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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity2:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity Boys4:00 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity3:15 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM

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Important Meet Information   (coaches)

Dear Coaches, 

We are happy to host you for the 29th edition of the Coach Downey XC Classic! This meet is open to all CIF Division 4 & 5 eligible schools and stands to be one of the finest invites in Southern California. Please take a moment to review the following information so your preparation for the meet is smooth and seamless. 

  • The entry deadline is Monday, September 25th at 7:00pm. 
  • Payment will be collected on meet day when you pick up your bib packets. Please make the check out to "St. Augustine High School". You cannot recieve your bib packet unless we have recieved payment. Please review how to calculate your payment based on entries by visiting the "Register" page on our website
  • The event website includes meet information, additional results, and event photos can be found at

If you have any questions regarding the meet please do not hesitate to contact me. Good luck in your preparation and we look forward to seeing you!


Marco Anzures

Meet Director 

(619) 818-2203 

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Del Lago Academy77
3.St Augustine93
4.Francis Parker111
5.Classical Academy213
7.Army-Navy Academy279
8.Maranatha Christian284
9.Guajome Park Acad296
10.Mater Dei Catholic303
11.Cathedral Catholic313
12.Pacifica Christian325
13.Mission Bay361
14.Sherman Indian366
15.Pacific Ridge374
16.La Jolla Country Day406
19.Escondido Charter455
20.High Tech High NC479

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Yosia Mmbumba
18:20 PRCrawford
2.10Liban Omar
3.10Machumbe Esube
4.10Maung Lay
5.12Erik Cisneros
19:04 PRCrawford
6.12Medhane Woldu
7.9Justice Gross
19:13St Augustine
8.10Shane Turner
19:14 PRChristian
9.11Nicholas Preston
19:24Del Lago Academy
10.10Asher Ellis
19:39Francis Parker
11.9Christopher Guillen
19:46Del Lago Academy
12.10Eric Hillen
19:54 PRChristian
13.10Obed Bimenyimana
19:57 PRCrawford
14.11Adam Douillet
19:58Del Lago Academy
15.9Bryceton Jimmie
20:04 PRSherman Indian
16.11Charles McBride
20:05Army-Navy Academy
17.9Dylan McCulloch
20:08Francis Parker
18.9Luke Hobrock
20:11 PRSt Augustine
19.11Jacob Steensma
20:17 PRFrancis Parker
20.11Thor Emblem
20:23Del Lago Academy
21.9Joseph Legg
20:25St Augustine
22.9Cristofer Olascua
20:36 PRCrawford
23.10Kian Kelly
20:36 PRSt Augustine
24.11Sean Logan
20:37 PRDel Lago Academy
25.11Chris Tai
20:41Classical Academy
26.10Mabaraka Mmbumba
20:41 PRCrawford
27.9Randy Hild
20:48 PRSt Augustine
28.12Justin Gray
20:52Maranatha Christian
29.10Austin Brown
20:57 PRSt Augustine
30.11Austin Szymanski
20:59Classical Academy
31.12Luis Anastasio
32.10Julien Maxwell-Orn...
33.10Andres Beltran
34.10Erick Torres
21:13Del Lago Academy
35.9Spencer Seay
21:19Francis Parker
36.9Kenri Grisham
21:20Classical Academy
37.9Lorenzo Lopez
21:26Escondido Charter
38.9Julian H
21:26 PRPacifica Christian
39.9Mikael Huostila
21:28Calvin Christian
40.11Justin Stout
21:30Maranatha Christian
41.9Ian Lillie
21:31Francis Parker
42.11Thomas Zamora
21:32 PRSt Augustine
43.10Alec Vadillo
21:34Del Lago Academy
44.10Ryan Pelot
21:35 PRMission Bay
45.9Victor Duenas Gonz...
21:40Mater Dei Catholic
46.11Skyler Fickett
21:42 PRClairemont
47.9Daniel Hoefer
21:44Maranatha Christian
48.10Paolo Roque
21:45 SRMission Bay
49.9Christian Crawford
21:48Army-Navy Academy
50.11Axel Gonzalez
21:51Guajome Park Acad
51.9Elias Hamilton
21:51 PRSherman Indian
52.11Evan Sprague
21:52St Augustine
53.10Cyrus Pourhosseini
21:54 PRCathedral Catholic
54.9Ricardo Cuahutenango
22:02Del Lago Academy
55.12William Daley-Gonz...
