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8,000 Meters Men2:15 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Women1:30 PM

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Location:               Grand Woods Park, Lansing, Michigan


Distance:               Women – 5000 Meters        Men – 8000 Meters  


Starting Times:      Women’s race starts at 1:30 pm   Men’s race starts at 2:15  


Timing:                  Chip timing using disposable bibs.


Entry Fee:              $150 per Team     $300 Men/Women    $20 per individual


Scoring:                 This is a scored meet


Awards:                 Top 10 Male and Female runners and top two Male and Female teams


Results:                  Available at the conclusion of the meet. Emailed to all coaches


Course:                   Fast with good footing


Entries are due by 8:00 PM on Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Entry Procedure:   Online at

                              This is the only way to enter the meet.

                              Do not email or fax your entries.



Make check payable to: Lansing Community College.


Make check payable to Lansing Community College and bring to the meet,

or mail entry fee to:

Lansing Community College


Directions to Grand Woods:

From I 496 exit at Waverly Road

Go North for 1 ½ mile

Turn Left on Willow Rd

Go ½ mile, turn right at 3 way stop to stay on Willow.

Go ½ mile and turn right in to park



PO BOX 40010

Lansing, MI 48901


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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

1.FrAlex McCormick
25:30.4 PRLansing
2.SoBlake Watson
25:31.5 PRLansing
3.SrBruce Baker
4.FrAaron Bachman
25:47.0 PRMacomb
5.SoShawn Bell
6.SrAnthony Vermilye
25:58.0Siena Heights
7.FrDavid Mitter
25:59.2 PRLake Superior State
8.SrZane Berlanga
26:13.7 SRAlma
9.SoJackson Kelly
26:14.3 PRKalamazoo
10.SoChris Santana
26:15.4 PRGrand Rapids Community
11.JrEsrom Woldemicheal
26:19.7Siena Heights
12.Andrew Benkovsky
13.SrGraham Elliott
26:26.9 SRLawrence Tech Univer...
14.JrGarrett Smith
26:35.0 PRLake Superior State
15.FrJareb Duggan
26:44.0Siena Heights
16.JrMark Smith
26:45.0 PROlivet
17.JrKurt Swaton
26:46.7 SRAlbion
18.FrBradley Bauer
26:48.8 PRSiena Heights
19.JrMalik Jordan
26:51.4 SRLawrence Tech Univer...
20.SrKevin Salter
26:54.6 SRWayne State (MI) Uni...
21.FrSam Borisch
26:58.6Grand Rapids Community
22.FrBrennan Brothers
26:59.6 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
23.FrMitchell Johnson
26:59.9Muskegon Community
24.FrChase Fedolak
27:00.0 PRMacomb
25.SoEthan Taljonick
27:01.8 SRMott CC
26.FrThomas Michno
27:02.8 PRAlbion
27.SoJack Montgomery
27:03.1 PRAlma
28.FrD'Anthony Goodwin
27:06.9 PRAlbion
29.FrLiam Heaney
27:07.7Siena Heights
30.FrTrystan Thayer
27:07.9Grand Rapids Community
31.JrJack Miles
27:08.6 PRLake Superior State
32.FrJarred Jolley
27:12.4 PRMacomb
33.SoNate Edwards
27:15.2 PRGrand Rapids Community
34.SrTanner Flint
27:16.4 SRLawrence Tech Univer...
35.SoBrendan Koch
27:17.9 SRLawrence Tech Univer...
36.SoChase Baumgardner
27:20.9 PRAlbion
37.JrParker Wyngaard
27:21.1 PRLake Superior State
38.FrJacob Ferguson
39.SoLuke Reed
27:21.9 SRAlma
40.SoJohn Bowen
27:23.1 PRLawrence Tech Univer...
41.FrKody DeHaan
27:24.3 PRAlbion
42.FrAlex Towianski
27:27.8 PRLawrence Tech Univer...
43.SrAlex Dermody
27:29.2 SRAlbion
44.SoBruce Buurstra
