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Mens Races
5,000 Meters 6A Varsity Boys8:00 AM
5,000 Meters 5A/Under Varsity Boys8:35 AM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity Boys9:10 AM
3,200 Meters Junior High Boys10:35 AM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters 6A Varsity Girls8:05 AM
5,000 Meters 5A/Under Varsity Girls8:40 AM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity Girls9:15 AM
3,200 Meters Junior High Girls10:00 AM

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McKinney Boyd XC Invitational  (coaches)

McKinney Boyd Cross Country Meet 2017

Saturday, September 9th

Myers Park

Hosted by: McKinney Boyd Cross Country / Track Booster Club


    You and your teams are invited to the 11th Annual McKinney Boyd Cross Country Meet. We have several different divisions to compete in on one of the best courses in the area.  The race will again be chipped timed for all divisions.  

Please consider us as you are working on your 2017 schedule.

Good Luck this season,


Keith Pierce

McKinney Boyd Cross Country

Cell:  325-725-2556


Race Divisions:             8:00    Elite Varsity Boys (5K)

                    8:05    Elite Varsity Girls (5K)

                    8:35    Varsity Boys (5K)

                    8:40    Varsity Girls (5K)

                    9:10    Junior Varsity Boys (5K)

                    9:15    Junior Varsity Girls (5K)

                    10:00    Middle School Girls (2 miles)

                    10:35    Middle School Boys (2 miles)

                    11:00    Little Bronco Mile (1 mile)--must sign waiver; elementary age


Course:    The course will be at Myers Park located on county road 1461 3.75 miles north

    of Hwy. 380 in McKinney.

            The course is mostly on grass with some rolling hills.


Registration:    Participation in the meet needs to be confirmed by August 26th.  Unconfirmed teams will not be able to run.


Fees:            Varsity Divisions $100     All Sub-varsity $75  

            Example:   VB - $100    JVB - $75               =         $175 total

                   Middle School Boys - $75 for up to 100 runners.      

Middle School Girls - $75 for up to 100 runners.  After 100 runners, schools need to pay an additional $20 for every block of 25 athletes.

            Example:  165 middle school boys = $75 + $20 + $20 = $115


        Make Checks payable to: McKinney Boyd Cross Country / Track Booster Club


McKinney Boyd Cross Country Meet 2017

Coach’s Name     _________________________________________


School Name     _________________________________________


School Address    _________________________________________


Work Phone        _________________________________________


Email            _________________________________________


Fax Number        _________________________________________


Divisions        Elite Boys                    Elite Girls

(Circle)        Varsity Boys                    Varsity Girls

            JV Boys                    JV Girls

            Middle School Boys                Middle School Girls


***  Varsity 7 runner limit        JV / Middle School unlimited entries


Entries need to be confirmed by August 26th to

Elite Boys                _________________  ($ 100.00)

Varsity Boys                 _________________  ($ 100.00)

JV Boys                 _________________  ($ 75.00)


Elite Girls                _________________  ($ 100.00)

Varsity Girls                 _________________  ($ 100.00)

JV Girls                 _________________  ($ 75.00)


Middle School Boys         _________________  ($ 75.00)

Middle School Girls            _________________  ($ 75.00)


Total $ ______________


Make Checks payable to: McKinney Boyd Cross Country / Track Booster Club

        Send to:                   McKinney Boyd HS

                    Attn:  Keith Pierce

                    600 Lake Forest Dr.

                    McKinney, TX   75071

Fax # (469) 302-3564


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Mens Results

5,000 Meters 6A Varsity Boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.McKinney Boyd37
3.Frisco Heritage113
4.Mesquite Horn114
5.Richardson Berkner156
6.Irving Nimitz170
7.McKinney North171
8.South Garland192
10.Garland Rowlett266

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Eric Maclean
2.12Eric Peacock
15:50.2McKinney Boyd
3.11Tanner Townsend
15:52.2Royse City
4.10Nicolas Maclean
5.11Cameron Simpson
16:37.0McKinney Boyd
6.11Theodore Radtke
16:38.8McKinney Boyd
7.12Sage Foster
8.11Marcus Freeman
16:47.9Frisco Heritage
9.12Trevor Hall
16:51.6 PRRichardson Berkner
10.11Jacob Torgerson
17:04.3 PRGarland Rowlett
11.11Josiah Asmerom
17:09.4Frisco Heritage
12.11Loren Avila
17:13.1 SRMesquite Horn
13.11Kevin Fritz
17:15.2McKinney Boyd
14.12John Kalthoff
17:17.3 PRMcKinney
15.10Alec Sanders
17:22.1McKinney Boyd
16.10Carlos Trejo
17:26.4Irving Nimitz
17.9Jesus Martinez
18.10Tommy Weishaar
17:33.5McKinney Boyd
19.12Samuel Rouse
17:36.6Richardson Berkner
20.11Rey Torres
17:40.0 PRMcKinney Boyd
21.11Andrew Cope
22.11Julio Rosales
17:40.8 PRMesquite Horn
23.11Yosef Argaw
17:51.6Richardson Berkner
24.10Daniel Briones
18:06.2South Garland
25.11Stephen Kooker
26.12Damion Stepney
18:21.9Mesquite Horn
27.10Deetryck Halouska
18:28.7 PRSouth Garland
28.9Zachary Benn
18:28.7Frisco Heritage
29.12Jacobo Alvarez
18:29.3Mesquite Horn
30.11Caesar Rosales
18:30.5Mesquite Horn
31.11Kyle Lee
18:37.3McKinney North
32.12Antony Morales
18:39.1 SRIrving Nimitz
33.11Brandon Schoel
18:42.4 PRMcKinney North
34.10Tyler Semler
18:42.7 PRMcKinney North
35.10Reece Riherd
18:44.1Frisco Heritage
36.12Joseph Meyers
18:45.5Frisco Heritage
37.10Hector Arreeguin
38.9Skye Crocker
18:47.6McKinney North
39.10Dennis Villalta
19:04.4 PRSouth Garland
40.11Brennan Welch
19:12.4 PRMcKinney North
41.9Edwin Ruiz
19:24.8 PRIrving Nimitz
42.12Erick Esquivel
19:35.5 PRIrving Nimitz
43.11Reydesel Garcia
19:39.5McKinney North
44.12Cristian Monge
19:49.4 SRIrving Nimitz
45.10Luis Ramos
46.11Juventino Herrera ...
19:52.4South Garland
47.9Jeovani Elias
19:56.6Mesquite Horn
48.11Cole Lachona-Luda
20:05.3McKinney North
49.9Gannon Hall
20:08.3Frisco Heritage
50.11Mason Elmore
20:10.8Richardson Berkner
51.12Erick Lucio
20:11.4 SRGarland
52.11Gabriel Pina
20:12.1 PRIrving Nimitz
53.-Jonathan Cruz
54.12Alexis Casablanca
20:40.2Irving Nimitz
55.12Hunter Chamblee
20:54.4Frisco Heritage
56.12Felix Juarez
57.-Rodolfo Carreon
21:08.6 PRGarland
58.11Edgar Aguayo
59.10Jaiden Causey
21:10.6Mesquite Horn
60.12Diego Narro
21:21.8 PRRichardson Berkner
61.12Brandon Jaramillo
21:40.4 SRGarland
62.12Adam Martinez
21:54.4South Garland
63.11Kaden Eldridge-Edw...
21:56.2 PRGarland Rowlett
64.-Jimy Cantero
22:02.3 PRGarland
65.11Enrique Pantoja
22:12.0South Garland
66.12Devin Brown
22:41.5Garland Rowlett
67.11Hunter Poarch
22:45.1South Garland
68.11Jonathan Jackson
22:54.9 PRRichardson Berkner
69.11Moises Ramirez
23:06.6 SRGarland Rowlett
70.12Sean Semar
23:07.0Garland Rowlett
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5,000 Meters 5A/Under Varsity Boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Dallas HSAA55
3.John Paul II (Plano)105
4.Royse City107
5.Frisco Centennial148
7.Bishop Dunne Catholic196
8.Little Elm199
10.Carrollton Creekview237
11.Van Alstyne239
13.McKinney North340
14.Faith Christian (Grapevine)418

