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Mens Races
3,000 Meters 8th Grade and Under
4,000 Meters JV
4,000 Meters Frosh/Soph
4,000 Meters Community/Open
4,000 Meters Varsity Small School
4,000 Meters Varsity Large School
5,000 Meters College/Open Men
Womens Races
3,000 Meters 8th Grade and Under
4,000 Meters JV
4,000 Meters Community/Open
4,000 Meters Varsity Small School
4,000 Meters College/Open Women
4,000 Meters Varsity Large School

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11th Annual Nature’s Bakery Nevada Twilight

Cross Country Classic

In memory of Jim Vanden Heuvel

“Cross Country Under Lights”


Escape the late summer heat and run cross country season in the cool evening air at Spark’s Shadow Mountain Park. Race a loop course that will allow for coaches and spectators to watch and cheer numerous times. The later races will be run under lights.


Contact Kirk Elias at to reserve a spot for your team.

When:                    Friday, September 1, 2017

Where:                   Shadow Mountain Park, 3300 Sparks Blvd, Sparks, NV 89431

Schedule:              5:50pm    Eighth Grade and Under Boys and Girls                3000 meters  

                                6:10pm    Junior Varsity Boys                                               4000 meters

                                6:36pm    Junior Varsity Girls                                                4000 meters

                                7:02pm    9th & 10 Grade Boys                                              4000 meters

                                7:28pm    Community/Open M & W                                       4000 meters

                                7:53pm    Small School Varsity Girls (All)                              4000 meters

                                8:17pm    Small School Varsity Boys (All)                              4000 meters

                                8:40pm    College/Open Women                                            4000 meters

                                9:00pm    Large School Varsity Boys (Top 10 only)               4000 meters

                                9:20pm    College/Open Men                                                  5000 meters

                                9:40pm    Large School Varsity Girls (Top 10 only)                4000 meters


Course:                  The course will consist of a short loop course of approx. 1000 meters and a longer loop of approx. 1350 meters. The course is a mainly dirt trails, with grass at the start and finish. Flats are highly recommended, but spikes may be used.

HS Divisions:        Large School is Nevada Division I and California Division I and II schools. Small School Division participants are all Nevada Division IA, III, or IV and California III, IV or V. However, any small school MAY run an individual(s) or team up in the large school division if they want that level of competition.

TEAM CAMP/WARM UP AREA: Will take place on the softball fields.

Course Preview:   The course will be first available for preview starting at 4:00pm on Friday, September 1.

Packet Pick Up:     At meet headquarters near starting line.

Medical:                 Trainers will be available at the course starting 30 minutes before the first race.

Entries/Deadline: Entries are unlimited/team. Please register your entries at starting August 15. Entry deadline is Tuesday, August 29th at 6:00PM PDT.

Entry Fee:              Entry fees due at check in. You may bring them to the course, or they may be mailed in advance to Kirk Elias, 111 Legacy Hall/MS 264, University of Nevada, Reno, NV 89557. Please make checks to “Board of Regents”. Entry fees are non-refundable!!!

                                High School                          $20/Individual if not a complete team.

                                                                                $90 for each gender team from a school. If only Boys or only girls are attending, the total is $90. If there are Boys and Girls squads         competing, then the total is $180.

                                College                                  $25/Individual up to four individuals/college.

                                                                                $200/team, $350 for combined program

                                Community/Open                  $25/Individual

                                8th Grade and Under             $10/Individual


Registration for High School and College:      Register through Registration deadline is 6:00PM PDT on Tuesday, August 29.

Registration for 8th grade and younger:            Email Name, Gender, and Grade to LYNN MENTZER by 6:00PM PDT on Tuesday, August 29.

Registration for Open Athletes:                         Register through Registration deadline is 6:00PM PDT on Tuesday, August 29th. Payment is paid online when registering.

Collegiate Scoring:              Will be scored as Dual meets


                High School:                         To the top 20 individuals in each race.

                College:                                 To the top 20 individuals.

                Community/Open:               To the top 20 men and top 20 women

Concessions:                         T-Shirts and other gear will be available for purchase.

Directions:            From I-80 east bound take Exit 20 (Sparks Blvd). Turn left (north) onto Sparks Blvd. The park will be on your right in 2.3 miles.

                                From I-80 west bound take Exit 20 (Sparks Blvd). Turn right (north) onto Sparks Blvd. The park will be on your right in 2.3 miles.

Showers:                                There are no showers available at the park.

