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Mens Races
2 Miles Varsity6:30 PM
Womens Races
2 Miles Varsity6:00 PM

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Box Assignments 2017  (coaches)

Postal Nationals 2017 - Trails and Bales 2 Miler

Box Assignments

**Note - boxes were assigned with emphasis on number of athletes to accomodate a smoother start for all runners**




Benzie Central






Glen Lake




Bear Lake


Grand Traverse Academy


Suttons Bay








Elk Rapids


Mason County Central


Traverse City St. Francis


Traverse City Central


Last Updated 7:40 AM, Wed, Jun 7


Welcome to the 2nd annual HOKA ONE ONE Trails and Bales 2 Miler. The purpose of this event is to get back to the fun and beauty of the origins of the beautiful sport of cross country. There will be two races (Boys and Girls) over a two mile course where runners will have fun jumping over a variety of hay bales throughout the woods and trails. This is a non-scored event, but we will present t-shirts this year for the top five finishers by grade and gender. As this is sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE and part of their Postal Nationals series of events, all coaches who attend and submit results in the Postal National series following the meet, will receive a free pair of HOKA ONE ONE shoes. Additional awards for the athletes will also be provided by HOKA, and additional t-shirts will also be available for sale. 

Followig the races, the teams can all cool down together, and then enjoy some snacks in a pot luck format while enjoying each other's company. This event is truly for the kids, and to help them appreciate the beauty of the sport, and to show them how much fun it is! 

Entry fee - $50 per school. This modest fee will cover awards for the kids, as well as help compensate the farmers for bringing in the hay bales. 

Time Schedule: 

Girls - 6:00

Boys - 6:30

HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals website - 

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Mens Results

2 Miles Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Benzie Central74
3.Traverse City Central80
5.Bear Lake-Onekama127
6.Traverse City St. Francis136
8.Maple City Glen Lake202
9.Mason County Central209
10.Grand Traverse Academy257
11.Elk Rapids317