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Jonathan Cantu
16:20.6 PRBishop Dunne Catholic
2.9Martin Chavez
16:25.0 PRBishop Dunne Catholic
3.11James Puckett
16:35.4 PRDallas HSAA
4.9Landon Blake
17:03.3Dallas HSAA
5.12Jacob Charske
17:05.6 PRSherman
6.10Bryce Sevarino
17:10.4Van Alstyne
7.9Markus Seymour
17:13.7 PRDallas HSAA
8.11Zane Wharton
17:16.8 PRCelina
9.10Harley Branch
17:17.7Royse City
10.12Jose Flores
17:18.3 PRAnna
11.12Gonzalo Gaytan
17:26.3Carrollton Creekview
12.9Justyn Whisnant
17:29.1Royse City
13.12Kolbe Bauer
17:47.5John Paul II (Plano)
14.11Mark Whittle
17:51 PRFrisco Centennial
15.11Micah Lukasheay
18:01.8Royse City
16.12Grant Goodwin
18:05.7 PRJohn Paul II (Plano)
17.12Armando Arredondo
18.12Preston Kimmel
18:10.2Dallas HSAA
19.11Eric Garcia-Quiroz
20.10Ian Campbell
21.10Karan Padda
18:16.0Frisco Centennial
22.12Reece Atkinson
18:20.3 PRJohn Paul II (Plano)
23.11Jonah Wells
18:21.8Dallas HSAA
24.12Will O'Brien
18:24.6 PRJohn Paul II (Plano)
25.11Mason Massingill
26.11Cody Clark
27.12Simon Scheibmeir
28.12Brandon Shoesmith
18:32.7Little Elm
29.12Daniel Morris
18:33.6Van Alstyne
30.10David Boyle
18:35.4John Paul II (Plano)
31.12Jack Smith
18:36.1Frisco Centennial
32.10Dylan Hammond
18:38.2Royse City
33.11Michael Patrinicola
34.12Reynel Rodriguez
35.10Joshua Holeman
36.10Cristian Venegas
18:47.2Little Elm
37.12Julian Cantu
38.12Robert Granado
18:50.7 PRLittle Elm
39.12Giovanni Chavarri
18:59.4Royse City
40.9Kyler Steele
19:00.2Frisco Centennial
41.12Franco Lattuca
19:01.2Carrollton Ranchview
42.10Dylan Roberson
19:04.6 PRSherman
43.10Steven Barker
19:05.6Frisco Centennial
44.12Alex Njuguna
45.10Cobey Weemes
19:10.2 PRCelina
46.10Braden Smallwood
19:16.9Caddo Mills
47.10Rian Sandoval
19:17.0 SRCaddo Mills
48.11Noah Palomino
19:19.9 SRDallas HSAA
49.12Brendan Olsen
19:21.6Dallas HSAA
50.12Kenneth Wilson
19:22.0 PRLittle Elm
51.9Tanner Zavadil
19:22.2 PRCelina
52.10Landen Lindberg
19:23.2 PRCelina
53.12Angel Alcala
19:24.9 PRLittle Elm
54.10Hector Calvillo
19:28.8Carrollton Creekview
55.10Elden Milton
19:29.4 PRCaddo Mills
56.11Dylan Wicherts
19:31.6Frisco Centennial
57.9Chase Barney
19:33.4 PRMcKinney North
58.10Nick McIntire
19:34.5John Paul II (Plano)
59.11Alec Rodriguez
19:39.6 PRBishop Dunne Catholic
60.12Carlo Kauffman
19:41.2Carrollton Creekview
61.12Jorge Nieto
19:41.9Carrollton Creekview
62.12Jacob Mansfield
19:45.3 PRFrisco Centennial
63.11Ivan Ramirez
19:48.6 PRAnna
64.10Adrian Castillo
65.12Yusuf Hassan
19:58.9Royse City
66.11Spencer Olson
20:01.9Carrollton Creekview
67.10Seth Montague
20:05.3 PRFrisco Centennial
68.12Caleb Young
69.12Isaiah Valdovinos
20:17.3 PRBishop Dunne Catholic
70.9Joshua Clark
71.9Jordan Caldwell
20:21.9Van Alstyne
72.9Ivan Montgomery
20:22.0McKinney North
73.12Jamie Gregory
20:28.4Van Alstyne
74.9Logan Kelly
20:28.8 PRMcKinney North
75.11Jordan Green
20:29.3 PRVan Alstyne
76.12Thomas Nolan
20:29.4Frisco Centennial
77.9Buddy Brown
20:32.1 PRFaith Christian (Gra...
78.12Brandon Alvarez
79.10Jacob Potter
20:42.0McKinney North
80.11Robert Harwerth
20:46.5Bishop Dunne Catholic
81.9Marcus Cooper
20:48.6Van Alstyne
82.12Naeco Vaughn
20:48.9Little Elm
83.12Andrew Weidig
84.9George Colandrea
21:01.1Imagine International
85.9Liam Kelly
21:09.1McKinney North
86.12Saul Baultista
21:18.5 SRGreenville
87.12Leonardo Trujillo
21:19.7Imagine International
88.9Josh Hoar
89.9Alfredo Olvera-Jim...
21:46.5McKinney North
90.9Daniel Fenske
21:51.9Faith Christian (Gra...
91.11Andrew Tarlton
22:02.8Van Alstyne
92.11Nicholas Romo
22:03.7Bishop Dunne Catholic
93.11Sloan Anderson
22:17.2Carrollton Ranchview
94.11John Skoog
22:25.9 PRFaith Christian (Gra...
95.12Edgar Ramirez
96.11Brody Anderson
22:30.7McKinney North
97.12David Tovar
22:54.8Little Elm
98.9Jared Beardsley
22:59.8 PRFaith Christian (Gra...
99.12Jose Perez
100.8Isaac Hutto
23:32.7Imagine International
101.12Kaleb Beardsley
24:04.0Faith Christian (Gra...
102.9Corbin Remkus
25:11.0 PRCaddo Mills
103.10Charles Malmros
104.12Neron Corona
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity Boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.McKinney Boyd20
2.Dallas HSAA137
3.Royse City147
5.North Garland173
6.John Paul II (Plano)198
8.Frisco Heritage218
9.Mesquite Horn228
11.Irving Nimitz270
12.Little Elm343
13.Legacy Christian (Frisco)350
14.Carrollton Creekview392
15.International Leadership - G...394
17.South Garland410

