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Mens Races
3,000 Meters Middle School7:25 AM
3,000 Meters 9th and 10th Grade8:20 AM
3,000 Meters 11th and 12th Grade9:20 AM
Womens Races
3,000 Meters Middle School7:00 AM
3,000 Meters 9th and 10th Grade7:50 AM
3,000 Meters 11th and 12th Grade8:50 AM

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Dennis DeWitt Meet Information   (coaches)

2017 Dennis DeWitt Invitational

Sponsored Fresno Fleet Feet and Madera South High School


The Madera South High School Cross Country team would like to invite your team to our cross country invitational. Since this is an early season meet, all races will be 3000 meters. The race course is spectator friendly. We hope to see you in September.

Date:                                    Saturday, September 2, 2017

Location:                             Lions Town & Country Park, 2602 Howard Road, Madera, CA 93637

Division/Race Times:         7/8 Girls: 8:00 AM                             7/8 Boys: 8:25 AM

                                             Frosh Girls: 8:45 AM                         Frosh Boys: 9:10 AM

                                             Soph Girls: 9:30 AM                          Soph Boys:  9:55 AM

                                             Junior Girls: 10:15 AM                      Junior Boys: 10:40 AM

                                             Senior Girls: 11:00 AM                     Senior Boys: 11:25 AM

Entry Rules/Registration: Please register your entries/teams in by August 30th 2017 at 5:00PM. (Middle Schools are Free/No Charge, but still need to meet the deadlines for registration) 

Distance:                             3000 meters

Course Outline:                  80% grass, 15% gravel, 5% asphalt

Awards:                               Top 10 places will receive awards (ALL RACES)

Team Awards:                    The top two teams in the small and large school divisions will receive a plaque. The team awards are based upon the 5 fastest individuals from each school for a team time champion and runner-up team time champion.

Snack Bar:                           Yes! Food Truck will be selling food and snack bar selling refreshments.

Entertainment:                  Yes! We plan on having a D.J. at the meet for music before, during, and after the races

Timing:                                There will be chip timing

Results:                               Posted after each race and on , and

Fees:                                     $8.00 per entry; $300.00 maximum per school

Make Checks Payable:       Madera South Cross Country

Contacts:                             Eloy Quintana-Head Coach (559) 709-4651

                                             EMAIL:, FAX: (559) 675-4646




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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Alta Sierra35
2.Washington Academic44
3.Kastner Intermediate62
4.Martin Luther King (Madera)91
5.Wilson (Chowchilla)143