22:03 PRDel Lago Academy
56.12Irvin Morales
22:05Guajome Park Acad
57.9John Bentley
22:14Del Lago Academy
58.12Wyatt Duggan
22:15Army-Navy Academy
59.9Jake Mok
22:16Pacific Ridge
60.9Alexander Ilusorio
22:17Mater Dei Catholic
61.9Chris Laney
22:22 PRCathedral Catholic
62.12Troy Appel
22:27Francis Parker
63.9Aaron Steensma
22:28Francis Parker
64.10Jack Bloom
22:34 SRMission Bay
65.9Kevin DeMedio
22:34 PRPacifica Christian
66.10Sean Hodge
22:35Mountain Empire
67.9Blake Brown
22:38Escondido Charter
68.10Dante Carnecchia
22:39 PRLa Jolla Country Day
69.9Zachary Manolo
22:46Mater Dei Catholic
70.9Leo Twersky
22:50 PRPacifica Christian
71.11Aidan Davis
22:51Santa Fe Christian
72.9Griffin Norwood
22:53Guajome Park Acad
73.9Colin Kirkwood
22:53Pacific Ridge
74.10Daniel Sabol
22:55Classical Academy
75.9Liam Sullivan
22:57 PRChristian
76.9Amaree Berry
23:00 PRCathedral Catholic
77.9James Nani
23:02Pacific Ridge
78.11Robert Hild
23:03St Augustine
79.11Arthur Zhang
23:04La Jolla Country Day
80.11Vincent Dobrawa
23:06Mater Dei Catholic
81.10Jalen Gross
23:07 PRSt Augustine
82.9Evan Calles
23:08Classical Academy
83.9Ethan Davis
23:11 PRGuajome Park Acad
84.9Zach Gray
85.12Anton Baddour
23:16Francis Parker
86.12Totee Settachuea
23:16 SRClairemont
87.10Mario Gomez
23:17 PRHamilton
88.9Gage Peckham
23:18 PRCathedral Catholic
89.10Kyle McDonald
23:19 SRDel Lago Academy
90.10Caleb Herrera
23:22 PRMountain Empire
91.9Tommy Acuna
23:22Santa Fe Christian
92.12Nathan Self
23:26Maranatha Christian
93.10Ephraim McCowan
23:29 PRSherman Indian
94.10Simon Bodjanac
23:33Guajome Park Acad
95.9Saw Kay
96.11Reid Zieber
23:40Army-Navy Academy
97.10Ethan Statezny
23:41 PRChristian
98.10Sha Reh
99.9Issac Armenta
23:46Del Lago Academy
100.9Garrett Blandford
23:48 PRCathedral Catholic
101.10George Kaczor
23:49 PRPacifica Christian
102.9Walter Chen
23:49La Jolla Country Day
103.12Daniel Raymond
104.12Gage Lindsey
23:51 PRCathedral Catholic
105.11Christian Reynaldo
23:52Classical Academy
106.9Austin Garrett
23:54 PRCathedral Catholic
107.11Nathan Campbell
23:54Classical Academy
108.9Daniel Pedler
23:57 PRCathedral Catholic
109.11Alex Jones
23:58 PRCathedral Catholic
110.11Jay Hagg
24:00 PRDel Lago Academy
111.9Andrew Kuhn
24:01La Jolla Country Day
112.9Noah Hewett
24:04 PRChristian
113.11Cesar Gomez
24:12Mater Dei Catholic
114.9Ben Shafer
24:16Del Lago Academy
115.12Shendo Yafuso
24:17 SRHigh Tech High NC
116.9Luke Verner
24:18Classical Academy
117.9Joonho Hong
24:22Pacific Ridge
118.10Micah Hacker
24:22High Tech High NC
119.10Conor Archdeacon
24:25 PRCathedral Catholic
120.10Andrew Hotchkiss
121.12Stephan Santana
24:32St Augustine
122.11Brendan Voges
24:33Classical Academy
123.11Jackson Welsh
24:34High Tech High NC
124.9Joaquin Rainey
24:34Army-Navy Academy
125.9Ian McLean
24:36Army-Navy Academy
126.12Michael Brown
24:38 SRClairemont
127.9Gabe Kozair
24:39Classical Academy
128.10Saul Chimil
24:43 PRPacifica Christian
129.10Fernando Ramirez
24:48High Tech High NC
130.12Jack Contos
24:57Army-Navy Academy
131.11Josue Leon
24:59 PRGuajome Park Acad
132.9Stephen Schuster
24:59Francis Parker
133.11Jared Nagata
25:03Guajome Park Acad
134.10Graham Ong-Dean
25:03Francis Parker
135.9Devin Lisson
25:08 PRClairemont
136.9Peter Hsu
25:11Army-Navy Academy
137.12Christopher Tavares
25:18 SRHigh Tech High NC
138.12Aidan Thompson
25:23 PRHamilton
139.10Gavin Collier
25:25Santa Fe Christian
140.9Archer Little
25:27 PRClairemont
141.9Nathan Karl
25:28Mater Dei Catholic
142.11Sujan Nandipati
25:31Francis Parker
143.10Zijian Wang
25:34Pacific Ridge
144.11Seth Sinclair
25:41Tri-City Christian
145.10Ethan Yu
25:45Maranatha Christian
146.11Jimmy Miller
25:49St Augustine
147.9Jasper Morgal
25:55 PRMission Bay
148.10Xzavier Sleuth
25:55 PRSherman Indian
149.9Ryan Gretlein
26:00Calvin Christian
150.11Alexander Oliveros
26:06St Augustine
151.12Christian Perez
26:08St Augustine
152.12Shaun Alba
26:14High Tech High NC
153.9Evan Clarke
26:17 PRCathedral Catholic
154.9Jayden Goh
26:27 PRClassical Academy
155.9Izak Bunda
26:31Guajome Park Acad
156.10Joshua Gorshon
26:37Guajome Park Acad
157.9Will Oakes
26:52Classical Academy
158.9Ben Hsiao
26:54 PRCathedral Catholic
159.9Raymundo Montalvo
26:55Mater Dei Catholic
160.10Maximillian Moorad...
