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Meet Info

Mens Races

Delta College

1,207 Meters Open Race9:00 AM
2 Miles K-6th Grade9:00 AM

Delta College Elementary

1,207 Meters Elementary Race9:00 AM

Delta College

2 Miles Varsity Boys10:30 AM
2 Miles Div. III & IV Varsity10:30 AM
2 Miles Middle School Boys11:00 AM
2 Miles Div. III & IV MS11:00 AM
2 Miles JV (All Divisions) Boys12:00 PM
Womens Races

Delta College

1,207 Meters Open Race9:00 AM
2 Miles K-6th Grade9:00 AM

Delta College Elementary

1,207 Meters Elementary Race9:00 AM

Delta College

2 Miles Varsity Girls9:30 AM
2 Miles Div. III & IV Varsity9:30 AM
2 Miles Middle School Girls10:00 AM
2 Miles Div. III & IV MS10:00 AM
2 Miles JV (All Divisions) Girls11:30 AM

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Middle School Box Assignments  (coaches)

Middle School 27 

Auburn Bay City Western   1

Bay City Academy   2

Breckenridge   3

Bullock Creek   4

Carrollton   5

Chesaning   6

Cramer   7

Francis Reh   8

Freeland   9

Future Falcons (Ogemaw Heights)   10

Hale   11

Handy   12

Hemlock   13

Kuehn-Haven   14

Meridian   15

Midland Public   16

Mt Morris   17

Nouvel Catholic Central   18

Pinconning   19

Reese   20

Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy   21

St Lorenz Lutheran   22

St Michael's Lutheran   23

Standish-Sterling   24

Trinity Reese   25

TS Nurnberger   26

White Pine (Saginaw)   27

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High School Box Assignments  (coaches)

High School Box Numbers

Alpena   1

Bay City Academy   2

Bay City Central   3

Bay City Western   4

Breckenridge   5

Carrollton   6

Chesaning   7

Davison   8

Essexville Garber   9

Gaylord   10

Hale   11

Hemlock   12

Midland   13

Midland Bullock Creek   14

Midland Dow   15

Montrose   16

Mt Morris   17

Ogemaw Heights   18

Pinconning   19

Reese   20

Saginaw Arts and Sciences   21

Saginaw Heritage   22

Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary   23

Saginaw Nouvel   24

Sanford-Meridian   25

St. Louis   26

Standish Sterling   27

Swartz Creek   28

        Whittemore Prescott 29

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Schedule Change Due to Heat  (coaches)

We have made changes to the race schedule due to the forecast of extreme weather.  Please see the schedule changes below:

9:00  Open/K-6 2 mile/K-6 1200m

9:30  Varsity Girls Division I-IV

10:00 Middle School Girls Division I-IV

10:30 Varsity Boys Division I-IV

11:00  Middle School Boys Division I-IV

11:30 JV Girls Divisions I-IV

12:00 JV Boys Divisions I-IV

Last Updated 11:05 AM, Wed, Sep 20

Delta Info 2017   (coaches)


The 49th Annual Al Kayner / Delta Invitational Cross Country Meet - 2017

**OPEN RACE: 9:00 A.M.

     FEE: $5 per runner

Open to coaches, parents, family members, or any other interested runners.  Please share this with your community.

Hosted by Garber High School

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Delta College Cross Country Course


FEES:  $150.00 for both High School teams OR

            $75.00 per team (boys or girls)


$75.00 for junior high teams – boys and girls combined

Teams with less than 15 runners will be charged $5 per runner.  Your price will be determined by the number            you enter on prior to race day. 


** Please make all checks payable to GARBER HIGH SCHOOL.   We ask that all teams send payment prior to race date in order to participate.  Teams that have not paid ahead or on race day will not be allowed to run!  Thank you! **


Please mail all contracts and fees to: 

Garber High School

Laurie Sasiela- Athletic Secretary

213 Pine St.

Essexville, MI 48732

Electronic race info, entries, and scoring:

Race reminders and details will be sent to coaches through this fall.  All high school and junior high runners must be registered on  Only Open Race runners and elementary runners can register on race day at the check in tent.

AWARDS:  40 MEDALS - ALL RACES – Plus ribbons to all elementary finishers    

Plaque to 1st & 2nd place teams in Division I, II, III and IV.

Plaque to H.S. INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION and RUNNER-UP in each race. (Div. I/II & III/IV)

Plaque to 1st and 2nd place Middle School boys & girls team. – 6th - 8th  


DISTANCE:  2 miles for Open and all High School races          2 miles for 7th/8th grade races

                       2 miles for K-6th grade race                  OR           1200 yards for K-6th


2017 Schedule  


                    9:30 - DIVISION I & II VARSITY Girls

                    9:55 - DIVISION I & II Middle School Girls

                  10:20 - DIVISION I & II VARSITY Boys

      10:45 - DIVISION I & II Middle School Boys

                  11:10 - ALL J.V. Girls (DIVISION I, II, III, & IV)

                *11:15 – TEAM/INDIVIDUAL AWARDS - DIVISION I & II- High School & Middle School

                  11:35 – ALL J.V. Boys (DIVISION I, II, III & IV)     

                  12:00 – DIVISION III & IV VARSITY Girls

                  12:25 – DIVISION III & IV Middle School Girls


      12:50 - DIVISION III & IV VARSITY Boys

                    1:15 - DIVISION III & IV Middle School Boys

                    1:40 – K-6th GRADE 2 MILE RACE (GIRLS & BOYS TOGETHER)

                 *1:45 – TEAM/INDIVIDUAL AWARDS -DIVISION III & IV-High School & Middle School  

                 *1:55 - PRESENTATION OF THE AL KAYNER AWARD (top male & female HS runner)

       2:05 - ELEMENTARY RACE – 1200 YARDS (GIRLS & BOYS) K-6TH







Additional Info:  South entrance @ Delta Rd. will be closed to all traffic.  Parking will be available near race entrance, and there will be no fee for parking.  Parents will be taking $2.00 donations at the gate to help cover race costs.  Water will be provided at finish line area, but there will be no concession stand.  All medals will be distributed at the finish line as racers complete their races.     




CONTACT INFORMATION:  Andy Cojeen (Boys CC Coach) (989) 450-6597  cell  


              Dave Schwartz (Athletic Director) (989) 460-2426 


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Mens Results

1,207 Meters Open Race

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Fleet Feet Track36
1.Bullock Creek17
2.Bullock Creek41
2.Bay City Academy62
3.St Michael's Lutheran65
3.St Lorenz Lutheran83
4.St Lorenz Lutheran75
5.Future Falcons (Ogemaw Heigh...108

Hypothetical Scores

2.David Brandt
3.Elijah Sovia
4.1Chance Rachow
4:15.47 PRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
5.2Kelton Kyro
4:25.84 PRFleet Feet Track
6.Allen Brandt
7.1Matthias Traxler
4:49.59 PRFleet Feet Track
8.4Trent Inman
4:57.24 PRBullock Creek
9.4Peter Traxler
5:10.52 PRFleet Feet Track
10.2Grayson Wells
5:13.42 PRBullock Creek
11.1Mayze Sholten
5:15.72 PRReese
12.Luke Tomanek
13.2Sebastian Warr
5:31.65 PRNouvel Catholic Cent...
14.3Noah Lombard
5:37.27 PRBullock Creek
15.4Noah Thompson
6:04.40 PRBullock Creek
16.B.J. Tomanek
17.Andrew Yaworski
18.Tanner Sims
19.Elija Beson
20.Robert Burkrak
21.D.J. Parkinson
22.Russ Gorski
23.8Levi Foco
12:56.07 PRSt Michael's Lutheran
24.5Wheatley Rodammer
13:17.61 PRSt Michael's Lutheran
25.Bob Hillier
26.5Hagan Wascher
13:21.46 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
27.5Tanner Kroeger
13:35.69 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
28.Corey Monroe
29.8Wilbert Haines
13:44.46 PRSt Michael's Lutheran
30.6Noah Bacon
13:49.30 PRMt Morris
31.Jason Penberthy
32.Freddie Jones
33.Quinton Griese
34.6Alexander Traxler
14:14.96 PRFleet Feet Track
35.Justin Wood
36.6Jonah Sholten
14:24.92 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
37.6Jonathon Hoard
14:41.50 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
38.4Andrew Worsley
14:43.26 PRFleet Feet Track
39.Landon Zastrow
40.Eli Name
41.5Noah Hecht
15:34.79 PRSt Michael's Lutheran
42.3Cameron Cochran
15:35.78 PRFleet Feet Track
43.7Hunter Krause
15:42.86 PRSt Michael's Lutheran
44.6Lawrence Harding
15:44.48 PRBullock Creek
45.Jacob Brandt
46.5Brady Puehl
15:57.72 PRBullock Creek
47.7James Crittenden
16:04.81 PRSt Michael's Lutheran
48.Connor Name
49.David Stuber
50.Drew Lafave
51.6Nathan Martin
16:15.80 PRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
52.4Hayden Shattuck
16:41.01 PRTS Nurnberger
53.8Joshua Hecht
17:18.18 PRSt Michael's Lutheran
54.3Jack Rewerts
17:30.90 PRBullock Creek
55.2Eli Briggs
17:40.87 PRTrinity Reese
56.6Braydyn Tremble
17:55.76 PRStandish-Sterling
57.3Jonathan Kirkpatrick
17:59.17 PRBay City Academy
58.Seth Mills
59.Garrett Beergman
60.6Houston Loucks
18:56.38 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
61.Ted Davenport
62.David Name
63.6Colby Taylor
19:28.25 PRTS Nurnberger
64.5Matthew Shultz
20:17.85 PRSt Michael's Lutheran
65.5Harley Rewerts
21:03.92 PRBullock Creek
66.3Connor Czolgosz
21:04.98 PRBullock Creek
67.Taylor Hinterman
68.John Hinterman
69.John Geigor
70.3Logan Petsch
22:48.98 PRBullock Creek
71.3Owen Yonkey
24:11.32 PRBullock Creek
72.5Aidan Heinlein
24:11.62 PRSt Michael's Lutheran
1.2Law Sholten
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2 Miles Varsity Boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Saginaw Heritage57
2.St. Louis80
5.Ogemaw Heights154
6.Standish Sterling168
6.Essexville Garber160
7.Midland Bullock Creek175
9.Bay City Western186
10.Saginaw Nouvel208
10.Midland Dow197
11.Swartz Creek225
11.Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Se...260
13.Mt Morris341
13.Bay City Central385
14.Saginaw Arts and Sciences364