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Joseph Startz
17:11.7 PRLittle Elm
2.12Nathan Helgeson
17:30.3 PRMcKinney Boyd
3.11Jared Woodruff
17:56.0McKinney Boyd
4.11Jackson Angell
17:59.0 PRMcKinney Boyd
5.10Ronald Crosby III
18:00.3 PRMcKinney Boyd
6.11Preston Baumgartner
18:01.2 PRMcKinney Boyd
7.9Alfredo Arroyo
18:05.6 PRNorth Garland
8.10Josh Rude
18:14.9 PRMcKinney Boyd
9.11Sharik Banipal
18:16.7 PRNorth Garland
10.12Connor Barron
18:25.1McKinney Boyd
11.8Israel Aquino
18:29.9 PRInternational Leader...
12.11Joshua Moore
18:44.4McKinney Boyd
13.11Lukas Seymour
18:46.6 PRDallas HSAA
14.10Sebestian Conklin
18:48.1John Paul II (Plano)
15.11Will Flock
18:53.3McKinney Boyd
16.9Samuel Sanchez
17.9Caleb Fisher
18:57.2 PRSherman
18.12Paul Rosso
18:57.8 PRMcKinney
19.10Muaaz Makda
19:02.1Frisco Heritage
20.9Adam Tregoning
19:02.3McKinney Boyd
21.11Micah Wright
19:04.6McKinney Boyd
22.11Donavan Nenzou
19:05.9Royse City
23.11Sam Miller
19:06.7 PRMcKinney Boyd
24.10David May
19:09.3 PRLegacy Christian (Fr...
25.10Quinn Smith
19:14.5McKinney Boyd
26.10Pablo Aguilar
19:15.5Frisco Heritage
27.9Sean Jonte
19:15.8 PRJohn Paul II (Plano)
28.11Dylan Hussein
29.12Caleb Crider
19:19.5 PRMcKinney
30.12Matthew Jordan
31.10Bradley Bignall
19:23.3McKinney Boyd
32.10Preston Belt
19:29.5McKinney Boyd
33.11Curran Watson
19:29.6Dallas HSAA
34.11Jordan Grow
19:33.0Dallas HSAA
35.10Trace Dickey
19:33.5 PRRoyse City
36.10Ben Salgado
19:36.5 PRCelina
37.10Arturo Rosales
19:38.1Irving Nimitz
38.9Tiger McAdams
19:39.4 PRMesquite Horn
39.12Julian Calderon
19:43.1 SRFrisco Heritage
40.11Alexis Elizondo
19:46.1 PRNorth Garland
41.11Parker Boll
19:51.2 SRRoyse City
42.11Adryan Rose
19:51.8Royse City
43.11Jason Herron
19:52 PRLakehill Prep
44.8Bejamin Stenson
19:53.1Irving Nimitz
45.12Matthew McDonough
19:56.0 SRMcKinney
46.9Casey Erickson
19:57.5McKinney Boyd
47.12Luis Rios
19:58.5Irving Nimitz
48.9Dylan Anderson
19:59.0 PRMcKinney Boyd
49.9Iain Poteet
20:01.9 PRDallas HSAA
50.12Bryan Barnes
20:03.5Royse City
51.11Vincent Hyland
20:07.9Dallas HSAA
52.11Dylan Glisson
20:08.4Royse City
53.11Josua Avila Maradi...
20:10.1 PRSouth Garland
54.10Landon Kump
20:11.5 PRMcKinney Boyd
55.11Eli Mosby
20:13.5 SRVan Alstyne
56.9Tyler Heaton
20:16.6Legacy Christian (Fr...
57.12Trezor Mizambo
20:19.7 SRMesquite Horn
58.12Basil El-Hindi
20:20.9 SRMcKinney
59.9Daniel Leventhal
20:22.5 PRDallas HSAA
60.9Aramiz Cerda
20:23.9 PRMesquite Horn
61.11Eugenio Montemayor
20:24.3 SRJohn Paul II (Plano)
62.9Isaac Cope
20:24.4 PRMcKinney
63.10Frank Jaubert
20:24.8McKinney Boyd
64.12Daniel Lopez
20:25.2 SRMcKinney North
65.10Max Sanderlin
20:26.6Legacy Christian (Fr...
66.12Begench Nurullah
20:31.1 PRMesquite Horn
67.10Alek Fisher
68.10Luis Lopez
69.11Alex Guerrero
20:36.8 SRSherman
70.10David Maldonado
20:37.9McKinney North
71.10Tarik Lbayad
20:40.0North Garland
72.10Matt Reed
20:40.6 PRCelina
73.10Jacob Wilson
20:41.3Frisco Heritage
74.11Collin Otwell
20:43.0 PRCelina
75.10Anthony Noyes
20:44.7John Paul II (Plano)
76.11Austin Lewis
20:48.5John Paul II (Plano)
77.11Rafael Zepeda
20:51.2Mesquite Horn
78.9Jacob Timmons
79.9Tanner Falls
20:55.1 PRDallas HSAA
80.11Sergio Orozco
20:56.4Carrollton Creekview
81.10Eliseo Gaytan
20:58.5South Garland
82.11Hunter Bechtold
21:00.3Dallas HSAA
83.9Josue Gonzalez
21:00.4 PRSherman
84.9Jack Boland
21:02.9John Paul II (Plano)
85.9Jesse Adams
21:03.2Dallas HSAA
86.9Carter Walters
21:03.5 PRMcKinney
87.11Ronny Sorto
21:04.3Irving Nimitz
88.12Aaron Richard
21:05.1 PRSherman
89.12Brandon Marrufo
21:05.9 PRLittle Elm
90.12Ethan Guevara
91.11Edward Gaytan
21:09.2North Garland
92.11Rene Herrera
21:09.6McKinney Boyd
93.12Dennis Macias
21:11.9 PRMesquite Horn
94.11Cody Kessinger
21:13.8 PRFarmersville
95.10Kylar Brown
21:14.3 SRSherman
96.12Max Keough
21:14.6Carrollton Creekview
97.10Jordy Muniz
21:15.4Carrollton Creekview
98.10Christian Hilliard
21:15.6 PRBishop Dunne Catholic
99.10Alex Noggle
21:16.6 PRMcKinney Boyd
100.9Zach Vela
21:20.5John Paul II (Plano)
101.10Mckinnley Cupp
21:20.8 PRRoyse City
102.-Jessie Ruelas
103.12Faustino Barron
104.9Spencer Woodward
21:24.7Dallas HSAA
105.11Kavi Ewin
21:24.9Little Elm
106.10Samuel Robbins
21:26.5Dallas HSAA
107.9Miguel Quintanilla
21:26.8 PRRichardson Berkner
108.9AJ Mayorga
21:27.1 PRMcKinney Boyd
109.10Brett Fedderson
21:27.9Dallas HSAA
110.-Joshua Gonzales
111.11Nathan Doliff
21:29.9International Leader...
112.12Ramiro Martinez
21:30.2 SRGarland
113.9Brian Rodriquez
114.11Ethan Crandall
21:31.0 PRNorth Garland
115.12Ivan Lopez
21:31.6Carrollton Creekview
116.11Emmanuel Okoh
21:35.8North Garland
117.10Hector Hernandez
21:36.0Carrollton Creekview
118.10Samuel McWhirter
119.12Alec Corrales
21:42.2 PRLittle Elm
120.-Hudson Lee
21:45.9McKinney Boyd
