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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Palo Verde20
4.Faith Lutheran87
1.11Tyler Schoenwald
18:10.79 PRCimarron-Memorial
2.12Miles Murphy
18:17.19 SRPalo Verde
3.12Trevor Goldsmith
18:25.93Palo Verde
4.12Dwight Jones
18:31.28 PRPalo Verde
5.12Evan Murphy
18:43.51 SRPalo Verde
6.9John List
18:47.81 PRPalo Verde
7.12Mitchell Olsen
19:05.50 SRPalo Verde
8.10Sergio Gamboa
19:06.08 PRCentennial
9.10Brantley Lytle
19:08.00 PRPalo Verde
10.9Blake Bryan
19:18.26Palo Verde
11.10Paul Scott
19:22.05 PRCentennial
12.10Gabriel Tejeda
19:23.75 PRCimarron-Memorial
13.9Kaimana Maraccini
19:26.58 PRCentennial
14.9Parker Tusko
19:29.69Faith Lutheran
15.10Braden Erwin
19:32.62Faith Lutheran
16.11Jack Marshall
19:40.80Faith Lutheran
17.11Zac Moore
20:03.04 PRPalo Verde
18.11Andrew Nishwiz
20:06.41 PRPalo Verde
19.12Tylor Vinson
20.9Jacob Garcia
20:23.32 PRCimarron-Memorial
21.12Colby Moczan
20:25.09Palo Verde
22.10Howard Parkes
20:34.22 PRPalo Verde
23.11Carlos Paniagua
20:34.60 PRCimarron-Memorial
24.10Noah Karnafel
25.11Nick Grimm
20:50.20 SRCentennial
26.10Robert Christiansen
20:54.62Palo Verde
27.11Stewart Sever
20:55.12 PRFaith Lutheran
28.10Ian Brasier
29.9Brighton McDonald
20:55.63 PRCentennial
30.9Kawika Maraccini
31.9Jad Damaj
21:12.47 PRFaith Lutheran
32.10Oliver Yee
21:18.40 PRPalo Verde
33.12Jaden Olaes
21:18.83 PRLegacy
34.10Travis Rice
21:20.33 PRCentennial
35.12Noah Lomeli
21:21.62 SRLegacy
36.10Draven Cardwell
21:29.10 PRLegacy
37.10Ethan Aldrich
21:31.33Palo Verde
38.10Tobias Brewster
21:32.83 PRCentennial
39.10Ian Lisonbee
21:34.48 PRCentennial
40.9Victor Gumenyuk
21:35.25 PRCimarron-Memorial
41.9Trent Telford
21:42.02 PRCimarron-Memorial
42.10Jackson Szwankowski
21:42.15 PRCimarron-Memorial
43.10Zachary Ahmed
21:46.81 PRLegacy
44.12Alex Funez
22:05.90 PRLegacy
45.9Sabastian Bihrer
22:09.45Faith Lutheran
46.9Zavian Cook
22:25.94 PRCentennial
47.12Maguire Marion
22:26.24 SRCentennial
48.9Blake Barakat
22:44.87Faith Lutheran
49.11David Shirey
22:51.81 SRFaith Lutheran
50.10Zachary Jensen
22:57.98 SRCentennial
51.11Caleb Sparrow-Baity
23:11.69 PRLegacy
52.11Steve Mascella
23:17.28Faith Lutheran
53.11Tyler Dawson
54.11Jackson Haney
23:48.90 SRCimarron-Memorial
55.9Aidan Inchausti
56.9Danzig Franco
24:03.04 PRLegacy
57.9Maxwell McGrath
24:04.41Faith Lutheran
58.9David Ruggeroli
24:05.05 PRFaith Lutheran
59.9Mark Frazier
60.9Hayden Kramer
61.11Isaac Campolla
25:23.75 SRLegacy
62.11Brett Reil
63.11Gregory Ziel
26:26.49Faith Lutheran
64.12Spencer Keeler
27:43.26Faith Lutheran
65.9Jake Wright
