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Mens Races
2 Miles 7th & 8th Grade
1 Miles 5th & 6th Grade
1 Miles 3rd & 4th Grade
3,000 Meters Middle School (Removed)
Womens Races
2 Miles 7th & 8th Grade
1 Miles 5th & 6th
1 Miles 3rd & 4th Grade
3,000 Meters Middle School (Removed)

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Mens Results

2 Miles 7th & 8th Grade

Official Team Scores

1.Latin School of Chicago24
2.St. Benedict Elementary62
3.Old St. Mary's Catholic78
4.University of Chicago Labora...107
5.Alphonsus Academy160
6.Frances Xavier Warde164
7.Immaculate Conception North ...171
8.Sacred Heart209
9.Morgan Park Academy281
10.St. Josaphat297
11.Lycee Francais de Chicago307
1.8Harry Wood-Prince
10:53.7 PRLatin School of Chic...
2.8Sam Gibson
11:16.4 PRLatin School of Chic...
3.8Zachary Gin
11:23.4 PRUniversity of Chicag...
4.7Jack Ryhner
11:23.7St. Benedict Element...
5.8Ryan Hardiman
11:26.2 PRLatin School of Chic...
6.8Jaxson Hanlon
11:28.0 PRFrances Xavier Warde
7.7Akili Parekh
11:28.8 PRLatin School of Chic...
8.7Danny Leonard
11:30.9Old St. Mary's Catho...
9.5Benjamin Gibson
11:35.8 PRLatin School of Chic...
10.5Nelson Mitchell
11:40.0 PRLatin School of Chic...
11.6Alex Leonard
11:42.1Old St. Mary's Catho...
12.7William Archer
11:44.9St. Benedict Element...
13.7Owen Flom
11:45.7St. Benedict Element...
14.7Matthew DeSantis
11:50.8St. Benedict Element...
15.8Jacob Figler
11:57.2Alphonsus Academy
16.6Andrew Nelson
12:05.3Old St. Mary's Catho...
17.8William Maharry
12:06.4 PRUniversity of Chicag...
18.7Henry Weil
12:09.5Francis W. Parker
19.8Rory Quinn
12:09.6Alphonsus Academy
20.7Declan Ochoa
12:13.7St. Benedict Element...
21.7Charles Coleman
12:15.6 PRLatin School of Chic...
22.6Spencer Dixon
12:17.1Old St. Mary's Catho...
23.8Chase Pitre
12:18.3Old St. Mary's Catho...
24.8Jack Klein
12:23.0 PRSt. Benedict Element...
25.7Will Del Hierro
12:25.1 PRLatin School of Chic...
26.8Will Benford
12:26.0 PRLatin School of Chic...
27.8Brian Moore
12:26.8 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
28.7Luke Turner
12:33.6St. Benedict Element...
29.7James Moore
12:35.2 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
30.6Jack Grisko
12:40.7Sacred Heart
31.8Sean Molloy
12:47.1St. Benedict Element...
32.8Peter Stern
12:47.3 PRUniversity of Chicag...
33.7Hunter Whitney
12:48.4St. Benedict Element...
34.7Diego Morales
12:50.6St. Benedict Element...
35.8Jeffrey Hong
12:52.5 PRUniversity of Chicag...
36.7David Grieve
13:05.3 PRUniversity of Chicag...
37.8Thomas Nelson
13:11.6Old St. Mary's Catho...
38.7Keene Addington
13:20.9 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
39.6Clement Carey
13:20.9 PRFrances Xavier Warde
40.8Raymond Atkerson
13:22.2 PRUniversity of Chicag...
41.7Matthew Kotcher
13:24.8 PRLatin School of Chic...
42.7William Beebe
13:26.7St. Benedict Element...
43.5Quinn Corbett