121.12Lane Senn
122.12Jose Huereca Krist...
21:50.5 PRSouth Garland
123.9David Rubio
21:52.8Bishop Dunne Catholic
124.10Adan Arellano
21:55.9South Garland
12.9Tyler Nelson
21:57.3Frisco Heritage
126.11Jason Bondi
22:01.2John Paul II (Plano)
127.11Aaron Tran
22:01.4 PRNorth Garland
128.10Fernando Silverio
22:02.0International Leader...
129.11Brad True
22:05.0International Leader...
130.10Travis Allgood
22:08.6 SRJohn Paul II (Plano)
131.9Ricardo Gomez
132.12Gaven Dawson
133.12Sean Moothart
22:10.9John Paul II (Plano)
134.9Cogan Grabowski
135.10Sang Thawng
22:13.6North Garland
136.9Zeshan Farooq
22:15.9 PRLittle Elm
137.12Jared Seifert
22:18.1Little Elm
138.11Reynaldo Martinez
22:19.3 PRCelina
139.11Fernando Aguirre
22:23.3 PRGarland
140.9Justin Sellers
22:23.7 PRRoyse City
141.12Juan Rodriguez
22:24.7Irving Nimitz
142.9Lucas Hood
22:26.3 PRMesquite Horn
143.9Franky Oviedo
22:28.7Mesquite Horn
144.9Nathaniel Hoecherl
145.10Eric Therwood
22:30.4North Garland
146.-Graham Wilson
147.11Nicholas Donovan
22:32.8 PRDallas HSAA
148.-Edgar Villa
22:33.4 PRInternational Leader...
149.11Dylan Sims
22:33.6Carrollton Creekview
150.9Jorge Calderon
22:34.5 PRFrisco Heritage
151.10Shamuel Trigereos
22:35.2 PRInternational Leader...
152.-Jack Burton
22:36 PRMcKinney North
153.12Juan Ramos
22:39.4 SRGarland
154.11Billy Wang
22:42.3 PRInternational Leader...
155.12Kyle Yang
22:44.6 PRInternational Leader...
156.11Alexander Garcia
22:47.2 PRNorth Garland
157.-Juan Ramos
22:47.3 PRGreenville
158.12Marvin Garcia
159.9Carter Israelson
22:57.3McKinney Boyd
160.9Thomas Rueck
22:57.9Little Elm
161.10Jose Martinez
22:58.1 PRCelina
162.10Jorge Jaramillo
22:58.7 PRMcKinney Boyd
163.11Joshua Montenegro
23:00.3 PRMcKinney Boyd
164.12Daniel Wakeland
23:02.1 SRSherman
165.11Mario Flores
23:03.9 SRMesquite Horn
166.10Luke Acosta
23:06.5Dallas HSAA
167.12Luis Rodriguez
23:06.6 SRSherman
168.12Emmanuel Torres
23:07.4 SRLittle Elm
169.9Diego Guerrero-Cam...
23:09.5Frisco Centennial
170.10Ethan Larkin
23:11.9McKinney North
171.11Ivan Ramirez
23:15.2Carrollton Creekview
172.9Logan Struxness
23:19.9Little Elm
173.12R'Mani Leavell
23:20.1 PRNorth Garland
174.12Daniel De La Cruz
23:21.2 SRSherman
175.10Brandon Duhaime
23:21.7Legacy Christian (Fr...
176.11Terrell Robinson
23:27.8North Garland
177.12Nhat Chu
23:28.4Carrollton Creekview
178.-Arturo Hernandez
179.11Harrison McFarland
23:38.1 SRFrisco Heritage
180.9Marty Figueres
23:39.3John Paul II (Plano)
181.-Yohannes Akiel
23:39.6International Leader...
182.-Ricardo Pecina
23:40.2Carrollton Creekview
183.11Jacob Graves
23:40.4Frisco Centennial
184.11Daniel Doyle
23:45.1 PRLittle Elm
185.10Tobias Scheibmeir
23:45.7 PRSherman
186.-Christian Roman
23:45.9 PRGarland
187.12Tony Aguilar
24:03.1Frisco Centennial
188.9Sasha Maynard
24:04.8 PRLakehill Prep
189.12Mario Barrera
24:20.4South Garland
190.10Samuel Boyd
24:20.9Dallas HSAA
191.9Micah Wolfe
24:22.2Royse City
192.-Luis Rivera
24:23.1 PRGarland
193.11Duke Jarvis
194.11Sandeep Ambavaram
24:25.1Frisco Centennial
195.11Conner Cormier
196.12Allen Acosta
24:29.3 SRGarland
197.11Oscar Gaytan
24:30.7Carrollton Creekview
198.9Joseph Watkins
24:30.8Little Elm
199.9Brady Musgrove
24:31.2Carrollton Creekview
200.11Hep Ma
24:33.7South Garland
201.9Landon Millwee
24:34.7 PRMcKinney Boyd
202.-Zane Burris
24:45.7 PRGarland
203.9Evan Trejo
24:50.9Imagine International
204.11Jayden Cole
25:06.3 SRSherman
205.11Trevor Fruci
25:11.4 PRJohn Paul II (Plano)
206.11Peter Pham
25:20.6 PRNorth Garland
207.10Sebastian Butler
25:33.6McKinney Boyd
208.-Sebastian Aguilera
25:47.6Carrollton Creekview
209.12Brian Rahmoune
210.11Dylan Holmes
25:54.7Carrollton Creekview
211.10Tyler Pfeil
26:00.6Carrollton Creekview
212.-Daniel Romero
213.12Angel Mora
26:15.1International Leader...
214.9Cameron Henderson
26:17.6 PRWinston
215.11Nathan Hale
26:19.9 PRMcKinney Boyd
216.10Chester Helmberger
217.10Kevin Oshima
26:45.8 PRInternational Leader...
218.10Dale Grow
26:59.1Dallas HSAA
219.12Quinlan Vaughn
27:10.4 PRLittle Elm
220.12Osmin Arvizu
28:04.5 SRGarland
221.12Kevin Loredo
222.9Tristyn Stapf
28:09.6 PRWinston
223.11Brandon Delgado
28:11.4Bishop Dunne Catholic
224.9Jeremy Chairez
225.9Jackson Ballard
29:13.6 PRJohn Paul II (Plano)
226.8Lucas Inman
29:40.8Imagine International
227.10Abeneezer Solomon
29:43.9 PRInternational Leader...
228.12Gabriel Anderson
29:45.6 SRDallas HSAA
229.10Max Napier
30:25.5 PRLegacy Christian (Fr...
230.9Brady Gampper
231.12Jacob Hernandez
30:41.3Carrollton Creekview
232.9Dylan McGovern
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters 6A Varsity Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Dallas Highland Park26
2.McKinney Boyd48
3.McKinney North98
4.Garland Rowlett130
5.Irving Nimitz140

