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Mens Races
3,200 Meters Varsity
3,200 Meters Junior Varsity
3,200 Meters Middle School
Womens Races
3,200 Meters Varsity
3,200 Meters Junior Varsity
3,200 Meters Middle School

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9th Annual IWA Invitational  (coaches)

3,200 Meters Junior Varsity  
3,200 Meters Varsity  
3,200 Middle School   
 Womens Races
3,200 Meters Junior Varsity  
3,200 Meters Varsity  
3,200 Middle School   

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IWA 9th Annual Cross Country Invitational 

Mens Races

3,200 Meters Varsity

8:30 AM

3,200 Meters Junior Varsity

9:30 AM

3200 Middle School

10:30 AM


Womens Races

3,200 Meters Varsity

8:00 AM

3,200 Meters Junior Varsity

9:00 AM

3200 Middle School 

11:00 AM


 Incarnate Word Academy 9th Annual Cross Country Invitational




Willow Waterhole

5300 Dryad Dr. Houston, TX. 77035


The Incarnate Word Academy Cross Country team and Booster Club will host its 9th annual cross country meet on Saturday August 19, 2017. It will be held Willow Waterhole.



From the North/West: Take Sam Houston Toll Road South towards US ALT 90. Exit US ALT 90 East toward Chimney Rock. Go North (left) on Chimney Rock to Dryad which is south of Westbury Christian HS.

From the South/East: Take 610 West towards S. Main. Exit S. Mail (US ALT 90 West) towards Chimney Rock. Go North (Left) on Chmney Rock to Dryad is south of Westbury Christian HS. 

Drop off at the corner of Dryad and Burdine. Buses please park next to Westbury Christian HS along Burdine St. 


Visitor Parking: Park on Stone West St, Burdine St or Ricecrest St.  


Entry Fee: $100 per HS division. High School girls = 1 division. High School boys = another division. HS girls + HS boys = $200.00. $75 per middle school division.  Middle School girls + boys = $150.00.  The entry fee for individual athletes is $15 per runner, up to four runners. Please make all checks payable to Incarnate Word Academy.


     Send to:

     Incarnate Word Academy

     609 Crawford Street

     Houston, TX 77002

     ATTN: Rick Perez


ENTRIES: Entries for the meet will be taken at If you do not have an account, follow the instructions on the site. Team/athlete entries and changes are due no later than Thursday August 172017 by 6:00 p.m. If your team is not registered before the meet then you are not allowed to participate.  


Varsity: Can enter up to 10 runners. All other divisions are unlimited.


Map of the Course:



If you have any questions, please feel free to call one of the following numbers :713.502.5681 or send an email to Rick Perez at or Head Cross Country Coach Chris Warren at          


Incarnate Word Academy Athletic Director – Rick Perez

Head Cross Country Coach - Chris Warren



Varsity:                                Individual                Medals 1st–10th
                                            Team                      Champion, Runner-Up, 3rd


Junior Varsity:                      Individual                Medals 1st–10th
                                            Team                      Champion, Runner-Up, 3rd


Middle School Boys                     Individual                 Medals 1st–15th
                                                  Team                         Champion, Runner-Up, 3rd


Middle School Girls                     Individual                      Medals 1st–15th
                                                Team                        Champion, Runner-Up, 3rd

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Mens Results

3,200 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.The Woodlands Christian43
2.St Thomas67
3.Mont Belvieu Barbers Hill70
4.Frassati Catholic140
5.Houston YES Prep Gulfton145
6.St Thomas Episcopal146
7.Fort Bend Christian Academy177
8.Second Baptist179
9.Cypress Christian238
10.Wallis Brazos258
11.Bay Area Christian267
12.Cristo Rey Jesuit College Prep297