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Gary McBride
10:08.64 PRBear Lake-Onekama
2.12Abram Enns
10:09.67 PRHart
3.12Joseph Hatch
10:14.70 PRLudington
4.11Pedro Roman
10:15.42 PRBenzie Central
5.12Kaiden Hejl
10:15.85 PRBear Lake-Onekama
6.12John Siegert
10:20.30 PRLudington
7.10Hunter Tubbs
10:21.39 PRHart
8.10Tyler Kintigh
10:27.02Benzie Central
9.10Jack Doerr
10:28.96 PRTraverse City Central
10.11Andrew Whitney
10:29.24 PRHart
11.10Jacob Andrews
10:39.59 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
12.12Elliott Kamaloski
10:41.39 PRManistee
13.10Andrew Durocher
10:42.85 PRTraverse City Central
14.12Drake Parker
10:43.29 PRMaple City Glen Lake
15.9Alex Enns
10:46.09 PRHart
16.10Connor Mclaren
10:47.15Benzie Central
17.10Zach Gerber
10:48.67 PRTraverse City Central
18.9Owen Sullivan
10:51.28 PRTraverse City Central
19.10Max Kline
10:51.94 PRLudington
20.9Michael Tubbs
10:53.09 PRHart
21.12Joseph Carey
10:53.51 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
22.11Nathan Peabody
10:56.62 PRBenzie Central
23.12Noah Henderson
10:57.48 PRMaple City Glen Lake
24.11Noah Barnes
10:57.75Benzie Central
24.9Isaiah Gavaldon
10:57.75 PRTraverse City Central
26.9Finn Ritchie
10:59.71 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
27.11Zech Kmiecik
11:00.26 PRMason County Central
28.11Trey Gilbert
11:04.60 PRBear Lake-Onekama
29.12Jacob Ingleston
11:07.94Benzie Central
30.10Ryan Bishop
11:08.65Benzie Central
31.11Bradlee Popkowski
11:08.88 PRManistee
32.9Ransom Hoeflinger
11:12.87 PRManistee
33.12Jared Garten
11:13.45 PRLudington
34.9Caleb Henderson
11:13.66 PRMaple City Glen Lake
35.10Tyler Iverson
11:15.50Benzie Central
36.9Carter Thelen
11:15.86 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
37.9Zach Bitely
11:17.95 PRHart
38.10Caleb Mitchell-Ward
11:18.88 PRTraverse City Central
39.11Zachary Fortuna
11:20.84 PRLeland
40.10Chance Poston
11:21.08Benzie Central
41.11Jared Alton
11:21.77 PRGrand Traverse Academy
42.10Joshua Jaymes
11:22.05 PRTraverse City Central
43.10Ethan Kelley
11:23.70 PRMason County Central
44.11William Schlaack
11:24.36 PRHart
45.12Alec Trent
11:25.17 PRMason County Central
46.9Zealand Tarrant
11:26.84 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
47.10Aidan Bramer
11:29.39 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
48.12Issac Franklin
11:30.94 PRGrand Traverse Academy
49.11Luca Leffew
11:31.99 PRBear Lake-Onekama
50.11Jarrett Buckner
11:34.44 PRBear Lake-Onekama
51.9Thomas Wagner
11:36.14 PRMason County Central
52.12Josh Thompson
11:40.19 PRLudington
53.9Barry Bialik
11:42.32 PRTraverse City Central
54.11Nathan Zak
11:43.80 PRGrand Traverse Academy
55.9Hunter Bentley
11:47.67 PRBear Lake-Onekama
56.11John-Randall Myers
11:48.69 PRTraverse City Central
57.10Dustin Finkhouse
11:49.49 PRBenzie Central
58.12Elliott Smith
11:49.82 PRTraverse City Central
59.11Matthew McClellan
11:50.09 PRMason County Central
60.9Bryson Ellalasingham
11:52.09 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
61.10Matthew Erhardt
11:52.71 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
62.11Marc Crossman
11:52.94Benzie Central
63.9Dylan Bates
11:53.26Benzie Central
64.10Jack-William Myers
11:56.50 PRTraverse City Central
65.12Graham Spitzer
11:58.35 PRBuckley
66.9Lachlan Beebe
12:00.80 PRElk Rapids
67.12Jacob Edwards
12:01.23 PRMason County Central
68.9Andrew Talsma
12:02.03 PRLudington
69.11Adam Fulton
12:02.93 PRMason County Central
70.9Gage Tyron
12:03.20 PRMason County Central
71.10Nathan Elshaw
12:03.53 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
72.9Carson Kulawiak
12:03.74 PRBuckley
73.11Evan Bauman
12:04.68 PRManistee
74.9Keegan Dunn
12:05.54 PRMason County Central
75.10Zach Dix
12:06.15 PRGrand Traverse Academy
76.11Matt West
12:06.42 PRTraverse City Central
77.9Wesley VanPoortfliet
12:06.98Benzie Central
78.9Tristan Werden
12:08.67 PRFrankfort
79.10Derek Pearson
12:09.04 PRMason County Central
80.10Bishop Davis
12:14.48 PRManistee
81.9Gibson Hetzel
12:18.57 PRTraverse City Central
82.10Luke Meddaugh
