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Mens Races
2 Miles Frosh/Soph9:20 AM
2 Miles Junior/Senior10:00 AM
Womens Races
2 Miles Frosh/Soph9:00 AM
2 Miles Junior/Senior9:40 AM

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Raven Pancake Jamboree  (coaches)

“Raven Jamboree and Pancake Feed”

When:             Saturday September 2 , 2017

Where:           Roegner Park adjacent to        Auburn Riverside High School

                                                                        501 Oravetz Rd.  Auburn, Wa.  98092

Distance:        2.0 Miles           

Cost:               No charge – Free Pancakes – Bring your own drinks, fruit and syrup

Schedule:  8:30 AM Pickup race packets and jog course

                   9:00 AM Frosh/ Soph Girls

                   9:20 AM Frosh/ Soph Boys

                   9:40 AM Junior/ Senior Girls

                   10:00 AM Junior/ Senior Boys

                   10: 20 Open Course Run – No Times

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Bill Sumner or Kaisa Swendall-White        253 804-5154

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Mens Results

2 Miles Frosh/Soph

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Auburn Mountainview32
2.Bonney Lake44
3.Auburn Riverside68

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Andrew Rotter
11:22.10 PRAuburn Mountainview
2.10Cayan Dibble
11:23.93Bonney Lake
3.10Nolan Gain
11:28.25Bonney Lake
4.10Theodore Wright
11:31.27 PRAuburn Mountainview
5.9Reid Ramirez
11:34.10 PROrting
6.10Jeremiah Bartlett
11:43.28 PRAuburn Mountainview
7.10Easton Lane
11:51.61Auburn Riverside
8.9Jordan Holcomb
12:19.17Auburn Riverside
9.9Jacob Schlosser
12:19.52Bonney Lake
10.10Dominik Fiske
12:33.46 PROrting
11.9Payton Barker
12.10Tim Rambo
13.9Zach Wolfe
13:02.90Auburn Mountainview
14.10Max Lea
13:07.74Bonney Lake
15.9Collin Miligan
13:09.52 PRFife
16.10Benjamin Stucki
13:10.64 PRFife
17.10Elias Farhan
13:27.54Auburn Mountainview
18.10Simon DeLibero
13:31.30 SRFife
19.10Kyler Garcia
13:31.68 PRFife
20.10Trevor O'Brien
21.10Joel Espino
13:37.43Auburn Riverside
22.10Jared Brockamp
13:40.13 PRAuburn Mountainview
23.9Jack Hueso
13:40.64 PRAuburn Mountainview
24.9Brandon Cox
13:56.59Auburn Mountainview
25.10Anthony Rosario
14:13.97 PRAuburn Riverside
26.9Fernando Alvarez-F...
14:16.09Auburn Riverside
27.10Kien Peter
14:17.80Auburn Mountainview
28.10Jacob Griffeth
14:46.33 PRBonney Lake
29.9Mason Jensen
14:59.25 PRBonney Lake
30.9Lukas Holloman
15:08.67Auburn Riverside
31.10Joshua Konop
15:11.38 PRBonney Lake
32.10Shane Alvis
15:22.85Auburn Riverside
33.9Ethan Rogers
15:32.64Auburn Mountainview
34.9Connor Blackwood
15:33.49 PRFife
35.9Max Webb
15:59.64Bonney Lake
36.9Tommy Chandler
16:27.55Auburn Riverside
37.9Max Kliewer
16:30.90Auburn Riverside
38.9Nathan McGraw
16:42.75Auburn Riverside
39.9Chance Gee-Lafolle...
16:43.90Auburn Riverside
40.9Casey Crowe
16:48.51 PROrting
41.9Joe Gregarek
42.10Cameron Green
18:42.92Auburn Riverside
43.9Dong Nguyen
18:43.23Auburn Riverside
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2 Miles Junior/Senior

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Auburn Riverside24
2.Auburn Mountainview51
5.Bonney Lake111