29:14.21 PRCimarron-Memorial
66.9Caston Murphy
30:02.46Faith Lutheran
67.10Daniel Dean
32:04.45 PRCimarron-Memorial
68.9Alexander Canas
9Jose Rivas
12Ramiro Gonzalez
12Ian McFarlane
DNFFaith Lutheran
11Jackson Johnek
DNFPalo Verde
11Jason LeFevre
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Palo Verde17
2.Faith Lutheran53
1.11Grace Edwards
20:38.16 SRPalo Verde
2.11Lainey Harlow
21:48.97 PRPalo Verde
3.11Amber Garrett
21:56.19 SRPalo Verde
4.12Bailey Lebow
21:56.25 SRPalo Verde
5.11Cheyenne Jones
22:11.53 SRCentennial
6.10Madeline Work
22:17.32Faith Lutheran
7.12Caroline Piazza
22:23.23Palo Verde
8.12Imee Rose Dichoso
22:39.36 SRLegacy
9.9Sidney Bihrer
22:53.98Faith Lutheran
10.11Hailey Hill
22:54.65Palo Verde
11.9Natalie Behmer
23:00.21Faith Lutheran
12.12Caitlyn Provenzano
23:01.86 SRPalo Verde
13.11Emily Pearson
23:06.12 PRPalo Verde
14.10Nicola Lai
23:20.64Palo Verde
15.10Macy McPherson
23:41.77Palo Verde
16.10Catherine Young
23:50.03Faith Lutheran
17.9Pieper Nelson
23:54.21Palo Verde
18.12Sophie Hutchison
23:55.91 SRPalo Verde
19.10Alexis Jacobson
24:03.50 PRPalo Verde
20.9Tori Fugitt
24:16.02Faith Lutheran
21.9Ellie Warner
24:28.20Palo Verde
22.11Kerryann Menger
24:30.37 PRCentennial
23.12Savannah Johnson
24:45.92Palo Verde
24.12Victoria Chinellato
25:02.32 PRLegacy
25.9Ellie Heller
25:07.43 PRPalo Verde
26.9Zoie Martin
25:10.91Palo Verde
27.12Kelsey Hondo
25:15.50 PRLegacy
28.9Alyson Ajdini
25:22.41 PRPalo Verde
29.11Zoe O'Sullivan
25:22.89 SRFaith Lutheran
30.9Elliana Diebert
25:25.84Faith Lutheran
31.9Alanna Gilbert
32.11Abby Hanley
33.9Kaleigh Shaw
25:48.76Faith Lutheran
34.10Peyton Parker
26:49.30 SRCentennial
35.10Alanna Clemmons
26:52.69 SRCentennial
36.9Ryan Chapman
26:57.01Faith Lutheran
37.10MacKenzie Pearson
26:59.21 SRCentennial
38.10Grace Chigas
27:31.94 PRPalo Verde
39.10Bailey Uzzardo
27:40.90Palo Verde
40.9Eleanor Reynolds
27:45.12 PRPalo Verde
41.10Jessica Bialas
27:49.79Palo Verde
42.9Bailey Campbell
27:52.91Palo Verde
43.12Alexis Ho
28:25.26 PRPalo Verde
44.9Erin Farrell
28:40.69 PRCentennial
45.10Ariel Chamberlain
29:57.86 PRCentennial
46.12Sophia Karnafel
31:18.24 SRCentennial
47.10Magnolia Herdegen
48.10Elliet Leaver
32:00.91 SRPalo Verde
49.10Kayla Faasse
32:23.63 SRPalo Verde
50.9Lily Taylor
32:28.86Faith Lutheran
51.9Michaela Kersey
34:35.47 PRLegacy
52.12Mia Reed Liveing-M...
11Tanna Cripps
10Francesca Massella
DNFPalo Verde
12Charity Cave
9McKenzie Balif
DNFFaith Lutheran
10Andrea Giles
9Kaylee Hunkins
11Cynthia Kalenits
9Alyssa Manning
12Rebecca Olson
11Heather Terzich
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