13:28.7 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
44.6Lucas Poorman
13:30.1Sacred Heart
45.7James Kittrell
13:39.0 PRFrances Xavier Warde
46.6Jack Myers
13:39.5 PRFrances Xavier Warde
47.6Alika Lugo
13:40.5 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
48.7Aiden Vujevic
13:44.9 PRMorgan Park Academy
49.8Charlie Newton
13:48.5Alphonsus Academy
50.7BJ Lane
13:49.9Morgan Park Academy
51.6Brandon Mendoza
13:50.2 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
52.8Lucas Mack
13:55.0 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
53.7Christian Turner
13:55.9St. Benedict Element...
54.8Jack McRoberts
14:02.0 PRAlphonsus Academy
55.8Aidan Dooley
14:07.2Alphonsus Academy
56.7Gabriel Garino
14:10.4Sacred Heart
57.7William Bremen
14:11.5 PRLatin School of Chic...
58.7Patrick Shrake
14:13.4 PRLatin School of Chic...
59.8Noah Biniam
14:17.5 PRSacred Heart
60.8Jake Johnson
14:18.8 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
61.7Jack Sanderson
14:21.3St. Benedict Element...
62.8Cameron Cote
14:22.4 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
63.7Amon Gray
14:22.5 PRUniversity of Chicag...
64.6james Lowery
14:24.0 PRFrances Xavier Warde
65.6Joey Del Preto
14:28.2 PRSt. Josaphat
66.8Eric McKewin
14:33.9St. Benedict Element...
67.8Jonathan Soco
14:35.0 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
68.7Daniel Cardinale
14:35.5 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
69.6Charles Steffen
14:36.4 PRFrances Xavier Warde
70.7Aidan Kiergan
14:37.4 PRSacred Heart
71.7Timothy Allison
14:52.2 PRSt. Helen
72.8Gabriel Pourrat
15:03.1 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
73.6Michael York
15:03.9 PRSt. Josaphat
74.8Liam Dooley
15:09.5 PRAlphonsus Academy
75.7William Montaque
15:10.4 PRUniversity of Chicag...
76.8Bobby Lane
15:10.9 PRAlphonsus Academy
77.7Christian Cunningham
15:12.8 PRMorgan Park Academy
78.5Matthew Del Preto
15:13.1 PRSt. Josaphat
79.7Sam Brusstar
15:15.6 PRAlphonsus Academy
80.6Grant Biskner
15:21.4 PRSt. Josaphat
81.7Casey Sheehan
15:22.9 PRSt Matthias
82.7Thomas Henning
15:28.2 PRSt Matthias
83.6Owen McDonald
15:37.4 PRFrances Xavier Warde
84.7Hallsey Souder
15:41.1 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
85.7Hayden Matthews
15:49.1 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
86.5Jimmy French
15:52.0 PRSt. Josaphat
87.7Henry Koyner
15:52.3 PRUniversity of Chicag...
88.7Joe Lynch
16:01.1St. Benedict Element...
89.5Finn Ryan
16:03.6 PRSt. Josaphat
90.7Wesley McMillan
16:09.6 PRLatin School of Chic...
91.6Michael Collins
16:25.5 PRSt. Josaphat
92.7Alexander Olsen
16:29.5 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
93.7Miles Beachum
16:48.7 PRMorgan Park Academy
94.7Bart Vallejo
19:41.8 SRSt. Helen
95.7David Johnson
23:00.7 PRMorgan Park Academy
96.7David Auguste
23:39.8 PRFrances Xavier Warde
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1 Miles 5th & 6th Grade