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Aden Smith
9:48.71 PRAlpena
2.12Brennan Mudd
10:05.89 PRMidland Bullock Creek
3.9Drew Seabase
10:15.56 PRAlpena
4.12Caden Pifer
10:17.63 PRSwartz Creek
5.12Nathan Weidman
10:18.33 PRSaginaw Heritage
6.12Josiah Morse
10:20.15 PREssexville Garber
1.11Trevor Banny
10:20.47 PRHale
7.12Nick Sonnenberg
10:20.68 PRSaginaw Heritage
2.12Zane Aldrich
10:21.51 PRWhittemore-Prescott
8.11Josh Smith
10:27.82 PRAlpena
3.12Jeffrey Klopf II
10:34.03 PRMontrose
9.10Jason Millis
10:34.77 PRDavison
10.11Jacob McDowell
10:35.43 PRSaginaw Heritage
11.12Cortez Rivera
10:36.43 PRCarrollton
12.12Josh Nickless
10:37.20 PRBay City Western
13.10Spencer Torok
10:37.62 PRDavison
14.9Josiah Burr
10:37.85 PRMidland Dow
15.12Thatcher Trudell
10:38.05 PRMidland Bullock Creek
4.12Eric Vandefifer
10:38.63 PRMontrose
16.10Tyler Pritchett
10:42.76 PRMidland
17.12Andrew Garza
10:44.20 PRSaginaw Heritage
5.12Cologio Alighire
10:44.79 PRSt. Louis
18.9Brady Neumann
10:45.85 PRSaginaw Heritage
19.10Cameron Smith
10:47.97 PRSwartz Creek
20.11Andrew Quaal
10:48.45 PRGaylord
21.12Jacob Mutscher
10:49.71 PRMidland
22.12Max Michalak
10:50.35 PRBay City Western
6.11Josh Green
10:51.57 PRWhittemore-Prescott
7.12Nick Schiavo
10:51.80 PRStandish Sterling
23.12Kenny Steinhilber
10:52.25 PRMidland
24.9Tru Murphy
10:55.79 PREssexville Garber
25.10Tanner Moleski
10:56.01 PRDavison
8.10Greison McLeod
10:56.74 PRHemlock
26.11Josh Anderson
10:57.08 PROgemaw Heights
9.9Caden Goodrow
10:57.81 PRReese
27.11Cameron Payne
10:58.83 PROgemaw Heights
10.11Austyn Rhines
10:59.13 PRSt. Louis
28.11Nick Green
10:59.36 PRGaylord
29.11Colton Bragg
11:01.49 PROgemaw Heights
11.12Peyton Tipton
11:02.30 PRMontrose
30.12Asher VanDell
11:03.50 PREssexville Garber
31.11Sam Tuscher
11:03.72 PRAlpena
32.10Caleb Gosselin
11:03.92 PRBay City Western
12.12Ethan Cagle
11:04.37 PRHale
33.11Nathan Streitmatter
11:07.12 PRMidland
34.12William Koepke
11:08.14 PRSaginaw Heritage
13.10Joe Wade
11:08.41 SRMontrose
35.11Derek Franciosi
11:10.35 PROgemaw Heights
36.11Jimmy Decker
11:12.46 PRAlpena
37.12Joey Marentette
11:15.84 SROgemaw Heights
38.11Andrew Hales
11:16.75 PRMidland Dow
14.10Joseph Kimmerer
11:17.30 PRHale
39.11Jon Thorold
11:17.56 PRGaylord
15.10Brody Ankoviak
11:17.81 PRSanford-Meridian
40.10Justin Bentancur
11:18.18 PRSaginaw Heritage
41.11Jacob Maschino
11:18.50 PRMidland
42.12Jordan McDuffie
11:19.39 PRGaylord
16.12Dakota Courter
11:20.62 PRSt. Louis
17.9Max Grubaugh
11:20.94 PRSanford-Meridian
43.12Andrew Spencer
11:21.78 PRMidland
44.12Joseph Sira
11:22.08 PRMidland Bullock Creek
18.12Tyler Kramer
11:22.71 SRHemlock
19.12Nick Spare
11:25.20 PRStandish Sterling
45.12Michael Schiestel
11:25.74 PRDavison
46.12William Adams
11:26.52 SRMidland Dow
47.10Landen Owczarzak
11:27.57 PREssexville Garber
48.12Mason Monchilov
11:29.66 PRGaylord
49.10Peter Kozerski
11:30.19 SRMidland Dow
50.9Joshua Burr
11:30.52 PRMidland Dow
51.9Lucas Kindy
11:31.15 PRMidland Bullock Creek
20.12Kade Meganck
11:32.55 PRMontrose
21.10Gage White
11:33.32 PRSanford-Meridian
52.10Jacob Book
11:34.04 PRGaylord
53.11Ryan Grigg
11:34.43 SREssexville Garber
22.10Josh Bonner
11:34.77 PRHale
23.11Peyton Hobson
11:35.51 PRMontrose
54.12Bryce Bates
11:35.76 PRDavison
55.11John Friebe
11:36.02 PRBay City Western
56.10Robert Lahmann
11:36.66 PRMidland Dow
24.11Jeffrey Blackwell
11:37.41 PRSt. Louis
25.9Joe Erickson
11:38.01 PRSt. Louis
57.10Ethan Howes
11:39.67 PRDavison
26.12Joseph Kieta
11:42.26 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
58.12Kenny Smith
11:42.50 SRGaylord
59.12Aaron Weldy
11:45.25 PRMidland Dow
60.12Jacob Beslac
11:46.50 PRSwartz Creek
27.10Evan Robishaw
11:46.73 PRHemlock
28.10Colton Chovanec
11:47.25 PRBreckenridge
61.11Alex Hoydic
11:48.22 PROgemaw Heights
29.11Sergio Molinar
11:48.51 PRSaginaw Nouvel
30.11Gage Wiederhold
11:48.80 PRSaginaw Arts and Sci...
31.11Henry Richardson
11:49.93 PRBreckenridge
62.11Zach Zaborney
11:50.81 PRAlpena
63.11Steven Lenon
11:51.35 PRMidland Bullock Creek
32.11Joe Bartels
11:51.97 PRSaginaw Nouvel
64.11Elijah Lashley
11:52.50 PRDavison
65.10Cole Nickless
11:53.44 SRBay City Western
66.9Brendan Erickson
11:56.04 PROgemaw Heights
67.11Brett Pinet
11:59.58 PRMidland Bullock Creek
33.12Jacob Childs
11:59.99 PRReese
34.11Jake Radtke
12:01.76 PRBreckenridge
35.11Chris Lemanek
12:02.51 PRSaginaw Nouvel
36.11TJ Raedy
12:02.81 PRSaginaw Nouvel
37.11Caleb Gross
12:03.08 PRSt. Louis
38.10Ethan Andres
12:04.23 PRMontrose
39.9Colttion Vine
12:04.80 PRBreckenridge
40.11Jake Green
12:05.12 PRWhittemore-Prescott
41.9Logan Lewis
12:05.40 PRHale
68.9Nick Peters
12:05.76 PRBay City Western
69.9Brendan Briggs
12:07.71 PRBay City Central
42.9Kayne Frost
12:09.19 PRReese
43.12Seth Orvosh
12:09.85 PRSanford-Meridian
44.9Gabe Mutai
12:11.07 PRSanford-Meridian
45.10Elijah Stiefel
12:12.07 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
46.12Blake Romo
12:13.93 PRStandish Sterling
47.12Landon White
12:14.16 PRStandish Sterling
48.12Ethan Dunman
12:15.36 PRMt Morris
49.10Sam Schiavo
12:17.43 PRStandish Sterling
50.10Walker Arquette
12:17.71 PRStandish Sterling
70.11Andrew Domanik
12:17.97 PRSwartz Creek
51.10Austin Smallwood
12:18.24 PRHale
71.10Isaac Kelley
12:18.48 PRAlpena
72.9Malachi Kingen
12:20.88 PRSwartz Creek
73.11Louis Kehr
12:21.93 PRMidland Bullock Creek
52.12Jakob Buxton
12:24.53 PRChesaning
53.9Kaden Liebrock
12:24.85 PRChesaning
74.11Jacob Manchester
12:25.09 SRBay City Central
54.10Daniel Buth
12:27.08 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
55.10Jonathon Markley
12:30.21 PRBreckenridge
75.10Carter McDonald
12:32.58 SRCarrollton
56.10Caleb Frederick
12:34.60 PRBreckenridge
76.10Chase Walraven
12:35.50 SRBay City Western
57.12Brad Lomason
12:38.24 PRWhittemore-Prescott
77.9Kaiden Rowley
12:48.04 PRBay City Central
58.12Cole Svejecara
12:48.45 PRWhittemore-Prescott
59.10Logan Putman
12:49.91 PRReese
60.12Harrison Lamont
12:53.33 SRHemlock
61.10Weston Wise
12:54.80 PRBreckenridge
62.11Jerrit Pierce
12:56.68 SRSanford-Meridian
63.10Eli Losee
12:56.92 PRReese
78.10Noah Barney
13:03.93 PRSwartz Creek
64.11Patrick Harris
13:08.24 PRHale
65.9Addison James
13:09.72 PRChesaning
66.9Sam Spencer
13:10.55 PRReese
67.10Liam Kopp
13:12.89 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
79.10Sam Yoder
13:13.52 SRMidland
68.10Jerry Yang
13:28.45 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
80.11Kyle Ritenburgh
13:30.40 PRSwartz Creek
81.10Kyle Vanderelzen
13:30.59 PRCarrollton
69.10Chance Wilczinski
13:32.40 PRPinconning
70.9Riley Bacon
13:32.77 PRMt Morris
71.11Kameran Edwards
13:33.44 PRMt Morris
82.10Jacob Rowley
13:35.23 PRBay City Central
83.9Thomas Brown
13:40.15 PRBay City Central
72.11Brenton Morand
13:40.64 PRPinconning
73.11Conor Kopp
13:41.84 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
74.11Tanner Harrison
13:49.77 PRWhittemore-Prescott
75.11Aaron Stiefel
13:51.25 SRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
84.12Jason Torrez
13:51.43 PRCarrollton
76.10Coy Wilson
13:58.49 PRMt Morris
85.9Gage White
13:59.46 PRBay City Central
77.9Jack Sirianni
14:08.29 PRReese
78.12Tayler Wilczynski
14:16.94 PRPinconning
79.9Colton McRae
14:26.42 PRSaginaw Nouvel
80.12Aaron O'Connell
14:26.66 PRSanford-Meridian
81.10Tristan Metzger
14:28.56 PRChesaning
82.9Tyler Jones
14:32.16 PRHemlock
83.9John Deloney
14:41.82 PRMt Morris
84.9Tolbin Andreasen
14:42.17 PRSaginaw Arts and Sci...
85.9Jack Veverka
14:47.98 PRSaginaw Arts and Sci...
86.10Austin Aldrich
14:50.72 SRSt. Louis
87.9Nic Wheeler
14:51.41 PRSaginaw Arts and Sci...
88.9Caleb Beechler
15:10.56 PRMt Morris
89.10Hunter Lapine
15:29.33 PRChesaning
86.12Juan Uribe
15:44.30 PRCarrollton
90.12Kevin Yin
15:47.84 SRSaginaw Arts and Sci...
91.9Xander Nichols
16:12.63 PRHemlock
87.12Mackenzie Arthur
16:30.61 SRCarrollton
92.11Joey Messana
16:49.00 PRSaginaw Nouvel
93.10Nathan Wardin
17:26.96 SRSaginaw Nouvel
94.10Cody Brown
18:42.11 PRChesaning
95.12Nicholas Fall
23:44.69 PRChesaning
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2 Miles Div. III & IV Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