Questions:             Call Kirk Elias at 775-682-6912 or

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Mens Results

4,000 Meters JV

Official Team Scores

2.Damonte Ranch66
5.Spanish Springs111
1.10Alton Edwards
15:25 PRDamonte Ranch
2.11Tobin McRae
15:36 PRCarson
3.12Gadiel Ahumada
15:50Pleasant Grove
4.11Dillan Boyd
15:56 SRSpanish Springs
5.12Scott Hertzler
16:16 PRDamonte Ranch
6.11Ethan Lee
16:26 PRDouglas
7.11Patrick McDonald
16:29 PRWooster
8.11Brendan Brown
16:33Pleasant Grove
9.11Nickoliz Corder
16:34 PRNorth Valleys
10.9Francisco Bain
16:35 PRExcel Christian
11.12Alex Gousev
16:35 SRMcQueen
12.11Joshua Wells
16:37 PRHillcrest
13.11Lucien Nguyen
16:41 PRGalena
14.12Miles Shaheen
16:53 SRBishop Manogue
15.11Keagan Anderson
16:57 PRDouglas
16.10Jason Dodson
17:04Pleasant Grove
17.12Nathan Loze
17:05 PRElko
18.10Gage Hoyle
17:14 PRDouglas
19.11Tyson Fyfe
17:17 PRHillcrest
20.10Jakob Heller
17:17 PRCarson
21.9Conan Porter
17:18 PRDamonte Ranch
22.11Dean Halverson
17:18 PRHillcrest
23.11Paul Wolz
17:20 PRReed
24.11Aidan Miller
17:21 PRNorth Valleys
25.10Nathan Rothschild
17:30 PRDouglas
26.11Ayden Sawrie
17:35 PRReno
27.12Brock Roelofs
17:41 SRReed
28.12Damien Stonhill
17:43 PRHillcrest
29.12Jared Cartier
17:48 SRCarson
30.11Jacob Colombo
17:55 PRGalena
31.12Joe Nelson
17:55 PRMcQueen
32.9Jacob Crossman
17:58 PRCarson
33.10Miles Ipsen
18:02 SRReno
34.11Colton Massic
18:03 SRSpanish Springs
35.11Kehlen Knight
18:04 SRSpanish Springs
36.11Sean Grinsell
18:04 PRReno
37.11Ryley Donato
18:05 SRBear Creek
38.11Jacob Smith
18:07 PRDouglas
39.11Nick Chapman
18:08 PRWooster
40.10Kian Zoeters
18:11 SRReno
41.12Austin Brown
18:13 SRGalena
42.10Ian Hutchinson
18:18 PRDamonte Ranch
43.10Kole Kanekoa
18:20 SRDamonte Ranch
44.10Abner Lowe
18:23 SRDouglas
45.11Christopher Living...
18:23 SRGalena
46.11Adan Garcia
18:24 SRCarson
47.11Chris "Yoonsung" Nam
18:25 PRMcQueen
48.9Andrew Ingram
18:26 PRCarson
49.11Erik Buran
18:26 PRSpanish Springs
50.10Lucas Guerrazzi
18:26 SRDouglas
51.9Arturo Espinoza
18:34 PRReed
52.12Zachary Zimmermann
18:42 PRReno
53.11Bryce Bell
18:50 PRDamonte Ranch
54.10Justin Burriel-Kim...
18:57 PRDamonte Ranch
55.9Will Ow-Wing
18:58 PRYerington
56.9Anthony Moncayo
19:03 PRReed
57.12Seth Plowman
19:07 PRSpanish Springs
58.11Jordan Habel
19:10 PRFernley
59.12Nestor Hernandez-A...
19:12 SRGalena
60.11Hunter Donaldson
19:12 PRSpanish Springs
61.9Ryan Herman
19:16 PRReed
62.11Jared Stafford
19:19 SRSpanish Springs
63.11Hunter Smith
19:25 PRFernley
64.10Devin Jackson
19:34 PRCarson
65.10Jacob Peterman
19:44Pleasant Grove
66.11Eliaz Richardson
20:06 PRFernley
67.11Christian Maldonado
20:07 PRFernley
68.11Jahshua Rohr
20:29 PRDouglas
69.9Kyle Holloway
20:32 PRCarson
70.12Douglas Stotler
21:16 PRSpanish Springs
71.9Seth Fens
21:41 PRYerington
72.12Lamar Lillard
22:02 PRBear Creek
73.10Case Sanders
22:29 PRNorth Valleys
74.12Jordan Ota
24:30 SRBear Creek
75.9Austen Brantner
24:30 PRDamonte Ranch
76.9Gage Roelofs
24:53 PRReed
77.10Isaiah Marzan
25:06 PRNorth Valleys
78.9Cody Jackson
25:08 PRCarson
79.9Skylar Hester
26:33 PROasis Academy Colleg...
80.10Treglia Miller
26:33 PROasis Academy Colleg...
81.9Jacob Mahe
27:14 PRReed
82.10Mathew Amorelli
27:38 PRReed
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4,000 Meters Frosh/Soph