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Sophia Oliai
18:45.8Dallas Highland Park
2.11Isabel Borrego
18:58.2 PRGarland
3.9Kate Leonard
19:08.8McKinney Boyd
4.11Maddy Stephens
19:32.8Dallas Highland Park
5.9Cameron Fawcett
19:40.2Dallas Highland Park
6.10Grace O'Keefe
20:17.7Dallas Highland Park
7.10Taylor Amato
20:24.3 PRMcKinney Boyd
8.12Veronica Ritz
20:25.1 PRGarland Rowlett
9.12Yenifer Martinez
20:30.4 PRIrving Nimitz
10.10Annemarie Whalen
20:31.4Dallas Highland Park
11.9Paige Maple
20:33.5McKinney Boyd
12.11Alex Davey
20:45.7Dallas Highland Park
13.12Mia Murphy
20:53.4McKinney Boyd
14.9Jenna Leonard
20:53.5McKinney Boyd
15.11Elise Alderete
20:56.7 PRMcKinney Boyd
16.11Madison Martin
21:04.7McKinney North
17.10Gracyn Applegate
21:16.6Dallas Highland Park
18.10Kate Lannan
21:25.1McKinney North
19.11Hunter Davis
21:30.0 SRMesquite Horn
20.9Samantha Hurtado S...
21:32.1 PRMcKinney North
21.11Andrea Lopez
21:35.1 PRMcKinney North
22.10Rachel Wynn
21:43.1Mesquite Horn
23.12Heidi Reyes
21:46.8Irving Nimitz
24.12Griselda Jasso
21:48.6McKinney Boyd
25.10Jenal Trevino
21:55.9Garland Rowlett
26.11Rose Murphy
27.9Azlyne Garza
22:15.7 PRMcKinney North
28.10Amanda Walker
22:19.6 PRMcKinney
29.12Lauren Narvaez
22:26.8Garland Rowlett
30.12Ashley Perez
31.10Madeline Garcia
22:46.7 PRGarland
32.10Grace D'Annibale
22:50.9McKinney North
33.11Vanessa Castillo
22:57.8 PRIrving Nimitz
34.9Natalie Ordonez
23:00.0 PRSouth Garland
35.9Logan Webb
23:07.6McKinney North
36.12Melissa Ferrufino
23:14.2 SRIrving Nimitz
37.12Rebecca Sindelar
23:16.0Garland Rowlett
38.11Olivia Gallegos
23:38.1Mesquite Horn
39.11Emma Bunger
40.10Almalisia Diaz
23:45.7 PRSouth Garland
41.10Alexa Ojeda
42.9Talia Reid
24:06.0Mesquite Horn
43.11Aracelli Castro
24:12.8 PRGarland
44.9Hailey Hendricks
24:24.9Garland Rowlett
45.11Alexys Aquino
24:36.0 PRGarland
46.10Katrina Forsyth
47.10Marlene Garcia
48.10Yessenia Almendarez
24:45 PRSouth Garland
49.10Alexandra Padilla
50.12Pricsila Bonilla
25:57.0South Garland
51.12Ta'j Allen
26:08.6Richardson Berkner
52.12Alyssa Polk
53.10Hannah Wahlquist
27:23.9Garland Rowlett
54.12Ariana See
27:23.9Garland Rowlett
55.11Maritza Mendez
27:33.9Irving Nimitz
56.9Radiate Abebe
28:03.4Richardson Berkner
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5,000 Meters 5A/Under Varsity Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Dallas Highland Park32
3.Frisco Heritage88
4.Dallas HSAA116
5.McKinney North142
6.John Paul II (Plano)147
7.Van Alstyne157
9.International Leadership - G...259