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Alex De la maza
10:18 PRFrassati Catholic
2.11Joshy Shearer
10:43 PRThe Woodlands Christ...
3.11Habtamu Geta
10:52 PRBay Area Christian
4.12Cymon Shy
11:02 SRHCYA Home School Lions
5.9Ben Shearer
11:03 PRThe Woodlands Christ...
6.10Blazek Skucius
11:07 PRSt Thomas
7.12Yale Jay
11:13 PRLake Houston Conqueror
8.10Daniel Armenta
11:15 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
9.10Joel Hrncir
11:16 PRSt Thomas Episcopal
10.9Josh Mueck
11:16 PRThe Woodlands Christ...
11.10Travis Enochs
11:23 PRSt Thomas
12.12Ben Mueck
11:24 PRThe Woodlands Christ...
13.11Cameron Watson
11:26 SRSecond Baptist
14.12Matthew Dulworth
11:30 SRHCYA Home School Lions
15.12PJ Rzasnicki
11:33 PRSt Thomas
16.12Cesar Trevino
11:37 PRSt Thomas
17.11Grant Theriot
11:39 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
18.11Landon Gershmel
11:42 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
19.10Fabrizio Alejo
11:42 PRHouston YES Prep Gul...
20.10Jonathan Ferrell
12:00 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
21.10Logan Salazar
12:01 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
22.11Brett Odom
12:05 PRThe Woodlands Christ...
23.11Landen Overton
12:06 PRCypress Christian
24.12Cameron Gill
12:10 PRFrassati Catholic
25.11Sergio Mata
12:13 PRHouston YES Prep Gul...
26.11Garrett Velez
12:14 PRCypress Christian
27.11Juan Hernandez
12:15 PRHouston YES Prep Gul...
28.11Jake Gonzalez
12:17 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
29.12Mitchell Harrington
12:20 SRSt Thomas Episcopal
30.9Jedi Jones
12:22 PRFort Bend Christian ...
31.11Ben Bludau
12:30 SRSt Thomas
32.9Zachary Cortez
12:31 PRWallis Brazos
33.11Arvind Mohan
12:32 PRSt Thomas Episcopal
34.11Connor Brotherton
12:33 PRFort Bend Christian ...
35.12Jonathan Riley
12:35 SRSt Thomas Episcopal
36.10Kendall Rodriguez
12:37 SRSecond Baptist
37.9Tyler Thompson
12:38 PRFort Bend Christian ...
38.10Milton Balleza
12:40 PRHouston YES Prep Gul...
39.12Joseph Flowers
12:43 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
40.9Marius Sanford
12:44 PRFrassati Catholic
41.9Isaac Baker
12:45 PRSecond Baptist
42.11Reagan Lotze
12:52 PRFort Bend Christian ...
43.10Mark Morrison
12:53 SRFrassati Catholic
44.11John Paul Bartsch
12:53 SRFrassati Catholic
45.11Justin Kueck
12:54 PRWallis Brazos
46.12Jacob Rogers
12:58 SRThe Woodlands Christ...
47.12Jack Heymach
12:58 SRSt Thomas
48.11Dylan Sanders
12:59 PRSecond Baptist
49.11Shannon Orsak
13:02 SRFort Bend Christian ...
50.12Agustin Najera
13:03 PRCristo Rey Jesuit Co...
51.10Felipe Saldierna
13:07 SRHouston YES Prep Gul...
52.11Erni Lopez
13:13Houston YES Prep Gul...
53.9Trent Rullman
13:13 PRBay Area Christian
54.11Matthew McCullough
13:14 PRSt Thomas Episcopal
55.9Grant Wilson
13:15 PRSecond Baptist
56.11Inmer Cortez
13:20 PRHouston YES Prep Gul...
57.11George Hofmann
13:37 PRSecond Baptist
58.10Andrew Grimley
13:43 SRSt Thomas Episcopal
59.9Ethan Waiser
13:51 PRLutheran-North
60.10Mark Shonbeck
14:06 PRSt Thomas Episcopal
61.12Rafael Bello
14:07 SRSt Thomas Episcopal
62.12Danyon Decker
14:08 PRThe Woodlands Christ...
63.12Gerardo Barron
14:10 PRCristo Rey Jesuit Co...
64.12Robert Williamson
14:11St Thomas Episcopal
65.11Mike Zetino
14:15 PRCristo Rey Jesuit Co...
66.10Grant Brzozowski
14:15 PRWallis Brazos
67.9Luke Johnson
14:18 PRSecond Baptist
68.11Jacob Hall
14:22 SRCypress Christian
69.12Kyle Nieman
14:24 PRWallis Brazos
70.10Erick Mendez
14:29 PRWallis Brazos
71.11Charlie Corso
14:29 PRSt Thomas Episcopal
72.10Michael Towne
14:30 SRSecond Baptist
73.11Jason Hall
14:32 SRCypress Christian
74.11Juan Avalos
14:35 PRCristo Rey Jesuit Co...
75.11Guisseppi Galvaz
14:38 PRCristo Rey Jesuit Co...
76.11Beto Vasquez
14:41 SRCypress Christian
77.11Kevin Chavez
14:42 PRCristo Rey Jesuit Co...
78.9Christian White
14:43 PRLutheran-North
79.11William Trammell
15:53 SRSecond Baptist
80.9Ethan Fitzpatrick
15:58 PRBay Area Christian
81.9Jacob Plummer
17:23 PRBay Area Christian
82.12Matthew Mudrow
17:32 SRCypress Christian
83.9Jackson Bishop
19:03 PRSecond Baptist
84.9Justin Diulus
19:39 PRBay Area Christian
85.12Andrew Jaris
20:03 PRBay Area Christian
86.11Parker Davidson
20:09 PRSecond Baptist
87.9Will Graves
21:15 PRLutheran-North
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3,200 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Mont Belvieu Barbers Hill31
2.St Thomas34
3.Houston YES Prep Gulfton86
4.The Woodlands Christian114
5.Covenant Academy118