Official Team Scores

3.Bishop Manogue73
5.Spanish Springs144
11.Bear Creek267
12.South Tahoe284
1.9Matthew Gordon
14:24 PRGalena
2.10Trey Stevens
14:29 PRReed
3.10Bryce Welton
14:29 PRGalena
4.10Luke Marchant
14:34 PRReed
5.10Teagan Hansen
14:38 PRSierra Lutheran
6.10Logan Grange
14:39 PRMcQueen
7.10Hiago Torres
14:43 PRBishop Manogue
8.9Aaron Fairbanks
15:04 PRMcQueen
9.9DJ Medina
15:17 PRBishop Manogue
10.10Cole Funk
15:18 PRHillcrest
11.9Riley Navarro
15:20 PRBishop Manogue
12.9Ryan Petzing
15:26 PRBishop Manogue
13.9Joshua Catalano
15:27 PRSpanish Springs
14.9Crispin Hillard
15:29 PRMcQueen
15.9Pierce Simpkins
15:32 PRSpanish Springs
16.10Benjamin Breuch
15:33 PRTahoe-Truckee
17.9John Williams
15:36Pleasant Grove
18.9Tayden Hammond
15:37 PRMcQueen
19.9Dawson Deal
15:38 PRReed
20.9William Neel
15:43 PRReed
21.9Christian Carnes
15:44 PRMcQueen
22.10Joseph Leone
15:46Pleasant Grove
23.9John Bergin
15:58 PRReno
24.10Isaak Reid
16:00 PRSpanish Springs
25.10Michael Bambico
16:00 PRBear Creek
26.10Caleb Zumwalt
16:02 PRHillcrest
27.10Chris Zuck
16:03 PRHillcrest
28.9Zander Simone
16:06 PRGalena
29.10Logan Wick
16:09 PRReed
30.9Devan Henson
16:14 PRSpanish Springs
31.10Lars Romsos
16:31 PRSouth Tahoe
32.10Anthony DeLeon
16:33 PRWooster
33.10Robbie Maxim
16:35 PRTahoe-Truckee
34.9Chad Maricich
16:36 PRDouglas
35.10Ian Murray
16:36 PRReno
36.10Corrigan Ill
16:36 PRWooster
37.9Ridge Farringer
16:37 PRGalena
38.9Wyatt Peek
16:38 PRTahoe-Truckee
39.9Michael Magee
16:41 PRDouglas
40.9Marley Peros
16:42 PRReed
41.9Jeffrey Arao
16:43 PRBishop Manogue
42.9Hunter Domingues
16:44 PRReed
43.9Marcus Thorne
16:45 PRReed
44.9Zach Warner
16:48 PRHillcrest
45.9Seth Callahan
16:48 PRReno
46.9Alex Deadmond
16:51 PRMcQueen
47.10Zane Lewis
16:56 PRElko
48.10Nolan Huff
16:59 PRSouth Tahoe
49.9Thomas Wallmann
17:00 PRReno
50.9Remington Hill-Hol...
17:03 PRDouglas
51.10Gage Koler
17:03 PRBishop Manogue
52.10Ben Brust
17:04 PRBishop Manogue
53.10Sam Stewart
17:07 PRBishop Manogue
54.10Peter Brogger
17:10 PRBear Creek
55.9Dominic Jackson
17:11 PRDouglas
56.9Jimmy Murphy
17:14 PRElko
57.9Ian Scoggin
17:20 PRMcQueen
58.10Logan Dance
17:33 PRHillcrest
59.9Matthew Gerard
17:34 PRReno
60.9Tyler Logan
17:34 PRDayton
61.9Zachary Blum
17:36 PRTahoe-Truckee
62.10Pravan Landry
17:37 PRWooster
63.10Jacob Ha
17:41 PRBear Creek
64.9Leyton Sweeney
17:42 PRSouth Tahoe
65.9Jailen Ombuya
17:43 PRMcQueen
66.9Reese Watabayahsi
17:44 PRMcQueen
67.9Justice Ombuya
17:44 PRMcQueen
68.10Michael Wiseman
17:48 PRBishop Manogue
69.9Cameron Battcher
17:48 PRDouglas
70.9Andreas Gilson
17:50 PRSierra Lutheran
71.9Felipe Verdin Magana
17:51 PRReno
72.9Miguel Banuelos
17:53 PRWooster
73.10Jacob Zerby
17:53 PRBishop Manogue
74.10Evan LeBlanc
17:54 PRReno
75.9Ethan Damon
17:57 PRReno
76.9Austin Alley
17:59 PRDouglas
77.9Morgan Zolyniak
17:59 PRFernley
78.9Jonathan Horton
18:03 PRHillcrest
79.9Jacob Tack
18:03 PRSierra Lutheran
80.10Nathan Jones
18:03 PRWooster
81.10Tyler Russell
18:07 SRGalena
82.9Zach Sawrie
18:10 PRReno
83.10Ford Fox
18:11 PRGalena
84.10Froylan Palacio
18:13 PRBishop Manogue
85.9Andrew LaVallie
18:20 PRFernley
86.10Brooks Watson
18:21 PRGalena
87.9Ryan Horton
18:23 PRHillcrest
88.9Jack AuCoin
18:25 PRWooster
89.9Jack Allen
18:25 PRReno
90.10Benjamin Ferido
18:26 PRReno
91.10John Lapham
18:29 PRBear Creek
92.10Garrett Donaldson
18:29 PRSpanish Springs
93.9Forest Davis
18:30 PRWooster
94.10Ethan Shaver
18:31 PRWooster
95.9Kai Raydon
18:32 PRGalena
96.10Jordan Moreno
18:33 PRSpanish Springs
97.9Peter Lucio
18:34 PRBear Creek
98.9Scott Osgard
18:37 PRReno
99.9Brian Gamino
18:42 PRBear Creek
100.9Connor Cuddy
18:43 PRGalena
101.9Stefan McEachin
18:47 PRBishop Manogue
102.9Landon Snyder
18:47 PRSpanish Springs
103.9Derrick Pickrel
18:54Pleasant Grove
104.10Cameron Urmston
18:56 PRSpanish Springs
105.9Joe Godinez
19:00 PRBear Creek
106.10Gunner Anderson
19:02 PRGalena
107.9Adam Roberts
19:08 PRHillcrest
108.9Luke Fry
19:09 PRBear Creek
109.10Drew Reseck
19:09 PRDouglas
110.9Damon Mariani
19:18 PRSpanish Springs
111.10Forrest Derr
19:25 PRWooster
112.11Tryston Benko
19:27 PRSouth Tahoe
113.9Caden Landreth
19:30 PRSpanish Springs
114.10Nathan To
19:35 PRBear Creek
115.10Justin Lance
19:37 PRHillcrest
116.9Aiden Wallace
19:39 PRBear Creek
117.9Mason Sifre
19:44 PRSpanish Springs
118.9Taylen Patrick
19:48 PRFernley
119.10Chase Hudson
19:48 SRBear Creek
120.10McClain Simon
19:53 SRDayton
121.9Bailey Shoup
19:56 PRElko
122.9Noah Haase
19:59 PRElko
123.9Ivan Kayser-Norris
20:02 PRSouth Tahoe
124.10Clayton Posey
20:15 PRSpanish Springs
125.9Michael Salas
20:24 PRGalena
126.9Grant Aistrup
20:25 PRBear Creek
127.10Elliott DeBrabander
20:36 PRGalena
128.9Thomas Robinson
20:45 PRSpanish Springs
129.10Daniel Guzman
20:49 PRWooster
130.10Isaac Sorensen
20:54 PRReno
131.9Andrew Mortellaro
20:57 PRBishop Manogue
132.10Zachary Houghton
22:03 PRSierra Lutheran
133.10Patrick Cassidy
22:15 PRBishop Manogue
134.9Carver Joslin
22:25 PRTahoe-Truckee
135.10Kieran Jacobsen
22:31 PRSpanish Springs
136.9Andre Garcia
22:32 PRBear Creek
137.9Jackson Doughty
22:32 PRDouglas
138.9Ethan Meyer
22:39 PRBear Creek
139.11Kaleb DelaCruz
22:42 SRBear Creek
140.10Chris Rowe
23:41 PRDouglas
141.9Landon Steele
24:23 PRVirginia City
142.9Elliot Fry
25:19 PRBear Creek
143.9Kevin Payton
26:30 PRBear Creek
144.10Callum Bodington
26:48 PRVirginia City
145.9Luke Kohler
27:15 PRVirginia City
146.9Jakota Wass
27:32 PRDouglas
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4,000 Meters Varsity Small School