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Dustin Williams
11:05.12Auburn Riverside
2.11Austin Cays
11:05.70 PRAuburn Mountainview
3.11Marcus Sutrick
11:08.83Auburn Riverside
4.12Andres Madrigal
11:19.52 PRAuburn Riverside
5.12Carson Porter-Keese
11:24.63 SRAuburn Mountainview
6.12Joe Gerke
11:25.87 PROrting
7.11Noah Elwell
11:27.55Auburn Riverside
8.11Nick Wolfe
11:35.28 PRAuburn Mountainview
9.12Ryan Hess
11:39.53Auburn Riverside
10.12Drake Pearisaeff
11:41.49Auburn Riverside
11.12Tanner Johnson
11:49.43 PRAuburn Riverside
12.12James Halford
12:00.12Auburn Riverside
13.12Aidan Oehler
14.12Billy Rohrbough
12:22.27Bonney Lake
15.11Grant Kline
12:26.62Auburn Mountainview
16.11Grant Garrison
12:32.65 PROrting
17.11Mason Lowdermilk
12:33.37 SROrting
18.12Dylan Mares
12:46.62 PROrting
19.12Miguel Gil-Davila
20.11Tyler Freitas
12:50.49Auburn Riverside
21.12Ramon Prado
12:50.98 PRFife
22.11Riley Minahan
12:55.08 SROrting
23.11Cameron Kaku
12:55.66Auburn Riverside
24.11Joey Nelson
13:00.74Auburn Riverside
25.11Cameron Foust
26.11Arturo Martinez-Re...
13:05.66Auburn Riverside
27.11Hunter Pecheos
13:08.66Bonney Lake
28.11Brian Sanchez
13:11.24 PRAuburn Mountainview
29.11Nick Toney
13:12.31Auburn Mountainview
30.11Maurice Mbowamba
13:12.83 SRFife
31.11Rex Miller
13:16.16 SRFife
32.11Dereck Sadler
13:27.20Bonney Lake
33.12Fisher Pierre
13:28.68Bonney Lake
34.12Jamont Mills
35.11Jack Daugherty
13:46.32Auburn Riverside
36.11Juan Beltran
13:48.99 SRAuburn
37.12Arthur Troncoso
13:53.98Auburn Riverside
38.11Tanner Bates
14:06.70Bonney Lake
39.12Brenden McGraw
15:03.84Auburn Riverside
40.11Aidan Jensen
15:58.17Bonney Lake
41.11Greg Warren
16:02.61 PRBonney Lake
42.12Aaron Baker
16:17.33Auburn Riverside
43.11Connor Petroskie
44.11Blaise King
22:38.82Bonney Lake
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Womens Results

2 Miles Frosh/Soph

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Auburn Riverside25
2.Auburn Mountainview34

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Josie Austin
13:56.10 PRAuburn Mountainview
2.9Alashae Bell
14:57.66 PRAuburn Mountainview
3.9Emma Lane
14:58.07Auburn Riverside
4.10Alexandria Mathena
15:08.31 PROrting
5.9Kara Lee
6.9Emma Halford
15:08.99 PRAuburn Riverside
7.10Audrey Chang
15:33.53Auburn Riverside
8.9Claire Casperson
9.10Aly Judge
15:48.56Auburn Riverside
10.10Chayse Cason
16:06.84Auburn Riverside
11.10Payton Van DenBosch
16:07.92Auburn Riverside
12.10Alitza De Anda
16:37.78Auburn Mountainview
13.10Amanda Ury
16:51.22Auburn Mountainview
14.10Chloe Knox
16:56.54Auburn Riverside
15.9Elin Hires
16:58.21Auburn Mountainview
16.10Lynda Ngo
17:12.19 PRFife
17.10Danna Nguyen
17:38.78Auburn Mountainview
18.9Chloe Mathews
17:49.56 PROrting
19.9Ann Marie Kamau
18:37.08Auburn Riverside
20.10Alyssa Duarte
19:22.95 PRBonney Lake
21.10Abigail Councilman
21:46.32Auburn Riverside
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2 Miles Junior/Senior

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Auburn Riverside15

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Madeline Drennen
13:19.72 PROrting
2.11Clara Ramsdell
14:01.36 PRAuburn Mountainview
3.11Ashley Gore
14:12.82 PROrting
4.11Jessica Day
14:34.76 PRBonney Lake
5.12Leah Kerbs
14:37.20Auburn Riverside
6.12Maddison Ruther
14:59.82 SRFife
7.12Destany Abellera
15:05.33Auburn Riverside
8.11Kira Kopcho
16:40.17Auburn Riverside
9.12Madison Lewis
16:56.21Bonney Lake
10.12Tashana Williams
17:11.22Auburn Riverside
11.12Abbey Crowe
17:13.59 SROrting
12.11Alyssa Sanford
17:15.70 PROrting
13.11Unk Unk
17:26.70Bonney Lake
14.12Katie Brockamp
17:36.96Auburn Mountainview
15.11Kayna Kliewer
17:46.79Auburn Riverside
16.11Renelle Robles
18:08.09Auburn Mountainview
17.12Ashleigh Wilson
19:44.10Auburn Riverside
18.11Gracie Gregarek
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