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Box Numbers  (coaches)

Boys' Races Box # Girls' Races Box # Boys' Races Box # Girls' Races Box #

Winters Mill


Winters Mill

1 Boys Latin 19 Maryvale Prep 19
Calvert Hall 2 Empty 2 Eastern Tech 20 Eastern Tech 20
Friends 3 Roland Park 3 Dulaney 21 Dulaney 21
George Mason 4 George Mason 4 Glenelg 22 Glenelg 22
Catonsville 5 Catonsville 5 Arch. Spalding 23 Elizabeth Seton 23
Dundalk 6 Dundalk 6 North County 24 North County 24
Glen Burnie 7 Glen Burnie 7

Old Mill


Old Mill

Elkton 8 Elkton 8 Wilde Lake 26 Wilde Lake 26
Great Mills 9 Great Mills 9 Lackey 27 Lackey 27
Marriotts Ridge 10 Marriotts Ridge 10




Man Valley 11 Man Valley 11 Franklin 29 Franklin 29
Hereford 12 Hereford 12




Mt St. Joe 13 Empty 13 John Carroll 31 John Carroll 31
Loch Raven 14 Loch Raven 14 Broadneck 32 Broadneck 32
Leonardtown 15 Leonardtown 15 Gilman 33 empty 33
North East 16 North East 16 Park 34 empty 34
Northeast-AA 17 Northeast-AA 17 North Harford 35 North Harford 35
La Plata 18 La Plata 18 Chopticon 36 Chopticon 36
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Meet Information   (coaches)




6th ANNUAL Gunpowder Falls Cross Country Invitational @ Jerusalem Mill

Date: Saturday, October 14th 2017
Time: 8:00a.m.-Course Walk
Place: Gunpowder Falls State Park- Jerusalem Mill Area
Address: 2813 Jerusalem Rd Kingsville, MD 21087
(former site of the 3A North Regional)

Race Levels:

Each school may enter one varsity boys’ team (7 runners)

Each school may enter one freshman-sophomore boys’ team (all athletes on a team who are in 9th or 10th not running varsity)

Each School may enter one varsity girls’ team (7 runners)

Each school may enter one freshman-sophomore girls’ team (ll athletes on a team who are in 9th or 10th not running varsity)

Each school many enter as many upperclassman runners as they want in the Open races however these races will not be scored.

Entry Fee:

•The entry fee is $150.00 per gender if only entering one gender
•The entry fee is $250.00 if entering all races Boys and Girls
•Teams entering incomplete teams will be charged $25.00 per athlete entered
•The entry fee should be received by October 7th 2016 in order to participate in the invitational
•Make your check payable to Dulaney High School, and send check with the form below to:

Dulaney High School,
C/O Eric Benjamin, Cross Country Coach
255 East Padonia Road
Timonium, MD. 21093

Team/Athlete Entry:

•The preferred method of entry is via 

•Coaches should enter in all athletes they wish to race in their respective races via

•Please be sure to enter all athletes you wish to have compete that day in the appropriate races,

•However if you must make a race day change as long as an athlete is entered they can be switched into any race that day. 

•Once you have e-mailed Coach Benjamin at to declare your intention to compete at the meet more detailed instructions will be sent to you in August 2016.
•Entries are due on Friday October 7th by 11:59 pm


9:30 a.m. Fresh-Soph Girls Race 3.1 miles scoring race
10:15 a.m. Fresh-Soph Boys Race 3.1 miles scoring race
10:45 a.m. Varsity Girls Race 3.1 miles scoring race
11:30 a.m. Varsity Boys Race 3.1 miles scoring race
12:00 a.m. Boys Open B Race 3.1 miles non-scoring
12:20 p.m Girls Open B Race 3.1 miles non-scoring

Awards-1:15 p.m. 

1. Plaque to winning team and runner-up in varsity level races 
2. Medals to individuals finishing 1-15
3. Ribbons to individuals finishing 16-50
4. JV Races Medals to the top 5 in and ribbons through the top 50.
5. Open Races ribbons to top 50