Hypothetical Scores

1.7Sabastian Bustamante
10:51.6 PRAlta Sierra
2.8Remi Ochoa
10:54.5Martin Luther King (...
3.8David Deleora
11:07.6 PRWashington Academic
4.7Noah Ray
11:08.6 PRAlta Sierra
5.7Zach Weaver
11:13.0 PRAlta Sierra
6.7Andrew Ramirez
11:13.8 PRWashington Academic
7.8Collin Galaviz
11:16.9 PRKastner Intermediate
8.8Dylan Hovet
11:25.3 PRAlta Sierra
9.7PC Melgoza
11:31.2 PRWashington Academic
10.8Luis Hernandez
11:54.4 PRMartin Luther King (...
11.7?Chris? Perez
12:04.5 PRWashington Academic
12.7Nathaniel Nodal
12:07.2 PRKastner Intermediate
13.7Colin Cameron
12:09.3 PRKastner Intermediate
14.7Dante Robinson
12:19.2 PRKastner Intermediate
15.8Nathaniel Melgoza
12:20.3 PRWashington Academic
16.8Alessandro Ramirez...
12:24.4 PRKastner Intermediate
17.7Andrew TeNyenhuis
12:51.9 PRAlta Sierra
18.7Eli Borsch
12:54.6 PRWashington Academic
19.8Parker Wyatt
12:57.7 PRAlta Sierra
20.7Kyle Derksen
12:58.4 PRKastner Intermediate
21.7Colin Manfredo
13:03.2 PRWashington Academic
22.8Haritik Harvey
13:05.2 PRWilson (Chowchilla)
23.7Carlos Ruvalcalba
13:05.7 PRWashington Academic
24.7Daniel? Daniel
13:08.8 PRWashington Academic
25.7Matthew Mcbride
13:15.7 PRKastner Intermediate
26.7Wyatt Sanders
13:16.9 PRAlta Sierra
27.7Derrick Bosse
13:17.3 PRAlta Sierra
28.7Matthiew Castro
13:17.4 PRKastner Intermediate
29.7Malakhi Flowers
13:18.3 PRKastner Intermediate
30.8Colin Gray
13:18.4 PRKastner Intermediate
31.8Ethan West
13:19.5 PRAlta Sierra
32.7Noah Hernandez
13:21.0 PRWashington Academic
33.8Shawn Oconnell
13:26.4 PRKastner Intermediate
34.8Jackson Shively
13:39.7 PRAlta Sierra
35.7Yefry Sanchez
13:48.7 PRJack G. Desmond
36.7Enrique Pablo
13:57.4 PRMartin Luther King (...
37.7Mikah Flowers
13:59.2 PRKastner Intermediate
38.7Tomoya Ryan
14:03.8 PRKastner Intermediate
39.7Adrian Hipolito
14:09.4Martin Luther King (...
40.8Andrew Cantoriano
14:16.1 PRKastner Intermediate
41.7Gavin Gonzales
14:31.7 PRWashington Academic
42.8Patrick Wilson
14:34.2 PRKastner Intermediate
43.8Leeanna Borba
14:38.4 PRWilson (Chowchilla)
44.7Sergio Beltran
14:55.1 PRMartin Luther King (...
45.8Julian Gallardo
14:56.5 PRWashington Academic
46.8David Palafox
15:02.7Martin Luther King (...
47.8Ashley Bandala
15:16.0 PRWilson (Chowchilla)
48.7Aiden? Pugliese
15:17.3 PRWashington Academic
49.8Tanner Wright
15:32.6 PRKastner Intermediate
50.8J. esteban Sanchez
15:35.7 PRKastner Intermediate
51.6Logan Wade
16:09.5 PRWilson (Chowchilla)
52.7Jairo? Perez
16:13.5 PRWashington Academic
53.8Julyan Gomez
16:13.6 PRWashington Academic
54.8Israel Rivera
16:26.0 PRMartin Luther King (...
55.7Joshua Cornejo
16:27.3 PRKastner Intermediate
56.7Fernando Meza
16:27.9Martin Luther King (...
57.7Ernesto Pimental
16:30.9 PRWashington Academic
58.8Ottavia Turner
16:51.2 PRWilson (Chowchilla)
59.6Yolisia Quezada
16:51.7 PRWilson (Chowchilla)
60.7Ryan Luna
16:58.4 PRWilson (Chowchilla)
61.7Suneet Clay
17:45.7 PRWilson (Chowchilla)
62.7Jaime Hernandez
18:09.9 PRMartin Luther King (...
63.7Caden Mayfield
18:28.1 PRKastner Intermediate
64.7Keith? Moua
18:31.5 PRWashington Academic
65.7Alex Webster
18:34.8 PRKastner Intermediate
66.8Jayce Harvey
19:21.5 PRWilson (Chowchilla)
67.6Tristian Moss
19:34.6 PRWilson (Chowchilla)
68.8Ethan Smith
19:40.2 PRAlta Sierra
69.8Teresa Kennedy
19:40.9 PRWilson (Chowchilla)
70.7Ryan Perez-Ross
19:56.6 PRWilson (Chowchilla)
71.8Vincent Garcia
20:37.0 PRWashington Academic
72.7Emmanuel Flores
21:37.3 PRWashington Academic
73.6Estefania Dunn
22:27.2 PRWilson (Chowchilla)
74.7Tristian Suarez
22:48.3 PRWilson (Chowchilla)
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3,000 Meters 9th and 10th Grade

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Clovis East55
2.Clovis West78
3.Clovis North80
5.Madera South144
13.Liberty (Madera Ranchos)320

