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Grand Woods Park

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:30 PM
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Grand Woods Park

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:00 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Grand Ledge20
2.East Lansing45
4.Lansing Waverly111
5.Lansing Everett155

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Jack O'Connor
18:57.8Grand Ledge
2.10Brandon Goodman
19:00.1Grand Ledge
3.9Michael Meyers
19:03.5Grand Ledge
4.9Brandon Shirkey
5.10Jack Engler
19:13.4Grand Ledge
6.10Insaan Ermisch
19:13.5East Lansing
7.9Marty Johnson
19:28.6East Lansing
8.12Evan Dempsey
19:38.4 SREast Lansing
9.9Andrew Patrick
19:40.8Grand Ledge
10.9Gerald McClung
19:56.3Grand Ledge
11.9Eric Kolar
20:07.7East Lansing
12.10Cody Keast
20:14.6Grand Ledge
13.9Logan Walters
20:15.1Grand Ledge
14.11Reed Stevens
20:15.3Grand Ledge
15.10Garrett Lockwood
20:16.5Grand Ledge
16.11Andrew Webster
20:17.6East Lansing
17.10Jacob Jenkins
18.11Brendan Lounds
20:19.2East Lansing
19.10Adrien McGill
20:19.6Grand Ledge
20.11Vito Cicinelli
20:22.3Grand Ledge
21.11Sam Konen
20:23.9 PRGrand Ledge
22.9Trey Salinaz
23.11Gabe Mayes
20:36.8East Lansing
24.10Ian Williams
20:37.1East Lansing
25.11Alex Annis
20:38.8Grand Ledge
26.9Josh Irwin
20:41.2Grand Ledge
27.10Nick O'Brien
28.9Jaxson Miller
21:08.3Grand Ledge
29.10Ezekiel Ewulomi
21:08.4Lansing Waverly
30.10Abby Crespo
21:14.3Lansing Waverly
31.12Diego Banks
32.9Brenden Quack
33.12Noah Jarrard
21:38.7Grand Ledge
34.9Baron Pham
21:39.9Lansing Waverly
35.11Max Wittmer
21:51.3East Lansing
36.9Jack Langford
21:52.9East Lansing
37.12Gabriel Maldonado
21:55.1Lansing Waverly
38.10Colin Patterson
22:12.0Grand Ledge
39.9Jose Avila
22:18.0Lansing Waverly
40.9Will White
22:23.3East Lansing
41.11Sebastian Washington
22:59.8 PRLansing Waverly
42.12Ethan Lockwood
23:00.0Grand Ledge
43.11Adam Stevens
23:46.2Lansing Waverly
44.12Cameron Bruce
45.11Roman D'Alessandro
24:04.3 PRGrand Ledge
46.11Isaiah Scruggs
47.12Greg Stevens
24:34.4Grand Ledge
48.11Javon Embry
24:39.4Lansing Waverly
49.9Mark King
24:39.5 PRGrand Ledge
50.11James Gleason
51.11David Rodriguez Pr...
24:54.6 PRLansing Everett
52.9Donovan Owens
25:04.9 PRLansing Waverly
53.10Carlos Lopez-Resen...
25:11.8Lansing Everett
54.12Toan Tran
25:17.1Lansing Everett
55.10William George
25:54.1Lansing Everett
56.10Alex Reimbold
26:12.4Lansing Waverly
57.12Tuan Nguyen
26:14.6Lansing Everett
58.12Christopher Jacobs
59.10Po Yu Chen
26:40.0 PRLansing Everett
60.12Jonathon Hoerner
61.9Robert Armbruster
27:33.3Lansing Everett
62.10Taj Chaney
27:35.2Lansing Everett
63.10Elijah Medina
29:11.4Lansing Waverly
64.12Jeremiah Benavides
30:22.1Lansing Everett
65.10Daniel Spencer
30:23.5Lansing Everett
66.10Collin Ostrander
31:54.1 PRLansing Waverly
67.10Rene Gelista
36:24.0Lansing Everett
68.9Zachary Barnhart
36:28.7Lansing Everett
69.12Michael Bellosillo
36:41.7Lansing Everett
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Grand Ledge19
2.East Lansing40
3.Lansing Waverly96
5.Lansing Everett130