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Emily McCurrach
20:06.7 SRDallas HSAA
2.11Julia Helton
20:13.6Dallas Highland Park
3.12Samantha Bowen
20:35.4 SRCarrollton Creekview
4.10Hannah Thompson
20:52.0 PRCelina
5.12Emily Nelson
21:05 PRDallas Highland Park
6.10Erin Mazza
21:07.7 PRJohn Paul II (Plano)
7.12Michaela Travers
21:10.5 PRRoyse City
8.12Kayla Kenney
21:12.0 PRFarmersville
9.9Ashlyn Vana
21:18.5 PRCelina
10.9Sydney Denison
21:25.0Dallas Highland Park
11.10Casie L. McClure
21:35 PRFarmersville
12.11Anastasia Helms
21:35.4 SRDallas Highland Park
13.12Emma Barclay
21:38.8 PRBishop Dunne Catholic
14.10Aubrie Rich
21:41.9 PRFarmersville
15.11Mackenzie Payne
21:45.3 SRFrisco Heritage
16.12Emma Morgan
21:56.0 PRVan Alstyne
17.10Emerson Weaver
21:59.2Frisco Heritage
18.12Jordyn Kaplan
22:01.3Dallas Highland Park
19.12Gabrielle Hernandez
22:07.1Royse City
20.11Reece Cho
22:07.1 PRMcKinney North
21.11Elizabeth Ticknor
23.11Ashley Booe
22:29.8Dallas Highland Park
24.12Alexis Reim
22:29.9McKinney North
25.9Kaylee Brito
26.12Erin Struxness
22:34.4Little Elm
27.10Cassie E. McClure
22:37.3 PRFarmersville
28.11Makenna Carlson
22:40.9Frisco Heritage
29.12Megan Brazier
22:43.4Little Elm
30.9Monica Voltin
22:43.7 PRDallas HSAA
31.9Kate Carson
22:44.4 PRVan Alstyne
32.12Ellie Henry
22:49.0Dallas Highland Park
33.9Giselle Aguilar
23:02.4 PRFrisco Heritage
34.11Alyse Reyes
23:03.1 SRFrisco Heritage
35.6Danica Anaya
23:10.8 PRImagine International
36.11Lindsey May
23:17.3 PRFarmersville
37.-Layla Tovar
23:21.0 PRFrisco Heritage
38.9Natalia Herrera
23:21.4 PRVan Alstyne
39.9Katelyn Brown
23:21.5Faith Christian (Gra...
40.10Catherine Gantt
23:26.3 PRJohn Paul II (Plano)
41.10Kayla Masabo
23:26.4McKinney North
42.10Kiersten Compton
23:29.8 PRDallas HSAA
43.11Olivia Griffin
23:32.0 PRBishop Dunne Catholic
44.11Cassidy Ehrman
23:33.8Frisco Heritage
45.9Riley Phillips
23:34.4 PRDallas HSAA
46.9Kendall Hicks
23:35.5 PRDallas HSAA
47.10Alex Sandoval
23:44.5 PRJohn Paul II (Plano)
48.12Jessica Gramajo
49.12Sarah Nadolny
23:58.5Frisco Centennial
50.10Cadence Hayman
24:01.7 SRDallas HSAA
51.11Reagan Emery
24:03.3Dallas HSAA
52.10Nicole Ziske
24:04.5 PRJohn Paul II (Plano)
53.11Yesenia Martinez
54.9Ana Mendizabal
24:14.0McKinney North
55.9Lizbeth Sanchez
56.10Ulrika Brameus
24:19.9Imagine International
57.6Lauren Williams
24:24.6 PRImagine International
58.9Mackenzie LeBlanc
59.12Marissa Hernandez
24:34.4 SRMcKinney North
60.11Kylie Lofton
24:44.0Frisco Centennial
61.9Kaitlin Walker
24:45.4 PRFaith Christian (Gra...
62.11Julliete Chartier
24:45.5 SRJohn Paul II (Plano)
63.12Riley Sutton
24:53.8Royse City
64.11Presleigh Walser
25:06.1 PRSherman
65.11Kursten Alexander
66.11Deliliah Ruiz
25:10.2 PRGreenville
67.10Abigail Richards
25:15.1McKinney North
68.11Isabella Arpero-Bu...
25:21.4Bishop Dunne Catholic
69.10Alexandria Canales
25:22.5Royse City
70.11Lexie Bartlett
25:41.6 PRImagine International
71.11Aubrey Welch
25:42.7Caddo Mills
72.11Fatima Terrazas
73.11Amber Peterson
25:59.5 SRFrisco Centennial
74.10Yesenia Sanchez
26:11.3 PRVan Alstyne
75.10Elizabeth Trejo
26:18.3International Leader...
76.9Alli Cholette
26:40.7 PRVan Alstyne
77.11Celeste Vasquez
26:52.5 PRInternational Leader...
78.11Anacelia Aguilar
27:03.5 PRBishop Dunne Catholic
79.-Yilin Zhang
27:31.1 PRInternational Leader...
80.12Maya Guerra
27:53.7International Leader...
81.11Carissa Kilbury
29:11.8 SRInternational Leader...
82.12Jacqueline Alonso
29:24.7 SRInternational Leader...
83.10Ashley Villa
30:51.0International Leader...
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Dallas Highland Park34
2.McKinney Boyd37
4.Carrollton Creekview146
5.Little Elm148
7.Frisco Heritage228
8.Dallas HSAA249
11.John Paul II (Plano)295
13.Imagine International372