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Ashton Hamby
12:12 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
2.9Raithen Malone
12:15 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
3.10Nick Korenick
12:18 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
4.11Eliott Flores
12:27 PRHouston YES Prep Bra...
5.10Isaiah Garza
12:33 SRSt Thomas
6.10Kyle Rzasnicki
12:40 PRSt Thomas
7.11Kenneth Van Doren
12:43 PRSt Thomas
8.9Caleb Bigler
12:50 PRThe Woodlands Christ...
9.11Zach Mathis
12:52 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
10.10Nicholas Chandler
12:57 SRSt Thomas
11.12Cadesman Brickley
12:58 PRSt Thomas
12.12Michael Banks
13:06 SRSt Thomas
13.9Emilio Castaneda
13:10St Thomas
14.11Daniel Alarcon
13:11 PRHouston YES Prep Bra...
15.9Daniel Archer
13:14 PRCovenant Academy
16.12Dharmik Patel
13:19Houston YES Prep Gul...
17.10Felix Saucedo
13:22 PRHouston YES Prep Gul...
18.10Montrell Edwards
13:26 PRCristo Rey Jesuit Co...
19.10Ben White
13:32 SRSt Thomas
20.11Aidan Clark
13:35 PRSt Thomas
21.11Oswaldo Arias
13:38Houston YES Prep Gul...
22.11Hayden Grimes
13:42 SRMont Belvieu Barbers...
23.9Alvaro Garcia
13:57 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
24.11Tyler King
13:58 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
25.12Luis Rincon
13:59 SRHouston YES Prep Gul...
26.9Alfredo Ochoa
14:02 PRWallis Brazos
27.11Joseph Dominguez
14:09Houston YES Prep Gul...
28.11Ryan Landman
14:16 SRSt Thomas
29.10Kyler Sinclair
14:17 PRSt Thomas
30.9Carlos Rodriguez
14:34Houston YES Prep Gul...
31.9Matthew Martin
14:46 PRSt Thomas
32.12Chris Olvera
14:47 PRCristo Rey Jesuit Co...
33.11Garrett Willborg
14:48 PRSalt and Light Homes...
34.10Erik Olvera
14:49 PRCristo Rey Jesuit Co...
35.12Dylan Doremus
14:51Fort Bend Christian ...
36.9Luke Dulworth
14:55 SRHCYA Home School Lions
37.9Josh Campbell
14:58 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
38.11Ben Bezner
14:59 PRCypress Christian
39.10Noah Betz
15:02 SRCypress Christian
40.9Jonah Webster
15:08St Thomas
41.9Kris Arbasto
15:08 PRSt Thomas
42.12Larry Palma
15:10 PRFrassati Catholic
43.9Joaquin Rivera
15:12 PRCovenant Academy
44.10Caleb King
15:17 SRSt Thomas Episcopal
45.9Diego Garcia
15:22St Thomas
46.9Eddie Villegas
15:22St Thomas
47.11Jonathan Tong
15:25 PRFort Bend Christian ...
48.9Reid Sumner
15:30Salt and Light Homes...
49.9Julian Riley
15:31St Thomas Episcopal
50.9Garrett Pagel
15:34 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
51.9Michael Longoria
15:51St Thomas
52.9Haven St. Jean
15:55Fort Bend Christian ...
53.10Marc Coates
16:14 SRCypress Christian
54.11Tommy Freet
16:35 PRThe Woodlands Christ...
55.10Niko Buerkert
16:40The Woodlands Christ...
56.11Austin Perrodin
16:43Covenant Academy
57.10Isaac Arredondo
17:05 SRHouston YES Prep Bra...
58.10Elijah Kelly
17:08 SRSalt and Light Homes...
59.9David Massey
17:11 PRSt Thomas
60.9Lucas Rivera
17:14Frassati Catholic
61.9Charlie Miggins
17:17 PRCovenant Academy
62.9Nathaniel Bartsch
17:32Frassati Catholic
63.9Noah Kelly
17:45 SRSalt and Light Homes...
64.11Michael Singh
18:06 PRThe Woodlands Christ...
65.9Julian Torres
18:19 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
66.10Logan Conchola
18:36 PRLutheran-North
67.9Ryan Patterson
18:50Covenant Academy
68.9Jalen Trejo
18:52 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
69.9Colton Boland
19:24 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
70.9Conner Miller
21:14 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
71.9James Collier
72.12Antonio Buerkert
22:25The Woodlands Christ...
73.9Arron Farish
28:03 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
74.9Duncan Zadrapa
30:22 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
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3,200 Meters Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Annunciation Orthodox50
2.Salt and Light Homeschool65
3.St Thomas Episcopal73
4.Western Academy96
5.Houston Homeschool Athletics113
6.Cypress Christian156
7.St Michael178

