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Mens Results

6,000 Meters Men

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Oakland University18
2.Saginaw Valley State67
4.Detroit Mercy107
6.University of Michigan-Dearb...158
7.Cleary University225
8.Oakland Community College235
9.Mott CC246
10.Concordia (MI)275
11.St Clair County Community Co...290
12.Kirtland CC347

Hypothetical Scores

1.SrJacob Bowman
18:38.6 PROakland University
2.SrBryce Stroede
18:38.7 PROakland University
3.JrConnor Wuori
18:52.6 SROakland University
4.JrBrad Mallory
19:06.8 SROakland University
5.Michael Cox
6.Zach Pettings
7.FrAusten Mandernach
19:29.2 PRSaginaw Valley State
8.SoKeenan Jones
19:41.1 PROakland University
9.FrBranden Bohling
19:44.8 PRSaginaw Valley State
10.FrAaron Bachman
19:48.8 PRMacomb
11.FrThomas Mueller
19:53.7 PRDetroit Mercy
12.SoScott Smith
19:59.5 PRDetroit Mercy
13.SoAdam Fraeyman
20:00.8 PRDetroit Mercy
14.SrThomas Kean
20:01.2 PRSaginaw Valley State
15.FrJoshua Mussen
20:13.5 PRUniversity of Michig...
16.Owen Smith
17.JrTellis Donjanowski
20:19.7 PRSaginaw Valley State
18.SrAustin Dawn
20:21.0 PROakland University
19.FrKyle Schwieman
20:21.4 PROakland University
20.JrKavi Kulkarni
20:24.4 PRSaginaw Valley State
21.FrChase Fedolak
20:25.2 PRMacomb
22.JrJordan Walters
20:26.5 PRSaginaw Valley State
23.SoEthan Taljonick
20:28.9 PRMott CC
24.FrMitch MacDonald
20:30.2 PRMacomb
25.SrGreg Ingle
20:32.4 PRDetroit Mercy
26.SoRyan Silvestri
20:35.7 PRSaginaw Valley State
27.Owen Howard
28.FrJarred Jolley
20:37.8 PRMacomb
29.SoRob Roest
20:38.8 PRSaginaw Valley State
30.FrJoshua Williams
20:47.2 PRUniversity of Michig...
31.JrNate Heierman
20:48.9 PRConcordia (MI)
32.SoJack Dulworth
20:48.9 PRJackson
33.Wes Deiner
34.FrNoah Dawn
20:52.1 PROakland University
35.SrSean Nowak
21:05.2 PRUniversity of Michig...
36.FrRiley Nickell
21:06.5 PRMacomb
37.SrJoseph Ufolla
21:09.0 PRCleary University
38.FrJacob Ernatt
21:10.8 PROakland Community Co...
39.SoCameron Bitzer
21:13.3 PRRochester College
40.SoDylan Mosher
21:19.2 PRMott CC
41.FrNathan Wilson
21:20.0 PRUniversity of Michig...
42.Jim Seeds
43.SoShane Skelcy
21:21.5 PROakland Community Co...
44.FrRoth Thoms
21:26.2 PRConcordia (MI)
45.FrZach MacDonald
21:26.8 PRMacomb
46.FrTom Szymanski
21:30.4 PRMacomb
47.SoZachery Adkins
21:34.5 PRCleary University
48.JrNick Plude
21:40.7 PRSaginaw Valley State
49.SrGreg Trierweiler
21:45.9 PRCleary University
50.FrFrank Lafave
21:48.9 PRUniversity of Michig...
51.SoSantana Scott
21:50.5 SRDetroit Mercy
52.SoAndrew Kohn
21:54.6 PRUniversity of Michig...
53.FrJosh Phelps
21:55.3 PROakland Community Co...
54.SoCaebryn Crabtree
21:55.5 PRCleary University
55.FrTaggart Tokie
21:56.6 PROakland Community Co...
56.FrJacob Dolan
22:00.6 PRUniversity of Michig...
57.FrJohnathon Ridley
22:04.4 PRSt Clair County Comm...
58.FrClinton Too
22:06.5 PRJackson
59.FrBrandon Hughes
22:09.8 PRSt Clair County Comm...
60.FrLucas Armstrong
22:09.9 PRSchoolcraft
61.Chris Scott
62.SrKaleb Coston
22:16.4 PRCleary University
63.SoSean Fisher
22:19.4 PRUniversity of Michig...
64.SoCody Hepinstall
22:22.6 PRCleary University
65.Glen Scott
66.SoGarett Nelson
22:32.4 PRCleary University
67.FrJosh Johnson
22:33.0 PRSt Clair County Comm...
68.FrCody Sanchez
22:38.5 PRSt Clair County Comm...
69.Jon Steinhoff
70.FrCarson Krupp
22:46.7 PRMott CC
71.FrRJ Boccomino
22:47.7 PRMacomb
72.FrLuke Arreola
22:54.3 PRUniversity of Michig...
73.FrHenry Robertson
22:57.3 PRUniversity of Michig...
74.SoDominic Santina
23:04.6 PRRochester College
75.SoAndrew Ellicott
23:11.0 PRMacomb
76.FrElijah Bragg
23:18.6 PRKirtland CC
77.FrJack Felts
23:20.0 PRMacomb
78.SoKelvin Kellk
23:25.6 PRJackson
79.FrNick Major
23:27.9 PRMacomb
80.SoIan Fox
23:28.6 PRMott CC
81.SoDelson Christian
23:52.5 PRUniversity of Michig...
82.FrEmilio Gomez
23:53.9 PROakland Community Co...
83.SrJoseph Brinton
23:55.7 PRConcordia (MI)
84.FrChandler Johnson
24:00.5 PRMacomb
85.FrJon Gall
24:11.0 PRMacomb
86.FrJacob Popyk
24:19.0 PRMott CC
87.SrBrandon Binkowski
24:26.6 PRConcordia (MI)
88.FrJoseph Masamery
24:49.6 PROakland Community Co...
89.SoIbrahim Mourad
25:04.2 PRSchoolcraft
90.SoRobert McNamara
25:22.8 PRSchoolcraft
91.FrTremone McRae
25:41.8 PRMacomb
92.FrRemington Martin
26:02.7 PRSt Clair County Comm...
93.SoTim Murphy
26:36.3 PROakland Community Co...
94.SoStanley Hutchinson
26:36.3 PRMacomb
95.FrLuke Hargis
28:04.0 PRJackson
96.FrDylan Danhoff
29:30.9 PRKirtland CC
97.FrJustin Couch
30:01.2 PRKirtland CC
98.FrJacob Peck
30:23.8 PRKirtland CC
99.FrCameron Gingerich
30:41.7 PRKirtland CC
100.SoJaryd Forbes
32:30.0 SRSt Clair County Comm...
101.SrDavid Gaynier
36:50.9 PRConcordia (MI)
102.SoJeremiah Barth
37:06.4 PRKirtland CC
103.FrRiley Connett
37:27.6 PRKirtland CC
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Women