Official Team Scores

1.St. Benedict Elementary36
2.Latin School of Chicago58
3.Lycee Francais de Chicago82
4.Immaculate Conception North ...122
5.Sacred Heart146
6.Alphonsus Academy147
7.St Matthias156
8.Frances Xavier Warde186
9.Francis W. Parker186
10.St. Josaphat260
1.6Cameron Klein
05:52.6 PRSt. Benedict Element...
2.6Edward Wegner
05:53.5 PRLatin School of Chic...
3.5Gavin Glibowski
05:55.7 PRSt. Benedict Element...
4.6Charlie Unetich
05:56.4 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
5.6Guthrie Smith
05:58.6 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
6.5Francesco Sessa
05:58.6 PRSt. Benedict Element...
7.6Connor Noble
05:59.7 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
8.5Christian Grahn
06:00.2 PRSacred Heart
9.6Gavin Anderson
06:01.2 PRLatin School of Chic...
10.6Jackson Skelly
06:02.0 PRUniversity of Chicag...
11.6Will Kozlowski
06:04.8 PRSt. Helen
12.5Miles Daly
06:09.2 PRLatin School of Chic...
13.5Connor Schupp
06:13.8 PRSt. Benedict Element...
14.7Julian Lee
06:15.3 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
15.5Mikhail Satchu
06:15.5 PRFrancis W. Parker
16.6Aiden Hu-lowenthal
06:23.4 PRLatin School of Chic...
17.5Teo Greco
06:26.4 PRSt. Benedict Element...
18.5Jackson Kemphues
06:29.5 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
19.5Bernie Henriquez
06:30.2 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
20.5Hugh Lynch
06:31.7 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
21.6Christian Lanz
06:35.1 PRSt Matthias
22.5Joshua Jones
06:35.7 PRMorgan Park Academy
23.6Cole Joubert
06:37.3Alphonsus Academy
24.5Abdon Valenciana
06:37.9 PRFrances Xavier Warde
25.6Declan Ophalen
06:38.5 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
26.4Jimmy Mazza
06:41.6 PRSt. Josaphat
27.5Sam Episcope
06:42.8 PRLatin School of Chic...
28.5Neil Manadan
06:46.4 PRFrances Xavier Warde
29.6Jack Hurst
06:48.5 PRUniversity of Chicag...
30.5Grant Anderson
06:48.9 PRSacred Heart
31.5Patrick Pultz
06:51.9 PRSacred Heart
32.6Kael O'Connor
06:51.9 PRSt Matthias
33.6Chase Green
06:52.2Alphonsus Academy
34.5Brady Pilcher
06:55.2 PRAlphonsus Academy
35.5Owen Meadows
06:55.4 PRAlphonsus Academy
36.6Asher Patent
06:55.8 PRLatin School of Chic...
37.5Louis Sharp
06:56.6 PRSt Matthias
38.5Santi Henriquez
06:56.7 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
39.5Alton Lipford
06:56.7 PRFrancis W. Parker
40.5Jack Wanzung
06:57.2 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
41.5Oscar Moffitt
06:57.5 PRSt. Benedict Element...
42.5Freddie Matvias
06:59.5 PRSt. Benedict Element...
43.5Michael Remotigue
07:01.6 PRSt. Benedict Element...
44.5Dalton Scantleberry
07:04.5 PRSacred Heart
45.6Charlie Winters
07:05.1 SRSt Matthias
46.5Ryan Sheehan
07:05.1St Matthias
47.5Conner McLeod
07:05.8Alphonsus Academy
48.6Gavin Covalle
07:06.0 PRFrances Xavier Warde
49.5Jenson Baker
07:07.3 PRLatin School of Chic...
50.5Ellis Brown
07:07.5 PRFrancis W. Parker
51.6Jack Francot
07:07.8 PRFrancis W. Parker
52.5Henry Sperling
07:08.0Alphonsus Academy
53.6Ethan Hillstroom
07:10.1Alphonsus Academy
54.6Daniel Lane
07:11.7 PRAlphonsus Academy
55.5Bradyn Umbenhauer
07:11.7 PRFrances Xavier Warde
56.5Peter Roarty
07:11.8 PRSt. Benedict Element...
57.5Charles Cavanagh
07:15.6Sacred Heart
58.6Caleb Aklilu
07:16.3Francis W. Parker
59.5Sam Gegax
07:17.9Alphonsus Academy
60.6Kalet Menendez
07:18.5 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
61.6Jack McCreery
07:20.8 SRSt. Benedict Element...
62.6Fletcher Micheli
07:21.3 PRFrances Xavier Warde
63.5Henry Bays
07:22.7 PRSacred Heart
64.6Jack Fourness
07:22.8 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
65.5Austin Rieckelman
07:23.6 PRSt. Benedict Element...
66.5Lucas Vega
07:29.1St Matthias
67.5Mac McCarthy
07:29.3 PRSt. Josaphat
68.5Malcolm Boeke
07:34.6 PRFrances Xavier Warde
69.5Daylon Menendez
07:35.7 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
70.5Lorenzo Kelly
07:38.2 PRSt. Josaphat
71.6Noah Karrow
07:38.5 PRSt. Josaphat
72.6Cayden Hanlon
07:43.4 PRFrances Xavier Warde
73.5Pablo Prado
07:45.7 PRSt. Benedict Element...
74.5Nicholas Lopez
07:48.9 PRFrances Xavier Warde
75.5Tyler Dixon
07:51.1 PRFrances Xavier Warde
76.5Patrick McCorkle
07:53.9Alphonsus Academy
77.5Tommy Russell
07:54.2 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
78.5Braden Samko
07:56.2 PRFrances Xavier Warde
79.5Johnny Simonic
07:57.2 PRSacred Heart
80.6Marek Cherian
07:57.6 SRFrances Xavier Warde
81.6Cameron Grant
07:58.4University of Chicag...
82.5Jonathan Sward
07:58.6 PRSt. Josaphat
83.6Dylan Maki
07:59.4 PRFrancis W. Parker
84.5Ander Hamet
08:00.0 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
85.5Daniel Harley
08:01.4 PRFrances Xavier Warde
86.5Charlie Johnigan
08:01.9 SROld St. Mary's Catho...
87.5Jay Manadan
08:02.7 PRFrances Xavier Warde
88.5Logan Florsheim
08:10.7 PRFrancis W. Parker
89.5Gino Ariola
08:18.8 PRFrances Xavier Warde
90.6Nathaniel Bihniam
08:26.7 PRSacred Heart
91.6T. Oliver Oh
08:31.7 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
92.6Logan Berkes
08:32.8 PRSt. Helen
93.5Patrick Kennedy
08:33.6 PRSt. Josaphat
94.5James Corby
08:33.7 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
95.5Finn Deeney
08:39.1 PRLatin School of Chic...
96.5Ryan Fardy
08:42.2Alphonsus Academy
97.6Andrew O'Brien
08:47.1 PRFrances Xavier Warde
98.5Beckett Nikitas
09:10.7 PRFrancis W. Parker
99.5Holden Dougherty
09:16.9 PRLatin School of Chic...
100.5Benjamin Bryjak
09:28.5 PRSt. Josaphat
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1 Miles 3rd & 4th Grade