27:07Army-Navy Academy
161.11Luke Meyers
27:14Army-Navy Academy
162.12Guillermo Figueroa
27:17 PRClairemont
163.9Luke Lindlan
27:19La Jolla Country Day
164.10Julian Perez
27:21Del Lago Academy
165.10Chubo Wang
27:24Army-Navy Academy
166.9Joseph Rizzo
27:28 PRCathedral Catholic
167.9Edwardo Celis
27:29 PRGuajome Park Acad
168.9Tyler Jordan
27:32Escondido Charter
169.9Keegan Kroeger
27:38 PRMission Bay
170.9Griffin Crase
27:42 PRMission Bay
171.12Zachary Matticola
27:42High Tech High NC
172.9Lopaka Vasquez
27:54 PRSherman Indian
173.11Duy (Peter) Phung
28:12Army-Navy Academy
174.11Ethan Seward
28:16Tri-City Christian
175.9Curtis Bayang
28:19Guajome Park Acad
176.9Tyler Dionne
28:32 PRCathedral Catholic
177.12Jose Rizo
178.10Bradley Tomlinson
28:37 SRMission Bay
179.11Juan Charley
180.12Ryan Hromadka
28:52High Tech High NC
181.11Andrew Greenwood
28:56Escondido Charter
182.9Nathan Pando
29:22 PRPacifica Christian
183.10Jonathan Luvianos
29:36 PRCrawford
184.9Kingson Chang
29:36Army-Navy Academy
185.11Silas McJoe
30:48 PRSherman Indian
186.10Sam Roner
31:16 PREscondido Charter
187.10Marco Villalva
31:45 PRCrawford
188.9Joseph Burger
32:06 PRClassical Academy
189.10Logan Rips
32:27Francis Parker
190.10Thomas Punyakom
191.11Finnegan McCool
33:57 SRCathedral Catholic
192.12Douglas Quon
35:10 PRDel Lago Academy
193.11Philip Plummer
35:24Tri-City Christian
194.12Mattias Roachell
35:45High Tech High NC
195.10Trevor Leffler-Str...