27:30.5Grand Rapids Community
45.JrJustin Jones
27:31.0 SRAlma
46.SoCaleb Patton
27:31.3 PRKalamazoo
47.SoDeion Feldpausch
48.SoNicholas Barth
27:32.9Siena Heights
49.SrChad Ellis
27:33.2Ohio Dominican
50.SoJoe Vermilye
27:34.3Siena Heights
51.FrJack Shelley
27:36.0 PRHillsdale
52.FrJack Lacasse
27:38.9Wayne State (MI) Uni...
53.SoShane Skelcy
27:39.2 PROakland Community Co...
54.Daniel Malcolm
55.FrKyle Benham
27:40.5 PRMuskegon Community
56.FrJordan Parkinson
27:41.8 PRSiena Heights
57.FrJacob Ernatt
27:44.1 PROakland Community Co...
58.JrJustin Carroll
27:44.4Ohio Dominican
59.FrCarlos Soto
60.SoJason Klaassen
61.SoAustin Yunker
27:48.3 PRKalamazoo
62.SoRyan Mangulabnan
27:50.4Wayne State (MI) Uni...
63.FrTom Szymanski
27:54.1 PRMacomb
64.FrFrederick McWain
27:55.4 PRCalvin
65.JrAlex Serna
27:57.1 SROhio Dominican
66.FrLiam Walits
67.JrBrad Thomas
27:59.9 PROlivet
68.FrDavid Pinter
69.SoDillon Smith
28:04.0 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
70.FrAlan Baird
71.FrPeter Shambaugh
28:05.8 PRLake Superior State
72.JrClayton Lange
28:06.6 SRAdrian
73.FrZach MacDonald
28:08.1 PRMacomb
74.FrIsaac Arp
28:09.5 PRGrand Rapids Community
75.FrDaniel Santana
28:09.5Grand Rapids Community
76.FrKendal Delpiere
28:11.1 PRLake Superior State
77.FrKyle Markley
28:11.5 PRLansing
78.JrZachary Workman
28:12.6 PRLake Superior State
79.SrSantiago Quintana
28:13.8 PRHillsdale
80.FrKarl Stroup
81.FrTylor Carmean
28:19.1Muskegon Community
82.JrJeremiah Jean
83.SoMaxwell Pasche
84.FrDustin Lennox
28:23.4 PRSiena Heights
85.FrLuke Sakkinen
86.JrZane Brooks
28:31.8 PRAlbion
87.SrJay Benoit
28:32.4 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
88.FrMichael Burciaga
28:33.3 PRSiena Heights
89.FrMichael Gills
28:34.0 PRLake Superior State
90.JrDavid Frey
28:34.3 PRAdrian
91.JrAlec Badgley
92.FrRiley Nickell
93.FrBrandon Hughes
28:36.0 PRSt Clair County Comm...
94.SoNathaniel Frieswyk
28:36.5 PRAlbion
95.FrOliver Rice
28:40.3Alpena Community Col...
96.FrJack Greenman
28:42.4Siena Heights
97.SoDylan Mosher
28:44.2Mott CC
98.FrElliott Lipe
28:47.1 PRLansing
99.FrRaven Lockard
28:48.5 PRMuskegon Community
100.FrTaggart Tokie
28:48.6 PROakland Community Co...
101.SoJonathon Pischner
28:49.4Alpena Community Col...
102.SrConnor Vogt
28:52.7 SRKalamazoo
103.FrJack Bess
28:58.4 PRAdrian
104.JrDylan Richards
29:01.0 SRLake Superior State
105.FrJosh Johnson
29:02.4St Clair County Comm...
106.SoJim Van Dyke
107.SrCalvin Scott
108.SoKolin Ghidoni
29:06.1 PRAlpena Community Col...
109.SoJames Thurman
29:06.7 PROlivet
110.FrWilliam Martin
29:07.7 PRAdrian
111.SoAndrew Carlock
112.FrJosh Phelps
29:10.9Oakland Community Co...
113.FrCharlie Kornoelije
114.FrHunter Chovanec
29:14.8 PRAlma
115.JrWilliam Jackson
29:18.3 PRSiena Heights
116.SoBrandon Gary
29:18.4 SRAlbion
117.SoBrandon Harthorn
29:19.4Muskegon Community
118.FrDylan Hearns
29:21.6 PRFerris State
119.SoAlex Put
29:22.5Wayne State (MI) Uni...
120.FrLuke Buday
29:23.1 PRLansing
121.FrKyle Rummel
122.FrJack Felts
123.FrJaden Costa
29:25.9 PROlivet
124.SoAlex Harrell
125.SrJeff Schlicker
126.FrJohnathon Ridley
29:33.7 PRSt Clair County Comm...
127.JrNathan Elston
29:35.1 PRAlma
128.FrAlex Oquist
29:37.3 PRHillsdale
129.FrAlec Mueller
29:41.2 PROhio Dominican
130.SoPete Alfaro
29:41.2 SRSiena Heights
131.SoUriel Figueroa
29:44.9 SRLawrence Tech Univer...
132.FrJacob Kenny
29:45.2Grand Rapids Community
133.SoAndrew Ellicott
