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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
2.15 Miles Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters New Division
5,000 Meters New Division
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
2.15 Miles Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.King Philip46
1.11Patrick Heavey
16:10 PRMansfield
2.12Kalin Petrov
3.12Kevin Crawford
4.10Michael Norberg
16:33King Philip
5.11Cullen Lancaster
16:42 PRMansfield
6.11Paxton Howard
7.11Ben Thibeault
17:03 PRMansfield
8.12Collin Rice
9.11Alexander Hagen
17:32King Philip
10.11Joshua Smith
17:50 PRKing Philip
11.10Nathan Farkash
17:51King Philip
12.11Peter Sullivan
13.11Justin Miller
14.12Nick Horn
18:01 PRMansfield
15.11Ryan Connor
18:04 PRKing Philip
16.11Brendan Lemieux
18:13 PRKing Philip
17.12Samuel Page
18:14King Philip
18.12Matt Weiner
18:15 SRMansfield
19.11Matthew Andrews
18:21King Philip
20.12Devin Chatterjee
21.11Sam Donnellan
18:40 PRMansfield
22.12Ryan Anderson
18:43 SRKing Philip
23.10Anthony Cardosa
18:45 PRMansfield
24.12Peter Lally
25.12Aeden Angelone
19:13 SRKing Philip
26.11Cole DiForte
27.11Matt Whalen
19:23 PRMansfield
28.11Matthew Katz
19:24 PRMansfield
29.10Eric DeLorenzo
19:34King Philip
30.11Robert Saquet
31.10Mike Peel
20:34 PRMansfield
32.10Dan Olen
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2.15 Miles Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.King Philip37
1.12Eric McQuiggan
13:23 PRMansfield
2.9Jake Brawley
13:42 PRKing Philip
3.11Dan Knight
13:58 PRMansfield
4.9Tim Corkery
14:02 PRMansfield
5.10Owen Conlin
14:05 PRKing Philip
6.12Dan Medeiros
14:19 PRMansfield
7.9Liam Noke
14:22King Philip
8.9James Schlenker
14:37 PRMansfield
9.10Orion Hallowell
14:38 PRMansfield
10.9Jack Taylor
14:42 PRMansfield
11.9Kyle Gracer
14:47 PRMansfield
12.10Ryan Kosh
14:49 PRKing Philip
13.12Nicholas Abril
14:50 PRKing Philip
14.9Sam Evans
15:05 PRKing Philip
15.9Ryan Rispoli
15:08 PRMansfield
16.9Andrew Noke
15:23King Philip
17.12Matt Buiser
17:10 PRMansfield
18.12Harrison Burke
17:12King Philip
19.11Muhammed Jamous
17:50 PRMansfield
20.11Brendan Sullivan
17:52 PRMansfield
21.10Adam King
18:56King Philip
22.9Tim Santoro
19:10King Philip
23.9Owen Lasbury-Casey
23:53 PRMansfield
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.King Philip23
1.12Erin Quinn
19:46 SRKing Philip
2.11Margaret Riley
20:08 PRMansfield
3.12Nina Sitarski
20:50 SRKing Philip
4.9Isabelle Crocker
21:14 PRKing Philip
5.11Valaree Buonora
21:35 PRMansfield
6.12Sarah Doyle
7.10Lilia Angelone
21:39 PRKing Philip
8.12Leia Quinn
21:41 SRKing Philip
9.11Abigail Dunne
22:18King Philip
10.11Nicole Penney
11.10Jessica Alestock
12.10Dayna Aubin
22:24King Philip
13.9Emma Lamson
14.12Abigail O'Brien
15.10Rebecca Ireland
23:04King Philip
16.10Skylar Seifart
23:09King Philip
17.9Meredith Cowan
23:32 PRMansfield
18.11Catherine Cummings
23:35King Philip
19.12Kaitlyn Ward
23:36King Philip
20.12Alexandra Welch
23:37 SRKing Philip
21.12Molly Mullin
23:42 SRKing Philip
22.10Hailee Longmoore
24:19King Philip
23.10Abigail Simmons
24:25King Philip
24.12Victoria Ely
24:45 SRKing Philip
25.10Samantha Greco
26.11Ashley Marshall
25:07King Philip
27.12Rebecca Epstein
25:42King Philip
28.12Thea Conlin
25:50 PRKing Philip
29.10Mary Muldoon
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2.15 Miles Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.King Philip21
1.10Ally Garven
16:27 PRKing Philip
2.9Alyssa Boucher
16:57 PRKing Philip
3.12Emily Penta
16:58 PRMansfield
4.9Sophia Delvecchio
17:00 PRKing Philip
5.11McKenzie Johnston
17:18 PRMansfield
6.10Emily Holmes
17:53 PRKing Philip
7.12Charlotte Breef-Pilz
18:13 PRMansfield
8.9Caroline Pasquanto...
18:29 PRKing Philip
9.10Madeline Newhall
18:31King Philip
10.12Genevine Kilgore
19:29 PRMansfield
11.12Emma Swansburg
19:41 PRMansfield
12.11Ashley Tsimtsos
20:25 PRMansfield
13.10Hannah Olsen
20:59 PRMansfield
14.12Emma Neary
23:33 PRMansfield
15.11Elizabeth Costanzo
24:00 PRKing Philip
16.11Breanne Dugan
24:35 PRKing Philip
17.10Katie Neary
29:12 PRMansfield
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