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Isaiah Galindo
9:29.1 PRClovis North
2.10Enrique Gutierrez
9:43.9 SRClovis East
3.10Nicholas Carter
9:48.9 SRClovis North
4.10Matthew Jarrett
9:52.9 PRReedley
5.10Thomas Allen
9:56.6 PRClovis North
6.10Pierson Lamborn
9:59.8Clovis West
7.10Matthew Morgan
10:00.8Clovis West
8.9Bernard Jackson
10:04.0 PRClovis East
9.9Danny DeLoera
10:04.1 PRSanger
10.10Joe Gomez
11.10Anthony Preciado
10:10.5 PRRoosevelt
12.10Michael Eggert
10:12.4 SRChowchilla
13.10Brayden Costales
10:16.8Clovis West
14.10Vicente Rojas
15.10Fernando Sandoval
10:23.8 PRClovis
16.10Joel Vogt
10:25.0 SRClovis East
17.10Jorge Toscano
10:26.0 SRClovis East
18.9Isaac Castro
10:26.4 PRClovis East
19.10Anthony Castro
20.10Jose Henriquez
10:32.8 PRRoosevelt
21.10Francisco Maciel
10:32.8Madera South
22.9Angel Salcedo
23.10Ernesto Palacios
10:36.7 PRRoosevelt
24.10Samuel Kellar
25.10Baltazar Lopez
10:38.1 PRCaruthers
26.10Kevin Mendoza
10:39.1 SRMadera South
27.10Jake Bringetto
10:39.9Clovis West
28.9Aaron Segura
10:40.0 PRMadera South
29.9Ahmed Ahmed
30.10Jordan Marroquin
10:42.7 PRClovis
31.9Jesus Hernandez
10:43.5 PRRoosevelt
32.9Adrian Cuellar
10:45.7 PRSanger
33.10Bryan Trujillo
10:46.5 PRClovis
34.10Jacob Pace
10:46.9Clovis West
35.9George Yamashita
10:51.4 PRClovis North
36.9Jack Dresick
10:52.1Clovis West
37.10Connor Borba
10:54.7 SRChowchilla
38.9Guillermo Guzman
10:55.9 PRMadera
39.9Marcos Ruiz
10:57.1 PRMendota
40.9Luis Lopez
10:59.2 PRSanger
41.9Angel Cobian
10:59.5Madera South
42.9Benjamin Awad
10:59.9 PRSanger
43.9Raul Rosales
11:01.3 PRRoosevelt
44.10Michael Rivera
11:02.2Liberty (Madera Ranc...
45.9Nate Shepherd
11:03.4Liberty (Madera Ranc...
46.9Jayden Olea
11:04.2 PRSanger
47.9Asim Wahab
48.9Carrick Gilgen
11:06.8 PRClovis North
49.10Kyle Amerjan
11:08.6 PR Clovis North
50.10Luis Ortega
11:09.2Madera South
51.9Bailey Montoya
11:09.7Madera South
52.9Arthur Torres
11:12.6Madera South
53.10Robert Shehadey
11:14.6Clovis West
54.9Tyler Lamborn
11:15.1Clovis West
55.10Ahsan Wahab
11:17.4 SRKerman
56.9Naisaiha Reyes
11:19.4 PRMadera
57.10Isaiah Madrid
58.9Ethan Pricolo
11:23.1Clovis West
59.10Matt Garza
11:25.5 PRSan Joaquin Memorial
60.9Ismael Olivera
11:26.6 PRCaruthers
61.10Lionel Aguayo
62.9Miguel Madera
11:28.9 PRRoosevelt
63.9Anthony Gonzalez
11:29.0 PRSanger
64.9Caleb Nerdahl
11:29.4 PRClovis East
65.10Jesus Reynosa
66.10Alexis Matias
11:33.0 PRReedley
67.9Yovani Larios
11:38.9 PRCaruthers
68.10Eliezer Gonzalez
69.9Ezequiel Rincon
11:39.9 PRFresno
70.9Carlos Moctezuma
11:39.9 PRSanger
71.10Christopher Price
11:41.6 SRCorcoran
72.9Leonardo Andrade
73.9Seth Harris
11:42.6 PRClovis North
74.10Daniel Torres
11:43.0Madera South
75.10Alec Small
11:45.1 PRYosemite
