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5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Spring Lake76
3.GR_South Christian108
4.GR_Kenowa Hills130
5.Hudsonville Unity Christian138
6.Comstock Park138
9.Grand River Preparatory226
10.GR_Catholic Central294
11.Muskegon Oakridge313
13.Wyoming Lee379
14.Wyoming Godwin Heights387
1.12Cameron Oleen
2.12Reid Parsons
16:01.39Comstock Park
3.10Micah VanderKooi
16:03.08GR_South Christian
4.11Andrew Hylen
16:04.06Spring Lake
5.11Ben Hylen
16:12.42Spring Lake
6.12Michael Hyatt
16:23.69 PRMuskegon Orchard View
7.11Victor Jura
8.11Caleb Hodgkinson
16:30.43GR_Kenowa Hills
9.11Brendan Deneen
16:34.39 PRFruitport
10.12Caleb Velzen
16:36.12Hudsonville Unity Ch...
11.11Chase Mendham
12.9Hayden Rhodea
13.11Christian Voetberg
14.12Kyle Messerschmidt
16:48.05Muskegon Oakridge
15.12Cameron Thalhammer
16:51.91Spring Lake
16.10Jack Luymes
16:56.10 PRGR_Christian
17.12Kameron Betz
18.12Timothy Nelson
19.12Jacob Doornbos
20.11Owen Pruim
17:03.53 PRGR_South Christian
21.10Jerad Berkenpas
17:04.08 PRGR_South Christian
22.12Tyler Warners
17:07.92 PRGR_South Christian
23.9Cris Perez
17:09.75 PRAllendale
24.11Matthew Vanderwall
17:10.70Spring Lake
25.11Brad Kingman
17:13.73Comstock Park
26.10Ben Peterson
27.12Nathan Klaassen
17:18.14Hudsonville Unity Ch...
28.9Carter Vandermeer
17:21.95 PRComstock Park
29.12Jeremy Yow
17:22.44GR_Kenowa Hills
30.11Isaac Steers
17:24.51GR_Kenowa Hills
31.11Jack Leech
17:24.94 PRSpring Lake
32.12Avrey Smith
17:25.60GR_Kenowa Hills
33.9Ethan Morrow
17:26.49 PRComstock Park
34.12Travis Hunt
17:28.87 PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
35.11Lucas VanderPloeg
17:29.21 PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
36.11Kyle Cochran
17:36.44GR_Kenowa Hills
37.11Austin Bouma
17:39.03 PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
38.12Will Brown
17:40.19Spring Lake
39.11Marcos Garcia
17:40.66Grand River Preparat...
40.10Jon Wildey
41.10Joseph Sheppard
17:45.85 PRGrand River Preparat...
42.10Connor Elliott
17:48.10Grand River Preparat...
43.10Joe Fordney
44.12Nathan Postma
17:51.61Hudsonville Unity Ch...
45.11Nick Espinoza
17:52.98 PRWyoming Lee
46.11Anthony Nykamp
17:53.59GR_South Christian
47.9Callen Carrier
17:57.61 PRSpring Lake
48.10Max Klein
17:59.90GR_Catholic Central
49.12Joel Muyskens
50.10Derek Smith
18:04.42GR_Kenowa Hills
51.9Cameron Weaver
52.12Kevin Kurgat
18:12.50Grand River Preparat...
53.12Keegan MacGeorge
18:13.30 PRAllendale
54.9Gavin Burd
18:13.98 PRComstock Park
55.11Peyton Sharlow
56.11Jesus Ferral Doran...
18:16.27Wyoming Godwin Heights
57.10Darren Mitchelson
18:21.87 PRGrand River Preparat...
58.10Dakota Riemersma
59.9Benjamin Bridge
18:27.66GR_Catholic Central
60.9Caleb VanderKooi
18:31.25GR_South Christian
61.12Eric Lastfogel
18:32.06GR_Catholic Central
62.12Kamren Vanos
18:32.59 SRFruitport
63.9Nathan Terbeek
64.9Hank Kooyer
18:42.09Hudsonville Unity Ch...