37:49 PRGuajome Park Acad
196.9William Dunphy
38:52Mater Dei Catholic
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5,000 Meters Varsity Boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Del Lago Academy98
3.St Augustine116
4.Francis Parker151
6.Mission Bay251
7.Classical Academy260
8.Calvin Christian300
9.Santa Fe Christian306
10.Pacific Ridge318
11.La Jolla Country Day327
12.Escondido Charter349
13.Mater Dei Catholic355
16.Pacifica Christian388
17.High Tech High NC406
18.Sherman Indian450
19.Guajome Park Acad456
21.Tri-City Christian515
23.Cathedral Catholic580
27.Foothills Christian752

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Nader Ali
2.10Riley Burns
17:04Maranatha Christian
3.10Mandela Matuta
4.12Isaq Moalim
5.11Jarrett Price
17:38Calvin Christian
6.10Alembe Mloko
17:41 PRCrawford
7.12Tanner Penrose
17:50Francis Parker
8.12Justin Apparito
17:52 SRDel Lago Academy
9.10Evan Duran
17:53 PRSt Augustine
10.12Luis Ruiz
17:57 PRClairemont
11.10Jack Kaderabek
18:00 PRSt Augustine
12.10Dusty Flack
13.12Evan France
18:07 PRClassical Academy
14.12Cristian Soria
18:07Del Lago Academy
15.11Justin Duhimbaze
16.9Hudson Gomez
18:13Santa Fe Christian
17.12Andrew Culp
18:20St Augustine
18.11Patrick Davis-Scholl
19.10Matthew Kinney
18:24 PRClairemont
20.11Arturo Sandoval
18:25 PRCrawford
21.11Alex Olmeta
18:27Francis Parker
22.11Arturo Velasco
18:29Del Lago Academy
23.10Diego Navarro
18:30Escondido Charter
24.10Joey Buzzella
18:30St Augustine
25.12Jeremy McCulloch
18:30Francis Parker
26.12Jorge Sanchez
18:32Del Lago Academy
27.11Charlie Jenkins
18:33 PRClairemont
28.11Deandre John
18:34 PRSherman Indian
29.11Nicolas Barrera
18:38 PRLa Jolla Country Day
30.12Alex Hill
18:38La Jolla Country Day
31.10Parker Brame
18:41Escondido Charter
32.12Christopher Ong
18:42Pacific Ridge
33.10Allan Armenta
18:45 PRDel Lago Academy
34.12Jack Sullivan
18:46 PRChristian
35.10Trevor Reichenberg
18:46Mission Bay
36.11Max Kilman
37.9Keegan DeBevers
18:49Santa Fe Christian
38.9William Shinkle
18:50Calvin Christian
39.10Ben Reasner
18:55Pacifica Christian
40.10Connor McFerran
18:55Classical Academy
41.12Jordon Comma
19:02Tri-City Christian
42.12Ben Park
19:04Classical Academy
43.11Audil Rihan
19:05Del Lago Academy
44.11Carter Taffe
19:05Mission Bay
45.12Carlos Torres
19:08 SRKearny
46.11Ivan Savchuk
19:08 PRBishops
47.12Jason Watts
19:10 PRMission Bay
48.12Ricardo Cardoza
19:11 PRMater Dei Catholic
49.12Zach Hall
19:12Francis Parker
50.12Robby Ackles
19:14High Tech High NC
51.11Sean Pavone
19:14 SRMission Bay
52.12Chris Glevy
19:15Santa Fe Christian
53.11Liam Rubidoux
19:18 PRChristian
54.9Spencer Ruff
19:19Francis Parker
55.12Carson Cook
19:26Francis Parker
56.11Conner Spinar
57.10Jose Ramirez
19:29 PRHamilton
58.12Colbey Astor
19:30 PRSherman Indian
59.9Joe Flanigan
19:31Pacifica Christian
60.12Thomas Roth
19:32St Augustine
61.10Wesley Bian
62.11Andrew Garcia
19:36Calvin Christian
63.11Cougar Hansen
19:36Pacific Ridge
64.12Randall Duncan
19:37 PRClairemont
65.12August Trees
19:41Pacific Ridge
66.11Saul Gallegas
19:44 PRClairemont
67.11Matson O'Neill
68.12William Legg
19:45St Augustine
69.12Tim Vail
70.12Dimitri Gianousopo...
19:47Mater Dei Catholic
71.11Leo Diaz
19:47Pacific Ridge
72.12Nikko Sambold
19:50La Jolla Country Day
73.12Diego Olivares
19:52Mater Dei Catholic
74.11Alexander Salazar
19:53 PRMater Dei Catholic
75.9Cole Quirarte
19:53Pacifica Christian
76.11Dylan Simpson