Official Team Scores

2.South Tahoe42
3.Churchill County54
1.11Jared Marchegger
14:09 SRSierra Lutheran
2.12David Holmes
14:22 PRSouth Tahoe
3.11Eric Rosales
14:40 PRFernley
4.12Josh Kirk
14:46 PRFernley
5.12Kevin Kirk
14:50 PRYerington
6.11Justin Cathey
14:53 PRChurchill County
7.12Mason Tannehill
14:59 PRFernley
8.11Austin Hoach
9.11Miguel Ramos
15:12 PRHughson
10.11Christopher Hoefer
15:14 PRSouth Tahoe
11.9Niklas Pietzke
15:15 PRIncline
12.11Jason Logan
15:17 SRDayton
13.12Christian Lopez
15:25 PRCoral Academy of Sci...
14.11Madsen Evans
15:30 PRDayton
15.9Zach Homola
15:48 PRIncline
16.12Emmanuel Demillo
15:49 PRChurchill County
17.12Ryley Alvear
16:09 PRVirginia City
18.11Logan Allander
16:11 PRDayton
19.11Calvin Holmes
16:25 SRSouth Tahoe
20.10Liam Maldonado
16:32 PRFernley
21.10Angel Pacheco
16:40 SRSilver Stage
22.12Dimitri Del Peloso
16:42 PRFernley
23.10Antonio Rodarte
16:43 PRFernley
24.11Edilson Ulloa
17:02 PRSparks
25.11Garrett Tognazzini
17:04 PRChurchill County
26.9Griffin Lovato
17:09 PRSage Ridge
27.10Gavin Breen
17:15 PRSouth Tahoe
28.11Ryan Newberger
17:28 SRSouth Tahoe
29.10Daniel Tapia
17:48 PRChurchill County
30.10Roberto Rodriguez
17:49 PRSilver Stage
31.11Taira Sugimoto
18:01 PRSage Ridge
32.11Austin Rogers
18:08 PRIncline
33.12Aaron McElhaney
18:21 PRVirginia City
34.11Tyki Ngo
19:00 PRCoral Academy of Sci...
35.11Brent Wolf
19:04 SRIncline
36.12Dawson Frost
19:12 SRChurchill County
37.12Marcus Comia
19:24 PRSparks
38.9Matthew Strasser
19:28 PRCoral Academy of Sci...
39.10Tanner Craig
20:24 PRSilver Stage
40.9Wil Swisher
21:12 PRChurchill County
41.12Henry Tang
21:36 PRSparks
42.11Bogart Baca
21:40 PROasis Academy Colleg...
43.10Cade Rombardo
22:28 PRSage Ridge
44.9Mason Adams
24:26 PRChurchill County
45.12Roberto Hernandez
24:42 PRSparks
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4,000 Meters Varsity Large School