Hypothetical Scores

1.7Luke Brooker
11:41Houston Homeschool A...
2.8Emmanuel Sgouros
12:39Annunciation Orthodox
3.8Michael Slabic
12:50Cypress Christian
4.5Joseph Nichols
12:58 PRWestern Academy
5.8Thomas Ramsey
13:04St Thomas Episcopal
6.8Sam Randall
13:14Annunciation Orthodox
7.7Josiah Nimmons
13:23Salt and Light Homes...
8.8Alex Wei
13:32St Thomas Episcopal
9.8Peter Cuthrell
13:33Western Academy
10.6Jedidiah Nimmons
13:36Salt and Light Homes...
11.8Ethan Stoehr
13:36Salt and Light Homes...
12.8Jacob King
13:45St Thomas Episcopal
13.7Wilson Bailey
13:48Annunciation Orthodox
14.8Witt Grooms
14:08Covenant Academy
15.7Kieran Smith
14:14Annunciation Orthodox
16.8Ethan Cardin
14:16Annunciation Orthodox
17.7William Thames
14:21St Thomas Episcopal
18.6Daniel Benz
14:22Annunciation Orthodox
19.7Caleb Stoehr
14:27Salt and Light Homes...
20.7Roy Travis
14:35Salt and Light Homes...
21.7Aaron Fossen
14:45Houston Homeschool A...
22.8Nathan Barron
14:52Houston Homeschool A...
23.7Konnor Allen
14:53Annunciation Orthodox
24.7Liam Smith
14:53Annunciation Orthodox
25.7Stavros Cotsoradis
15:02Annunciation Orthodox
26.7Jackson Amarosa
15:06St Michael
27.6Justin Begg
15:07Annunciation Orthodox
28.7Jack Miggins
15:09Western Academy
29.8Davis Barringer
15:22Annunciation Orthodox
30.7Andreas Savas
15:23Annunciation Orthodox
31.7Jo Jo Kelly
15:29Salt and Light Homes...
32.7Will Cseszko
15:33Salt and Light Homes...
33.7Jesse Gonzales
15:37St Michael
34.8Mason Runge
15:45Cypress Christian
35.6Logan Phillips
15:54Annunciation Orthodox
36.8Andy Caranti
16:01 SRWestern Academy
37.6John Platis
16:03Annunciation Orthodox
38.7Alex Psifidis
16:19Annunciation Orthodox
39.7Charlie Sole
16:22Annunciation Orthodox
40.8Ben Aycock
16:27Western Academy
41.8Nick Sullo
16:28Annunciation Orthodox
42.8Rafael Parra
16:38Western Academy
43.6Jack Arnold
16:44St Thomas Episcopal
44.7Nathan Navarijo
16:49Western Academy
45.6Noah Rowe
16:50Salt and Light Homes...
46.7Christopher Kaleekal
17:03St Thomas Episcopal
47.7Caleb Creamer
17:04Houston Homeschool A...
48.8Johnny O'Bar
17:08Western Academy
49.7Luke Duncan
17:25Western Academy
50.8Felipe Martinez
17:29 SRWestern Academy
51.7Luke Sullo
17:36Annunciation Orthodox
52.8Christopher Tufaro
17:49Western Academy
53.8Micah Haigood
17:51Houston Homeschool A...
54.6William Stovall
17:52Annunciation Orthodox
55.6Jonah Aycock
18:21 PRWestern Academy
56.8Marcus Deleon
18:25Covenant Academy
57.8Henry Wilcoxon
18:27Western Academy
58.6William Suell
18:28Annunciation Orthodox
59.6Jackson Conner
18:29Annunciation Orthodox
60.7Alex Metry
18:30Annunciation Orthodox
61.6Constantine Mathews
18:56Annunciation Orthodox
62.7Gregory Higgins
19:23Western Academy
63.8Mason Abrell
19:36Western Academy
64.6Axel Minard
19:41 PRAnnunciation Orthodox
65.5Micah Creamer
19:41Houston Homeschool A...
66.6Wade McGee
19:42Annunciation Orthodox
67.6Samuel Powell
19:47Annunciation Orthodox
68.6Carter Guthrie
20:00 PRHouston Homeschool A...
69.6Tyler Moore
20:03St Michael
70.6Oliver Ranson
20:03Cypress Christian
71.7Reed Terrill
20:13Annunciation Orthodox
72.7John Paul Le
20:13Western Academy
73.7Luke Ramirez
20:14Cypress Christian
74.7Sanjay Philip
20:42St Thomas Episcopal
75.6Dylan Ramm
21:06Annunciation Orthodox
76.7Max Matti
21:35St Michael
77.6Robbie Wise
21:46Annunciation Orthodox
78.8Christopher Yowell
22:38 SRSt Thomas Episcopal
79.5Caleb Mathew
22:40Covenant Academy
80.7Max Ginsburg
22:54Annunciation Orthodox
81.7Adam White
23:51Annunciation Orthodox
82.8Anthony Shatby
24:01Cypress Christian
83.6Chisom Nwabudike
24:30Annunciation Orthodox
84.7Pete Donnelly
24:53 SRWestern Academy
85.8Daniel Colson
25:27Annunciation Orthodox
86.7David Fry
27:05Annunciation Orthodox
87.7Aavik Wadivkar
28:16Annunciation Orthodox
88.6Ayden Farrell
28:38Cypress Christian
89.6Remy Brejon
28:48Annunciation Orthodox
90.6Jack Dellamea
31:00 PRSt Michael
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Womens Results

3,200 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Concordia Lutheran55
2.The Woodlands Christian62
3.Incarnate Word (Houston)75
4.Mont Belvieu Barbers Hill80
5.Wallis Brazos121
6.St Thomas Episcopal160
7.Frassati Catholic190
8.Houston Homeschool Athletics213
9.Second Baptist224
10.Houston YES Prep Gulfton227
11.Duchesne Academy274
12.Cristo Rey Jesuit College Prep315