76.10Adrian Chavez
11:50.1 PRSanger
77.9Emiliano Corona
78.9Adrian Paramo
79.9Evan Leal
11:59.0 PRReedley
80.10Nathan Melchor
12:01.5 PRMadera
81.10Ivan Topete
12:06.3 SRSanger
82.9Noah Arsitio
12:10.9 PRClovis North
83.9Juan Tapia
12:12.0 PRCaruthers
84.10Daniel Llanez
12:13.8 SRClovis North
85.10Phillip Rico
12:14.7 SRReedley
86.9Caleb Gray
12:15.3Liberty (Madera Ranc...
87.9Alex Ochoa
12:15.6 PRMendota
88.9Jonathan Burdick
12:16.0 PRClovis East
89.9German Villavicencio
12:17.6Madera South
90.9Jesus Rojas
91.10Max Brooks
12:21.5 PRSanger
92.10Abraham Avendano
93.9Abheet Singh
12:21.7 PRClovis North
94.9Ashton Ferry
12:26.0Clovis West
95.10Stabivs Barba
12:31.4 SRMendota
96.9Aaron Jackson
12:36.2 PRMadera
97.9Cameron Aguilar
12:37.8 PRClovis West
98.10Nicolas Rodriguez
12:37.9 PRReedley
99.10Zack Elison
12:39.3 SRChowchilla
100.10Axel Loredo-Gomez
12:42.6 PRMadera
101.9Eduardo Balbadillo
12:45.1 PRMadera
102.9Kevin Flores
103.9Paulino Herrera
12:47.2Madera South
104.9Heriberto Larios
12:48.4 PRCaruthers
105.9Brenden Reed
12:49.9 PRFresno
106.10Orlando Navarro
107.10Gabriel Maldonado
108.9Harm de Jong
12:51.9 PRCentral Valley Chris...
109.9Abraham Corchado
12:55.2Clovis West
110.10Jimmy Duran
12:59.1 PRWashington Union
111.9Harrison Stokes
12:59.6Clovis West
112.9Omar Zarate
13:01.3 PRFresno
113.10Daniel Martinez
13:07.0 PRYosemite
114.9Gavin Gladders
13:07.5Liberty (Madera Ranc...
115.9Bryan Orellano
13:09.6 PRKerman
116.10Jose Alvarenga
117.9Fernando Avila
118.9Michael Meinert
13:18.4 PRReedley
119.10Javier Salpa
13:18.6 PRMadera
120.10Emanuel Bolanos
13:18.6 PRRoosevelt
121.9Jesus Hernandez
13:19.0 PRCaruthers
122.9Eric Lawrence
13:24.9Liberty (Madera Ranc...
123.10Derrick Ivy
13:30.7 PRYosemite
124.9Carlos Briseno
13:31.5Liberty (Madera Ranc...
125.9Mathew Vang
126.9John De Castro
13:35.0 PRSan Joaquin Memorial
127.9Giovanni Martinez
13:36.3 PRRoosevelt
128.10Esteban Gutierrez
129.9Victor Galvan
13:45.9 PRReedley
130.9Brian Alexander
13:48.0Liberty (Madera Ranc...
131.9Joshua Bayt
14:23.0 PRYosemite
132.9Christian Olmos
133.10Jorge Sandoval
14:29.8 PRLindsay
134.9Luis Estrada
14:39.4 PRWashington Union
135.9Nathaniel Silva
136.10Fernando Hernandez
14:47.4Madera South
137.10Bruno Lozano
14:47.5 PRFresno
138.10Matthew Fernandez
15:22.9 PRSan Joaquin Memorial
139.9John Quinn
15:41.0Liberty (Madera Ranc...
140.9Sean Linneman
15:43.2 PRSan Joaquin Memorial
141.9Joshua Nickles
16:04.3 PRFresno
142.9Leroy Alec
143.10Evan Sheppard
16:11.2 PRChowchilla
144.9Skyler Brasher
16:28.7 PRYosemite
145.9Armando Hernandez
146.9Ralph Zucilla
16:58.5 PRFresno
147.9Adrian Sanchez
148.10Jaime Gonzalez
17:10.3 PRClovis West
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3,000 Meters 11th and 12th Grade