Official Team Scores

1.St. Benedict Elementary72
2.Sacred Heart84
3.Latin School of Chicago (Low...104
4.Alphonsus Academy117
5.Immaculate Conception North ...119
6.St. Helen132
7.Old St. Mary's Catholic134
8.St. Josaphat150
9.St Matthias246
1.4Mick Crowley
05:42.3 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
2.4Grant Poorman
05:51.0 PRSacred Heart
3.4Spencer Weil
06:10.5 PRFrancis W. Parker
4.4Luke Sutkus
06:13.4 PRSt. Helen
5.4Jack Ray
06:15.5 PRSt. Helen
6.4Brady Creel
06:17.5 PRSt. Josaphat
7.4Theodore Davenport
06:17.5 PRLatin School of Chic...
8.4Julian Accola
06:21.8 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
9.4Keller McGovern
06:21.9 PRSt. Benedict Element...
10.3Thomas Kromkowski
06:22.2 PRSt. Benedict Element...
11.4Alex Mercurio
06:26.9 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
12.4Mathieu Bertrand
06:32.3 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
13.4Matthew Denny
06:32.7 PRSacred Heart
14.3Colton Huff
06:32.9 PRSacred Heart
15.4Ethan Cloud
06:34.7 PRSt. Benedict Element...
16.4Patrick Waller
06:36.1 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
17.4Malik Crowder
06:37.1 PRFrancis W. Parker
18.4Jay Turnbull
06:37.7 PRAlphonsus Academy
19.4Ben Grondy
06:40.0 PRAlphonsus Academy
20.3Stopher Stineman
06:41.3 PRLatin School of Chic...
21.4James Kiesewetter
06:41.4 PRFrances Xavier Warde
22.4Nolan Meadows
06:42.0 PRAlphonsus Academy
23.4Liam Wooten
06:44.1 PRSt. Benedict Element...
24.4Cameron Shure
06:44.5 PRSt. Benedict Element...
25.4Zach Buchar
06:44.7 PRSt. Benedict Element...
26.4Tucker Thayer
06:49.9 PRLatin School of Chic...
27.4Jake Kozlowski
06:51.6 PRSt. Helen
28.3George Farrell
06:52.3 PRSacred Heart
29.4Ethan Petrillo
06:53.1 PRSt. Benedict Element...
30.4Luke Mcmillan
06:53.4 PRLatin School of Chic...
31.4Nate Vespirini
06:53.5 PRSt. Josaphat
32.4Aidan Tansor
06:53.9 PRSt. Benedict Element...
33.4Jordan Ochoa
06:56.9 PRSt. Benedict Element...
34.4Andrew Emerson
06:57.6 PRSt. Josaphat
35.4Andrew Hart
06:59.1 PRSt. Benedict Element...
36.4Jack Ramsey
07:00.6 PRLatin School of Chic...
37.4Dylan Clark
07:00.8 PRAlphonsus Academy
38.3Theodore Garino
07:00.9 PRSacred Heart
39.4Alex Kepler
07:01.7 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
40.3Will Hauman
07:02.2 PRSt. Benedict Element...
41.4Cian Siwek
07:02.2 PRAlphonsus Academy
42.3Connor Benson
07:02.7 PRSacred Heart
43.4Will Glenn
07:04.0 PRSt. Benedict Element...
44.3Alrik Swan
07:05.3 PRSt Matthias
45.4Auggie Grondy
07:05.5 PRAlphonsus Academy
46.3Ehren Curry
07:08.0 PRLatin School of Chic...
47.4Jack Schlachter
07:11.9 PRSt. Benedict Element...
48.4Liam Brennan
07:13.7 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
49.4Bennett Duross
07:15.4 PRSacred Heart
50.3Oliver Biggam
07:19.5 PRSt. Benedict Element...
51.3Marty Fiske
07:20.0 PRSt. Benedict Element...
52.4Shane Gallagher
07:20.9 PRSt. Benedict Element...
53.4Henry Klucznik
07:21.0 PRSt. Benedict Element...
54.3Cole Raub
07:21.0 PRSacred Heart
55.4Will Chesne
07:21.1 PRSt. Benedict Element...
56.4Luke Flom
07:23.6 PRSt. Benedict Element...
57.4Jack Gilardi
07:25.0 PRFrances Xavier Warde
58.3Rohin Shah
07:25.4 PRLatin School of Chic...
59.4Lukas Cherian