Hypothetical Scores

1.Calie Urbani
2.12Chandler Krueger
12:51Wallis Brazos
3.10Reese McDermott
13:03St Thomas Episcopal
4.9Lauryn Kastenschmidt
13:06Concordia Lutheran
5.10Ellenor Catron
13:08The Woodlands Christ...
6.12Olivia Gregory
13:14The Woodlands Christ...
7.9Kyla Shy
13:28 SRHCYA Home School Lions
8.10Emily Jasek
13:30The Woodlands Christ...
9.10Emily Engelbart
13:32Concordia Lutheran
10.12Aliya Guerrero
13:36 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
11.11Katherine Ressler
13:46Wallis Brazos
12.9Mandy Stockton
13:50Incarnate Word (Hous...
13.10Karsyn Wendler
13:54Concordia Lutheran
14.11Annie Walker
14:04Concordia Lutheran
15.12Reagan Coleman
14:10Incarnate Word (Hous...
16.12Pilar Fuentes
14:17Incarnate Word (Hous...
17.12Vanessa Garcia
14:17 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
18.12Vanessa Vilchis
14:19 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
19.12Victoria Bonilla
14:21Incarnate Word (Hous...
20.12Sierra Orsak
14:22Fort Bend Christian ...
21.10Jasmine Vargas
14:35 SRMont Belvieu Barbers...
22.12Megan Worthington
14:43The Woodlands Christ...
23.10Taylor Dailey
14:51Fort Bend Christian ...
24.11Sophia Slabic
14:55Cypress Christian
25.12Savannah Orsak
14:55Fort Bend Christian ...
26.10Alyssa Lopez
14:58Frassati Catholic
27.9Madeline Taylor
15:00Incarnate Word (Hous...
28.12Rachel Brownell
15:03Concordia Lutheran
29.11Kylie Herndon
15:05 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
30.12Eva Van Pelt
15:08 SRDuchesne Academy
31.12Madelyn Kubicki
15:13Bay Area Christian
32.11Mia Romero
15:16Frassati Catholic
33.10Ellie Brooker
15:17Houston Homeschool A...
34.12Jian Liang
15:18St Thomas Episcopal
35.12Danielle Wassell
15:19The Woodlands Christ...
36.9Ava Romero
15:21Frassati Catholic
37.10Jessica De La Fuente
15:28 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
38.10Caroline Torn
15:37Second Baptist
39.11Emma Brooker
15:39Houston Homeschool A...
40.11Jacqueline Rodriguez
15:40Houston YES Prep Gul...
41.12Mabry Rylands
15:46Fort Bend Christian ...
42.10Lluvia Rodriguez
15:48Houston YES Prep Gul...
43.12Brelyn Nguyen
15:49 SRMont Belvieu Barbers...
44.10Melissa Gonzalez
15:52Wallis Brazos
45.9Sofia Solis
15:54Wallis Brazos
46.11Linda Rangel
15:54Wallis Brazos
