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Mens Races

Delta College - HS 5K

5,000 Meters Varsity11:20 AM
Womens Races

Delta College - HS 5K

5,000 Meters Varsity10:00 AM

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Tentative Schedule  (coaches)

The following schedule was edited from what was used in a previous year for this Region.  Check here for updates and further information.  We will also send complete info out once finalized.  Note that we must run the PROM races AFTER the tournament has concluded per MHSAA rule.  Sorry if this is not good for our far away friends. 

SCHEDULE:      8:00 am - 9:45            Course is open for inspection

9:15 am                       Coach's meeting at finish line

10:00 am                     D2 Girls Race

10:40 am                     D1 Girls Race

11:20 am                     D2 Boys Race

12:00 pm                     D1 Boys Race

12:45 pm                     Awards

1:00 pm                       Girls PROM Race

1:40 pm                       Boys PROM Race

  Region 15-2 Box Assignments
1 Essexville Garber
2 Midland Bullock Creek
3 North Branch
4 Flint Kearsley
5 Bay City John Glenn
6 Owosso
7 Frankenmuth
8 Clio
9 Mt Morris
10 Freeland
11 Flint Powers Catholic
12 Corunna
13 Alma
14 Birch Run
15 Saginaw Swan Valley


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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Flint Powers Catholic60
3.Essexville Garber106
5.Midland Bullock Creek134
8.Flint Kearsley210
10.Birch Run250
12.Saginaw Swan Valley267
13.Bay City John Glenn391
1.11Ben Jacobs
2.12Josiah Morse
15:58.42Essexville Garber
3.12Chandler Lorf
15:58.68Flint Powers Catholic
4.12Brennan Mudd
16:06.36 PRMidland Bullock Creek
5.10Jorden Sowash
6.12Dakota Hundley
7.11Charlie Bruckman
8.12Miles Petersen
9.12Eric Spidle
16:34.86 PRFlint Powers Catholic
10.11Ethan Hamilton
16:37.21Flint Powers Catholic
11.12Thatcher Trudell
16:38.91 PRMidland Bullock Creek
12.10Wesley Beck
16:45.49 PRFrankenmuth
13.12Andrew Dallas
16:46.34 PROwosso
14.10Evan Roka
16:51.53 PRCorunna
15.11Carter Lovejoy
16:56.74 PRCorunna
16.10Carlos Espinoza
17:03.09 PRAlma
17.11Darren Bila
17:06.49 PRFreeland
18.10Devin Daunt
17:09.34Flint Powers Catholic
19.9Tru Murphy
17:12.95Essexville Garber
20.12Myles Hall
17:18.17 PRFlint Powers Catholic
21.11Justin Fachting
22.9Owen Gross
17:23.63 PRFlint Powers Catholic
23.10Carter Owens
17:25.17Flint Powers Catholic
24.10Mason Collard
17:25.43 PROwosso
25.12Andrew Wendler
17:29.29Saginaw Swan Valley
26.12Asher VanDell
17:30.42 PREssexville Garber
27.12Austin Pung
17:34.66 SRNorth Branch
28.11Ryan Grigg
17:38.71 PREssexville Garber
29.10Raydoffa Braziel
17:40.75 PRFlint Kearsley
30.12Samuel Stechschulte
17:43.33 PROwosso
31.11Matthew Tetloff
32.11Scott Nedoff
17:49.35 PRFrankenmuth
33.10Landen Owczarzak
17:51.38 PREssexville Garber
34.11Brandon Wentworth
35.12Alex Pressler
17:52.92 PRFrankenmuth
