jurnee Gregory
11:11 PRMission Hills
14.10NaLiyah Bailey
11:11 PRHigh Tech (CV)
15.10Kiana Garcia
11:18 PRMission Vista
16.9Landon Torres
11:23 PRLiberty Charter
17.9Devan Budd
11:27 PRMission Hills
18.9Katie Teel
11:28 PRMission Vista
19.10Arlene Castillo
11:30 PRSouthwest (EC)
20.10Ayleen Castillo
11:34 PRSouthwest (EC)
21.10Greta Fehlan
11:34 SRLa Jolla
22.10Ariatna Luis
11:38 PRMission Vista
23.10Alexis Rodrigues
11:46 PRHigh Tech (CV)
24.10Vittoria Byrne
11:56 SRLa Jolla
25.9Zoey Haug
12:01 PRMission Vista
26.9Amanda Strahm
12:02 PRHoltville
27.9Hannah Nightingale
12:03 PRLa Jolla
28.9Isabelle Monroy
12:08 PRMaranatha Christian
29.10Alexis Negrete
12:21 PRCentral Union
30.10Brenda Rubio
12:22 PRBrawley
31.9Socorro Ceniceroz
12:30 PRLa Jolla
32.10Sidney Palacios
12:31 PRLa Jolla
33.9Victoria Cuevas
12:31 PRSouthwest (EC)
34.10Amanda Corey
12:34 PRMaranatha Christian
35.9Lucia Quintanar
12:37 PRHigh Tech (CV)
36.9Clarissa Gonzales
12:39 PRCentral Union
37.9Ixchel Ramirez
12:41 PRLa Jolla
38.10Graciela Suarez
12:43 PRHigh Tech (CV)
39.10Amelie Strahm
12:43 PRHoltville
40.10Jenna Bell
12:44 SRMission Vista
41.10Emily Traslavina
12:48 PRBrawley
42.9Hanna Agardh
12:56 PRLa Jolla
43.10Lessley Martinez
13:00 PRSouthwest (EC)
44.10Shayleigh Tsosie
13:01 PRSantana
45.10Seattle Taylor
13:16 PRMission Hills
46.9Savina Walker
13:20 PRSouthwest (EC)
47.9Andrea Sarabia
13:23 PRCastle Park
48.9Lina Zanaid
13:25 PRMission Vista
49.10Arlyn Hernandez
13:26 SRHigh Tech (CV)
50.10Marisol Ugarte
13:27Mission Bay
51.9Vannia Rodriguez
13:28High Tech (CV)
52.10Angelique Estala
13:29 PRSantana
53.10Paola Hernandez
13:32 PRGompers Preparatory ...
54.10Natalie Jimenez
13:37 PRSan Ysidro
55.9Zoey Hodges
13:41 PRSantana
56.9Ysabella Yuquimpo
13:42 PRLiberty Charter
57.10Autumn McBride
13:43 PRMission Vista
58.12Ari Barcoma
13:55 PRMission Hills
59.10Faith Balancio
13:56 PRMission Hills
60.10Emily Cho
14:01 PRMission Hills
61.10Ariela Campbell
62.10Sarah Jaynes
14:23 PRSantana
63.10Bri Moore
14:28 SRMission Vista
64.10Vanessa Alfaro
14:30 SRSan Ysidro
65.10McCall Parkinson
14:30 PRMission Vista
66.9Samaria Brumitt
14:57 PRLa Jolla
67.10Maria Hernandez
14:58 PRMission Bay
68.10Kailah Alvarez
14:59 SRSouthwest (EC)
69.10Shayne Domingo
15:17High Tech (CV)
70.10Angela Camacho
15:19 PRGompers Preparatory ...
71.9Emily Martinez
15:22High Tech (CV)
72.10Sarah Alvarez
15:24High Tech (CV)
73.10Angela Lopez
15:39 PRSan Ysidro
74.9Sharai Wimer-Handy
15:52 PRSouthwest (EC)
75.9Alejandra Munguia
16:05High Tech (CV)
76.9Abigail Lopez
16:10 PRHigh Tech (CV)
77.9Itzel Cerecedo
17:00 PRBrawley
78.9Elizabeth Kohnen
17:08 PRVictory Christian Ac...
79.9Serena Nunez
17:11San Ysidro
80.10Fernanda Rocha
17:31 PRGompers Preparatory ...