Official Team Scores

1.Poly (Long Beach)40
2.Spanish Springs49
4.Damonte Ranch155
10.Pleasant Grove233
13.Bishop Manogue262
1.12Andrew Ribeiro
13:07 PRSpanish Springs
2.12Matthew Hakin
13:09 PRSpanish Springs
3.11William Frankenfeld
13:11 PRPoly (Long Beach)
4.12Jack Raymond
13:12 PRPoly (Long Beach)
5.12Carson Leavitt
13:19 PRGalena
6.12Thomas Fleming
13:22 PRPoly (Long Beach)
7.11Daniel Horner
13:24 SRSpanish Springs
8.10Hanokheliyahu Gail...
13:31 PRReno
9.12Nicholas McMillen
13:34 PRReno
10.12Aric Turner
13:37 PRDamonte Ranch
11.12Zach Harris
13:38 PRBishop Manogue
12.11Daniel Bautista
13:40 PRPoly (Long Beach)
13.11Mason Keach
13:42 PRMcQueen
14.12Hunter Beadell
13:44 PRSpanish Springs
15.11Jesus Trujillo gon...
13:45 PRNorth Valleys
16.10Ronan McMahon-Staggs
13:48 PRPoly (Long Beach)
17.11Alex Klekas
13:51 PRElko
18.12Sean Dunkelman
13:51 PRDouglas
19.12Nate Cooper
13:56 PRPoly (Long Beach)
20.12Henry Anderson
13:58 PRPoly (Long Beach)
21.11Kobe Lynch
13:59 PRGalena
22.10Montana Montgomery
14:00 PRTahoe-Truckee
23.10Aidan Singh
14:07Pleasant Grove
24.11Matthew Rice
14:09 PRMcQueen
25.10Connor Van Cott
14:11 PRDamonte Ranch
26.11Cole Hendriks
14:14 PRSpanish Springs
27.11Calin Laine
14:14 PRTahoe-Truckee
28.12Aidan Johnson
14:16 PRPoly (Long Beach)
29.12Shane Jensen
14:17 PRHillcrest
30.12Justus Fast
14:19 PRGalena
31.12James Daniels
14:20 PRSpanish Springs
32.12Shane Helton
14:20 PRMcQueen
33.11Hunter Rauh
14:21 PRCarson
34.10Zachary Sever
14:21 PRCarson
35.10Jacob Galletti
14:22 PRSpanish Springs
36.12Madsen Rhinehart
14:22 PRHillcrest
37.11Adam White
14:24 PRNorth Valleys
38.10Jacob Waisanen
14:26 PRReno
39.10Nick Rodie
14:26 PRDamonte Ranch
40.12Curtis Prescott
14:27 PRElko
41.12Zach Taylor
14:35 PRHillcrest
42.9Sean Klekas
14:38 PRElko
43.12Carter Moore
14:39 PRMcQueen
44.10Xavier Angus
14:40 PRDamonte Ranch
45.10Duncan Monroe
14:40 PRElko
46.12Bryce Barbee
14:42 PRPoly (Long Beach)
47.11Ethan Byasse
14:43 PRCarson
48.10Liam Tracy
14:43 PRDamonte Ranch
49.10Zane Witter
14:44 PRPoly (Long Beach)
50.11Joseph Blakely
14:47Pleasant Grove
51.10Andrew Jackson
14:47Pleasant Grove
52.12Kyle Winkelman
14:47 PRBishop Manogue
53.11Michael Bonnell
14:49 PRReed
54.12Jose Ortega
14:50 PRDamonte Ranch
55.12Jared Rutherford
14:51 PRGalena
56.12Richard Hubert
14:52 PRReed
57.11Nick Myers
14:52Pleasant Grove
58.11James Nair
14:53 PRDouglas
59.11Graydon Lynch
14:55 PRGalena
60.12Jesse Fry
14:57 SRBishop Manogue
61.11Aldo Khiev
15:02 PRPoly (Long Beach)
62.9Parker Lehmann
15:05 PRCarson
63.11Isaac Williams
15:05 PRReno
64.9Dominic Motter
15:06 PRReno
65.12TJ Stevens
15:13 PRElko
66.10Cody Jackson
15:13 PRDouglas
67.12Trevor Bruch
15:13 PRElko
68.12Jayson Legott
15:14 PRCarson
69.12Garrett Wetsel
15:15 PRHillcrest
70.12Justin Alexander
15:17 SRBear Creek
71.11KC Larkins
15:19 PRTahoe-Truckee
72.9Soma Baligad
15:21 PRDouglas
73.12Mason Weimer
15:24 PRHillcrest
74.11Ryen Loy
15:27 SRBear Creek
75.11Brandon Koyama
15:28 PRDouglas
76.11Ethan Daniels
15:28 PRDouglas
77.10Ben Miller
15:29 PRReno
78.12Brent Menninger
15:29 PRMcQueen
79.11Ids Propstra
15:30 PRTahoe-Truckee
80.10Nathan Grimm
15:36Pleasant Grove
81.11Davis Weatherston
15:39 PRHillcrest
82.11Celime Garcia
15:43 PRDouglas
83.11Marcelo Murillo
15:45 PRPoly (Long Beach)
84.11Joey Davis
15:47 PRBishop Manogue
85.10Quinn O'Neil
15:49 PRSpanish Springs
86.10Jesse Edwards
15:50 PRSpanish Springs
87.12Henry Leonardi
15:52 PRGalena
88.11Ashton Newman
15:53 PRGalena
89.11Trevor Foote
15:55 SRReno
90.12Ruben Banuelos
15:55 PRWooster
91.10Ben Baker
16:02 PRGalena
92.11Andrew Macdonald
16:04 PRReno
93.12Cameron Northcutt
16:04 SRDouglas
94.12Paxton Spence
16:12 PRCarson
95.9Luccas Peterson
16:17 PRDouglas
96.12Jonathan Lemus
16:20 PRNorth Valleys
97.12Chris Cunningham
16:23 PRBishop Manogue
98.10Calvin Doerr
16:41 PRDouglas
99.11Michael Iguban
16:46 PRElko
100.11Evan Opsal
16:59 PRTahoe-Truckee
101.11Matthew Shepherd
16:59 PRBishop Manogue
102.12Bill Apel
17:45 PRWooster
103.10Gabe Crossman
17:47 PRCarson
104.12Phillip Sevcsik
18:40 SRWooster
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters JV