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Open

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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Ethan Pfluger
18:04.0Calvert Hall College
2.11Nick Sheldon
18:12.5 PRDulaney
3.12Patrick Lang
4.11Luke Sheridan
18:20.9 SRCalvert Hall College
5.11Brendan Fritsche
18:22.1Calvert Hall College
6.11James Anglim
7.12Nolan O'Donnell
18:34.1 PRMount Saint Joseph
8.11Brooks Reahl
18:35.6Calvert Hall College
9.12Mark Bonner
18:38.0 SRDulaney
10.11Sam Vermette
18:38.3Calvert Hall College
11.11Andrew Mulligan
18:41.3 SRDulaney
12.12Charlie Shapiro
18:48.9 SRGilman
13.11Ryan McMahon
19:10.0 PRGilman
14.11Henry Wildman
19:23.1George Mason
15.11Jacob Turner
16.12Max Stern
19:25.4 SRGilman
17.11Chad Abell
19:28.1 PRLeonardtown
18.12Sam Noble
19:32.7 SRCatonsville
19.12Max Soderberg
20.12Barrett Crawford
21.11Austin Timmerman
19:39.0 PRLeonardtown
22.12Neil Menon
19:43.2George Mason
23.12Griffin Warner
19:44.3 SRGeorge Mason
24.12John Peyla
19:46.1 SRMount Saint Joseph
25.11John Proefrock
26.11Jared Nathanson
19:47.4 SRDulaney
27.12Joe Harrell
19:49.1 SRCatonsville
28.12Jacob Plasse
29.12Cyrus Emadi
19:52.4Mount Saint Joseph
30.11Brandon Harty
19:54.6 SRChopticon
31.11Adam Lowe
19:58.8Marriotts Ridge
32.11Peter Juengst
33.11Jeff Bowerman
34.11Taylor Cannon
20:01.8George Mason
35.11Joseph Schoenbaum
36.11Devon Boldt
20:05.6George Mason
37.12Darrin Bossman
20:10.1 PRGlenelg
38.12Hyunsung Ko
39.11Christian Bernth
20:12.8 PRLeonardtown
40.11Eli DiRenzo
20:13.5 PRLeonardtown
41.11Eamon Sugerman
20:16.2George Mason
42.12Nico Avila
43.11Kyle Dee
20:17.4 PRLeonardtown
44.12Drew Wagner
45.11Connor Sawicki
46.11William Sharp
20:23.5Mount Saint Joseph
47.11Jake Bass
48.10Lincoln Orellana
20:28.8George Mason
49.12John Weiss
50.11Owen Reider
20:34.2 SRMarriotts Ridge
51.11Ian Boyd
52.12Ian Chapman
20:41.3 SRManchester Valley
53.12Kevin Zorbach
54.12Robert Baranoski
20:44.4 SRJohn Carroll
55.10Addy Lomax
20:48.4Winters Mill
56.11John Mirarchi
20:50.8Calvert Hall College
57.12Evan Comisac
58.12Jack Levickas
59.12Maxwell Lennon
20:57.7Marriotts Ridge
60.11Zachary Kay
21:04.7 SROld Mill Senior
61.12Connor O'Shea
21:15.4 PRCalvert Hall College
62.12Tommy Waters
21:17.5Winters Mill
63.11Sean Magness
21:21.6 PROld Mill Senior
64.11Logan Stormont
65.11James Henderson
21:24.1 PRTowson
66.12Bryden Steele
67.11Oliver Wolff
21:28.3 SRTowson
68.12Andrew Ferguson
69.11Sam Cotton
21:34.6John Carroll
70.11Jack Stannard
21:39.1 PRJohn Carroll
71.12Andrew Wong
21:43.7George Mason
72.11Jack VanHorn
21:52.3 SRNorth East
73.12Ben Ritter
21:54.4Manchester Valley
74.12Joshua Jeffries
21:54.6 SRMarriotts Ridge
75.9Christopher Barnard
21:57.1 PRGlenelg
76.12Steven Diehl
77.12Alan Wright
22:03.0Marriotts Ridge
78.12Mitchell Feaga
22:03.7 SRGlenelg
79.10Nicholas Page
22:05.7 PRHereford
80.11Colin Finnan
22:09.7 PRGlenelg
81.12Spencer Casterline
22:12.8 SROld Mill Senior
82.12Eli Asdourian
22:13.3 PRPark
83.11Adam Bowlin
22:17.5 PRGlenelg
84.9Reeves Suszkiw
22:20.7 PRGlenelg
85.11Braden Hamelin
22:21.2 PRTowson
86.12Christopher Bennett
22:26.0Marriotts Ridge
87.11Tyler Tufano
22:31.3 SRDulaney
88.11Ben Duvall
22:32.1Winters Mill
89.12Matthew Choe
22:32.8 SRMarriotts Ridge
90.12Geoffrey Osten
22:35.6 SRMarriotts Ridge
91.9Jamal Schlitz
22:37.8 PRPark
92.12Ryan Frederick
22:38.9 PRMarriotts Ridge
93.12Jonathan Krimm
22:39.9 PRTowson
94.9Brandon O'Rourke
22:40.7 PRGlenelg
95.12Justin Marrow
22:45.3 PRCalvert Hall College
96.11Jacob Hare
22:47.8Manchester Valley
97.11Luke Dippel
22:48.4John Carroll
98.12Tsunami Joseph
99.12Evan Tridone
22:53.5John Carroll
100.9Kaden Robbins
23:01.1Winters Mill
101.12James Forbes
23:09.0 SRCalvert Hall College
102.12Jeremy Koehler
23:13.3 PROld Mill Senior
103.10Tristan Peck
23:17.9 PRGlenelg
104.11Josiah Nilsen
105.12Jack Elkonoh
23:22.6Mount Saint Joseph
106.11Jack Corbett
23:23.6 SRTowson
107.11Nathan Chung
23:24.5 SRTowson
108.11Russell Scherr
23:29.5 PRWinters Mill
109.11Colin Kelley
23:32.7Marriotts Ridge
110.10Alexander Hong
23:47.7 PRGlenelg
111.11Jimmy Bauer
23:48.8Calvert Hall College
112.11Lucas Kaiser
23:59.1 SRGlenelg
113.11Payton Predmore
114.9Will Behler
24:19.0 PRGlenelg
115.11Brian Ellis
24:23.6 PRDulaney
116.12Jeff Metzel
24:23.8 SRPark
117.11LJ Strum
24:30.4 PRMarriotts Ridge
118.11Isaac Butz
24:32.2John Carroll
119.11Adam Spaeth
24:34.6 SRJohn Carroll
120.12Andrew Collins
24:38.5Calvert Hall College
121.-Adam Stern
24:39.0 PRPark
122.10Daniel Baranski
24:40.4 PRElkton
123.11Luke Rowland
24:50.9 PRTowson
124.11Sam Schorr
24:51.3 SRDulaney
125.12Jacob Kligman
126.9Blake Corbi
25:03.5 PRGlenelg
127.11Nathaniel DeWitt
25:12.4 PRNorth East
128.10Clayton Capenos
25:34.5 PRGlenelg
129.11Lucas Smith
25:34.8Winters Mill
130.11Ankith Hiremath
25:47.1 PRDulaney
131.11Jonathan Lehr
132.11Zeke Mercore
133.11Carl Paredes
134.11Tucker Ray
26:43.2John Carroll
135.11Ethan Scott
26:55.2 PRHereford
136.12Jaimiah Brandon
137.12Ethan Schneider
28:07.3 PRCalvert Hall College
138.12Mark Bateson
28:27.6John Carroll
139.12Bradley Vincent
28:38.3 SRChopticon
140.12Noah Jorden
28:48.6 PROld Mill Senior
141.11Jack Larrabee-Abel
29:49.0Calvert Hall College
142.10Byosi Abu
35:35.8 PRGlenelg
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5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Hunter Petrik
16:23.1Mount Saint Joseph
2.12Eric Gibson
16:35.6 PRGilman
3.11Drew Dailey
16:41.8 PRDulaney
4.11Tyler Modrzejewski
5.10Owen Johnson
16:54.6Calvert Hall College
6.12Garrett Harris
17:01.6 PRLoch Raven
7.12Brady Morrissey
17:02.3 SRBroadneck
8.11Alexander Kirkland
17:02.9John Carroll
9.12Parker Mcdowell
10.12Brennan Shute
17:16.1 SRBroadneck
11.11Joseph Queen
12.10William Tikiob
17:22.6 PRNorth Harford
13.9Zachary Wedding
17:23.9 PRChopticon
14.12James Francis
17:26.4Calvert Hall College