12:19.98 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
83.11Noah Cantu
12:21.89 PRHart
84.9Sasha Speckman
12:23.25 PRElk Rapids
85.12Lane Lee
12:27.36 SRBear Lake-Onekama
86.9Ben Vanderheide
12:34.68 PRElk Rapids
87.9Mason Staggs
12:35.50 PRMaple City Glen Lake
88.9Trevor Eisenlohr
12:36.65 PRBear Lake-Onekama
89.11Cooper Craft
12:37.43 PRGrand Traverse Academy
90.11Austin Owens
12:38.05 PRHart
91.11Carter Floering
12:43.49 PRGrand Traverse Academy
92.9Sam Simon
12:45.50 PRTraverse City Central
93.9Matt Ritter
12:46.12 PRTraverse City Central
94.9Jay Danielson
12:47.07 PRMason County Central
95.9Quincy Thayer
12:49.20 PRFrankfort
96.10Spencer Kaastra
12:49.97 PRMaple City Glen Lake
97.12Cormac Rasey
12:50.66 PRLeland
98.11Trevor Persoon
12:51.75 PRMason County Central
99.12Blade Gates
12:52.46 PRManistee
100.11Henry Brown
12:55.36 PRElk Rapids
101.10Gavin Centala
12:55.86 PRElk Rapids
102.9Shane Pilate
12:57.53 PRElk Rapids
103.10Antonio Ramirez
13:00.48Benzie Central
104.9Declan McCann
13:01.08 PRManistee
105.9Connor Crosby
13:01.83 PRTraverse City Central
106.9Evan Walls
13:02.27 PRLudington
107.11Logan Davis
13:03.06 PRTraverse City Central
108.10Carter Kissell
13:04.89 PRManistee
109.12York Wangenheim
13:05.29 PRManistee
110.10Jordan Barnes
13:05.66 PRGrand Traverse Academy
111.12Jacob Bosley
13:08.46 PRHart
112.9Elijah Kmiecik
13:11.76 PRMason County Central
113.11Jacob Taber
13:14.79Benzie Central
114.11Christian Palmer
13:15.67Benzie Central
115.12Noah Sutton
13:16.87 PRBear Lake-Onekama
116.10Tai Babinec
13:18.22 PRBear Lake-Onekama
117.11Gavin Ryba
13:21.14 PRTraverse City Central
118.12Ryan Sass
13:21.64Benzie Central
119.10Jovani Hernandez
13:31.03 PRHart
120.11Parker Knizacky
13:32.40 PRMason County Central
121.9Jacob Schultz
13:34.63 PRTraverse City Central
122.12Craig Popkowski
13:40.17 SRManistee
123.11Sam Maddox
13:42.40 PRGrand Traverse Academy
124.10David Knobel
13:44.10 PRHart
125.11Christian Barber
13:46.53 PRMaple City Glen Lake
126.9Joel Mead
13:47.41 PRHart
127.10Max McColl
13:48.40 PRManistee
128.9Rece Schlukebir
13:48.81 PRHart
129.11Justin Machleit
13:49.31 SRBenzie Central
130.11Justin Jansen
13:49.89 PRElk Rapids
131.9Zavier Tarrant
13:50.51 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
132.9Ben Thelen
13:52.36 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
133.9Tyler Coker
13:53.96 PRHart
134.9Kyler Garrow
13:54.53 PRLudington
135.11Sam Henderson
13:55.22 PRMaple City Glen Lake
136.9Derek Yates
13:55.69 PRMaple City Glen Lake
137.11Thomas Veine
13:56.99 PRManistee
138.9Zennor Tarrant
13:58.47 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
139.9Tommy Ponce
13:59.43 PRHart
140.11Robbie Altland
14:00.89 PRHart
141.12Alvaro Junior Sara...
14:02.31 SRManistee
142.12Anthony Lind
14:06.33 PRManistee
143.10Charlie Mosher
14:16.25 PRManistee
144.10Finn Lancashire
14:16.96 PRTraverse City Central
145.11Alex Pearson
14:18.00 PRMason County Central
146.9Jacob Romanowski
14:18.96 PRMaple City Glen Lake
147.9Joseph Vanderstelt
14:28.06 PRHart
148.9Craig Fuller
14:30.20 PRLudington
149.9Brendan Nienhuis
14:35.52 PRHart
150.9Owen Storm
14:39.89 PRLudington
151.9Bren Lopez
14:46.48 PRBear Lake-Onekama
152.10Henry Urbain
14:52.83 PRTraverse City Central
153.9Charles Austin
14:54.55 PRLudington
154.10Matthew Harrand
14:57.61 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
155.12Robert Stewart
15:01.74Benzie Central
156.9Ethan Koss
15:02.26 PRLudington
157.9Max Jordan
15:14.48 PRLeland
158.10Calem Vogtsberger
15:14.86 PRGrand Traverse Academy
159.9Tyler Nielsen
15:35.30 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
160.9Conner Boyle
15:45.63 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
161.11Will Hansen
15:46.09 PRGrand Traverse Academy
162.10Josiah Vang
15:48.71 PRGrand Traverse Academy
163.9Julian Arens
16:04.36 PRLeland
164.9Tyler Joan
16:15.00Benzie Central
165.9Aidan Johnston
16:46.00 PRBenzie Central
166.12Jason Mulherin
16:52.00 PRLudington
167.9Jacob Romanowski
19:54.00Maple City Glen Lake
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Womens Results