Official Team Scores

2.Spanish Springs84
5.Pleasant Grove136
7.Damonte Ranch157
11.Bishop Manogue300
12.North Valleys333
14.Bear Creek386
1.10Iliana Becerra
18:22 PRPleasant Grove
2.10Allyson Schreiber
18:24 PRSpanish Springs
3.10Breanna Paszek
18:31 PRReno
4.9Elise Cummins
18:36 PRSpanish Springs
5.10Madeline Wetsel
18:46 PRHillcrest
6.9Ramona Tobey
18:51 PRMcQueen
7.10Mariah Cook
18:54 PRHillcrest
8.11Sydney Taylor
19:04 PRReno
9.11Kaylie Pak
19:07Pleasant Grove
10.11Skylar Allison
19:14 PRDamonte Ranch
11.9Leah Chavez
19:24 PRDamonte Ranch
12.11Savannah Chapton
19:25 PRDouglas
13.10Courtney Moya
19:28 PRReno
14.10Zoe Brown
19:28 SRDouglas
15.10Baylee Mee
19:37 PRGalena
16.10Courtney Hiatt
19:41 PRMcQueen
17.12Kailey Conrad
19:43 PRReno
18.12Casey Peck
19:45 PRDouglas
19.9Jolissa Webb
19:51 PRHillcrest
20.11Madeline Thornton
19:53 PRSpanish Springs
21.9Breanna Macias
19:54 PRElko
22.10Chloe Hooper
19:56 PRReno
23.9Grace Hodous
20:01 PRTahoe-Truckee
24.11Emilie Rodriguez
20:04 PRSpanish Springs
25.10Jadyn Zamora
20:12 PRMcQueen
26.10Isabella Tierney
20:15 PRDouglas
27.9Sarai Jauregui-Rivas
20:19 PRCarson
28.11Mariela Avila
20:24 PRElko
29.10Ava Covington
20:25 PRCarson
30.10Madison Paszek
20:27 PRReno
31.11Keziah Dutt
20:28 PRReno
32.12Emma Battcher
20:29 PRGalena
33.10Angelica Johnson
20:31Pleasant Grove
34.10Alaina MeGill
20:32 SRMcQueen
35.10Pamela Nipay
20:39 PRWooster
36.10Grace Keating
20:40 SRSpanish Springs
37.9Hailey Pedersen
20:40 PRDamonte Ranch
38.9Leigh Sullivan
20:40 PRReno
39.10Viviana Gavaldon
20:42 PRElko
40.10Alina Bischopink
20:49 PRMcQueen
41.9Alexis Castor
20:49 PRElko
42.11Annmarie Parker
20:49 PRNorth Valleys
43.11Marion Semana
20:50Pleasant Grove
44.10Robin Harmening
20:51 PRMcQueen
45.9Emily Nanse
21:00 PRDouglas
46.9Sydney Bauer
21:01 PRDamonte Ranch
47.9Paige Sharber
21:03 PRElko
48.9Ella Freeman
21:05 PRTahoe-Truckee
49.12Rebekah Gonzalez
21:07 PRBishop Manogue
50.9Allison Matteoni
21:08 PRBishop Manogue
51.11Kayla Provost
21:10 SRDouglas
52.10Emily Richardson
21:12 PRCarson
53.11Kevyn Reid
21:12 SRDouglas
54.12Ariana Kendall
21:16 PRTahoe-Truckee
55.11Olivia Rice
21:16 SRElko
56.12Natalie Allen
21:16 SRSpanish Springs
57.10Cecilia Pham
21:17Pleasant Grove
58.10Miah Hill
21:18 PRElko
59.11Alexis Martinez
21:18 PRReed
60.9Briana Cortez
21:19 PRElko
61.11Lilyan Slais
21:25 SRDouglas
62.9Leah Dixon
21:27 PRDamonte Ranch
63.12Eden Loos
21:31 SRBishop Manogue
64.10Karlyn Ponsness
21:36 SRDouglas
65.10Kodi Kuttler
21:38 PRHillcrest
66.10Morgan Semana
21:42Pleasant Grove
67.11Julia Spencer
21:43 PRDamonte Ranch
68.9Karina Marcgais
21:53 PRNorth Valleys
69.10Chasmyn Quinata
21:54 PRGalena
70.10Abigail MacDiarmid
21:56 PRSpanish Springs
71.9Lizbeth Liquidano-...
21:57 PRWooster
72.10Natalie Thompson
22:01 PRHillcrest
73.11Vanessa Hernandez
22:05 PRMcQueen
74.11Jasmine McNinch
22:07 PRDouglas
75.12Madison Beck
22:13 SRNorth Valleys
76.11Grace Lehman
22:14 SRNorth Valleys
77.9Brooklynn Smith
22:14 PRDouglas
78.12Caitlin Stone
22:15 PRHillcrest
79.11Melissa Bustos
22:17 PRBear Creek
80.9Mariah Preciado
22:19 PRBear Creek
81.10Patty Duarte
22:20 PRDouglas
82.10Savannah Robinson
22:20 PROasis Academy Colleg...
83.10Ava Ramsey-Kruse
22:23 SRDouglas
84.10Torre Thomson
22:23 PRGalena
85.9Adrianna DeRoo
22:24 PRReno
86.9Katie Gonzales
22:26 PRDouglas
87.12Brooklyn Palmer
22:27 PRSpanish Springs
88.11Sabrina Raydon
22:29 PRGalena
89.12Lauren Schultz
22:36 PRBishop Manogue
90.11Ashley Britt
22:39 PRCarson
91.10Kathleen Fralick
22:45 SRReno
92.9Sierra Manzo
22:49 PRBishop Manogue
93.9Hailey Sedano
22:50 PRReed
94.11Andrea Walters
22:51 PRGalena
95.12Danielle Linschied
22:53 PRBishop Manogue
96.10Alisa Aistrup
22:58 PRBear Creek
97.9Kaiya Quintieri
23:03 PRMcQueen
98.11Alaina Cronick
23:18 PRWooster
99.9Emma Glanville
23:31 PRBear Creek
100.9Natalie Tran
23:36 PRBear Creek
101.12Emma Nylund
23:40 PRTahoe-Truckee
102.10Jamie Hansen
23:44 PRHillcrest
103.9Krystal Howe
23:53 PRElko
104.10Sierra Pastor
24:06 SRBear Creek
105.9Jayla Tolliver
24:10 PRYerington
106.12Rebecca Reyes
24:12 SRMcQueen
107.9Shelby Apple
24:36 PRDouglas
108.9Chyna Ojeda
24:44 PRBear Creek
109.11Kennedy Henry
24:49 PRSpanish Springs
110.10Lexy Tolhurst
24:59 PRMcQueen
111.9Jocelyn Bautista
25:01 PRDamonte Ranch
112.9Adeline Chapton
25:01 PRDouglas
113.10Katy Metzgar
25:15 SRMcQueen
114.9Isabella Timpone
25:15 PRDouglas
115.10Grace French
25:15 PRBishop Manogue
116.9Karen Salazar
25:15 PRElko
117.11Emily Brazier
25:17 PRReed
118.10Kieu Nguyen
25:30 PRPleasant Grove
119.9Jaden Ves'Sells
26:20 PRReed
120.9Vanessa Olson
26:25 PRDouglas
121.9Kiara Carey
26:36 PRBear Creek
122.11Megan Groves
26:40 SRReed
123.10Emily Cuellar
27:00 PRCarson
124.10Jessica Robles
27:30 PRWooster
125.12Elena Kogioumtzis
27:41 PRBear Creek
126.9Edith Paz-Robledo
27:42 PRWooster
127.9Grace Buttacavoli
27:42 PRGalena
128.10Kassandra Niedecken
28:03 PRElko
129.9Talissa Marriott
28:11 PRYerington
130.11Mariah Wells
28:40 SRElko
131.9Isabella Nicholas
29:53 PRVirginia City
132.9Olivia Lujan
30:18 PRGalena
133.9Ellie Oatman
31:06 PRNorth Valleys
134.10Alessandra Zarate
31:23 SRBear Creek
135.9Alexandria Matter
34:54 PROasis Academy Colleg...
136.12Alyssa Mayer
36:01 PRDouglas
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4,000 Meters Varsity Small School