29:45.4 PRMacomb
134.FrPreston Grossling
29:46.5 PRKalamazoo
135.SoRyan VanAppledorn
29:49.2 SRCalvin
136.SoJimmy Hoefler
29:51.4Lawrence Tech Univer...
137.FrNolan Rowland
29:54.1 PRAlma
138.Tiny Vermillion
29:57.2Unattached 2
139.FrChris Bell
140.FrCarson Krupp
30:04.4 PRMott CC
141.SoDominic Santina
30:09.5Rochester College
142.SoDylan Murrin
30:11.4 PRSiena Heights
143.FrAndrew Ashbaugh
144.FrRJ Boccomino
145.SrSam Toward
30:24.7Lawrence Tech Univer...
146.FrJake Phillips
30:26.6Muskegon Community
147.FrRobert McQuaid
148.SoIan Fox
30:33.1 SRMott CC
149.SoKelvin Kellk
150.JrJacob Bonacorsi
30:36.8Lawrence Tech Univer...
151.SoAustin Enns
30:37.1 PRAlpena Community Col...
152.FrEmilio Gomez
30:38.0 PROakland Community Co...
153.SrDillion Ross
30:42.1 SRLawrence Tech Univer...
154.FrNick Major
30:43.9 PRMacomb
155.FrIan Nostrant
30:49.5 PRKalamazoo
156.FrLucas Armstrong
31:05.4 PRSchoolcraft
157.FrGarrison Dawson
31:09.0 PRAdrian
158.FrJon Gall
159.FrChandler Johnson
31:26.0 PRMacomb
160.FrJacob Popyk
31:28.2 PRMott CC
161.FrBailey Schalk
31:28.7 PRAlma
162.FrDewan Hawthorne
31:31.3 PROlivet
163.FrIsaac Cross
31:37.3Alpena Community Col...
164.FrJoseph Masamery
31:38.4 PROakland Community Co...
165.FrElijah Bragg
31:48.0 PRKirtland CC
166.FrDesmond Lewis
31:53.2 PRAncilla
167.FrMark Harting
31:55.2 PRLawrence Tech Univer...
168.FrEathan Patrick
31:58.1 PROlivet
169.FrLevi Goebel
32:02.1Alpena Community Col...
170.FrCaleb Sidock
32:02.2 PRMuskegon Community
171.FrCJ Spencer
32:15.3 PRMid Michigan Community
172.FrSpencer McClure
173.FrTremone McRae
32:19.5 PRMacomb
174.FrTyler Chavalia
32:21.4 PROlivet
175.SoAndrew Travis
32:23.6 PRMid Michigan Community
176.FrDonavin Belcher
32:39.0 PRSiena Heights
177.FrJustin Maidlow
178.FrSam Thompson
32:42.4 PRLawrence Tech Univer...
179.SoTim Murphy
32:49.1 PROakland Community Co...
180.FrDonald Timmer
33:15.7 PRMuskegon Community
181.FrNoah Bailey
33:22.5 PROlivet
182.SoIbrahim Mourad
33:31.6 PRSchoolcraft
183.FrTyler White
184.SoDraven Bass
33:53.5 PROhio Dominican
185.SoCasey Ervin
33:58.3 SRMid Michigan Community
186.FrEthan Barrett
34:21.7 PROlivet
187.SoDave Hardy
188.Carson Crowell
34:27.5Unattached 3
189.FrRobert Caddy
34:31.0 PRAncilla
190.SoSheldon Elkie
34:34.8Alpena Community Col...
191.SrJohnathon Hogan
34:38.2Rochester College
192.SoJake Lysiak
34:42.2 PRMuskegon Community
193.Ian McCracken
194.FrEvan LeTourneau
35:48.4Alpena Community Col...
195.FrDylan Perry
196.FrLuke Hargis
197.FrAndrew Grabiel
37:22.1Alpena Community Col...
198.SoNick Robbins
37:22.6 PRSchoolcraft
199.FrJacob Peck
38:09.9 PRKirtland CC
200.FrKarl Patrick
39:15.8 PRWayne CC
201.FrJoshua Phipps
39:18.7 PRRochester College
202.FrDylan Danhoff
39:30.7 PRKirtland CC
203.FrChase Gernaat
39:46.6 PRMid Michigan Community
204.FrKareem Alamm
39:58.9 PRMid Michigan Community
205.FrCameron Gingerich
40:48.2 PRKirtland CC
206.SoJaryd Forbes
41:05.8St Clair County Comm...
207.Josey Casto
41:12.0Unattached 3
208.FrKemani Jones
41:14.9 PRWayne CC
209.FrBenjamin Feldpausch
44:56.1 PRMid Michigan Community
210.FrJaeden Butler
47:10.4 PRWayne CC
211.FrJalen Welch
47:37.9 PRWayne CC
212.FrMarQwen Carruthers
48:33.0Wayne CC
213.FrTavion Dowell
48:34.8 PRWayne CC
214.FrAsher Watters
50:05.5 PRMid Michigan Community
215.SoJeremiah Barth
50:17.0 PRKirtland CC
216.FrRiley Connett
50:47.9 PRKirtland CC
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women