15.12Andrew Brinker
17:27.3Mount Saint Joseph
16.11Alex Whatley
17.12Bill Comstock
17:31.1George Mason
18.11Ethan Brown
17:34.3 SRBroadneck
19.11Jordan Miller
17:38.5 SRBroadneck
20.11Ryan Weeks
17:39.5Eastern Tech
21.11Keith Roberts
17:40.7 SRGilman
22.11Will Dowling
23.10William Creel
17:43.0 PRHereford
24.10Charlie Edwards
17:43.5 PRGilman
25.12Nicholas Owens
26.11Gabe Antone
17:46.6Mount Saint Joseph
27.12Nick Preece
17:46.7 SRGlenelg
28.11Liam Mischke
17:48.1 PRLoch Raven
29.12Andrew Jackson
17:48.4Manchester Valley
30.-Henry Griffith
31.12Joey Zietowski
17:48.9Mount Saint Joseph
32.9Spencer Doyle
17:49.9Calvert Hall College
33.10Caleb Sedgwick
17:52.4 PRDulaney
34.10Henry Brorsen
17:54.6 PRGeorge Mason
35.9Vinay Khosla
36.11Bryan Stancliff
17:57.4John Carroll
37.11Jack Frantz
17:58.9Winters Mill
38.12Christian Connolly
18:01.3 SRCalvert Hall College
39.12Ben Switzman
18:01.5 SRBroadneck
40.11Grayson Fitzgerald
18:02.6Archbishop Spalding
41.12Sean Gore
18:04.5Winters Mill
42.11Matthew Kosten
43.11Chris Flynn
18:05.8 PRMount Saint Joseph
44.10Tyler Conolly
18:06.7 PRLa Plata
45.9Dylan Jock
18:06.8 PRGlenelg
46.12Jonah Svendsen
18:07.3 SRBroadneck
47.12Aiden Murphy
18:07.9 SRBroadneck
48.12Donovan Johnson
49.11Cameron Spaeth
18:09.7 SRElkton
50.11Matthew Hudes
51.11Graham Dilworth
18:10.4 PRGlenelg
52.12Joseph Sheely
18:13.8Eastern Tech
53.12Timothy Huynh
54.12Aaron Taule
55.11Ben Levinson
18:16.4 PRGilman
56.11Elliott Wack
57.11Eric Janyska
18:18.2Calvert Hall College
58.10Casimir Pozecki
18:18.4Calvert Hall College
59.10Tad DiDio
18:19.2Winters Mill
60.12Ryan Hockstra
18:20.8Mount Saint Joseph
61.10Max McCullough
18:21.1 SRGilman
62.12Dillon Coffey
63.12Chase Wishard
18:24.8Archbishop Spalding
64.12Danny Leek
18:25.1 SRNorth East
65.11Liam Jones
66.12William Parker
18:29.7Archbishop Spalding
67.11Connor Ferrara
18:30.0 SRJohn Carroll
68.12David Zhang
18:30.8Marriotts Ridge
69.12Ben Sullivan
18:31.7 SRJohn Carroll
70.12Charlie Cannon
18:32.7Calvert Hall College
71.9Colson Board
18:34.3George Mason
72.11Kevin McDanal
18:34.9 SRGreat Mills
73.11Morgan Zinn
74.11Christopher Robinson
18:36.0North Harford
75.11David Trider
18:36.3 PRMount Saint Joseph
76.11Richard Trey Gladw...
77.12David Northrup
78.12Ben Witham
18:37.6 SRBoys Latin
79.12Cole Dwiggins
18:37.9 SRGlenelg
80.12Matthew Sebsibe
81.12Patrick Dochat
82.12Evan Shrewsbury
18:40.0 SRElkton
83.10Ethan Sisbarro
18:41.3George Mason
84.11Peter Luljak
18:42.0 PRPark
85.12Cole Lahmann
18:43.5 SRGlenelg
86.12Gabriel Gigliotti
18:43.8 SRArchbishop Spalding
87.12Houston Langford
18:45.2George Mason
88.12Seon Tromble
89.10Shane Taylor
18:47.4 SRHereford
90.12Dietrich Sweeney
18:47.9 SRHereford
91.12Drew Nicolaus
92.10Albert Stumm
93.12Daniel McShane
94.9Cole Ruiz
18:50.1Archbishop Spalding
95.12Ethan Kane
18:50.9La Plata
96.11Alex Prichett
18:52.0 PRFriends
97.11Brandon Bitz
18:54.4Winters Mill
98.12Sukhvir Singh
18:55.1 SREastern Tech
99.11Blake Davis
100.11Will Reider
101.10William Holbrook
18:56.2 SRHereford
102.12Austin Scott
18:56.7Old Mill Senior
103.11Elisha Seitz
18:56.9 SRGlen Burnie
104.10Jackson Hall
18:57.1 PRGlen Burnie
105.10Tyler Vega
106.11Luke Millard
107.9Daniel Lamb
108.12Trey Massey
19:03.6 PRNortheast-AA
109.9Jack Roseboom
110.11Nicholas Gagnon
19:06.3 PRChopticon
111.11Raymond Bolton
19:07.2 PRHenry E. Lackey
112.11Will Penney
19:09.1Winters Mill
113.10Michael Chipi
19:09.6 PRJohn Carroll
114.10Drew Langford
19:10.2George Mason
115.12James Gillam
19:13.4John Carroll
116.11Cormac Masters
117.12Colin Wedding
19:14.3 PRChopticon
118.11Bryce Schilling
19:14.7 SRManchester Valley
119.9Wyatt Magargle
19:15.1 PRChopticon
120.12Joe Hill
121.9Brendon Tromble
122.9Jamal Everette
123.12Noah Whiteman
19:18.8 SRNortheast-AA
124.9Nick Qunting
19:19.3 PRPark
125.10Ethan Sweaney
19:20.4North Harford
126.10Matthew Leavitt
19:20.5 PRGlenelg
127.11Sam Ganas
19:22.4 PRTowson
128.9Sam Mcginley
19:23.0Boys Latin
129.-Scott Malloy
19:23.5 PRMarriotts Ridge
130.10Rodney Olid
131.11Seth Gorton
132.12Jake Wilde
19:26.0 SRGreat Mills
133.9Michael Wade
19:26.4Marriotts Ridge
134.12Gordon Copeland
19:27.1George Mason
135.11Matthew Mellstrom
19:31.3Marriotts Ridge
136.11John Gallerizzo
19:32.0 PRNorth County
137.12Konrad Shire
19:32.7 SRHereford
138.10Cam Mezzatesta
19:33.0John Carroll
139.10Tyler Richardson
19:33.1Old Mill Senior
140.-Carter Ruffin
19:33.4 PRFriends
141.12James Rilan Adams
19:33.4 PROld Mill Senior
142.11Charlie Carty
19:35.2Archbishop Spalding
143.10Zachary Jackson
19:38.6North Harford
144.12Pieter Heyn
19:40.6Winters Mill
145.12Bennett Demsky
19:43.8 PRPark
146.11Michael Grainger
19:45.3 PRLa Plata
147.11Nolan Clancy
148.12Joel Galford
19:47.2Manchester Valley
149.12Harry Levine
19:47.9 PRPark
150.11Sterling Shrader
19:51.1Glen Burnie
151.11Nathaniel Lechtzin
19:53.3 PRTowson
152.9Gabe Eichler
19:53.3 PRManchester Valley
153.9Gabe Szybalski
19:57.9 PRManchester Valley
154.-Caleb Trudeau
19:59.7 PRFriends
155.11Max Angell
20:02.3Winters Mill
156.9Jonah Wisniewski
20:03.8 PRGlenelg
157.12Andrew Wright
20:05.5 SRHenry E. Lackey
158.12Daniel Miller
20:07.6North East
159.12Sean Hyatt
160.11Ethan Olmsted
20:11.2 PRLa Plata
161.-Ryan Hardy
20:20.8 PRFriends
162.10Alexander DiBenio
20:21.8Old Mill Senior
163.10Nolan Perrotta
20:22.7 SROld Mill Senior
164.12Demetrius Jones
165.11Ryan Gilbert
20:29.8Manchester Valley
166.10Sean Mohr
20:30.5 PRNorth Harford
167.10Brendan Glover
20:34.0Marriotts Ridge
168.10Hayden Schindler
169.11Montez Berry
20:36.6 PRHenry E. Lackey
170.11Sebastian Tyler
20:39.3 SRArchbishop Spalding
171.11Jainam Patel
20:42.3 PRWilde Lake
172.11Tyler White
20:42.9 SRNorth County
173.9Jacob Mazza
20:43.4North Harford
174.10Kamalmeet Singh
20:43.4 PREastern Tech
175.10Raymond Lennon
20:44.8Marriotts Ridge
176.9Mateo Savoy