36.12Donald Martin
17:58.81 PRFlint Kearsley
37.12Kyle Belger
18:00.32Birch Run
38.10Trey Plichta
18:00.56Birch Run
39.12Joseph Sira
18:04.58 PRMidland Bullock Creek
40.9Lucas Kindy
18:06.90 PRMidland Bullock Creek
41.10Zach Gooding
42.11Cooper Lenzi
43.11Steven Lenon
18:22.16Midland Bullock Creek
44.10Nicholas Hyslop
18:28.51 PRFrankenmuth
45.10Justice Sutcliffe
18:38.27 PRFlint Kearsley
46.10Connor Spencer
18:40.44 PROwosso
47.9Logan McGuire
18:44.07Birch Run
48.12Conrad Strecker
18:45.47 PRSaginaw Swan Valley
49.12Matt Rogers
18:46.83 PRFreeland
50.12Joshua Gulliver
51.12Tre'Ron Griffin
18:48.37 PRFlint Kearsley
52.10Jeremiah Ryan
18:48.61 PRClio
53.12Jared Shattuck
18:49.54 PRSaginaw Swan Valley
54.9Jonathon Wingett
18:51.72 PRNorth Branch
55.9Bailey Palmer
18:52.03 PRFlint Kearsley
56.9Tyler Arriaga
18:53.19 PR Owosso
57.11Joseph Ziobro
58.9Ryan Fachting
59.11Brett Pinet
19:00.92 PRMidland Bullock Creek
60.12Brett Peterson
19:04.73 PREssexville Garber
61.11Colton Maher
19:06.20North Branch
62.11Louis Kehr
19:08.44Midland Bullock Creek
63.10Connor Madsen
64.11Jacob Ciesloa
19:11.66 PRSaginaw Swan Valley
65.11Jackson Hagen
19:12.04 SRClio
66.9Austin Whyte
19:13.20 PRFreeland
67.12Mateo Zuniga
19:18.14Birch Run
68.9Brendan Lenhard
69.9Harrison Loucks
70.9Sam Fararr
19:25.24Birch Run
71.12Robert Parkhurst
19:32.94 PRFlint Kearsley
72.12Kyle Palka
19:33.92Flint Kearsley
73.11Race Darga
19:37.71 PRClio
74.11Austin Carter
19:40.35 PRAlma
75.11Sam Piper
76.10Alkareei Franklin
19:48.56 PRBay City John Glenn
77.9Carson Stasick
19:48.93 PRBay City John Glenn
78.9Dillon Dennison
19:50.36 PRAlma
79.12Alex Cummins
19:53.24 PRClio
80.10Aidan East
81.11Adam Wenzlick
20:06.18Birch Run
82.12Andrew Dwan
20:07.57 PRBay City John Glenn
83.12Ethan Dunman
20:13.82Mt Morris
84.9Drake Hoffman
20:14.14 PRAlma
85.12Gordon Kraft
20:16.92 PRBay City John Glenn
86.10Wyatt Schalk
20:18.56 PRSaginaw Swan Valley
87.Gage Wiederhold
88.11Nathan Kubczak
20:20.98 PRBay City John Glenn
89.12John Kaczor
20:30.19 SRFreeland
90.9Kyle Cherry
20:38.35Birch Run
91.Jack Veverka
92.12Nathan Piwowarski
20:43.44Saginaw Swan Valley
93.9Carter Vasicek
20:46.27 PRFreeland
94.11Kyle Jaskulka
21:09.36 PREssexville Garber
95.9Blake Dorner
21:50.58North Branch
96.12Jesse Munsell
22:40.14Mt Morris
97.12Darquese Doster
23:11.03 SRSaginaw
98.Tolbin Anderson
99.10Tyler Berlin
23:17.48 PRBay City John Glenn
100.Nicholas Wheeler
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Flint Powers Catholic41
8.Birch Run197
9.Essexville Garber226
10.Saginaw Swan Valley256
11.Midland Bullock Creek268
1.12Paige Deitering
18:54.74 PRFlint Powers Catholic
2.12Kaitlyn Owens
19:15.66 PROwosso
3.12Hannah Loucks
4.11Libbie Gleason
19:19.61 PRFlint Powers Catholic
5.9Evie Wright
19:20.65 PRCorunna
6.12Sydney Hanson
19:34.82 SRAlma
7.9Gabbie Michael
8.9Lilly Evans
19:42.83 PRCorunna
9.11Rachel Hahn
19:53.33 SREssexville Garber
10.11Katelyn Feldpausch
