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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Myers Park23
2.Charlotte Country Day74
3.Metrolina Christian Academy105
4.East Mecklenburg132
5.North Mecklenburg136
6.Gaston Christian158
8.Hickory Grove Christian204
9.Davidson Day231
10.Mountain Island Charter278

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Marshall Williamson
15:19.9 PRMyers Park
2.12Michael Ly
15:38.3 PRMyers Park
3.12Johnathan Timberlake
15:48.5 PRArborbrook Christian...
4.10Tristan Wick
16:05.5 PRMyers Park
5.12Drew Staley
16:16.6 PREast Mecklenburg
6.0Conrad Phillips
7.12Caleb Kirchhoff
16:22.1 PRMetrolina Christian ...
8.12Ajani Williams
16:27.7Charlotte Country Day
9.11Gant Renner
16:30.6 PRMyers Park
10.10Brendan Rooney
16:38.1 PRGaston Christian
11.10William Harris
16:50.0 PRCharlotte Country Day
12.12Niklas Bader
16:50.7 PRMyers Park
13.11Ethan Walker
16:51.1 PRNorth Mecklenburg
14.11Daniel Similton
16:54.5 PRHickory Grove Christ...
15.12Justin Newman
16.10Connor Selle
16:58.1 PRMyers Park
17.9Bryson Brading
17:00.4 PRMyers Park
18.12Jackson Brinkley
17:01.3 SRMetrolina Christian ...
19.10Erik Seuster
17:01.9 PRMyers Park
20.9Jacob Guzi
17:03.4 PRMyers Park
21.11Daniel Tierney
17:07.4 PRCharlotte Country Day
22.10Alex Huminsky
17:11.5 PRArborbrook Christian...
23.10Noah Oliver
17:15.3 PRGaston Christian
24.12Benjamin Whetstone
17:17.2Charlotte Country Day
25.10Noah Lemahieu
17:20.2 PRParkwood
26.8Mitchell Zammitti
17:24.1 PRDavidson Day
27.12Nathan Spear
17:34.8 PRArborbrook Christian...
28.9Ethan Bradley
17:35.3 PRParkwood
29.12Kevin Gleaton
17:35.4 PRNorth Mecklenburg
30.10Fulton Shober
17:38.6 PREast Mecklenburg
31.12Clark Jones
17:41.3 PRParkwood
32.9Charles Modesitt
17:42.2 PRMyers Park
33.12Harvey Duperier
17:45.2 PRMyers Park
34.12Max Gilbert
17:51.1 PRCharlotte Country Day
35.9Camden Johnson
17:57.6 SRMetrolina Christian ...
36.10Charlie Veronee
17:59.5Charlotte Country Day
37.11Parker Hutchinson
18:01.0 PRNorth Mecklenburg
38.9Keegan Bader
18:15.7 PRMyers Park
39.12Jon Wooten
18:20.1 PRMetrolina Christian ...
40.11Jonathan Street
18:21.3 PRMetrolina Christian ...
41.10Tyler Benton
18:22.8East Mecklenburg
42.11Davis Hamilton
18:25.4 PRMyers Park
43.11Jackson Giovanelli
18:25.5 PRNorth Mecklenburg
44.12Riley Harber
18:26.3 PRMyers Park
45.9AJ Chardiet
18:27.1 PRCharlotte Country Day
46.12Heywood Williams-T...
18:27.6 PRMyers Park
47.11Mario Stanisa
18:31.8 PRMountain Island Char...
48.10Mike Vargas
18:36.2 PREast Mecklenburg
49.10Chase Chriscoe
18:36.3 PRGaston Christian
50.12Larry Barnes
18:39.2 PRMetrolina Christian ...
51.9Ian Lewis
18:39.8 PRMyers Park
52.11Samuel Dagenhart
18:41.2 PRMyers Park
53.11Diego Pulido
18:42.7 PRHickory Grove Christ...
54.9Sam Hanley
18:44.5 PREast Mecklenburg
55.10Carter Whitmire
18:44.6 PRMyers Park
56.9Ryan Petty
18:45.1 PRMyers Park
57.10William Dubman
18:45.4 PREast Mecklenburg
58.11Owen Wallman
18:46.8 PRHickory Grove Christ...