Hypothetical Scores

1.-Amanda Hogan
21:18.6 PRPrince Of Peace
2.11Brianda Rosales
22:12.2 PRCelina
3.11Mya Donohoe
22:17.3McKinney Boyd
4.11Erika Forcher
22:18.6McKinney Boyd
5.11Libby Kinahan
22:20.1Dallas Highland Park
6.11Meghan Baker
22:26.6McKinney Boyd
7.11Aerin Roberts
22:29.5Dallas Highland Park
8.12Taylor Jones
22:32.0North Garland
9.11Elizabeth Brimmage
22:36.8 PRDallas Highland Park
10.10Breanne Spence
22:37.2 PRDallas Highland Park
11.9Hollis Vaughan
22:38.1Dallas Highland Park
12.9Hannah Thayer
22:43.1 PRDallas Highland Park
13.11Anna Garrett
22:44.7Dallas Highland Park
14.10Isabella Lopez
22:56.5 PRLittle Elm
15.10Ava Crofford
23:02.3 PRDallas Highland Park
16.10Alie Lavish
23:08.1Dallas Highland Park
17.11Ashley Adams
23:08.7Dallas Highland Park
18.10Miranda Thompson
23:16.1 PRMcKinney Boyd
19.9Claire Cochran
23:24.5Dallas Highland Park
20.12Brynn Weakley
23:24.9 SRDallas Highland Park
21.12Olivia Aasheim
23:29.6Dallas Highland Park
22.12Lily Cormier
23:36.6Dallas Highland Park
23.11Ella Brown
23:45.7 SRDallas Highland Park
24.11Cassie Carey
23:49.0 SRMcKinney Boyd
25.10Aspyn Sanchez
23:49.9 PRCelina
26.11Rachel Fritz
23:51.7McKinney Boyd
27.11Katherine Gough
23:58.1Dallas Highland Park
28.10Maddy Collins
23:59.4 PRDallas Highland Park
29.11Madeline Brown
24:02.9Dallas Highland Park
30.9Mikelah Westwood
24:03.7Royse City
31.9Jamaira Ross
24:05.3Richardson Berkner
32.10Yanelly Torres
24:05.5 PRCelina
33.9Abigail Serna
24:08.3 PRLittle Elm
34.12Kristin Cowie
24:10.3Dallas Highland Park
35.9Emory Brink
24:10.7 PRDallas Highland Park
36.10Elizabeth Laird
24:13.7Dallas Highland Park
37.11Astrid Serlonghi
24:16.2 PRCarrollton Ranchview
38.10Abagail Royal
24:16.6 PRCelina
39.10Emily Hea
24:16.7Dallas Highland Park
40.11Anna Kazachka
24:23.5McKinney Boyd
41.10Jax Whiteman
24:29.0 PRDallas Highland Park
42.10Kate Beasley
24:31.9 PRMcKinney North
43.9Sarah Stoddard
24:33.3 PRMcKinney
44.10Chloe Malouf
24:37.0 SRDallas Highland Park
45.11Kristen Adams
24:38.3Dallas Highland Park
46.10Reagan Schmidt
24:39.2Dallas Highland Park
47.9Jayden Melton
24:47.5 PRMcKinney Boyd
48.9Mayra Gutierrez
24:49.0 PRCarrollton Creekview
49.10Tania De La Paz
24:50.3 PRCelina
50.11Marlene Delgado
24:56.1Carrollton Creekview
51.9Kendall Ferguson
24:58.0 PRDallas Highland Park
52.10Ana Colunga
25:03.9 PRCelina
53.9Ava Love
25:04.4Dallas Highland Park
54.11Natalia Garcia
25:08.3Royse City
55.9Cameron Clark
25:10.7Dallas Highland Park
56.9Isabela Gonzalez
25:11.7McKinney Boyd
57.11Janaki Sundaresan
25:11.9 PRDallas Highland Park
58.9Elaine Jernigan
25:15.7 PRFarmersville
59.-Krystal Li
25:19.8 PRFrisco Heritage
60.11Izzy Gordon
25:21.3 PRDallas Highland Park
61.9Olivia Cormier
25:22.3Dallas Highland Park
62.11Caroline Coleman
63.9Jaqueline Najar
64.10Tanvi Kosuri
25:25.9Frisco Centennial
65.11Sarah Dalton
25:26.4Dallas Highland Park
66.-Mary Coffee
25:27.1 PRDallas Highland Park
67.11Madeline Ingrum
25:27.8Dallas Highland Park
68.8Jackie Horgan
25:31.5Carrollton Creekview
69.11Abby Ott
25:31.8Dallas Highland Park
70.11Alyssa Delarosa
25:37.7 PRIrving Nimitz
71.11Kayla McDonald
25:43.0 SRSherman
72.10Lizbeth Angelina
25:44.4Richardson Berkner
73.10Isobel Smith
25:44.7 PRDallas Highland Park
74.11Imani Mayfield
25:45.5 SRCarrollton Ranchview
75.9Katharine Hall
25:47.4Carrollton Creekview
76.9Jessica Leach
77.11Kirsten Keller
25:59.5 SRCelina
78.11Sadie Southwell
26:04.4 PRCelina
79.9Caroline Morton
26:09.0Dallas Highland Park
80.11Cara Gable
26:11.8John Paul II (Plano)
81.9Molly Liston
26:14.9 PRDallas Highland Park
82.11Maria Sanchez
83.11Caroline Medlin
26:21.0Dallas Highland Park
8.11Jasmine Serna
26:21.5Little Elm
85.11Alleigh Jezek
26:26.9 PRRoyse City
86.10Shri Mathavan
26:30.2Frisco Centennial
87.9Karenina Kaunang
26:31.0 PRMcKinney Boyd
88.10Crystal Garduno
26:33.2 PRCelina
89.11Katie Fielder
26:36.1 SRDallas Highland Park
90.12Angelina Harding
26:40.5Carrollton Creekview
91.11Sterling Alpert
26:41.4 PRDallas Highland Park
92.10Autum Merkow
26:42.6 PRLegacy Christian (Fr...
93.10Caroline Dugan
26:45.0Dallas Highland Park
94.11Kelly Krueger
26:50.1 SRMcKinney