65.10Aidan Burke
18:45.55 PRGR_Catholic Central
66.11Nick Stapleton
18:47.34 SRGR_Catholic Central
67.11Michael Simot
18:48.39 SRFruitport
68.10Sheldon Brott
18:50.06Muskegon Oakridge
69.12Nathan Lieverdink
18:51.13 PRGR_South Christian
70.12William Vazquez
18:55.59Wyoming Godwin Heights
71.12Linus Guerra
18:56.16Grand River Preparat...
72.9Christian Martinez
18:57.99Wyoming Kelloggsville
73.11Nathan Masser
18:59.38Muskegon Oakridge
74.10Maverick Carlisle
19:01.57 PRMuskegon Orchard View
75.10Drew Sikkema
76.10Owen Kittendorf
19:09.58Comstock Park
77.12James Klein
19:10.14GR_Catholic Central
78.10Skyler Perri
19:11.50 PRMuskegon Orchard View
79.9Judah Guerra
19:15.95Grand River Preparat...
80.12Trevor Sikkema
81.11Rafael Vega
19:22.74Wyoming Lee
82.11Andrew Hammond
19:30.48GR_Kenowa Hills
83.9Simon Crites
19:33.62GR_Catholic Central
84.12Jazper Clave
20:08.05Muskegon Oakridge
85.11Erik Daniels
20:22.61Wyoming Godwin Heights
86.11Matthew Jones
20:28.23Muskegon Oakridge
87.9Luke Siler
88.10Kevin Ton
20:30.02Wyoming Kelloggsville
89.12Sam Racalla
20:39.21Comstock Park
90.9Manny Hernandez-Cruz
20:49.16Wyoming Lee
91.10Luis Pulido
20:49.50Wyoming Lee
92.10David Zamora
20:55.74Wyoming Lee
93.11Cesar Vargas
21:04.41 PRWyoming Lee
94.11Enrique Martinez
21:31.71Wyoming Lee
95.12Grady Sakshaug
22:01.93Wyoming Kelloggsville
96.11Aryel Rodriguez
22:26.70Wyoming Godwin Heights
97.11Brent Kuzma
98.12Devin Liang
22:47.42Wyoming Kelloggsville
99.10Shahied Word
22:51.20 PRWyoming Godwin Heights
100.10Arturo Salazar
25:41.41Wyoming Godwin Heights
101.9Dominick Butler
27:18.37Wyoming Godwin Heights
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

3.Spring Lake72
4.GR_South Christian91
5.Hudsonville Unity Christian173
6.GR_Kenowa Hills181
7.GR_Catholic Central202
9.Comstock Park263
11.Grand River Preparatory302
12.Wyoming Godwin Heights358
1.9Carly Michele
19:02.22 PRGR_Christian
2.10Julia Bajt
19:07.77 PRSpring Lake
3.12Amber Mango
19:11.06 PRAllendale
4.10Kori Baumann
5.12Megan Gough
19:24.57 PRComstock Park
6.10Sophia DiPiazza
7.10Megan Velzen
19:26.23 PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
8.12Sadie Heeringa
9.12Maria Poortenga
10.10Anna Winkle
19:35.86GR_South Christian
11.12Rebecca VanderKooi
19:38.66GR_South Christian
12.10Maggie Cooper
19:40.33 PRSpring Lake
13.10Faith Clark
19:41.02 PRFruitport
14.12Jenna Bishop
15.12Rachel Offringa
19:46.27 PRGR_South Christian
16.12Lydia Michele
17.9Chloe Lohman
19:47.70 PRSpring Lake
18.12Sarah VanDyke
19:48.23 SRGR_Christian
19.10Eva Tilton
19:50.15 PRSpring Lake
20.12Christina Berna
19:56.23 PRAllendale
21.10Sydney Bol
20:10.58 PRFruitport
22.11Kate Gilchrist
20:11.86Spring Lake
23.11Emily Nelson
24.11Elizabeth Penrice