59.11Jordan Walters
18:53.2 PRMetrolina Christian ...
60.10Jackson Reece
18:54.4 PRMyers Park
61.9Phillip Fries
18:56.6 PRMyers Park
62.10Henry Pickett
18:56.8 PRMyers Park
63.9John Kelly
18:58.0 PRMyers Park
64.12William Ritchie
18:59.2 SRMyers Park
65.11Jackson Amick
18:59.6 PRNorth Mecklenburg
66.11Jack Sabine
19:00.2 PRNorth Mecklenburg
67.10Gabe Perez
19:04.4 PRMetrolina Christian ...
68.11Jack Ransom
19:06.1 PRDavidson Day
69.11Gus Benson
19:07.0 PRCharlotte Country Day
70.11Brayden Muck
19:11.4 PRunattached
71.12Ryan Kelly
19:15.1 PRMyers Park
72.10William Allen
19:16.5 PRCharlotte Country Day
73.11Danny Rowe
19:16.8East Mecklenburg
74.10Finn Valbuena
19:17.4 PRMyers Park
75.9Luke Robinson
19:18.4 PRMetrolina Christian ...
76.9Myles Norman
19:19.2 PRMyers Park
77.10David Gurley
19:21.3 PRMyers Park
78.9Ben Deschamps
19:24.0 PRMyers Park
79.11Alex Burgin
19:26.9 PRMyers Park
80.10Alex Bixen
19:29.4 PRMyers Park
81.11Jacob Bose
82.10Seth Stiwalt
19:30.2 PRGaston Christian
83.9Ryan Thornburg
19:30.3Gaston Christian
84.11Tyler King
19:33.6Metrolina Christian ...
85.9Trent Williford
19:38.0 PRParkwood
86.10Jed Wooten
19:43.7 PRMetrolina Christian ...
87.12Matthew Hines
19:51.0 SRDavidson Day
88.9Nile Herbert
19:53.4 PRNorth Mecklenburg
89.11Casey Roffler
19:54.1 SRMetrolina Christian ...
90.9William Morton
19:55.5 PRMyers Park
91.8Connor Nanney
19:59.4Gaston Christian
92.12Cameron Welles
20:02.2 PRMyers Park
93.10Patrick Feeley
20:02.4 PRNorth Mecklenburg
94.9Grey Wooten
20:07.6 PRMetrolina Christian ...
95.11(William) Davis Ryan
20:10.5 PRMyers Park
96.9Wesley Marquardt
20:14.6 PREast Mecklenburg
97.9Zachary Jones
20:14.7East Mecklenburg
98.9Walker Terrell
20:14.9 PRMyers Park
99.11Charlie Hammers
20:18.3 PRMyers Park
100.11Heath Byrd
20:21.4 PRMyers Park
101.10Maleek Chamberlain
20:26.8 PRNorth Mecklenburg
102.9Thomas Watson
20:27.0 PRDavidson Day
103.10Austin Cannella
20:27.7 PREast Mecklenburg
104.9Josh Chambers
20:28.8 PRMountain Island Char...
105.11Benjamin Tynan
20:29.4 SRMyers Park
106.11Ben Price
20:31.3Charlotte Country Day
107.12Eduardo Nava
20:32.5 PREast Mecklenburg
108.11Matthew Story
20:35.5Charlotte Country Day
109.9Roman Sorrentino
20:37.3 PRMetrolina Christian ...
110.10Cameron Helmendach
20:44.1Hickory Grove Christ...
111.11William Stiff
20:46.2 PREast Mecklenburg
112.10Marcus Truss
20:51.7 PRHickory Grove Christ...
113.11Neal Gajjar
20:54.9 PREast Mecklenburg
114.11Phillip Hazel
20:55.3 PRNorth Mecklenburg
115.10Jacob Whitesides
21:02.9 PRGaston Christian
116.10Jake Moore
21:08.0 PREast Mecklenburg
117.9Henry Stiff
21:08.9 PREast Mecklenburg
118.10Mason Miles
21:12.5 PRMetrolina Christian ...
119.11Haddon Barrett
21:19.4 PRGaston Christian
120.8Cole Bennett
21:23.5 PRHickory Grove Christ...