Official Team Scores

2.South Tahoe39
1.10Carissa Buchholz
16:24 PRSouth Tahoe
2.11Emily Fife
3.11Piper Crook
16:59 PRFernley
4.10Elizette Ysais
5.11Kinsey Langley
17:18 SRHughson
6.12Esmeralda Campos
7.11Emily McNeely
17:26 PRSierra Lutheran
8.12Ally Sullivan
17:34 SRSouth Tahoe
9.10Hannah Trew
17:38 PRSouth Tahoe
10.10Janae Derley
17:41 PRFernley
11.11Tayler Zolyniak
17:46 PRFernley
12.11Taylor Davison
17:56 PRSierra Lutheran
13.10Eliana Carney
18:07 PRSouth Tahoe
14.12Ilona Coote
18:53 SRSage Ridge
15.10Briyona Ziegler
19:10 SRSouth Tahoe
16.10Moorea Davison
19:10 SRSouth Tahoe
17.9Camille Haupt
18.10Samantha Manning
20:05 PRFernley
19.10Baylee Ringer
20:06 SRFernley
20.10Sara Perez
20:07 PRSilver Stage
21.10Melanie Maher
20:15 SRSouth Tahoe
22.11Monica Yup
20:19 PRHughson
23.10Jasmine Barrita
24.12Carlie Keever
20:28 SRFernley
25.11Paitin Smith
20:39 SRFernley
26.11Emily Dilts
20:47 SRSouth Tahoe
27.12Jasmine Ramirez
21:26 PRYerington
28.11Simone Booth
21:39 PRSilver Stage
29.12Stephanie Gaitan
22:23 SRFernley
30.11Chanel Patrick
23:49 PRFernley
31.11Sydney Sitar
26:19 PRSilver Stage
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4,000 Meters Varsity Large School