1.Allison Dorr
18:00.9Unattached 2
2.JrJacqueline Feist
18:22.9Wayne State (MI) Uni...
3.SoAshley Lindeman
18:34.1 PRLansing
4.SoKirsten McGahan
5.SrChelse Van Spronsen
6.Beth Zimpfer
7.FrEmma Willett
19:13.6 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
8.SrOlivia Vasiloff
19:14.9 PRAdrian
9.JrMallory Munderloh
10.SrHannah Garn
11.FrIsabella Garcia
19:17.7 PRSaginaw Valley State
12.FrGabrielle Willett
19:30.5 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
13.JrMarissa Bradley
19:32.6 PRLawrence Tech Univer...
14.SoRebecca Estep
19:38.3 PRSaginaw Valley State
15.SoBlaire Showers
19:42.0 PRAlma
16.FrCarissa Martin
19:49.8 PRSaginaw Valley State
17.SoMacy Gustavus
18.SoAlyssa Mankey
19:55.3 SRLansing
19.FrKiersten Reeves
19:58.3Wayne State (MI) Uni...
20.SrAlicia Szilagyi
20:00.4 SRAdrian
21.SoLaura Estrada
20:01.7Saginaw Valley State
22.FrStephanie Thomas
20:02.4Grand Rapids Community
23.FrEmma Fifarek
20:03.8 PRLansing
24.JrHannah Hamilton
20:04.6 PRKalamazoo
25.JrKinzie Sikkema
20:04.8 PRSaginaw Valley State
26.FrEmma Distelrath
20:07.0 PRLansing
27.SrHaley Boccomino
20:09.8 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
28.FrJulianna Manserra
20:11.8 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
29.SoNicole Zerfas
20:17.2 PROlivet
30.SrEmily Bemis
20:18.4Rochester College
31.FrMorgan Markel
20:22.0 PRMacomb
32.FrMegan Poole
20:22.9 PRHillsdale
33.SoTaylor Ward
20:23.9 SRLansing
34.SoKaitlyn Cavallo
35.SrMadeline Richards
20:29.0 SRHillsdale
36.SrMcKenzie Richardson
20:31.3 SRLake Superior State
37.FrSarah Hanson
20:32.6 PRJackson
38.FrMichelle Meister
20:33.5Lawrence Tech Univer...
39.JrHannah Tas
20:36.0 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
40.FrJessica Sluiter
20:40.8Grand Rapids Community
41.FrAlly Slone
20:41.2 PRMacomb
42.SoEmily Wohlfert
43.FrKylie Sikkema
20:44.0Saginaw Valley State
44.SoMegan Cates
20:45.6 PRMacomb
45.SoAshley Karnick
46.FrHannah Heintzelman
20:49.3Muskegon Community
47.FrAnnie Needs
48.FrCatherine Stone
20:52.4 PRFerris State
49.SoNatalie Purcell
20:53.2 PRAlbion
50.JrMadeline Salem
20:54.5Rochester College
51.SoEricka Lathrop
52.SrEmily Nixon
20:58.0 SRAdrian
53.FrCierra Ensign
20:59.0Grand Rapids Community
54.SoMadeline McDonnell
21:01.0 PRAlma
55.SoMiranda Cates
21:02.7 SRMacomb
56.SoKendra Irvine
21:03.1 SRMuskegon Community