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Clovis North76
4.Madera South143
10.San Joaquin Memorial235
11.Clovis West259
14.Liberty (Madera Ranchos)401

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Seth Garcia
09:18.0Madera South
2.12Cristian Gomez
09:22.6 SRReedley
3.11Abdul Ali
9:32.5 PRAvenal
4.12Spencer Hauxhurst
9:36.5 SRClovis North
5.12Mohamed Saleh
9:36.9 SRSanger
6.12Jared Falcone
9:37.8 SRClovis East
7.12Jose Mosqueda
8.12Alex Garcia
9:45.8 SRReedley
9.11Reed Lienau
9:46.3 PRClovis North
10.11Victor Cisneros
11.12Eduardo Robles
9:47.2 SRSanger
12.12Rigo Gamez
9:52.6 SRClovis East
13.11Garrin Schaap
9:52.8 SRCentral Valley Chris...
14.11Charlie Swanson
9:53.0 SRClovis North
15.12Adrian Alvarez
9:56.8Madera South
16.12Charlie Sawyer
9:57.2Clovis West
17.12Chris Watkins
10:02.9 PRClovis
18.12Andrew Scherf
10:02.9 PRClovis
19.12Adrian Rodriguez
10:05.4 PRReedley
20.12Diego Carrasco
10:05.7 SRSan Joaquin Memorial
21.11Octavio Lopez
10:07.0 SRRoosevelt
22.12Kevin Keller
10:08.6 PRMadera
23.12Juan DeSantiago
10:09.1 SRSanger
24.12Christian Gonzalez
25.11Juan Gonzalez
10:10.0 SRSanger
26.11Diego Duarte
10:10.3 PRReedley
27.11Kristian Robles
10:10.6 PRChowchilla
28.12Gursharan Singh
10:10.8 PRMadera
29.12Mauro Sanchez
10:10.8 SRReedley
30.12Nati Wagenleitner
10:11.2 SRClovis North
31.12Cesar Angulo
10:12.1 SRCorcoran
32.11Miguel Mendez
33.12Daniel Serrano
10:14.4 PRFresno
34.11Noah Menezes
10:14.5 SRSan Joaquin Memorial
35.12Russell Zelazo
10:15.3 PRYosemite
36.12Moses Zavala
10:15.7 SRMadera
37.11Ethan Fusselman
10:18.3 SRClovis North
38.11Sergio Velasquez
39.11Francis Orgill
40.12Trever Jones
10:23.4 SRSanger
41.11Fabian Barrera
10:23.7 SRSanger
42.12Matthew Taksa
10:24.0 PRSan Joaquin Memorial
43.11Michael Zuniga
10:24.6 SRRoosevelt
44.12Gonzalo Gutierrez
45.11Alejandro Duran
10:25.3Madera South
46.11Jonah Hernandez
47.12Brandon Ebersole
10:28.7 SRMadera
48.11Sebestian Medina
10:31.8 SRClovis East
49.11Luis Benitez
50.12Christian Shehadey
10:38.0 PRClovis
51.10Vincent Carrillo
10:38.3 PRKerman
52.12Angel Reyes
10:39.2Madera South
53.11Joseph Price
54.11Josh Casarez
55.11Leonardo Villasenor
56.11David Hernandez
57.11Victor Ochoa
10:41.8Madera South
58.11Tyler Murphy
10:42.3 PRClovis
59.11Abelardo Pablo
10:42.9Madera South
60.11Josh Dykstra
10:44.1 SRCentral Valley Chris...
61.11Salvador Martinez
10:46.2Madera South
62.11Michael Vaquilar
10:48.1Clovis West
63.11Jacob Huebert
10:48.9 SRClovis North
64.12Arturo Ledezma
10:49.1 SRKerman
65.11Christian Santana
66.12Eduardo Ojeda
10:51.5Madera South
67.11David Robles
10:51.6 SRReedley
68.12Jean Lorilleux
69.12Evan Schmidt
10:54.2Clovis West
70.12Gabriel Guerrero
71.12Jesus Robles
72.12Unk Unk
73.12Rafael Crispin
10:57.1 SRCaruthers
74.11Jaime Bravo
75.12Efrain Rosales
10:58.0 SRRoosevelt
76.11Nathan Kennedy
10:58.9 SRClovis North
77.11Isaac Fernandez
10:59.4Madera South
78.11Alan Zaragoza
11:01.2 SRCorcoran
79.11Zane West
11:01.4 PRClovis
80.11Ethan Doyle
11:04.4 PRClovis North