Official Team Scores

2.Damonte Ranch61
8.Bishop Manogue169
1.12Mikayla Shults
15:30 PRReno
2.12Alexis Melendrez
15:39 SRSpanish Springs
3.9Penelope Smerdon
15:45 PRReno
4.10Marena Middleton
15:49 SRDamonte Ranch
5.10Carley Legenbauer
16:00 PRDamonte Ranch
6.12Rosie Linkus
16:07 PRBishop Manogue
7.10Madison Shults
16:16 PRReno
8.11Maya Smith
16:19 PRDouglas
9.11Imogen Olvera
16:21 PRMcQueen
10.9Carly Davis
16:22 PRTahoe-Truckee
11.12Erika Robtoy
16:24 PRReed
12.12Eliana Ornelas
16:24 PRWooster
13.10Isabella Terrazas
16:30 PRTahoe-Truckee
14.9Hana Mazur
16:33 PRTahoe-Truckee
15.12Rheanna Fallini-Ja...
16:35 PRCarson
16.12Sina Arnold
16:38 SRMcQueen
17.12Malia Pfeffer
16:38 PRDamonte Ranch
18.12Bella Martinez
16:41Pleasant Grove
19.10Gabriella Fernandez
16:41 PRCarson
20.10Piper Pfau
16:43 PRReno
21.12Tayler Kottinger
16:47 PRReno
22.9Hailey Thueson
16:48 PRHillcrest
23.11Claire Tillett
16:49 PRReed
24.12Kalia Pfeffer
16:50 PRDamonte Ranch
25.11Kambria Seymour
16:55 PRHillcrest
26.9Amelia Swanson
16:57 PRTahoe-Truckee
27.12Dakota Tracy
16:57 PRDamonte Ranch
28.11Liandra Wheeler
17:05 PRHillcrest
29.10Maddy Krivan
17:05 PRBishop Manogue
30.12Raini Jonson
17:08 PRElko
31.12Savannah Cook
17:09 PRHillcrest
32.11Nirel Kaplan
17:11 PRReed
33.12Megan Gephart
17:18 SRMcQueen
34.11Emma Farrell
17:20 PRBishop Manogue
35.10Addison Gregory
17:22 PRDouglas
36.12Blanca Sosa
17:24 PRCarson
37.12Grace Kenny
17:25 SRGalena
38.11Laura Pine
17:27 PRReed
39.11Rebecca Fisher
17:28 PRReed
40.12Madison Macias
17:33 PRElko
41.10Ashley Graham
17:33 PRHillcrest
42.11Sydney Layfield
17:37 SRReno
43.12Baylee Wood
17:39 PRDouglas
44.10Deanna Sunnergren
17:40 PRTahoe-Truckee
45.11Samantha Iacoboni
17:40 PRDamonte Ranch
46.12Chloe Overlie
17:42 PRElko
47.9Xandry De Arrieta
17:52 PRElko
48.11Kady Allen
17:52 PRElko
49.10Quincy Russell
17:54 PRDouglas
50.11Makayla Chacon
18:14 PRElko
51.11Maegan Collins
18:23 SRDouglas
52.12Makenna Bernard
18:24 SRReno
53.12Leslee Alaniz
18:31 SRDouglas
54.9Abigail Prickett
18:43 PRElko
55.11Emily Acor
18:45 PRHillcrest
56.12Valerie Lopez
18:45 SRDamonte Ranch
57.10Imogene Tierney
18:49 PRDouglas
58.10Caitlin Scruggs
18:54 PRReed
59.12Hannah Corgan
18:59 SRDouglas
60.9Kaylyn Ibarra
19:00 PRDamonte Ranch
61.11Taylor Ford
19:00 PRMcQueen
62.11Emily Outland
19:02 SRReed
63.11Emily Hillman
19:07 SRDouglas
64.12Elizabeth Morgan
19:11 SRTahoe-Truckee
65.12Chloe Hataway
19:16 SRCarson
66.12Libby Elliott
19:20 PRWooster
67.11Leah Ramsey-Kruse
19:22 SRDouglas
68.12Stephanie Haddad
19:29 PRWooster
69.10Taylor Tolotti
19:41 PRBishop Manogue
70.12Jeanne Anderson
19:43 PRCarson
71.12Ann Snelgrove
19:43 SRWooster
72.12Genevieve Peterson
20:04 SRElko
73.11Gianna Zaccheo
20:20 SRBishop Manogue
74.10Erin Cartier
20:30 PRCarson
75.9Malia Ascuaga
20:36 PRBishop Manogue
76.10Hailey Ponzoch
20:36 PRCarson
77.12Stephanie Cohen
20:45 SRGalena
78.11Jada Brown
21:00 PRBishop Manogue
79.11Maggie Joseph
22:25 PRBishop Manogue
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