12Zach Grubaugh
11:20.94 SRSanford-Meridian
9Max Grubaugh
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2 Miles Middle School Boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.TS Nurnberger33
1.Northeast (Midland)26
2.White Pine (Saginaw)37
3.Auburn Bay City Western93
4.Future Falcons (Ogemaw Heigh...144
6.Bullock Creek155

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Mason Sumner
2.7Braydon Honsinger
1.8Max Faerber
11:28.05White Pine (Saginaw)
2.8River Penn
11:34.16Northeast (Midland)
3.8Griffin Chapple
11:35.19 PRNortheast (Midland)
4.8Cal Stearns
11:39.62Northeast (Midland)
3.8Attah Dryden
11:44.71TS Nurnberger
5.5TJ Hansen
11:48.24 PRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
6.8Alex Canales
11:52.58 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
7.8James Mlejnek
11:56.13White Pine (Saginaw)
4.8Aaron Bowerman
11:59.98TS Nurnberger
5.8Ian Smiley
12:01.70 PRSaginaw Arts & Scien...
6.8Seth Coffin
7.8Jacob Wurtzel
8.8Matt Crowley
12:12.56Northeast (Midland)
9.8Noah Reuter-Gushow
12:12.78 PRNortheast (Midland)
8.8Nate March
12:17.87TS Nurnberger
10.8Tyler Berry
12:24.56White Pine (Saginaw)
11.8Dominic Krause
12:24.87Northeast (Midland)
9.7Joel Laursen
12:25.91 PRTrinity Reese
10.8Tristin Baker
12:26.73TS Nurnberger
12.8Joey Pelletier
12:30.90Northeast (Midland)
11.6Sawyer Stoneman
12.6Ryan Tinson
13.7Raine Webley
12:36.41White Pine (Saginaw)
13.6Alex Wanty
12:44.14 PRHale
14.7Theodore Lange
12:47.44White Pine (Saginaw)
15.8Cole Starke
12:50.41White Pine (Saginaw)
16.6Colin MacGregor
12:50.85Northeast (Midland)
17.8Jeffrey Stecker
12:51.58Auburn Bay City West...
18.8Brenden Dore
12:55.15Auburn Bay City West...
19.6Kenny Lewis
12:56.48White Pine (Saginaw)
20.7Luke Zacharek
12:56.68White Pine (Saginaw)
21.6Jacob Jensen
12:58.54Northeast (Midland)
14.8Jacob Kaczor
12:59.10 PRFreeland
22.8Anthony Martin
12:59.55 PRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
15.8Sammy Bartels
13:02.71Nouvel Catholic Cent...
23.6Kole Wilson
13:06.22 PRAuburn Bay City West...
24.8Christopher Pike
13:06.67White Pine (Saginaw)
16.6Zane Schmitz
17.7Thoth Moya
13:12.49Saginaw Arts & Scien...
18.7Ethan Frank
13:13.30St Lorenz Lutheran
19.8Craig Bebow
13:14.33TS Nurnberger
20.7Liam Severs
13:14.62St Lorenz Lutheran
25.7Forrest Rich
13:16.89Northeast (Midland)
26.8Anden Robertson
13:17.15 SRAuburn Bay City West...
27.7Aiden Short
13:19.47Auburn Bay City West...
28.8Nate Mize
13:20.96White Pine (Saginaw)
29.8Liam Anderson
13:22.94 PRCramer
30.8Owen Brey
13:23.58 SRCramer
21.8Kyler Chovanec
13:28.41 PRBreckenridge
31.6Gunner Weber
13:29.30 PRAuburn Bay City West...
32.8Jack Day
13:32.05 PRCramer
22.8Jaydin Wetzel
33.8Ian Bone
13:38.33 PRNortheast (Midland)
23.8Stuart Spence
13:38.57Nouvel Catholic Cent...
34.8Logan Schiebner
13:41.22White Pine (Saginaw)
24.6Gavin Long
35.7Caleb Brown
13:44.28Northeast (Midland)
36.7Riley Gayheart
13:45.13Northeast (Midland)
25.8Luke Walser
37.6Andrew Bernelis
38.7Nate Baskins
13:50.46White Pine (Saginaw)
26.8Brady Coon
13:55.55 PRChesaning
39.8Carter Albright
13:56.65Northeast (Midland)
40.6Miles Killips
14:05.80 PRAuburn Bay City West...
41.8Brenden Granzo
14:06.06Northeast (Midland)
42.8Charles Frasher
14:10.71 PRMt Morris
27.8Zachery Koepke
14:11.78 PRHale
28.6Isaac Humm
43.8Thomas Metcalf
14:12.66Northeast (Midland)
29.7Braden Klein
30.8Caleb Davies
31.8Jaylon Dillard
14:16.30 PRFrancis Reh
44.7Gabriel Trevino
14:17.89White Pine (Saginaw)
32.6Ryan DeGuise
45.8Isaac Ciaciuch
14:19.41 SRAuburn Bay City West...
46.6Matthew Bootman
14:19.86Northeast (Midland)
47.8Zacharia Shealy
14:21.38Northeast (Midland)
48.6Jack Laurain
14:28.30White Pine (Saginaw)
33.7William Wurtzel
49.7Cameron Washington
34.7Nate Neiderquell
35.7Owen Nurnberg
50.7Ben Scott
14:38.23Northeast (Midland)
51.8Nathan Simmons
14:39.69Bullock Creek
36.8Walker Aldrich
14:42.60TS Nurnberger
37.8Will Erickson
14:46.58TS Nurnberger
38.8Andrew Sadilek
52.7Landon Geiling
14:47.75Northeast (Midland)
53.7Zakk Osmun
14:48.64 PRNortheast (Midland)
54.8Ethan Meehle
14:49.01Northeast (Midland)
39.7Jacob Alexander
55.8Eliezer Maldonado
14:51.34Northeast (Midland)
56.8Julian Whittaker
14:54.39Northeast (Midland)
57.8Drew Nestle
15:01.24Bullock Creek
40.8Damon Boyer
58.7Joshua Stuber
15:09.26White Pine (Saginaw)
41.8Danny Sackrider
59.6Nick Kendall
15:16.18Northeast (Midland)
60.7Aiden Porritt
15:19.28Northeast (Midland)
61.7Carter Freeman
15:19.77 PRAuburn Bay City West...
42.8Dylan McCarley
62.8Quinn McMath
15:23.71Northeast (Midland)
43.8Ben Thompson
63.7Jacob Inman
15:26.23Bullock Creek
64.8Tyler Kalkman
15:27.63White Pine (Saginaw)
44.7Jared Moon
65.8Austin Kepsel
15:40.37Northeast (Midland)
66.8Cole Redburn
15:41.61 PRStandish-Sterling
67.8Grant Tilmann
15:42.51Bullock Creek
68.7Jack Degrace
15:47.61White Pine (Saginaw)
45.8Nicholas Healey
69.6Austin Anderson
15:51.11 PRNortheast (Midland)
70.8Mason Donahue
15:51.51Bullock Creek
46.8Chase Proctor
15:53.69 PRReese
71.7William Moore
47.7Jacob Kowalski
48.8Roderick Rigby
15:55.37 PRReese
72.7John Kelly
15:59.27Auburn Bay City West...
73.7Daniel Ebel
15:59.88Auburn Bay City West...
74.8Tucker Violette
16:03.53Bullock Creek
75.6Jacob Seybert
16:05.67Northeast (Midland)
49.8Samuel Haubenstric...
16:06.52 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
76.6Noah Kesler
16:08.99 PRNortheast (Midland)
77.8Logan Neubecker
16:10.18 PRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
50.8Joshua Butzin
16:13.27 SRHale
78.7Ian Becker
16:36.30Auburn Bay City West...
79.7Jason Moe
16:36.64Bullock Creek
51.7Jonah Shephard
52.8Luke LeBourdais
16:38.06Nouvel Catholic Cent...
80.6Sebastian Maldonado
16:42.18Northeast (Midland)
81.8Wyatt Ciesla
16:45.83 PRCramer
82.8Jay Partaka
16:49.43 PRAuburn Bay City West...
83.8Hayden Erlenbeck
16:50.83White Pine (Saginaw)
84.8Matthew Smith
16:52.48Auburn Bay City West...
85.7Hank Waters
16:55.37 PRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
86.7Logan Davis
16:56.49 SRAuburn Bay City West...
87.6Jacob Mlejnek
16:56.75White Pine (Saginaw)
53.6Jonathon Navarro
1.Andrew Mielke
88.8Chance Owen
17:00.50 PRCramer
89.6Aidan Powell
17:01.45Northeast (Midland)
90.7Jacob Leff
17:04.32Northeast (Midland)
91.6Aiden Ayers-Ackley
17:05.82Northeast (Midland)
92.6Harsen Bowlby
17:06.79 PRAuburn Bay City West...
54.8Ian Schwind
17:07.04 PRReese
55.7Dennis Schaffer
56.7Seth Endres
57.7Ethan Fehrman
17:15.32 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
93.8Noah Matthews
17:15.54 PRCramer
94.6Cameron Harned
17:23.90 PRAuburn Bay City West...
95.8Mitchell McMath
17:28.07Northeast (Midland)
96.6Keith Petersen
17:33.77Northeast (Midland)
97.6Connor Herzberg
17:35.41 PRAuburn Bay City West...
98.7Sam Wright
17:41.88Northeast (Midland)
58.7Devin Bennett
17:42.45 PRFrancis Reh
99.8Jacob Kalkman
17:44.64White Pine (Saginaw)
59.6Zander Johnson
17:45.57 PRHale
100.7Kyle Kutzke
17:52.71Bullock Creek
101.7Will Sunderman
17:56.17White Pine (Saginaw)
102.7Chase Robertson
17:57.45Auburn Bay City West...
103.7Noah Wittbrodt
17:57.64Northeast (Midland)
104.8Donavan Hart
18:01.05 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
105.6Nicholas Rzeszutek
18:04.00White Pine (Saginaw)
106.8Elliott Fortier
18:15.47White Pine (Saginaw)
60.8Alex Baxter
18:17.80TS Nurnberger
107.7Elijah Fischer
18:30.65 PRAuburn Bay City West...
61.8Connor McFadden
62.7Nathan Scherzer
2.Orion Moya
108.6Allan Schoerner
109.6Devin Shook
19:16.01 PRHandy
110.7Gavin Gorske
19:51.51 PRBullock Creek
111.7Emerson Lambdin
19:51.75Bullock Creek
112.7Ryen Grigg
20:40.77White Pine (Saginaw)
113.6Trenton Smerdon
20:47.42Northeast (Midland)
114.8Siris Zavala
115.6Luke Varble
20:49.49White Pine (Saginaw)
116.7Keagan Roque
117.6Owen Baillie
21:00.45White Pine (Saginaw)
118.6Talon Crowl
63.8Kellen Williamson
119.8Michael Pyszora
21:27.43 SRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
64.7Frederick Long
21:46.92 PRFrancis Reh
120.7Benjamin Harrison
22:02.91Auburn Bay City West...
121.7Carter Wells
22:15.58Bullock Creek
122.7Jack Chambers
22:16.84 PRNortheast (Midland)
123.8Kadon Yanick-Reyes
124.8Dayton Comeau
22:20.67Bullock Creek
65.7Ben Bauman
66.6Aidan Egresics
22:34.81 PRHale
125.6Connor Tacey
126.7Logan Nickless
22:39.96Auburn Bay City West...
67.7Ryan Cappell
127.8Gage Macko
22:55.61 SRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
128.6Nathan Deibel
23:09.12White Pine (Saginaw)
129.7Diego Duran
24:34.00White Pine (Saginaw)
130.7Logan Martin
24:37.58 PRAuburn Bay City West...
131.6Isaac Reinhardt
24:59.33Northeast (Midland)
68.6Logan Vetter
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2 Miles JV (All Divisions) Boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Saginaw Heritage54
2.St. Louis42
3.Midland Dow58
3.Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Se...66
4.Ogemaw Heights129
6.Bay City Western150
8.Swartz Creek191