19:56.96 SRCorunna
11.9Michelle Pendell
19:58.03 PRFlint Powers Catholic
12.10Austin Smith
20:17.89 PRFlint Powers Catholic
13.10Maggie Smith
20:18.12 PRFlint Powers Catholic
14.9Delaney Knoll
15.12Morgan Johnson
20:30.05 SRAlma
16.12Lauren Cuneaz
20:34.66 PRFlint Powers Catholic
17.12Brooklynn Riggle
20:45.01 SRMidland Bullock Creek
18.11Jessica Little
20:50.43 PRClio
19.12Elizabeth Gotaas
20:51.23 PRAlma
20.10Samantha Rapson
20:52.71 SRFrankenmuth
21.11Sarah Cole
20:55.99 PRClio
22.12Izzy Poquiz
20:59.94 PRAlma
23.11Mirranda Libbey
24.12Anna Raffaelli
21:04.38 PROwosso
25.12Ellie Alvord
21:04.97 PRBirch Run
26.11Zoe Neirink
27.9Emma Perry
21:15.32 PROwosso
28.11Chandler Blom
21:16.20Flint Powers Catholic
29.12Allison Perry
21:29.27 SROwosso
30.10Emmaly Miller
21:29.94 PRBirch Run
31.12Emily Buska
21:30.34 PRSaginaw Swan Valley
32.11Caitlyn Rogers
21:33.51North Branch
33.11Abby Youngstrom
34.9Caitlyn Mieske
21:43.31 PRFreeland
35.12Sarah Richmond
36.10Julia Gotaas
21:45.07 PRAlma
37.10Alexis Bukovick
38.9Blair Wright
22:06.62Birch Run
39.11Allie Schlaud
22:10.24 PRNorth Branch
40.11Cloye Schram
22:20.66North Branch
41.11Molly Anderson
22:21.06 PREssexville Garber
42.11Cornelia Gotaas
22:30.46 SRAlma
43.11Madison O'Deay
44.9Melody Cole
22:42.50 PRClio
45.9Hannah Niederquell
22:46.77 PRFreeland
46.12Megan Brooks
22:47.35 PRSaginaw Swan Valley
47.11Tristen Hungerford
22:49.20 PRAlma
48.10Brooke Helvie
22:53.92 PROwosso
49.10Claire Drake
22:54.90 PROwosso
50.9Hope Kloha
22:56.67 PRFreeland
51.10Snow Montle
52.11Emma Gabriel
22:58.21 PRBirch Run
53.9Lanie Taylor
23:01.04 PRClio
54.11Abigail Hahn
23:03.51Midland Bullock Creek
55.12Serena Alworden
23:05.21 SRSaginaw Swan Valley
56.12Kaylee Argyle
57.10Gabby McCulloch
23:09.22 PREssexville Garber
58.10Kirsten Simmons
23:17.96 SRCorunna
59.12Brooklynn Dever
23:25.03 PRFlint Kearsley
60.12Maria Samnegard
23:26.81 PRBirch Run
61.9Maggie Hetzer
23:36.79 PRClio
62.9Chloe Quinnan
23:40.18Birch Run
63.10Hanna Gipson
23:41.40 PRNorth Branch
64.9Eva Markey
65.11Alis Shrestha
23:46.14Essexville Garber
66.10Alyssa Abke
67.9Haily Florence
24:02.50 PRSaginaw Swan Valley
68.11Samantha Chew
24:18.56Midland Bullock Creek
69.12Madison Massey
24:23.78Birch Run
70.11Lauren Pfleghaar
24:25.55 SREssexville Garber
71.9Lexa Jones
24:25.92 PRFlint Kearsley
72.12Emily McDonald
24:27.58 PRMidland Bullock Creek
73.11Ila Tuller
74.10Yina Todd
24:41.99 SRSaginaw Swan Valley
75.9Paige Catlin
24:49.38 PRSaginaw Swan Valley
76.10Ava Kelsey
24:54.88 SRFlint Kearsley
77.9Abigail Fults
78.11Brooke Gledhill
25:10.06Midland Bullock Creek
79.12Hannah Farquharson
25:23.79 PRMidland Bullock Creek
80.9Morgan Smith
25:46.24 PREssexville Garber
81.9Sydney Kutzke
25:55.72 PRMidland Bullock Creek
82.11Miranda Gipson
83.10Emma Lobodzinski
27:05.99Essexville Garber
84.12Kelsey Landra
27:55.81Saginaw Swan Valley
85.Serena Ahmad
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