47.12Kassidy Porche
15:56Incarnate Word (Hous...
48.11Susannah Hotchkiss
15:59Cypress Christian
49.11Amerika Kohne-Sanc...
16:01 SRSt Thomas Episcopal
50.10Snehaa Arya
16:08St Thomas Episcopal
51.12Carina Castro
16:09 SRCristo Rey Jesuit Co...
52.10Victoria Ryan
16:10Second Baptist
53.12Nari Mathis
16:16The Woodlands Christ...
54.11Lauren Storey
16:25Cypress Christian
55.12Brooklyn Bretz
16:34Cypress Christian
56.11Hannah Reeves
16:36Houston Homeschool A...
57.10Karla Martinez
16:41 SRHouston YES Prep Gul...
58.10Janie Cagle
16:42Second Baptist
59.12Annalise Bonin
16:45Houston Homeschool A...
60.11Gianna Airola
16:52Frassati Catholic
61.11Ellen Tillery
17:10St Thomas Episcopal
62.10Olivia Antona
17:22Second Baptist
63.10Caroline Crocker-G...
17:23Second Baptist
64.10Kaitlyn Kollmorgen
17:46Second Baptist
65.10Katherine Gutierrez
17:52Houston YES Prep Gul...
66.9Kate Grimley
17:54St Thomas Episcopal
67.10Elizabeth Eklof
17:54Duchesne Academy
68.12Meredith Frey
17:57The Woodlands Christ...
69.11Phoebe Valdez
18:04St Thomas Episcopal
70.10Chloe Tondera
18:21Second Baptist
71.11Jackie Garcia
72.11Jacqueline Salinas
18:32Houston YES Prep Gul...
73.11Bella Batterson
74.10Kassidy MacKenzie
18:58Second Baptist
75.10Kathleen "Sissy" M...
18:58Duchesne Academy
76.10Chloe Reeves
18:59Houston Homeschool A...
77.11Mary Landers
19:04 SRSt Thomas Episcopal
78.9Aneli Zetino
19:06Second Baptist
79.11Itzel Gonzalez
19:21 SRHouston YES Prep Gul...
80.9Daniella Cruz
19:35Cristo Rey Jesuit Co...
81.11Sara Lam
19:41Duchesne Academy
82.12Leslie Escobedo
19:47Cristo Rey Jesuit Co...
83.9Heidi Wainwright
19:56Second Baptist
84.10McKenna Ratliff
20:00Second Baptist
85.10Lauren Reynolds
20:05Frassati Catholic
86.9Anika Miro Quesada
20:12 PRDuchesne Academy
87.12Julia Powell
20:21 PRDuchesne Academy
88.11Natalie Ellis
20:47Duchesne Academy
89.9Brisa Evans
21:00 PRCristo Rey Jesuit Co...
90.11Stephanie Herrera
21:22Cristo Rey Jesuit Co...
91.10Sylvia Duarte
21:36 SRDuchesne Academy
92.9Stephanie Lemus
21:37Cristo Rey Jesuit Co...
93.12Alexandra Gonzales
22:24 SRDuchesne Academy
94.11Amelia Tobin
23:12 SRDuchesne Academy
95.9Nefertiti Dorantes
24:39Cristo Rey Jesuit Co...
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3,200 Meters Junior Varsity