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Jacob Faerber
11:15.60 PRSaginaw Heritage
2.12Cauy George
11:29.05 PRMidland
3.11Connor Lynch
11:32.29 PRMidland
4.10Collin Che
11:39.37 PRMidland Dow
5.10Blake Church
11:40.46 PRDavison
6.11Henry Kessler
11:42.08 SRMidland
7.11Nicholas Bloom
11:43.09 SRMidland Dow
8.10Zack Maddox
11:45.78 SRSaginaw Heritage
9.10Ben Walby
11:54.90 PROgemaw Heights
10.9Kade Dalson
11:56.56 PRGaylord
11.10Tyler Lozano
11:57.26 SRSaginaw Heritage
12.10Nathan Burgard
12:01.69 PRMidland Dow
13.11Alejandro Palencia
12:02.05 PRMidland Dow
14.11Zack Metzger
12:02.58 PRDavison
15.10Benny Cho
12:06.68 PRSaginaw Heritage
16.10Jacob Thorold
12:07.00 PRGaylord
17.10Todd Frank
12:09.48 PROgemaw Heights
18.12Eric Kayden
12:10.49 PRBay City Western
19.11Zachary Kolaja
12:11.45 SRSaginaw Heritage
20.11Seth Taylor
12:12.11 PRMidland
21.9Alex Noey
12:14.36 PRMidland
22.9Evan Trotter-Wright
12:15.56 PRMidland Dow
23.12David Leonhardt
12:16.27 PRMidland Dow
24.12Garrett Hirschenbe...
12:18.44 SRSaginaw Heritage
25.9Anthony Fiore
12:20.12 PRSaginaw Heritage
26.9Brandon Gaudreau
12:22.17 PRSaginaw Heritage
27.12Ben Newman
12:23.30 SRMidland Dow
1.10Ashton Gillis
12:26.64 PRBreckenridge
28.12John Hopper
12:28.79 SRMidland Dow
29.10Gavan Boguszewski
12:31.13 PRMidland Dow
2.12Camerin Miller
12:32.22 SRMontrose
30.12Jake Fousek
12:32.92 PRGaylord
31.10Nathan Rhee
12:33.20 SRMidland Dow
32.11Aidan Shaw
12:33.98 PRSaginaw Heritage
33.10Chaz Petrosky
12:34.25 PRBay City Western
34.10Bret Gemmill
12:34.55 PROgemaw Heights
3.12Leo Bodin
12:35.43 PRSt. Louis
35.12Zac Chichester
12:35.84 PRMidland Dow
36.9Michael Kennelly
12:36.30 PRSaginaw Heritage
37.11Holden Olsick
12:37.65 PROgemaw Heights
38.10Kevin Hoefer
12:38.80 PRMidland
39.10Caleb Kawa
12:40.18 PRSwartz Creek
40.10Kyler Rytlewski
12:41.32 PRBay City Western
41.12Reece Parrott
12:42.61 PRSwartz Creek
42.11Maxwell Morey
12:45.26 SRMidland Dow
43.10Trent Bergman
12:48.46 PRMidland Dow
44.9Andy Kietzman
12:50.42 PRBay City Western
45.11Drew Dillon
12:51.26 PRBay City Western
46.11Dillon Taubitz
12:51.55 PRSwartz Creek
47.10Andrew Selle
12:54.01 PRMidland Dow
48.9Ryan Melen
12:55.77 PRSwartz Creek
49.11Bryce Davison
12:55.98 SRGaylord
50.9Jordan Weisenauer
12:56.83 PRBay City Western
51.9Jacob Hansen
12:57.49 PRMidland Dow
52.11Jude Kole
12:58.10 PRGaylord
53.9Seth Johnson
12:59.27 PRGaylord
54.9Nathan Striebel
12:59.58 PRMidland
55.10Donald Erwin
13:00.75 PROgemaw Heights
56.10Dylan Franciosi
13:04.25 PROgemaw Heights
57.12Blake Feinauer
13:04.51 SRBay City Western
58.11Matt Rager
13:07.40 PRBay City Western
59.12Connor Good
13:08.73 SRSaginaw Heritage
60.12Chase Henley
13:09.24 SRGaylord
61.9Michael Merrill
13:11.62 PRSaginaw Heritage
62.12Jack Crandall
13:12.01 PRDavison
4.12Alan Bovee
13:14.57 PRHale
63.9Nolan Janeczko
13:15.20 PRMidland Dow
64.12Evan Mckenzie
13:16.57 PRGaylord
65.11Austin Szymanski
13:16.75 PROgemaw Heights
66.9Joshua Maschino
13:19.14 PRMidland
67.11Aaron Abbott
13:19.59 SRMidland
68.10Zachary Peterson
13:20.09 SRGaylord
69.10Parker Schorrfaar
13:21.44 PRGaylord
70.11Nickolas Hunter
13:23.31 PRSwartz Creek
71.9Zack Olund
13:23.96 PRGaylord
72.11Zackery Fortune
13:24.54 SRGaylord
73.11Elliot Moore
13:26.55 SRMidland
5.9Dylan Koepke
13:27.00 PRHale
74.12Eric Daniel
13:27.87 SRMidland
75.11Ethan Ells
13:28.69 PRMidland Dow
76.9Lincoln Shirah
13:32.72 PRDavison
6.12Kris Franklin
13:34.11 PRHale
7.10Nathan Karas
13:35.43 SRMontrose
8.11Evan Korthals
13:39.00 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
77.12Marc Dean
13:39.32 PRMidland
9.11David Sackrider
13:39.63 SRMontrose
10.11Sean Weihl
13:39.86 PRReese
78.10Lincoln Mastenbrook
13:44.63 PRGaylord
79.9Jacob Stuber
13:46.12 PRSaginaw Heritage
11.9Alex Davis
13:47.48 PRSt. Louis
80.11Robert Treat
13:48.12 PROgemaw Heights
81.9Jacob Colon
13:48.35 PRSaginaw Heritage
82.9Trevor Freudenstein
13:50.20 PRSaginaw Heritage
83.9Nick Martinez
13:50.95 PRDavison
84.9Garrison Ader
13:51.71 PRSaginaw Heritage
12.10Brady Miller
13:52.11 PRMontrose
85.11Sam Strouse
13:52.72 SRMidland Dow
86.11Gabe Poprave
13:53.57 PRMidland
13.12Matt Salter
13:53.96 SRMontrose
87.11Adam Wolok
13:55.16 PRMidland Dow
88.9Kellen Minyon
13:55.76 PRGaylord
14.10Gavin Gilles
13:57.09 PRSt. Louis
89.11Isaiah Bridges
13:58.29 PRMidland
90.9Mason Bridges
13:58.83 PRDavison
91.10Cody Schaeding
13:59.14 PRSaginaw Heritage
15.11Gabriel LeCureux
13:59.44 PRBreckenridge
92.10Matthew Rozek
14:00.26 PRSaginaw Heritage
93.10Donnevan Thomasma
14:01.67 PRGaylord
94.11Kyle Burks
14:02.33 SRMidland
95.9Carson Bragg
14:05.38 PROgemaw Heights
96.10Garrett Sumner
14:05.59 PRDavison
16.11Blake Woodward
14:06.52 SRMontrose
17.12Zach Grubaugh
97.9Isaiah Butcher
14:11.02 PRMidland Bullock Creek
18.10Peter Muscott
14:14.05 PRBreckenridge
98.11Stuart Williams
14:14.37 PRGaylord
19.9Cade Pestrue
14:15.82 PRSt. Louis
99.11Brendin Reetz
14:16.04 PROgemaw Heights
100.9Brett Lazarowicz
14:17.24 PRBay City Western
101.11John Riley Herman
14:21.23 PRMidland
102.9Chad Mitchell
14:22.75 PRBay City Western
103.11Carsen Sheahen
14:22.94 PRGaylord
104.10Kyle Oldinski
14:24.51 PRBay City Central
105.12Will Shaffer
14:26.87 PRMidland
106.9Jeffrey Root
14:27.48 PRMidland
107.11Jack Knapp
14:33.83 SRMidland
108.10Ethan Smith
14:34.86 SRMidland Dow
109.9Richard Olk
14:41.97 PRSaginaw Heritage
20.9Caleb Huang
14:44.50 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
110.10Saarthak Johri
14:47.54 PRSaginaw Heritage
21.10Alexander Fritzler
14:53.12 PRHale
111.9William Mitchell
14:53.48 PRSwartz Creek
22.10CJ Burgdorf
14:53.90 SRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
23.9Ethan Zwerk
14:54.73 PRReese
24.9Ethan Wilson
14:56.64 PRSt. Louis
112.9Austin Balzer
14:57.25 PRMidland Dow
25.11Sam Wade
14:57.81 SRMontrose
113.9Joey Scheistel
15:05.89 PRDavison
114.9Cameron Mead
15:10.73 PRGaylord
26.10Alex Lawhorne
15:12.99 PRSt. Louis
115.11Alex Koke
15:14.13 SRMidland
27.9Aiden Shephard
15:21.51 PRSanford-Meridian
116.11Carter Zalusky
15:22.83 PRMidland
28.9Wyatt Tyson
15:23.02 PRReese
117.9Donovan Estes
15:24.51 PRDavison
118.11Jorge Ojinaga
15:33.73 PRMidland
29.9Noah Anderson
15:33.92 PRBreckenridge
119.12Brady Wing
15:39.05 SRMidland
30.12Alec Boyer
15:43.70 SRSanford-Meridian
31.10Wesley Chase
15:45.12 PRSanford-Meridian
120.9Rafe Parrott
15:45.33 PRSwartz Creek
121.11Jacob Coates
15:47.52 SROgemaw Heights
122.10Alexander Dinh
15:49.80 SRSaginaw Heritage
123.9Louis Spalding
16:01.35 PRMidland Bullock Creek
124.9Brendan Weihl
16:05.72 PRMidland
125.11Connor Lucier
16:22.21 PRSaginaw Heritage
32.12Cameron Murphy
16:24.49 PRSt. Louis
33.9Matt Haag
16:25.20 PRSt. Louis
126.12Alex Knuth
16:25.68 PRMidland Dow
34.9Justin Peter
16:30.28 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
127.12Jaelen Skym
16:32.46 SRMidland
35.11Nathan Mikek
16:39.58 SRSt. Louis
128.9Gavin Harvey
16:49.73 PROgemaw Heights
129.11Jarretty Moore
17:07.64 SRBay City Central
130.9Eric Melen
17:27.36 PRSwartz Creek
131.9Blake Brindley
17:31.41 PROgemaw Heights
132.11Will Talcott
17:38.53 SRMidland
133.10Dakota Hall
17:57.28 PROgemaw Heights
36.12Hayden Beyersdorf
18:06.74 SRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
134.9Carter Newcomb
18:16.69 PRMidland Dow
135.10Ted Weiers
18:40.33 PROgemaw Heights
37.9Sam Allar
19:22.61 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
38.10Nathaniel Ruediger
19:23.03 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
39.11Carson Solomon
19:23.76 SRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
40.9Josh Wilkins
20:08.51 PRSaginaw Arts and Sci...
41.9Logan Hugo
20:26.93 PRBay City Academy
136.10Kyle Lewandowski
21:39.75 SRBay City Central
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Womens Results

