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Bonita Vista
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

12Isaiah Labra
16:24Bonita Vista
2.12Giovanni Stone
16:50 PROtay Ranch
11Mario Barone
17:03Bonita Vista
11Jonathan Kelly
17:12Bonita Vista
12Toshin Agbede
17:17Bonita Vista
12Armando Campos
17:35Bonita Vista
6.11Joel Talamayan
17:35Otay Ranch
8.10Colby Parise
17:40Otay Ranch
11Christian Mason
17:46Bonita Vista
10.12Sebastian Luna
17:49Otay Ranch
11.12Noel Perdio
17:52Otay Ranch
11Christian Salt
18:02Bonita Vista
13.10Andre Sison
18:11Otay Ranch
14.10Johan Gijon
19:09Otay Ranch
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

11Kevin Llerenas
18:13Bonita Vista
10Gustavo Vazquez
18:24Bonita Vista
11Harrison Ing
18:35Bonita Vista
12Marco Ugarte
18:42Bonita Vista
5.10Angelo Javier
18:48Otay Ranch
12Robert Aviles
18:51Bonita Vista
7.10Kevin Kakkary
18:51Otay Ranch
8.12Sebastian Oostburg
18:54Otay Ranch
9.12Mario Barragan
19:04Otay Ranch
11Isaac Negrete
19:05Bonita Vista
11.12Ezra Camarena
19:09Otay Ranch
10Noah Nafarrete
19:20 PRBonita Vista
10Ethan Gamboa
19:26Bonita Vista
11Ronin Flores de la...
19:46Bonita Vista
15.11Albert Nguyen
19:54 SROtay Ranch
10Jackson Reaksecker
20:09Bonita Vista
17.9Randall Horne
20:12 PROtay Ranch
10Tyden Rucker
20:13 SRBonita Vista
19.10Robert Gonzalez
20:29Otay Ranch
20.10Nathan Mestre
20:32Otay Ranch
9Luis Suarez
20:37 PRBonita Vista
22.12Christopher Fowler
20:44Otay Ranch
23.9Khristian Closas
20:48Otay Ranch
24.10Miguel Suarez
20:49Otay Ranch
11Isiah Algere
20:51Bonita Vista
26.9Robert Romo
20:51 PROtay Ranch
10Benjamin Ayala
20:59 PRBonita Vista
28.9Jacen Salvador
21:03Otay Ranch
9Ruben Ramos
21:06Bonita Vista
30.10Moises Rodriguez
21:14Otay Ranch
31.11Michael Lepe
21:15 SROtay Ranch
32.12Joseph Calvillo
21:17Otay Ranch
33.9Eduardo Alvarez
21:18 PROtay Ranch
34.11Nico Narvaza
21:18Otay Ranch
35.12Kuu Wade
21:26Otay Ranch
36.9Dominic Garcia
21:29Otay Ranch
11Thomas Burt
21:40 PRBonita Vista
39.9Dhaamin Buford
22:13Otay Ranch
9Alexis Pulido
22:15 PRBonita Vista
41.9Roel Torralba
22:18Otay Ranch
42.12Seth Angeles
22:23Otay Ranch
43.12Nicholas Acosta
22:28Otay Ranch
44.11Adrian Rodriguez
22:33Otay Ranch
45.10Calvin Taylor
22:40Otay Ranch
46.9Nicholas Lautz
22:44 PROtay Ranch
47.9Miguel Navarro
23:24 PROtay Ranch
48.9Ethan Esteban
23:34 PROtay Ranch
10Cameron Matson
23:37Bonita Vista
50.10Diego Lynch
23:43Otay Ranch
51.11David Dickey
24:07Otay Ranch
52.9Christopher Cate
24:22 PROtay Ranch
53.10Nathaniel Stroud
24:31Otay Ranch
54.9Adrien Galuz
24:36Otay Ranch
9Quentin Grossman
24:41Bonita Vista
56.10Ian Goff
24:43Otay Ranch
9Joshua Tighe
25:05Bonita Vista
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Womens Results

2.5 Miles Varsity

1.10Micshilee Resendiz
16:42Otay Ranch
2.11Yllana Casim
16:44Otay Ranch
12Sarah Suarez
17:00 PRBonita Vista
4.11Adriana Horne
17:16Otay Ranch
5.10Sara Williams
17:18Otay Ranch
12Alina Vizcaya
17:24 SRBonita Vista
7.12Emelie Jones
18:09Otay Ranch
8.10Elizabeth Davidson
18:10Otay Ranch
11Gianna Gregorio
18:20Bonita Vista
10.9Autumn Filson
18:22Otay Ranch
11Kakaii Wango'olo
18:24 SRBonita Vista
12Monique Beck
18:40Bonita Vista
12Jasmine Beck
18:41 SRBonita Vista
9Isabella Reichard
18:44 PRBonita Vista
15.12Luz Aguilar
18:48Otay Ranch
10Karla Ochoa
18:50Bonita Vista
18.11Diana Osuna
18:52 SROtay Ranch
9Sequoia Kriss
18:53Bonita Vista
11Raquel Escobedo
19:02Bonita Vista
9Alexis Dauz
19:11Bonita Vista
11Kimberly Lindquist
19:14 SRBonita Vista
22.10Alexandra Dickey
19:14Otay Ranch
11Kjara-Louise Hellm...
19:51Bonita Vista
25.11Salina Huerta
20:01 PROtay Ranch
9Sophia Estrada
20:03 PRBonita Vista
27.11Kevi Botani
20:03Otay Ranch
28.11Vanessa Sevilla
20:06 SROtay Ranch
29.11Kyra Reyes
20:06Otay Ranch
30.11Megan Donohue
20:08Otay Ranch
31.11Jordan Bellema
20:17 PROtay Ranch
32.9Skylar Pires
20:24Otay Ranch
33.10Aileen Yagi
20:32Otay Ranch
34.9Isabelle Eide
20:41Otay Ranch
35.9Sage Lee
21:04 PROtay Ranch
36.9Sofia Pacello
21:34Otay Ranch
37.11Melissa Phan
22:09Otay Ranch
38.12Cassandra Calvillo
22:29Otay Ranch
39.9Ahndrea Cuevas
22:39Otay Ranch
40.-Isabella Navarrete
22:40 PROtay Ranch
12Korina Casillas
23:11 SRBonita Vista
42.-Giselle Navarrete
23:23 PROtay Ranch
10Rebecca Gonzalez
23:48Bonita Vista
10Munich Villanueva
24:00 PRBonita Vista
45.9Corinna Centeno
26:57 PROtay Ranch
46.9Rosalinda Blancarte
29:05Otay Ranch
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