07:25.5 PRFrances Xavier Warde
60.4Zack Hotz
07:27.8 PRSacred Heart
61.4Brock Bentley
07:28.0 PRSacred Heart
62.4nolan Menedez
07:29.9 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
63.4Jody Pace
07:31.2 PRSacred Heart
64.4Jeremiah Bransfield
07:31.7 PRSt. Josaphat
65.4Andy Lawrence
07:32.0 PRSt. Helen
66.3Robert Danciu
07:32.3 PRLatin School of Chic...
67.3Myles Antelis
07:32.6 PRLatin School of Chic...
68.4Quinn Zimmerman
07:32.9 PRSt. Josaphat
69.3Anton Conrad
07:33.7 PRLatin School of Chic...
70.4Max Engel
07:34.0 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
71.4Henry Hammett
07:34.5 PRAlphonsus Academy
72.4Patrick Ryan
07:37.0 PRSacred Heart
73.3Will Remotigue
07:38.1 PRSt. Benedict Element...
74.3Arjun Sawhney
07:39.7 PRLatin School of Chic...
75.3William Ports
07:42.0 PRSt. Benedict Element...
76.3Austen Wu
07:42.5 PRLatin School of Chic...
77.4Finnegan Manning
07:46.3 PRAlphonsus Academy
78.3Ryan Conway
07:47.8 PRSt. Benedict Element...
79.3Andrew Hubbard
07:48.3 PRSacred Heart
80.4Millan Bhandari
07:48.6 PRLatin School of Chic...
81.3Benjamin Vega
07:53.5 PRSt Matthias
82.4Nick Larned
07:55.1 PRAlphonsus Academy
83.4Ryan Russell
07:55.5 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
84.3HJ Walberg
07:56.4 PRLatin School of Chic...
85.3AJ Williams
07:56.9 PRSt. Benedict Element...
86.4Thomas Dwyer
08:00.0Latin School of Chic...
87.3Quinn Collins
08:01.0 PRSacred Heart
88.3Charlie Hurd
08:03.0 PRLatin School of Chic...
89.4Gunnar Mueller
08:04.1 PRAlphonsus Academy
90.4James Gorman
08:05.5 PRSacred Heart
91.4Santino Spadafore
08:05.8 PRSt. Josaphat
92.4Nathan DeMent
08:05.9 PRSt. Josaphat
93.5Christian Wallner
08:07.1St Matthias
94.4Santino Gonzalez
08:07.6 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
95.3Joseph Garvey
08:07.9 PRLatin School of Chic...
96.4Teddy Kreuser
08:09.6 PRSt. Benedict Element...
97.3TJ Gilligan
08:10.1 PRSacred Heart
98.3Sean Fitzgerald
08:11.5 PRSt Matthias
99.3Zachary Schupp
08:14.1 PRSt. Benedict Element...
100.4Alec Bialek
08:17.9 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
101.4Alex Deakins
08:21.7 PRSt. Benedict Element...
102.3Jullian Heller
08:22.6 PRLatin School of Chic...
103.4Will Hallgren
08:26.1 PRSt. Benedict Element...
104.4Declan Burke
08:28.3 PRSt. Josaphat
105.3James Henning
08:30.6St Matthias
106.3MJ Hamblet
08:42.4 PRLatin School of Chic...
107.3Ethan Berkes
08:45.6 PRSt. Helen
108.4Logan Williams
08:48.6St Matthias
109.3Gabriel Goldstein
08:51.5 PRLatin School of Chic...
110.4Theodore Tikhomirov
08:58.3 PRLatin School of Chic...
111.4Simon Farster
08:58.6 SRSt Matthias
112.4Joe Flanagan
09:03.0 PRAlphonsus Academy
113.4Gabriel Karow
09:06.1 PRSt. Josaphat
114.4Liam Fourness
09:07.3 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
115.3Jordan Abell
09:11.7 PRLatin School of Chic...
116.4Alexander Stamos
09:32.4 PRLatin School of Chic...
117.4Benjamin Emerson
09:39.7 PRSt. Josaphat
118.4Benjamin Miller
09:39.8 PRSt. Josaphat
119.3Andres Guerra
10:15.3 PRLatin School of Chic...
120.3Leon Baker
10:45.6Latin School of Chic...
121.3Miles Baker
11:07.6 PRLatin School of Chic...
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Womens Results