81.11Eliseo Mendez
11:04.5 SRCorcoran
82.12Noah Sanchez
11:05.5Clovis West
83.12Manuel Huerta
11:05.5 PRWashington Union
84.11Ethan Rodriguez
11:06.1 SRClovis West
85.11Jacob Hall
11:08.1 SRClovis West
86.12Armando Santos
11:08.8 SRWashington Union
87.12Moises Buitrago
11:10.3 PRSanger
88.12Alexis Sanchez
89.11Cristobal Vasquez
90.12Gabriel Acosta
11:16.6 PRSanger
91.11Keenan Wong
11:17.1Clovis West
92.12Christian Willden
11:17.2 PRChowchilla
93.12William McBride
11:17.8Clovis West
94.11Kurtis Adams
11:19.0Madera South
95.12Christopher Betten...
11:19.1 PRChowchilla
96.11Ismael Ferreira
11:21.1 PRLindsay
97.11Eric Halverson
11:22.2Liberty (Madera Ranc...
98.12Matthew Magill
11:22.4 PRSan Joaquin Memorial
99.12Alberto Melchor
11:24.2Madera South
100.11Connor McPherson
11:25.4 SRLiberty (Madera Ranc...
101.12Oscar Herrera
11:27.7 SRCaruthers
102.12Epifanio Mojica
11:31.4 SRSanger
103.12Matthew Morillas
11:35.6 SRClovis North
104.11Angel Rueda
11:41.6 PRMadera
105.12Alejandro Leon
11:47.3 PRSan Joaquin Memorial
106.11Ethan Conti
11:49.3 PRYosemite
107.11Lucas Skouv
11:51.0Liberty (Madera Ranc...
108.12Mario Reynoso
11:53.5 SRRoosevelt
109.12Adrian Recinos
11:55.9 SRSanger
110.11Luke Tiersma
11:58.0 SRCentral Valley Chris...
111.12Matthew Ricci
12:01.3 SRSan Joaquin Memorial
112.12Brandon Garcia
12:01.5 PRSan Joaquin Memorial
113.12Jazper Blancett
12:02.1Liberty (Madera Ranc...
114.11Juan Pacheco
115.12Josiah Majors
12:08.8 PRClovis
116.11Ricky Gracia
12:08.8 SRLiberty (Madera Ranc...
117.11Isaac Cordova
12:09.6 PRFresno
118.12Jorge Juarez
119.12Marcos Cortez
120.12Anthony Gonzales
121.11Andrew Atkinson
12:21.2Clovis West
122.11Jesse Andrade
123.11Sammy Bracamonte
12:22.5 PRFresno
124.12Dane Tynan
12:24.2 SRLiberty (Madera Ranc...
125.12Keanu Lugo
12:33.9 SRSanger
126.12Luis Valdez
12:36.9 PRLindsay
127.12Pedro Morales
128.11Julian Alvino
129.11Preston Reynolds
12:48.7Liberty (Madera Ranc...
130.12Ethan Erickson
12:49.0Liberty (Madera Ranc...
131.12Maurilio Lopez
12:49.9 SRCaruthers
132.11Adrian Uribe
133.11Jesus Galvez
134.12Jacob Leu
13:00.2Clovis West
135.12Zet Corpus
13:14.3Liberty (Madera Ranc...
136.11Osvaldo Quintero
13:15.9 SRKerman
137.12Alvaro Rubio
13:17.0 PRCaruthers
138.12Cheng Luo
13:19.1Clovis West
139.12Angel Hernandez
13:35.2 SRCaruthers
140.11Jose Rivera
13:39.4 PRKerman
141.12Juan Carlos Carrasco
13:41.0 PRSanger
142.11Hunter Cook
13:49.1 SRMadera
143.11Alexis Arteaga
144.11Fernando Solorzano
13:58.1 PRCorcoran
145.12Miguel Avila
14:05.3 PRRoosevelt
146.11Kevin Alvarez
14:05.7 SRCorcoran
147.11Jordan Riezebos
14:09.4 PRCentral Valley Chris...
148.11Esteban Cayetano
14:21.5 PRWashington Union
149.12Isaac Dominguez
150.11Jordan Dille
14:28.5 PRClovis North
151.11Hardi Palma
14:31.3 PRSanger
152.11Carlos Neri
15:01.1 SRWashington Union
153.12Daniel Roberts
15:01.9 PRYosemite
154.11Ben Kalmbach
17:08.1 PRSan Joaquin Memorial
155.11Alfredo Gonzalez
17:37.9 PRRoosevelt
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters 9th and 10th Grade