19:54Calvin Christian
77.12Ryan Ackles
19:54High Tech High NC
78.10Edwin Morales
19:54Guajome Park Acad
79.11Nick Archer
19:55Mission Bay
80.11Camden Osborn
19:55Classical Academy
81.11Omar Lopez Perez
19:58Guajome Park Acad
82.10TK Berhe
20:03 PRMission Bay
83.9Fernando Ugarte
20:04 PRMission Bay
84.12Isaac Beecher
20:04Guajome Park Acad
85.11David Culber
20:09Escondido Charter
86.11Dakota Hernandez
20:10La Jolla Country Day
87.10Oliver Scott
20:12High Tech High NC
88.12Dakota Barnard
20:13Tri-City Christian
89.10Angel Cervantes
90.12Nik Nordstrom
20:14Classical Academy
91.10Ben Chen
92.9Rowen Hinrichs
20:15Pacific Ridge
93.11Ryan Cruz
20:16High Tech High NC
94.11Cameron Williams
20:17Tri-City Christian
95.12Oscar Prado
20:18Mater Dei Catholic
96.9Ryan Yamaguchi
20:18Classical Academy
97.12Riley Namba
20:19Pacifica Christian
98.11Jaime Sanchez
20:20Mountain Empire
99.10Peter Cresci
20:21 PRCathedral Catholic
100.12Orion Cattleman
20:27 SRSherman Indian
101.9Bobby Wilson
20:28 PRGuajome Park Acad
102.11Jonathan Stafslien
20:28Santa Fe Christian
103.9Cory Lay
104.11Fransisco Lopez
20:29Escondido Charter
105.12Spencer Kricfalusi
20:31High Tech High NC
106.9Ryan King
20:32Santa Fe Christian
107.12Tyler Bulton
20:33 PRHamilton
108.12Roman Flores
20:35Mater Dei Catholic
109.9Soren Engstrom
20:38Pacific Ridge
110.12Nolan Seamster
20:43 PRKearny
111.12Eduardo Navarro
20:44Mater Dei Catholic
112.10Breckin Uwins
20:52Santa Fe Christian
113.9Isaac Amador
20:56Escondido Charter
114.10Colin McHugh
20:57 PRCathedral Catholic
115.11Brandon Torres
21:03 PRClairemont
116.9Tian Zhao
21:06La Jolla Country Day
117.12Jon Luc Junker
118.9Luke Swanson
21:08 PRClassical Academy
119.10Austin Ross
21:08Guajome Park Acad
120.11Kyle Cronin
21:12 PRCathedral Catholic
121.12Jack Mason
122.12Kainoa Hartrum
21:17 PRMadison
123.12Francisco Delgado
21:21 PRMadison
124.9Noah Pakianathan
21:22 PRPacifica Christian
125.9Thomas Lund
21:22Calvin Christian
126.9Diego Foglio
21:24Francis Parker
127.9Samuel Kaye
21:30 PRClairemont
128.11Nolan Kruger
21:35 PRCathedral Catholic
129.11Miles Criger
21:37 PRCathedral Catholic
130.9Ryan Todd
21:39Santa Fe Christian
131.9Tristan Upton
132.10Jackson Hamman
21:48La Jolla Country Day
133.10Carter Williams
21:49 PRKearny
134.11Lupan Gatewood
21:53 PRSherman Indian
135.11Bobby Howard
21:59Escondido Charter
136.10Alex Spiegelberg
137.10Alex Isaac
138.12Roger Martinez
22:15 PRSherman Indian
139.11Aiden Hock
140.10Corban Durban
22:49Foothills Christian
141.10Nick Schneider
22:51Tri-City Christian
142.11Cesar Felix
22:51Mountain Empire
143.10Nathan Beecher
22:52Guajome Park Acad
144.12David Salomon
22:52Guajome Park Acad
145.12Esteban Mallett
22:54Mountain Empire
146.11Kaleb Peterson
22:56 PREscondido Charter
147.11Nicholas Jongetjes
22:57Calvin Christian
148.10Chris Robertson
22:57Foothills Christian
149.10Jaythen Raguro
22:58 PRMadison
150.12David Lopez
22:58 PRMadison
151.12Diego Robles
22:59 PRKearny
152.9Brandon Morgan
22:59Foothills Christian
153.10Sam O'Neill
23:02 PRCambridge
154.12Joshua Simpson
23:06High Tech High NC
155.10Israel Cervantes
156.11Sam Gingrich
157.10Josh Hammond
23:13Foothills Christian
158.10Paul Cleary
159.9Nate Fredberg
160.10Sergio Martinez
23:41Tri-City Christian
161.12Matthew Delgado
23:45Mountain Empire
162.12Rohith Elgonda
24:04High Tech High NC
163.9Tristan Lichter
24:07 PRBishops
164.9Jack Han
165.12Anson Kukuma
24:40 PRSherman Indian