2 Miles 7th & 8th Grade

Official Team Scores

1.St. Benedict Elementary47
2.Latin School of Chicago51
3.Old St. Mary's Catholic54
4.Alphonsus Academy107
5.University of Chicago Labora...129
6.St. Josaphat150
7.Immaculate Conception North ...192
8.Frances Xavier Warde201
9.Lycee Francais de Chicago246
1.8Ava Parekh
12:02.8 PRLatin School of Chic...
2.8Amanda O'Donnell
12:19.9 PRUniversity of Chicag...
3.7Reese Crowley
12:22.5Old St. Mary's Catho...
4.6Ella Hwang
12:30.0Old St. Mary's Catho...
5.8Mckenna Fellows
12:41.1 PRLatin School of Chic...
6.6Maggie Owens
12:53.5St. Benedict Element...
7.7Lexi Hallgren
12:56.5St. Benedict Element...
8.6Emma Owens
12:59.5St. Benedict Element...
9.7Sophie Keenan
13:07.1St. Benedict Element...
10.6Fiona O'Toole
13:19.5 PRLatin School of Chic...
11.5Carmella O'Malley
13:25.3Old St. Mary's Catho...
12.8Annie O'Neill
13:25.4 PRSt. Josaphat
13.5Kathryn Syftestdad
13:30.5Old St. Mary's Catho...
14.8Ella Reese-Clauson
13:31.3 PRLatin School of Chic...
15.8Grace Cruise
13:33.9 PRUniversity of Chicag...
16.8Maddie Meadows
13:34.7Alphonsus Academy
17.7Kate Roarty
13:35.3St. Benedict Element...
18.8Caitlyn Fardy
13:36.8 PRAlphonsus Academy
19.8Haley Rieckelman
13:39.9St. Benedict Element...
20.6Madison Scheiner
13:42.0 PRAlphonsus Academy
21.5Mia Kotler
13:45.3 PRLatin School of Chic...
22.7Josephine Dziedzic
13:50.0 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
23.6Isabel Rudin
13:53.5Old St. Mary's Catho...
24.5Yesenia Maley
14:00.0Old St. Mary's Catho...
25.8Hannah Bartels
14:01.1 PRSt. Josaphat
26.7Maddy Pierce
14:11.1Alphonsus Academy
27.7Sofia Sferra
14:14.6Alphonsus Academy
28.8Norah Buss
14:22.0Old St. Mary's Catho...
29.8Elisah Hsieh
14:23.9 PRUniversity of Chicag...
30.7Alice Carey
14:26.6 PRFrances Xavier Warde
31.7Lexie Noonan
14:56.4 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
32.6Margaret Ryan
14:57.8 PRSt. Benedict Element...
33.7Sydney McLeod
15:03.4 PRAlphonsus Academy
34.5Lorelei Travers
15:06.4 PRSt. Josaphat
35.7Eve Darke
15:09.9 PRLatin School of Chic...
36.8Julia Stern
15:10.5 PRSt. Benedict Element...
37.8Julia Parsa
15:11.2Francis W. Parker
38.7Lydia Elbert
15:11.5 PRSt Matthias
39.7Olivia Petrillo
15:12.2 PRSt. Benedict Element...
40.6Emma Basil
15:12.2 PRFrances Xavier Warde
41.7Oriella Ortiz
15:22.1 PRMorgan Park Academy
42.7Campbell Brusca
15:22.1 PRSt. Benedict Element...
43.8Kate Allen-Study
15:29.5Francis W. Parker
44.5Esmeralda Gutierrez
15:31.1 PRSt Matthias
45.7Inaya Abdul
15:37.4 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
46.8Bridget Kilpatrick
15:39.3 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
47.7Maddie French
15:39.6 PRSt. Josaphat
48.8Ava Viti
15:40.6 PRSt. Josaphat
49.7Hannah Hart
15:45.1St. Benedict Element...
50.8Jui Khankari
15:46.2 PRUniversity of Chicag...
51.8Carolyn Gao
15:47.0 PRUniversity of Chicag...
52.7Mykal-Michele Park...
15:52.3 SRSt. Helen
53.7Grace Collins
16:00.4 PRSt. Josaphat
54.8Emily Guilfoyle
16:06.8 PRSt. Benedict Element...
55.7Olivia Fitzgerald
16:11.4 PRFrances Xavier Warde
56.7Ixchel Hernandez
16:17.1 PRFrances Xavier Warde
57.8Nikki Dong
16:19.2 PRFrances Xavier Warde
58.7Ludie Burr
16:26.1 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
59.8Lauren Kilpatrick
16:27.5 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
60.7Madison Vanderbilt
16:27.7 PRLatin School of Chic...
61.7Kendall Williams
16:27.7 PRSt Matthias
62.7Anna Volk
16:31.7 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
63.6Elizabeth Martin
16:32.7 PRSt. Josaphat
64.8Julia Martin
16:33.5 PRSt. Josaphat
65.8Natalie Ryan
16:43.6 SRImmaculate Conceptio...
66.8Michi Parsa
16:46.5Francis W. Parker
67.8Ellie Horenkamp
16:49.1 PRSt. Josaphat
68.7Madeline Fleming
16:49.1St. Benedict Element...
69.7Olivia Kittrell
17:02.3 PRFrances Xavier Warde
70.7Jade Deng
17:06.2 PRUniversity of Chicag...
71.7Amelia Cifu
17:08.8 PRUniversity of Chicag...
72.7Serena Thomas
17:15.7 PRUniversity of Chicag...
73.8Inga Domenick
17:18.3 PRUniversity of Chicag...
74.7Jana Lesniak
17:21.0 PRUniversity of Chicag...
75.7Ellie Kirkland
17:30.0St. Benedict Element...
76.8Leilani Kulkarni
18:01.0 PRFrancis W. Parker
77.7Ndeye Kambe
18:17.7 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
78.7Gabriela Cifuentes
18:17.9 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
79.8Anya Haynes
20:01.1 PRMorgan Park Academy
80.7Madeline Clough
22:21.8 PRSt. Helen
81.7Charlotte Geyskins
22:57.3 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
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1 Miles 5th & 6th