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Ella Baryo
21:33.1Grand Ledge
2.11Ainsley Vanderlaan
21:45.6Grand Ledge
3.9Lucy Wallace
21:47.5East Lansing
4.9Ashley Witham
21:50.3Grand Ledge
5.10Natalie Wallas
21:55.7 PRGrand Ledge
6.12Brynne Wisner
21:56.4East Lansing
7.9Brenda Duchene
22:09.9Grand Ledge
8.10Ella Stout
22:34.8East Lansing
9.11Sarah Padilla
22:45.5Grand Ledge
10.10Elizabeth Verburg
22:53.9Grand Ledge
11.9Olivia Delgado
22:54.3East Lansing
12.12Colleen Jamnik
23:06.8East Lansing
13.12Cheryl Johnson
23:10.7Grand Ledge
14.11Sharon Piedra-Vargas
23:14.9Grand Ledge
15.11Melanie Vukovich
23:23.3Grand Ledge
16.12Claire Davidson
23:36.3Grand Ledge
17.12Abby Conway
25:06.6Grand Ledge
18.10Emily Waybright
25:35.8Grand Ledge
19.11Cassidy McGeorge
25:54.7Grand Ledge
20.10Aisa Uhler
26:32.9East Lansing
21.12Reyna Estrada
26:53.2Grand Ledge
22.11Alaina Houser
23.10Johannah McNeilly
27:12.9 PRHolt
24.9Nina Duffy
27:15.5 PRLansing Waverly
25.10Eva Tyszkiewicz
27:27.8East Lansing
26.12Totteanna Robinson
27:34.4 PRLansing Waverly
27.10Sabra Weeks
27:35.4 PRLansing Waverly
28.9Shems Hamdan
27:47.1East Lansing
29.12Clare Pike
27:52.5East Lansing
30.11Lilly Kakela
27:56.1East Lansing
31.12Saja Hamdan
28:00.4East Lansing
32.9Jada Wilkes
28:06.6 PRLansing Waverly
33.10Lauren Petrie
28:24.2Grand Ledge
34.9Kaitlyn Waldrop
28:24.7Grand Ledge
35.12Natalie Bower
36.10Deyanni Morton
29:12.4 PRLansing Everett
37.12Marthea Vann-Scott
29:15.2Lansing Sexton
38.9Elliot Wheeler
29:15.3East Lansing
39.10Emily Sochay
29:29.7Grand Ledge
40.12Mari Tapia
29:44.5Lansing Waverly
41.12Melissa Torres Cruz
30:26.4 PRLansing Everett
42.12Praew Charernrat
30:28.5Grand Ledge
43.12Corrine Tessin
44.9Ella VanFossen
30:52.5Grand Ledge
45.12Vivian Ho
30:57.0Lansing Everett
46.10Eva Yang
31:33.0Lansing Everett
47.10Jasmine Parker
31:37.2Lansing Waverly
48.10Emily Shippey
32:10.8Grand Ledge
49.9Hayley Van Alstine
32:19.5 PRLansing Waverly
50.9Madilyn Zwemer
32:26.8Grand Ledge
51.11Cloe Mauldin
32:47.4Lansing Sexton
52.9Goretti Tran
33:09.9 PRLansing Waverly
53.9Alyssa Rivera
33:14.8Lansing Waverly
54.12Faith Hasen
55.12Rebecca Rapisarda
36:07.3 PRGrand Ledge
56.11Amara Nolan
37:40.3 PRLansing Everett
57.12Kenna Yoder
38:13.4Lansing Everett
58.12Julianna Markham-A...
38:17.6Lansing Everett
59.10Bonita Yoder
40:59.0 SRLansing Everett
60.11Rylee Anderson
41:13.8 PRLansing Waverly
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