166.11Kylee Leyran
25:09 PRSherman Indian
167.10Mohamed Shooble
25:16 PRMadison
168.12Hans Zhang
25:56 SRChristian
169.12Anderson Yang
26:10 PRChristian
170.11Ryan Lay
171.11Max Jackman
172.10Stephen Priest
173.9Brayden Vickers
174.10David Hall
28:36 PRFoothills Christian
175.12Levi Warner
28:38Tri-City Christian
176.10Jose Cuevas
29:45 PRKearny
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Cathedral Catholic39
2.Our Lady of Peace52
3.Del Lago Academy59
4.Santa Fe Christian109
5.Maranatha Christian131
6.High Tech High NC142
7.Guajome Park Acad205
8.Sherman Indian209

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Alaina Zamorano
2.10Madelynn Worley
23:13 PRChristian
3.9Natalia Jimenez
23:37Del Lago Academy
4.11Lilianna Bass
24:11 PROur Lady of Peace
5.10Emma Fickett
24:21 PRClairemont
6.10Adrienne Rasmussen
24:23 PRCathedral Catholic
7.10Marilyn Hobrock
24:28 PRCathedral Catholic
8.9Meena Aspeytia
24:46 PROur Lady of Peace
9.9Idelle Nicolas
24:47Del Lago Academy
10.9Carly Krnjaich
24:49 PRCathedral Catholic
11.11Coral Smith
24:52Classical Academy
12.12Fanny Amaya-Brionnes
24:59 PRHamilton
13.9Gracie Honore
25:01Pomona Catholic
14.10Grace Thummel
25:05Santa Fe Christian
15.10Samantha Firsht
25:07 PRMater Dei Catholic
16.11Maddi Sanford
25:11 PRCathedral Catholic
17.10Kaycee Stiemke
25:14High Tech High NC
18.9Samantha Agostinelli
25:17Calvin Christian
19.12Olivia Justice
25:20 PROur Lady of Peace
20.10Madelene Reyes
25:30 PRClairemont
21.9Chloe James
25:31 PROur Lady of Peace
22.10Jessica Ruiz
25:32 SRPomona Catholic
23.9Isabelle Monroy
25:34Maranatha Christian
24.11Cameron Smith
25:35 PRClassical Academy
25.10Amanda Corey
25:39Maranatha Christian
26.11Marcella Kuc
25:40 SRDel Lago Academy
27.9Ellen Gemmingen
25:48 PRCathedral Catholic
28.9Angie Arambulo
25:52 PRCathedral Catholic
29.11Ariana Jansma
25:58Calvin Christian
30.12Stephanie Nicolas
26:03 PRDel Lago Academy
31.9Mary Margaret Chia...
26:27 PRMater Dei Catholic
32.9Kayla Tarcon
26:30Classical Academy
33.9Ava Bedford
26:32Del Lago Academy
34.9Eden Jauch-Bower
26:35Pacific Ridge
35.12Kendall Defelippi
26:45 SRCathedral Catholic
36.10Miriam Cruz
26:52Del Lago Academy
37.12Abbey Meziere
27:01 PRClassical Academy
38.10Grace Whitty
27:02 PRCathedral Catholic
39.11Maggie McNamara
27:05 SROur Lady of Peace
40.9Annika Herrera Lueth
27:08 PRCathedral Catholic
41.9Ana Mascari
27:09 PRCathedral Catholic
42.9Marci Pacleb
27:21 PRCathedral Catholic
43.10Theresa Hooker
27:25Santa Fe Christian
44.9Ashley Massa
27:28 PRCathedral Catholic
45.10Bryn Murphy
27:37 PRSanta Fe Christian
46.12Mally Waldvogel
27:39 SRSanta Fe Christian
47.10Julianna Lis
28:00 PROur Lady of Peace
48.9Margot Wesselman
28:03 PRCathedral Catholic
49.9Arissa Lelevier
28:03 PRCathedral Catholic
50.9Sophia Mertz
28:04 PRHigh Tech High NC
51.9Morgan Laney
28:05 PRCathedral Catholic
52.12Andie Burns
28:09Maranatha Christian
53.10Kate Brunell
28:09 PRCathedral Catholic
54.9Paige Stuckey
28:10Pacific Ridge
55.10Madison Miller
28:13Santa Fe Christian
56.11Mikayla Balt
28:22Calvin Christian
57.12Leiana Rodiles
28:26Maranatha Christian
58.10Bryn Brentnall
28:30 PRClairemont
59.10Katya Cerny
28:48 SROur Lady of Peace
60.12Jessica Lindgren
29:07 PROur Lady of Peace
61.11Elly Jarvis
29:27High Tech High NC
62.10Olivia Trussell
29:31High Tech High NC
63.9Gabriella James
29:59 PROur Lady of Peace
64.10Kimberly Dao
30:06Del Lago Academy
65.9Paulina Marquez Nu...