2 Miles Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Traverse City Central32
3.Benzie Central66
4.Traverse City St. Francis84
7.Mason County Central234
8.Bear Lake-Onekama236
10.Maple City Glen Lake257
12.Grand Traverse Academy345

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Sielle Kearney
10:34.12 PRTraverse City Central
2.10Leah Socks
11:17.97 PRTraverse City Central
3.12Lucy Karpukhno
11:28.58Benzie Central
4.9Avery McLean
11:31.12 PRTraverse City Central
5.12Joyana Tarsa
11:35.27 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
6.12Peyton Brooks
11:39.10 PRFrankfort
7.10Paige Johnston
11:44.58 PRBenzie Central
8.11Katelyn Duffing
11:46.78 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
9.11Adelyn Ackley
11:47.98 PRHart
10.12Alayna Ackley
11:48.34 PRHart
11.9Savannah Ackley
11:48.93 PRHart
12.10Carina Stewart
11:50.31 PRTraverse City Central
13.12Abigail Fox
11:54.63 PRTraverse City Central
14.11Sierra Pallin
11:59.03Benzie Central
15.9MacKenzie Stitt
11:59.81 PRHart
16.9Lynae Ackley
12:00.28 PRHart
17.10Brenna Aerts
12:04.88 PRHart
18.11Christine Scerbak
12:06.19 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
19.11Erin Dorn
12:07.48 PRManistee
20.12Mary Claire Smeltzer
12:08.18Benzie Central
21.9Madilyn McLean
12:09.44 PRTraverse City Central
22.12Hadley O' Connor
12:13.76 PRBenzie Central
23.10Ruby Strahan
12:15.94 PRLudington
24.11Emma Fountain
12:18.95 PRLudington
25.10Olivia Richards
12:19.19 PRTraverse City Central
26.10Libby Gorman
12:20.22 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
27.10Shelby Snell
12:20.47 PRTraverse City Central
28.12Lauren Bramer
12:26.24 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
29.11Madelyn Taylor
12:32.52 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
30.10Noelle Fink
12:35.46 PRManistee
31.12Nicole Polemitis
12:37.91 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
32.11Olivia Fairbank
12:38.61 PRTraverse City Central
33.10Faith Grose
12:42.24Benzie Central
34.12Isabelle Payette
12:43.12 PRTraverse City Central
35.11Breanne Mallison
12:43.78 PRMason County Central
36.9Ellen Bretzke
12:44.38Benzie Central
37.11Peyton Burch
12:46.10Benzie Central
38.11Katrina Lesinski
12:50.81 PRLudington
39.9Gwen Shamel
12:53.76 PRLudington
40.10Annie Madion
12:57.25 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
41.9Shelby Cade
12:57.69 PRBuckley
42.11Abby Bretzke
12:58.51Benzie Central
43.9Layla Creed
13:00.20 PRHart
44.10Athena Gillespie
13:00.91 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
45.12Faith Corey
13:01.25 PRBear Lake-Onekama
46.9Emma Waskiewicz
13:05.05 PRLeland
47.10Ella Stepan
13:07.32 PRTraverse City Central
48.12Kaysen Mortensen-C...
13:08.74 PRTraverse City Central
49.10Jade Self
13:11.42 PRHart
50.9Abby Chittle
13:12.55 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
51.9Grace Kipfmueller
13:12.78 PRTraverse City Central
52.9Olivia Holtgren
13:14.21 PRManistee