20:17.91Spring Lake
25.12Maddy Windberg
20:22.81Spring Lake
26.11Sarah DiPiazza
27.12Bree Scheltema
20:29.77 PRGR_South Christian
28.11Jozlyn VanTol
20:36.86 PRGR_South Christian
29.11Emily Bajema
20:37.32GR_Kenowa Hills
30.9Lauren Butterfield
20:44.12 PRAllendale
31.10Yanely Lopez
20:45.70GR_Kenowa Hills
32.12Aubrey Meindertsma
20:48.11 PRGR_South Christian
33.10Nithya Charles
20:48.47 PRGR_South Christian
34.12Sydney Maddox
20:53.06GR_Catholic Central
35.10Brianna Bredeweg
36.12Elise Marshall
21:14.82GR_Catholic Central
37.12Katie Westfall
21:15.49GR_Kenowa Hills
38.11Koryn Brower
21:20.77 PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
39.11Erica Green
21:27.62 PRGR_Kenowa Hills
40.9Nora Fleming
21:28.41 PRGR_Catholic Central
41.9Jordyn DeJong
21:31.46 PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
42.9Erin Liszewski
21:40.72 PRGR_Catholic Central
43.10Lauren Schreur
21:41.59 PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
44.12Hannah Gaffner
21:41.97Hudsonville Unity Ch...
45.12Aubrey Doucette
21:47.90 SRGR_Kenowa Hills
46.11Maria Donihue
22:13.65 SRGR_Kenowa Hills
47.10Amanda Kerr
22:17.12Grand River Preparat...
48.9Mila Martineau
22:17.79GR_Kenowa Hills
49.11Holly Werkema
22:20.73Grand River Preparat...
50.12Mary Claire Mikolay
22:21.41GR_Catholic Central
51.11Emma Schuiling
52.9Jayden Hill
53.12Mackenzie Broekstra
22:29.60Comstock Park
54.11Taylor Burke
55.9Morgan Mathiak
56.12Lauren DeJonge
22:34.30 PRCoopersville
57.12Violet Shippert
22:41.00 SRGrand River Preparat...
58.10Anneke Herzog
22:42.51 SRHudsonville Unity Ch...
59.11Ellie Schrier
22:45.37Hudsonville Unity Ch...
60.12Amy Phan
22:55.68 PRWyoming Godwin Heights
61.12Sophie Fischer
23:06.05GR_Catholic Central
62.12Kendra E. Johnson
63.9Abigail Sykes
64.12Jessica Osmun
23:23.16 SRComstock Park
65.11Avery Gill
23:37.17GR_Catholic Central
66.12Becca Glass
67.12Kallie Fehler
68.12Stephanie Lam
23:55.46Wyoming Godwin Heights
69.10Katie Haley
24:15.77 SRCoopersville
70.12Molly Ketner
24:16.82 SRComstock Park
71.9Madeline Peoples
24:22.79 PRComstock Park
72.10Bailey Gilbert
73.9Rylea Pierce
24:49.07 PRGrand River Preparat...
74.12Celia Pohl
24:56.46 PRMuskegon Oakridge
75.12Linea Holmer
25:07.68 PRMuskegon Oakridge
76.9Isabella Campos
25:37.99 PRComstock Park
77.10Melinda Calmo
25:50.88 PRWyoming Godwin Heights
78.12Mariah Smith
26:03.07Grand River Preparat...
79.11Thy Nguyen
26:19.90Wyoming Kelloggsville
80.9Clara Vega
26:51.55Wyoming Lee
81.11Yessenia Peredo
27:03.64Wyoming Godwin Heights
82.9Regan Mockerman
27:20.51 PRWyoming Lee
83.10Sylvia Kooiker
28:30.59Wyoming Godwin Heights
84.12Emma Clawson
29:07.12Comstock Park
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