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Mens Races
3 Miles Varsity
3 Miles Open4:30 PM
Womens Races
3 Miles Varsity
3 Miles Open5:00 PM

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Mens Results

3 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Arbor View19
2.Shadow Ridge50
3.Somerset Academy Losee93
5.Somerset Academy Sky Pointe137
1.12Keith Williams
16:18.92Arbor View
2.12Ian Jackson
16:22.26Arbor View
3.11Noah Ayala
16:34.95Arbor View
4.11Dane Cobb
16:49.91Shadow Ridge
5.12Andrew Parker
17:16.26Arbor View
6.12James Fincher
7.12Antonio Martinez
17:45.23Shadow Ridge
8.10Mario Gutierrez
17:45.65Arbor View
9.10John Medrano
17:50.10Arbor View
10.10Liam Baird
18:12.36Somerset Academy Losee
11.11Reznor Weist
18:12.39Arbor View
12.10Josh Hostetler
18:14.33Shadow Ridge
13.12Jordan Gray
18:16.41Shadow Ridge
14.9Joseph Hughes
18:21.90Shadow Ridge
15.12Angel Garcia
18:24.00 SRShadow Ridge
16.11Aiden Bishop
18:26.98Shadow Ridge
17.9Ben Scow
18:29.95Shadow Ridge
18.11Avery Nguyen
18:34.97Shadow Ridge
19.11Jackson Boswell
18:43.13Shadow Ridge
20.11Noah Stanigar
21.12Jacob Rayner
18:58.85Arbor View
22.10Mason Smith
19:04.95Shadow Ridge
23.12Tyler Robison
19:18.02Shadow Ridge
24.10Anthony Earl
19:25.16Shadow Ridge
25.9Sam Nish
19:29.43Shadow Ridge
26.10Kendal Williams
19:36.31Arbor View
27.11Riley Houston
19:40.14Shadow Ridge
28.10Jacob Lamb
19:42.04Arbor View
29.10John Mahoney
19:49.68Somerset Academy Losee
30.10Carson O'Donnell
19:52.73Arbor View
31.11Connor McDonald
19:54.30Arbor View
32.10Victor Colmenero
19:55.85 PRVirgin Valley
33.10Tyler Stevens
19:56.32Shadow Ridge
34.10Camden Terry
19:57.55Shadow Ridge
35.10Joseph McMillan
20:07.75 PRMojave
36.10Carlo Slaninka
20:08.05Shadow Ridge
37.12Ethan Steehler
20:08.97Shadow Ridge
38.11Bryce Nebeker
20:09.77Shadow Ridge
39.11Max Nish
20:10.79Shadow Ridge
40.12Carson Collier
20:11.61Arbor View
41.9Jayden Barney
20:12.29Shadow Ridge
42.9Carter Leavitt
20:12.76Shadow Ridge
43.10Mason Binko
20:14.65Somerset Academy Losee
44.10Gabriel Lindquist
20:14.90 PRSomerset Academy Sky...
45.12Jadon Davis
20:27.88 PRMojave
46.10Jaren Scott
20:30.28Arbor View
47.11Adrian Estrada
48.10Grayson Crostic
20:31.38Somerset Academy Losee
49.12Hunter Hanshew
20:33.32Somerset Academy Losee
50.12Toby Phanthavong
20:35.36Shadow Ridge
51.10Logan Kartchner
20:35.49Shadow Ridge
52.12Cameron Walker
20:37.32Arbor View
53.10Kade Robison
20:37.42Shadow Ridge
54.10Aaron Berry
20:42.21Shadow Ridge
54.11Bradley Puterbaugh
20:54.00Arbor View
56.10Owen Retzer
57.11Emilio Romero
21:18.08Shadow Ridge
58.11Kade Haviland
21:19.00Virgin Valley
59.10Leo Lopez
21:35.25Somerset Academy Losee
60.10Tal Hirsh
61.11Micah Weston
21:37.98Arbor View
62.11Joseph Ballard
22:10.69Shadow Ridge
63.10Alejandro Carillo
22:20.68Somerset Academy Losee
64.9Arrion Tadlock
22:54.91Arbor View
65.9Nathan Johnson
22:55.13Arbor View
66.10Davian Lara
23:07.30Somerset Academy Losee
67.11Morris Viriyapunt
23:07.41Arbor View
68.10Mckay Butler
23:09.14Somerset Academy Sky...
69.12Louis Garcia-Rivas
70.10Noah Herrle
23:25.28Somerset Academy Sky...
71.11Aiden Guzman
23:58.61Somerset Academy Losee
72.11Ian Sauve
24:11.82Somerset Academy Sky...
73.10Jesse Ramirez
24:19.42Somerset Academy Losee
74.9Matan Stockman
24:25.39 PRAdelson
75.10Brendan Veteto
25:06.16Somerset Academy Sky...
76.12Daniel Aguilar
25:51.30Virgin Valley
77.10Adrian Seminario
26:25.94Somerset Academy Losee
78.12Tyler Overby
27:10.91Somerset Academy Sky...
79.10Brendan Davis
27:20.40Somerset Academy Sky...
80.11Anthony Villagrana
29:13.95 SRSomerset Academy Sky...
81.9Anthony Modica
29:17.78Somerset Academy Sky...
82.9Nick Lovegren
29:45.62 PRSomerset Academy Sky...
83.9Jeremy Metzel
30:36.09 PRSomerset Academy Sky...
84.10Chaz Snow
31:57.80Somerset Academy Losee
85.11Kyle Girven
32:54.34 SRSomerset Academy Sky...
10Jesse Hall
DNFArbor View
11Taimien Glave
DNFArbor View
10Erick Tehuitzil
DNFVirgin Valley
12Damon O'Donnell
DNFArbor View
11Luis Padro
DNFArbor View
12Calogilo Amaro
DNFShadow Ridge
10Kyle Dorsey
DNFShadow Ridge
9Treylas Dyson
DNFShadow Ridge
11Logan Forrest
DNFShadow Ridge
11James Rogers
DNFShadow Ridge
11Pedro Alatorre
DNFSomerset Academy Sky...
12Austin Mathews
DNFSomerset Academy Sky...
9Andrew Tetlow
DNFSomerset Academy Sky...
12Jacob Wickett
DNFSomerset Academy Sky...
12Jordy Saldana
DNFVirgin Valley
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3 Miles Open