30:09 PRMater Dei Catholic
66.9Mercedes Ute
30:12 PRSherman Indian
67.9Talya Ferrante
30:17 PROur Lady of Peace
68.10Daisy Hu
30:27 PRCathedral Catholic
69.10Maria Hernandez
30:33 PRMission Bay
70.11Morgan Tantalo
30:51 PRCathedral Catholic
71.9Kezia Frager
30:52Guajome Park Acad
72.9Anna Whitty
31:01 PRCathedral Catholic
73.12Vanessa Sanchez
74.11Nicole Pereira-Poli
31:24 PRCathedral Catholic
75.12Naomi Bridges
31:25 SRGuajome Park Acad
76.10Shyanna Staley
31:41 PRSherman Indian
77.11Leilani Maanao
31:51 PRMission Bay
78.12Ashley Greeven
32:10 SRCathedral Catholic
79.10Faith Miller
32:12 PRCathedral Catholic
80.11Jessica Azure
32:17 PRSherman Indian
81.12Bianca Maldonado
32:20 PRHigh Tech High NC
82.10Michaela Marquand
32:25 PRCathedral Catholic
83.10Isabella Joiner
32:39 PRGuajome Park Acad
84.10Matti Downing
32:43 PRCathedral Catholic
85.9Grace Creelman
32:51Santa Fe Christian
86.12Brianna Tavares
32:59 SRHigh Tech High NC
87.9Maria Gomez
33:07 PROur Lady of Peace
88.11Alazar Parker
33:08 PROur Lady of Peace
89.10Sango Kyanza
33:28 PRCrawford
90.12Kendra Hawkins
34:04 PRGuajome Park Acad
91.10Milena Galindo
92.9Rachel Hopper
35:46High Tech High NC
93.12Grace Barnard
35:51 PRMaranatha Christian
94.9Mariah Cobb
36:21Guajome Park Acad
95.10Mia Machado
96.12Marian Curtis
40:31 PRSherman Indian
97.12Charmayne Brown
45:01 PRSherman Indian
98.12Alana Yazzie
46:10 SRSherman Indian
99.12Kelsey Avila
58:40 PRSherman Indian
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5,000 Meters Varsity

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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Pomona Catholic65
2.Our Lady of Peace126
3.Del Lago Academy131
4.Santa Fe Christian134
5.Pacific Ridge158
6.Mountain Empire161
7.Mater Dei Catholic186
8.Classical Academy231
10.La Jolla Country Day241
11.Francis Parker246
12.Pacifica Christian254
13.Escondido Charter260
14.Calvin Christian268
15.Sherman Indian419
16.Guajome Park Acad441

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Lexi Watkins
18:58La Jolla Country Day
2.10Kimberly Cheung
19:18Pacific Ridge
3.9Gina Queck
20:08Mission Bay
4.9Linda Giffing
20:10 PRMission Bay
5.12Alana Acuna
20:18Santa Fe Christian
6.12Nuvia Cervantes
7.11Alexia Delgadillo
8.9Gioia Ternasky
9.9Rachel White
21:04Escondido Charter
10.10Lilianna Garcia
21:05Pomona Catholic
11.12Avi Waldman
21:09Francis Parker
12.9Sara Hayward
21:09Del Lago Academy
13.12Dafne Perez
14.10Maya Moniz
15.9Alexandra Boren
21:24 PROur Lady of Peace
16.10Christie Linnard
17.10Kaitlyn Coons
21:30 PROur Lady of Peace
18.10Brooke Burciaga
21:37Pomona Catholic
19.9Tristan Unger
21:43Pomona Catholic
20.9Shanyce McCullough
21:53 PRPacific Ridge
21.9Emily Concepcion
21:58 PROur Lady of Peace
22.10Christine Carey
22:02 PRMater Dei Catholic
23.12Eliana Garcia
22:02Pomona Catholic
24.9Amalia Koch
22:03 PRMater Dei Catholic
25.12Erica Jacobi
22:04Calvin Christian
26.12Haley Gale
22:12Francis Parker
27.12Rodonna Flowers
22:14Pacifica Christian
28.10Yasmine Valjalo
22:14 PRPomona Catholic
29.11Kaitlyn Watkinson
22:14Pacifica Christian
30.10Reese Schuler
22:16Mountain Empire
31.11Anna O'Donnell
22:16Classical Academy
32.11Skylar Heyveld
22:18Del Lago Academy
33.9Chloe Krome
22:18Santa Fe Christian
34.9Alexa Gonzalez
22:20 PRClairemont
35.11Delanie Craighead
22:21Mountain Empire
36.12Joseline Sanchez
22:25Del Lago Academy
37.10Kennedy Necoechea
22:29Santa Fe Christian
38.12Faith Hyden
22:29 PRChristian
39.11Bethany Hydar
22:30 SREscondido Charter
40.9Gillian Justice
22:34 PRMater Dei Catholic
41.9Jenna Hernandez
22:36La Jolla Country Day