57.FrLyndsey Braman
21:03.3Wayne State (MI) Uni...
58.FrTaylor Ten Pas
59.JrLydia Heimonen
21:11.2 SRLake Superior State
60.FrTessa Van De Walker
61.FrAnastasia Bragg
21:15.4 PRKirtland CC
62.FrAutumn Tuck
63.SoCheyanna Rizor
21:26.0 PRFerris State
64.FrGrace Musselman
21:29.1 PRFerris State
65.SoAnna Roodbergen
21:29.2 SRKalamazoo
66.Fatumn Jillo
21:29.3Unattached 2
67.FrAnnika Croswhite
21:30.3 PRLansing
68.SoMegan O'Hara
69.FrElizabeth Setsuda
21:33.7 PRSchoolcraft
70.FrCallie Jones
71.FrMadison Dean
21:35.0 PRSaginaw Valley State
72.JrSydney Graham
21:36.2 PRAlbion
73.SoJayla Fleming
21:37.1 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
74.SoRebecca Lathrop
21:40.5 PRLake Superior State
75.FrMadison Cook
21:46.6 PRMuskegon Community
76.JrMonica Ellicott
21:47.5 SRLawrence Tech Univer...
77.FrJillian Alongi
21:47.5 PRMacomb
78.FrMorgan Greenman
21:50.0 PROlivet
79.JrMadison Nelson
80.SoLasaundra Eggleston
21:52.3 PRMacomb
81.SrTrudie Mulville
21:52.6 SRLake Superior State
82.SoShaylin Anderson
21:54.4Mid Michigan Community
83.FrBrittany Pierce
21:57.3 PRAlma
84.JrAbigail Gaines
21:58.5 PROlivet
85.-Emily Merten
21:58.9 PRLake Superior State
86.FrRebekah Vanderhelm
22:00.0 PRAdrian
87.FrKathryn LeVasseur
22:04.9 PRKalamazoo
88.JrLacey Wojt
22:05.1Rochester College
89.FrAudrey Sylvia
22:06.6 PRSt Clair County Comm...
90.FrJulia Felts
91.FrGrace Secontine
22:12.0 PRAdrian
92.JrNicole Gilbert
22:14.6 PROlivet
93.FrJosie Queary
22:20.8 PRLawrence Tech Univer...
94.FrKatana Daniely
22:21.7Muskegon Community
95.FrAni Purcell
22:26.7Wayne State (MI) Uni...
96.SrRachel Leggett
22:27.9 SRLake Superior State
97.FrKelly Brown
22:29.3 PRMuskegon Community
98.SoHaley Dack
99.FrMegan Heft
100.FrMadison Dunlap
101.SoVictoria Thamann
102.SoJena Gaffner
103.Danirlle Hack
22:39.3Unattached 3
104.SoZita Tranquilla
22:42.2 PRAlma
105.FrSydney Armstrong
22:47.2 PRMuskegon Community
106.FrKelli Laube
107.SrKylee Wright-Alexa...
23:01.0Rochester College
108.FrJasmin Messer
23:03.5 PROakland Community Co...
109.FrAdriana Wagner
110.JrClaudia Krygier
23:06.5 SRLawrence Tech Univer...
111.FrMaisie Baker
23:07.1 PROlivet
112.SoMelody Perrin
23:07.3 PRLake Superior State
113.SoCaterina Gryspeerd
23:12.5St Clair County Comm...
114.JrBrooke VandePolder
115.JrJessica Taylor
23:18.7 SROlivet
116.JrLauren Kucharczyk
23:20.7 PRAlma