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Official Team Scores

3.Clovis East103
6.Madera South159
7.Clovis West171
9.Liberty (Madera Ranchos)229
10.Washington Union244

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Unique Ford
11:23.2 PRMadera
2.9Kaley Cardenas
12:02.4 PRSanger
3.10Jadyn Pennington
12:05.4 SRClovis East
4.9Paulina Guerrero
5.10Chloe Schultz
12:07.4 SRClovis East
6.10Dariana Miramontes
12:07.8Madera South
7.9Jaydah Aguilar
12:13.1Madera South
8.10Olivia Renfro
12:18.7Clovis West
9.9Jasmine Guzman
10.10Jacqueline Garcia
12:23.2 SRKerman
11.9Kylie de Jong
12:24.1 PRCentral Valley Chris...
12.10Gina Chavez
12:24.8 SRRoosevelt
13.10Ximena Ramos
12:28.6 SRReedley
14.10Linda Perez
12:31.7 SRMadera
15.9Caliska Avila
12:36.0 PRWashington Union
16.9Jariah Lopez
12:37.6 PRClovis East
17.10Sophia Napier
12:38.0Liberty (Madera Ranc...
18.9Alondra Huerta
12:39.1 PRSanger
19.10Violet Sheriff
12:40.0 PRMadera
20.10Gloria Becerra
12:40.8 PRReedley
21.9Juliette Mata
12:41.3 PRClovis
22.9Julia Martinez
12:41.7 PRMadera
23.10Natalie Reyes
12:42.8 PRReedley
24.9Cheyenne Torres-Hu...
12:43.0 PRSanger
25.10Casandra Gonzalez
12:43.8 PRCorcoran
26.10Jane Nakamura
12:45.1 PRClovis North
27.10Karisma Rodriguez
12:53.3 SRSanger
28.10Keila Robles
12:59.8 SRReedley
29.9Paola Sanchez
13:02.3 PRMadera
30.9Jahari Garcia
13:08.5 PRSanger
31.10Shelby Hicks
13:09.7Clovis West
32.9Evelyn Zambrano
13:10.5 PRMadera
33.9Alexis Garcia
34.9Gabriella Preciado
13:15.0Clovis West
35.9Arlene Magana
36.9Liberty Wolf
13:16.7 PRSanger
37.10Megan Payton
13:17.3 PRSanger
38.9Sofia Garibay
13:21.1 PRLiberty (Madera Ranc...
39.10Rachelle Barrett
13:22.7 SRClovis East
40.10Nancy Vasquez
41.10Allee Her
13:26.1 PRClovis
42.9Julia Green
13:31.1 PRClovis
43.9Lisa Miguel
13:32.0Clovis West
44.9Belen Ferreira
45.9Jocelyn Stansberry
13:37.0 PRYosemite
46.10Jasmine Garcia
13:39.9 PRReedley
47.9Bianca Valdez
48.9Angelica Cortes
13:44.5Madera South
49.9Paulina Granados
13:45.2 PRChowchilla
50.9Vivian Ontiveros
13:45.8 PRFirebaugh
51.9Erica Castillo
13:48.6 PRClovis
52.9Kaia Owen
13:48.7 PRYosemite
53.9Jennifer Recinos
13:54.2 PRSanger
54.9Alexa Ortiz
13:54.6 PRSanger
55.10Atiana Aguilar
13:55.9 SRWashington Union
56.10Triny Leon
13:56.6Madera South
57.9Isabella Duarte
13:57.2 PRClovis East
58.10Mara Mazanec
14:00.6 SRWashington Union
59.9Emma Delahanty
14:04.1 PRClovis
60.9Emily Martinez
61.10Lillian Stegge
14:07.0 PRYosemite
62.10Marissa Zuniga
14:09.0 PRReedley
63.9Nadia Rojas
64.10Amberly Sanchez
14:13.7 SRSanger
65.10Jocelyn Gonzalez
14:15.3 PRMadera
66.10Destiny Maravilla
14:16.0 PRWashington Union
67.10Cristal Reyes
14:17.0Madera South
68.10Jennifer Garduno
14:20.8 PRCaruthers
69.9Haley Witrago
14:22.6 PRSanger
70.9Jessica Recinos
14:23.3 PRSanger
71.9Sara Garibay
14:24.3 PRLiberty (Madera Ranc...
72.9Briana Amador
73.9Sara Barrera Loaiza
14:31.0 PRSanger
74.9Maegan Donovan
14:31.1 PRClovis East
75.9Trinity Alarcon
14:31.2 PRRoosevelt
76.10Cambria Williams
14:32.2 PRYosemite
77.10Aaliyah Montemayor
14:32.8Liberty (Madera Ranc...
78.10Rocio Andrade
14:40.8 PRReedley
79.10Sbeidy Faburrieta
14:44.7 PRReedley
80.9Katie Boyles
14:46.3 PRClovis East
81.9Shannel Melchor
14:47.1 PRMadera
82.9Mia Gamez
15:02.3 PRClovis East
83.10Amaya Manzano
15:12.3Liberty (Madera Ranc...
84.9Megan Duran
15:13.1 PRClovis
85.10Samantha Ceballos
86.10Corissa Williams
15:15.7 PRYosemite
87.9Morgan Prescott
15:20.2 PRYosemite
88.9Leslie Zarate
15:25.0 PRSanger
89.10Anna Reyes
15:34.6 PRClovis West
90.9Ashley Cardenas
91.10Arecci Carveron Gill
15:42.7 PRReedley
92.9Zoila Flores
15:44.0 PRSanger
93.10Gema Sandoval
15:45.3 PRReedley
94.9Danielle Matson
95.9Cortney Ressler
15:52.6 PRYosemite
96.10Alexandria Rodriguez
15:56.3 PRReedley
97.9Kaysee Corneal
16:15.1 PRYosemite
98.10Maritza Garcia
16:16.3 PRSanger
99.10Madison Bento
16:22.7Liberty (Madera Ranc...
100.9Devanne Fuentes
16:27.8 PRFresno
101.9Gabrielle Salgado
102.9Haylie Lugo
16:33.8 PRCorcoran
103.10Lesly Azonos
104.10Lilivex Rivas
16:52.9 PRMendota
105.10Gillian Fortney
17:16.5 PRClovis East
106.9Gabriela Frias
107.10Viridianna Rodriguez
17:40.9 PRLindsay
108.10Nadia Velazquez
17:55.6 PRMendota
109.9Megan Rocha
110.9Esmeralda Frausto
18:09.7 PRSanger
111.9Irma Lopez
18:17.8 PRFresno
112.9Jasmine Leal
18:17.8 PRFresno
113.9Jasmine Altamirano
114.9Samantha Kirksey
19:50.9 PRCentral Valley Chris...
115.10Natalia Lara
116.10Holly Tennesen
20:31.6 PRChowchilla
117.9Sandivel Rodriguez
20:39.2 PRCorcoran
118.9Frida Garcia Manci...
21:13.5 PRWashington Union
119.9Regina Agnew
120.10Katie Castro
21:44.6 PRMendota
121.10Jasmine Zavala
21:54.6 SRMendota
122.9Mia Ramirez
22:09.6 PRChowchilla
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3,000 Meters 11th and 12th Grade