20:49.4 PRGlen Burnie
177.9Avery Gloyd
20:50.1Marriotts Ridge
178.12Brad Harris
179.12Alex Bagster-Collins
20:58.8Loch Raven
180.12Kaleb Levery
20:59.9 PRNorth County
181.11Stuart Morgan
21:02.3 SRTowson
182.12Burke Garrison
21:02.6 PRFriends
183.12Kevin Wimbs
21:08.7North East
184.11Landon Vranish
21:09.2Old Mill Senior
185.9Austin Roche
186.11Michael Duong
21:17.5 PRNorth East
187.10Logan Rogers
21:22.8 SRNorth East
188.9Thomas Bogusky
21:26.0Boys Latin
189.11Micah Hurd
21:26.2 PROld Mill Senior
190.11Zach Zaiman
191.11John Voorhaar
21:36.6 SRGreat Mills
192.11Jacob Greenwald
21:38.2 SRPark
193.10Nicholas Novak
21:40.1 PRGlen Burnie
194.12Justin Fawls
21:43.3 PRLa Plata
195.9Aidan Fleischhacker
21:53.9 PRNorth East
196.10Mekhi Bannister
22:00.2 PRHenry E. Lackey
197.11Norman Moon
22:02.3Eastern Tech
198.12Steven Locke
22:02.7La Plata
199.11Hunter Alexander
22:04.2North East
200.11Garett Batchelor
22:06.6 SRHenry E. Lackey
201.9Braden Berkey
22:07.3Loch Raven
202.-Edward Kuzcmynda
22:10.7 PREastern Tech
203.12Lance Kevin
22:14.2 SRFriends
204.10Grant Voigt
22:16.2 SRBoys Latin
205.11Winston Chodnicki
22:17.1Boys Latin
206.11Jared Hardmond
22:20.8 SRPikesville
207.10Milton Snowden
22:27.5 SRNortheast-AA
208.10Zachary Bradenburg
22:28.2 PRGlen Burnie
209.11Jordan Beck
210.11Miles Pierce
22:33.3 SRLa Plata
211.10Andrew Cohen
22:34.3 PRBoys Latin
212.10Zachary Fogarty
213.9David Caldwell
22:42.5Loch Raven
214.10Wyatte Poole
22:54.8 PRNortheast-AA
215.10Ethan Raleigh
23:13.7 PRHenry E. Lackey
216.11Cooper Weidner
23:19.8Boys Latin
217.-James DeMonte-Welksi
23:29.7Eastern Tech
218.12Ezekiel Ajayi
23:29.8 PRNorth County
219.9Connor Schiavo
23:41.6 PRNortheast-AA
220.11Thomas Gordon
24:17.5 PRHenry E. Lackey
221.11Pablo Casero-Gomes...
25:02.8 PRGreat Mills
222.11Jaylen Grigsby
223.11Raul Ortega
25:38.6Manchester Valley
224.11Shane Shakoor
25:40.5 SRLoch Raven
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5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Spencer Tate
17:11.6 PRBroadneck
2.10Andrew English
17:46.1 PRWilde Lake
3.10Joshua Schield
17:47.3 PRCalvert Hall College
4.10Cory Parts
17:52.3 SRTowson
5.9Samuel Fields
17:59.4 PRTowson
6.9Peter Sorensen
18:05.8 PRTowson
7.10Daniel Ryan
18:09.9Calvert Hall College
8.10Ethan Berger
18:11.0 PRCalvert Hall College
9.9Miles Kline
18:14.3 PRTowson
10.10Ethan Samels
11.10Drew Conboy
12.9Nick Gonzalez
18:20.4 PRCalvert Hall College
13.10William Tripp
18:33.9 SRWilde Lake
14.9Beck Wittstadt
15.9Mason Cloyd
16.9Rory Rutledge
18:36.6 PRCalvert Hall College
17.10Xander Smith
18:41.4 SRDulaney
18.10Matthew McShane
19.10Collin Booberg
18:43.1 PRBroadneck
20.9Robbie Gehman
18:48.8 PRDulaney
21.10Patrick Lochte
18:50.1Calvert Hall College
22.9Daniel Melia
23.10Thomas Broadus
24.10Sean Flynn
18:59.3 PRHereford
25.10Patrick Oliver
26.9Austin Greenlee
19:03.3 PRBroadneck
27.11Matthew Romero
19:06.4 PRLa Plata
28.10Dylan McCabe
29.10Luke Zimmerman
19:08.8 PRDulaney
30.10Reza Farjami
19:09.1Mount Saint Joseph
31.9Henry Taylor
19:09.4 PRBroadneck
32.10Victor Gedeck
19:10.7George Mason
33.10Nick DeLauro
19:12.4 PRMount Saint Joseph
34.10Max Fisher
35.9Christopher Eckels
19:18.9 PRBroadneck
36.10Hayden Gourley
19:21.7 PRBroadneck
37.9Colin Hughes
38.9Darrel King
19:25.9 PRWilde Lake
39.10Ethan Sheridan
19:26.4Calvert Hall College
40.10Thomas Podles
19:27.7Calvert Hall College
41.10Aiden Rand
19:30.0 PRBroadneck
42.9Zephyr Crestwell
19:31.1 PRBroadneck
43.9Kevin Zaleski
19:34.6 PRMount Saint Joseph
44.9Samuel Kelley
19:35.2 PRBroadneck
45.9Jack Brown
19:37.9George Mason
46.10Nick Basilio
19:39.5Calvert Hall College
47.9Kurt Perrygo
19:43.5 PRLeonardtown
48.9Will Sakowicz
19:44.3 PRMount Saint Joseph
49.9Tyler Revis
19:47.1Archbishop Spalding
50.9David Meade
19:49.3George Mason
51.10Michael Dillon
52.10Kaleb Chan
19:52.6 PRGeorge Mason
53.9Elie Fraiji
19:52.7 PRJohn Carroll
54.10Quentin Pastore
19:53.9 PRTowson
55.10Jack Lembke
56.9Antonio Pacheco
19:58.6 PRMount Saint Joseph
57.9Tayo Sonuga
20:00.7 PRPikesville
58.9Angelo Flores
20:01.4Wilde Lake
59.9Tyler Hockstra
20:03.8 PRMount Saint Joseph
60.10Mason Joseph
20:04.7 PRBroadneck
61.9Matt Magin
20:06.0 PRMount Saint Joseph
62.10Jackson Kistler
63.10Sebastian Hellie
20:10.1Archbishop Spalding
64.9Drew Lazenby
20:16.6Calvert Hall College
65.9Jake Rhode
20:17.7Calvert Hall College
66.9Geoffrey Dochat
67.9Malcolm Silver
68.9Sunil Trivedi
20:21.7 PRTowson
69.10Sean Turska
20:24.5 PRCalvert Hall College
70.10Gunnar Cheuvront
71.9Mason Weston
20:26.8Manchester Valley
72.9Griffin Richardson
20:30.1Archbishop Spalding
73.10Justin Peffers
20:30.4Calvert Hall College
74.10Andrew Gray
20:32.3Mount Saint Joseph
75.10Sean Hicks
20:32.3 PROld Mill Senior
76.9Josh Mesa
77.9Brandon Davis
20:37.6 PRChopticon
78.9Ryan Blumenfeld
79.10Jake Fairfax
20:43.2 PRLeonardtown
80.10Parker Klausner
20:43.4 PRDulaney
81.10Camp Wingard
20:43.6 PRBroadneck
82.10Malik Brown
83.9Karlyle Yarema
20:45.7 PRMarriotts Ridge
84.10Evan Allred
20:46.7 PRNorth Harford
85.10Connor Paszkiewicz
20:48.4 PRCalvert Hall College
86.9Todd Shifflett
20:49.0Old Mill Senior
87.9Jonathan Zhang
20:51.1Marriotts Ridge
88.10Paris Marino
20:52.8 PROld Mill Senior
89.10Ryann Johnson
20:55.1Old Mill Senior
90.9Shane Moxley
20:55.9Winters Mill
91.9Scott Grim
92.9Mason Roth
93.9Patrick Redmond
20:58.9 PRBroadneck
94.9Alex Hall
20:59.6 PRMount Saint Joseph
95.9Kylan Davis
21:02.2 PRLeonardtown
96.10Jullian Depireux
21:02.9 PRMarriotts Ridge
97.9Jamie Edwards
98.9Matt Crenshaw
21:07.1 PRCalvert Hall College
99.12Colby Murphy
21:09.0 PRLa Plata
100.9Gavin Cronkite
21:09.3 PRGlenelg
101.10Henry Bergles
21:09.7 PRGilman
102.10Brett Weiner
21:10.0 SRDulaney
103.9Charlie Cavolo
104.10Christian Woo
21:12.7 PRMount Saint Joseph
105.10Riley O'Shea
21:13.2 SRMarriotts Ridge
106.9Justin Samoryk