95.11Jacqueline Keller
26:51.3 SRCelina
96.10Victoria Herrera
26:56.1 SRLittle Elm
97.10Ellie Fenton
26:57.1Dallas Highland Park
98.9Allison Brown
26:58.5Dallas Highland Park
99.10Jessica Calvo
27:03.2 PRLittle Elm
100.9Sarah Miller
27:04.4Frisco Centennial
101.12Stephanie Halsey
27:05.1Frisco Heritage
102.12Kiersten Diercks
27:06.1Dallas Highland Park
103.11Alana Godfredsen
27:06.7 PRSherman
104.9Anna Haggar
27:08.4 PRDallas Highland Park
105.12Lexi Totten
27:10.8Frisco Heritage
106.12Jessica Elizardo
27:15.8Carrollton Creekview
107.9Emma Boyd
27:19.8 PRDallas HSAA
108.11Abbie Meinecke
27:20.6 SRDallas Highland Park
109.10Caroline Lett
27:23.6Dallas Highland Park
110.11Sophia Jones
27:25.3 PRDallas Highland Park
111.11Micaiah Poteet
27:26.3 SRDallas HSAA
112.11Chloe Carlson
27:30.5 PRDallas HSAA
113.11Kayla Wilkerson
27:31.0 PRJohn Paul II (Plano)
114.10Ruth Watts
27:32.9 PRDallas HSAA
115.10Bailey Briscoe
27:37.5 SRCelina
116.9Jocelyn Torres
27:38.8 PRCelina
117.12Maria Herrera
27:42.3 SRIrving Nimitz
118.10Bailey Wallrath
27:44.6 PRCelina
119.9Evelyn Locke
27:46.3 PRCelina
120.9Lydia Daugherty
27:47.2 PRCelina
121.12Alexandra Villalon
27:58.4 SRMcKinney North
122.11Michaela Stark
28:00.6 PRCelina
123.9Kayla Boyak
28:01.9Frisco Heritage
124.11Marlin Morales
125.9Gabriela Baylon Qu...
28:11.6 PRLittle Elm
126.9Vanessa Elizondo
28:17.7 PRCelina
127.12Samolly Chhor
28:21.1Little Elm
128.10Sarah Berger
28:21.2 PRImagine International
129.12Manuel Aguirre
130.10Rebecca Monk
28:32.3 PRFarmersville
131.-Emelia Whittle
28:33.6South Garland
132.11Kristen Rogers
28:34.1 PRDallas HSAA
133.10Isabella Anderson
28:37.5 PRDallas HSAA
134.12Hannah Korinek
28:46.6 PRJohn Paul II (Plano)
135.10Emily Talley
28:53.3 PRFarmersville
136.12Alena Niehaus
137.-Emily Padilla
29:10 PRGarland
138.9Evelyn Torres
29:13.4 PRLittle Elm
139.9Amber Jensen
29:17.8Frisco Heritage
140.10Halle Hinton
29:20.5Legacy Christian (Fr...
141.9Natalie Fuentes
29:21.2 PRNorth Garland
142.12Angie Torres
143.9Nicole Linker
29:34.5Carrollton Creekview
144.10Abby Gildea
29:35.3Frisco Centennial
145.10Nicole Hinojosa
146.10Theola Oche
29:37.9Richardson Berkner
147.10Brenda Muniz
29:39.7 PRGreenville
148.11Britney Morales
29:46.1 PRMcKinney
149.11Abigail Evans
29:54.5 PRDallas HSAA
150.10Anna Geller
29:57.4 PRCelina
151.9Alyssa Rodriquez
29:58.9 PRCelina
152.10Lauren Hollin
30:05.8 PRCelina
153.10Su Bin Park
30:08.1Frisco Heritage
154.11Irlanda Cadenanez
30:08.8 SRLittle Elm
155.10Alishba Marwat
30:20.0Imagine International
156.11Angel Lugo
157.12Victoria Morales
30:29.2 SRSherman
158.11Trinity Johnson
30:30.0 PRSherman
159.12Caroline Muller
30:33.2 PRJohn Paul II (Plano)
160.11Summer Franklin
30:35.1 PRCelina
161.-Michaela Cross
30:38.0 PRNorth Garland
162.10Maria Perez
30:40.2 PRCelina
163.12Victoria Medrano
164.10Andrea Ornelas
30:55.4Bishop Dunne Catholic
165.10Claire Schaffler
31:00.1 SRJohn Paul II (Plano)
166.10Morghan Dunlap
31:02.9Legacy Christian (Fr...
167.10Kenna Armstrong
31:06.4Imagine International
168.12Mireya Gonzalez
169.11Ana Araujo
31:12.3Irving Nimitz
170.10Alejandra Mateo
31:12.4North Garland
171.10Karen Segovia
31:13.0 PRGarland
172.10Martha Raburg
31:26.7 PRJohn Paul II (Plano)
173.11Jenna Elsenbrock
31:29.5Dallas HSAA
174.10Karen Lopez
175.10Cami Boyak
31:42.4Frisco Heritage
176.10Jennifer Villasis
177.11Kiersten Haas
32:07.5 PRFarmersville
178.12Rebecca Ibe
32:10.6Richardson Berkner
179.9Hannah Pinedo
32:14.2Carrollton Creekview
180.12Yessica Barron
181.12Katie Abel
32:38.2John Paul II (Plano)
182.9Dayna Rosales
32:45.5 PRCelina
183.11Becca Barber
32:48.0 PRFarmersville
184.10Cammie Caldwell
32:48.4Irving Nimitz
185.-Melanie Mendoza
32:49.3 PRSouth Garland
186.10Yessenia Martinez
187.11Jaylynn Smith
33:44.3 PRImagine International
188.-Lizbeth Leos
33:57.2South Garland
189.12Eden Franzen
34:27.5 PRJohn Paul II (Plano)
190.-Abigail Flemming
34:29.2Royse City
191.10Blanca Escalara
36:57.0 PRCelina
192.10Vairo Venkatesh
37:57.7Imagine International
193.11Breanah Mercado
42:27.8 PRBishop Dunne Catholic
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