Official Team Scores

1.Arbor View19
2.Shadow Ridge50
3.Somerset Academy Losee93
5.Somerset Academy Sky Pointe137
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Womens Results

3 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Arbor View18
2.Shadow Ridge60
3.Virgin Valley98
4.Somerset Academy Losee113
5.Somerset Academy Sky Pointe116
1.9Elaine Bruestle
19:05.41Arbor View
2.11Adrianna Carlsen
20:58.98Arbor View
3.10Maranda McGuigan
21:41.87Somerset Academy Losee
4.12Tomi Franco
21:44.91Arbor View
5.12Kayla Hui
21:47.62Arbor View
6.11Rachel Jackson
21:58.38Arbor View
7.12Emily Wright
22:29.21Arbor View
8.12Viviana Vega-Archu...
22:36.82Virgin Valley
9.11Abbey Bailey
22:38.08Arbor View
10.11Amanda Simpson
22:47.07Shadow Ridge
11.12Tiana Jones
22:53.42 SRShadow Ridge
12.10Sophia Soberinsky
23:01.13Arbor View
13.11Megan Scow
23:02.01Shadow Ridge
14.10Joy Lewis
23:04.21Arbor View
15.11Caitlin Robles
23:28.96Shadow Ridge
16.12Alia Shahid
24:02.42Shadow Ridge
17.9Robin Trombly
24:13.89 PRSomerset Academy Sky...
18.9Vanessa Voltz
19.10Sydney Ellsworth
24:38.28Shadow Ridge
20.9Brenna Barney
24:41.33Arbor View
21.11Elizabeth Chavez
24:44.56Arbor View
22.11Alyssa Robles
24:57.60Shadow Ridge
23.10Carina Williams
24:57.68Shadow Ridge
24.9Madison Walker
24:58.28Arbor View
25.11Megan Pina
25:01.20 PRShadow Ridge
26.10Aliana Lomeli
25:13.27Arbor View
27.11Kacey Fowler
25:16.34Arbor View
28.10Carley McDermott
25:30.68Somerset Academy Sky...
29.11Ashley Cahoon
25:35.31Shadow Ridge
30.10Marisa Behrle
25:40.70 PRVirgin Valley
31.12Citlali Orozco
25:41.88 PRVirgin Valley
32.12Jaquelyn Vieira Ro...
33.11Ashley Longhurst
25:47.19Arbor View
34.9Lilian Salazar
35.10Alyssa Yepsen
26:04.90Arbor View
36.9Madilyn Ford
26:09.99Arbor View
37.10Lexie Reddon
26:16.26Arbor View
38.9Bailey Bulloch
26:25.03Somerset Academy Sky...
39.11Shai Leavitt
26:33.20Arbor View
40.9Rebekah Johnson
26:44.91Arbor View
41.12Caitlyn Finnegan
26:48.75Arbor View
42.9Brooke Helsten
26:49.70Virgin Valley
43.12Mikaela Haskins
27:00.87Shadow Ridge
44.10Dezeree Sinay
27:18.42 PRSomerset Academy Losee
45.11Samantha Gould
28:29.13Arbor View
46.11Shayla Osnaya
28:34.43 PRSomerset Academy Losee
47.10Tamzen Tobler
28:59.33Virgin Valley
48.10Ashley McLaughlin
29:02.95Arbor View
49.11Siena Slater
30:06.15Shadow Ridge
50.10Mia Swasey
30:08.61 PRShadow Ridge
51.9Giselle Guerrero
31:08.61Virgin Valley
52.11Lyndsie Beebe
31:29.77Shadow Ridge
53.11Amaya Leavitt
31:35.87 PRShadow Ridge
54.9Kalin Sipes
32:10.90Arbor View
55.10Victoria Coates
32:11.48Somerset Academy Sky...
56.12Leemor Aizenberg
33:59.39 PRAdelson
57.11Briana Trejo
34:16.16 PRSomerset Academy Losee
58.9Hau'oli Moreno
35:24.91 PRSomerset Academy Losee
59.9Madison Harris
37:06.83Somerset Academy Sky...
60.11Maya Tomasik
39:38.47 PRAdelson
61.9Hailey Nemeth
62.11Danielle Goldsmith
41:04.40 PRAdelson
11Natali Groce
DNFShadow Ridge
12Kiara Chatterton
DNFArbor View
12Danielle Walker
DNFArbor View
9Yeira Zamudio
DNFSomerset Academy Losee
9Abigail Majeroni
DNFShadow Ridge
10Heather Messerly
DNFShadow Ridge
12Eleonora Ortis
DNFShadow Ridge
10Lauryn Quiroz
DNFShadow Ridge
10Lauren McAffee
DNFSomerset Academy Sky...
9Jordyn McNulty
DNFSomerset Academy Sky...
12Kaislyn Veteto
DNFSomerset Academy Sky...
12Maria Valencia
11Julia Ramirez
DNFVirgin Valley
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3 Miles Open

Official Team Scores

1.Arbor View18
2.Shadow Ridge60
3.Virgin Valley98
4.Somerset Academy Losee113
5.Somerset Academy Sky Pointe116
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