21:15.4 PRMarriotts Ridge
107.9Scott Frazee
108.9Benjamin Matz
21:15.8 PRPikesville
109.10Conor McCue
110.10Evan Griffiths
21:16.7 PRWilde Lake
111.12Hudson Wright
21:16.7 PRLa Plata
112.10Christopher Huebler
113.9Dylan Gray
21:17.9 PRLeonardtown
114.9Rory Coll
115.9Cristian Canales
21:20.4Marriotts Ridge
116.9Jordan Thomas
21:21.1 PRBroadneck
117.9Suneet Prasad
21:21.7 PRMarriotts Ridge
118.10Andy Pham
119.9Darrell Davis
21:22.7 PRChopticon
120.10Jaehyun Yoon
21:23.4Marriotts Ridge
121.9Connor Tucker
21:23.5 PRWilde Lake
122.9Hayden Roddy
21:25.9Archbishop Spalding
123.10Daniel Anthony
21:27.5 PRDulaney
124.9Kenneth Mo
21:28.8 PRGlenelg
125.10Thomas Pallan
126.9Jonas Lavina
21:29.9 PRHereford
127.10William Hollingswo...
21:35.3 SRGreat Mills
128.9Matthew Finnan
21:35.3 PRGlenelg
129.10Quinn Thacker
21:36.7George Mason
130.-Alex Koo
21:39.3George Mason
131.10John Haines
21:40.6 PRWinters Mill
132.9Nick Corte
21:41.1 PRCalvert Hall College
133.9Gavin Lebrun
21:42.0Marriotts Ridge
134.10Sam Ventura
135.10Colby Hunter
21:44.8George Mason
136.9Tyler Rivenbark
21:46.2 PRGlenelg
137.10Zachary Guerra-Eisen
21:48.2Calvert Hall College
138.9Colin Foster
139.10Edward Guterres
21:50.6Calvert Hall College
140.9Jivan 'Pei' King
141.9Luke Welsh
21:52.2 PRGlenelg
142.9Joshua Bowie
21:54.0 PRLa Plata
143.9Jacob Robertson
21:56.2 PRHereford
144.9James Tripp
21:58.1 PRChopticon
145.10Colin Evans
21:59.2Manchester Valley
146.9Jacob McDonald
22:00.3 PRGlen Burnie
147.9James Ford
22:00.4Archbishop Spalding
148.10Sean Bradley
22:00.9Manchester Valley
149.10Gregory Deyesu
22:05.1Calvert Hall College
150.10Cole Erickson
22:05.2Boys Latin
151.10Nicholas Fabian
22:05.5Old Mill Senior
152.9Gabe Foster
22:09.4 PRArchbishop Spalding
153.9Joseph McCarthy
22:13.8 PRGreat Mills
154.9Dev Shankar
22:14.5 PRArchbishop Spalding
155.9Griffin Hinkle
22:19.2 PRBroadneck
156.9Ethan Lieu
157.10Jake McCarthy
158.9Rez Finnell
22:22.5 PRHereford
159.10Parker Colonell
160.9Julien Palmer
22:23.8 PRBroadneck
161.10Erik Donnelly
22:25.6George Mason
162.9Billy Watt
22:26.1 PRHereford
163.10Aidan Kester
164.10Edwin Gaitan
22:27.7 PROld Mill Senior
165.9Joseph Larson
22:29.4Marriotts Ridge
166.9Tim Welsh
22:29.8 PRCalvert Hall College
167.10Grant MacIver
22:30.0John Carroll
168.10Jonah Varnell
22:32.1 PRLa Plata
169.9Garrett Smith
22:32.5John Carroll
170.9Preston Gamble
22:32.8 PRHereford
171.10Colin Wiggins
22:34.5Marriotts Ridge
172.12Luke Szoch
22:35.5La Plata
173.9Scott Chen
22:35.7 PRDulaney
174.9Alec O'Connor
22:36.4 PRHereford
175.9Erik Geibler
22:37.0 PRCalvert Hall College
176.10James McHugh
177.9Colin Simmons
22:40.3 PRHereford
178.10Charles Seitz
179.9Daniel Resnick
22:43.4 PRPikesville
180.-James DeMonte-Welksi
22:49.3Eastern Tech
181.10Tahir Ahmed
22:49.4 PRDundalk
182.10George Chang
183.10Nick Fiegel
22:53.4George Mason
184.9Jared Giblin
22:53.5 PRDundalk
185.9Isiah Moore
22:54.4 PRNorth East
186.9Aiden Stewart
22:57.8 PRBroadneck
187.10Kendall Walker
22:58.7 SRBoys Latin
188.9Heathe Hernandez
22:58.9 PRManchester Valley
189.9Everett Stimler
23:00.6 PRGlenelg
190.10Troup Jacobson
23:00.7George Mason
191.10Nathan Wagner
192.10Gabe Lindsay
193.9Noah Spore
23:02.9 PRGilman
194.10Eric Simmons
23:04.0 PRCalvert Hall College
195.9Antonio Luna
23:05.3 PRArchbishop Spalding
196.9Miles Jemison
197.10Sergio Saez
23:07.8 PRDulaney
198.9Connor Ciccia
23:11.8Old Mill Senior
199.9Colin Parry
200.9Daniel Miranda
23:20.0 PRMarriotts Ridge
201.9Josh Rykiel
23:20.7 PRCalvert Hall College
202.9TJ Sabia
23:20.9 PRHereford
203.10Charlie Leimbach
23:21.2 PRGlenelg
204.9Kaden Flowers
23:26.4 PROld Mill Senior
205.10Joe DeMario
23:26.6 PRManchester Valley
206.10Dustin Herald
23:28.6Manchester Valley
207.10Grant Levitt
23:29.3 PRDulaney
208.9Matthew Anderson
23:32.0 PRNorth Harford
209.9James Matherly
23:33.4Loch Raven
210.10Neil Canda
211.10Ben Sturiale
212.9Sebastian Brochu
23:35.8 PRNorth East
213.9Gavin Little
23:39.5 PRNorth Harford
214.9Brycen Chovan-Lesi...
23:40.8Old Mill Senior
215.9Caleb Simon
23:41.3 PRCalvert Hall College
216.9Matt Dorman
217.10Jacob King
23:42.6Manchester Valley
218.10Christopher Michaels
23:42.8 PRCalvert Hall College
219.10George Hoak
23:43.0 PRGeorge Mason
220.9Tyler Arends
23:45.6 PRGreat Mills
221.10Timothy Stinger
222.9Ben Miller
23:54.3Winters Mill
223.9Haris Muzaffar
23:55.7 PRDulaney
224.10Garrett Amos
24:01.6Old Mill Senior
225.10Andrew Fan
24:04.5Winters Mill
226.10James Hughes
24:09.9 SRJohn Carroll
227.9William Smith
228.9Mahnav Petersen
24:14.5 PRGilman
229.9Thomas Sheggrud
24:15.3 PRDulaney
230.10Charles Suter
24:17.4 PRCalvert Hall College
231.10Stephen Janowski
232.10jack Erwin
24:18.3 PRBoys Latin
233.10David Baranoski
24:22.6John Carroll
234.10Samuel Smith
24:22.7Eastern Tech
235.10Gary O'Neil
24:23.3 PRNortheast-AA
236.10Joseph Yu
24:26.5 PRDulaney
237.10Zach Simons
238.10Adam Haritan
24:28.2Old Mill Senior
239.10Shepard Stevens
24:33.2 SRWilde Lake
240.10Joshua Allen
241.9Todd Williams
24:37.4 PRDulaney
242.10Cam Patillo
243.9Nicholas Stauffer
244.10Gavin Davidson
24:43.4 PRCalvert Hall College
245.9Dylan Zuckerberg
24:48.7 PRFranklin
246.10Alexander Gummer
24:52.1 PRCalvert Hall College
247.10Joseph Schatz
24:52.9 SRCalvert Hall College
248.10Eli Hansbrough
24:53.8Winters Mill
249.9Amir Whitehead
24:58.3 PRGilman
250.10Austin Counterman
25:03.2Manchester Valley
251.10Rahbert Haynes
25:09.1 PRNorth East
252.9Michael Brennan
25:16.4 PRMarriotts Ridge
253.9Ethan Tucker
25:16.5 PRMarriotts Ridge
254.9Phillip Simpson
25:16.6 PRMarriotts Ridge
255.10Micah Chandler
256.9Andre' Pearson
25:19.1 PRTowson
257.10Gabe Kinstlinger
258.10Matt Daniel
25:37.3Calvert Hall College
259.10Liam Duckworth
25:40.9 PRDulaney
260.10Connor Shell
25:50.5 PRNortheast-AA
261.9Patrick Camara
26:23.4Archbishop Spalding
262.9Isaiah Bridgeford