1,207 Meters Open Race

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

2.3Lily Knizacky
4:50.14 PRBullock Creek
3.4Ashtyn Frost
4:53.29 PRReese
4.3Mackenzie Jeske
5:00.59 PRBullock Creek
5.3Mia Spalding
5:08.41 PRBullock Creek
6.4Ariella Ricca-Baker
5:10.17 PRBay City Academy
7.Sophia Brandt
8.3Charlee Ferguson
5:18.20 PRBullock Creek
9.1Lucy Petsch
5:38.52 PRBullock Creek
10.5Saige Cassow
6:03.44 PRBullock Creek
11.3Claire MacLachlan
6:04.61 PRBullock Creek
12.3Elly Burkhard
6:07.69 PRBullock Creek
13.3Linden Davidson
6:11.14 PRBay City Academy
14.1Tegan Socia
6:13.64 PRBay City Academy
15.5Sophie Cammin
7:41.69 PRBullock Creek
16.3Evelyn Thunberg
8:15.15 PRBullock Creek
17.1Zoe Thunberg
8:27.31 PRBullock Creek
18.Ashley Meyer
19.Aubrey Keeler
20.6Maleah Rachow
14:31.18 PRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
21.6Kaitlyn Miller
14:51.50 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
22.Josie Barriger
23.Madeline Wenzell
24.6Hannah Bobzien
15:11.15 PRTS Nurnberger
25.4Alayna Black
15:11.39 PRBullock Creek
26.Cherie Powers
27.Madelaine Osterhagen
28.6Margaret Powell
15:15.96 PRBullock Creek
29.6Alaina Neubecker
15:19.98 PRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
30.5Clare Conzelmann
15:20.94 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
31.Shelbey Keeler
32.5Isabelle Nesbitt
15:38.36 PRAuburn Bay City West...
33.6Alexis Jeske
15:40.17 PRBullock Creek
34.Tammy Dickman
35.5Madison Bjorge
16:24.85 PRBullock Creek
36.6Emma Worthy
16:43.55 PRTS Nurnberger
37.5Fiona Meisel
16:43.97 PRBay City Academy
38.6Madison Paten
16:44.21 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
39.Kyrie Rames
40.Erica Canales
41.Corinna Gomez
42.4Mattie Gagne
17:12.34 PRBullock Creek
43.Izzy Krueger
44.Megan Tilot
45.Anna Nurnberg
46.6Lillie Shattuck
17:38.49 PRTS Nurnberger
47.Chloe Greer
48.4Delaney Violette
17:54.53 PRBullock Creek
49.Kayla Goward
50.Hope Fitzgibbon
51.Veronica Gross
52.6Lydia Campbell
18:10.01 PRSt Michael's Lutheran
53.Alayna Rivette
54.6Taylor Allen
18:25.15 PRBullock Creek
55.5Aliyah Schalk
18:30.62 PRStandish-Sterling
56.Hannah Tomanek
57.1Charlotte Rewerts
18:41.87 PRBullock Creek
58.3Kate MacLachlan
18:42.25 PRBullock Creek
59.4Emily Schramm
18:57.44 PRStandish-Sterling
60.5Katie Dey
19:01.19 PRNouvel Catholic Cent...
61.5Caroline Shaheen
19:04.74 PRNouvel Catholic Cent...
62.6Ella Spence
19:09.97 PRNouvel Catholic Cent...
63.6Olivia Daenzer
19:33.65 PRNouvel Catholic Cent...
64.5Autumn Fransen
19:34.60 PRBullock Creek
65.5Dannika Christie
19:45.39 PRStandish-Sterling
66.6Lilly Kaiser
20:06.13 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
67.6Ashlyn Peterson
20:06.82 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
68.6Cassidy Hart
20:11.34 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
69.6Charlie Sherwood
20:15.19 PRSt Lorenz Lutheran
70.4Nevaeh Wade
20:25.08 PRBay City Academy
71.6Lily Morency
20:25.74 PRStandish-Sterling
72.5Elyse Riter
20:43.44 PRFleet Feet Track
73.6Carissa Wittke
20:46.43 PRBullock Creek
74.5Breanna Faust
20:49.68 PRStandish-Sterling
75.2Brooke Martin
20:51.12 PRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
76.2Kara Martin
20:51.78 PRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
77.Carol Levack
78.Callie Godwin
79.3Alexis Atkinson
21:00.16 PRBullock Creek
80.6Anastasia Kurtz
21:25.28 PRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
81.5Marin Hoeppner
21:39.00 PRSt Michael's Lutheran
82.6Elayna Walters
22:06.32 PRBullock Creek
83.2Isabella Reinbold
22:52.41 PRTrinity Reese
84.Melinda Reinbold
85.6Aspen Campbell
23:02.17 PRBullock Creek
86.6Graci Whyte
23:11.22 PRBullock Creek
87.6Jordyn Weiberg
23:12.37 PRBullock Creek
88.6Danica DeBrosse
23:41.60 PRBullock Creek
89.3Natalya Ziolkowski
24:11.90 PRBay City Academy
1.3Nyla Sholten
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2 Miles Varsity Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Bay City Western52
2.Saginaw Heritage77
3.Midland Dow88
6.Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Se...128
7.St. Louis139
8.Mt Morris230
8.Swartz Creek170
9.Ogemaw Heights260
10.Midland Bullock Creek279
11.Bay City Central321
12.Essexville Garber326