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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Mont Belvieu Barbers Hill36
2.Concordia Lutheran43
3.Incarnate Word (Houston)50
4.Cypress Christian105

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Lucy Holden
13:49HCYA Home School Lions
2.10Makayla Hurtado
14:26Salt and Light Homes...
3.9Bailee Nguyen
15:18 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
4.10Emily Cooper
15:35Concordia Lutheran
5.9Fern Shirley
15:38The Woodlands Christ...
6.9Alexis Galaviz
15:41 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
7.11Laurie Lamendola
15:50Concordia Lutheran
8.12Kailey Levens
15:52 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
9.11Judy Cashin
15:54 SRIncarnate Word (Hous...
10.9Casey Barbisch
16:05Cypress Christian
11.12Chloe Flores
16:20Incarnate Word (Hous...
12.10Savannah Ward
16:30 SRIncarnate Word (Hous...
13.10Meredith Jones
16:33Concordia Lutheran
14.10Rachel Zakarevicz
16:36Incarnate Word (Hous...
15.9Hunter Mongiello
16:42 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
16.10Megan Wooddell
16:49 SRConcordia Lutheran
17.10Chelsea Brice
17:03Concordia Lutheran
18.12Kaelyn Santana
17:07 SRMont Belvieu Barbers...
19.9Olivia Saucedo
17:12Incarnate Word (Hous...
20.11Reese Jay
17:23Lake Houston Conqueror
21.9Megan Hanigan
17:35The Woodlands Christ...
22.10Emily Hencey
17:41HCYA Home School Lions
23.12Taylor Angst
17:51Covenant Academy
24.11Keeley Wooddell
18:02Concordia Lutheran
25.11Zarahi Estrada
18:04Incarnate Word (Hous...
26.10Abby Ramirez
18:10 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
27.10Hannah Shepherd
18:17 SRMont Belvieu Barbers...
28.12Emma Flora
18:20Concordia Lutheran
29.10Mia Cantu
18:39 PRIncarnate Word (Hous...
30.9Karley Kieschnick
18:45Incarnate Word (Hous...
31.9Colleen Newman
18:46Incarnate Word (Hous...
32.9Noor Beidas
18:57 PRIncarnate Word (Hous...
33.12Elizabeth McCary
19:07Cypress Christian
34.10Lesli Hernandez
19:09 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
35.12Samantha Pozzi
19:11Incarnate Word (Hous...
36.11Meena Garcia
19:13Incarnate Word (Hous...
37.9Jillian Peach
19:51Lifestyle Christian
38.10Abigail Armour
19:57The Woodlands Christ...
39.9Alex Vinson
20:14Cypress Christian
40.12Joselyn Yang
20:18Fort Bend Christian ...
41.12Emily Fernando
20:22Fort Bend Christian ...
42.9Dana Klenk-Theroux
20:37 PRIncarnate Word (Hous...
43.10Katie Richard
21:16Fort Bend Christian ...
44.9Abby Hotchkiss
21:30Cypress Christian
45.11Olivia Velez
21:40Cypress Christian
46.11Kirby Mason
21:46 SRIncarnate Word (Hous...
47.12Madelynn Beckman
21:50Cypress Christian
48.9Genevieve Marie Ro...
22:44Frassati Catholic
49.12Daniela Trejo
22:48Houston YES Prep Bra...
50.9Kalyn Cole
23:37Incarnate Word (Hous...
51.10Ashley Brinkley
24:24Concordia Lutheran
52.10Emma Stoehr
24:36Salt and Light Homes...
53.11Jessica Taylor
24:56Fort Bend Christian ...
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3,200 Meters Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Annunciation Orthodox23
2.St Thomas Episcopal37
3.St Michael72