26:23.8 PRLoch Raven
263.11Devon Webster
26:31.1 PRLa Plata
264.10Kilik Carlest
265.9Christian Yorkman
26:40.9 PROld Mill Senior
266.9Duncan Sollers
26:53.1Glen Burnie
267.10Jacob Kaplan
268.10Sean Toliver
27:31.9La Plata
269.10Ethan Gentner
270.9Aiden Stannard
27:41.3John Carroll
271.9Myleas Fresnel
28:01.4Boys Latin
272.10Trajan Maccubbin
28:18.0Eastern Tech
273.10Matthew Weir
28:27.5 SRNorth Harford
274.9Evan Jones
275.10Connor Vogelsang
29:00.9 SRManchester Valley
276.10Lance Downey Jr
29:02.0 PRNortheast-AA
277.9Tommy Sukiennik
29:28.2 PRJohn Carroll
278.9James Swift
30:04.4Loch Raven
279.10KJ Welch
31:10.5 PRDundalk
280.9Sidney Darby
31:50.0 PRCalvert Hall College
281.10Wayne Douglas
32:43.1Glen Burnie
282.9John Williams Jr
32:58.7 PRNortheast-AA
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Nelle Ray
18:54.3 PRLeonardtown
2.12Olivia Janke
19:20.2 PRBroadneck
3.10Anna Janke
19:36.1 PRBroadneck
4.11Emily Konkus
19:55.7 SRHereford
5.9Makenzie Hopkins
20:13.4Winters Mill
6.12Kelly Shearer
7.11Brooke Ruffin
8.10Katie Melesko
20:45.4 PRGlenelg
9.11Maddy Hurley
20:45.6 SRBroadneck
10.11Jaqui Sheedy
20:52.4 SRTowson
11.10Yailynn Ramirez
20:52.8 PRNorth East
12.12Molly Bingham
20:54.9Marriotts Ridge
13.12Estelle Timar-Wilcox
20:55.7George Mason
14.12Kealy Faughnan
20:55.9 PRMarriotts Ridge
15.10Alayna Gibson
20:59.9 SRRoland Park Country
16.11Libby May
21:04.9 PRHereford
17.10Briana Demarcy
21:05.5 SRFranklin
18.9Kathryn Hopkins
21:07.7 PRWinters Mill
19.11Brooke Quillen
21:08.9 PRBroadneck
20.11Emily Imhof
21.11Yanet Leul
21:10.9Elizabeth Seton
22.11Brittney Graff
21:14.0Maryvale Prep
23.10Jessica McDivitt
21:16.3 PRCatonsville
24.10Alexis Shumate
21:24.6 PRGlenelg
25.12Raquel Drexel
26.11Dellaney Georgiana
21:32.1Winters Mill
27.12Jen Taylor
21:33.1 PRHereford
28.12Logan Funk
21:34.4George Mason
29.12Mckenzie Patrick
30.12Emily Stricker
21:37.4 SRHereford
31.10Isabella Baldwin
21:38.0 SRBroadneck
32.12Renee Relf
21:39.4 SROld Mill Senior
33.10Logan Bierer
21:41.0 PRPikesville
34.12Caroline Brune
35.10Emma Orloff
21:44.5 SRWilde Lake
36.10Rachel Geiger
37.10Mary Keane
21:49.6 PRElizabeth Seton
38.10Jo Sevier
21:53.9George Mason
39.10Hannah Haynes
21:56.4 PRLeonardtown
40.11Olivia Holbrook
41.10Victoria Lecce
22:00.2George Mason
42.12Adriana Rosas
22:04.0Wilde Lake
43.9Laurel Brown
22:04.9North Harford
44.12Celia Parts
22:04.9 SRTowson
45.12Mackenzie Baldwin
22:05.1 SRBroadneck
46.11Emily Francis
22:07.5 SRHereford
47.12Sydney Conboy
48.10Annie Landgraf
22:10.6 PRHenry E. Lackey
49.12Linnea Skotte
22:11.4George Mason
50.-Sara Stromberg
22:14.0Maryvale Prep
51.9Emily Schittino
22:14.7 PRGlenelg
52.11Amanda Levey
22:16.6Marriotts Ridge
53.12Sophie Matton
22:17.4George Mason
54.12Tyra Countiss
55.11Allyssa Santoro
22:19.2North Harford
56.12Clara Matton
22:22.0George Mason
57.11Carolyn Keating
22:25.1 SRGlenelg
58.11Claire Briglio
59.10Grace Whiteman
22:33.5 SRNortheast-AA
60.12Julia Piet
22:34.8Maryvale Prep
61.12Molly Swartz
22:36.5 SRGlenelg
62.-Allemai Dagnatchew
22:39.2Maryvale Prep
63.12Kaitlyn Digsby
22:40.3Old Mill Senior
64.10Brianna Mays
22:41.8 PRWinters Mill
65.-Emily Cumberland
22:42.9Maryvale Prep
66.10Annie Kartalia
22:43.5Winters Mill
67.12Makenzie Vandevander
22:44.4 PRChopticon
68.12Kaylie Homberg
22:47.0 SRMaryvale Prep
69.12Hasanya Brown
22:47.6 PRLa Plata
70.12Hannah Hartstein
71.12Bethany Laird
72.10Eleanor Queeney
73.9Olivia Totaro
22:53.0 PRCatonsville
74.9Sadie Marra
75.11Claire Molavi
22:54.3 SRDulaney
76.11Ashleigh Jankowski
22:54.7 PRCatonsville
77.9Angelyn Wiggins
22:55.7North Harford
78.11Lauren Mellstrom
22:57.6Marriotts Ridge
79.11Hannah Rhea
22:59.2 SRRoland Park Country
80.10Casey Jillson
22:59.5 SRWinters Mill
81.-Grace Paszkiewicz
22:59.7Maryvale Prep
82.12Bethany Prettyman
23:03.8 PRChopticon
83.11Corynne Wolven
84.12Laura Amrhein
23:06.4John Carroll
85.11Maria Beckert
23:09.5 SRElizabeth Seton
86.11Bailey Bergeron
23:09.6 PRDulaney
87.11Grace Underwood
23:11.4Marriotts Ridge
88.11Sharon Kalb
89.11Caroline Soberg
23:14.7 PRGreat Mills
90.12Lauren Miller
91.11Caroline Underwood
23:17.4 SRMarriotts Ridge
92.9Allie Cullison
23:23.1Winters Mill
93.12Savannah O'Dell
23:28.1 SRGreat Mills
94.12Rosemary Gillam
23:31.2John Carroll
95.9Faith Haney
96.9Julia Brown
97.10Tess Dandridge
23:48.6Marriotts Ridge
98.11Karson Marcellino
23:51.1 PREastern Tech
99.9Reilly Tack
23:52.5 PRChopticon
100.9Jenna Modrzejewski
23:53.2 PRChopticon
101.12Sherry Guo
102.9Kiki Gushue
24:07.3Roland Park Country
103.9Zora Stovall
24:10.2 PRElizabeth Seton
104.9Elizabeth Foley
24:10.5Elizabeth Seton
105.12Jaden Kielty
24:11.0Roland Park Country
106.11Amber Bustard
24:14.7Roland Park Country
107.12Irene Macfarlane
24:15.1Roland Park Country
108.11Catherine Doyle
24:21.4Elizabeth Seton
109.10Lindsay Marks
24:28.7 PRManchester Valley
110.9Molly Bryan
111.11Emily Mexis
24:36.8 SRDulaney
112.12Caroline Gosse
24:43.7 SRRoland Park Country
113.11Emily Clark
24:47.0 SRDulaney
114.9Reilly Kangas
24:48.4 PROld Mill Senior
115.10Abigail Furlow
24:55.5Old Mill Senior
116.12Abigail Drager-Dav...
117.10Lin-Ley Herpin
118.10Ellie Schumacher
119.10Abigail Black
25:10.8 PRManchester Valley
120.11Rhoda Alaban-Tafon
25:14.8Glen Burnie
121.11Madeleine Naleski
25:16.7Elizabeth Seton
122.10Bryn Fitzkee
25:24.0John Carroll
123.9Maddie Cooper
124.11Karley McIlhatton
25:37.4 PRNorth East
125.11Rachel Zayon
25:42.6 PRPikesville
126.10Allison Rhoades
25:46.7 PRManchester Valley
127.11Makayla Brown
25:55.9 PREastern Tech
128.11Meredith Brosh
26:00.5 PRJohn Carroll
129.10Alexandrea Barnett
26:04.6 SRNortheast-AA
130.9Margaret Frazier
26:16.9Manchester Valley
131.11Morgan Schoonover
26:19.5Old Mill Senior
132.9Lauren Powers
26:21.6 PRFranklin
133.9Molly Smith
26:23.0Manchester Valley
134.9Sydney Bradley
26:28.1 PRGlen Burnie
135.12Carly Cobo