53.12Elizabeth Belinsky
13:15.65 PRBear Lake-Onekama
54.9Mollie Baker
13:16.13 PRTraverse City Central
55.12Allie Bonzelet
13:16.40 PRMaple City Glen Lake
56.12Mary Armour
13:17.37 PRTraverse City Central
57.12Camilla Christianson
13:17.81Benzie Central
58.9Isabella Kearney
13:18.09 PRTraverse City Central
59.9Alison Hankins
13:20.19 PRTraverse City Central
60.12Emilee MacPherson
13:22.45 PRBear Lake-Onekama
61.11Rachel Allen
13:27.34 PRMason County Central
62.11Kenzi Franz
13:28.25 PRTraverse City Central
63.9Lilly Bobrowski
13:28.98 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
64.11Lindsey Ellalasing...
13:31.32 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
65.10Kendahl Wright
13:35.61 PRManistee
66.9Ellen Gerhard
13:36.78 PRTraverse City Central
67.11Seeda Riddell
13:41.04 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
68.10Karrigan LaCross
13:42.34 PRMaple City Glen Lake
69.12Jennifer LaCross
13:45.01 PRMaple City Glen Lake
70.10Andrea Taghon
13:46.63Benzie Central
71.9Twyla Walters
13:47.15 PRLeland
72.12Yuki Babinec
13:48.11 PRBear Lake-Onekama
73.12Maja Westberg
13:48.59 PRBenzie Central
74.9Estelle Eichberger
13:48.83 PRTraverse City Central
74.12Caroline Komrska
13:48.83 PRTraverse City Central
74.12Chloe Beyer
13:48.83 PRTraverse City Central
74.9Morgan Ahlfeld
13:48.83 PRMason County Central
78.9Ella Martin
13:58.05 PRTraverse City Central
79.9Holly Bradshaw
13:58.33 PRTraverse City Central
80.10Sadie Barnett
14:02.92 PRMason County Central
81.10Kassidy Clark
14:04.48 PRLudington
82.11Keira Hatch
14:04.97 PRLudington
83.11Alexes Leyland
14:05.22Benzie Central
84.10Karina Korendyke
14:11.97 PRLudington
85.12Cassidy Owens
14:12.64 PRHart
86.10Sara Thompson
14:16.60 PRManistee
87.10Tatum Townsend
14:18.15 PRFrankfort
88.11Taylor Lound
14:21.76 PRHart
89.12Mathilde Nielsen
14:24.47Benzie Central
90.10Kaylynn Allen
14:25.90 SRGrand Traverse Academy
91.11Hadasah Krommendyk
14:26.44 PRTraverse City Central
92.11Tyra Bromley
14:26.68 PRHart
93.9Grace Fosmore
14:27.43 PRMaple City Glen Lake
94.10Madelyn Picardat
14:28.08 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
95.11Grace Jankwietz
14:28.80 PRManistee
96.12Peggy Morrow
14:34.02 SRFrankfort
97.12Lucille Voss
14:35.73 PRTraverse City Central
98.10Madalyn Craven
14:36.94 PRTraverse City Central
99.10Rachel Miller
14:38.01 PRMason County Central
100.9Tegan Worthington
14:39.59 PRTraverse City Central
101.11Kayla Lemcool
14:41.74 PRBenzie Central
102.9Hanna Ashley
14:42.87 PRLudington
103.9Grace Hilyard
14:44.21 PRLudington
104.9Savannah Rogers
14:49.19Benzie Central
105.10Janie Turner
14:51.40 PRFrankfort
106.12Emma Durocher
14:51.97 PRTraverse City Central
107.9Paige Beauchamp
14:52.31 PRTraverse City Central
108.11Jocee Schwass
14:52.63 PRMason County Central
109.11Madeline MacRAE
14:54.23 PRFrankfort
110.9Melia Couturier
14:54.68 PRLeland
111.10Sylvie Shane
14:58.90 PRTraverse City Central
112.12Jessica Hardy