Official Team Scores

1.Immaculate Conception North ...82
2.University of Chicago Labora...90
3.St. Josaphat95
4.Old St. Mary's Catholic107
5.Lycee Francais de Chicago117
6.St. Benedict Elementary124
7.Latin School of Chicago143
8.Alphonsus Academy158
9.Frances Xavier Warde187
10.St. Helen262
1.5Hayden Fischer
06:12.0 PRLatin School of Chic...
2.6Kate Pickford
06:17.7 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
3.6Sophia Baker
06:28.4 PRUniversity of Chicag...
4.5Isabelle Grady
06:28.8 PRSt. Benedict Element...
5.6Dylan Greene
06:31.1 PRSt. Josaphat
6.5Audrey Clavadetscher
06:38.1 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
7.5Karina Cassanova
06:38.2 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
8.5Grace O'Connor
06:39.0 PRSt Matthias
9.5Luciana Parrilli
06:43.9 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
10.5Molly Zann
06:46.0 PRLatin School of Chic...
11.6Margaux Bailey
06:48.1 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
12.6Miriam Niestat
06:50.1 PRUniversity of Chicag...
13.5Valeria Fernandez ...
06:50.4 PRFrances Xavier Warde
14.5Izzy Shifrin
06:54.6 PRSt. Benedict Element...
15.5Frances Oliver
06:55.4 PRSt Matthias
16.5Isabella Soriano
06:56.1 PRFrances Xavier Warde
17.6Elizabeth Unger
06:57.6 PRSt. Josaphat
18.6Sasha Watson
06:57.9 PRUniversity of Chicag...
19.5Abby Arseneau
06:59.9 PRSt. Josaphat
20.5Reilly O'Hara
07:00.0 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
21.6Lilly Buchanan
07:03.7 PRSt Matthias
22.5Madeline Ogilvie
07:05.5 PRAlphonsus Academy
23.5Marguerite Duncan
07:06.4 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
24.6Mackenzie Cote
07:06.7 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
25.5Victoria Smith
07:07.5 PRSacred Heart
26.5Eleanor Farrell
07:08.5 PRSacred Heart
27.5Moira Quinn
07:09.1 PRAlphonsus Academy
28.5Lucy Kirkland
07:09.5 PRSt. Benedict Element...
29.5Olivia Magliochetti
07:09.6 PRAlphonsus Academy
30.6Francesca Zenger
07:10.2 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
31.6Marcella Carter
07:11.6 PRUniversity of Chicag...
32.5Catherine Bransfield
07:12.5 PRSt. Josaphat
33.5Kelsey Frazier
07:14.1 PRMorgan Park Academy
34.5Emma Hurley
07:14.3 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
35.5Abigail Sedevic
07:15.9 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
36.6Kashi Shah
07:16.3 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
37.6Sahana Singh
07:18.2 PRSt. Josaphat
38.6Emma Buckley
07:20.2 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
39.6Cynthia Summy
07:20.4 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
40.5Elisabeth Raub
07:21.1 PRSacred Heart
41.6Sierra Sikora
07:21.5 SRBeaubien
42.6Ana Grieve
07:22.4 PRUniversity of Chicag...
43.6Cece Ryan
07:23.2Immaculate Conceptio...
44.5Madelyn Starr
07:24.5 PRLatin School of Chic...
45.5Sophia Mendoza
07:25.4 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
46.6Olivia Stern
07:25.5St. Benedict Element...
47.5Katelyn Olivo
07:27.8 PRSt. Helen
48.5Julia York
07:29.0 SRSt. Josaphat
49.5Noelle Treadwell
07:29.0 PRSt. Josaphat
50.6Ellie Rhomberg
07:29.9 PRAlphonsus Academy
51.5Gwen Ryan
07:30.4 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
52.5Dilame Dorum-Bundr...
07:33.2 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
53.5Grace Brown
07:35.2 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
54.5Erin Guilfoyle
07:42.6 PRSt. Benedict Element...
55.5Elizabeth Kittrell
07:43.8 PRFrances Xavier Warde
56.5Imani Abdul
07:45.5 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
57.5Scarlett Lipe
07:46.2 PRLatin School of Chic...
58.5Kira Mahoney
07:47.8 PRLatin School of Chic...
59.6Naomi Gellar
07:51.9 PRFrancis W. Parker
60.5Grace Loma
07:55.2 PRFrancis W. Parker
61.5Sophia Lee
07:55.3 PRSt. Benedict Element...
62.6Alexa Smith
07:57.0 PRSt. Josaphat
63.5Abby Pierce
07:58.1Alphonsus Academy
64.5Zoe Carroll
07:58.4 PRLatin School of Chic...
65.6Erin Utley
08:01.3 SRSt. Josaphat
66.6Kumiko Muro
08:01.3 PRFrancis W. Parker
67.6Mikayla Pipes
08:05.3 PRSt. Helen
68.6Leona Bergin
08:07.6 PRMorgan Park Academy
69.5Eden Blumberg
08:24.3 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
70.6Katarina Peters
08:28.5 PRSt. Helen
71.5McKenzie Goltermann
08:29.5 PRLatin School of Chic...
72.5Meredith Duryea
08:33.3 PRSt. Josaphat
73.5Ellie Lagousakos
08:34.6 PRSacred Heart
74.5Caroline Bridgeman
08:38.5 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
75.5Greer Waller
08:42.8 PRFrances Xavier Warde
76.6Sofia Gomez
08:52.2 PRMorgan Park Academy
77.5Vanessa Pritchett
08:53.7 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
78.6Karmyn Jackson
08:59.2 PRMorgan Park Academy
79.5Paige Bennett
08:59.5 PRLycee Francais de Ch...
80.5Emerson Souder
09:05.7 SRLycee Francais de Ch...
81.6Monica Vallejo
09:48.9 SRSt. Helen
82.6Marin Waller
10:23.2 PRFrances Xavier Warde
83.5Ava Acevedo
11:04.4 PRSt. Helen
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1 Miles 3rd & 4th Grade