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Anastasia Tucker
11:19.56 PRMidland Dow
2.12Maija Rettelle
11:34.94 PRMidland Dow
3.10Ashlyn Nagel
11:36.43 PRBay City Western
4.11Maddy Boyd
11:38.89 PRAlpena
5.12Rachel Kempf
11:53.82 PRSaginaw Heritage
1.12Remington Hobson
12:02.26 SRMontrose
6.11Sydney Nesbitt
12:05.33 PRBay City Western
7.12Grace Kendziorski
12:06.92 PRBay City Western
2.12Chloe Brittain
12:20.70 PRBreckenridge
8.10Emma Banning
12:21.86 PRSaginaw Heritage
3.12Samantha Hill
12:26.75 PRChesaning
4.10Julia Skaryd
12:27.93 PRChesaning
9.9Cambrie Smith
12:28.24 PRGaylord
10.10Isabella Rhee
12:30.25 PRMidland Dow
11.11Cameron Martella
12:34.69 PRGaylord
12.10Jenna Picard
12:36.63 PRBay City Western
5.12Sophee Robinson
12:38.93 PRReese
13.12Lynsey Amthor
12:39.70 PRSaginaw Heritage
14.11Chloe Fry
12:42.30 SRSaginaw Heritage
15.11Savannah Sipley
12:43.85 PRDavison
16.9Maddie Isola
12:44.91 PRMidland
17.10Anna Young
12:45.12 PRAlpena
18.10Molly Dickinson
12:52.91 PRAlpena
19.11Darbey Johnson
12:54.63 SRSwartz Creek
6.10Annie Laurenz
12:55.90 PRBreckenridge
20.12Riley Legge
12:56.14 SRMidland
21.11Heleyna Tucker
12:57.87 PRMidland Dow
7.11Hannah Ordiway
12:58.58 SRSanford-Meridian
22.11Sarah Cook
12:59.04 PRSwartz Creek
23.12Abby Schiestel
13:00.99 PRDavison
24.11Blake Mueller
13:01.54 PRBay City Western
25.11Jenna Zettle
13:05.98 PRBay City Western
26.10Lily Majestic
13:08.94 PRSwartz Creek
27.9Karissa Picard
13:09.32 PRBay City Western
28.9Emma Rudisel
13:09.78 PRMidland
29.10Makenzie Brownrigg
13:10.63 PRDavison
30.12Emily Yoder
13:11.67 PRMidland
31.12Ellie Crandall
13:15.20 PRDavison
32.10Amanda Keysor
13:18.66 PRGaylord
8.11Brooklyn Filipiak
13:20.66 SRSt. Louis
33.10Libby Olson
13:20.94 PRDavison
34.10Peyton Hansen
13:21.44 PROgemaw Heights
9.11Kaitlyn Jones
13:21.71 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
10.10Allison Hawken
13:25.06 PRReese
35.12Brooklynn Riggle
13:29.09 SRMidland Bullock Creek
36.10Kaylee Rondeau
13:32.41 PRAlpena
37.11Kazmira Nalazek
13:33.93 PRSaginaw Heritage
38.12Amanda Kalkman
13:35.82 SRSaginaw Heritage
11.12Ellen Laurenz
13:36.22 PRBreckenridge
39.12Emily Stewart
13:37.70 SRSaginaw Heritage
12.11Katie Blanchard
13:38.65 PRSanford-Meridian
13.11Emma Sollner
13:38.95 SRHemlock
40.11Ellie Timmons
13:39.79 PRDavison
14.10Elizabeth Snow
13:41.05 PRBreckenridge
41.9Nicole James
13:41.60 PRMidland
15.10Savana McDowell
13:42.54 PRMontrose
42.9Tiffany Foster
13:42.85 PRAlpena
16.10Cassidy Forbes
13:43.26 PRSanford-Meridian
43.12Grace Olson
13:43.56 PRDavison
44.9Mya Legel
13:43.83 PRGaylord
17.9Paige Allard
13:45.73 PRMontrose
45.11Brittany Devore
13:47.51 PRSwartz Creek
46.10Malley McGuire
13:49.18 PRAlpena
47.10Therese Joffre
13:49.94 PRMidland
48.11Alis Shrestha
13:51.54 PREssexville Garber
18.10Myra Marr
13:55.29 PRBreckenridge
19.12Emalee Kolevar
13:56.28 SRStandish Sterling
49.11Ariella Cuellar
13:58.26 PRBay City Central
50.9Mercedes Lasecki
13:58.49 PRBay City Central
51.11Danbi Johnson
13:59.25 PRMidland
52.11Colleen Sikorski
14:05.14 PROgemaw Heights
20.12Brooke Stivers
14:13.71 PRChesaning
21.12Indyana McCoy
14:14.54 SRReese
22.10Klaudia Sutter
14:15.55 PRReese
53.9Faith Kurtz
14:17.51 PROgemaw Heights
23.9Kiera Goward
14:18.17 PRBreckenridge
24.11Madeline Misner
14:19.90 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
54.12Caroline Theuerkauf
14:20.28 SRMidland Dow
55.11Samantha Chew
14:20.64 PRMidland Bullock Creek
56.12Zoe Palmer
14:20.93 PRGaylord
57.10Nadia Keller
14:21.21 PRGaylord
58.12Melissa Bell-Green
14:21.60 PRSwartz Creek
25.9Olivia Grover
14:21.96 PRChesaning
59.11Brooke Gledhill
14:23.52 PRMidland Bullock Creek
60.12Lorna Hoffman
14:25.21 PROgemaw Heights
26.9Macey Hawken
14:27.16 PRReese
27.11Rebecca Rivera
14:28.14 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
61.10Crystal Erwin
14:28.42 PROgemaw Heights
62.11Abigail Hahn
14:29.91 PRMidland Bullock Creek
63.11Autumn Zimmer
14:38.11 SRGaylord
28.10Zoe Dickman
14:40.36 PRSt. Louis
64.10Gabby McCulloch
14:40.81 PREssexville Garber
29.9Jamie Hillborg
14:42.06 PRReese
30.12Brittney Roberson
14:44.22 PRSt. Louis
65.10Katie Foust
14:47.82 PRAlpena
31.12Paige Bacon
14:51.28 PRMt Morris
32.11Cecilia Gross
14:56.63 SRSaginaw Nouvel
66.11Molly Anderson
14:57.89 PREssexville Garber
33.11Hailee Hull
14:59.66 PRReese
34.10Mackenzie Mayle
15:00.62 PRBreckenridge
67.12Jessica Kline
15:06.06 SRMidland Dow
68.11Rebekah Kindy
15:07.03 PRMidland Bullock Creek
35.9Torrey Hobson
15:08.21 PRMontrose
69.10Madilyn Bernelis
15:12.36 PRBay City Central
36.9Hannah Robinson
15:17.22 PRMontrose
37.12Amber Wing
15:21.22 SRMontrose
70.11Maddie Mulkey
15:23.43 SROgemaw Heights
38.10Celina Walker
15:34.26 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
71.9Sydney Kutzke
15:36.24 PRMidland Bullock Creek
39.11Rebecca Daniels
15:38.08 SRStandish Sterling
40.11Molly Schaffer
15:39.39 PRHemlock
41.11Brooklyn Kelly
15:47.53 PRSanford-Meridian
42.11Martha Kubitschek
15:47.71 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
72.12Payton Izworski
15:51.31 SROgemaw Heights
73.11Lauren Pfleghaar
15:58.31 SREssexville Garber
43.9Heidi Huizar
16:02.11 PRHemlock
44.11Carly Daniels
16:04.53 SRSt. Louis
45.11Aynslee Koutz
16:06.04 SRSt. Louis
46.9Karlie Lewis
16:08.87 PRChesaning
74.12Cecilie Hesselby
16:10.80 PRBay City Central
47.11Julia Lewis
16:19.26 PRChesaning
48.12Amanda Schnose
16:40.61 SRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
49.9Alexandra Dodman
16:46.67 PRSanford-Meridian
50.11McKenna Harrington
16:54.55 SRMontrose
51.9Lily Hindelang
16:56.97 PRSt. Louis
75.9Adriana Hall
17:10.77 PRCarrollton
52.10Kirsten Sayles
17:14.64 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
53.11Maryland Williams
17:27.64 PRMt Morris
54.12Kaylee Rodriguez
17:30.52 SRSt. Louis
76.9Morgan Smith
17:31.81 PREssexville Garber
77.11Julia Beck
17:33.09 PRMidland Bullock Creek
55.11Anna Sargent
17:37.56 PRMt Morris
56.10Sammie Hutter
17:49.54 PRStandish Sterling
57.12Yuen Azu
17:51.54 PRSaginaw Arts and Sci...
58.9Megan Brawt
17:53.66 PRSanford-Meridian
78.9Olivia Reinhardt
17:53.83 PREssexville Garber
59.11Anastasia Barrett
18:01.47 PRStandish Sterling
79.11Katie List
18:14.41 SREssexville Garber
60.12Brandi Brown
18:26.45 PRChesaning
80.11Alana Pelica
18:38.14 PRBay City Central
81.12Makazhia McGowan
19:09.15 SRCarrollton
61.12Olivia Morand
19:15.21 SRPinconning
62.12Sidney Rouchenberger
19:33.66 PRMt Morris
63.9Savahana Seeton
21:38.60 PRMt Morris
64.12Kara Koch
22:31.59 PRWhittemore-Prescott
82.10Maddy Pappas
24:48.09 PRCarrollton
65.9Alayna Mooney
28:00.00 PRMt Morris
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2 Miles Middle School Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Auburn Bay City Western44
1.TS Nurnberger38
2.Northeast (Midland)69
3.White Pine (Saginaw)70
5.Future Falcons (Ogemaw Heigh...108
6.Bullock Creek173
8.Francis Reh218