81.9Paris Dilg
17:35 PRBayfront Charter
82.10Catherine Etchechury
17:46 PRVictory Christian Ac...
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1.65 Miles Girls Jr/Sr Div 3

Official Team Scores

2.Mission Vista39
3.Mission Hills64
4.Castle Park103
5.San Ysidro118
1.12Sabrina Benavides
9:33 PRSouthwest (EC)
2.11Sierra Roberson
10:07 PRLa Jolla
3.12Therese Tedrow
10:38 PRMission Hills
4.12Jamie McDonald
10:40 PRSantana
5.11Sami Jo Martinez
10:46 PRMission Vista
6.11Sarina Kuninaga
11:00 PRHigh Tech (CV)
7.12Faith Hyden
11:03 PRChristian
8.11Carmen Gonzales
11:08 SRSantana
9.12Jolie Beentjes
11:12 PRMission Vista
10.12Sarah Lincoln
11:13 PRMission Hills
11.11Keziah Inniss
11:15 PRCalvary Christian (CV)
12.11Ashley Madrigal
11:23 PRSantana
13.11Maggie Perez
11:24 PRBrawley
14.11Coral Burgin-Wadhams
11:27 PRSantana
15.11Caryssa Dammarell
11:32 PRHoltville
16.12Ines Robo
11:34 PRLa Jolla
17.12Mila Beentjes
11:35 PRMission Vista
18.12Gabby Martinez
11:38 SRMission Vista
19.12Dakota Stanly
11:49 PRMission Hills
20.11Alexa Strahm
11:50 PRHoltville
21.12Natalie Nieblas
11:51 PRBrawley
22.11Juliana Marquez
11:52 PRChula Vista Learning...
23.11Anna Nicole Barreiro
11:53 SRHigh Tech (CV)
24.12Alexis Flores
12:05 PRBayfront Charter
25.11Sydney Roberts
12:08 SRChristian
26.11Adriana Little
12:15 PRMission Vista
27.11Wren Kauffman
12:22 SRSantana
28.11Ariana Negrete
12:24 SRCastle Park
29.12Megan Klentschy
12:32 SRMission Vista
30.12Hadley Shearer
12:46 SRMission Vista
31.11Lauren Mulvaney
12:52 PRMission Vista
32.11Yered Quevedo
12:58 PRCastle Park
33.11Alyssa Gonzalezs
13:02 PRCentral Union
34.11Sarina Johnson
13:04 SRSantana
35.11Bridget Braden
13:05 PRLiberty Charter
36.11Gladys Lipscomb
13:08 PRCentral Union
37.11Casey Reiser
13:08 SRMission Vista
38.12Leslie Mercado
13:11 PRCalvary Christian (CV)
39.11Selena Ramirez
13:14 PRSan Ysidro
40.11Maya Occiano
13:15 PRMission Hills
41.11Milagro Briseño
13:17 PRCastle Park
42.11Adriana Chavez
13:23 PRCastle Park
43.12Princess Cortez
13:25 SRSan Ysidro
44.12Aleisha Wright
13:30 SRMission Vista
45.12Hellen Rueda
13:31 PRSan Ysidro
46.12Raquel Perez
13:34 PRCentral Union
47.12Alexandra Miramontes
13:40 SRSan Ysidro
48.11Julianna Wood
13:44 PRSouthwest (EC)
49.11Sarah Kim
13:48 PRMission Hills
50.12Pilar Vargas
14:11 SRVictory Christian Ac...
51.11Isabelle Coppersmith
14:12 PRLiberty Charter
52.11Christina Garcia
14:14 SRSan Ysidro
53.11Annie Layon
14:15 PRMission Vista
54.11Yutong "Tracy" Zhang
14:16 PRVictory Christian Ac...
55.11Kayla Mere
14:25 PRMission Hills
56.12Mariam Yousif
14:31 PRLiberty Charter
57.12Alison Ramirez
14:44 SRMission Vista
58.11Sarah Diaz
14:48 PRCalvary Christian (CV)
59.11Hailey Mitchell
14:54 PRCastle Park
60.12Angelina Garcia
15:38 SRSan Ysidro
61.10Sophia Gonzalez
15:47 PRCalvary Christian (CV)
62.12Laura Vazquez
15:51 SRSan Ysidro
63.12Pember Vandiver
16:00 PRBrawley
64.11Leilani Maanao
16:20Mission Bay
65.12Cameren Diaz
23:56 PRBrawley
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