Official Team Scores

1.Old St. Mary's Catholic52
2.St. Benedict Elementary54
3.St Matthias55
4.Sacred Heart108
5.Alphonsus Academy120
6.Immaculate Conception North ...168
7.Latin School of Chicago (Low...175
8.St. Josaphat186
1.4Alexis Nelson
06:22.3 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
2.4Lyla Smith
06:33.3 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
3.4Annika Swan
06:38.1 PRSt Matthias
4.4Kate Radich
06:42.0 PRSt. Benedict Element...
5.4Megan Winters
06:43.0 PRSt Matthias
6.4Leena Manadan
06:54.9 PRFrances Xavier Warde
7.4Gabriella Duque
06:55.9 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
8.3Audrey Beebe
06:58.5 PRSt. Benedict Element...
9.4Eloise Graft
06:59.8 PRSt. Benedict Element...
10.3Hailey Carroll
07:01.0 PRLatin School of Chic...
11.4Alexandra Jones
07:04.6 PRAlphonsus Academy
12.4Daphne Schnack
07:05.2 PRAlphonsus Academy
13.4Grace Kiergan
07:05.5 PRSacred Heart
14.4Kiley Cavanagh
07:06.6 PRSacred Heart
15.4Ann Louise Elbert
07:09.5 PRSt Matthias
16.4Ava Stern
07:12.5 PRSt. Benedict Element...
17.3Ellen Sharp
07:12.6 PRSt Matthias
18.4Maeve Oliver
07:15.1 PRSt Matthias
19.4Nadia Dixon
07:17.4 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
20.4Anna Stuart
07:19.5 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
21.4Claire Duman
07:20.6 PRSt. Benedict Element...
22.3Elise Hagen
07:26.0 PRLatin School of Chic...
23.4Reagan Stecz
07:27.2 PRSt. Benedict Element...
24.4Hannah Winters
07:27.4 PRSt Matthias
25.4Anna Rhomberg
07:28.8 PRAlphonsus Academy
26.4Josie Allie
07:32.1 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
27.3Ruby Hogan
07:34.4 PRSacred Heart
28.4Clothilde Boyle
07:38.7 PRSacred Heart
29.4Annie Crotty
07:39.5 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
30.4Grace O'Neil
07:40.6 PRSt. Josaphat
31.3Tess Ginn
07:48.9 PRSacred Heart
32.4Emma Lucas
07:49.5 PRSt. Josaphat
33.4Madeline Mellon
07:51.2 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
34.4Maisie Prugh
07:53.2 PRAlphonsus Academy
35.4Maggie Marcus
07:54.1 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
36.4Eleanor Szczerba
07:54.4 PRSacred Heart
37.4Lauren Steele
07:56.8 PRSt. Josaphat
38.4Palmer Reid
07:57.4 PRSt. Helen
39.4Samantha Pilgrim
07:57.8 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
40.4Josie Dugenske
07:59.0 PRSacred Heart
41.4Evelyn Brusznicki
08:00.4 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
42.4Lucia Fernandez
08:03.5 PRSt. Benedict Element...
43.4Eleanor Blackburn
08:04.6 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
44.4Katelyn Ryan
08:05.7 PRSacred Heart
45.4Molly Kiergan
08:06.1 PRSacred Heart
46.4Chloe Knezevic
08:07.1 PRAlphonsus Academy
47.4Claire Lynch
08:08.6 PRSt. Josaphat
48.4Carly Borchers
08:10.1 PRSacred Heart
49.4Marin McLeod
08:10.4 PRAlphonsus Academy
50.3Charlii Lopez
08:13.4 PRSt Matthias
51.3Anja Mattson
08:15.9 PRSt Matthias
52.4Ariya Desai
08:16.6 PRLatin School of Chic...
53.4Shaili Peters
08:16.6 PRFrances Xavier Warde
54.4Sasha Ayala
08:18.9 PRSt. Benedict Element...
55.3Clara Schlachter
08:19.9 PRSt. Benedict Element...
56.4Ellie Sanderson
08:25.1 PRSt. Benedict Element...
57.4Angela Vallejo
08:27.6 PRSt. Helen
58.4Katherine Wiltrout
08:31.4 PRSt. Josaphat
59.4Sophie Kasper
08:32.6 PRFrances Xavier Warde
60.3Grace Coan
08:34.9 PRSacred Heart
61.4Clodagh Gallagher
08:36.3 PRSt Matthias
62.4Danae Romero
08:43.8 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
63.3Ilse Monarrez
08:45.0 PRLatin School of Chic...
64.4Eva Jakobe
08:47.5 PRSacred Heart
65.4Zoe Curry
08:48.4 PRSacred Heart
66.4Marguerite Robinson
08:52.7 PRFrances Xavier Warde
67.3ivory Haggard
08:55.2 PRLatin School of Chic...
68.4Alexis Golland
08:56.1 PROld St. Mary's Catho...
69.3Callie Vandermeid
08:58.0 PRSacred Heart
70.3Audrey Leutheuser
08:59.2 PRSacred Heart
71.4Ava Nelson
09:00.5 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
72.3Carly Cashion
09:02.6 PRSacred Heart
73.3Sophia Sessa
09:03.5 PRSt. Benedict Element...
74.3Elliana Creed
09:04.0 PRSacred Heart
75.3Sara Cutinho
09:04.4 PRLatin School of Chic...
76.4Kiara Novakovic
09:05.7 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
77.3Meredith Maechling
09:10.8 PRLatin School of Chic...
78.4Helen Chuimuno-Knott
09:26.4 PRSacred Heart
79.3Darby Hayes
09:32.8 PRSacred Heart
80.3Keaton Melstrom
09:34.8 PRSacred Heart
81.3Agnes Barlow
09:38.1 PRSacred Heart
82.3Reese Anderson
09:38.8 PRSacred Heart
83.3Emma Dougherty
09:41.1 PRLatin School of Chic...
84.4Ella Hawkins
09:48.7 PRSacred Heart
85.3Hannah Park-Tagal
09:48.7 PRSacred Heart
86.3Susan Hammel
10:02.8St Matthias
87.4Helen Menard
10:02.9St Matthias
88.4Sophia Shaughnessy
10:03.7 PRAlphonsus Academy
89.4Emma Prochaska
10:07.6 PRImmaculate Conceptio...
90.3Stella Tate Riccia...
10:18.3 PRLatin School of Chic...
91.3Josephine Haas
10:25.1 PRSacred Heart
92.4Olivia Kloss
10:25.5 PRLatin School of Chic...
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