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Libby Munderloh
11:56.68TS Nurnberger
2.8Mikenna Borie
12:23.95TS Nurnberger
1.8Kiera Hansen
12:44.82 PRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
3.8Whitney Farrell
13:18.40 SRFreeland
2.8Lauren McGuirk
13:25.35Northeast (Midland)
4.8Allison Galsterer
13:35.57 PRReese
5.7Payton Kuhn
13:51.86TS Nurnberger
6.6Megan Goward
3.8Mallory Matthews
13:53.46Northeast (Midland)
4.7Ambria Nagel
14:00.79 PRAuburn Bay City West...
7.8Reagan Keyser
5.8Chloe Jones
14:08.02 SRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
8.8Lilly Skaryd
14:08.43 PRChesaning
9.8Preslee Slankard
14:08.84 PRChesaning
10.8Alyssa Graham
6.7Emma Rajewski
14:10.10 PRAuburn Bay City West...
7.7Elizabeth Ward
14:13.30 PRAuburn Bay City West...
8.7Emma Rodriguez
9.8Marin Stevens
14:16.78 PRAuburn Bay City West...
11.7Elly McCoy
14:17.27 PRReese
10.7Olivia Kain
11.7Samantha Yaklin
12.6Samantha Smith
14:22.11White Pine (Saginaw)
12.7Lauren Brawt
13.8Madison Meek-McCar...
14:25.70White Pine (Saginaw)
13.8Brooke Sweeney
14:27.48 PRReese
14.6Jaden Dickman
14:28.07TS Nurnberger
15.6Jenna Sweeney
14:30.94 PRReese
14.8Selena Juarez
14:34.52 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
16.8Laurine Mills
14:36.84 SRBay City Academy
17.8Allyson Harvey
18.8Mara Longenecker
15.8Shelby Brant
14:40.24White Pine (Saginaw)
16.7Allison Faerber
14:43.85White Pine (Saginaw)
17.8Brea Lincoln
14:44.06Northeast (Midland)
19.7Laney Pestrue
14:51.77TS Nurnberger
20.8Emma Goka
14:55.08 SRReese
21.8Lauren Erskine
22.7Calista Goward
23.8Abby Parkinson
15:05.36 SRHale
24.6Halina Blythe
18.6Shelby Rajewski
15:09.35 PRAuburn Bay City West...
25.8Sela Delgado
15:10.91TS Nurnberger
19.8Kylee Brush
15:12.63White Pine (Saginaw)
26.8Clara Gross
15:15.04 PRNouvel Catholic Cent...
20.6Halena Horneber
15:15.77 PRAuburn Bay City West...
21.6Hailey Ridgway
15:16.93 PRAuburn Bay City West...
22.7Abby Buchalski
15:18.81White Pine (Saginaw)
23.8Emmy Zaroff
15:20.39White Pine (Saginaw)
24.8Eva Kickland
15:23.00Northeast (Midland)
25.7Madilyn Meek-McCar...
15:26.20White Pine (Saginaw)
26.7Aleena Wooten
15:27.29 PRStandish-Sterling
27.6Hailey Wojciechowski
15:28.14 PRAuburn Bay City West...
27.8Thea Doud
15:28.80 PRMeridian
28.8Emily Graham
15:31.42 PRChesaning
28.7Ella Roberson
15:32.73Northeast (Midland)
29.8Savanna Willis
15:39.76Northeast (Midland)
30.7Grace Shephard
15:43.86Northeast (Midland)
29.8Trinity Kolka
31.7Madelyn Fournier
15:48.71 PRAuburn Bay City West...
30.7Jenna Abell
15:50.00TS Nurnberger
32.8Rachel Tilmann
15:51.98Bullock Creek
31.7Lia Mcdowell
33.8Avery Shoultes
15:53.69 SRStandish-Sterling
34.6Mallory Harned
15:55.25 PRAuburn Bay City West...
32.8Madison Dutton
33.8Sophie Argyle
34.7Emily Smith
35.7Elyse Kendziorski
16:03.42 SRAuburn Bay City West...
36.8Desiree Killey
16:03.87 SRAuburn Bay City West...
37.8Mya Hacker
16:04.74Northeast (Midland)
38.7Rachel Mecca
16:05.11Northeast (Midland)
39.8Megan Yaklin
16:17.37 PRHandy
40.8Emma Bernelis
41.8Delaney Abbott
16:19.37Northeast (Midland)
42.8Rachel Musser
16:22.50 PRAuburn Bay City West...
43.8Keegan Martin
16:23.34 PRAuburn Bay City West...
35.8Gwen Lapine
16:27.06 PRChesaning
44.6Mackenzie Richards
16:27.35 PRAuburn Bay City West...
45.7Mariah Bornsen
16:27.79 PRNortheast (Midland)
46.8Jocelyn Roberts
16:29.32White Pine (Saginaw)
47.6Macy Besaw
16:39.17 PRAuburn Bay City West...
48.7Kennedi Bainbridge
16:45.48 PRAuburn Bay City West...
49.7Lauren Hall
16:49.77 SRAuburn Bay City West...
50.6Alexis Forster
36.7Jasmine Scott
16:52.84TS Nurnberger
51.8Heidi Nagel
16:57.68 PRBullock Creek
52.6Nina Swier
17:09.85Northeast (Midland)
37.8Grace Anderson
53.7Naxy Brotherton
17:16.28 SRAuburn Bay City West...
54.6Sophia Laurain
17:19.07White Pine (Saginaw)
55.6Avery Lehman
17:21.24Northeast (Midland)
56.6Maddie Ames
17:21.67 PRAuburn Bay City West...
57.6Grace Riddle
17:22.08Northeast (Midland)
38.8Lauren Fitzpatrick
17:22.41 PRMeridian
39.6Leah Kern
17:22.83 PRReese
58.8Sophia Facundo
17:26.53 PRHandy
59.6Liv Rohr
17:28.45Northeast (Midland)
60.6Nala Jones
17:28.90 PRNortheast (Midland)
61.6Ella Lovasco
17:31.03 PRAuburn Bay City West...
62.6Abigail Keenan
17:32.72 PRHandy
63.6Emylia Ferrio
17:33.68 PRAuburn Bay City West...
64.7Phoebe McGough
17:40.22Northeast (Midland)
65.7Brooke Kroulik
17:40.84White Pine (Saginaw)
66.7Elisabeth Bragg
17:43.60 PRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
40.6ShawnTayvia Ladd
17:46.48 PRFrancis Reh
41.7Emma Seigle
67.6Blaise Mayer
17:52.73 PRNortheast (Midland)
68.7Rebeca Weston
17:55.04 PRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
42.6Hannah Wasik
17:55.78 PRTrinity Reese
43.6Tori Most
69.7Morgan Rachow
18:00.40 SRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
70.8Ashlyn Volk
71.7Clara Ciaciuch
18:02.49 PRAuburn Bay City West...
72.7Yuki Togashi
18:05.40Northeast (Midland)
44.8Reid Fraiser
73.7Katrina White
45.7Alexis Weihl
18:07.65 PRReese
74.7Madalynn Hernden
18:23.27Northeast (Midland)
75.8Sarah Brown
18:23.52 SRNortheast (Midland)
76.7Hayden Edmonds
18:28.72Northeast (Midland)
77.6Eva Canales
18:29.03White Pine (Saginaw)
78.8Zoe Ruiz
79.6Maggie Neal
18:34.09Northeast (Midland)
80.7Ella Wood
18:34.35Bullock Creek
1.Miranda Felton
46.7Lucia Mills
18:37.26Bay City Academy
81.6Angel VanWert
82.8Kylie Tacey
83.6Marieke Theuerkauf
18:38.58Northeast (Midland)
84.6Madi Arthur
18:41.25Northeast (Midland)
85.6Kaite Kennedy
18:42.63White Pine (Saginaw)
86.7Elizabeth Champine
18:46.81 PRAuburn Bay City West...
87.7Aubreigh Cramer
18:54.26 SRAuburn Bay City West...
88.6Skylar Pichan
18:54.76 PRAuburn Bay City West...
89.8Faith Persyn
18:55.01Northeast (Midland)
90.8Abby Hunsinger
18:55.74 SRAuburn Bay City West...
91.7Catherine McNamara
18:56.00Northeast (Midland)
92.6Avery Andrus
18:57.17 PRAuburn Bay City West...
93.6Emma Ames
19:03.42 PRAuburn Bay City West...
94.7Jovie Hoffman
19:04.53 PRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
47.7Ella Hall
95.6Caitlyn Musser
19:08.17 PRAuburn Bay City West...
48.8Angel Thomas
19:12.61 PRChesaning
49.8Emmee Hilgendorf
50.7Mikayla Haag
19:17.81TS Nurnberger
96.7Paige Harry
19:29.61Northeast (Midland)
51.7Kiersten Wenzlick
19:33.40TS Nurnberger
97.8Alyssa Coventry
19:38.05Northeast (Midland)
52.8Annalise Schoenow
19:39.31 SRReese
53.7Molly Carter
98.6Sophia Michalak
19:47.63 PRAuburn Bay City West...
54.7Alexis Ricker
99.7Kiarah Yanick-Reyes
55.8Alyssa DeGuise
2.Jolee Wolf
56.7Amanda Sanchez
100.6Jada Hinterman
20:08.62 PRAuburn Bay City West...
57.6Bella Shay
20:17.25 PRHale
101.7Lily Shuster
20:19.43White Pine (Saginaw)
102.6Olivia Krause
20:20.23 PRAuburn Bay City West...
103.6Madison Wilcox
20:35.26 PRAuburn Bay City West...
104.7Mallory Franciosi
20:38.52 SRFuture Falcons (Ogem...
105.8Claire Spyhalski
20:39.59 SRAuburn Bay City West...
58.8Chaniya Madison
20:46.65 PRFrancis Reh
106.8Rory Rynearson
20:57.79Northeast (Midland)
107.7Josie Berry
21:09.45Northeast (Midland)
108.8Hannah Seal
109.8Kylee Stachlewicz
21:11.01White Pine (Saginaw)
59.7Haley Scherzer
60.7Katie Salo
110.6Paige Meyer
21:15.38 PRAuburn Bay City West...
111.6Audrey Kolb
21:17.07 PRAuburn Bay City West...
61.6De'Asia McCall
21:18.56 PRFrancis Reh
62.6Jayceen Allen
21:22.32 PRFrancis Reh
112.6Mattisyn Toporski
21:24.88 PRAuburn Bay City West...
113.6Maggie Humerickhouse
21:25.85 PRAuburn Bay City West...
114.7Mattie Midkiff
21:27.06Bullock Creek
115.8Gabby Payne
21:51.76 SRAuburn Bay City West...
63.8Natalie Vredeveld
116.7Lexi Deloney
22:02.37 PRMt Morris
117.6Natalie Raymond
64.7Julia Barnes
22:09.70Saginaw Arts & Scien...
118.6Kiera Schiebner
22:12.87White Pine (Saginaw)
65.7Charli Munger
119.6Maddy Morrison
22:20.69White Pine (Saginaw)
120.7Ashleigh McIntyre
22:24.31White Pine (Saginaw)
3.Emilee Rabe
121.6Apple Martinez
122.7Kaitlynn Leinberger
22:48.64 PRBullock Creek
66.6Terreonna Robinson
22:55.34 PRFrancis Reh
123.7Shea Lauwers
67.6Kayla Hugo
24:02.34 PRBay City Academy
124.6Addison Mayfield
125.6Madeline Becker
126.7Laney Kukla
24:56.14 SRAuburn Bay City West...
127.7MaKenna Wilson
25:07.20 SRHandy
128.7Marcy Farlow
25:12.56Bullock Creek
68.8Abby Barrett
25:29.06 SRKuehn-Haven
69.6La'Niyah White
28:59.54 PRFrancis Reh
70.6LaDonna Jones
29:08.64 PRFrancis Reh
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2 Miles JV (All Divisions) Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Se...15
1.Saginaw Heritage29
5.Ogemaw Heights129