117.FrMadison Woodall
23:28.5St Clair County Comm...
118.SoKaley Haupt
23:40.5 SRAdrian
119.SoLindy Anderson
120.FrJessica Krolik
24:00.7 PROakland Community Co...
121.FrHannah Bartoshesky
24:08.9 PRKalamazoo
122.SoKelsey Catania
24:15.5Lawrence Tech Univer...
123.SoLexi Strope
24:16.3Mid Michigan Community
124.FrLinde Bolle
24:18.8 PRAlbion
125.SoSydney Streng
24:25.2 PRRochester College
126.JrAnissa Keeler
24:26.7 SRAlma
127.SoRuslana Gill
128.FrTaylor Schmidt
24:43.9 PRAdrian
129.SrLibbey Jones
130.SoKassidy Zimmer
24:58.3 SRAlbion
131.SoMadison Swope
132.FrJessica Nichols
25:04.6Rochester College
133.SoKathryn Thamann
25:14.9 SRKalamazoo
134.JrAbigail Marsee
25:16.5 SRRochester College
135.FrDaja Weaver
25:17.4 PROakland Community Co...
136.FrMiliana Stromile
25:17.6 PROakland Community Co...
137.SoJessica Reynolds
25:20.9 PRAlbion
138.SoMaggie Graham
25:44.4 PROlivet
139.JrTessa Triest
26:35.1 PRAlbion
140.JrAlexandra Bieri
141.SoIsabelle Dietz
26:51.3Rochester College
142.FrAngelica Abbott
27:02.5Mott CC
143.JrShannon Irvine
144.FrMarissa Richard
27:34.3Mott CC
145.FrAleesha Cooks
27:53.6 PRWayne CC
146.SoLaine Krueger
27:57.4 SRAlma
147.FrKereen Williams
28:12.7Mott CC
148.FrMorgan Coolman
28:31.2Mott CC
149.SoCammie Brown
150.FrRae Stiles
28:50.2 PRAncilla
151.SoStephanie Ung
152.SoMaya McAdory
30:12.1Grand Rapids Community
153.FrTala Barton
30:15.2 PRKirtland CC
154.FrAnna Abernethy
30:56.6Grand Rapids Community
155.FrLauren Hope
31:13.3 PRRochester College
156.SoSadie Massie
32:21.7Mid Michigan Community
157.FrKorrin Pease
32:22.0 PRKirtland CC
158.FrKara Kindel
32:37.8Mid Michigan Community
159.FrNajharae Young
32:38.1Oakland Community Co...
160.SoErica Lybeer
32:38.6 PRMid Michigan Community
161.FrBrandy Jackson
34:22.8 PRWayne CC
162.FrCaprice Brown
34:23.7Wayne CC
163.FrLuz Montijo
34:28.6 PRWayne CC
164.FrJamie Madden
34:41.8 PRWayne CC
165.FrKatrina Roy
36:31.2St Clair County Comm...
166.FrNicole Burgess
36:31.4St Clair County Comm...
167.FrDonnetta Colbert
36:57.5Wayne CC
168.FrJamila Gortman
38:17.2 PRWayne CC
169.FrHollis Jaykla
38:53.9 PRWayne CC
170.FrLauren Woodworth
38:59.7 PRKirtland CC
171.FrCierra Griffin
39:40.9Rochester College
172.FrAbigail Nutt
39:42.7 PRKirtland CC
173.SoAbigail Pryor
50:43.7Mid Michigan Community
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