121.9Jared Noonan
21:25.0East Mecklenburg
122.11Matthew Gordon
21:28.7 PRMyers Park
123.12Jake Harding
21:31.7 PRMetrolina Christian ...
124.9Drew Kinser
21:32.6 PRMetrolina Christian ...
125.12Chris Palermo
21:35.6 PRMetrolina Christian ...
126.9Noah Lazo
21:53.9 PRMetrolina Christian ...
127.10Robbie McClure
21:55.1 PRMountain Island Char...
128.10Thomas Ruth
21:58.4 PREast Mecklenburg
129.12Micah Barber
22:16.4Gaston Christian
130.10Stephen Norman
22:34.0 SREast Mecklenburg
131.9Rob Freeman
22:35.7 PREast Mecklenburg
132.9Jakob Humphrey
22:39.1 PRCharlotte Country Day
133.9Max Carr
22:53.3Davidson Day
134.9Ben Slay
22:54.6Davidson Day
135.11Waits Sharpe
22:54.8Hickory Grove Christ...
136.12Kyle Brunner
22:57.3Mountain Island Char...
137.9Matthew Peterson
22:57.4Mountain Island Char...
138.10Drew Jarka
23:10.9Myers Park
139.9Henry Jordan
23:18.0 PRCharlotte Country Day
140.10Zach Horning
23:18.4 SRNorth Mecklenburg
141.10LR Boler
23:39.2 PREast Mecklenburg
142.9Alex Price
23:58.4Charlotte Country Day
143.11Peter Zhang
24:01.6Hickory Grove Christ...
144.10Sam Luck-Leonard
24:04.1 PRCharlotte Country Day
145.9Joseph Forsythe
24:40.4 PRCharlotte Country Day
146.9Connor Brunner
28:12.2Mountain Island Char...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Myers Park40
2.Providence Day52
4.Metrolina Christian Academy127
5.East Mecklenburg149
6.Charlotte Country Day151
7.Mountain Island Charter182
8.Gaston Christian216
9.Hickory Grove Christian217
10.Davidson Day223

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Anna Bristle
17:45.2 PRParkwood
2.11Joelle Ryan
18:57.4 PRMyers Park
3.10Elizabeth Timberlake
19:02.1 PRArborbrook Christian...
4.11Justine Cronk
19:17.5Providence Day
5.11Zoe Dunlap
19:36.4Myers Park
6.12Regan Cronk
19:48.6Providence Day
7.10Jasmine Donohue
19:58.1 PREast Mecklenburg
8.11Ananyaa Bharadwaj
20:02.0Providence Day
9.12Caroline Grier
20:06.6 PRMyers Park
10.8Alli Flannery
20:21.0 PRMetrolina Christian ...
11.10Charlotte Ratcliff
20:24.1 PRDavidson Day
12.11Amelia Faison
20:28.3 SRMyers Park
13.8Molly Jahn
20:35.4 PRGaston Christian
14.12Ellie McIntyre
20:38.1 PRCharlotte Country Day
15.12Andrea Jauch
20:45.4 PRParkwood
16.11Katherine Hart
20:45.6 SRMyers Park
17.10Clara Richards
20:54.1 PRMyers Park
18.12Sita Tayal
20:56.7 PRMyers Park
19.9Caroline Sicard
20:59.7 PRProvidence Day
20.12Tracy Laughlin
21:00.6 PRProvidence Day
21.12Caroline Ortiz
21:01.5 PRProvidence Day
22.10Brenda Gray
21:06.1 PRMyers Park
23.10Sadie Riddell
21:08.3 PRCharlotte Country Day
24.9Megan Merritt
21:26.8 PRMyers Park
25.11Erin Clancey
21:32.7 PRMyers Park
26.9Anna Broussard
21:33.0 PRArborbrook Christian...
27.12Julia Pharr
21:33.3 PREast Mecklenburg
28.11Lauren Burke
21:33.7Hickory Grove Christ...
29.9Cora Cooke
21:33.9 PRMyers Park
30.9Lindsay Smith
21:36.7 PRProvidence Day
31.11Harper Bond
21:44.5Mountain Island Char...
