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5,000 Meters Varisty

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Southwestern (Hanover)35
2.Rising Sun69
3.South Ripley92
6.Shawe Memorial117
7.Switzerland County178
1.12Trevor Levi
16:45.4 PRRising Sun
2.12Ethan Goebel
17:16.5Southwestern (Hanover)
3.11Bradley Winston
17:27.2Southwestern (Hanover)
4.10Trevor Smith
17:33.6Southwestern (Hanover)
5.12Gabriel Rankin
6.11Leon Kinne
17:56.1 PRShawe Memorial
7.11Bryan Avalos
18:12.7 PRShawe Memorial
8.9Damon Hughes
9.12Dylan Trenkamp
18:34.3South Ripley
10.9Caleb Geary
18:43.4 PRSouthwestern (Hanover)
11.11Nick Koons
18:46.2 PRRising Sun
12.9Dalton Vinup
18:48.6 PRRising Sun
13.10Casey Burdette
14.10Jacob Elliott
19:12.6South Ripley
15.11Dylon Wilhoit
19:27.6 PRSouth Ripley
16.9Billy Eccles
19:33.1Southwestern (Hanover)
17.11Garrett Demaree
19:36.5 PRSwitzerland County
18.10Tanner Dilk
19:42.7 PRJac-Cen-Del
19.11Nathan Laswell
20.10Lane Coles
20:00.5Southwestern (Hanover)
21.11Jake Powell
20:11.0 PRRising Sun
22.11Kevin Theilman
20:12.9 PRMilan
23.10Noah Haessig
20:16.1 SRMilan
24.11Noah Phlum
20:18.0Rising Sun
25.10Landon Ledford
20:21.4 PRJac-Cen-Del
26.9Nick Zigan
20:21.4 PRSouth Ripley
27.10Chandler Cole
20:34.9 PRShawe Memorial
28.10Jay Cornett
20:44.3South Ripley
29.9Coby Manbeck
20:48.2Switzerland County
30.10Mitchell Adcock
20:51.9Southwestern (Hanover)
31.10Peyton Bell
20:59.6Rising Sun
32.11Daniel Daugherty
21:00.6Rising Sun
33.9Dillon Binion
21:05.0South Ripley
34.10Jarrod Weston
21:06.9 PRJac-Cen-Del
35.9Boyd Grossman
21:13.5 PRSouth Ripley
36.11Damon Ward
37.10Seth Pohle
21:33.1 PRJac-Cen-Del
38.12Ryan Storm
21:35.5 SRShawe Memorial
39.10Skyler Edwards
21:35.5 PRShawe Memorial
40.12Axel Morales
21:40.7 PRShawe Memorial
41.12Nathan Ortt
21:57.0 PRMilan
42.12Conner Hubbard
43.11Kayman McElheny
22:17.9 PRSwitzerland County
44.10Patrick Stow
22:36.4 SRSwitzerland County
45.10Nathan Scudder
22:36.4Switzerland County
46.12Bailey Bennett
23:15.4Switzerland County
47.12Alex Volz
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5,000 Meters Reserve

1.9Brian Givan
22:05.4 PRRising Sun
2.9Tanner Franklin
22:12.1 PRSouth Ripley
3.10Marc McClellan
24:28.4 PRRising Sun
4.9Trenton Franklin
24:31.8South Ripley
5.10AJ Boes
25:48.4Rising Sun
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varisty

Official Team Scores

2.Southwestern (Hanover)67
3.Switzerland County80
4.South Ripley94
6.Rising Sun131
1.11Leah Anders
20:12.7Switzerland County
2.11Megan Cole
20:48.2South Ripley
3.12Shianna Bellingham
4.12Kasey Baker
21:44.0Rising Sun
5.11Elyse Hunger
22:30.2 SRJac-Cen-Del
6.11Lauren Lundergan
22:50.5Shawe Memorial
7.11Alyssa Brinkman
8.12Caty Battjes
23:32.7 PRSouthwestern (Hanover)
9.12Taylor Cole
23:38.8Southwestern (Hanover)
10.9Kaytlin Sizemore
11.11Emma Miller
23:52.1 SRMilan
12.9Keirstan Oeffinger
23:59.5Switzerland County
13.9Anna Hubbard
24:03.7 PRJac-Cen-Del
14.9Lauryn Dilk
15.10Katie Minch
16.9Ashton Goode
24:22.1Southwestern (Hanover)
17.11Jessica Vogel
24:24.7South Ripley
18.12Juli Lezama
24:31.3 PRSouthwestern (Hanover)
19.9Avery Negangard
24:39.2 PRJac-Cen-Del
20.12Clarisse Zigan
24:41.8South Ripley
21.10Maddy Jacobs
24:45.5Southwestern (Hanover)
22.12Bri Vinup
24:56.3 PRSwitzerland County
23.12Lauren McIntosh
24:57.8South Ripley
24.10Allison Detmer
25:17.0 PRSwitzerland County
25.11Zoe Cole
25:37.1Switzerland County
26.11Jamey Tush
27.10Knowlton Abbey
28.12Elena Morales
27:25.9Southwestern (Hanover)
29.10Aleiah Thomas
27:49.4Switzerland County
30.9Belle Crawford
27:54.5 PRSouthwestern (Hanover)
31.10Keira Mann
28:12.2Rising Sun
32.12Kora Powell
28:20.2Rising Sun
33.10Mackenzie Ellegood
28:53.9Rising Sun
34.10Mikailah Peterson
29:45.6Switzerland County
35.10Grace McAllister
30:14.9Shawe Memorial
36.11Kaleigh Mann
30:15.4 SRRising Sun
37.11Haley Elliott
34:36.5South Ripley
38.11Abby Wallace
34:41.0Rising Sun
39.9Abigale Hill
34:51.2 PRShawe Memorial
40.10Kylee Frey
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