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Oakland University24
2.Saginaw Valley State56
3.Detroit Mercy83
4.Cleary University134
7.University of Michigan-Dearb...183
8.Rochester College225
9.Concordia (MI)230
10.Mott CC305
11.St Clair County Community Co...307
12.Kirtland CC329

Hypothetical Scores

1.JrRachel Levy
13:59.9 PROakland University
2.SrAshley Burr
14:00.7 PROakland University
3.FrMaggie Schneider
14:09.5 PROakland University
4.Allison Dorr
5.SrSydnie Fetherolf
14:35.7 PRDetroit Mercy
6.JrMadison Paquette
14:39.4 PRCleary University
7.FrMaggie Pawelczyk
14:48.6 PRSaginaw Valley State
8.SrAlana Koepf
14:53.2 PROakland University
9.FrMorgan Fuerst
14:56.0 PRSaginaw Valley State
10.FrMaddi Leigh
14:57.2 PROakland University
11.JrSophia Bradley
14:59.7 PRSaginaw Valley State
12.SrSammy Mondry
15:01.6 SROakland University
13.SrKendra Colesa
15:10.1 PROakland University
14.SrAlicia Tomlin
15:11.8 PRSaginaw Valley State
15.FrBailey Cronin
15:22.6 PROakland University
16.FrIsabella Garcia
15:23.9 PRSaginaw Valley State
17.FrHeather Czarnecki
15:29.5 PROakland University
18.SrJenny Ponkowski
15:32.8 SRDetroit Mercy
19.FrCarissa Martin
15:36.5 PRSaginaw Valley State
20.FrMadison Burnham
15:37.7 PRDetroit Mercy
21.FrAliza Hengesbach
15:39.4 PRDetroit Mercy
22.SrNatasha Stevenson
15:40.8 SRCleary University
23.FrVictoria Hebda
15:42.8 PRUniversity of Michig...
24.JrJessica Stroede
15:44.3 SROakland University
25.SoMacy Gustavus
15:47.8 PRMacomb
26.SrAleighsha Engisch
15:49.5 PRCleary University
27.FrJenna Keiser
15:52.5 PRSaginaw Valley State
28.SoRebecca Estep
15:56.8 PRSaginaw Valley State
29.SoKayla Hughes
15:59.6 PRDetroit Mercy
30.SoAllison Shannon
16:02.7 SROakland University
31.SoLaura Estrada
16:05.9 PRSaginaw Valley State
32.SrDarby Meinecke
16:06.8 PRSaginaw Valley State
33.SoSydney Kreger
16:07.3 PRSaginaw Valley State
34.Marisa Papadelis
35.JrBreunisje Kass-McG...
16:14.5 PRCleary University
36.Kaitlin Cavallo
37.JrMegan Seccombe
16:21.7 PRUniversity of Michig...
38.JrEmily Bemis
16:21.9 PRRochester College
39.FrRebekah Harden
16:25.6 PRDetroit Mercy
40.JrKinzie Sikkema
16:27.7 PRSaginaw Valley State
41.SrSydney Shaw
16:32.8 PRDetroit Mercy
42.FrMorgan Markel
16:36.4 PRMacomb
43.FrKylie Sikkema
16:38.9 PRSaginaw Valley State
44.SrCourtney Dykema
16:40.2 PRConcordia (MI)
45.Dakota Tell
46.Madeline Salem
16:45.9 PRRochester College
47.FrAlly Slone
16:46.7 PRMacomb
48.SoAmber Streeter
16:51.5 PRConcordia (MI)
