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5,000 Meters Varsity
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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Durham Academy
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Durham Academy29
2.Charles E Jordan Senior43
3.North Carolina School of Sci...52
4.Cary Academy117
6.North Raleigh Christian Acad...166
1.12Ethan Goldman
16:45.4Durham Academy
2.11Ethan Frey
16:48.5North Carolina Schoo...
3.11Daniel McAdams
17:07.3Charles E Jordan Sen...
4.10Mark Alkins
17:07.7Durham Academy
5.11Jonathan Piccillo
17:23.8Charles E Jordan Sen...
6.10Mac Hays
17:30.4Durham Academy
7.11Jack Anderson
17:31.5Durham Academy
8.11Joshua Egan
17:41.5Charles E Jordan Sen...
9.12Karna Morey
17:54.0North Carolina Schoo...
10.11Trevor Pharr
17:59.6North Carolina Schoo...
11.11Tigey Jewell-Alibhai
18:07.5Durham Academy
12.10Bennett Dombcik
18:09.6Durham Academy
13.11Xavier Gomez
18:17.3 PRCharles E Jordan Sen...
14.11Andrew Clegg
18:19.0Charles E Jordan Sen...
15.11Max Hirsch
18:30.5North Carolina Schoo...
16.11Daniel Bennett
18:41.2North Carolina Schoo...
17.12Ednan Ochieng
18:43.0Charles E Jordan Sen...
18.9Matthew Crow
18:44.3Cary Academy
19.10Michael Guilmette
20.9Xavier Desouza
18:47.0Cary Academy
21.11Nicolas Muecke
18:54.0North Carolina Schoo...
22.11Andy Liu
19:00.9North Carolina Schoo...
23.9Kyle Murphy
19:08.6Cary Academy
24.12Nathan Barrier
19:27.2Charles E Jordan Sen...
25.10Ben Davis
19:28.4North Raleigh Christ...
26.11Aryan Rai
19:31.5North Carolina Schoo...
27.11Spencer Adler
19:37.8Durham Academy
28.11Garrison Bullard
19:45.2North Carolina Schoo...
29.10Shan Wang
19:46.6Durham Academy
30.11William Leary
19:55.5North Carolina Schoo...
31.11James Taylor
20:06.3Cary Academy
32.12Scott Hallyburton
20:14.6Durham Academy
33.10Abutu Alioche
20:17.6Charles E Jordan Sen...
34.10Taylor Healy
35.12Shane Hoffman
20:24.2Cary Academy
10Sebastian Lascola
20:25Durham Academy
36.11RJ Jain
20:29.1Cary Academy
9Ryan Norris
20:32Durham Academy
11Hern Lim
20:33Cary Academy
37.10Owen Mulqueen
20:35.5Cary Academy
38.12Josh Klein
20:49.9Durham Academy
39.10Antonio Arellano
20:51.8 PRRiverside
9Tharindu Fernando
21:06Durham Academy
10Will Aarons
21:06Cary Academy
40.10Rick Conner
21:13.1North Raleigh Christ...
41.-Joshua Fischer
21:21.7 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
10Adam Astrachan
21:34Durham Academy
10Dane Fekete
21:43 PRCary Academy
42.9Zack Martin
21:45.8North Raleigh Christ...
43.10Tai Gordan
44.11Elior Martinez
45.10Caleb Yeuh
10Alex Tsuetaki
22:01Durham Academy
46.10Chris Shen
22:11.9North Raleigh Christ...
12Hutch Whitman
22:16Cary Academy
10Parker Perkins
22:40Cary Academy
47.12Allen Stockburger
11Aditya Surana
22:57Cary Academy
9Ryan Chen
23:04Cary Academy
11Viraj Shah
23:06Cary Academy
10Teo Feliu
23:48Cary Academy
10Jacob Palmer
23:50Durham Academy
9James Knowles
23:51Durham Academy
10Linus Dannoll
23:53Durham Academy
10Colin Zhu
24:01Cary Academy
10Saavan Yerramsetty
24:22Cary Academy
11Julian Adler
24:27Durham Academy
9Gwynn Nowell
24:47Cary Academy
9Tommy Frank
24:59Cary Academy
48.-Cole Harding
25:00.9North Raleigh Christ...