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Mackensie Massey
14:01.33 PRGaylord
2.10Sarah Campbell
14:15.39 PRSaginaw Heritage
3.10Julia Ketelhut
14:18.18 SRSaginaw Heritage
4.10Ella Trosin
14:23.86 PRMidland
5.12Grace Close
14:29.65 PRDavison
6.12Kasey Klaczkiewicz
14:30.62 SRSaginaw Heritage
7.10Abigail Arnes
14:32.64 PRDavison
8.9Alexandria Wehner-...
14:36.52 PRSaginaw Heritage
9.11Raea Miller
14:38.83 PRDavison
10.12Colleen Miller
14:42.28 PRSaginaw Heritage
11.10Courtney Zaremba
14:50.94 PRGaylord
12.10Tyra York
14:55.20 PRMidland
13.12Megan Peterson
15:06.58 PRGaylord
14.11Victoria Hockman
15:16.69 SRBay City Western
15.11Emily Spaedt
15:18.71 SRSaginaw Heritage
16.11Claire Kubacki
15:19.05 SRSaginaw Heritage
17.10Elizabeth Boyd
15:19.35 PRSaginaw Heritage
18.11Madelyn Jacobson
15:19.79 PRDavison
19.10Alyssa Chritz
15:21.70 PRMidland
20.9Maija Landon
15:22.68 PRSaginaw Heritage
21.12Elizabeth Bott
15:23.14 PRMidland
22.12Abbie Bethune
15:24.67 SRSaginaw Heritage
23.11Morgan Hallberg
15:24.85 PRMidland
24.10Maddy Wittbrodt
15:31.40 SRMidland
25.10Emmie Chapman
15:32.88 SRSaginaw Heritage
26.9Julia Lange
15:35.05 PRSaginaw Heritage
27.11Maiah Jezak
15:35.77 SRMidland
28.9Erica Griffin
15:44.38 PROgemaw Heights
29.12Breanna Chritz
15:45.93 SRMidland
30.11Hope Castanon
15:55.61 SRSaginaw Heritage
31.11Danielle Dematio
15:56.97 PROgemaw Heights
32.11Irene Cline
15:57.18 SRMidland
33.12Katy Calleja
15:57.65 PRDavison
34.9Lauren Gaiser
16:02.32 PRSaginaw Heritage
35.10Isobel Jarema
16:03.70 SRSaginaw Heritage
36.9Elizabeth McRae
16:06.36 PRSaginaw Heritage
1.11Taylor Muscott
16:11.86 PRBreckenridge
37.9Olivia O'Toole
16:12.84 PRSaginaw Heritage
38.10Zoe Pomarzynski
16:13.50 PRGaylord
39.9Kathleen Deibel
16:24.85 PRSaginaw Heritage
40.11Savannah Krolewski
16:27.09 PRSaginaw Heritage
41.11Haley Samborn
16:29.22 SRMidland
42.12Hannah Farquharson
16:36.31 PRMidland Bullock Creek
43.9Evie Lunsted
17:02.06 PRMidland
44.12Melissa Draves
17:05.21 PRMidland
2.11Brittnee Byers
17:09.60 SRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
3.11Makayla Spencer
17:16.38 PRReese
45.9Emma Sutherland
17:18.16 PRBay City Western
46.10Lauren Zaske
17:21.76 PROgemaw Heights
4.10Caitlynn Oswald
17:23.43 PRBreckenridge
47.11Yun-chieh Cheng
17:43.19 PRGaylord
5.11Elizabeth Waldo
17:43.43 SRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
48.11Hannah Sawicki
17:46.82 PRMidland
49.12Emily McDonald
17:47.48 SRMidland Bullock Creek
50.12Kayla Chingman
18:08.78 SRSaginaw Heritage
51.9Jessica Cornford
18:12.76 PRSaginaw Heritage
52.10Emma Lobodzinski
18:30.14 SREssexville Garber
6.11Taryn Mroczek
18:34.83 SRSt. Louis
7.9Serena Ahmad
18:41.63 PRSaginaw Arts and Sci...
53.10Rebekah Stanley
18:46.82 PRMidland
54.10Anabella Gutierrez
18:48.69 SRBay City Central
55.10Christina Owens
18:53.26 PRMidland
56.9Ellie Browne
18:58.24 PRMidland
8.9Emily Bibeau
19:01.75 PRSanford-Meridian
57.9Elizabeth Fallstick
19:10.81 PRBay City Western
58.12Line Seelig
19:11.37 PRSaginaw Heritage
9.10Dylan Rouleau
19:12.91 SRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
59.9Saige Revard
19:13.90 PRBay City Central
10.10Kendra Rivera
19:15.79 SRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
60.9Mia Dunn
19:17.63 PROgemaw Heights
61.10Hannah Conner
19:21.87 SRGaylord
62.9Tiana Jamerson-Dent
19:36.04 PRSaginaw Heritage
11.10Isabelle Richardson
19:38.53 PRBreckenridge
12.9Ashley Chase
19:45.59 PRSanford-Meridian
13.11Serena Chase
19:56.85 PRSanford-Meridian
63.9Tristyn Wilson
20:09.45 PRBay City Central
14.9Maddie Schulte
20:12.52 PRChesaning
15.12Kara Peter
20:17.15 SRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
16.10Rylee Koutz
20:34.93 SRSt. Louis
64.11Ashlynn Gorman
20:40.95 PRMidland Bullock Creek
17.11Lilly Piorkowski
20:45.32 PRReese
65.10Emma Withers
21:07.46 PROgemaw Heights
18.9Makayla Allard
21:25.13 PRMontrose
66.11Maya Richardson
21:29.05 SRSaginaw Heritage
67.12Autumn Schneider
21:31.20 SRSaginaw Heritage
68.11Gemma Bryant
21:47.12 PRGaylord
69.12Sara Campanella
22:18.01 PROgemaw Heights
70.11Sheridan Johnston
22:35.38 SRMidland
71.11Trinity Looker
22:47.34 PRMidland
72.9Molly Senkler
23:33.55 PROgemaw Heights
19.9Elizabeth Davis
23:50.06 PRChesaning
73.12Keelie Owczarzak
24:39.31 PREssexville Garber
74.12Kelly Emery
24:56.93 PRMidland
20.10Mercaides Hill
24:59.86 SRBay City Academy
75.12Valentina Bella
25:00.05 PRSaginaw Heritage
21.12Olivia Gross
25:32.96 PRChesaning
22.12Katie Davis
25:37.70 PRChesaning
23.9Elise Kopp
25:40.75 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
76.9Paige Balser
25:46.30 PROgemaw Heights
77.12Praewa Thavilap
26:56.82 PROgemaw Heights
78.12Lorissa Coronado
30:12.89 PRSaginaw Heritage
24.12Michela Parsons
30:47.99 PRSaginaw Michigan Lut...
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