26:32.1John Carroll
136.11Katherine Caldwell
26:40.5 SRLoch Raven
137.12Connor Kiss
26:43.4John Carroll
138.11Sarah Beitler
26:44.5North East
139.10Maya Stevens
27:02.1 PRLa Plata
140.11Emily Sterling
27:20.4John Carroll
141.9Sara Prettyman
27:26.2 PRChopticon
142.11Ellie Boswell
27:26.3 PRManchester Valley
143.9Madelynn Rowe
27:31.3 PROld Mill Senior
144.9Sarah Craft
27:34.7 PRManchester Valley
145.12Jennifer Gloyd
27:38.0 SRWilde Lake
146.10ChY'ad Smith
27:40.9 SRNortheast-AA
147.12Skye Taylor
27:46.0 PRLa Plata
148.10Eyana Dixon
28:03.5 PRLa Plata
149.11Kamajinai Rice
28:04.4 PRLoch Raven
150.9Madison Green
28:09.0Old Mill Senior
151.9Kierstyn Masri
28:18.0 PRChopticon
152.12Adrianna Ward
28:56.1 SRHenry E. Lackey
153.12Rebecca White
29:16.3Glen Burnie
154.12Elaina Dixon
30:44.8La Plata
155.9Anne Hadley
156.11Kelly Scroggins
35:16.1 SRLa Plata
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5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Marissa Dailey
21:06.9 PRDulaney
2.9Madeline Till
21:38.4 PRTowson
3.9Jolie Ganzell
21:42.8 PRGreat Mills
4.9Kaitlin Robinson
21:46.6 PRDulaney
5.10Maggie Grandsire
6.10Siena Rhee
21:59.3 PRBroadneck
7.9Anna Vaikness
22:03.7 PRTowson
8.9Avery Zellweger
22:20.2 PRTowson
9.9Sylvie Wolff
22:23.6 PRTowson
10.10Paris Sistilli
11.10Sarah Fletcher
22:53.5 SRGreat Mills
12.10Kaitlyn Crowley
23:05.3 PRHereford
13.9Gabriela Wikar
23:11.1 PRBroadneck
14.10Madelyn Engel
23:17.7 PRLeonardtown
15.9Lydia Willhite
23:21.2 PRBroadneck
16.10Elizabeth Hesen
23:29.8 PRGlenelg
17.10Nadia Javid
18.9Allison Ballard
19.10Ava Westerberg
23:39.6 PRHereford
20.9Emilia Demshak-Ged...
23:46.7 PRTowson
21.9Tessa Boneau
23:47.9George Mason
22.10Yotti Urbonas
23.9Samantha Hotz
23:52.1 PRLeonardtown
24.9Alexis Pope
25.10Brooke Wilson
23:56.5 PRHereford
26.10Isabel Caton
23:57.7George Mason
27.-Meghan Sullivan
23:59.4Maryvale Prep
28.10Elizabeth Currie
24:00.4Roland Park Country
29.10Erin Day
24:01.5 SRDulaney
30.9Alexis Kahler
24:04.8 PRCatonsville
31.9Sarah Earp
24:05.6 PRHereford
32.10Madelyn Spalding
24:15.8 PRLeonardtown
33.9Carolyn Twomley
34.10Agnes Jagerskog
24:27.3George Mason
35.10Daniela Valderrama
24:30.0George Mason
36.12Alex Bagster-Collins
24:32.4Loch Raven
37.10Emily Stange
38.9Elina Virmani
24:36.8George Mason
39.9Grace Renner
24:50.4 PRGeorge Mason
40.9Desirae Rice
24:52.6George Mason
41.9Julia Isaacson
24:53.4 PRDulaney
42.10Emma Fox
25:00.7 PRHereford
43.10Cayla Hyde
25:05.3 PRDulaney
44.10Karis David
25:07.2 SRBroadneck
45.9Isabelle Smith
25:08.3 PRGlenelg
46.9Hope Wilmeth
25:17.8 PRGlenelg
47.10Josi Pilkerton
25:18.0 PRLeonardtown
48.9Jaclyn Kopernick
25:20.4 PRBroadneck
49.9Jenna Jeletic
25:20.8 PRElizabeth Seton
50.9Ava Bloom
25:25.5 PRLoch Raven
51.9Savannah Gladwell
25:29.0 PRLeonardtown
52.-Christina Storzer
25:32.0Maryvale Prep
53.10Emma Angell
25:33.4 SRCatonsville
54.10Elayne Kuczmynda
25:49.9 PREastern Tech
55.9Miriam Sack
25:52.1 PRDulaney
56.9Brynn Lyons
25:52.9 PRMarriotts Ridge
57.10Margaret Neuman
25:55.3 PRBroadneck
58.10Leigh Schwab
25:58.1 PRHereford
59.10Stephanie Synnott
26:16.5George Mason
60.9Lily Soulier
26:16.6 PRBroadneck
61.10Hazel Honeycutt
26:26.3 SRGreat Mills
62.9Kathy Yao
63.10Anna DeLibro
64.10Janis Niv
26:38.3 PRGlenelg
65.9Hannah Sawickey
26:40.6 PRManchester Valley
66.11Lily Davison
67.10Kara Sloper
26:43.7Marriotts Ridge
68.10Meredith Arterburn
26:52.1 SRGlenelg
69.9Annie Grothmann
26:53.0Maryvale Prep
70.9Christina Suarez
27:06.4Roland Park Country
71.11Emily Persinger
72.10Kendall Heinlein
27:16.4Maryvale Prep
73.10Lizzie Moessbauer
27:16.6Maryvale Prep
74.-Grace Lalomia
27:28.1 PRMaryvale Prep
75.9Makenzie Pelt
27:30.2 PRNorth Harford
76.10Isabel Fulop
27:32.2 PRDulaney
77.9Deborrah Panowitz
27:35.7Manchester Valley
78.10Sophie Slomkowski
79.10Addy Lomax
27:42.2Winters Mill
80.9Emily Fon-kats
27:47.7 PRPikesville
81.10Eva Lodowski
27:54.5 PRRoland Park Country
82.10Sohyun Ko
83.11Syierra Debow
28:04.0 SRDulaney
84.9Isobel Morataya
28:04.3 PROld Mill Senior
85.9Hannah Fry
28:04.4 PRWilde Lake
86.9Annelise Molavi
28:04.5 PRDulaney
87.9Serena Chen
28:05.3 PRDulaney
88.10Elanor Davis
28:21.0 PRGlenelg
89.9Meghan Ward
90.9Jacqueline Woodward
28:49.7Marriotts Ridge
91.9Bella Lynch
28:57.6Roland Park Country
92.10Nina Dhunjishah
29:02.3George Mason
93.10Princesse Owona
29:42.2 PRElizabeth Seton
94.9Elena Schell
29:46.5 PRNorth Harford
95.9Joelie Garcia
29:49.9 PROld Mill Senior
96.-Reese Guckert
29:56.0 PRMaryvale Prep
97.9Jessica Fon-kats
98.9Jennifer Ogunyamoj
99.9Ava Greenfield
30:13.1 PRHereford
100.10Katherine Gapen
30:20.5Old Mill Senior
101.9Ainsley Werykoridko
30:23.9 PRGlenelg
102.11Quinn Harrington
103.10Lily Kidd
30:29.6 PRBroadneck
104.9Samantha Whitlock
30:58.9Loch Raven
105.9Dyamond Hubbard
31:10.6 PRLoch Raven
106.9Madeline Kuehn
107.11Catherine Szalczyk
32:19.7 SRDulaney
108.9Alyssa Lamecker
32:19.9 PRGreat Mills
109.9Lilliana Greco
32:34.6North Harford
110.9Madison Fetherston
32:52.9 PRNorth Harford
111.9Jamica David
32:53.9 PRPikesville
112.10Jennifer Gable
32:55.5 PRLa Plata
113.9Sarah Treadway
33:31.7 PRHenry E. Lackey
114.9Abigail McDanal
34:22.0 PRChopticon
115.9Sydney Miller
34:26.0 PRManchester Valley
116.10Sara Smith
34:29.6 PRChopticon
117.10Catherine Cuneo
34:55.1Manchester Valley
118.9Emily Short
35:20.3Elizabeth Seton
119.12Hailey McCrobie
35:26.2 PRLa Plata
120.9Madison Maxwell
35:47.9Manchester Valley
121.9Tia Joseph
35:49.3 PRElizabeth Seton
122.10Olive Beyer
36:20.6 SRWinters Mill
123.10Phuong Nguyen
124.9Sydney Pollitt
36:32.4 PRNorth Harford
125.10Arianna Pereira
36:36.3Elizabeth Seton
126.9Sarah Grill
36:38.6Manchester Valley
127.10Hollis Lorber
128.10Vickey Breeden
39:02.2Manchester Valley
129.9Kammaljit Basara
41:20.7 PRPikesville
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5,000 Meters Open