42.12Crista Tuitt
22:43High Tech High NC
43.9Vanessa Bartoli
22:47Del Lago Academy
44.12Danielle Pigeon
22:51Classical Academy
45.10Brenna Rowley
23:03Mountain Empire
46.12Grace Laskey
23:03Mountain Empire
47.9Camille Needham
23:05Santa Fe Christian
48.11Karen Tahuite
23:11Del Lago Academy
49.10Summer Kloer
23:12Santa Fe Christian
50.10Alyssa Noland
23:12Mountain Empire
51.10Jocelyn Spandikow
23:18Pacific Ridge
52.10Ilaria Comfort
23:25La Jolla Country Day
53.9Christina Rawson
23:25Classical Academy
54.10Leilani Ferguson
23:26 SRMission Bay
55.10Alex-Rose Molinar
23:27 PRBishops
56.10Dakota Unger
23:37Pomona Catholic
57.10Emma Rens
23:39 PROur Lady of Peace
58.10Tanisha McCullough
23:40Pacific Ridge
59.11Lauren Handy
23:41 PROur Lady of Peace
60.9Iris Lindgren
23:42 PROur Lady of Peace
61.11Nadia Forougi
23:48Santa Fe Christian
62.11Haley Mogollon
23:48 PROur Lady of Peace
63.11Hannah Elders
23:49Calvin Christian
64.9May McConkey
65.10Alexis Rosen
23:51 PRBishops
66.9Carly Hamel
23:56 PRPacific Ridge
67.11Sydney Roberts
24:00 SRChristian
68.11Isabel Roji
24:01 PRMater Dei Catholic
69.9Vivian Benishek
24:07Francis Parker
70.12Alexandra Lund
24:10Calvin Christian
71.9Nica Zsiros
24:17Santa Fe Christian
72.10Libby Atene
24:24 PRSherman Indian
73.11Sam Cary
24:29Classical Academy
74.11Alyssa Lutes
24:29Pacifica Christian
75.9Sophia Yaconelli
24:30Pacifica Christian
76.10Calea Cruz
77.12Tiffany Schell
24:33 PRPacific Ridge
78.10Anna Mays
24:37Calvin Christian
79.10Sofia Besharati
24:38La Jolla Country Day
80.12Ximena Posada
24:40 SRMater Dei Catholic
81.10Roxana Vega
24:45Escondido Charter
82.11Joanna Hatley
24:51Classical Academy
83.10Stephanie Cruz
25:00Del Lago Academy
84.11Emily Grob
25:05 SRPacific Ridge
85.12Alina Molloy
25:09 SRGuajome Park Acad
86.11Aisha Wallace-Palo...
25:14Del Lago Academy
87.9Caitlin Felipe
25:18 PRSherman Indian
88.12Jocelyn Vanderpol
25:20Calvin Christian
89.11Layla Moore
25:22 PRBishops
90.10Hennessy Martinez
25:26 PRMater Dei Catholic
91.12Lakota Booth
92.10Victoria Academia
25:30Escondido Charter
93.11Elle Hansen
25:33Francis Parker
94.10Maya Recore
25:36Escondido Charter
95.12Claire Sanders
25:42Calvin Christian
96.11Leah Williams
25:50 PRPomona Catholic
97.9Keara Millea
26:05Escondido Charter
98.11Lucy Cuneo
99.11Sidney Kuerbis
26:26 SRFrancis Parker
100.9Alexandra Salomon
26:28Guajome Park Acad
101.9Amy Jones
26:40 PRPacifica Christian
102.10Riley Boyd
103.12Zipporah Cotto Whi...
27:17Mountain Empire
104.9Addy Phillips
27:19Francis Parker
105.12Elena Arnold
27:20 SRMater Dei Catholic
106.9Elizabeth Rossi
27:30 PRPacifica Christian
107.12Gabriela Cureno
27:39Guajome Park Acad
108.11Sierra Stuckey
27:56Foothills Christian
109.12Ruby Dircio
28:30 SRCrawford
110.11Kiersten Ochoa
28:58Guajome Park Acad
111.9Kendra McIntosh
29:43 PRSherman Indian
112.9Kallissa Underwood
29:44 PRSherman Indian
113.12Ximena Cuevas
30:02 SRKearny
114.12Cesily Ciccarello
30:33 PRSherman Indian
115.11Kimberly Topaum
30:34 PRSherman Indian
116.10Isabel Camacho
30:38Guajome Park Acad
117.9Ainsley Jackman
118.10Nikita Nair
31:15La Jolla Country Day
119.9Phoebe Kim
120.9Alyza Quintero
31:29Guajome Park Acad
121.9Jayne Haskel
31:29Guajome Park Acad
122.11Krista Wasson
31:44 PRSherman Indian
123.11Jackelyn Vargas
32:26 PRMadison
124.12Serena Bond
32:28 PRMadison
125.12Jessica Gaddy
32:30 PRKearny
126.12Jasmine Ledezma
34:50 PRMadison
127.9Sarah Mahooti
128.9Hannah Erikson
129.11Lynn Nguyen
36:27 PRMadison
130.12Esther Razo
37:53 PRMadison
131.12Kaila Shugars
38:07 PRMadison
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