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Kat Kwiatkowski
14:28Annunciation Orthodox
2.8Ella Newman
14:40Duchesne Academy
3.Sara Olmos
4.8Danielle Angst
15:11Covenant Academy
5.7Marie-Therese Ramsey
15:23St Thomas Episcopal
6.7Olivia Chapman
15:27Annunciation Orthodox
7.6Lizzy Randall
15:30Annunciation Orthodox
8.7Kristen Dupre
15:31St Thomas Episcopal
9.7Catherine Webster
15:31Annunciation Orthodox
10.7Kaitlin Sparks
15:43Lifestyle Christian
11.8Caroline Thames
15:57St Thomas Episcopal
12.6Julia Newman
16:02Duchesne Academy
13.8Bharthi Mohan
16:03St Thomas Episcopal
14.6Macy Mogas
16:26 PRAnnunciation Orthodox
15.8Isabel Tagtow
16:29Annunciation Orthodox
16.7Molly Marchese
17:01Annunciation Orthodox
17.6Kara Lewis
17:31Annunciation Orthodox
18.8Kate Vo
17:31Duchesne Academy
19.6Harmony Swilley
17:53Covenant Academy
20.7Rebecca Kelly
18:09Salt and Light Homes...
21.8Elliott Ecklund
18:13Annunciation Orthodox
22.6Alexandra Madrid
18:22Annunciation Orthodox
23.7Gillian Storey
18:23Cypress Christian
24.6Zoe Williams
18:46Annunciation Orthodox
25.8Evan Ecklund
18:53Annunciation Orthodox
26.7Francesca Noce
19:36Duchesne Academy
27.6Camilla Wood
19:54Annunciation Orthodox
28.8Chloe Sumner
20:06Salt and Light Homes...
29.6Gisele Paniagua
20:36St Michael
30.6Gabi Paniagua
20:37St Michael
31.6Francesca Wood
20:43Annunciation Orthodox
32.6Kaitlyn Ferretti
20:48St Michael
33.6Sloane Merideth
20:52Annunciation Orthodox
34.-Payton Dyniewski
21:08Salt and Light Homes...
35.6Kathryn Peach
21:42Lifestyle Christian
36.6Nadiya Naehr
21:53Annunciation Orthodox
37.6Merry Griffin
22:15Annunciation Orthodox
38.7Abigail Kelly
22:33Salt and Light Homes...
39.6Kynsie Ramirez
22:54Cypress Christian
40.7Norie Yowell
23:04 SRSt Thomas Episcopal
41.7Victoria Elwood
23:07St Michael
42.7Madison Dellamea
23:09St Michael
43.8Elizabeth Sullo
23:23Annunciation Orthodox
44.6Alex Slabic
24:06Cypress Christian
45.6Brelyn Runge
25:24Cypress Christian
46.6Sophia Maragos
27:09Annunciation Orthodox
47.6Ava Rockecharlie
27:36Annunciation Orthodox
48.7Aniyah Patterson
29:05St Thomas Episcopal
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