10Jackson Smithwick
25:27Durham Academy
10Atticus Sauls
26:25 SRCary Academy
9Graham Hairston
26:46Durham Academy
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.North Carolina School of Sci...26
2.North Raleigh Christian Acad...72
3.Durham Academy81
4.Charles E Jordan Senior86
1.10Jordan Landis
2.12Gabrielle Marushack
20:23.7North Carolina Schoo...
3.12Scout Hayashi
20:54.1North Carolina Schoo...
4.11Kennedy Poppler
20:56.7North Carolina Schoo...
5.10Kate Meares
21:04.1North Raleigh Christ...
6.11Emmaline Daggett
21:12.0North Carolina Schoo...
7.9Anna Catherine Wil...
21:21.0Durham Academy
8.10Brooke Robinson
21:29.7North Raleigh Christ...
9.9Quinn Shanahan
21:32.7Durham Academy
10.12Ceara Gannon
21:42.2Charles E Jordan Sen...
11.11Hope Hosford
22:02.7North Carolina Schoo...
12.10Fran Pacchiana
22:14.8Durham Academy
13.9Victoria Dunston
22:21.5Charles E Jordan Sen...
14.11Emma Reinhardt
22:35.4North Carolina Schoo...
15.9Lucy Kraus
16.10Christa Dutton
22:40.6North Raleigh Christ...
17.10Sabrina Shine
18.12Katie Danis
22:50.1North Carolina Schoo...
19.9Emily McAteer
22:54.0North Raleigh Christ...
20.9Lucinda Rosen
23:00.0Charles E Jordan Sen...
21.12Katherine Clayton
23:05.9North Carolina Schoo...
22.12Sarah Staehle
23:08.4Charles E Jordan Sen...
23.11Rachel Patterson
23:19.3 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
24.10Andrea Benz
23:23.2Charles E Jordan Sen...
25.10Kaia Spero
26.12Emily Brinson
24:07.1 SRNorth Carolina Schoo...
27.12Julia Wang
24:18.7North Carolina Schoo...
28.12Ariana Brennan
24:24.0North Carolina Schoo...
29.12Julianna Fischer
24:27.8North Raleigh Christ...
30.11Raymonde Council
24:36.1North Carolina Schoo...
31.12Brittany Hayward
24:55.2North Raleigh Christ...
32.9Boo Briggs
25:05.1Durham Academy
33.9Phoebe Ellison
25:06.7Cary Academy
34.9Mira Pickus
25:08.8Durham Academy
35.11Julia Milkins
25:16.4North Carolina Schoo...
36.10Caroline Dutton
25:30.0North Raleigh Christ...
37.9Madeleine James
25:41.5Charles E Jordan Sen...
38.11Jordan Watts
25:51.8North Carolina Schoo...
39.11Hanna Fulford
26:01.8North Carolina Schoo...
40.10Esme Longley
26:17.1Durham Academy
41.11Leslie Neal
26:41.9 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
42.10Mckenzie Chapman
26:56.1North Raleigh Christ...
43.12Ava Pacchiana
26:56.2 SRDurham Academy
44.10Victoria Du
26:58.8Cary Academy
45.9Alicia Laxton
26:59.9Charles E Jordan Sen...
46.10Lilian Roux
27:03.9Charles E Jordan Sen...
47.12Lillia Larson
27:04.0Durham Academy
48.10Sarah Parrott
28:02.3Charles E Jordan Sen...
49.11Catherine Goodman
28:12.8 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
50.12Shruthi Gopalan
28:20.5Durham Academy
51.9Sadie Abbey
28:27.0 PRDurham Academy
52.9Emma Larson
28:33.4Durham Academy
53.12Zoe Ash-Jones
28:42.7 SRRiverside
54.11Tessa Mannell
29:02.0 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
55.-Louise Cummins
29:04.6 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
56.9Sierra Brown
29:07.6Durham Academy
57.9Kaitlyn Busch
58.9Lauren Reed
30:05.3 PRDurham Academy
59.9Emily Jackson
60.12Christina Alperi
30:28.0 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
61.9Miriana Figuero
62.11Alex Bandong
30:49.0Cary Academy
63.11Sydney Kuczenski
30:59.7North Carolina Schoo...
64.11Naylea Jacobo
65.9Ashley Montano
66.10Anna Cheng
35:10.5Cary Academy
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