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

3.Madera South97
4.Clovis North141
7.Clovis West178
9.Central Valley Christian233
11.Liberty (Madera Ranchos)274

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Veronica Ortega
11:11.0Madera South
2.12McKenna Lewis
11:21.7 PRClovis
3.11Olivia Herrera
11:21.8 PRClovis
4.12Olivia Zambrano
11:43.3 SRMadera
5.11McKaylie Caesar
6.11Perla Jimenez
12:15.8Madera South
7.11Gabriela Jimenez
12:19.7 SRFresno
8.12Ashley Salas
9.11Toni Payton
12:25.7 SRSanger
10.12Hannah Wilson
12:27.5Clovis West
11.11Marianne Gleason
12:35.1 SRSan Joaquin Memorial
12.12Clarissa Luna
12:35.2 PRSanger
13.11Candy Mateo
12:35.8 PRCaruthers
14.12Faith Blackburn
12:36.0Clovis West
15.12Jimena Ruvalcaba
12:43.7 SRSanger
16.12Tiffiny Jones
12:43.9 SRClovis North
17.11Alejandra Alonso
12:50.4 SRMadera
18.12Megan Dean
12:55.1 PRClovis
19.12Natalie Curtis
12:55.2 PRClovis
20.11Patricia Benitez-L...
12:55.4 PRFresno
21.12Jordyn Ohashi
12:56.9 PRClovis
22.11Evie Daniels
13:04.3 SRCentral Valley Chris...
23.12Maria Lopez
13:04.4 SRSanger
24.12Alicia Rivas
13:06.2 PRMendota
25.11Matison McCombs
13:07.2Liberty (Madera Ranc...
26.11Mackenzie Lazarus
13:08.1 PRClovis North
27.11Jasmine Castillo
13:11.8 SRMadera
28.11Ruby Pina
13:16.4 PRCaruthers
29.11Emma Streich
13:18.6 PRClovis
30.11Alyssa Gallegos
13:19.5 SRClovis North
31.11Arisandy Melgarejo
32.12Rebecca Yrigollen
13:20.3Madera South
33.11Ericka Trevino
13:32.3Clovis West
34.11Monique Luna
13:37.6 PRClovis
35.11Maria Aguilar
13:38.7Madera South
36.11Blanca Segovia
37.11Faith Bohle
38.12Ella Campbell
13:44.2 PRYosemite
39.12Gabrielle Stegge
13:46.7 PRYosemite
40.11AliceAnn DeJong
13:47.6 SRCentral Valley Chris...
41.11Deseree Roy
13:49.0 PRClovis East
42.12Rachel Mattos
13:54.2 PRYosemite
43.11Anna Yang
13:58.3 SRSanger
44.11Betzabe Bautista
14:01.3Madera South
45.12Jeorgina Torres
46.11Gardenia Lopez
14:12.6 PRMendota
47.11Rachel Pimentel
14:19.1 PRSanger
48.11Adamari Santos
14:19.4Madera South
49.11Natalia Robles
14:22.0 PRClovis North
50.11Wilma Tsutsui
51.11Priscilla Fregoso
14:23.5 PRClovis North
52.11Alisandra Hernandez
53.9Jalene Reyes
14:25.2 PRMadera South
54.11Victoria Melgoza
14:26.1 SRSanger
55.12Lilly Kuykendall
14:26.5 PRYosemite
56.11Brianna Burgess
14:31.4 SRLiberty (Madera Ranc...
57.11Marlem Reyes
14:33.4 PRClovis
58.11Ana Lopez
14:37.4 SRSanger
59.12Ruth Martinez
14:39.2 SRMadera
60.11Rashel Cazares-Nav...
14:41.3 SRSanger
61.11Jeanette Ramirez
62.12Natalie Guynn
14:49.0 PRYosemite
63.11Jacqueline Lamas
14:49.2 PRSanger
64.11Addison McCully
14:50.7 PRYosemite
65.12Mia Martinez
14:54.4 PRYosemite
66.11Maria Rodriguez
14:56.3 PRReedley
67.12Veronica Ledesma
68.11Sumiko Sunamoto
14:56.4 PRReedley
69.12Jaqueline Cardenas
14:58.0 PRFresno
70.11Deanna Roy
14:58.9 PRClovis East
71.12Asucena Perez
15:01.8 SRReedley
72.12Teresa Perez
15:03.6 SRReedley
73.11Krista Picquette
15:24.2 PRSanger
74.12Olivia Mattos
15:24.5 PRYosemite
75.11Kathleen Jury
15:29.8 SRCentral Valley Chris...
76.11Casandra Readd
15:30.7 PRMadera
77.11Yoseline Orellana
15:32.7 PRMendota
78.11Morgan Spiro
15:33.9 PRCentral Valley Chris...
79.11Vilma Hidalgo
15:36.1 SRMendota
80.12Lauren Alexander
15:40.4Liberty (Madera Ranc...
81.11Jennifer Zarate
15:40.8 PRSanger
82.11Meghan Armstrong
15:41.1 PRClovis
83.11Yaneli Martinez
84.11Elena Mohler
15:54.8 PRClovis North
85.12Alyssa Vargas
15:58.0 PRFresno
86.12Sheri Fujino
16:10.0 PRClovis West
87.12Emily Sanchez
16:10.6 SRCaruthers
88.11Yackie Orellana
16:13.0 SRMendota
89.11Jenna Milinich
16:18.3 SRCentral Valley Chris...
90.11Maria Reyes
91.12Kieryn Hicks
16:30.2Clovis West
92.11Mercedes Rodriguez
16:31.3 PRReedley
93.11Yazmin Guerrero
17:12.5 SRSanger
94.11Keilani Picquette
17:21.1 PRSanger
95.11Shee Her
17:23.4 PRSanger
96.11Lucero Guadalupe
17:25.3 SRMadera South
97.12Carley Burton
17:30.4 SRClovis West
98.12Desiree Garcia
99.11Selena Gamez
18:13.4 PRMendota
100.11Brianna Melgoza
18:28.7Liberty (Madera Ranc...
101.12Hanna Seibert
19:14.7Clovis West
102.11Jadyn Hibbard
19:18.3 PRClovis
103.12Anna Allen
19:23.5 PRLiberty (Madera Ranc...
104.11Nayeli Garcia
105.12Maricruz Guillen
20:39.0 SRMendota
106.11Sophia Atilano
21:07.3 PRChowchilla
107.12Danilela De La O
21:59.0 PRMendota
108.11Jessica White
23:10.1 PRClovis
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