15:00.15 PRGrand Traverse Academy
113.9Olivia Craig
15:02.15 PRTraverse City Central
114.9Rachel Socks
15:02.88 PRTraverse City Central
115.9Taylor Murray
15:04.25 PRManistee
116.9Jordan Usiondek
15:04.92 PRTraverse City Central
117.9Chloe Henshaw
15:05.31 PRTraverse City Central
118.10Kailey Gustafson
15:05.56 PRTraverse City Central
119.10Carly Wade
15:07.21Benzie Central
120.10Whitney Paulson
15:07.57 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
121.11Reagan Somero
15:08.28 PRFrankfort
122.10Sara Baarstad
15:08.52 PRMaple City Glen Lake
123.10Solveig Saeternes
15:08.55 PRBear Lake-Onekama
124.11Halie Kempf
15:16.52 PRTraverse City Central
125.10Hannah Somero
15:18.44 PRFrankfort
126.10Tristyn Creed
15:20.48 PRHart
127.9Hannah Fairbank
15:21.84 PRTraverse City Central
128.11Sara Jones
15:25.30 PRGrand Traverse Academy
129.9Madelyn Weist
15:26.30 PRLeland
130.12Emma Larsen
15:30.59Benzie Central
131.12Sabrina Blank
15:34.63 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
132.10Olivia VerStrat
15:36.00 PRLudington
133.10Katie Mesyar
15:37.16 PRLudington
134.10Alanna Patterson
15:37.99 PRLudington
135.10Lily Roberts
15:38.68 PRLudington
136.10Vanessa Wahl
15:42.67 PRBear Lake-Onekama
137.11Rylee Cregg
15:46.44 PRLudington
138.10Bridney Galindo
15:46.72 PRHart
139.9Cecile Mallon
15:46.96 PRBenzie Central
140.11Madison Leader
15:52.28 PRMaple City Glen Lake
141.11Emma Witkowski
15:53.39 PRManistee
142.10Kam Schaub
15:54.25 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
143.10Genevieve MacRAE
15:55.62 PRFrankfort
144.9Emma Korson
15:58.89 PRMaple City Glen Lake
145.12Taylor Williams
16:00.76 PRManistee
146.12Sadie Vanderstelt
16:05.63 PRHart
147.12Cameron Edmonson
16:05.89 PRManistee
148.10Kassidy Hollenbeck
16:08.20 PRFrankfort
149.9Emma Klein
16:13.60 PRLudington
150.9Emily Page
16:15.82 PRGrand Traverse Academy
151.11Julia Halvorson
16:16.11 PRGrand Traverse Academy
152.10Lydia Scott
16:17.65 PRHart
153.12Sydney Williams
16:55.07 PRManistee
154.12Ciara Worthington
17:00.45 PRTraverse City Central
155.11Thea Gray
17:05.73 PRBenzie Central
156.11Ciara Anderson
17:08.73 PRManistee
157.10Lia Cook
17:09.81 PRTraverse City Central
158.10Natalie Allen
17:16.50 PRLudington
159.10Grace Okros
17:16.83Benzie Central
160.9Lexi Payne
17:33.01 PRGrand Traverse Academy
161.10Paige McDowell
17:36.14 PRTraverse City Central
162.12Brooke Araizaga
17:51.25 PRTraverse City Central
163.10Anna Davidson
18:09.83 PRTraverse City Central
164.12Ivy Paxton/Hansen
18:13.49 PRMaple City Glen Lake
165.9Amanda Herman
18:26.35 PRMaple City Glen Lake
166.12Irma Howard
18:32.36 PRMaple City Glen Lake
167.9Sydney Richardson
18:43.03 PRLeland
168.12Anlin Larson
18:51.96 PRLudington
169.11Mckenna Holladay
19:40.13 PRHart
170.12Megan Wilkie
20:30.64 PRBuckley
171.12Grace Muma
20:39.06 PRMaple City Glen Lake
172.11Ally Johnston
22:48.94Benzie Central
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