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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

3.Maryvale Prep79
5.George Mason100
6.Old Mill Senior177

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Maya Sage
21:37.1 SRBroadneck
2.11Abby Walters
21:54.9 SRHereford
3.12Julia Cates
23:02.8 SRBroadneck
4.12Caroline Harmon
23:03.5 SRBroadneck
5.12Lily Cavallero
23:18.1 SRHereford
6.12Ella Cohen
23:28.1 SRBroadneck
7.12Asha Gaines
23:36.8 PRLeonardtown
8.12Britta Miller
23:49.1 SRHereford
9.12Meagan Smith
23:53.4 SRMaryvale Prep
10.11Sarah Schwartz
23:54.5Maryvale Prep
11.-Liza Lewandowski
23:54.7Maryvale Prep
12.11Harmony LaJeunesse
23:58.2George Mason
13.11Abbie Lane
24:03.2Winters Mill
14.11Megan Mckenzie
24:06.3 PRGlenelg
15.11Aubrey Baier
24:13.5 SRHereford
16.12Kaelynn Scarbrough
17.10Ariat Ojulu
18.12Ashley Wilhelm
24:28.5Marriotts Ridge
19.11Rachael Steers
24:36.0 PRWinters Mill
20.11Jamie Pan
21.11Grace Dillingham
22.11Alexis Robbins
24:39.5 PRWinters Mill
23.12Samantha Fallon
24:49.5 PRLeonardtown
24.12Molly Gruber
25:01.6 SRBroadneck
25.11Tori Ochoa
25:06.9 SRBroadneck
26.11Charlotte Crum
25:08.5George Mason
27.12Allison Wilson
25:10.0 SRBroadneck
28.12Elizabeth Surine
25:17.4 SRMaryvale Prep
29.12Jackie Anderson
25:23.8George Mason
30.11Sarah Stricker
25:28.8 PRCatonsville
31.11Dana Barbakoff
32.12Lilly Noone
25:52.4 SRBroadneck
33.12Anna Jerrems
34.11Cassidy Krebs
25:58.6 PRBroadneck
35.11Daisy Bailey
25:59.1 PRGeorge Mason
36.12Caroline Perez
26:00.7George Mason
37.11Elizabeth Gamble
26:08.1 PRHereford
38.11Megan Anzalone
26:09.0 PRHereford
39.11Lily Wiesert
26:14.8George Mason
40.11Mackenzie Snyder
26:23.3 PRNorth East
41.12Lauren Mari Fisher
26:41.2 PRBroadneck
42.11Lauren Mattingly
26:46.8 PRLeonardtown
43.11Meghan Dumler
26:54.8 SRGlenelg
44.12Hannah Taylor
26:57.6 SRTowson
45.11Kate Sullivan
27:07.6 SRMaryvale Prep
46.10Madelyn Waksmunski
27:09.4 SRGlenelg
47.12Lauren Becker
27:16.8 SRJohn Carroll
48.11Bronwyn Masters
27:21.9 SRTowson
49.11Sarah Gross
27:38.0 PRHereford
50.11Eileen Liu
27:39.4Marriotts Ridge
51.11Grace Leget
52.12Suzanne Kmetz
28:11.5Elizabeth Seton
53.12Chesca Basilio
28:13.1John Carroll
54.11Molly Craig
28:16.0Roland Park Country
55.-Maggie Burke
28:26.4 PRMaryvale Prep
56.11Pride Kwekam
28:42.1Elizabeth Seton
57.11Rachel Nguyen
28:47.7 PRWinters Mill
58.12Jillian Bollinger
59.11Molly Krucenski
60.12Gina Handley
29:20.2 SRNorth East
61.11Isabella Casale
62.11Lydia Phillips
29:24.9 SRMaryvale Prep
63.10Melina Lawton
29:26.1 PRDundalk
64.12Maya McBride
29:30.7Old Mill Senior
65.12Emily Flickinger
29:31.1 SRTowson
66.10Rosemary Thompson
67.12Erin Coyne
29:47.8 SRMaryvale Prep
68.12Sydney Leski
29:57.0Old Mill Senior
69.12Abigail Digsby
30:03.2Old Mill Senior
70.12Evangeline Moore
30:08.2 SRHereford
71.11Sara Posey
30:59.1George Mason
72.12Sarah Alevizatos
31:13.1Roland Park Country
73.12Erin Murray
32:03.7Old Mill Senior
74.12gabrielle Roeder
32:28.0 SRNorth Harford
75.11Jenna Bell
32:40.8 SRChopticon
76.12Mallory Smith
33:17.5John Carroll
77.12Tam Thu Doan
33:19.0 PROld Mill Senior
78.11Anna Markulis
38:40.5 SRMaryvale Prep
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