32.9Petra Caldwell
21:49.6 PRProvidence Day
33.7Taylor Dixon
21:49.8Metrolina Christian ...
34.10Katy Seddon
21:52.0 PRProvidence Day
35.9Sarah Shirey
21:54.1 PRProvidence Day
36.12Claire Ellis
21:56.8 SRMyers Park
37.9Anna Hansen
21:57.7 PRMyers Park
38.11Hannah Hattingh
22:01.9 PRMountain Island Char...
39.12Angie Menner
22:05.1 PRHickory Grove Christ...
40.10Lindsay Jones
22:07.2 PRMyers Park
41.7Reagan Pruitt
22:08.4 PRMetrolina Christian ...
42.9Delaney Murphy
22:08.8 PRMetrolina Christian ...
43.12Ginny Howey
22:12.6Charlotte Country Day
44.10Mary Margaret Thomas
22:16.6 PRMyers Park
45.10Ava Wiesler
22:17.0 PRNorth Mecklenburg
46.10Blakely Boryczewski
22:17.9 PRParkwood
47.12Dayna Asher
22:18.5 SRProvidence Day
48.12Makenna Judy
22:23.0Metrolina Christian ...
49.10Kaitlyn McEown
22:25.9 SRGaston Christian
50.9Carolyn Solarchik
22:26.1 PRMountain Island Char...
51.9Kylie Dobbins
22:31.9 PRParkwood
52.12Thea Reddin
22:34.9 SRCharlotte Country Day
53.11Caroline Shields
22:35.8 SRMyers Park
54.11Laurel Farr
22:35.9 SRMyers Park
55.9Antonia Reali
22:38.6 PREast Mecklenburg
56.12Brianna Catalano
22:39.4 PRParkwood
57.9Claire Allison
22:43.5Myers Park
58.9Elle Miller
22:56.1 PRMyers Park
59.10Madeline Brenner
22:56.4 PRMyers Park
60.12Jennifer Cahill
23:02.8 SRProvidence Day
61.11Allston Allison
23:03.0 PRProvidence Day
62.9Emma Mae Whitaker
23:07.0 PRMyers Park
63.9Anna Carroll
23:08.3 PRMyers Park
64.10Ava Zuyus
23:12.7 PRMyers Park
65.9Catherine Stewart
23:13.3 PRMyers Park
66.11Julia Gleason
23:19.3 PRMyers Park
67.11Peyton Metzler
23:20.0 PRMyers Park
68.10Sophie Croy
23:24.2 PRMyers Park
69.10Chanda Gurang
23:24.3 PREast Mecklenburg
70.9Ann Saunders
23:25.4 PRMyers Park
71.11Claire Higgins
23:27.2 PRMyers Park
72.12Mary Pierce Barnes
23:27.9 PRParkwood
73.9Dani Kessler
23:29.6 PRMyers Park
74.9Brooke Harris
23:30.9 PRMountain Island Char...
75.11Kate Hoover
23:34.7 PRMyers Park
76.11Anna Thalman
23:37.5 PRMyers Park
77.9Nora Hoover
23:39.0 PRMyers Park
78.9Lela Casey
23:39.8 PREast Mecklenburg
79.12Caroline Walters
23:43.7 SRMetrolina Christian ...
80.9Jessica Church
23:44.6Hickory Grove Christ...
81.9Kearny Talbot
23:45.5 PRMyers Park
82.9Morgan Lee
23:47.8 PRMyers Park
83.8Anna Oliver
23:49.1 PRGaston Christian
84.9Jackie Granger
23:59.3 PRMyers Park
85.11Caroline Reid
23:59.5 SRProvidence Day
86.11Elinor Kelly
24:00.8 PRMyers Park
87.10Elizabeth Baltusnik
24:01.7 PRProvidence Day
88.10Hailey Higbea
24:02.5 PRDavidson Day
89.10Caroline Barnhill
24:04.3 PREast Mecklenburg
90.9Isabel Atkins
24:06.6 PRMyers Park
91.10Molly Frye
24:07.2 SRMyers Park
92.11Taylor Yarbrough
24:08.8 SRCharlotte Country Day
93.9Lilly Hagen
24:09.5 PRNorth Mecklenburg
94.10Mary John Bayer
24:11.3 PRMyers Park
95.10Essence Mcgee
24:12.7 PREast Mecklenburg
96.10Mary Claire Poth
24:13.3 SRMyers Park
97.9Reagan Domeier
24:13.7Charlotte Country Day
98.10Braeden Rushing
99.11Raquel Latorre
24:22.0Providence Day
100.11Isabela Peterson
24:24.6 PRMountain Island Char...