49.SoMegan Cates
16:52.2 SRMacomb
50.FrElizabeth Setsuda
16:56.8 PRSchoolcraft
51.FrGabby Porter
16:59.4 PRConcordia (MI)
52.FrSarah Dedolph
17:03.0 PRDetroit Mercy
53.FrJulia Cercone
17:04.3 PRUniversity of Michig...
54.SoMiranda Cates
17:05.2 SRMacomb
55.FrMadison Dean
17:05.6 PRSaginaw Valley State
56.FrAbby Bentz
17:06.2 PRConcordia (MI)
57.FrAnastasia Bragg
17:13.7 PRKirtland CC
58.SoMickaela Dela Cruz
17:15.6 PRUniversity of Michig...
59.JrLacey Wojt
17:17.5 PRRochester College
60.FrCamryn Zurawski
17:19.9 PRUniversity of Michig...
61.FrJillian Alongi
17:28.5 PRMacomb
62.FrSarah Hanson
17:28.6 PRJackson
63.FrBrogan Westra
17:30.3 PRUniversity of Michig...
64.SoMegan O'Hara
17:31.6 PRMacomb
65.SoLasaundra Eggleston
17:38.3 PRMacomb
66.FrJulia Felts
17:43.8 PRMacomb
67.Kylee Wright-Alexa...
17:48.4 PRRochester College
68.Scarlett Charles
69.JrAnnmarie Taylor
17:51.1 SRDetroit Mercy
70.FrVictoria Hale
17:52.4 PRMott CC
71.SrEmily Eccleton
18:08.4 PRUniversity of Michig...
72.SoAshley Karnick
18:14.8 PRMacomb
73.SoAlyssa Harlow
18:18.9 PRUniversity of Michig...
74.FrAudrey Sylvia
18:25.4 PRSt Clair County Comm...
75.Danielle Hack
76.FrIsraa Ali
18:33.1 PRUniversity of Michig...
77.FrCaitlyn Hynek
18:35.8 PRUniversity of Michig...
78.FrMadison Woodall
18:44.5 PRSt Clair County Comm...
79.FrMadison Dunlap
18:52.9 PRJackson
80.FrAlyssa Lane
18:54.9 PRCleary University
81.SoCaterina Gryspeerd
19:21.4 PRSt Clair County Comm...
82.FrJasmin Messer
19:35.1 PROakland Community Co...
83.JrKaylee Kozlowski
19:40.3 PRUniversity of Michig...
84.SoJoelle Lochrie
20:05.1 PROakland Community Co...
85.FrAlexys Wainio
20:49.3 PRMott CC
86.FrMorgan Coolman
20:58.1 PRMott CC
87.SoStephanie Ung
21:10.2 PRMacomb
88.SoIsabelle Dietz
21:10.7 PRRochester College
89.Kereen Williams
90.FrMarisa Hunnicutt-M...
21:51.2 PRCleary University
91.FrAngelica Abbott
21:52.4 PRMott CC
92.FrMarissa Richard
21:59.9 PRMott CC
93.FrNicole Burgess
23:26.5 PRSt Clair County Comm...
94.FrTala Barton
24:10.7 PRKirtland CC
95.Alicia Mattivzzo
96.FrKatrina Roy
26:28.2 PRSt Clair County Comm...
97.FrKorrin Pease
26:30.2 PRKirtland CC
98.Lauren Hope
26:54.5 PRRochester College
99.FrNajharae Young
31:38.4 PROakland Community Co...
100.Cierra Griffin
32:10.2 PRRochester College
101.FrAbigail Nutt
32:10.4 PRKirtland CC
102.FrLauren Woodworth
33:13.6 PRKirtland CC
103.SrEmma Eising
34:06.3 PRConcordia (MI)
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