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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM

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Last Updated 3:59 PM, Sun, Sep 17


City Cross Country Meet

Competing Teams

Eastern Quakers

Everett Vikings

Sexton Big Reds

Waverly Warriors


Place:                  Grand Woods Park


Times:                Combined Girls and Boys Race        4:30 p.m.


Awards:             Medals to the Top 10 in each race

Trophy to the Winning Team in each race


***All runners and coaches are invited to join us for post-meet refreshments ***

Robert Lurie

Waverly Cross Country

(517) 410-2297

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.Lansing Waverly20
2.Lansing Everett37

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Zachariah Surdenik
18:30Lansing Everett
2.10Caleb Allen
19:34Lansing Waverly
3.11Eric James
19:46Lansing Waverly
4.9Jason Carter
19:52Lansing Waverly
5.10Hamid Ali-Alshaiban
20:09Lansing Sexton
6.11Spencer Lee
20:14Lansing Waverly
7.9Jordan Carter
20:26 Lansing Waverly
8.11Ryan Bowman
20:31Lansing Everett
9.11Mike Cary
20:32Lansing Eastern
10.11Alfredo Horta
21:17Lansing Everett
11.10Ezekiel Ewulomi
21:44Lansing Waverly
12.11Lerone Hall
21:58Lansing Eastern
13.11Ricardo Juarez
22:04Lansing Everett
14.11Alexander Perez De...
22:16Lansing Everett
15.12Justin Buck
22:20Lansing Waverly
16.10Juan Morales
22:43Lansing Everett
17.12Skyler Wilson
23:05Lansing Eastern
18.10Joe Buck
23:07Lansing Waverly
19.12Gabriel Maldonado
23:23Lansing Waverly
20.10Ciardan Hibbs
23:26Lansing Waverly
21.9Dale Barton
23:48Lansing Waverly
22.12Gaven Beckler
23:49Lansing Waverly
23.10Abby Crespo
23:59Lansing Waverly
24.9Baron Pham
24:18Lansing Waverly
25.9Jose Avila
24:19Lansing Waverly
26.10Kaden Young
25:08Lansing Everett
27.10Zachary Hovey
25:19Lansing Sexton
28.11Sebastian Washington
25:42Lansing Waverly
29.10Carlos Lopez-Resen...
26:46Lansing Everett
30.11Adam Stevens
27:18Lansing Waverly
31.10William George
28:36Lansing Everett
32.12Jeremiah Benavides
28:43Lansing Everett
33.10Alex Reimbold
29:24Lansing Waverly
34.10Elijah Medina
29:49Lansing Waverly
35.9Eric Plumbley
30:15Lansing Waverly
36.12Tuan Nguyen
30:16Lansing Everett
37.10Taj Chaney
36:56Lansing Everett
38.10Rene Gelista
38:58Lansing Everett
39.9Zachary Barnhart
39:05Lansing Everett
40.12Michael Bellosillo
41:15Lansing Everett
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