101.11McCauley Schneider
24:29.7 SRDavidson Day
102.10Emily Hughes
24:29.8 PRDavidson Day
103.9Jane Sorrells
24:30.2 PRMyers Park
104.10Kaylee Schwanke
24:36.3 PREast Mecklenburg
105.12Bella Sheprow
24:41.7 SRMetrolina Christian ...
106.8Caroline Dickson
24:43.2 PRDavidson Day
107.12Grace Halligan
24:45.6 PRProvidence Day
108.12Mary Claire Massey
24:47.4 PRCharlotte Country Day
109.11Casey Rachuba
24:49.1 PRMetrolina Christian ...
110.10Katie Hall
24:55.5 PRMyers Park
111.12Juliana Koricke
24:55.7East Mecklenburg
112.11Lilly Gray
24:56.0 PRMyers Park
113.10Grayson Majors
24:56.7 PRMyers Park
114.11Elizabeth Redvanly
24:57.3Charlotte Country Day
115.10Emily Griner
25:03.2 PRMyers Park
116.10Brylie Major
25:16.6 PRMyers Park
117.9Grace Jordan
25:38.5 PRMetrolina Christian ...
118.9Sara Steven
25:41.8 PRMyers Park
119.11Sarah Beverage
25:42.2 SRHickory Grove Christ...
120.9Anna Makemson
25:42.4 PRProvidence Day
121.10Susan Richards
25:49.9 PRCharlotte Country Day
122.9Claire Hargrove
25:53.7Myers Park
123.7Ella Tolbert
25:54.8 PRDavidson Day
124.12Kaitlyn Shuck
26:05.9 PRMetrolina Christian ...
125.12Lillian Geis
26:07.7 PRMyers Park
126.7Sara Plyler
26:15.2Gaston Christian
127.11Sydney Andersen
26:15.9 PREast Mecklenburg
128.9Lizzie Suber
26:17.7Hickory Grove Christ...
129.12Skyler Burris
26:18.8 SRMyers Park
130.12Bronwyn Fulton
26:22.9 PRMyers Park
131.9Shelby Duncan
26:24.0Gaston Christian
132.12Kate Dunlap
26:26.3 PRMyers Park
133.9Lauren Fisher
26:28.6 PRGaston Christian
134.12Logan Mangum
26:28.8 PRMountain Island Char...
135.11Emma Radke
26:29.0Providence Day
136.9Kathryne Daily
26:30.5 PRMyers Park
137.9Carter Borrelli
26:31.7 PRMyers Park
138.9Audrey Knaack
26:39.0 PREast Mecklenburg
139.10Sara Freedman
26:48.8 PRProvidence Day
140.8Hannah Davis
26:56.3 PRDavidson Day
141.9Amelia Grace Reeves
27:01.9 PRMyers Park
142.12Ella Kiley
27:12.9 SRDavidson Day
143.10Elizabeth Coughlin
27:18.2 PRMyers Park
144.11Zoe Beach
27:33.6 PREast Mecklenburg
145.11Elise Palmer
27:34.7 PREast Mecklenburg
146.10Caroline Brookhouse
27:37.7 PRMyers Park
147.10Sara Winkler
27:48.1 PRMountain Island Char...
148.9Ella Piatt
27:50.1 PRMyers Park
149.10Leah Mabry
28:16.7 SRMetrolina Christian ...
150.12Ashlee Klobchar
28:57.6Mountain Island Char...
151.9Jasmine Henderson
29:23.1North Mecklenburg
152.10Autumn Chapman
29:53.6North Mecklenburg
153.11Lena McFarlane
30:01.6 SRMetrolina Christian ...
154.9Henri Schmidly
30:18.1 PRMyers Park
155.12Anna Winkler
32:10.7 PRMountain Island Char...
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