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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity5:40 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM

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Eaton Rapids
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Eaton Rapids40
3.Jackson Northwest70
4.Jackson Preparatory72
1.10Kobe Blanco
2.12Ben Gleeson
17:38.00Eaton Rapids
3.12Clayton Jones
4.11Luke Lathrup
17:44.00Eaton Rapids
5.12Jared Holmer
6.9Daniel Casey
18:40.00Jackson Preparatory
7.12Tyler Collins
18:41.00Jackson Northwest
8.11Mathew O'Daniel
18:42.00Eaton Rapids
9.11Bryce Alfred
18:44.00Jackson Northwest
10.10Brady Jones
18:55.00Jackson Northwest
11.12Mathieu Norcross
19:06.00Eaton Rapids
12.11James Webb
19:22.00Jackson Preparatory
13.9Bryce Dubay
14.10Josiah Dinverno
19:33.00Jackson Preparatory
15.11Enrique Lopez
19:46.00Eaton Rapids
16.10Hunter Hillard
17.12Caleb Wright
20:00.00Eaton Rapids
18.10Griffin Gleeson
20:25.00Eaton Rapids
19.11Jordan Hawkins
20:40.00Eaton Rapids
20.10Caleb Fish
20:49.00Eaton Rapids
21.12Connor Coletti-Parr
20:54.00Eaton Rapids
22.9Andrew Mason
21:09.00Jackson Preparatory
23.10Quinton Henderson
21:11.00Eaton Rapids
24.11Luke Hedrich
21:12.00Jackson Northwest
25.9Cassius Byrd
21:18.00Eaton Rapids
26.9Jordan Quann
21:22.00Jackson Preparatory
27.9Joe Roodvoets
21:23.00Eaton Rapids
28.11Lane Thayer
21:29.00Jackson Preparatory
29.11Daniel Spilter
21:39.00Jackson Preparatory
30.9Brandt DuBois
21:48.00Jackson Northwest
31.9Keith Morgan
21:55.00Eaton Rapids
32.10Stone Lemley
22:14.00Eaton Rapids
33.10Chad Haynes
22:18.00Eaton Rapids
34.9Donovan Krull
22:21.00Eaton Rapids
35.10Chirs Haynes
22:39.00Eaton Rapids
36.10Wyatt Houck
22:40.00Eaton Rapids
37.11Lamont Aldridge
38.10Trevor LaNore
23:00.00Eaton Rapids
39.10Caleb Johnson
23:10.00Eaton Rapids
40.10Kode Whitworth
23:35.00Jackson Northwest
41.12Austin Jones
24:22.00Jackson Northwest
42.12John Letarte
24:38.00Eaton Rapids
43.11Noah Adams
25:00.00Jackson Northwest
44.10Hunter Myers
25:52.00Jackson Preparatory
45.10Sam Clark
46.10Marcel Lira
26:12.00Jackson Preparatory
47.12Tim Renney
26:51.00Eaton Rapids
48.9Vasily Yevseyev
33:12.00Jackson Preparatory
12Preston Baker
11Charlie Hazel
10Brayden Morgan
9Aiden Myers
10Josh Bibler
DNSJackson Preparatory
11Caleb Kish
DNSJackson Preparatory
9Payton Mullin
DNSJackson Preparatory
9Alden Erhardt
DNSEaton Rapids
9Hayden Robison
DNSEaton Rapids
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Eaton Rapids18
2.Jackson Northwest44
1.12Maddi Orler
21:59.00Eaton Rapids
2.12Samantha Good
22:25.00Eaton Rapids
3.11Lydia Anuszkiewicz
22:40.00Jackson Northwest
4.11Elise Bliss
23:29.00Eaton Rapids
5.10Selena Kingsley
24:13.00Eaton Rapids
6.10Are'onah Rogers
24:37.00Eaton Rapids
7.11Kellise Esson
25:02.00Eaton Rapids
8.10Jameson LaPorte
26:25.00Jackson Northwest
9.10Tori Tupper
26:31.00Eaton Rapids
10.10Maeya Beach
26:54.00Jackson Northwest
11.10Brianna Dodge
27:02.00Jackson Northwest
12.11Mia Tran
27:03.00Eaton Rapids
13.10Ally Haite
27:04.00Eaton Rapids
14.11Kylie Rydjord
27:19.00Jackson Northwest
15.9Megan Swartz
27:27.00Jackson Northwest
16.10Aria Ward
27:38.00Jackson Northwest
17.11Rachel Morgan
28:22.00Eaton Rapids
18.11Olivia Bliss
28:31.00Eaton Rapids
19.11Sydney Potter
20.11Allie Swartz
30:06.00Jackson Northwest
21.12Kaila Radziewicz
30:17.00Jackson Northwest
22.9Vianney Medina-Gon...
30:47.00Jackson Preparatory
23.12Gianna Goldschmid
30:59.00Jackson Northwest
24.11Christina Moody
32:20.00Jackson Northwest
25.12Elizabeth Boyd
33:25.00Jackson Preparatory
26.11Selena Murray
34:07.00Jackson Preparatory
27.12Courtney Johnson
34:19.00Jackson Northwest
28.10Tori Miers
36:17.00Jackson Northwest
29.11Madi Hernandez
40:43.00Jackson Northwest
9Vivien Stevenson
DNSEaton Rapids
11Chalita Auesiritra...
11Emma Eddy
10Jersey Gaedert
11Sage Gardner
10Unity Heim
9Lizzie Johnson
11Adriana Sanders
11Caroline Jones
10Grace Smith
12Jillian Walker
12Anastasia Willison
11Lauren Witzke
9Alex Hicks
DNSJackson Northwest
10Mari Lamb
DNSJackson Northwest
10Bailey Cooper
DNSJackson Northwest
10Andrea Leach-King
DNSJackson Northwest
10Bryce Lewis
DNSJackson Northwest
10Alayah Markiewicz
DNSJackson Northwest
10Libbi Miers
DNSJackson Northwest
12Rachel Nau
DNSJackson Northwest
11Mariah White
DNSJackson Northwest
9Kim Tran
DNSEaton Rapids
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